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46elks SMS, MMS & Voice APICommunication, Telephony, SMS, MMShttps://www.46elks.comJSONHTTP, RESTBasic AuthYesThe 46elks API makes it possible to add custom telephony features that are perfectly suited to the way you do things. Sending SMS, MMS makeing phonecallse as well as receaving SMS, MMS and Phoencalls.https://github.com/46elks/46elks-getting-startedhelp@46elks.com
500pxImages, pictureshttps://github.com/500px/api-documentationYesJSONRESTOAuthYesViewing feature streams, photo information and comments, as well as user profiles.http://bitly.com/api500px
Adorable Avatarshttp://avatars.adorable.io/HTTPAdorable Avatars is an avatar placeholder service for web developers and designers. While other placeholder services provide purely random images, Adorable Avatars renders a unique image based on the URL. Their service takes your request (with your identifier) and procedurally generates a consistent avatar, just for you.
Airports Webhttps://airport-web.appspot.com/api/docs/YesJSONRESTNoneYesRequest Airport name and website URL for airports. Covered Airports mostly Germany
Parental Controls,Parental Freedom,Quota,Control,Children,Freedom,Parental,Family,Social,Network,Gaming,Time,Limit,Limits
A world first, next-generation Parental Limits, Quotas, Rewards and Deterants System. 75% of US families impose limits on technology usage and gaming, open your devices and apps to this market by supplying the controls they want.
api.videoAPI,Movies,TV,Transcoding,Videohttps://docs.api.video/JSONJSONoAuthYesapi.video is a scalable webservice with an API based on the REST standard. Our cloud infrastructure allows you to host and broadcast your videos worldwide thanks to our CDN. Our API can encode on the go to facilitate immediate playback, enhancing viewer experiences across multiple devices and platforms.https://github.com/ApiVideohello@api.videofull web-service!!
RecordsAPIUSA Public & Vital Records APIhttps://www.recordsapi.com/YesJSONJSONAPI KeyYes
Recordsapi.com are the largest records database provider on the internet. Instant, Real-time Results. And updates almost daily.
recordsapi@gmail.com https://www.recordsapi.com/outputexamples.html
tyntec 2FAAuthenticationhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/authentication/2fa-api/YesJSONJSONAPI Key2FA API enables you to send one-time passcodes via SMS or voice. Features include auto detection of the phone number type (mobile or landline), language customization, and more.https://docs.tyntec.com/https://twitter.com/tyntec?lang=enhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/authentication/2fa-api/
tyntec Mobile ChatChat & Messaging https://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/mobile_chat_api/rest_api/YesJSONJSONHTTP Basic Auth tyntec’s Mobil Chat API makes it easy for you to contact your customers via their preferred chat apps (Viber and Facebook Messenger), with SMS fallback to ensure message delivery.https://docs.tyntec.com/https://twitter.com/tyntec?lang=enhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/mobile_chat_api/rest_api/
tyntec Number VerificationNumber Information https://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/global_number_verification/rest_api_gnv YesJSONJSONHTTP Basic Auth tyntec’s Number Verification API minimizes message loss and unsuccessful call attempts with real-time phone number verification, providing key information on the phone number, such as subscriber status and roaming data. https://docs.tyntec.com/https://twitter.com/tyntec?lang=enhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/global_number_verification/rest_api_gnv
tyntec Portability CheckNumber Information https://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/global_number_portability/rest_api/interface_information_14.html YesJSONJSONHTTP Basic Auth tyntec’s Portability Check API provides phone number information by obtaining data directly from local number portability databases and live network information from mobile operators around the world. https://docs.tyntec.com/https://twitter.com/tyntec?lang=enhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/global_number_portability/rest_api/interface_information_14.html
tyntec SMSMessaging APIhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/sms/rest_api YesJSON, SMPP JSON, URI Query String/CRUD HTTP Basic Auth tyntec’s SMS API allows you to integrate tyntec's SMS functions into your own applications. With the API, you can send and receive SMS text messages from anywhere in the world. Popular use cases include notifications and time-sensitive alerts, requiring reliable delivery.docs.tyntec.com https://twitter.com/tyntec?lang=enhttps://docs.tyntec.com/en/content/sms/rest_api
BackgroundCheckAPIUSA Background Check APIhttps://www.backgroundcheckapi.com/YesJSON,XMLJSONAPI keyYes
Background Check API is a Customized Solution Driven RESTful API Platform that supports XML & JSON to ensure minimal development time to become live with your own background screening business. This interactive API Platform allows web & wide range of mobile devices to access millions of daily updated background records in a single call.
Support@backgroundcheckapi.com https://www.backgroundcheckapi.com/outputexamples.html
ApiLeapDeveloper Tools, Screenshotshttps://apileap.comBinary
URI Query string,JSON
API KeyYesURL Screenshot API based on Chrome to make full page snapshots or thumbnails of any website. The service is fully automated and offers many options and features like mobile screenshots, custom resolution, fixed viewport, ...contact@apileap.com
Article Extractor, Article Spinnerdata extraction, web datahttp://spinbot.net/api-documentationJSONHTTPAPI KeyNo- Article rewriter (spinner): rewrite your origin article by replacing every terms/words to their synonyms. Our program will try its best to detect as many words that can be replaced as possible. So that you will never care about the plagiarism checkers.
- Article extractor: a lot of techniques and mordern algorithms like machine learning are used to detect the main article content in your given url. It's an automated tool to scrape and collect articles. It will reduce your time to collect data and keywords for you websites to improve their ranks.
Authenticating.com APIIdentity Authentication, Verifications and Background Checkshttps://docs.authenticating.comJSONJSONAPI KeyYesChoose from a list of forms of authentication including email, social media, SMS and photo verifications, photo ID validation, knowledge based authentication quizzes and criminal background checks.http://lovelab.comhttps://docs.authenticating.cominfo@authenticating.com
Avatar APISocialhttp://www.avatarapi.comXMLXMLAPI KeyYesPut a name and face to an email address. A great way to add colour and detail to your user profiles https://www.avatarapi.com/avatar.asmx?op=GetProfileinfo@AvatarApi.comhttps://www.avatarapi.com/avatar.asmx?op=GetProfile
Bad Word Filter APIData Extractionhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/bad-word-filterJSONHTTPApi KeyYesDetect bad words, swear words in a given text. Currently works with an English only.
BarcodableBarcode Lookup, UPC, EAN, ASINhttps://barcodable.comJSONJSONAPI KeyYesThe Barcodable API can be used to lookup products by UPC, EAN, or ASIN. The API can also be used to convert between various product codes. Requests can be made from the command line using curl or your programming language of choice. Use the HTTP endpoints below to lookup products and convert between product codes. Contact us at support@barcodable.com with any feature requests or bugs.support@barcodable.comhttps://www.barcodable.com/documentation
Barcodable APIBarcodes, Databses, Products, ASINs, UPCs, EANshttps://www.barcodable.com/documentationJSONJSONAPI KeyYesThe Barcodable API can be used to lookup products by UPC, EAN, or ASIN. The API can also be used to convert between various product codes. Requests can be made from the command line using curl or your programming language of choice. Use the HTTP endpoints below to lookup products and convert between product codes. Contact us at support@barcodable.com with any feature requests or bugs.support@barcodable.comhttps://www.barcodable.com/documentation
Bitcoin Blacklist APICryptoCurrencyhttp://bitcoinwhoswho.com/apiJSONHTTPAPI KeyNoBitcoin addresses that have been flagged as being involved with a scam (ransomware, phishing etc).
@bitcoinwhoswho, admin@bitcoinwhoswho.com
BluePay APIPayment Processing https://www.bluepay.com/developers/JSONHTTPApi KeyYesIntegrating payments into your system is easy with BluePay. Our payment modules are designed by both our BluePay in-house IT team and developers within the community. Our modules integrate into a vast amount of popular shopping carts, ERP and CRM systems, billing software, POS software, nonprofit software and more.Apple Pay, Android SDK, Pay PAl
boomApp video recognitionhttps://boomapp.co/servicesyesJSONAPI KeyYesinfo@boomapp.co
BraintreePayments,Billing,Businesshttps://www.braintreepayments.com/developersYesNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedGet paid in your app and on your with a single integration that allows you to accept credit cards & everything else
Car Registration APIAutomotivehttp://www.carregistrationapi.comXMLXMLAPI KeyYesGet vehicle data from a car number plate in most countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, Australia, and most of Europehttps://itunes.apple.com/ke/app/car-check-uk/id463823472?mt=8&at=1000l9tWhttp://www.regcheck.org.uk/api/reg.asmxinfo@regcheck.org.ukhttp://www.regcheck.org.uk/api/reg.asmx
Channel Messaging APIMessaging, Chat, Bot, Customer Service, Business Chathttps://www.getchannel.co/YesJSONJSONAPI KeyYesChannel Messaging API lets your build real-time application.
Choppingboard.recipesRecipe HTML scrape to JSONpYesJSONRESTNo
Clearbit RiskSecurityhttps://clearbit.com/riskYes
ClimaCell Micro Weather APIMicro weather forecasts, historical, real-time, nowcast weather data, visual maphttps://climacell.co/apiJSONJSONAPI KeyYesThere are a lot of weather APIs out there - and they all use the same public sources of weather data. ClimaCell is the only weather API that uses proprietary sensing technology to deliver the best (and fastest) ground-level weather data in the industry, with the best nowcasting model.Hangar, Autodesksupport@climacell.cohttps://www.developer.climacell.co
Documentation https://developer.climacell.co/docs/
Clipchamp Video APIVideo Recording, Transcoding, Uploadinghttps://clipchamp.com/en/apiNative SDK, JavaScriptNative SDK, JavaScriptApi KeyYesLets you embed a button on your website or in your web app for users to record, compress, convert & upload videos. Files get sent from the client directly to your Cloud storage.https://clipchamp.com/en/documentation/getting-startedsupport@clipchamp.comhttps://clipchamp.com/en/documentation/getting-started
Codacy APIstatic analysis, code reviewhttps://api.codacy.com/swaggeryesJSONhttps://github.com/codacy/codacy-api-scala , https://github.com/codacy/codacy-api-javasupport@codacy.com
Coworking Map APICoworkinghttps://coworkingmap.org/api/JSONRESTAPI KeyYesList all coworking spaces around the world, and let your community find the best places to work.https://coworkingbrasil.orghttps://coworkingmap.org/api/docs/api@coworkingmap.org
CronofyCalendars,Schedulinghttps://www.cronofy.comYesJSONURI Query String,JSONOAuth 2YesCronofy provides a single API for Apple, Exchange, Google, Office 365, and Outlook.com calendars for real-time schedulinghttps://www.cronofy.com/case-studies/https://www.cronofy.com/developers/api-libraries/hello@cronofy.com
CryptoStandardizerCryptoCurrency, Financialhttps://cryptostandardizer.comJSONHTTP, RESTAPI Key (free)Yes
Crypto exchanges have an awful tendency to use non-standardized symbols, such as "DRK" for "DASH". We get you rid of headaches and provide a hassle-free way to standardize those symbols and ensure your system's stability.
Currency APIExchange Rates, Financialhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/currencyJSONHTTPApi KeyYesFast realtime exchange rates and conversion api for 150+ countries. Get all currency rates as one single api call and convert currencies.https://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/currencysupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/currency
CurrencycloudLocal/International Paymentshttps://developer.currencycloud.comJSON,XMLRESTAPI KeyYesB2B2C platform that makes moving money cross-border a very simple and straightforward process (3 API calls in most cases!) while taking care of all the complexities behind compliance and exchange rates in a transparent and competitive mannerToo many to list :) but sample available at https://www.currencycloud.com/case-studies/#our-clientshttps://github.com/currencycloudtechnology@currencycloud.comhttps://direct-demo.currencycloud.com/login

Too many to list :) but sample available at https://www.currencycloud.com/case-studies/#our-clients
D3 VisualizationCharts, Maps, Visualizationshttps://d3js.org
DaCast Video Content Management APIOnline Videohttps://api.dacast.com/v2/docJSONJSONAPI KeyDaCast API V2 has been specifically designed for quick and easy integration of all of the features of the DaCast platform into a wide variety of cloud video applications, services and digital media workflows. As a RESTful JSON API, it can be easily accessed from any suitable server using any programming language.https://api.dacast.com/v2/doccontact@dacast.com
Deutsche Bahn BahnhofsfotosTransportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/bahnhofsfotos/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2Yes
Backend Service for the https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.bahnhoefe.deutschlands.bahnhofsfotos App of the Bahnhofsfotos opendata Project http://www.railway-stations.org/.
Deutsche Bahn BahnParkTransportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/bahnpark/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesOpenData API for DB BahnPark
Deutsche Bahn BetriebsstellenTransportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/betriebsstellen/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesThis REST-API enables you to query station and stop infos
Deutsche Bahn Cargo-Delay-Statistics
Transportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/cargo/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesThis API gives you statistical data for delays of trains.
Deutsche Bahn FahrplanTransportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/freeplan/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesA RESTful webservice to request a railway journey - FREE plan with restricted access (max. 10 requests per minute). Please ignore the message in the API Console about the access token. Register to use an less restricted version, which requires an access token.
Deutsche Bahn FaSta-Station_Facilities
Transportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/fasta/v1YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesA RESTful webservice to retrieve data about the operational state of public elevators and escalators in german railway stations operated by DB Station&Service AG. Note: Production and sandbox environments use the same production backend server.
Deutsche Bahn Flinkster APITransportationhttps://api.deutschebahn.com/flinkster-api-ng/v1YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesThis REST-API enables you to query for private transport sharing offers provided by companies and cities in Germany, Netherland and Austria. You can search for informations about the rental stations (points or areas) where you can find the rentals by utilizing the /areas/ ressource. With the help of the proximity search in the /bookingproposals/ URI you can request the availabilities of the rentalobjects for spontaneous or planed usage in the future. Feel free to browse through data by setting the parameter 'providernetwork' to the value: 1: Search for car sharing offers provided by the Flinkster platform (http://www.flinkster.de) 2: Finding bike rental offers from Call a Bike (http://www.callabike.de) You can find more details in the documentation section (Unfortunately only available in german language). Have lots of fun and we are lucky to take notice of your products or getting your feedback.
Deutsche Bahn ReisezentrenTransportationhttps://api.deutschebahn.com/reisezentren/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesThis REST-API enables you to query information about travel centers in Germany.
Deutsche Bahn StaDa Station Data
Transportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/stada/v2YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesAn API providing master data for german railway stations by DB Station&Service AG.
Deutsche Bahn TimetablesTransportationhttp://api.deutschebahn.com/timetables/v1YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesNUTZUNGSBEDINGUNGEN: Es gelten die gleichen Nutzungsbedingungen wie für die Web Bahnhofstafel: http://www.bahnhof.de/bahnhof-de/nutzungsbedingungen_wbt.html BETA-TEST: A RESTful web service for timetable information for train stations operated by DB Station&Service AG.
Dialing Code APIDatahttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/dialing-codeJSONHTTPApi KeyYesUse our extensive Dialing Code database to find out the numbers you need to dial when calling from one location to another.https://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/dialing-codesupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/dialing-code
Dns APIInternet,Domainhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/dnsJSONHTTPApi KeyYesAPI takes a domain as input and returns back DNS datahttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/dnssupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/dns
DroneDeployDrones, mapping, orthomosaics, remote sensing, geospatialhttp://developer.dronedeploy.com/YesJSONURI Query StringAPI key/Oauth2/noneBuild, grow, and monetize your apps with the full power of DroneDeploy, the world’s largest drone data platform. Integrate your existing service into DroneDeploy and reach tens of thousands of commercial drone users from over 160 countries and industries like agriculture, construction, mining, surveying, and more.MyJohnDeere, Autodesk, Skyward, Fulcrum, TensorFlight, Birds.ai, Skymatics, and morehttps://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/developer@dronedeploy.com
EAN barcode searchproduct database, e-commerce, application developmenthttp://www.ean-database.info/api.htmlYesJSON, XMLRESTAPI keyYessearch for products by barcode or lookup barcodes by searching for names
Email APIEmailhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/emailJSONHTTPApi KeyYesChecks email if it is valid or not. Also validates email address with regex, checks disposable email provider and checks free email provider. API also check email provider DNS.https://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/emailsupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/email
ERMAHGERD TranslatorEntertainment,Humor,Meme,Translationhttps://www.mashape.com/jmillerdesign/ermahgerd-translatorYesJSONURI Query String/CRUDThis translates text to ERMAHGERD
EtMDB APIReference, Entertainmenthttps://etmdb.com/apiJSON, XMLHTTP, REST, GraphQLOAuth 2Yes
EtMDB API, Ethiopian Movie Database API.The EtMDB API allows you to manage resources within the Database in a simple, programmatic way using HTTP requests. The endpoints are intuitive and powerful, allowing you to easily make calls to retrieve information or to execute actions directly accessing the database.
EXIF APIImage, Data Extractionhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/exif-toolJSONHTTPApi KeyYesExtract EXIF information from images.https://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/exif-toolsupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/exif-tool
Face++ Tools,Social,Social,Security,Recognitionhttp://www.faceplusplus.comYesJSONURI Query String/CRUDLet’s you detect the information of a given photo (e.g. face location, age, race, gender etc.)
Faucetlist.meFinancialhttps://faucetlist.me/api-docsJSONJSONNoneEarn free cryptocurrency. The faucetlist.me api gives you instant access to thousands of free faucets with the ability to earn from referrals.https://codecanyon.net/item/bitcoin-faucet-list/20435722dean@shadyx.com
Feedster APINews Serviceshttps://api.feedster.me/v1/docs/JSONJSONAPI KeyYesFeedster API is a searchable, sortable and categorized collection of RSS feeds with built in user management for easy front-end development and practice.
FengShui Tools,Astrology,Chinese,Design,Environment,Religionhttps://fengshui-api.comYesJSON
URI Query String/CRUD
API KeyYesLets you enter your name and the name of your partner/lover/crush to find Love compatibility & chances of successful love relationship
FIDEL APIPayments, Loyalty, Card-Linkinghttps://fidel.ukYesJSONURI Query String/CRUDAPI KeyFIDEL is a card-linked API that lets developers create web and mobile applications for linking banks cards with reward services. FIDEL API lets you connect your applications to credit and debit cards and monitor transactions in-store and online, chip & pin or contactless.
figoFinancial / Bankinghttps://www.figo.io/YesJSONRESTOAuth 2YesBanking API that allows you to extract financial data such as transaction history, account balance, account owner name and others to extract from any financial account.Deutsche Bank Germany, Auxmoney, Bonify, Cringlehttp://docs.figo.io/
FilePreviewsAPI,Images,Documents,PDF,Webhookshttp://filepreviews.io/YesJSONJSONAPI KeyFilePreviews is an API that produces beautiful previews,
optical character recognition and metadata from any file.
finbox.ioFinancialhttps://api.finbox.io/betaYesJSONJSONAPI KeyYesIn the spirit of our mission to empower investors with the next generation of investing tools, finbox.io developed a comprehensive API to give developers everywhere full access to all of the data that goes into and comes out of the valuation models and charts you love on finbox.io. This documentation contains all of the information you need to build the next killer trading strategy or investing algorithm.

Developers familiar with RESTful, JSON APIs should have no problem getting started. If you need assistance or have questions about the API or this documentation, send us an email at support@finbox.io.
thousands of investorssupport@finbox.iohttps://api.finbox.io/beta
Food APIFood,Database,Food,Grocery,Nutrition,Restaurantshttps://spoonacular.com/food-apiYesJSON
URI Query String/CRUD
API Key,OAuth 1, OAuth 2, Other/CustomYesLets you access over 330,000 recipes and 80,000 food products
Freerange Stock API
Fun Translations Entertainment,Conversions,Languages,Text,Translationhttp://funtranslations.com/apiYesJSON,JSONP
API KeyNoLets you turn your sentences and webpage into Yoda like sentences.
Gender ApiAPI , integrationhttps://genderapi.ioJSONGETApi KeyYesDetermine gender of first namesupport@genderapi.iohttps://genderapi.io/api-docs
Gender APITools,Nameshttps://gender-api.com/en/api-docsYesJSONURI Query String/CRUDKeep your registration forms simple. Optimize your conversions and let us determine the gender of your customers
GeoDBGeoLocationhttps://rapidapi.com/user/wirefreethought/package/GeoDBJSONRESTAPI KeyYesGeoDB offers a REST-based global city and region data consumable platform. The API supports several operations available in JSON format including city details, countries, country details, region details, and currencies. Developers need to request an API Key. The API uses hypermedia (HATEOAS) for friendly paging results.https://wirefreethought.github.io/geo-db-docsgeodb-support@wirefreethought.comhttps://rapidapi.com/user/wirefreethought/package/GeoDB/functions
getCryptoFinancial https://www.barchartondemand.com/api/getCryptoXML, JSON, CSVCSV, URI Query String/CRUDUnspecifiedThe getCrypto API provides price data by symbol for crypto currencies. In addition to last price, other fields such as open, high, low, close, price change, percent change are available.
getCryptoHistoryFinancial https://www.barchartondemand.com/api/getCryptoHistoryXML, JSON, CSVCSV, URI Query String/CRUDUnspecifiedThe getCryptoHistory API provides historical price data for crypto currencies.
getHistoryFinancial https://www.barchartondemand.com/api/getHistoryXML, JSON, CSVCSV, URI Query String/CRUDUnspecifiedThe getHistory API is used to request historical time series data on stocks, indices, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, indices or forex pairs. Historical data is available as tick, minute or end-of-day data.
getQoute(s)Financial https://www.barchartondemand.com/api/getQuoteXML, JSON, CSVCSV, URI Query String/CRUDUnspecifiedThe getQuote API is used to request price data, either real-time, delayed or end-of-day, by symbol. In addition to Last Price or Settlement, other fields such as Open, High, Low, Close, Bid, Ask, 52-week high and low, and more are available.
Gifs.com Public APIgif, mp4, media, youtube, trim, transcodinghttp://docs.gifs.com/YesJSONJSON or Multipart Form UploadPublic, API KeyYesThe gifs.com API makes it dead simple to convert and transcode a vast array of media into our HTML5 optimized gifs.com player, a compressed .gif, .webm and .mp4.https://gifs.comhttps://github.com/gifs/api/blob/master/SNIPPETS.mdsupport@gifs.com
globalstats.ioTools, Game Development, Highscores, Leaderboards, Game Backendhttps://globalstats.io/YesJSONJSON, URI Qeury StringOAuth 2Yesglobalstats.io offer Simple Public Leaderboards for your game. Enriche your games' experience by adding a global highscore for your games. It offers an independent, platform agnostic infrastructure for your games statistics. 100% Kai Juice, Flying Dragon, Little Typhoon, Space Jammers, Phantom Roar, Shawy Adventures, The Carribean Sail, and morehttps://github.com/globalstats-io/unity-library

GrowSurfMarketing, Conversionshttps://growsurf.comJSON, JSONPJSON, JSONPFreeYesGrow like Airbnb and Uber with a referral program.

GrowSurf is referral marketing software that lets you run viral refer-a-friend programs, leaderboard contests, and pre-launch waitlists.

Our client-side JS library, GrowSurf.js lets you integrate a referral program into your web application from the front-end.
Hampton Roads CrimeNews Services,Crime,Datahttp://labs.hamptonroads.com/api/crime/YesJSON,CSVCSV,URI Query String/CRUDLets you get most recent and historical crime data so you feel safe in your neighbourhood.
Heroes GraphQL APIhttps://api.graph.cool/simple/v1/cj0jnmqnnfm7a0133p9uuxhy1YesJSONJSONYesDoğukan Güven Nomak's YouTube Channel GraphQL API https://www.youtube.com/dogukanguvennomakme@dnomak.comhttps://api.graph.cool/simple/v1/cj0jnmqnnfm7a0133p9uuxhy1http://dnomak.com/heroes
Speech-to-Meaning,Text-to-Speech,Audio,Languages,Natural Language Processing,Transcription,Speech-to-Text,
URI Query String,Audio
API KeyIntegrate voice and conversational intelligence into your products through an independent platform that is always learning.
HouseCanary Analytics APIReal Estatehttps://www.housecanary.com/product-analytics-apiYesJSONJSONAPI key YesReal estate investors and lenders can make decisions in seconds that used to take weeks, using the most accurate proprietary and public record data available.
HtputContent Sharing, Page Hostinghttps://htput.com/apiJSONHTTPApi KeyYesHtput allows you to upload full documents to seo-friendly addresses created by yourself. Documents can be in any format: html, plain text, json, etc... It can for instance be used to log data from apps, update an online list of something, you name it. You could even host a serverless single-page-app made entirely in javascript. Whatever content you "put" is going to be publicly accessible via http://htput.com/your_personal_address. Infinite addresses can be created. Subaddresses are also allowed and are updated using the same password used to update the root address.fabiolimasouto@gmail.com
IATACodesAirline, Airport, Flight, Departure, Arrival, Timetable, Timezone, Cities, Geo, Autocomplete, Destinationhttp://iatacodes.org/JSON, XML, CSVHTTPAPI KeyYesAn API to get IATA codes database and more.https://github.com/iatacodesinfo@iatacodes.org
IBM Watson Text to Speech Text-to-Speech,Audio,Languages,Natural Language Processing
YesXML, AudioURI Query String/CRUDHTTP Basic Auth,TokenYesA really simple api that lets you convert text to speech. It’s 100% free for unlimited usage
ICO (initial coin offering) APIFinancial, CryptoCurrencyhttps://icowatchlist.com/tools/apiJSONHTTPNoneReal-time data about live, upcoming and past project that are raising funds with an ICO (initial coin offering).contact@icowatchlist.comhttps://icowatchlist.com/tools/api
Imagga Apivisual content recognition, color extraction, content moderation, auto categorizationhttps://imagga.com/YesJSONAPI Keyidentifies the content of images and videos, classify images based on content, extracts colors, moderates NSFW contenthttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/plantsnap-identify-plants-in-a-snap/id1234702272?ls=1&mt=8https://docs.imagga.com/paul@imagga.com
Infermedica APIHealthcare, AI, bots, voice assistantshttps://developer.infermedica.com/YesJSON
URI Query String/POST
API keyYesAPI for patient triage and preliminary medical diagnosis that can help you implement an intelligent symptom checker or an adaptive patient intake form for your health application.Allianz Worldwide Partners, Healthloop, MedicoverPython: https://github.com/infermedica/python-api, Ruby: https://github.com/mjskier/infermedica, R: https://gitlab.com/hrbrmstr/infermedicapiotr@infermedica.com
API,Application Development,Big Data,Classification,Content Management,Data,Data Mining,Documents,Extraction,Keywords,Machine Learning,Parsing,PDF,Search,Semantics,Sentiment,Text
Binary,URI Query String/CRUD
API KeyNoProcessing (NLP) Service including sentiment analysis, content extraction, and language detection
International ShowtimesCInema,Movie,Showtimeshttps://www.internationalshowtimes.com/YESJSON
URI Query String/CRUD
API KeyYes
IP Tools APIIP, Internet, Domainhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/ip-toolsJSONHTTPApi KeyYesIp address tools. Lookup geographical location data like country, region, latitude, longitude.https://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/ip-toolssupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/ip-tools
Jservice.ioEntertainment, Triviahttp://jservice.ioNoJSONJSONGet answers, (and the correct questions) from 20+ years of Jeopardy episodes. Potent Potables, Digiquiz
Kaltura VPaaSVideo,Asset Management,Media Workflows,Video Processing,Tools,Applications,Media,Transcoding,Trim,Clipping,Interactive Video,Video Experienceshttps://vpaas.kaltura.comYesJSON,XML,Serilized PHPREST,URI Query String,CRUD,JSON,Multipart Upload,Chunked Upload,Aspera Upload,CSV,XML,HTTP POSTStateless Session,API and Client Secret,App TokensKaltura VPaaS (Video Platform as a Service) simplifies building robust and scalable video experiences and workflows, and to integrate rich video experiences into existing applications, business workflows and environments.
Kaltura VPaaS eliminates all complexities involved in handling video at scale: ingestion, transcoding, metadata, playback, distribution, analytics, accessibility, monetization, security, search, interactivity and more.
Video Portal,Video Mobile Apps,OTT-TV,Video Inspection and Auditing for Industrial IoT,Video Webcasting,Video MOOC. Watch case studies at https://videos.kaltura.com https://developer.kaltura.com/api-docs/Client_LibrariesVPaaS@kaltura.comhttps://developer.kaltura.com/console/ and https://developer.kaltura.com/workflows
KeygenTools,Application Development,Data-as-a-Service,Data,Licensinghttps://keygen.shYesJSONJSONAPI KeyKeygen is a dead-simple software licensing API built for developers of desktop apps, on-prem software and other digital products.
LeafletMaps, Pan and Zoom Imageshttp://leafletjs.comDroneDeploy
Lipsum APIData, Generatorhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/lipsumJSONHTTPApi KeyYesGenerates random LoremLipsum text. Also supports different text sources.https://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/lipsumsupport@apifort.comhttps://market.mashape.com/ApiFort/lipsum
LiveAgentHelp deskhttps://www.ladesk.comJSONHTTPApi KeyYesVia LiveAgent API you can send information from or into your LiveAgent account from other apps. You can do various actions as:
Retrieve list of companies
Delete conversation
Create new conversation
Register new customer
Retrieve list of departments
Remove knowledgebase entry
Departments report
and many more...
Lufthansa Open APIdata and commerce platformhttps://developer.lufthansa.com/YesJSONURI Query StringAPI Key/OAUTH 2Use the data of Europs biggest airline group ! Besides standard information like flightstatus or inflight admenities we are also offering a partner program were we are compensation all queries that actually lead to flight bookings! Flightstats and various smaller developmentshttps://github.com/LufthansaOpenAPI/Swagger , https://github.com/LufthansaOpenAPI/Swagger4Partnersapi.support@lufthansa.com
MailjetEmail APIhttps://dev.mailjet.comYesJSON
URI Query string/CRUD
API keyYesReliable and scalable email delivery platform with SMTP and API.
Real-time monitoring service for all your email traffic.
Responsive email design with MJML and Passport.

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