TimestampHow many page views do you get on your blog per month according to Google AnalyticsA DMO for a destination you've already visited contacts you and asks you to create another post about that destination, no travel required. How much do you charge for JUST the blog post?A DMO contacts you and invites you on a 3-day FAM trip, all expenses covered. How much do you charge for the blog post you create afterwards?A brand contacts you and asks you to write a review about the product they manufacture. How much do you charge? ... And how much to include them in a roundup post that you've already written?Comments
2018/11/13 7:09:22 AM PST< 1,000 pages per month5015050
2018/11/13 5:33:57 AM PST< 1,000 pages per month15050100
2018/12/28 3:19:05 PM PST< 1,000 pages per month1700270
2018/11/13 12:10:41 AM PST< 1,000 pages per month$400 $500 $300
2018/11/14 2:22:29 PM PST< 1,000 pages per month0
2018/11/13 4:43:23 AM PST1,000-4,999 pages per month£100Nothing£50Wouldn't necessarily charge for a review, if I am given the product
2018/11/12 11:06:39 PM PST1,000-4,999 pages per monthDont know hasnt happebed yet0Dint so product reviews
2018/11/13 6:51:51 AM PST1,000-4,999 pages per month
2018/11/13 6:56:19 PM PST5,000-9,999 pages per month$150-$300$0 $150-$300I haven't charged for any FAM trips yet, but this is something I'm looking to do with destinations that are not at the top of my wish list. I will be looking at charging a day rate of between $150-$250.
2018/11/17 12:51:33 PM PST5,000-9,999 pages per month£150£150£150 review, £50 link old post
2018/11/13 2:22:45 AM PST5,000-9,999 pages per month300-4000300 and 100
2018/11/12 9:58:35 PM PST5,000-9,999 pages per month$500 $0 $250 // $100
2018/11/13 3:50:37 AM PST5,000-9,999 pages per month5000500/150
2018/11/15 2:46:05 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month$200 USDn/an/a
2018/11/13 11:39:37 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month£180I've never been on a FAM trip but I've mostly exchanged posts for hotel stays and stuff. No additional charge. I'm working up to that. £140-180 depending on value of product (assuming they're sending it, obviously). I can go down to £80 for a wishlist inclusion if I really need the cash but I won't pretend I've tried something I haven't.I get offered a ton of guest posts and I hate it to bits. I don't run prewritten content at all; I feel like the only thing about my blog that's kinda special is my writing (even when it's shitty!) and point of view, and sponsored guest posts are universally generic and tend to hit offensive notes, which ends up being more of a headache than writing the post myself. I hate the whole business.
2018/11/13 3:55:50 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month3000Depends on the value of the item
2018/11/13 12:11:19 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month350,- ‚¬0350,- ‚¬ for the reviewI don't do roundup posts so far
2018/11/13 7:40:47 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month$600 $1,000 Roundup: $250-$400, Product: $600
2018/11/14 6:24:06 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month7501200Review: $950 Pre-written Round-up: $550This might be higher than most people with my traffic, but I'm able to charge more because I usually include these rates as a part of a bigger package. Brands find me because of my social media following, moreso than my blog. So my blog rate always ends up being added into my package as an additional service and brands are willing to pay for it. So for example, I might charge $7000 for a package. This includes $2000 for a YouTube video, $3000 for 3 IG photos, $1000 for daily IG Stories, and $1000 for a blog post.
2018/11/13 4:44:46 AM PST10,000-19,999 pages per month800800800
2018/11/13 10:32:31 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month200USD0200USD
2018/11/13 12:23:03 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month£300£1000 but for 2-3 blog posts + social £300 or for no follow link £150 in existing post
2018/11/13 12:23:32 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month£250-£350£0 - £350depends on value of produce but at least £100
2018/11/13 4:13:51 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month3500$350 | $150
2018/11/13 5:54:39 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month$350 I've never had this happen, so I don't know.$500 + $175
2018/11/13 12:20:44 PM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month3500350/250
2018/11/13 12:24:51 PM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month$350 $750 $0 for the review, $250 for round-up inclusionCharging for a review is not something that I would do. Charging to write a post about a product I know and love would cost $350. There is a subtle but important distinction between the two.
2018/11/23 4:46:27 PM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month3500100 if they provide the product and it's of interest to my readers | 35 to add to an existing article
2018/11/13 12:30:24 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month£300£600 £300-500 depending on client needs, length of post etc. £200 to add into a roundup post. For the FAM trip, my rate is also charging for the days away, and social media during the trip.
2018/11/24 12:48:48 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month$400 $200
2018/11/13 9:03:16 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month$450-1500 depending on how much the trip was worth and what they had already paid for content.$0 I include 1 blog post in each full expense covered FAM trip.$450 for a review and $450 to be included in a roundup or gift guide
2018/11/13 2:36:40 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month500350Don't do review, but an exclusive post for a brand $500. I've worked managing blogger campaigns for 5 years (not specifically travel). I think that every single campaign is different and a lot of brands are now paying for the content creation more than for the post on your blog. Value is being put on the quality of the content more than on the page views. Many brands will ask for a blog post on your blog + photos or + video or want the content so they can boost it and promote it. Some brands ask for a FB video only or a tweet only. When it comes to travel for me it's about finding value (I have a lifestyle blog with a travel tab but do recipes and other things as well). I might turn down a press trip (not interested in going to this location or don't want to be herded from location to location with 10 other people) but accept another opportunity that gives me more flexibility and provides value for me even if they are not paying. For example: hotel wants a blog post on their site + a video created by myself + 2 FB lives on their FB page while at hotel. They have no budget to pay but fly my fam (4 of us), we stay at all inclusive resort, all other expenses paid. But I consider that as part of creating the content so ask for a 1 day excursion outside of the hotel all expenses paid for the 4 of us and an extra day at hotel as payment because the rest of the time at hotel we're working making the video and it's not really a vacation. I would not have gone without the excursion because it would have not had value for me. Anyway ... I have a rate card but seldom use it. Seems no one wants just a blog post with 4 social shares anymore, every campaign is unique. Many brands don't even ask me for my pageviews. I think that on your previous survey the piece that was missing was that there was no correlation between the pageviews and the quality of the content (though I don't know how you can ask that). If the photos/videos are amazing the pageviews don't matter since the brand will just boost the post on FB or put paid media behind it in some other way. As a blogger network we used to pay the same for a blog post on a blog with 100K pageviews and one with 5K pageviews. We focused on quality of content then boosted the posts that where having the best response on social channels organically. I don't really sell blog posts on my blog as much as I sell content creation from the written article to just photos and it can be on any channel. I am now even getting paid to create just one lifestyle photo and post on FB with a caption and link (then brand boosts it) and they pay the same as a blog post, same with Instagram.
2018/11/13 11:05:03 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month$500 $650 $500 + product , I don't do roundups
2018/11/12 9:44:50 PM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month15003000NAI do sponsored work that includes a daily rate and then a la carte content creation and I allow the sponsoring host the chance to say what sorts of content they want. I am very transparent from the start about daily rate versus purchasing content work
2018/11/13 1:53:24 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per monthdon t accept itnothing/depends on their budget300‚¬
2018/11/13 5:05:23 AM PST20,000-49,999 pages per monthIt€™s never happened. Would like to know how to make that happen!I don't. How do people do that? Do they do unpaid coverage? Do they disclose?$215 to write post. I don€™t add paid content to editorial content. Most people who reach out want to pay less than $100 and want a permanent link. I don€™t do that. Does anyone?
2018/11/12 10:30:39 PM PST20,000-49,999 pages per month$100 $0 $100. $50
2018/11/12 11:22:06 PM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month200 Euros 600 EurosI don't accept this kind of partnerships not related with traveling.
2018/11/15 4:53:46 PM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month$300-$5000$400 first question, second has never come up even though it would be smart
2018/11/12 10:17:05 PM PST50,000-99,999 pages per monthUS$350 or more depending on taskNothing if the whole trip was comped. US$500 plus the product. US$250 for insert
2018/11/13 4:39:04 AM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month300 GBPI would never charge just for 1 blog post on a trip, this would be a package including (live) social and things like video. Usually comes to a day rate of about 300-450 GBPIf I like the product, I request a sample, then inclusion in round-up is free. a post is 350 GBP, a post + video review = 750 GBP
2018/11/13 5:41:41 AM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month500$ USD (also depends on length)We generally wouldn't charge for an expenses paid trip but we would also only except if it was something we really wanted to do.500$ for a full post 300$ for inclusion in a roundup
2018/11/13 6:22:16 AM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month$500 0$500/ n/a
2018/11/22 3:30:26 AM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month$500 So far....$0$500-$1000$150-$250
2018/12/01 8:01:31 PM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month$500 Depends on the cost of the trip. So, from $0 to maybe $200.$500 There's always negotiations involved. These are not fixed rates.
2018/11/12 10:09:15 PM PST50,000-99,999 pages per month$750 $1,000 $1000- $1500
2018/11/14 10:36:15 AM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month$450 $250 $550 / $250
2018/11/13 1:47:08 PM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month$475-$750It depends on the content they want, i.e. an article, experiential video, podcast, IG feature, etc. Depends on the value of the product, and, it has to be related to travel and/or road trips. About $475 for a review article, $275 to include in an existing round up.
2018/11/13 3:56:36 AM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month$500 $1250 Includes social media and other deliverablesBetween $100-$250 depending on if they are also an affiliate
2018/11/14 11:59:37 AM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month500-750 depending how "free" I am of the content400-500500-900 depending if it's only a mention or a full article - 500 for roundup
2018/11/13 2:48:18 AM PST100,000-199,000 pages per monthEuro 500Euro 1000Euro 500
2018/11/12 9:47:30 PM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month60001000
2018/11/13 9:46:01 AM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month650Depends. If it is somewhere I really want to go and I believe I can create good content that will rank, no charge. Otherwise, $500.$250 for a gift guide/round up, $700 for a stand alone
2018/11/13 7:22:43 AM PST100,000-199,000 pages per month150030001500 for a standalone review. 300 in an existing post. I hope people fill this one out too!
2018/11/12 10:47:10 PM PST200,000-499,999 pages per monthdepends on how much I like the destination / want to feature it again - $250-$500$0 - $1,000+ depends on the who package$500-$700; $150-$300everything is negotiable - I don't have set prices it really depends on how much I need the money and what the opportunity is.
2018/11/15 3:45:07 PM PST200,000-499,999 pages per month$1,000 $2,000 including travel and social media (Just $1,000 for the blog post)$1,000 for a stand alone story. For inclusion in already existing story $400.I'd also love to know if there's a gender correlation for pay. I bet men and couples get paid A LOT MORE than women bloggers, typically.
2018/11/13 6:31:45 PM PST200,000-499,999 pages per monthIt never happened this way but if I know the destination VERY WELL I might accep for 800$, with the clause to also insert affiliate links if appropriate.I dont do Fam trips anymore(I only participated in2 over 6 years). Not for me, not enough autenticity, i like to explore a place like a normal paying customer, no schedules, no mandatory activities. I only accept very few proposals for destinations i wanted to visit anyway and I ask to do it at my own pace. Usually they are very expensive trips (from 5k to 15k each) and because of that I charge depending on their requests. If it's only a blog post, I charge from 500 to 800$. If they request video coverage, I ask at least 1500$.To do this i need to like the product already. I never test a product I dont know for a fee. It's not part of my business model. I seldom work with DMOs, it only happened when I wanted to see a specific place. Press trips, products and hotel reviews are not part of my business plan at all. I'd rather earn a lot less but have the freedom to choose how to deal with DMOS and I have specific conditions (no fam trip with other bloggers, possibility to bring my assistant to help me with the footage etc, usually delivery time for the post is more than a couple of months ).
2018/11/14 2:50:06 AM PST$750 NothingI don't charge for reviews, but they have to send me whatever it is they'd like to have reviewed.
2018/11/13 1:56:27 AM PST
2018/11/13 6:59:29 AM PST