Annual Plan NVAEC Progress Monitoring 2018-19
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ComponentStrategyItem Action NVAENVCNCOELead(s)Contact(s)DoneIn Progress Not StartedCarry to 19-20CommentsAugSeptOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJun100020003000400050006000
Gaps in Service
Gap 1: Lack of adult education courses and supports in the northern section ('up-valley') in Calistoga and St. Helena; Gap 2: Lack of sufficient classes and supports for AE learnersA1Establish ESL and HSD/HSE classes up-valleyxRickJudyxNVC has the classes outside of the NVUSD boundries
xMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraxyesNVC offers ESL classes upvalley, in Calistoga, St. Helena, and on the UVC Main Campus.$5,000
2Establish ESL Program Coordinator (non-credit) to meet service and collaboration goals of AEP (Christopher Howe hired 1/11/19)xMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraxWe have establish this action. Our ESL Program Coordinator for ESL credit and non-credit is Christopher Howe.$5,000
Gap 2: Lack of sufficient classes and supports for AE learners; Gap 3: Lack of more options regionally for other remote areas of Napa ValleyB1Evening ESL class in American CanyonxJudyNievesxIn place for Fall
2Transform American Canyon HSD/HSE to an Independent Study formatxRickShawnaxHappening on small scale.
3Spanish GED section on SaturdaysxRickShawnaxExpanded and offering more; adding location
4Evening Spanish GED (offsite)xRickShawnaxIn place at Phillips and McPherson for Semester 2
Gap 4: Lack of classes and support services for adults with disabilitiesC1Expand services to include support for adults with disabilitiesxRickShawnaxtrying to generate enough community interest to establish a class; counseling in place one night weekly
2Expand services, support, supplies and/or instructional materials for adults with disabilitiesxLissa GibbsChristina Riverax
yesIn 3-year plan for 2019-22 
Gap 2: Lack of sufficient classes that meet basic adult educaiton needs for adult learnersD1Establish parenting programs/workshops that may include: helping parents navigate district online servicesxMarilyn K-MxParent University
2Establish parenting programs/workshops that may include: preparing children for college/CTExMarilyn K-MxParent University
xBarbara NemkoGillie Millerxxthrough CTE and NCOE
3Establish parenting programs/workshops that may include: teaching math to parentsxMarilyn K-MxParent University
4Evaluate/explore Pearson Vue (or similar program) testing optionsxRick JordanxyesContinue discussion for 19-20
xRiveraRiveraxyesContinue discussion for 19-20
xBarbaraGillie MillerxContinue discussion for 19-20
Gap 5: Lack of career education to prepare for regional high-demand careers and improve current careersE1Expand offerings of non-credit/VOC courses in short-term CTE areas: business informaiton worker/office skill, intro to criminal justice, health services, intro to teacher prepxCharlie MonahanChristina Riverax  yesHave developed or are developing all of these for Summer role out as summer camps. These are a combination of non credit, credit and not for credit CTE Areas. need to deploy and align with adult school in 19-20
2Develop hospitality and allied health areas pathwaysxRick JordanLaurelxWorking with NVC
xCharlie MonahanChristina RiveraxyesHave Developed Non Credit Hospitality Pathways - 16 hour course curriculumand are mapping HEOCC and Hospitality to our Credit Programs - Mapping is completed at NVC but the next step is to participate with Laurel at NVAE to map those pathways; 19-20: implementation see 3 year plan3000
Seamless Transitions
AFinalize and implement a common referral system between schools and partner agencies. xRick JordanChristina and NatachaxYesShifting to a comprehensive job plan vs. common referral
xCharliexYesShifting to a comprehensive job plan vs. common referral
BBuild supports for ESL students including:
1Implement tutoring and other academic support for students (non-credit)xRick JordanJudyxtransition support - ongoing; expanded access to Success Center
xMaria VillagomezChristina Riverax?We offer Writing Success Center tutoring for all students, but perhaps we can design some specific workshops for ESL students. $8,000
2Integrate credit/non-credit ESL programs to create seamless progression of ESL instruction from NVAE/NVC "non-credit" into "credit" ESL (NVC)xRick JordanJudyx
xMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraxyesThe ESL department at NVC has submitted a curriculum development proposal to align non-credit and credit courses in preparation for AB 705. The curriculum development process will begin in fall 2019.$3,000
CImprove student transitions between NVAE and NVC by:
1Fully integrate the shared counselor role at NVC with an emphasis on supporting student transitionsxRick JordanNatachaxCharlie Monahan to contact NVAE Counselor and assist incorporation into Career Education information and opportunities for student transitions. 1/14/19 Rick will contact Erik about shared counselor options3000
xHoward WillisRiveraxRe-evaluating structure of support; revisiting for 19-20
2Provide clear transition information for NVAE Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) graduates to apply and continue on to NVC nursing programs and better synch the NVAE's program (i.e., timeline) to facilitate transitionsxRick JordanLaurelxAt the end of each session
xRobert HarrisChristina Riverax YesMeet with NVAE to review timeline developed (e.g. roadmap, what are expected for the program. NVC Charlie Monahan has met with NVAE Laurel and Bob Harris identfying prereqs and gateway courses leading from CNA at NVAE to NVC and workplace. Larel and Shawna from NVAE toured NVC Heocc Nursing and Psyche TecH presentations. Laurel has first draft (pencil) of course work that will enhance NVAE students success in transition to NVC. The Adult school Health Cohort attended a tour of Nursing and Psych Tech with a tour of the Nursing Lab and current/past students.We suggest that 3 key classes at NVC be incorporated in NVAE's information for their introdauction to Health Occupations class and have NVC Faculty present at the end of this classStart 10/1end 1/311000040002500
DFinalize ESL alignment between NVAE and NVC to ensure continuum of ESL education for region:
1Identify staff on both campuses to communicate level, placement between partnersxRick JordanJudyx?Meeting with Christina in January
xMaria VillagomezChristina Riverax?ESL Program Coordinator, Division Chair and Dean of LADS will be the point folks to discuss level and placement recommendations.
2Establish protocol for transitionxRick JordanJudyxMeeting with Christina in January
xMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraxXXRick, Chris, Karen and Maria will meet in late March to discuss protocol for transition.
EDevelop graphs showing alignment and requirements for CTE programs that overlap between NVAE and NVC; include prerequisites and academic requirementsxRick JordanJudyx
xDianna Chiabotti and Charlie MonahanChristina RiveraxYesNVC has met with Laurel and Bob Harris, NVC Dean of HEOC to begin to identify classes with in Pathway with which to align and encourage prioriy to take. NVC has met with Laurel to vet. We (NVC) have met with E-Brochure and NVC sees this as a pivotal piece here; see 3 year plan (developing e-brochure)5000100015002500
Student Acceleration
AExpand offerings of short-term non-credit VOC courses in various CTE areas including:
1Business information worker and office skillsxCharlie MonahanChristina RiveraX All the Micrsoft Suite classes are going through Cufrriculum Commitee as non-credit as well as for credit. We have obtained Certiport license to have students earn certification fro each element. Are reay to articulate classes where the certification has been earned. Have the Business Worker Certification which is 17.5 units of Microsoft Suite, Business Communication, and Customer Service in the Workplace1000500050002000
2HospitalityxCharlie MonahanChristina Riverax 16 Hour Non Credit classes in Customer service, ServSafe Food Handler, TIPS Responsible Service andHands on Banquet is finished and available.1000300050020002000
3Introductory criminal justice trainingxCharlie MonahanChristina RiveraX YES Criminal Justice Intro Summer Camp. Goal Summer 2019 will not be ready for Sumer 2019 but ready for fall1000450050020002000
4Healthcare and health sciencesxCharlie MonahanChristina RiveraX Scheduled bridge summer camp for Exploration of Health Occupations summer 2019. Have held prior as HEOCC 97 and are looking to offer again Summer 20201000450050020002000
5Introductory teacher preparationxCharlie MonahanChristina Riverax YESNVC has developed a series of workshops intended to be housed under the banner of a Teacher Institute. Those workshops will be held in fall 2019 and spring 20201000450050020002000
BExpand HSD/HSE options at NVAE that allow students to take more classes and accelerate completion including:
1Additional weekday and Saturday classesxRickFredyxSaturday classes in place for GED and Spanish
2Additional evening classesxRickJudy; Shawna; LaurelxStudent numbers did not warrent an expansion for S1; current classes are sufficient; not adding additional
3Independent study format for the AC HSD/HSE program xRickShawnaxIn place
CAdd contextualized ESL/CTE class at NVAE to better prepare students for CTE training at NVAE and NVCxJudyLaurelxOngoing development; continue to 19-20
DEvaluate and explore opportunities to grow testing options (e.g., Pearson Vue)xRickxNVAE is a Pearson site. discussion expansion options to ensure alignment with NVC; continue discussion for 19-20
xChristina RiveraChristina RiveraxContinue discussion for 19-20
Charlie MonahanXPearson owns Certiport and NVC has instituted Certiport training for Business information pathway including all of the Microsoft Office suite and are prepared to articulate with NVAE
xBarbGillie MillerxContinue discussion for 19-20
EProvide student supports to accelerate non-credit ESL students at NVC including:
1Establish ESL Program Coordinator (non-credit)xMaria VillagomezChristina Riverax This has been completed. $5,000
2Implement writing support course through NVC Writing Success Center for students in ENGL 800/801xMaria VillagomezChristina Riverax This has been completed.
3Expand tutoring and academic support services for students in ENGL 800/801xMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraxThis has been completed. $3,000
4Improve instructional equipment, facilities and technology to make learning more accessible for ESL studentsxMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraXESL classes planned to be scheduled in computer rooms, smart classrooms.?$15,000
Professional Development
A1NVAE will partner with NVC and CALPRO to offer:
Accelerated Learning to Facilitate Career Pathways (online course)xRickLaurelx3 year plan goal - work on it in the spring
xCharlie MonahanChristina Riverax3 year plan goal
2Integrated Education and Training (IET)xRickLaurelx3 year plan goal
xCharlie MonahanChristina Riverax3 year plan goal
BNVAE and NVC will jointly participate in the following:
1California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) Bay Section/State ConferencesxLaurelShawnaxxApril 25-27, 2019 in San Diego; open 1/19 for registration
2CATESOL Annual Conference (California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)xPeggyNievesxNext Conference: San Jose October 2019
xRiveraRiveraxNext Conference: San Jose October 2019
3JSPAC Conference (Joint Special Populations Equity and Access Conference)xDianeLaurelxWas November 2018 did not attend
xRiveraRiveraxWas November 2018 did not attend
4AEP SummitxRickRickxCAEP Summit 10/29-10/30/19 Anaheim
xRiveraRiveraxCAEP Summit 10/29-10/30/19 Anaheim
5CASAS Summer InstitutexJudyxJune 11-13, 2019; Hyatt Orange County
CPD for adults with disabilities will be offered within the region including:
1Designing Programs for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Understanding Learning Disabilities: Awareness for Adult Educators (self-directed online, in conjunction w/ CALPRO)xRickJudyxContinue to 19-20
xRiveraRiveraxContinue to 19-20
2Adults with Disabilities program training hosted by NVCxRickKim & Shawnaxdepending on NVC offering?
xRiveraxDid this happen??
DPartner with NCOE to offer PD and training opportunities for teachersxRickJudyxOffer in spring through NCOE?
xGillieGilliexOffer in spring through NCOE?
xCharlie MonahanChristina Riverax?Have identified faculty externships as desriable PD for Faculty. NVC will be invited to participate. ?
Leveraging Resources  
AExpand partnerships with community organizations and agencies to ensure that ESL efforts are embedded into the larger context of education and citizenship education servicesxRick and JudyNievesxMeertings held to discus offering ESL classes in new spaces for the Summer and Fall; Family Literacy Program (offsite)
xMaria VillagomezChristina RiveraxYesYes, this is in progress. We have met with the Grapegrowers and with the UpValley Family Centers. This one will always be ongoing.?
BPartner with Napa County Library to expand distance learning (Burlington English)xJudyPeggyxInstalled on 4 computers at library; tracking student work
CWork with the Regional Workforce Investment Board (WIB) (Local Workforce Alliance of the North Bay - WANB) to inform regional needs and continue to be integrated into the regional needs.xRickLaurelx
xCharlie MonahanChristina RiveraxYESNVC Continues to utilize EMSI Analyst to inform current programs and future proposed programs have Labor Market information to support. Have proposed to wwork with Consultant Jim Casio to bring Data into a Napa specific report through the North Bay Workforce Alliance5000
DExpand on partnerships to offer more career training opportunities including:
1Salvation Army and local high school to offer a Construction class for adult studentsxRickLaurelx
2Trades Introduction Program (TIP) to offer pre-apprenticeship trainingxxRick, CharlieLaurel, Charliex ?TIPS Program began at NVC 10/1/2018 and is projected to graduate 1/26/2019. Both partners feel that the notice given was not adequate to market locally by any of the partners. NVC has began conversation with North Bay Trade TIPS Program and Marin Adult School about a spring 2019 cohort in Napa. Through the Napa Adult School. Possible NVC hosting but will be TBD20000
3Career Point North Bay at NVAE to provide career skill instruction off-site for career seekersxRick/CharlieLaurel, Charliex?NVC successfully wrote a grant with the Workforce Alliance of North Bay to provide New World of Work, 21st Century job skills Train the Trainer for Partners to Train Essential Skills. NVC looking at a dates in February to hold the two -day event. NVC writing 10 components as Non Credit as well as Non Credit Training fro Delivery at NVC and at other Partner Opportunities. This training could be provided at Centerpoint and/or Bright FuturesClass1500
EBuild on existing partnership between NVC and Napa Valley Support Services (NVSS) and Napa Valley Products Services and Industries (PSI) to expand services for Adults with DisabilitiesxLissa GibbsRiverax yesIn addition to continuing to provide regular non-credit work experience classes each semester to students served through NVSS and PSI (Fall 2018: 198 students; Spring 2019: 199 students), Napa Valley College and NVSS have worked together in FY18-19 to secure, expand, and update instructional materials for these students, including computers, art supplies, tables, chairs, and gardening supplies.