Executive Slate Committee CHAIR Nominations 2018-2019
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Coalition of Academic Teams (CAT)Which CAT organization are you involved with? Please list any prior experience that you feel is relevant. (Please limit your answer to 250 words)Why do you want to chair the Coalition of Academic Teams? (Please limit your answer to 250 words)
Jay GibbsI am involved with both Model UN and the Chicago Debate Society. Within MUN, I have participated in all three arms of the organization (MUNUC, ChoMUN, and Team), now as a conference executive. I also have participated in CDS as both a competitor and board member. I believe my commitment to active participation in both of these activities and my past high school involvement with other teams such as Chess Clubs, Academic Bowl, and Mock Trial gives me relevant knowledge of organizational needs. I believe that the chair of the Coalition of Academic Teams has a decisive need to be objective and fair in determining the various needs and assisting in the allocations toward the University's included RSOs. As someone who has competed for two years now on a variety of these teams, I believe that I am not only someone with enough experience to fill the position, but also someone who can best assist all of these organizations with integrating into the campus community. I am extremely passionate about the importance of competitive activities with intellectual components. especially considering the kinds of educational climates we encourage on this campus.
Committee on RSOs (CORSO) (Co-Chairs)Please list any prior experience that you feel is relevant to this position. (Please limit your answer to 250 words)Why do you want to chair CORSO? (Please limit your answer to 250 words)
Katherine H. LiThis previous year, I was a part of the CORSO committee and helped determine which clubs should be passed and which clubs should be awarded. I really enjoyed my experience and I understand how CORSO works on campus in conjunction with both student government and also the registered organizations on campus to ensure that there is a body that promotes organized student interest on campus. In high school, I have also been voted into a similar organization where I represented the student body and authorized the creation of clubs on campus. After 3 years and after hearing many pitch presentations, I have a concrete understanding of what makes a student-run organization successful. I also have seen what makes them ineffective. One problem was the collection of unsuccessful and obsolete clubs that, due to ill-motivated leadership, had shrunken throughout the years. These clubs contributed little to nothing on campus, but due to the lax annual regulation system, they were allowed to remain. These clubs prevented the creation of new clubs because they took up advisors who would have otherwise been available to supervise new clubs. I was also the inheritor of a once-outdated club (National Chinese Honor Society) myself. As president, I was able to try different tactics to reinvent club appeal and campaign to increase membership over 2 years. These activities and experiences would allow me to understand what makes organizations on UChicago's campus thrive as well.Over the past year, I've loved learning about all the different groups of unique interests on campus. I'd really like to continue to be involved with and learn about all the niche hobbies that make the University such a diverse place. I believe that there is so much available at the University that there really is a place for anyone to join in with people who are interested in the same things as them. I think its also very important to promote this kind of diversity in opinion and interest and continue to expand student engagement with both each other and their personal projects. I'd personally like to help in this process and also be involved in spreading the news about all the amazing organizations on campus.
Myles HudsonClass of 2021 College Council Representative (2017–present), CORSO Committee Member (2017-2018), Honor Council Member & Prefect (2016-2017)The Committee of Registered Student Organizations serves a pivotal role in the furtherance of Student Government’s obligation to its constituents. From approving new student organizations to recognizing student leaders for their dedication, CORSO directly improves the life of every UChicago student. I would like to chair CORSO because I consider myself qualified to properly execute that mission. I was College Council’s representative on CORSO during the 2017-2018 school year and enjoyed participating in the review process for RSO applications. I gained a significant understanding of the qualities that are typically sought after in new RSOs. But what was most interesting to me was not the RSO application process, but the Student Leadership Recognition Award application process. During the 2017-2018 school year, CORSO received a mere 18 applications for 26 undergraduate cash awards and zero applications for the 10 graduate awards available to student leaders. Records show that CORSO has consistently received fewer SLRA applications than the maximum amount that can be approved for the last few years, and I find that deeply concerning on a campus where many student leaders should be clamoring to have their work properly recognized. When combined with the SLRA budget cuts during last year’s annual allocations, it is imperative that the next CORSO chair aggressively advertise this program in order to ensure its relevance and benefit to the student body. As such, I consider it a primary goal of mine to publicize the SLRA program if selected to be CORSO chair.
Program Coordinating Council (PCC)Which PCC organization are you involved with on campus? Please list any prior experience that you feel is relevant. (Please limit your answer to 250 words)Why do you want to chair the Program Coordinating Council? How do you think PCC programming could better serve the broader student population? (Please limit your answer to 500 words)
Grace PegueseDuring the 2017-2018 academic year, I served as one of two student representatives for PCC. While I am not a member of any of the PCC organizations, I have a good working knowledge of what each group does, as well as some insight into their organizational structures and culture. I think this close hands-on experience is crucial in being able to effectively serve as PCC Chair. I’ve helped out on every part of the budgeting process, and I’ve been exposed to the budgets of each organization. Because of this experience, I also have first-hand knowledge of some of the improvements PCC organizations would like to see enacted within the PCC. Being intimately involved in the budgeting and collaboration process is experience that would allow me to effectively continue the work we’ve done with PCC this past school year.I would like to chair the PCC because I feel my prior experience as a student representative would allow for a more seamless transition for the new school year. Additionally, I have a strong personal interest in the arts, as well as maintaining and deciding budgets. There are various initiatives that we started working on, most centered around improving intra-PCC collaborations, that I would like to continue. I believe increasing the amount of collaboration between PCC organizations would allow the entire council to better serve the student body. Pairing groups like COUP and Fire Escape, for example, would allow each organization to reach segments of the student population that might otherwise go untouched. Additionally, I believe working on stronger marketing for first-year students would be a worthwhile venture. From my experience as a student representative, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of PCC groups would benefit from improved first-year outreach. We began to pool ideas to achieve this goal, and I would certainly continue this next year as PCC Chair. Finding ways to attract students that wouldn’t normally attend or participate in the events thrown by PCC groups is necessary to better serve the entire student body. Many PCC groups have mentioned that first-years don’t know about their groups until Spring quarter – taking steps to work together as a council to improve marketing of events is critical.
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention (SAAP)What activities are you involved with on campus? Please list any prior experience that you feel is relevant. (Please limit your answer to 250 words)Why do you want to chair SAAP? What ideas do you have and how will you implement them? (Please limit your answer to 250 words)
Amara BalanOn campus I'm involved with sexual assault response and student health initiatives in a number of ways. Last year as a peer educator with RSVP I was responsible for designing and facilitating a variety of workshops to educate students in Greek life, athletic groups, other RSOs, and housing about healthy gender relationships, bystander intervention, and the campus resources available for those seeking support. I’ve also helped to organize multiple events for Sexual Assault Awareness month including film screenings and Teal Tuesdays, which involved communicating closely with representatives of SAAP. I’ve also been a Peer Health Advocate with the Body Project for two years and while I’m no longer affiliated with the organization, the training I’ve received as a member has given me extensive knowledge about student health resources available on campus, as well as training on how to mediate conflicts and discuss sensitive subject matter with my peers. Finally, as the female contact for Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, I’ve served as a sober safety monitor at over thirty of their events and used my bystander intervention and mediating skills to diffuse conflicts and to proactively ensure an overall safer environment for all attendees, especially women. Aside from my student life commitments, I’m an editorial assistant at the University of Chicago Press where I work about five hours a week providing logistical, organizational and administrative support for the press by reading full and partial manuscript submissions and organizing royalty statements and contracts.I want to chair SAAP because I believe that Sexual Assault Awareness is one of the most important continuous dialogues we need to create on campus. As chair of SAAP, I foremost want to make sure that all students know about the resources available to them, whether they are a survivor seeking to report an incident, or someone who wants to know how they can support a friend who has experienced sexual violence of any kind. I think a key way to do this is for peer groups such as RSVP and the Mind over Matter PHAs to have as much ability as possible to conduct workshops with College Housing and other groups. For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I’m hoping to be able to continue initiatives such as Teal Tuesdays, but clean up the logistics to ensure that we have a visually prominent table with a clear message and schedule of volunteers to manage the tables. I also want to expand the film screenings that we did, and possibly collaborate with Doc Films in order to reach a wider audience so that we have a presence during Sexual Assault Awareness month that continues in some way through Spring Quarter. Finally, this year I want to secure a prominent guest speaker, and hopefully can collaborate on funding with a potential combination of RSVP, Student Health, and Greek life (since FCS stipulates the fraternities have to sponsor an event about sexual assault awareness once a month, and that has yet to happen).
Sports Club Fund (SCF)What activities are you involved with on campus? Please list any prior experience that you feel is relevant. (Please limit your answer to 250 words) Why do you want to chair the Sports Club Fund? How do you think SCF programming could better serve the broader student population? (Please limit your answer to 500 words)
Benedict Wormsley
Chair, Sports Club Funding Committee
Treasurer, Water Polo Club Team
President (former Treasurer), Commonwealth Students' Association
VP of Administration, International Students Association
President-elect (current Treasurer), Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
As the current chair of the committee I have been in the great position to award $14,000 to various sports club across campus, including but not limited to the University's Genkikai Ki-Aikido, Crew, URock, Fencing, Sailing, Water Polo, Women's Ultimate Frisbee clubs. As chair I have been active in managing the finances of the committee and ensuring that the committee has been diligent in its allocations, but with the important aims of improving the quality and access to club sports at the university always present in my mind. I would hope to continue my leadership of the committee next year with those aims in mind.

I have also been very keen to ensure that the SG bylaws have been adhered to this year, especially with regards to quorum and order in committee meetings and will endeavour to continue this if I am chosen next year.

Beyond my experience with the committee, I have and have had a number of roles across a number of organisations on campus, with a focus on finance roles, which I think qualify me well to continue as chair of the SGFC.

In terms of better serving the student population, I hope to better publicise the committee as a funding opportunity for sports clubs as I feel the committee was underadvertised this year. I would also hope to convene the committee earlier in the year, again to improve access to funding for sports clubs.
Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC)What activities are you involved with on campus? Please list any prior experience that you feel is relevant. (Please limit your answer to 250 words)Why do you want to chair the Finance Committee? (Please limit your answer to 500 words)
John Van Den AnkerEver since I first came to UChicago, I have been dedicated to pursuing co-curricular activities. My main involvement on campus is my role as Chair of the Student Government Finance Committee. I served as a voting member and vice chair on the committee during my first-year, and have been chairing the committee my second-year. During my second-year, I also served as the undergraduate representative on the Faculty Board for Campus and Student Life, where I met monthly with faculty from across the University and the Dean of Students to discuss various relevant topics of the time. I am also a Dougan Scholar at the Booth School of Business, and a member of the Trott Business Program. At Booth, I work as an RA at the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership. Continuing my interest in business, I was an analyst in The Blue Chips Investment Club for 5 quarters, and now am in an associate role there. Finally, I was recently inducted into the Maroon Key Society, where I will be working with the cohort to help plan Class Day and other major activities throughout the school year. I believe my wide range of experiences has exposed me to a significant diversity of UChicago students and helps me in my role in SGFC. I believe every student benefits from being involved on campus, and I hope in my role I help facilitate those meaningful experiences.I believe that UChicago is not solely an academic institution for its students, but rather a home. It is where we grow as individuals, create change in groups, and make life-long friends. In my time at this amazing institution, I have learned as much from my peers as I have in the classroom. I am passionate about this unique culture which facilitates communication, openness, and discourse; I have benefitted greatly from this range of experiences and strive to give back. Over the past two years, I have been to nearly every SGFC meeting and played a leadership role in both Annual Allocations processes. While the time demands of both these committees are very significant, I find my work meaningful and rewarding when I walk around campus and see students smiling and talking at events that SGFC funded. To me, that is what makes UChicago a special place: a place where some of the most amazing students in the world come together to share a journey over the course of several rewarding, yet demanding years.
I hope to serve another year as Chair of SGFC because I believe I have the experience and will to not only run the committee smoothly, but introduce several changes that can make the funding process more efficient. I have put together the SGFC and AnnAll committees this year, and we have had very high attendance rates to meetings as I have actively followed up with people who had unexcused absences. I have also had year-round funding experience, having worked through Summerfund, SGFC, and Annual Allocations. Over the past two quarters, I have met extensively with several RSOs which require heavy funding, or whose funding needs are unique compared to other RSOs. Through these meetings, I have realized that the funding mechanism requires some customization depending on RSO needs. Therefore, I want to introduce an extended SGFC meeting at the beginning of each quarter where RSOs that wish to have recurring events, unique one-time events, or significant capital improvements can come in and spend more time in a back-and-forth with the committee. This will not only allow us to understand their needs better, but will show the RSOs our funding principles and mindset in action. I am passionate about making UChicago a vibrant community, and I hope to continue helping to maintain this vivacity through my role in SGFC.
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