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10/21/21Kevin Carbotte TweakTownCybershoes gets native support in multiple Quest games

Read more:,210,865NoCybershoes on Wednesday announced that its locomotion solution is now integrated into a handful of new titles. The company also revealed that the hardware is now available on Amazon.

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10/21/21Bobby CarltonVRScoutVR Footwear Cybershoes Adds A Bunch Of New Games,283YesSince the launch of its official Kickstarter back in 2018, Cybershoes have built up an impressive list of compatible VR games. This includes such hits as Doom3Quest, Arizona Sunshine, Population: One, and Half-Life: Alyx just to name a few.
10/21/21Hamish HectorTechRadarCybershoes are a brilliant Oculus Quest 2 accessory - shame not enough VR games support it,651,072NoUsers have said the experience is great – and can help players enjoy immersive smooth movement without feeling motion sick – but right now support for the shoes is still a little lacking on Oculus Quest 2. We hope more developers implement support soon, otherwise, Cybershoes owners might be left feeling a little disappointed by their purchase.
10/20/21dailyvirtualreality.comCybershoes pronounces integration with a number of new Oculus Quest 2 VR video games, and Amazon Europe availability,000Syndicated from BetaNews
10/20/21realhacker.newsCybershoes announces integration with several new Oculus Quest 2 VR games, and Amazon Europe availability
10,000Syndicated from BetaNews
10/20/21Wayne Williams betanewsCybershoes announces integration with several new Oculus Quest 2 VR games, and Amazon Europe availability,246Yes"Strapped to your feet and connected to your HMD via Bluetooth, Cybershoes for Quest is a cool accessory that let you walk or run through VR games. When I reviewed the product back in March, the selection of titles offering native support was rather limited.

Today, the company announces integration with a number of additional Oculus VR games, including Until You Fall, Contractors, Grapple Tournament, and Larcenauts."
10/20/21gamespress.comCybershoes Now Available via Amazon Europe; Integrated With Until You Fall, Contractors, Grapple Tournament, Larcenauts and more,000Press Release Repost
10/20/21bionicbuzz.comCYBERSHOES the World’s First Shoes for Walking and Running in Virtual Reality,000Press Release Repost
6/23/21Rhys Wood TechRadarGrab these VR enhancing Cybershoes for your Oculus Quest 2 on Prime Day 2021,937,890No" if you've got the budget, and you're a regular VR player looking to potentially take your games to the next level in terms of immersion, the Cybershoes are well worth checking out."
6/1/21StaffVR VoiceCybershoes for Oculus Quest Now Available for Purchase on Amazon,355No
5/25/21Charlie FinkForbesThis Week In XR: Omni, Cybershoes, Offer More Immersion, Huawei VR Sneak Peek,775,790No"The lower cost locomotion option, Cybershoes, is now on Amazon for $349. Together with cyberchair and cybercarpet (included), Cybershoes allows gamers to walk and run in virtual reality. It’s compatible with many Steam games, and today introduced Quest games In Death: Unchained and The Wizards - Dark Times."
5/26/21Nina PenaHi-tech chicCybershoes for Quest Standalone and SteamVR Now Available to Purchase on Amazon Hi-tech Chic release repost
5/26/21Bobby CarltonVRScoutCybershoes For Oculus Quest Are Easier To Buy Than Ever,654Yes"From the fast-paced gameplay to their heavy reliance on physicality, the above-mentioned titles are a perfect fit for Cybershoes. According to the company, integration and optimization for other popular titles is on the way, including Ancient Dungeon, which is expected to launch in Early Access later this year."

"Let me tell you, playing The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners while wearing Cybershoes is pretty sick, and killing walkers is a lot harder when you’re gasping for air because you’ve been “physically” running around the state of Louisiana trying to survive. No wonder why Rick Grimes always looked so tired!
5/26/21Wayne WilliamsbetanewsCybershoes for Oculus Quest now available to buy on Amazon,137Yes"If you suffer from motion sickness in VR games, or you just want to feel more like you’re "there", then Cybershoes offers a possible solution."
5/26/21Harry BakerUploadVRCybershoes For Oculus Quest Now Available On Amazon US,383Yes"We tried the Cybershoes at the end of last year and found them to be an effective way to translate real movement into artificial VR movement when seated. We noted that it might help increase immersion or combat nausea for those who are affected by it. Likewise, it could be equally useful as an accessibility option for people who are unable to stand for long period of time or move around in a roomscale environment easily.

Long story short – the Cybershoes work well and exactly as intended, but your mileage may vary in terms of usefulness, depending on your personal preferences or situation."
5/26/21Rhys WoodTechRadarOculus Quest 2 now works with immersion-enhancing Cybershoes,968,342No (review secured, awaiting address)"Cybershoes as a product potentially bridges that immersion gap for VR, where players are still expected to move around with traditional analog controls. We love the idea of using them to move Leon around in the upcoming Resident Evil 4 VR, for example, desperately sprinting from chainsaw-wielding psychopaths as fast as our legs can carry us."
5/26/21Scott HaydenRoad to VRCybershoes for Oculus Quest Now Available on Amazon US,477Yes"Cybershoes present a pretty unconventional locomotion method for VR users ... It’s a weird concept, but it actually works."
5/26/21hgunified.comCybershoes for Oculus Quest Now Available for Purchase on Amazon,000NoPress release repost
5/26/21Rainier Van AutrijveWorthPlayingCybershoes for Oculus Quest Now Available for Purchase on Amazon,788NoPress release repost
5/26/21Kevin CarbotteTweakTownCybershoes for Quest compatible with more games, available on Amazo,169YesPress release details
5/26/21Sonya Haskinsvrfitnessinsider.comCybershoes for Quest Now Available on Amazon, VIP Tournament This Weekend,000Yes"For me, Contractors is one of my preferred VR FPS games and the three teams have some of my favorite VR people as well. It should be fun to see which of them can make the best use of their Cybershoes while simultaneously showing skill on the battlefield. I look forward to seeing if my predicted winner will prevail."
5/25/21Amazon Launch
5/10/2021Josh Thompson-Persaud TrendhunterCybershoes for Quest Allow Users to More Seamlessly Walk in VR,359,086No"The virtual reality accessory aims to alleviate and perhaps eliminate motion sickness through the in-game integration of physical activity."
4/4/2021Amy PooleThe Gadget Flow Top 10 gadgets for VR gaming,851No"The Cybershoes Virtual Reality Gaming Shoes also require movement while you’re gaming. These gaming shoes track your motions and allow you to walk around the scenery on the screen. So it’s as if you’re there for real."
4/4/2021Julie Strietelmeier The Gageteer These shoes will take you to adventures on other worlds,082No" If you enjoy playing Windows 10 VR games, then you need a new pair of shoes to level up your game. Cybershoes let you really walk in virtual reality games without having to deal with motion sickness."
4/1/2021Wayne WilliamsBetaNewsCan Cybershoes cure my motion sickness on Oculus Quest 2? [Review],331Yes"I was hoping Cybershoes would prove to be an instant cure for my motion sickness, but they weren’t. However, the more I’ve used them, and the better I’ve got at moving with them, the less of an issue motion sickness has become in certain games. If, like me, you suffer from the problem, then it could be a great solution, although be warned the Gaming Station isn’t cheap."
2/4/2021Tommy WilliamsGeekTyrantCybershoes Now Available for Oculus Quest and Quest 2,786Yes"If you’re into virtual reality, you may be feeling like you’re lacking something. A few months ago, I talked about Cybershoes which let you walk in VR while you sit in a chair and don’t blindly walk into a wall or someone else. This is also supposed to help individuals who suffer from motion sickness while playing. Now, Cybershoes are back with new models designed to work with the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. That means you can enjoy the great feel of Cybershoes and VR without the need for a fancy VR computer. In addition, Cybershoes now offers full integration with Doom3Quest!"
2/2/2021Harry Baker UploadVRCybershoes Announce Doom3Quest Integration, Pre-Orders Via Indiegogo,793No (but outlet has)"While the Quest does support roomscale tracking and physical movement, using Cybershoes would allow you to play sitting down or without worrying about the size of your playspace or your Guardian boundaries. The physical movement of your legs and feet may also help those who suffer from motion sickness, as an alternative to artificial movement using a thumbstick. After trying them last year, David noted that the Cybershoes worked reliability and effectively, but still failed to see the use cases unless it was for a comfort or accessibility reason."
1/18/2021Tom MaxwellInputCybershoes let you walk in virtual worlds,102Yes"There's a small learning curve to using the shoes because you have to sort of glide your feet over the floor rather than actually pressing them down. But the result is quite an interesting experience, and in games like Arizona Sunshine you really can walk around quite easily using the Cybershoes."
1/13/2021Tom MaxwellInputNew haptic vest promises to bring further immersion to VR gaming,102Yes"Other companies have been experimenting with how to further immerse gamers into VR spaces. One such company, Cybershoes, attempts to overcome the boundaries of a player's physical space by offering shoes with trackballs on them. Once attached to a person's feet, they can walk around in games while remaining seated stationary in a chair."
1/4/2021Peter GrahamVR FocusCybershoes’ Kickstarter Ends, Hits Almost $100,000,697Yes"Starting a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign over the festive period may not sound like a wise idea but Cybershoes is proof it can definitely work."
1/4/2021Kevin CarbotteTweakTownCybershoes announces Quest compatibility issues, campaign brings $100K,693,442No"The Kickstarter campaign for Cybershoes for Quest is officially over, and the company smashed its fund-raising expectations. Cybershoes raked in three times its $30,000 goal."
1/4/2021Christoph SpingerVR-NerdsCybershoes für Oculus Quest beendet Kickstarter-Kampagne,680No"Falls ihr die Kickstarter-Kampagne von Cybershoes für die Oculus Quest unterstützt habt, dann geht es wohl bald sitzend auf Rollschuhen durch die virtuellen Welten."
1/4/2021David JagneauxUploadVRCybershoes for Quest Triples Kickstarter Goal With Over $98k,085,940No"The Kickstarter campaign for Cybershoes for Quest has now concluded after reaching over triple its original goal by raising $98,420."
12/28/2020David JagneauxUploadVRCybershoes - Surprisingly Effective,085,940Yes"Cybershoes for Oculus Quest give you the means to move convincingly in VR using your actual legs without ever needing to physical stand up from your chair. And, believe it or not, it actually does a pretty good job."
12/23/2020Alice O'Connor, Graham Smith, Alice Bell, Katharine CastleRock, Paper, ShotgunHere’s what to buy in the Steam Winter Sale,657,320No"Yes, because you’re saving up to buy Cybershoes."
11/29/2020Ian HigtonEurogamer (YouTube Channel) Cybershoes for Oculus Quest Prototype Review - Ian's VR Corner,000 (YouTube Subscribers) Yes"For people who have limited space, and want more immersion from their VR games, this seems like a really good option."
11/27/2020Thanussha PriyahDesignTAXI‘Cybershoes’ Make You Feel Like You’re Actually Walking Around A VR World,286NoSyndicated from Core77
11/26/2020Christoph SpingerVR-NerdsCybershoes für Oculus Quest erreicht Kickstarter-Ziel nach einem Tag,680No"Cybershoes für Oculus Quest erreicht Kickstarter-Ziel nach einem Tag. Bereits am ersten Tag der Kampagne wurde das Finanzierungsziel für die Cybershoes für die Oculus Quest und Oculus Quest 2 erreicht."
11/25/2020TJ DenzerShacknewsCybershoes for Oculus Quest preview: A leg up in VR,255,554Yes"My time with the Cybershoes for Oculus Quest left me convinced this is a product I want to see become compatible with more games. It feels like support and calibration will definitely be a game-by-game basis, but being able to walk around in a VR title without the danger of hurting myself in any way felt appealing to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed using the Cybershoes to wander around in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners once I had them synced in and calibrated proper. I’ll also add that it wasn’t that hard to do the setup in the first place, and once I had the first time setup done, return trips were even easier."
11/25/2020Scott HaydenRoad to VRCybershoes for Quest Kickstarter Successfully Concludes After Tripling Funding Goal,244Yes"Within only 12 hours of the campaign’s launch, Cybershoes for Quest reached its threshold funding goal of $30,000."
11/25/2020Peter GrahamVR Focus Hands-On With Cybershoes For Oculus Quest,697Yes"The whole point of Cybershoes is to recreate that natural walking action and if you’ve been struggling with locomotion in VR then they could be a viable option. The Oculus Quest version also benefits from the lack of cabling, making the whole Cybershoes experience much more freeing, even if you are seated. A prototype it may be, but Cybershoes for Oculus Quest almost feels like a finished product."
11/25/2020Rain NoeCore77Cybershoes Let You Walk Around in Virtual Reality - Core77,346No"We were thinking 360-degree treadmills, but a startup called Cybershoes feels VR footwear is the way to go.

By having the bulk of the user's weight supported by a tall, rotating stool, the sensation of perambulating can be somewhat awkwardly replicated."
11/24/2020David NieldNew AtlasCybershoes could solve the problem of walking around in VR,627,844NoPress Release Repost
11/24/2020Adam PockrossSYFYForget teleporting, Cybershoes are here to 'extend the borders of your living room',474,300No"Just plop yourself down on the included swivelling stool and slide your Cybershoes forward and back. Then magically –– without fear of running into walls, lamps, or valuable (and often sharp) collectibles –– you’ll be controlling your direction and speed with your own movement in VR games. And, bonus, you’ll also create deeper immersion and burn more calories while you’re at it."
11/24/2020Nicola KapronCOGconnectedVR Cybershoes Sprint to Victory on Kickstarter,393No"You can move around in VR, sure, but you always risk bumping into something, or worse, someone. Hurting yourself is always on the table. Multiplayer is an exercise in trying not to hit each other. Why hasn’t someone tried to fix this? The answer is that someone has."
11/23/2020StaffGamingLyfe.comCybershoes Kickstarter Sprints Past Goal On Its First Day,397NoPress release repost
11/23/2020N/AFinanzNachrichten.deCybershoes Kickstarter Sprints Past Goal On Its First Day,160,793NoPress release repost
11/23/2020N/ABenzingaCybershoes Kickstarter Sprints Past Goal On Its First Day,630,923NoPress release repost
11/23/2020N/ADigital Media NetCybershoes Kickstarter Sprints Past Goal On Its First Day,015NoPress release repost
11/23/2020N/AMaryville ForumCybershoes Kickstarter Sprints Past Goal On Its First Day,244NoPress release repost
11/20/2020T RocksVR VoiceGet Moving with Cybershoes for Oculus Quest, Kickstarter Now Live, the world’s first accessory for walking and running in VR, today launched their Kickstarter campaign. Back the Kickstarter campaign on and stay up to date on all things Cybershoes by following @CybershoesVR on Twitter.
11/19/2020TJ DenzerShacknewsWireless Cybershoes for Oculus Quest 2 revealed with Kickstarter,255,554NoCybershoes for Oculus Quest have been announced and a Kickstarter has opened.

Cybershoes for Oculus Quest were announced with a press release and Kickstarter on November 19, 2020.
11/19/2020Kevin CarbotteTweakTownCybershoes for Quest is fully funded on Kickstarter,693,442NoCybershoes today launched its Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of Cybershoes for Oculus Quest.
11/19/2020Sam ChandlerShacknewsEvening Reading - November 19, 2020,255,554NoCybershoes today launched its Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of Cybershoes for Oculus Quest.
11/19/2020StaffGamasutraPress Releases- Get Moving with Cybershoes for Oculus Quest, Kickstarter Now Live,364NoBack the Kickstarter campaign and stay up to date on all things Cybershoes by following  @CybershoesVR on Twitter. 
11/19/2020StaffGamingLyfe.comGet Moving with Cybershoes for Oculus Quest, Kickstarter Now Live,397NoPledge $279 or more: Early Bird Reward

Backers receive the full Cybershoes for Quest kit: Cybershoes, Cyberchair, “CyQuest” receiver, Cybercarpet and USB Charger + Cables.
11/19/2020Nina PenaHi-tech chicCybershoes for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 Launches on Kickstarter $279 or more: Early Bird Reward: Backers receive the full Cybershoes for Quest kit: Cybershoes, Cyberchair, “CyQuest” receiver, Cybercarpet and USB Charger + Cables. … To learn more about Cybershoes please visit:


Source: Cybershoes, Kickstarter
10/25/2020Tommy WilliamsGeekTyrantCybershoes is Releasing Wireless Versions Later This Year — GeekTyrant,658No"Virtual Reality or VR is a growing market for gaming still and Cybershoes are looking to improve the user experience."
10/20/2020Daniel Conlan GINX Esports Gaming accessories we're looking forward to in 2021,138No"Cybershoes were the team behind the world's first-ever VR shoes for feet movement in the VR. The Quest Cybershoesr will be the wireless version of that concept and will release for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets of Facebook. The previous verion's wires made it uncomfortable for the user to move around freely and this updated version looks to become more consumer friendly."
10/17/2020Syndicated from UploadVRVentureBeatCybershoes will turn to Kickstarter to bring its VR walking shoes to Oculus Quest,253,007NoSyndicated from UploadVR
10/17/2020Syndicated from GamesBeatYahoo! News Cybershoes will turn to Kickstarter to bring its VR walking shoes to Oculus Quest,424,401NoSyndicated from GamesBeat
10/17/2020AdminTrue MedianCybershoes will turn to Kickstarter to bring its VR walking shoes to Oculus Quest,000NoRecap of content included in press release
10/17/2020Syndicated from GamesBeatTech Investor NewsCybershoes will turn to Kickstarter to bring its VR walking shoes to Oculus Quest,243NoSyndicated from GamesBeat
10/17/2020Syndicated from UploadVRBest Gaming ProCybershoes will turn to Kickstarter to bring its VR walking shoes to Oculus Quest,919NoSyndicated from UploadVR
10/16/2020Julian HorseyGeeky Gadgets Cybershoes VR motion controller Quest Kickstarter announced,990NoRecap of content included in press release
10/16/2020Charlie FinkForbesThis Week In XR: Quest2, IPhone 12, Snap’s Local Lenses,656,374NoRecap of content included in press release
10/15/2020Jamie FelthamUploadVRCybershoes Quest Support Revealed, Kickstarter Coming Soon,613Yes"While sitting, you swing your legs back and forth along the floor to imitate walking, which is then mirrored in a given experience. Previously the kit was limited to PC VR headsets, but this new wireless model will be compatible with Facebook’s standalone headset via Bluetooth connectivity"
10/15/2020Kevin CarbotteTweakTownCybershoes for Quest is in the works, Kickstarter campaign coming soon,863,539NoRecap of content included in press release
10/15/2020Sergio SolorzanoTheGamerFinally Walk Around VR Worlds With Cybershoes,382,163No"Part of the reasoning behind this is the hope that Cybershoes will help with VR sickness. Being able to more naturally move about the world and have it feel like normal walking may take away that notion of motion sickness."
10/15/2020Bobby CarltonVRScout Cybershoes Announces Wireless Foot Tracking For Oculus Quest & Quest 2,784Yes"This could be the start of a very exciting partnership between the manufacturer and developer; hopefully, we’ll see more developers begin to integrate Cybershoes into their games and apps over the coming months."
10/15/2020Tom MaxwellInput MagazineThese 'Cybershoes' let you walk or run in virtual reality,096No"Games would be much more immersive if you could use actual body movements for all gameplay. That's what Cybershoes tries to enable."
10/14/2020Peter GrahamVRFocusOculus Quest To Get Its Own Cybershoes,372NoRecap of content included in press release
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