The organizations listed below have registered their support for Global School Play Day. They believe it's a great idea to dedicate one day of school to raise awareness about the importance of unstructured play.
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Support for GSPD 2015
Paula MartinezParent
Vinnie Du BeauDelsea Regional High SchoolSmall, regional HS district in rural southern NJKids have changed and I believe largely as a result of too much technology too early. Students need to move and play everyday!Bravo!!!
Alexandra HalleranNational Louis UniversityAs a nanny and future educator, I find that kids imaginations are so rich and hate to see electronics hindering that. I am in full support of GSPD.
Suzanne GarciaParentSuzanne GarciaChildren are overscheduled and need more free play time to be creative.
Professor Jacqueline HikeHope International UniversityWe offer Undergrad Liberal Studies: teacher Preparation Programs and Graduate Teaching and Administrative Credential Credential ProgramsThere is a profound gap between the knowledge and skills most students learn in school and the knowledge and skills they need in typical 21st century communities and workplaces. Creativity and creative play skills and attitudes are both cognitive and social-emotional, and have far-reaching effects on a child’s participation in school, life and future work.
Jeff SmithsonProponent of PlayOne-Man consulting firm bringing exercises in Mindfulness and Movement, Performance and Play to a wide variety of audiences included the Medical, Education & Business communities.Play simultaneously allows people to be "where they are" and to grow into what they are becoming.thank you for promoting PLAY!
Elizabeth Neubauerparent/grandparentStrongly believe in this idea as a means to encourage social skills and creativity.Could be one of the most important days in any student's school year!!
Kevin LauCommunity MemberFuture Educator
Carly McLarenKindergarten Lead Teacher Renfrew County District School BoardFor all of the reasons mentioned in the tEd Talk, and all the research telling us the importance of play. The academic push we push we are putting on kindergarten aged students concerns me. The changing needs of students showing up to school. And, as a Mom, I know what is right for my child's development, and I want to see that reflected and encouraged in the schools they attend.
Julie CollierWenona SchoolNon Denominational Independent Girls School K-12 Play is a fundamental right of all children.
Shannon DainesWestwood Elementary SchoolElementary school of approximately 200 studentsWe understand that there is a relationship between play and learning and that schools should embrass it!
Abhishek AwadhaniMakkajai Edu Tech Private LimitedEdu Tech StartupAlthough an edtech startup which designs learning games for kids, we fervently believe that online games are not a replacement for physical play. Physical play was and should remain an indispensable part of a kids' daily life!All the best - this is an awesome initiative and wish you all the success!
Susan StewartGrandparentJust meChildren are losing a valuable part of their growing experience without unstructured playtime
denean ledererTeacherElementary schoolPlay is a child's way of learning
Sheana BraizblattIPA israel/parentnew local branch of an International associationI think it is very important for children to engage in free play
Rebecca HemlingParentChildren are bombarded with homework and electronics and are not encouraged by parents to use their imagination and play freely.
Lori RettingerParentI think it's very important to bring "play" into our schools. This is a brilliant idea!
ifat galplancrew , IPA Israellandscape architectsto promote natural and free play in a society that has forgotten how to climb a tree
Catherine GarrisonWebb City R-7preschool classroom in Webb City School Districtmultiple benefits of play
Michele GeogheganLongbranch 'elementary TeacherWe are an elementary school of about 850 students kindergarten through 5th grade.I teach pprimary grades and I have watched play get taken out of school year after year as curriculum gets pushed down tolower and lower graddes. It is not developmentally appropriate for kindergartene rs to all be expected to earn at the same pace. Children learn so many different foundational skills in play and throughout the years. Our children today are used to being entertained and not figuring out what they can do on their own.
Luc TherrienÉcole TachéWe are a 340 student elementary school located in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Our focus is french language instruction and programming. We strongly believe in the concept you are promting.We believe students are reducing activity time and that this reduction will ultimately be a downfall to their future health.
Mary Ann AngelisiPublic schoolKindergarten classB/C I believe in learning through play
StephanieCalifornia Baptist UniversityUniversity class exploring theater and play in the classroomWe all started life learning with play. Play is a natural part of learning.
Eti GosherDimyon
Justin TimmRedwood Valley High School9-12 High SchoolI love the idea on focusing on the learners and the research based benefits on creativity and mental processing.
Gregg GoersArete Problem Based Learning Progam at Neenah High School4 Teachers and 40+ Students who are working to use their passion to learn and make the world a better place. It is important for everyone to develop their ability to take an interest in something and use it in whatever way they choose.
Leslie PoplawskiParentMom of 3 sons. We have a new Recess Group. I have talked to many people in our community about recess. Created binders to pass out. Started a petition. Didn't get a lot of people. Our numbers are slowly growing. This is a marvelous way of raising awareness for the plight of play & play deprivation in the world! I would love it if Article 31 of CRN were ratified in the USA on the 1/2 birthday of GPD: August 4th, 2015! This is a violation of youth's basic civil rights. As a mom & future Grandma, I try in my own way to lobby, almost daily, for 'quality, age appropriate recess breaks with recess audits. For K-12 students. Always remember to say children & TEENS & disabled children too! A few of us have recently found a new groups called 'ACS Recess Working Group' to try to address recess issues in our area.
Ying TaoParent
Kris BarronWindsor Secondary OECTASenior Science teacher St Joseph's High school WindsorWhat plato saidgrow this thing!
Support for GSPD 2016
Jennifer Stratton Kaleidoscape Play Studio Kaleidoscape is a play and art environment for families.I believe that we are on the cusp of a play renaissance and I want to help lead it.
Yolanda KirklandStewpot Community ServicesStewpot Community ServicesIt very important for youth to enjoy using their creativity
Val VaganekSpirit Elementary School750 students, public school, K-5Play IS learning!Awesome event!
Kimberly GohStretch EducationEmpowering educators and business professionals at StretchEducation.com. Shareable education resources at facebook.com/stretcheducationI believe in the POWER of PLAY!
Tim NeedlesSmithtown East High School Public High SchoolI support unstructured play time for students because I've seen its impact on kids first hand
Karen PowersMuseum of ScienceScience center. To educate any and all in science concepts including the scientific method!I've seen how kids can learn when left to their own devices. I WAS a kid that learned via free play. It just seems that the education system of today is so focused on evaluation and test scores and not enough on seeing if the students understand life. If they have everything handed to them throughout their school age years they are never going to learn how to survive as adults.
Maggie EssigIllinois Resource CenterIRC is a organization of education specialists who support educators and districts that serve English Learners in the state of Illinois.
Esther BrandonConsultantRetired, Director of Undergraduate Field Placement I believe children learn and grow by playing
Brenda CalabroParentParentIt's been a long standing belief of mine, that our kids need so much more unsupervised play time...Glad there is a movement starting inland attention is being drawn to this very important issue.
Lynn J VigarGrandparentPlay is fundamental to all children's development!
Jessica CosbyRegistered Play TherapistPrivate practiceTo raise much needed awareness
Rachel HydeparentI work in a public school library as an aideso many lessons are learned in play we ought to value it highly!
Gbonjubola Babalola AbiriRediMed Consulting ServicesRediMed Consulting Services is a group of ten mental health professionals who believe in raising and creating awareness about mental health issues and in development of the whole child and adult. We believe in the concept of play as it is healthy, and allows for total development of the mind and body.Play should be encouraged and given the attention it deserves.
Kelly DeGaetanoKaneland CUSD #302Elementary school of over 600 students.Students learn social skills necessary for collaboration as well as negotiating skills through play.
Shay HawkenPalmdale City LibrarySmall public libraryPlay is imperative for learning and growth!Play is so so important to our children and our future society!
Katy SmithParent EducatorI believe in play as a child's most important avenue to take as they do the work of becoming who they are in the world.
Christine BiseraGrossmont Middle College High SchoolA high school of juniors and seniors on the Grossmont Community College campusBecause play is an important element in children's development.
Kathleen WonSanta Rita Elementarypublic schoolI believe kids need to play and be creativeWhat a great opportunity to play!
Ann ReynoldsCrestview School of Inquiry450+ Elementary aged childrenKids love to play!Our school has a Maker Space in the library, where kids get to play together while they make things, they LOVE it! Thank you!
Yvonne LabossiereGrandparentI support the GSPD and feel that it is a great idea for our children's free play. Too many electronics now a days.Have a great day.
Namrata KohliSchoolEducationI believe learning comes by nature too and playing on own brings a lot of learning.Children do need freedom and time to play. Play is a necessity!
Erica McCarthyPost University4 year universityBecause my 11 y/o shouldn't be stuck behind a desk all day--there's enough time for that as an adult
Noha Abdelgawad ParentLike The idea
Rory DavisTeacher21 kidsThere are so many benefits for kids to be part of unstructured play
ray wills
Ana AlmeidaUniversidade de CoimbraUniversidade de CoimbraBecause I agree children need to play; adults need to play and understand how important is to play.About the 28th May - International Play Day, what do you say? Who celebrate it?
Support for GSPD 2017
Erin ToddParent/Public HealthSupport Healthy School Communities using a Comprehensive School Health ApproachPlay is the work of the child. Impacts on health and learning are numerous.
Melanie LeJeuneSt. Louis Catholic High Schoolhigh schoolBecause people learn a lot through play
play:groundNYCNYC-based nonprofit dedicated to producing spaces for self-directed play with junk materialsPlay is the best way to explore ourselves and our world.
Pooja Bhatia Play is the most important part of early education
Sally NichollsSouth Essex College and parentI am a student on placement in a 4 form entry infant schoolChildren are being used as a tool to show the world we are academically efficient - it's time schools took a stand against testing and gruelling curriculums and allowed children to enjoy their childhood and learn through play
Michaila PfaffElementary School325 students, 17 students in my classIt's developmentally appropriate and necessary for best brain function!
Jennifer OwensMaple Grove Elementary SchoolPreK-2 Elementary schoolI am a Speech Pathologist and believe that play skills are necessary for good language development
Crystal Abbe Public School Early Childhood Des Moines, IA, USA Early Childhood program serving 1,500 3-5 year olds in public school district Play integrates learning in all areas and promotes development in all areas in powerful, healthy, sustainable ways. Play ignites passion in all ages.
Krista BierbaumMarshall public Schools parent - Walters Elem.K-5 Elementary SchoolI believe kids' brains grow most (and naturally) during unstructured play.
Claudia KrellParentStudies have shown time and time again the importance of play for a child's overall development - its a birthright! (*UN High Commission for Human Rights)
Kate CruikshankHammond Central SchoolUPK-12 Public school in New York State with total student population of @275. I support this cause because we all need to step back from time to time and realize what we are missing...face to face interaction and collaboration, problem solving, and just having plain old fun! Our school days are not structured this way...and our lives are no longer simple. GSPD allows for a taste of the simple things we need. My hope is to awaken the joy of this feeling in my students. Tim Bedley Rocks...just sayin' :)
Marjorie LopezParent I believe that kids learn the most when they are free to experiment through play
Michelle Hammond-DudleyNellie K Parker Elementary SchoolImportance of recreation
Nehad MontaserAlsaida Khadiga prep school
Saleha ArifParent 2 kids It promotes healthy brain and body development
Sean ZiebarthFountain Valley High SchoolFVHS is a comprehensive high school of 3,600 students.The past two years have been a smashing success with my students and I've learned more about them as we play together.
Yesmin VolcanSpeas GlobalPublic School Title IPlay is powerful
Ashley CourtsParentPrior Homeschool familyBecause young children need play to develop and grow. Constant rigorous testing will take its toll on a child's mind. They need to be free to determine how they think and feel and not think based on the answers to a test.
Becky PurseRavinia SchoolSchoolKids need to unplug and have time for creativity and choice.
Rhonda StevensParentHomeI agree
Robin poirotCheshire Elementary School32 students Integrated KindergartenPlay is a child's work
Nancy KirkpatrickFunkstown School Secretarypublic pre-kKids need to play
Neelam BooraEdmonton Public SchoolSchool boardplay is important for learning
Jacqueline WallaceParent/ EducatorSmall Private Elementary schoolImportant for social development
D'kylahplay gammes
ASHLEY TURNERParentParent of 4 childrenI believe technology has taken over this generation of children. Global School Play Day is a wonderful way to show children that their imagination has no limits with free play.
Genevieve Overland-McKayExtended Student Services Before and after school care program
Support for GSPD 2018
Darrell CannonReady Steady RollSmall business who run Board Game Workshops and family game afternoonsCompeltely agree that children need to play more
Rhian SellierChildren's Publisher/Educational CharityWe are a small grass roots publisher and charity dedicated to encouraging critical, independant and compassionate thinking in children.We are big fans of 'accidental learning' and are constantly looking for smart ways to put the fun back into the learning landscape.We can't wait to celebrate Global School Play Day!
Heidi SnellLuther CollegeI'm Ed. Psych. professor and a mother or two young girls. I'm a strong believer in play based learning and free play! Imagination, creativity, socialization, verbalizing, outdoor exploration, problem solving... so many skills to be gained from playing.
Dona McKeeretired educatorSchools have become too academic and test centered.
Janae PomeroyRTI Paraprofessional Upper Elementary grades 2-5Because our students need to know that school is not just about assessments galore.
Julie GraberPLAEAState educational agency supporting schoolsBecause the joy of learning has been sucked out of school
Elena HelmsPlano ISDPK Program in Plano TexasPlay is crucial to development.
Andrea MalpassGrandparent/retired teacher
Carol DigirolamoAlisal Elementary School650 studentsto prompt the use of imagination, problem solving and compromise
Yashmin KartenParent
Samantha GlassmanParent+ Special Needs EducatorParent - one on one special needs educator Kid’s need to play more in this day and age, kid’s are becoming screen hogs, do not know how to communicate with their peers. Through play kid’s develop some many life skills so necessary to be able to function in society. As a parent of a 9 yr old boy, I am so pleased that my son has a love of play, especially in the sports domaine.N/A