Fantasy World Records
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1FarmingCurrently, scores can be farmed. This means that you are allowed to gather a score by killing shapes, and submit it as a score.1Cheatingdont cheat
2BugsRuns exploiting a bug will not be accepted. A tank will only be eligible for a record when bugs affecting it are fixed.2Feedingdont feed or be fed
3ProofFor a screenshot or recording, the whole screen must be shown in your proof, including the leaderboard, build, bottom score and map. If any part is omitted, the score may be still accepted if the WR managers deem it sufficient.3
Intentional Lag
dont lag the server on purpose
4Minimum ScoreThe Lowest WR score you can submit is 150k. This is to prevent pointless records to gain a high total score. Plus it would destroy your score ratio. From now on, High scores must be above 1.5M to be accepted. Only records below 1.5M will be accepted4TeamingDon't team too much At all
5FeedingFeeding is strictly prohibited, on both ends. Scores gained by feeding will have your record rejected and can affect your future records.5spawnkillingdont spawnkill for the love of christ, stop spawnkilling, hey spawnkillers, its pingu again, you know, the god of penguins? listen buddy, if you dont log off of this game immediately, i'm going to slide down to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! that's right, go cry to your father you little weasel.
6Record vs. High scoreAny score following the above rules will count towards your player statistics, even if it is not a record. A record will also count towards your stats, the only difference being that it is listed in the records sheet.6
u will get on watchlist if u dont follow these
7SpawnkillingSpawnkilling or killing tanks before they level up
is prohibited in mass scale. If you accidentally
spawnkill once or twice, it doesn't matter. If the
spawning tank begins to shoot at you, it doesn't
count as spawnkill, it counts as normal gameplay.
8TeamingTeaming is not allowed under any circumstances for a world record from now on. Teaming is where 2 or more players work together to kill another player. This is not allowed at all. Players are allowed to truce and kill teamers however. (this is where the players work together to kill the stupid teamers losers, then go their seperate ways afterwards.)

Teaming in TDM mode is legal, but not FFA or Maze modes
9TrucingTrucing is when 2 or more players refrain form killing each other. This does not count as teaming. Teaming is where players are actively killing other tanks in a group. Trucing is legal since it doesn't put any other tanks at a disadvantage. You are just avoiding an encounter with someone
10MultiboxingMultiboxing is when you use scripts to control 2 tanks at once to kill others. This is definitly not allowed and will result in records not being accepted and getting onto the watchlist.
11MultitabbingThis is the same as multiboxing, except you are not using scripts. This is like controlling 5 tanks at different times to block the treasure room entrance. This is not allowed and will invalidate records. So like playing One tank, then moving to another tab to control another tank etc.
12Score SubmissionsWhen there is 1000 High scores in the player stats sheet, the scores displayed will only be 2M+ instead of the current 1M
13Switcheroo Point GlitchRuns that have this glitch in any sort of noticeable way won't be accepted as it is unfair to others playing at the time
14DeathscreenRecords must now be a deathscreen or disconnected screenshot. This is so that you don't take a screenshot at 1M, submit that, then take another screenshot during the same run to get more score. This rule can be overruled by WR Managers.
15Previously Submitted RecordsAny submission that is placed before a rule change will not be affected by that new rule. However, after all submissions are accepted or denied, the rule officially takes place and affects any and all submissions from that point forward
16UpgradingScores where you upgrade your tank halfway through a run will not count.
17Invalid ScoresThe invalid score page is the counter to Rule 15. If we place a rule and follow rule 15, then everything works perfectly. But when we accept scores that violate rules already put in place, those scores go to the invalid scores page.