2017 Senate Work Log
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Week of: March 29 - April 4Week of: April 5 - 11Week of: April 12 - 18Week of: March 1 - 7Week of: March 8 - 10, 20 - 21Week of: March 22 - 28Week of: January 24 - 31Week of: Feb. 1-7Week of: Feb 8 - 14Week of: Feb 15 - 21Week of: Feb 22 - 28
President, Blake RaineyMet with representatives from Texas A&M Memorial Student Center on a luncheon with Arlene Manthey. Continued to plan for the Senate Awards banquet. Coordinated a meeting time with Jenn Post to discuss facilities concerns.Met with President Turner to discuss donor involvement with the Student Center renovations project. Met with Jenn Post and Richmond Dewan along with Nathan DeVera and Zach Kosub to discuss funding options for South Quad renovation and making consumables/toiletry items a priority in choosing the new custodial contractor that is replacing Aramark. Met with Trustee Torres to talk about upcoming transitions as well as participated in a meeting with VPSA search committee.Met with VPSA Advisory Board to get briefed on updated boulevard situation. Attended Black @ SMU meeting to discuss progress on a variety of academic initiatives. Continued planning for Senate Banquet.Met with President Turner and Trustee Torres to go over recent legislation passed. Met with the HTSC Administrative User Group to finish presenting renovation proposals. Met with Philip Jabour to discuss facilities improvements and new contractor. Met with Office of Risk Management to start planning Health, Safety, and Risk Walk.Met with Chris Regis to set up account with funds for the Student Center renovations. Met with dining reps along with Chair Silensky, Chair Troy, and Senator Blakley. Met with representatives of Black @ SMU to discuss initiatives Senate has worked on this semester to promote diversity and inclusion.Met with Olivia, JJ, Dawn Norris, and new Orgs Chair to discuss the chartering process. Met with both administrative and student HTSC user groups to discuss progress on renovation designs. Met with Office of Risk Management to continue to plan HSR Walk.Held first student center student user group meeting of the semester and began refining proposals for master plan for renovationsIntroduced proposal on campus inclusion and charter freezes and held second student center collab group meetingReached out and worked with leaders of YAF and College Republicans to clarify legislation. Presented and debated legislation in chamber (which passed unanimously!). Participated in meeting with HTSC User Group and held another meeting with the student user group to discuss feedback from administrators. Met with dining services to push for more food options during late afternoon hours. Met with facilities/program manager for McFarlin Auditorium and Moody Coloseum to review policy of prices charged for student organizations. Participated in two meetings for the VPSA search initiative.Attended the Board of Trustees meeting of the Student Affairs Committee and gave a report on Student Senate updates. Met with members of Toga calendar app to discuss their proposal for sponsorship. Attended Election Code meeting and helped the Membership Chair with drafting new recommendations.
Vice President, Nicki FletcherMet with NOMC Collab Group to begin plans for campus-wide event. Meeeting soon with Hegi to discuss plans for Commons liaison programSpeaking with Hegi about setting up a meeting time. NOMC. Meeting this week with Deja Sanders in Hegi to discuss the possibility of a liaison program between CDA's and the commons
Secretary, Will JonesMinutes, Values week meeting, HTSC MeetingMinutes, Values week meeting, HTSC MeetingMinutes, Values week meeting, HTSC MeetingMinutes, Values week meetingMinutes,
GAO, Mason Potter
Chief of Staff, Spencer ReppondGeneral member application and interviews // Recycling meeting with P.Jabour - Outdoor Recycling // Expanding composting programAssigning new general members to committees // Cabinet meeting - SundayIn the process of writing legislation regarding updating the resignation process for SenatorsMeeting on Sunday to write legislation describing the concerns students have regarding recycling/sustainability and the direction we would like to see pursued by the administration.
Speaker, Will Stovall
Parliamentarian, Nathan DeVeraMet with Jenn Post (head of RLSH) along with President Rainey, Senator Zach Kosub, and Richmond Dewan regarding South Quad Renovations. Now, we have a plan of attack to approach the situation! // Organizing Senate "end of the year" CeremonyFurthering discussions of South Quad renovations // Administration reception!!Planning Facilities Collaboration Group // Brainstorming "Resignation Form" Legislation // Brainstorming Legislation WorkshopsOrganizing material for upcoming Legislation Workshops // Continuing correspondence with Shawn Bailey- head Groundsman on campus Held Legislation Workshop! Went incredibly- I'm hoping to get some great legislation out of it all. // Finding time to meet with University Architect, Philip Jabour, to show him student support behind better toilet paper. // Organizing Student Senate reception with head university administrators. Adminsitration Reception planning // By-Laws Edits Corresponding with Administrators regarding upcoming reception // Committee Chair Decision-Making
Communications, Claire HermelingAdded the logo to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Created events for General Member Applications. Fliers were made for General Members, Senate Vacancies and Chairs. Values Week Presentation to Student Organizations that attended. Met with Jabour along with the Recycling Collaboration Group, moving towards meeting with Dean Vogel and writing legislation about revising the recycling bins along the blvd/outside. Updated Endowment Fundrasing event Flier. Created a facebook event for Scholarship and Endowment.
Diversity, Cecily Cox
Endowment, Elise Redetzke
Finance, Betsy Ehmckecommittee meeting; recommendation made to Student Senate
Investments, Greg Hopkins
Membership, Gabriella GonzalezAdvertised six committee chair positions via social media and email. Advertised six committee chair positions via social media and email. Conducted interviews for committee chairs, advertised for General Member Applications Advertised senator vacanciesFilled senator vacancies, planned membership event, hosted Election Code Revision Meeting
Organization, Olivia BuerkleHeard AEM presenting for full charter and Food Recovery Network presenting for temporary charter. They will be presented in Senate tomorrow! Heard 3 groups presenting for Full Charter: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Lyle Ambassadors, and INFORMSHeard 3 groups presenting for Full Charter: PreDental Society, Ice Hockey Club and EWB
Scholarship, Arthur Troy
Student Center, Matthew LucciMet with AC about student concerns, worked with the Facilities Services to have 2 new bike racks installed near Fondren Science, opened applications for office space in Suite 300.Worked on Constitutional Amendment Legislation.Finalized renovation proposals for the Hughes-Trigg Student Center. // Worked with Facilities Management to secure funding for the installation of new bike racks in the vicinity of Fondren Science.Presented proposals for refresh of the Student Center to the Studnet Center User Group.Worked on legislation to establish an Historical Commision to compile a record of student leadership throughout the life of SMU.// Worked on a constitutional amendment to update and clarify the document. Conducted interviews for Student Center Governing Committee Chair. Constitutional amendment legislation and Historical Commission legislation.Completed Historical Commission legislation, revised Constitutional amendment legislation. Met with the Council on General Education to approve courses to qualify for University Curriculum requirements. Constitutional amendment legislation.
Student Concerns, Rebecca Silensky
(Currently Vacant)
Sidra Ibadspoke with Dr. Jones about introducing the Body Project to SMU, connecting with Peer Health Educator
Farr, Cameron
Gilchrest, ChristinaNOMC Collaboration Group- working to plan campus wide awareness event
McLaughlin, NickWorked on Hughes Trigg Student Center Renovation (with group), continued research for UC 2018 TFFinalized plans for HTCS renovation in user group meeting; compared SMU UC to "cluster oriented" cohort schools1x1 meeting with blake, discussing passing period legislation, investments committeWent to Cox dean search forums, completed reserach for Senate investments committe proposal to increase senate endowment
Pliura, NatalieWorked referendum table, started on lighting projectContined working with collab group on lighting, had 1x1 meeting w/ Blakemeeting with Jim Bryan about Cox townhall forum, joined investment committee
Shirzad, DavidWorking with IFC and Athletics to have a better reach to student bodyMet with Dr. Rankin regarding Student Life and student's opinions on the direction of SenateMet with President Turner, along with the other Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees, to discuss current issues on campus.Met with the VP of Student Affairs seach committee to advise them on selction of a new VPSA. Also met with Jake Torres to talk about what he has been doing as the student Trustee. Meeting with Rick Hart this week to address different inssues, concerns, and questions, regarding the Athletic DepartmentI was in DC for most of the week for my Tower Scholar trip to meet with different people involved in Cybersecurity. I am working with IFC to create a scholarship.
Spencer, PhilipDiscussed funding & publicity with constituents for two events; attended investment committee meetingCoordinated publicity for event; worked on developing options for constituent organizations in the futurehad one-on-one w/ Blake Rainey to discuss goals and constitutent concerns; worked on Investment Committee-related matter
Adams, FairoozFinished a draft of a proposal to protect political diversity on our campus. Dividing the free speech legislation into smaller parts.Continued work on addressing training for active shooter situations.Was away in DC for the Tower Scholars program, and subsequently was unable to do Senate work.
Healey, Declan
Klein, Nancy GracenLiason groups: Worked with Psi Chi on careers in psychology lecture event; communicated with Mustang Heros about possible space available. CAPS Colab group- survey distribution, planning and communications in regards to next steps. Met with President of Active Minds to gather more information about that organization and get them involved with CAPS/ mental health awareness initiatives. Election Campaigning. Tissue leg.; research into lack of fax machine in Fondren Library. Campaigning. Student Concerns Committee. Tissue Legisilation. Work with CAPS collab groupStudent Concerns- bylaw revisions; CAPS collab group: working on logistics/ organizational aspects, meeting set up with CAPS next week, and working on an event to promote May as Mental Health Awareness month. Concerns Committee, research for leg., Tabling for Endowment Committee, CAPS colab group.Some communication with a couple of groups I liason for, as well as following up with a couple of thingsCAPS colab group: meeting, student survey finished and published, individual work regarding CAPS; Further communications with groups for whom I am the Senate Liason; campaigning for upcoming electionWorked on referendum table and advocated for students to go vote. Working on student concerns initiative. Tabling for spring involvement activity fair event. Work with Hegi group. Research into app possibilities (to increase transparency of Senate and decrease the gap between Senate and the rest of the student body). Prep for Student Concerns tabeling event. Student Concerns Committee Tabling Event: Caffeine and Concerns Wednesday. (Promotion and Working Table) Continued work/ research into app possibilities/ concerns accessibility/ outreach and calendar possibilitiesWorking on legislation in response to concerns voiced at last week's tabeling event- tissues in classrooms; Anonymous concerns colab group and Student Concerns Committee meeting; integrated calendar- follow up; correspondance with ogs (liaison); meeting w/ UC council Research for leg. Anonymous concerns colab group and Student Concerns Committe meetings: CAPS colab group. Work with proposed Unity event (reducing tensions and promoting diverse groups coming together as one)
Blakley, SpencerResearching the proper contact to address new SMU mobile application ideas. Met with the heads of dining facilities to address issues relating to on campus dining.Researching the proposed changes to Boulevard, and why the student experience at Boulevard is not under the control of the Student Activities office.Follow up with RSLH to discuss the progress on university owned printers in residential commons.First Year meet & greet
Catlin, Claire
Fuller, SloaneHTSUG Meeting w/ Blake; discussed future of user groupBegan researching complaints regarding dining facility hoursTabling for spring involvement activity fair event; attended student center student user group meeting to begin approving proposals for renovations; met with constituentMet with Hughes Trigg student user group to discuss the feedback from administrators following initial presentation; research for legislation regarding release of exam grades following finalsFirst-Year meet & greet; continued work on legislation regarding student acadmic recordsResearch on FERPA & complete first draft of legislation
Kosub, ZacharySpoke before the SMU Board of Trustees about Student Concerns regarding facilities. Spoke with Kara Fellows, SMU Daily Campus reporter writing a piece on Armstrong Flood. Spoke with Professor Hunt of Perkins about revamping and reconstructing the SMU Community Garden.
Transfer Senator
Emily Hyde
Hispanic-American Senator
(Currently vacant)
International Senator
Aggarwal, ShashankAttended finance committee meeting. Represented senate at SMU Solidarity Campus Initiative Town Hall organized by CHAPMet with international graduate admission officer to discuss concerns of international students participation on campus and steps required to improve the same.Helped on referrendum table, addressed new international students, and started research on possibility of extending add/drop deadline for courses at SMUMet with NOMC collab group. Attended diversity committee meeting to discuss new events plannedAttended Finance committee meeting to recommend on requests received, helped on student concerns committee tabling event, meet with some new constituents to discuss issues if they haveAttended finance committee meeting. Met with international office officer to discuss about international alumni group creation steps.
Beckman, Wes
Schlinkert, Michael
Gutierrez, Julian
Mitchell, Cory
Street, Carolinewriting legislation for the boulevard rules with claire hermeling and greg hopkins. also attempting to write legislation for computer science languages to count toward language requirements for engineering majorsworking on getting computer language classes to count as a foreign language credit for engineering studentsworking on getting computer language classes to count as a foreign language credit for engineering students, also I am helping with the SMU appworking on legislation for the computer language classes to count as a foreign language credit for engineering studentsWorking on SMU safety apps, working on communication committee, will be serving on the Conduct boardWalked through Caruth to see if the Vending Machines were working and were stockedIn communications committee, worked to see what was needed from the other committees to advertise their eventsCommunications committee is working on getting pictures to represent all the new/old senators of the 103rd student senate.
Taufiq, AleenaWorked the Referendum table.Followed up to ensure printing issue was resolved, and met with a student in a wheelchair to discuss any issues/concerns about accessibility.Met with Chair Cox to discuss ADA regulations and problems with wheelchair accessibility on campus. Walked through Lyle to see if there were any noticeable issues with wheelchair accessibility. Recognized 3 locations to improve accessibility on campus.
Waller, Jason
Reid, Madisen
Garner, DeAngeloWorked the Referendum table, met with other members of diversity collaboration group to brainstorm Spring plans
Brooks, JoyceWorked on setting date and time for CHAP event at Perkins (our reception event)Set date for SAE NOMC picSet date for CHAP. Set date for Perkins NOMC pic. CHAP meeting with faith in Texas regarding possible legislation proposal. Confirmed CHAP Or March 7th at 11:30am. Ordered food. Awaiting invoice for the check request. Took NOMC pics with Perkins and SAE. Sent to Nicki Fletcher. Received email from young lady who needs assistance with sexual assault issue concerning a professor. Email to Nicki Fletcher regarding how to assist. Received official NOMC statement from SAE. Forwarded to Nicki Fletcher for publication. Emailed the young lady who had been sexually harrassed by the professor with suggested next steps from Nicki Flethcher.  PSA Meeting (Perkins Student Association) to discuss CHAP and their call for me to write legistlation that would declare SMU a solidarity campus.  Meeting via Google Hangouts with the Core team at Perkins supporting the legislation for SMU to be declared a solidarity campus.  Advertising for CHAP and the NOMC picture in the Perkins Newsletter.  Emails to Alphi Phi Omega and Delta Sigma Theta introducing myself as their liason and inviting them to participate in the NOMC campaign.  Meeting with Diversity Committee regarding Solidarity Campus. CHAP regarding solidarity campus.  Meeting with core team regarding solidarity campus.  Email to WIll to form "solidarity Campus" collaboration group.  Emails to schedule NOMC picture with APO for Wedneday March 8th.   
Dalton, TreyDrafted admendments for Sustainability Committee bylaws for the upcoming revamping of the committeeWorked to establish membership for Sustainability Committee, and contacted potential members in Environmental Society for their input.Solidified membership with Mr. Charlie Guijarro, and proposed to extend more student representation within the committee.Met with scholarschip committee about the DFW scholarship and actions to take with promoting it within the SMU/Dallas community. First meeting of CAPS collaboration group.CAPS collaboration group meeting was successful, with plans on releasing a student poll to get information on how CAPS is viewed by SMU students. Sustainability Committee first meeting was set for March 24, 2017.
Wells, Davis Worked with Finance Committee on having a better relationship with PC and senateFinance committee and encouraged constituents and members of SF to apply and run for senateMet with Bursar's office to investigate the graduation fee and the potential dissolution of that as mentioned by JJ. Interviewed senators applying for vacancies
Ben OvenshireStudent Senate Recruitment tabling at the flagpole. Began meetings with Student Senate Diversity chair to discuss efforts to build solidarity among smu students. Began work on CAPS collaboration group. Participated in the Associate dean advisory board with focus on amendments to pass fail policy and possible changes to degree progress reports. Sent out email to all omsa organizations and a varierty of conservative organizations requesting their participation in solidarity discussions that will be taking place in the next week.Sat in on President's commission on substance abuse. Worked on CAPs collaboration group and Solidarity efforts.
Wilbanks, Margaret
HegiMeeting this week with Deja Sanders in Hegi to discuss the possibility of a liaison program between CDA's and the commonsMet with Deja Sanders. She will be coming in for speaker's podium the week after spring to start a brainstorm with the Chamber.
Nicki Fletcher
Madisen Reid
Emily Hyde
Nancy Gracen Klein
Elise Redetzke
Campus Recycling/ Sustainability
Spencer ReppondMeeting with Philip Jabour
Claire Hermeling/ Arthur Troy/ Trey Dalton
Met with Jabour about composting, recycling bins and Mclevaney Community Garden. Jabour filbustered the meeting and seemed unwilling with moving the students voice forward with this initative at this time.
Working on meeting with Dean Vogel about the issue to keep moving forward toward a cleaner campus. Meeting to work on legislation about an audit for SMU current recycling and composting efforts.
Student CenterNo meeting this week.No meeting this week.No meeting this week.Discussed feedback from administrative user group meeting. Presented and discussed dining/restaurant survey results. Discussed updates in the drafting/design process as the momentum has been reestablished with the passage of S-103-15!No meeting this week.Discussed progress of renovation designs as reported by administrative user group. Went over data detailing HTSC room usage frequencies. Discussed future of the student user group and the Student Center Governing Committee.Each member of the group presented their recommendations/proposals for their assigned area of the Student Center. Discussion followed to refine the proposals. We will be meeting next week to put all the proposlas together into one consolidated plan to present to the Student Center Governing Committee then, upon the former's approval, the HTSC User Group.Consolidated proposals into one presentation and refined it. Discussed which proposals to keep, add, and remove. Selected members will prepare for presentation to administrative user group next week.Discussed initial feedback on master plan proposals from administrative user group. Decided to not move forward with prioritizing recommendations because proposals already included the top recommendations that had been vetted in prior meetings. Will have more to discuss once the full proposals have been presented to the administrative user group.No meeting this week.No meeting this week.
Blake Rainey
Matthew Lucci
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