Science Fair Questions and Ideas 16-17 (Responses)
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TimestampFirst NameLast NameClass PeriodClearly state the goal of the project. If the project is designed to answer a question that state the question. If the goal of the project is to create something that does a specific thing state what you are trying to create.Why are you interested in this topic?Brainstorm at least 2-3 other questions and ideas you'd like to do, given a reason for each of them. Nestlerode's Response
MatonAlessi3rda potato clockbecause it has to do with potatoesI would like to make a clock with a potato,and I would like to do science that is really basic.What would you do with a potato clock? You can start by building it, then figure out something you can test and see about it.
kimiyapourkeramati3rdwhat envirament harms the plant morebecause i'm intrested in hat will happen to a plant in a different enviramenthow does stress effect accuracy,what food molds fasterPlants ones are difficult because it's hard to measure. You should try to do something with stress and it's effect on the accuracy of throwing something or some sort of acuracy test.
9/9/2016 14:41:31NicoleAmadia6thWhat is the probability of saving a penalty kick?I am a goalkeeper and this is something I have always wondered about. It would be cool to test it out.What is the most common school the 6th graders of PCS are from
What is the most liked class in 6th grade?
How would you measure the probabilty? Would you gather different data from professional teams? That would be cool. The tracking the different locations PCS students come from would also be cool
9/12/2016 10:31:07JordanAmadia2ndThe goal of the project is able to see how weight of a cart effects how far it goes going down a small hill and on to a weight effects distancedifferent materials effecting stratal integrity.The car one could be good, that would be fun.
9/12/2016 17:59:16HanaAnderson2My project question is if we (humans) are drawn to negative things, like news more than positive. I am interested in psychology, especially in the way our brains work subconsciously.Why people tend to "follow the group". I think like this natural instinct that not many question.
Are our interpretations of others' body language accurate? Something along those lines for the idea. Probably different question.
Even more important is who submitted this, that's the real mystery? But the draw to negative things could be a cool research project that's then paired with maybe testing it in some way
9/8/2016 12:38:13ElijahAngeles3rda straw cleaner that can make it easier to cleanI just couldn't clean my swirly straw without wasting soap how can you actually clean the straw with a sponge(thorough)? how can rinse the straw?Interesting topic, equally interesting could be to exlore the different widths of straws and how they might work out. Or how well different cleaners are exposed to it.
9/9/2016 10:08:37savannahbabcock2ndThe goal of the project is to find out what oil substitute tastes the best. I am interested in this topic because I love to bake and someday I want to open up my own bakery and when I do I would like to have different options for vegans and lactose intolorants so I have a wider range of customers and having the best substitute for different ingredients is key.Another question I have would do would be what happend when you put different amounts of baking powder in a cupcake? I would do this to see if it matters how muck baking power you put in a batch matters. or I would do would people like microwaved baked cupcakes or oven baked cupcakes? I would do this because I want to see if there is a difference.The different food options are always interesting, it's about finding the right thing to actually test to see if it's better or not. A lot of times asking people to taste food and responding with how it tastes can be not great. Research how to actually test foods for if they are better or not
9/13/2016 10:54:40NikkoBaranowski3rdI want to see how the brain reacts to color and words. I want to try diferent experiments to find my result. For example the same juice but coloring it diferent colors and seeing if there answerers changeI thin its interesting how we can be persuaded by words and color and how we dont really think about what we are doingtesting fast food vs. organic foods. How dogs can tell theres an earthquake before humans, what plants grow best in. You can do something with words and color and the stroop test to measure something else, generally the stroop test measures ability to concentration and focus with respect to reading the words
9/11/2016 16:06:58DaltonBassler-Haynes3rdHow does the heart Rate change while playing video games and how much does it change if you are satisfied(Completes puzzle or level/unlocks character), frustrated, or frightened?Though I don't play Video Games particularly often, I enjoy them quite a lot.Would people type faster on an Alphasmart or a computer? (I have an alphasmart 3000, and an alphasmart dana that doesn't work anymore, but I really like them)
Will people get attached to an inanimate object if they must take care of it for an extended period of time? (Kind of a filler idea, but I would like to see the outcome of that experiment)
Heart rate ones could work if you take the time to do it with at least 30 people.
9/12/2016 18:50:25NehaBatish1stMy project is to answer a question, and I want to know does everybody have the same heart rate when running the same distance. I am going to test members in my family and maybe friends by using a heart rate checker on my dad's phone. I am also going to compare my heart rate to others heart rates.I am interested in this topic because when testing your heart rate and running I want to see if different people of size and weight have a difference in their heart rate. This topic is also interesting because last year at Mission Hill we had to do a mile every week, and everybody had a different time and things like that. Also even people that were not as tall as others could run faster than them. So I want to know if that has anything to do with peoples heart rates when running.I would also like to do a search on if dogs have a pattern in their temperament, like if small dogs were more likely to bark and big dogs were more likely to be calm or if they were both balanced. I would like to do this because I might get a dog and I want to know which is calmer or if it depends really on what kind of dog it is. I would also like to do a search on why humans get happy when around animals. I would like to do a search on this because whenever I'm around my cat and i'm sad I will get happy.If you do a person medical one, then you need to test at least 30 people to make sure it's good. THe people people getting calm around animals would be a really cool research project though, and maybe something that you could test with it (maybe we can get dogs on campus during big test weeks).
9/12/2016 20:42:42DrakeBennett1stI'm trying to find the answer to are dogs color blind.I have a dog and I want to see if he is color to make a solar oven, do plants respond to musicMaybe the solar oven one, You can just look up if dogs are color blind pretty quickly.
9/12/2016 21:06:23ThymeBennett3rdDoes different whitening toothpaste whiten your teeth better? I want to see which brand actually works better.I want to see if the commercials are actually correctDoes different nail polish dry faster? and Is mascara actually waterproof?Mascara drying on each one could be a neat way of looking at it.
9/9/2016 15:00:16UnaBlumberg6thMy goal is to learn more about the universe and planets in it from my next-door neighbor who is the head of the astronomy department at UCSC.I have always been interested in space, and remember that my neighbor had been talking about the discovery of some black hole near our universe and now seems like a good time to learn more about it.-Why do cheap metal rings turn your fingers green? (I used to love wearing rings but worried that they were infecting my fingers, but I soon realized that it was normal, but began to wonder why...)
-What determines your hair texture? (My parents both had curly ringlet hair when they were my age, but my hair has always been puffy and wavy! Why?)
A space project could be cool, you'd have to do a little bit more than just research it and all of that.
9/13/2016 6:24:27UnaBlumberg6thTo test whether mice have color preference.I am interested in this because I didn't find any research about it online and am very curious. Also, I want mice.-Study the change of mass in different liquids when frozen (I'm curious why some increase in size while others do the opposite)
-Interview my neighbor who is head of the UCSC astronomy department (I always like learning about space)
So either lots of mice or lots of trials
9/12/2016 13:43:35KatieBoe1stThe goal of my project is to see if the myth of microwaved water has any actual effect on a plant.I'm not interested in this topic really, but I find it (A) my best option, (B) the most controllable option, and (C) something I can tolerate without being too frustrated.What makes the microwaved water affect the plants negatively, if it even does?
What about boiled water, does that have any effect?
Eh, You can do better. Even if it was nature and drawings, or just drawings and sketches. A cool one could be tracking birds during your 5th period (if you stay on campus, while you sit outside and draw). I could help you that if you wanted to do that.
9/11/2016 13:14:46JacksonBurgess2ndI want to make a catapult that is able to launch pumpkins.I am interested in this topic because I would have fun creating this and after the science fair is over I will still be able to have fun playing with it.A model roller coaster because it would be interesting to build or a potato canon because it would be fun to experiment with.The catapult is fine, but are you going to have a space to launch pumpkins and are you going to clean up said pumpkins after being launched?
MasonCarter3rdI want to make a portable automated pullie system.Because I feel it would be cool and that i could use it in many different ways.How could I make it stable? How could I make it hold a lot of weight but still be relatively cheap.What do you mean by an automated pulley system? Expand on that for more detail.
9/14/2016 14:57:47JaydenCavanagh6thI will take two plants with exactly the same variables and water them. One with normal water and one with dyed water.It was the first thing that came to mind.I've got nothingTry to come up with something a little more purposeful, in what case would plants be watered with dye
9/14/2016 14:57:47JaydenCavanagh6thI will take two plants with exactly the same variables and water them. One with normal water and one with dyed water.It was the first thing that came to mind.I've got nothingStill could be better
9/12/2016 20:55:09Harper
3rdWhat is the best method for purifying contaminated water?I am interested in this topic because I want to use it for camping. I would also like to help people gain access to safe drinking water.1. How does putting a spin on a soccer ball improve the trajectory of the kicked ball? I would like to study this because I play soccer and would like to improve my ball placement and distance.
2. I would like to know the effect of synthetic versus organic supplements on seed growth. I want to know this because my family gardens and I want to know not only the best supplement for our garden but which works to grow the biggest and tastiest vegetables.
As long as you can find a way to measure the purity of water, you can work on that and it should be good
9/10/2016 14:59:32CaitlinChen6thI am trying to create a Scratch version of an old video game (not sure which one yet) but improve it.I would like to see if I have enough skill to create it, and if it is possible to make it even better.Where are the most germs in your school?:
I would like to see where the most germs actually live at school, not just according to what people think.

Does the color of light used on plants affect how well they grow?:
I would like to know if plants can grow well in different lights.

Who is impacted most by the McCollough effect?:
I think it would be interesting to see what the results are.
The scratch game sounds like it could be cool
9/11/2016 17:12:49RioCiesiolkiewicz6thA research report on quantum mechanics with an experiment.I just think quantum mechanics are very interesting and I want to learn more about them. Ok, if you can present the quantum mechanics stuff well
9/12/2016 21:54:18FlavioCornejo2nddoes ice dissolve faster with salt on it or just ice by it self.i saw some workers on the way to lake tahoe they were putting salt on the icy road and i wondered many times you breathe per minute. it it worth spending 400$ on beats or just buying some 50 dollars headphones which one would sound more clear.Salt on ice work, to make it more interesting take
9/12/2016 10:24:07QuinnDanner-Forde3rdAre there truly super-smellers?My mom and I have often joked about how we are "super-smellers".Which is fastest; dog, coca-cola and mentos car, or baking soda and vinegar car?Super-smellers is intruiging, I'm not quite sure what that would be. You might be able to test it after doing some research. The different cars could be interesting too...or just a big mess
9/9/2016 15:05:10MalachiDouyon6thI want to make a poster on what is the growth of a crocodileBecause crocodiles are one of my favorite animals and I want to learn more about crocodilesI would want to see If an egg can drop from ten feet in padding that I get to create because that sounds like a fun topic

or I would want to make a volcano and show how it explodes because I didn't learn that much about volcanoes and I want to learn more about volcanoes.
You can start with the crocodiles, but do a little bit more with it, after you've done your starting research about crocodiles, try to expand on it and add to it.
9/9/2016 15:05:31LazuliDunton6th?
9/11/2016 15:24:11LazuliDunton6thHow fast can people speak and still be comprehensible Because I enjoy talking fast and it seems interesting 1) what foods effect your mood. I would like to do this project because it sounds interesting.
2) what colors do bees react to. I would like to do this project because I am interested in bees
The speaking rate seems interesting and I'd be curious about it. Research it some, or try to figure out what you can test about it.
9/11/2016 18:17:57LazuliDunton6thHow fast can people speak and still be comprehensible Because I enjoy talking fast and it seems interesting 1) what foods effect your mood. I would like to do this project because it sounds interesting.
2) what colors do bees react to. I would like to do this project because I am interested in bees
Yes, I responded to this already..
9/14/2016 14:55:22macoyfaraola6ththe goal of the project is to see if music effects animals behavoir it interestes me because i read a article about the human speaking to dogs in different tones and i was interested .That could work, just make sure to figure out how to use the same tone and work on it from there
9/14/2016 14:55:22macoyfaraola6ththe goal of the project is to see if music effects animals behavoir it interestes me because i read a article about the human speaking to dogs in different tones and i was interested .This one can be tough, to figure out.
9/12/2016 13:11:49SabineFraley3rdI am trying to figure out if there is in skill level depending on gender when it comes to numbers and letters?I would like to know if others share the situation I have been in; where boys are generally better at using numbers, while girls are better with letters.Can dogs smell out meat through a further distance, or something sweet thorugh shorter distance?Skill and gender could be interesting, if you research it really well, and then maybe find something related to it.
SabineFraley3rdDo the breeds of domestic dogs have an effect on how well they can hunt/smell out meat?I have always loved dogs, and this would be a great chance to learn more about them! I was thinking about testing 4 different breeds, because that is about how many different breeds I have access to.Gender difference with numbers and letters.The dog one can be cool, getting multiple trials will be tough, but at least repeating it for one dog or another.
9/18/2016 15:17:57SabineFraley3rdDoes hand dominancy have any effect on hand sensitivity?I am very interested in this because I have always been able to stand cold water, while some of my other friends can't.Different dog breeds find meat
Genders with letters and numbers
The hand one could be cool, I have a neat way you can use to measure that
9/12/2016 15:24:30NikolaiFriedberg3rdDoes pee make peas grow faster than if you used regular water?I think it would be fun, and it's also kind of interesting.Building a PC. Reason: I've always wanted one and I think it would be fun. Could baking soda and vinegar power a mini rocket? Reason: I think it would cool, and it would be interesting to find out how much the volcano formula could push.No. You aren't peeing on plants or putting pee on pea plants. The designing a soda and vinegar rocket could be a good design project and how to get the maximum distance based on different ratios of the two
9/18/2016 20:51:28MassimoGinella2ndI want to test whether stress has a measurable effect on the human body like changing temperature or raising heart rate to unhealthy levels. I have been feeling stressed out by tests and having to learn all the ways to organize homework, tests, classes, quizzes and studying. It's a big change from elementary school and usually if I am stressed during a test I feel unusually cold or hot. 1. Examine the plants in my yard and see if they are native or invasive species - what is growing in our big back yard and how did it get there? We have a big back yard that we haven't landscaped yet and are wondering which plants belong (and may have adapted to this environment) and which don't.
2. Can cold or hot air be used as a therapy for relieving pain or as a pain-reliever?During dance class, I was stretching my foot and I felt a burn in my muscles. I moved closer to a fan and I couldn't feel any pain anymore.
If you have a good way of inducing stress.

Studying your backyard could also be interesting as well.
9/11/2016 13:20:05Nathaniel Goodwin3rdHow does the air pressure of a soccer ball
affect how far it travels when kicked?
I play soccer and I am interested in what the best air pressure for a soccer ball to have is.Does it affect your percent of scoring if you shoot from different angles? -I like soccer and want to know the best angle to shoot from and I want to help my teammates score more goals.
Does running wearing different shoes and on different terrain affect your speed? - I run and I am curious about the results.
If you can find a way to "kick" a ball with a consistent force everytime, this could be a good one, but we'll have to see. It is a good question
9/9/2016 15:03:16NolanHayes6thI idea is trying to make a electronic key pad for my fort with a Ardweno.I want to build some thing that is complicated and not simple and I wanted it to uses the Ardweno.First one is experimenting with espresso and how to make a perfect one because I love coffee and espresso.
Second is making rocket fuel with house hold products because I love rockets and experimenting with fire.
Using an Arduino sounds good, it could be cool if you can get it fully functioning.
9/12/2016 17:37:24DakotaHeid1stThe goal of my project is to see what happens at the atomic level when a plastic bottle is degrading And would see if there is any way of speeding up that process without damaging the environment.Actually very much I'm excited for the results.I love quantum physics so I would do something on that but my parents thought it was to hard so I decided not to. Secondly I wanted to show how an particle accelerator worked and how to enhance it but again my parents said that I will be up all night doing my science project.The plastic bottle degrading should be good. I'd be pretty curious to see how that turns out. Maybe you could find a way to measure how quickly it degrades( the trick will be how you measure how much it degrades)
9/13/2016 9:34:48John PaulHenderson1sti Want to make A car that won,t flip overbecause i like make things out of electronicshow well do are eyes agust to light
what is the best food batery
The car flipping over one could work, depending on what you mean by that or what size. You'll probably have to put it in a situation that would prevent it from flipping.
9/12/2016 19:47:43AlexHerman1stMy project's goal is to understand how solar cells respond to different wavelengths of light and is there a solar panel that could be designed to use them all equally.I have always been interested in energy specifically renewable energy, I am also interested in making things as efficient as possible so Ithought this would be an interesting bio, and non bio fuels. I also like fuels so this could be cool, another idea could be doing something w/ hydro energy cells, I have one that powers a car but I could build more efficient models( I actually really like this idea ) This also relates to renewable energy and efficiency.The solar cell one could work, it would be tough, but you can try it, and the effeciency of solar panels is a cool project.
9/11/2016 21:39:38KatieHoward3rdThe Effect of Caffeine on sleep of different agesI wonder why my mom can't have coffee after 4 while my dad can and I can't have coke either after 4.Does caffeine really effect kids in a negative way- what if kids are sleepy and have to stay awake? How can they stay awake?
Why are dogs so territorial- when my dog sees the mailman at the front door he reacts to his present but when my dog sees a mailman on the street he doesn't react. Why?
Territorialness of dogs is good. The caffeine one is interesting, maybe if you do it as a really good research paper to start, then see if you can test it on people. You could od it as a survey as well and see what types of people intake caffeine at different ages and how much.
9/14/2016 10:31:24AndrewHubbell6thThe goal is to find out how much stream water can dissolve different types of rocks.Because I like geology and streamssomething with UV light. I am interested in this light. putting mcdonalds in the sun for a month. I want to see what happens because mcdonalds is unhealthy.
This could be really cool if you pair it with water becoming more acidic because of more CO2 in the atmosphere and dissolving rocks and soil, and maybe potential problems related to that
9/14/2016 10:31:24AndrewHubbell6thThe goal is to find out how much stream water can dissolve different types of rocks.Because I like geology and streamssomething with UV light. I am interested in this light. putting mcdonalds in the sun for a month. I want to see what happens because mcdonalds is unhealthy.
Streams and dissolving rocks seems pretty cool
9/11/2016 19:45:59KaiJaffarove2ndI am trying to create an automatic curtain opener/closer.I am tired of opening and closing my curtains.I am going to try to make a moving scarecrow because animals are eating our veggies.

Which materials burn the fastest because I love watching fire burn.
Sure, sounds like it could be a cool project.
9/11/2016 20:33:10AdamKerr6th I am interested in water quality and it's impacts on the earth and human health. The question I want to ask is: How can I kill E. coli the best way? By best I mean most effectively so people don't get sick, and efficiently (does not use a lot of energy and resources)?In past years, I have been doing experiments related to bacteria and water. First, I tested several water sources to see how much E. coli and coliform bacteria were in different places (creek, spring, lagoon, bay, etc.) Then I tested people's hands using swabs. (They turned out to be cleaner than I thought, so that was not as interesting as I thought it would be. It was interesting using humans, though.) Finally, last year I tested different ways to kill the E. coli in creek water that I knew had coliform bacteria in it. One thing that worked better than I thought was electricity.How could electricity be used effectively to kill bacteria in water on a large scale maybe to be used commercially? I cant think of many other Ideas but i'll keep thinking

Sure, although electricity could be cool to look at as well.
9/11/2016 19:09:31MackennaKinkead6thWill bread grow better than normal if the yeast grows in a different form of water? I did a similar project in 6th grade that didn't work does different soil effect plant growth, because it would be interesting to see if it effects the amount of water you use which could help the drought, and can you guess the scent of a candle better when your younger, I noticed when I'm buying a candle I usually like a certain scent better than say my mom or dad. What do you mean by different form of water? That works, and it would be interesting to see. Or even something like best conditions for the yeast to allow the bread to grow.
9/9/2016 14:18:24StephanieKoens 6thTo figure out if smaller balls go faster down a track then bigger balls because they are lighter weight it sounds cool and fun to doDo some rollercoasters go faster then others? if so what types? As you expand on it this should work, there's a lot you can do with it
9/12/2016 19:40:20SeowooLee2ndI am trying to see if gum actually helps kids do better on their test.Because many people say in public schools that gum is not allowed, but many kids say that gum helps them concentrate and do better.1) I want to test what conditions a plant grows best in. I want to do this because I was always intrigued in how plants perform photosynthesis.
2) I want to test if listening to music distracts kids when studying, or helps them. This is for the same reason as my non alternative.
3) I want to do some sort of thing related to shrimp eggs.
The gum one could fine. The plant one is also fair game and if you can set up enough plants that will grow might be better. It also depends on how you define grow "best"
9/14/2016 9:57:38SeowooLee2ndSo, I am going to spill coffee on a piece of cloth. Then I am going to see if natural washes like lemon, or natural vinegar etc. or if chemical washes like dish washer soap or laundry soap etc. or if baking soda which is neither works better. Then I m going to take brawn small shrimp and put two in petri dishes and in one put the natural one and in another put the chemical one and see how many survive or die in each petri dish.Because I think it is an interesting topic and my dad has the shrimp from his work because he works for NOAA and he feeds the sticklebacks those shrimp.I think that will work. One part that might help to make this even better is to figure out how much soap is actually released during washing, which could make a difference.
9/12/2016 18:37:04Bailey Lenington1stI wonder Gatorade/soda taste different when it is a different color? I could change the color of clear Gatorade and see if people think it tastes different. I would like to do this because I like Gatorade, and often it seems like different flavors taste a lot alike. Also, I would like to see if sight affects taste.1)Does age have any difference on what people see in optical illusions? I am interested in this because I like optical illusions, and I wonder why people see different things in them.
2)Do different liquids affect how fast a plant grows? This would be interesting because I just started growing myself a garden, so it would be cool to see.
If you do the gatorade/soda one, well, with good research that should be fine. Just lots of trials to go with it.
9/12/2016 18:20:13EliLev1stI'm trying to find a new efficient full source using chemical reactions.Because I think that this could help the futureI could also make a functional robot to do important things for me and others.
I would like to test how people respond to the smell of foods before tasting them because it could tell me about the way our mind categorizes food before we eat it
The fuel source is a little vague right now, and what sort of fuel would it be? I don't want to shut it down, but I dnon't want you just burning things unsupervised to see what happens to it.
9/11/2016 18:21:37Aidan
3rdDoes different frequencies of sound effect the rate that plants grow?I'm interested in this topic because it is a unique question and I do not know the answer to itHow well can different objects pierce through a non newtonian fluid? -it would be a fun and interesting experiment

Can a mouse that has tasted a certain food find it more easily than other foods? -It is a fairly novel idea that I would like to learn the answer of.
Out of these, the sound on plants could work. It will require you to have at least 10 of each plant in different sound frequencies, but in a situation where they aren't affecting each other either. Then you need the sound to be applied in the same way. Also, find good research on sound's affect on plants, there should be something out there.
9/13/2016 9:43:23AbiLuckenbach keller1st
The goal of my project is to see how/does different flour affect the cupcakes
Because I like cooking and baking and food and this project has to do with bakeingHow it ice melting effect by different substances.
How much salt do you need in water to make an egg float.
both of these have to do with food and I like baking and cooking and experimenting with food.
Sure, that works, make sure to really find how to measure the differences really flow.
9/12/2016 17:48:41OwenLukasiewicz2ndHow much longer will dead leaves burn than alive leaves?It was the only thing I could think of.This is my only idea.Even just the rate of decay of those leaves could be a cool project, just get different types of leaves and then see what happens. Or the density of the leaves and you can measure it based on the mass of the leaves maybe.
SavannaMaddy2ndI heard that more athletic people will have a ring finger that is longer than their index finger, and I want to do a survey from people at my dance studio, and some people at school, to see if the results between the two groups are different.Because I'm a dancer and I am athletic. When I read about this I noticed my ring finger is longer and then I started wondering if the same would be for other athletic people, like people at my dance studio. I want to compare them to maybe some people at school that don't think they're so athletic.1.) If exercise helps your memory, and if so how does it help, and what kind of exercise make the biggest difference. I think this one would be cool, because again, I'm athletic, but if I did do this I don't know how I would test it.How to measure athleticism, or would it be survey based? Amount of athletics done,
9/14/2016 9:45:10NathanMadsen2nd
I want to answer the question, Does exercise help kids do well on tests.
Because It was the best idea I could think of
9/14/2016 9:48:31NathanMadsen2nd
To find out what how different types of music and loudness of music effects plant growth
Because I like plants
9/14/2016 9:59:58NathanMadsen2ndMy Question I am trying to answer is what type of cup keeps water hot for the longest. Styrofoam, glass, plastic, or paper.Because when I don't have a thermos my food in my backpack does not stay warm.How does heat effect how high a ball can bounce?
The thermos question is a pretty good one, and then measure the shape and length of time for it to cool
9/14/2016 9:59:58NathanMadsen2ndMy Question I am trying to answer is what type of cup keeps water hot for the longest. Styrofoam, glass, plastic, or paper.Because when I don't have a thermos my food in my backpack does not stay warm.How does heat effect how high a ball can bounce?
The works, heat affecting the ball boucning can also be interesting
9/12/2016 20:33:37StellaMarshall6thI want to know which of the three practices leads to better basketball free throw shooting.In the beginning, everyone will shoot 10 free throws and I will mark their scores. Then, I will have 9 people, 3 of them will do hands on practice by shooting 10 free throws a day for two weeks, the second group of 3 people will mentally visualize shooting free throws for two weeks, and the last 3 will not shoot free throws for two weeks. Later, everyone will shoot 10 free throws again, and I will see which group improved the most. I play basketball, so I think it would be interesting to see which way works the best. Also, whichever way is the mosh efficient, I may practice in the future. I might want to do one about flowers and which flower lasts the longest: tulips, roses, or carnations. This is interesting to me because I love smelling flowers, and maybe I would buy more of the flowers that lasted the longest.

Another one I had in mind was if name influences personality. This is interesting to me, because sometimes peoples names suit their personality really well and I wonder if their name influences them, or if they're just like that.
Sounds pretty thought out, so you can try that
9/11/2016 21:45:08DavenMattacola2ndObserve and document the bee death dilemma around our bottle brush bush. We have seen an increasing amount of dead bees around our front porch in the last few years. Take photos to document bee activity around the bottle brush bush. This will give me an idea of how many bees are visiting daily.

Investigate what chemicals are bad for bees. This will help me understand if these toxic chemicals are in our environment.

That seems intruging, I'd be curious about that.
9/11/2016 20:42:00SofiyaMelehan6thThe temperature at which cooked meats grow bacteria.Some religions don't leave food out over night because it will grow bacteria, so I wanted to see how fat the bacteria will grow.1) how long it will take a dog to come will a low tone voice versus a high pitched voice. Sometimes my dog won't come if I call him in a low voice, but he will come faster if I used a high pitched voice.

2) If I used a certain kind of bird seed, would more birds come for a certain kind. I always wondered if birds were picked about what people gave, so I want to see if a certain seed will attract more birds than another kind.
I'm going to go with the best kind of bird seed one, and the different types of birds it can attract. We'll be doing some bird stuff soon, so Ic an give you resources related to it
9/12/2016 17:21:34SashaMiller1stThe goal of my project is to see how the angle of the sun affect solar irradiation.I am interested in this topic because my dad works at a solar company and I've always wondered how the angle of the sun affects solar panels.Does the angle of the sun in the morning give the most solar irradiation? Will the amount of solar irradiation stay the same through out the day? How drastic will the change of solar irradiation intake be between the morning and sunset?To take all your ideas and combine them, how about if the angle is direct to the sun (so you move the solar panel) in mid day to morning or evening, do the power output change?
9/12/2016 16:28:42JadeMon3rdGoal: What color does the average PCS student like the most? And why?Me and my sister highly disagree whether if green rocks or blue rocks. (And there can only be one answer.)How can my teacher improve one on one self evaluation? Reason: Many students feel awkward talking directly to their teacher, when they evaluate themselves.
Do most girls like pink, and most boys, blue? Reason: I don't like pink, because it's just... Pink.
Which are smarter: Boys or Girls? Girls seem to pay attention more in class, and often do better. But boys have always been given the privilege of education.
I like the non color based questions...although I'm also not sure what you mean by boys have been given the priviledge of education. I'd be curious if there is good research to support that historically and the potentially impact of it.
9/11/2016 13:58:06MabelMoonrising3rdWhere do my cats go during the day?I love catsDesign a self feeding food bowl. I love animals. Try to train my cat. I want to see if it is possible.If you can GPS track your cats and then do a really good research project on it, then that can be fine
9/12/2016 20:39:52AidanO'Neal6thHow do different quantities of helium affect the pitch of your voice?I think it is cool how helium makes your voice sound weird.What materials would be best to help protect an egg when dropped, or I could time a bunch of different animals/bugs and see how long it takes them to go a certain distance.When you say quantities do you mean concentrations because that could be cool
9/12/2016 18:45:00TaliaOrzech1stMy question for my project is do carrots grow and taste differently if watered with different liquids. I'm going to take four groups of young carrots and water one group with regular water, one group with pepsi soda, one group with salt water, and one group with coffee.I'm interested in this topic because I love gardening, and I wonder if different things will make the carrots taste differently, look differently, or just kill the carrot.I wonder if salt water will kill the carrot? I wonder if watering carrots with soda will make them sweeter? I wonder if watering carrots with coffee will change the carrots color?WIll carrots be able to grow in this season? Then also come up something a litle better than this... Just pouring liquids on plants isn't that great
9/12/2016 19:03:08WestonOw3rdMy topic is "What Household Objects Form the Best Crystals?". The goal of the project is to find the best object to make crystals in your house.I am interested in this topic because it sounds fun.Two other topics are "Font and the Impact of the Written Word?" and "Can DNA be Separated From Other Cell Components and Survive?". Crystal formation could be good if you research it well, although classying "best" crystals is vague.
9/12/2016 19:32:39JadenOw3rdMy science project idea is "Does the Amount of Candy You Have a Week Change How Quickly You Can Do Your homework". The goal of it is to see if eating candy effects how quickly you do your homework. It will show me if I should eat candy.I can use different types of candy.Come up with something else... the candy ones not going to work out
9/12/2016 7:49:11DalyonPacker1stI would like to grow Kombucha and test to find out if the amount of sugar I add while growing it effects the amount of carbonation it has.I love drinking Kombucha and it is expensive.I would also like to see once it has grown if by adding different fruits, ginger, or herbs the carbonation increases.

electrocuted crossbow tips
That sounds interesting, and I think that could be fine to do. I would recomend carying the amount of sugar in each one and then seeing which one has the most. You also need to make sure you can measure the amount of carbonation in each one, which might be a little harder
9/12/2016 12:37:30ZakaryProchaska3rdWhich material or type of land erodes the quickest?Because with global warming, houses near oceans will be more likely to be destroyed by erosion.Which plant will create the most gas to create a bio-energy motor? Which design of pencil weapon is the most accurate and powerful?The land mass could be cool, especially if you apply it to Santa Cruz and first research the rate of erosion of different types of land and then estimate which parts of santa cruz or california could be impacted first.
9/10/2016 15:59:45DustinRankin2ndThe purpose of my project is to have a small portable robot able to clean the house when people are gone or just involved in our everyday busy lives.I feel that many homes of pets or just busy people face the problem of making time to just clean the house and sort through things. So I figured that a robot with the abillty to do these everyday chores.Do dogs behave the same of differentall Observing behaver of dogs. The reason for this is because many dog owners I know claim that their dog has an emotional attachtement to them. Another idea is to observe how trees grow near highways or streets rather than in a green environment. I would do this because recently we have destroyed 10% of the forests and green of our planet and being green is important This is bold for the robot one. Robots are pretty tough to build...

I think the plants that grow near streets and highways would be awesome. There's something I'm really interested in on looking at invasive plant species and their proximity to highways.
9/9/2016 10:05:27Milo Reis2ndTo see the efficiency of baking on a low tempature fro a long time or a higher tempature for a shorter time i like fooddose baking at a higher temp. and having a short baking time is more efficient than having a low and slow bake. Dose baking at a higher tempature ruin the textureSounds good as long as you can find a good way to test which food is "better".
9/12/2016 21:07:49Makenna Sandidge 1stRecreate Galileo's experiment: Did Galileo use the scientific method?I think it's very interesting to look into past scientific discoveries.This isn't a definite choice for me; the only issue is time, so I need to incorporate the fact that I will be very busy very soon into my decision. Other questions/ideas are "when is the coldest time of night? Why?", which may seem very simple but I know I could elaborate on it, or something to do with the ocean, because I live very close to the ocean and spend quite a lot of time at the beach, so that is something interesting to me.Recreate which of Galeileo's experiment? The temperature in different areas and times and influence of bodies of water on the variations could be cool
9/11/2016 9:15:03QuinnSaunders6th"Can plants grow upside down?"
I was wondering, if I watered and took care of a plant while leaving it to grow upside down? Would it work? What would happen? I will answer this question by doing that exact thing: Grow a plant upside down.
Somehow, it came into my head, and it seemed to really interest me, but I didn't want to ruin the whole project by googling this subject, so I'm going to grow one instead.Will the plant try to curve up somehow?
It is likely to happen, since plants are used to growing up, so from the lack of being in the right direction, it will probably make an attempt to go back up.
Will the plant grow easier/faster?
Since gravity's effect is reverse, it is not pulling the plant DOWN, not UP. so it could potentially grow faster because of the force pulling the plant down, making it stretch. Though I guess you couldn't say that's growing, but still.
How will I water the plant?
I was thinking cut a hole in the bottom of the plant, but I'm still not sure how i'll do it, or how big it'll be, etc.
Sure, pair this with actually going outside and seeing which types of plants might curve when they grow, (assuming all of them don't) and then try to think why might that be. In addition to actually testing it and measuring it.
9/12/2016 12:05:51NicolasSchott1st
does your name affect how you are?
it would be interesting to know if to say your name was spike rather than jack, would you act accordingly to your name?how does popcorn pop? why do some people not like certain foods?The name correlation could be good, if you find some really good previous research that has been done on it. Related things have been done before
9/13/2016 9:39:11NicolasSchott1st
custom computer or custom lego robot
because it is fun and interesting
nothingSure, that works for now
9/9/2016 9:38:45lucasschuppek2ndThe goal is to figure out how the carburators of the engine work and with many details.I am interested because I enjoy cars and that my dad has one.Other ideas would be to take apart a computer and figure out how the batteries get charged. Another would be to find out how the ear phones work.You can do the carburators but look at making a model of it, after you understand and explore it. It could also be cool to look at how carberators work and then talk about research
9/17/2016 10:43:25LucasSchuppek2ndThe goal of my project is to figure out by research and observations how insects and other bugs stick to falls and the ceiling. I am interested because I have always wondered about this topic and have always wanted to be able to stick to things.sure
9/13/2016 7:50:53ZantheeSchwarzmann1stI'm going to make a program. The purpose is to make a game.Because it is fun to make programs and to program.I wonder what is a good type to make as a game? type of game to play so I know what kind of game to make. What would you do in the game? person playing has____ controls and does____.Sure, that sounds good, try to get more details on goal, type of programing language etc.
9/12/2016 16:52:42AutumnSchwind1st The goal of my project is to build a functioning hovercraft that can withstand different obstacles and challenges such as weight, different textures of the ground, and force. I am interested in building a hovercraft because I have always enjoyed engineering and trying to find out how to build things but also make them better or more advanced.One science fair idea that interests me is plant life. Such as if a rooftop garden can keep your house more insulated and lower your energy bill. Another topic that peeks my interest is human behavior. If I was to do a project on this, I would choose to find out if people can find the difference between a fake and real smile.Hovercrafts are tough, they require a lot of force in them, then get them manauvaerable is another whole set of issues.
9/12/2016 17:21:12TheoScott3rdI am going to make a computer program and see how fast it is on difrent computers.Because computers are interesting to me and suods interestingI would want to do one on why pokemon go is so addicting. I would want to do one on how cats land on there feet most of the time.What sort of computer program? Besides just something to run, what goal would it have? Or would you test different algorithms on different types of computers because that would be cool
9/12/2016 21:16:39GwenSharp1stmy project is does weather tempature effect the color of the ocean? i just wondered this so thats why im doing it.i'm interested in this topic because i'm interested in the ocean and i want to learn more about it.1 how long does it take for a starfish to grow back an arm?
2 how does weather conditions effect how many eggs a chicken lays?
3 why is the ocean different colors at random?
I think start with the temperature and coloring of the ocean and research it. Then see if there is a project that could build off of that as you go and see where you can take it.
9/9/2016 10:05:24AnyaSherriff-Norton2ndMy project is where I test people's memory and focus using different smells. I want to see if the different smells affect their memory and focus. The goal of my project is to find a smell that helps people stay focused and improve their memory. Because it would help me with my school work and the memory would help me be able to remember things for tests.I really hope I can do the project I just named but if I can't than I want to do a project on how different objects/activities (like a cell phone or playing a board game) will affect people's energy. If I can't do that than I want to do a project where I different kinds of music affects your mood. I would do this by making 3 or 4 different surveys on the same topic and give them a different kind of music for each one (one without any music) and see the different results for each one.Smell and memory can work, it's been done a lot of times, and it's tough to test.

For the alternatives, maybe looking at energy, but I'm not sure what that means by energy level. I don't care for the music one, just because it's hard to test and look at for it.
9/14/2016 9:56:46AnyaSherriff-Norton2nd
One project idea is how do different objects affect people's energy. I would do this by having them do an exercise and see the speed/time/smarts of the person and then I would see if that speed/time/smarts changed when I gave them an object to use/play with (example, I would test them running a certain distance and time them then I would give them 5 minutes to read a book then test their running time again). The goal of my project is to find what object improves/keeps your energy the same.
I am interested in this project because when I do an activity I want to be able to stay fast and have my energy level stay up.
How does organic matter vs. non organic matter affect the lifespan of a worm
How does a fixed mindset vs. an open mindset affect people's knowledge
How do different kinds of chemicals affect saltwater
How do different kinds of smells affect focus
How do different kinds of smells affect attention (span)
9/9/2016 15:13:34dhruvshetty6thI'm going make a ball that can curve very well aerodynamically due to the slightest spin. And I'm going to find out how it works. I like baseball and am fascinated with curving does a ball curve. why does a ball curve. can we make a ball that can curve very well.For making something, aren't you going to have to figure out how it curves and then make it? But something like that could work, especially if you can find a good way to test it consistently every time (throw it the same way)
9/9/2016 10:03:47quintinshuman2ndthe goal of the project is to see what the diffrent types of waves are and how they are formedi like to ride waves .the diffrence between a surfers mentality and and a non surfing menatily the reason is because im curiuos about it
.what fin company makes the best fins the reason is becuase i want to know for future refrences
I think if you paired this with looking at the different waves and how they form, and then actually go out and look at what type of waves there are out there, in different weather or different beaches.
9/14/2016 9:59:39LiamSmith-ballon2ndOne of my close family friends gave me the idea to make kinda an baseball bat sorta but the sweet spot on the bat is wood but at the devider line i would put carbon fiber so its more strong and stable.because i have been into baseball for a while and when this idea came up i just jumped in and got the idea and yea.1. Baseball bat
2. Take 3 different skateboards, see how good they hold under weight...see which one holds more weight
If you can make this the sort of bat
9/9/2016 15:18:05Rio Stinson6thThe goal is to see what will happen when you plant a plant seed with strawberry dna injected into itYeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1- Train a dog by sight and sound and see which one it responds better two
2- find the fastest way to inflate a balloon without blowing it up
Maybe the balloon inflating one, especially if you can get it to the point where you can measure how much force/pressure is going into the balloon at a given time
9/9/2016 15:11:53joya strubing6thwhat im gonna do is im gonna take 5 healthy drinks and 5 unhealthy drinks. im gonna see how many grams of sugar there is in each drink and there compare the drinks. my point that i want to prove that "healthy drinks" sometimes have just as much sugar as unhealthy drinks.i am interested in this topic because it is fascinating how much sugar is in drinks today that we much iron is actually our cereal? because they say that iron is good for us and i want to know if it is actually in our cereal. what type of bread grows mold faster? why? because br ead molds very quicklyThe amount of sugar one can work, as long as you do a lot of good research on the health consequences of sugar (there's a good documentary on this as well)
9/14/2016 15:15:04joya strubing6ththe goal of my project is to see how much smell affects taste. what im gonna do is take 10 volunteers and blindfold them. then , i will take 5 different fruits. kiwi, watermelon, strawberries, banana, and pear.first, i'll give the first person the fruit to smell. i will 3 seconds for her to identify the fruit. If she identifies the fruit correctly, i will put a check mark on the data table with her name.If she can’t identify the fruit or identifies it incorrectly, mark a 0 on her chart. then, the person will have to taste it. while she is tasting it, ill ask her what does it taste like? after she gives her opinion, ill tell her what it was and record her reaction.i am interested in this topic because i really want to know how much smell affects long can a person remember a word for a certian amout of time because the human brain amazes me.
9/16/2016 15:35:24joyastrubing6thwhy are cats so afraid of cucumbers? my goal is to figure out if cats are just as scared of cucumbers of other vegetables. I really love cats and I have always wondered why they are so scared of cucumbers.who get more scared easily? girls or boys? making a sunoven out of everyday materials.
9/17/2016 14:50:36joyastrubing6thare cats really scared of cucumbers? or does have to do with the breed of the cat?i really love cats and how they get scared of cucumbers. but my cat does not get scared by it.does eating food make you tired? i love food and I eat a lot of it. what fruits contain the most sugar?? Ok, maybe?
9/12/2016 6:58:38KaoruTakashima2ndPlant reactions to different chemicalsI was wondering this for a while, might as well try it outpotato cannon, which stain removers work bestMaybe the stain remover one, the other two are two vauge.
9/12/2016 12:36:11Leon Tanguay1stI am trying t create a working nerf style gun with pvc, and an air pump.I like nerf guns, and building things, and want to have fun with it also.Other Ideas for projects are an oobleck cannon, would the oobleck harden on impact? And were the air resistance harden it.A nerf style gun, would be difficult, especially since most nerf guns are spring powered, if you wanted to try something like that, that should work. Also, why don't you work on your coding project? This would fit right with that sort of thing?
9/13/2016 9:32:18SophiaTinkey1stTo prove somethingI'm inerested because i havent done it beforeCan you magnaize water? What works better on mold-natural or unnatural products.Maybe the mold natural or unnatural, but are you measuring the amount of mold on each of those things or what?
9/12/2016 13:10:40CoralTripp6thSolar OvenI am interested in this because it shows why we don't need fuel for simple stuff like cookingSunlight Cookies, Do all liquids evaporate at the same time?The solar oven should work, maybe do some different designs or see what types of foods would cook best in it.
9/9/2016 10:00:13
Martin Tsaranou
Tsaranou2ndThat it doesnt go everwhereIt involes stuff i like ? Add more please
9/12/2016 19:01:57MartinTsaranou 2ndTo determine if people can differentiate between natural smell and artificial smellsI'm curious to see What are natural foods versus artificial foods?
What are natural things and artificial things?
This would be interesting to do, mainly because I'm not sure what an artificial smell would be like. You just need to test 30 subjects
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