Photo Album RUBRIC ASSESSMENT (Responses)
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6/27/2014 21:05:55Joy Close Up
I enjoy just being able to go outside, and take pictures of anything that I find to be interesting.
I did focus on certain things, but I didn't quite use the rule of thirds.
Yes, because it makes the images POP.
It partially does because it is both unique with the textures, but it is also dull in color.
7/1/2014 20:25:32Gratitude Shape
Planning out my mom's birthday.
Yes because I made her day remember able.
I think my choices and editing did help but I think I can take better pictures and edit them better. By thinking more about the assignment than taking a lot of pictures.
I think some of my artwork do but then otherwise a little bit. I think it pulls it off when finish editing.
Amanda MaurerSummer 
7/5/2014 11:12:34Gratitude Shape
I decorated my friend's room as a surprise for her birthdsy while she was at summer school.
Yes, because the pictures are very specific.
It both did and didn't because the picture without editing is the actual memory, and with editing, it makes it look better, but yet it's not as original.
Yes because for me, I can see gratitude in every picture.
7/7/2014 7:29:39Joy Close Up
I took good close up pictures and they have good focus.
Yes because everything is close up
They really brought out what I wanted to focus on. I blurred out the edges and put more definition on the pictures.
Yes because everything is close up and focused.
7/9/2014 8:50:04Gratitude Shape
I really tried on taking the photos and videos and I feel like it really showed.
Yes. I went to Michigan and took pictures of the things I felt gratitude from.
Yes, I could blur out the edges to bring out the focal point and then I could make the clearness better.
Yes. I took a video of the waves crashing into my camera. I took a video on the jet ski. I took a picture of ice cream. I took a picture of the walkway to the beach. Basically all my pictures show my gratitude.
7/18/2014 10:09:33Serenity Reflection
Got to go on an 18 mile bike ride to get photos.
Yes because you can definitely tell there is a main object then its reflection.
Yes, because it made the pictures stand out with color.
Yes because you can see a reflection in every picture.
Siera SieberthSummer 
7/20/2014 22:13:09Serenity Reflection
When i'm messing around with my cousins, I use shiny objects see if they are throwing things at me.
I think I did by using a lot of reflective objects such as water, puddles, shiny objects, and glass.
I think my choice of using image editing help benefit my cause making the image looking more reality than not so reality (fake).
I think the artwork did pull off what I was trying to achieve. You could see in every image there's a reflection of something based of something shiny, puddles, water, and glass.
Amanda MaurerSummer 
7/20/2014 23:08:41Serenity Reflection
My favorite moment was taking reflective photos at Lake Michigan.
I think I successfully got my point across by showing calm waters that provoke serenity.
Yes, because it made some reflections pop.
Yes, I think the pictures show nice reflections.
7/22/2014 7:47:39Serenity Reflection
I remember trying to make my cousin keep his eye open so I could take a picture.
Yes. I had my dad make faces in the back round so he would watch.
Not really. I used Google's editing and it didn't do much.
Yes. You could see the reflection in all of the pictures.
7/22/2014 8:31:22Awe Landscape
I got to wake up at 5am to go take a sunrise picture.
Yes, because most of the pictures have one major point, and then it is surrounded by the rest of the landscape.
Yes, because it made the pictures stand out more, and have more or less contrast.
Yes, because I can tell there is lots of awe in these photos.
Siera SieberthSummer 
7/22/2014 9:12:44Awe Landscape
I liked taking the pictures at the lake.
I got my point across by capturing large areas of land and water.
The image editing enhanced the natural features.
Yes because the pictures make you feel awe.
7/25/2014 20:21:11Awe Landscape
I saw something that was so beautiful, I didn't want to leave the view I was at. It was an awe moment.
I think I did get my point across because I took a lot of pretty pictures that expressed the awe.
I think the editing help benefit my cause because i edited them like they are really not just something you took with a camera.
I think it does pull off on what I was trying to achieve?... I did this by showing the depth of the field, stormy clouds, dramatic clouds, etc.
Amanda Maurer Summer 
10/16/2014 8:39:12Gratitude Shapeh33.33
My favorite part was going to the barn for some of the pictures
I think I got my point across in some of the picture by taking pictures of things I was thankful for
I think it did in some of them by using the thirds rule
In half of them I think it did except for the architectural ones because I didn't get the pictures I wanted to take in time to turn in the album.
Hannah Fellows2
10/16/2014 8:41:58Gratitude ShapeA3.443.4
Walking into the wrong classroom
Yes I got the shapes that I needed
Yes because it helped outline some of the shapes
10/16/2014 8:47:12Gratitude Shape
I like going on photo walks because when you walk around you notice things that you haven't noticed before.
I ask questions when I don't understand things and when I have ideas to share i raise my hand and express my ideas
Yes because in the gratitude album we had to find pictures that just focused just on one shape.
I think I pulled it off because I was looking for pictures that had patterns of shapes and focusing on one shape as well.
Lindsay Mazurek 2
10/16/2014 8:50:29Gratitude Shapea3.43.43.4
Photo walks, it was fun looking for shapes.
Yes, I was successful in this album because I found all the pictures that I needed making close up, and editing in different web pages.
Yes, because I can edit and see in a different way the pictures. With different filters, shapes, etc.
Yes, I was trying to achieve shapes and I did making close up and focus in different patterns.
10/16/2014 8:52:37Gratitude Shape
Taking a photo walk outside and getting to take pictures of the tractors.
I think I got my point across, it may not be as obvious but I think you can see shapes.
I didn't have time to edit most of my photos.
I didn't get as many good pictures as I'd hoped I would. I do like some of the pictures I took a lot.
10/16/2014 9:11:37Joy Close UpJoy Close Up444i like taking pictures.yasyesyesjakemcgovern2
10/16/2014 9:17:05Gratitude ShapeD3.42.73
I liked when I was taking pictures at home
It turned out good
It was easier
In the picture of his eyes
10/16/2014 14:03:27Gratitude ShapeG43.34
One highlight was that I had fun editing the photos.
yes, because I did it right.
yes, because sometimes you couldn't tell what it was which was the point.
yes, because I was creative and I used creative angles.
10/16/2014 14:03:28Gratitude ShapeG43.34
One highlight was that I had fun editing the photos.
yes, because I did it right.
yes, because sometimes you couldn't tell what it was which was the point.
yes, because I was creative and I used creative angles.
10/16/2014 14:06:20Gratitude Shapex444
I like cropping and editing of my photos
Yes I guess
yes because some people would not tell what it is
yes because I was creatives
10/16/2014 14:19:05Gratitude Shapepoop333
I think that my mosr memorable was when I was trying to find the triangles in the school and i found a bag of open diritos.
I think I did
I can't say because I did not use any filters moranything like that
I think that it does.EvanNightingale7
10/16/2014 14:26:41Gratitude Shapekhkchgfdkg444
I love the picture of the heart on the cows head me and my mom fed the cows so I could get this picture and she was laughing because of how their tongues looked also spending a day at old world enjoying life and the beauty of the location.
I feel I successfully got my point across by using an old world setting to show how I am grateful for how we live now and using old buildings and old things by looking at their shapes.
I used cropping to draw your eye to the shapes in the picture but besides that did not edit them
Yes I feel it does because it focuses on shapes and the idea of gratitude
Jennifer Young7
10/16/2014 14:28:37Gratitude Shape
Taking really nice picture and learning
Somtimes. its get hard sometimes but i get it
no because i think the camera is good
Yes because i take time
10/16/2014 14:29:04Gratitude Shapexdfchvjb3.33.43.3
When I was eating ice cream with all my friends.
Not really
Yes because I could make the shape more noticeable
Yes, it looks good AysiahAguilar7
11/3/2014 8:50:50Serenity Reflection
I liked taking the picture when there was a reflection in it
yes because when i took the photo there was reflection in it
yes because we were supposed to find a picture with reflection in it and i did
yes because i took some photos with reflection off of it.
11/3/2014 8:53:47Serenity Reflection
I liked visiting the bean because in the middle of the busy city they had this area where everyone was stopping a looking and just overall taking a moment to stop and breathe. They took a break from worrying about their day and if they were running late somewhere to just look at this sculpture.
I believe I did. In most of the picture they were places that were calm to me. In the pond picture the water was flat and calm. With the bean people were just standing around talking and staying in the moment not running around everywhere.
I didn't really edit these images but I would think they might of because then I could focus on one point of the picture if I wanted it to be the focal point of the picture.
I believe they did. In all the pictures I took they were in areas were people were relaxed or just walking and not in a hurry somewhere.
11/3/2014 8:55:36Serenity Reflectionngbgt444
taking pictures of the puddles.
yes by saving them in the community.
yes helps by cropping it.
yes having a lot of pictures.
11/3/2014 8:59:48Serenity Reflection
When I uploaded my photos to my computer and saw how many good pictures I took made me happy.
I got my point across by taking my time and really thinking about what I wanted to photograph and share with others.
I hardly edited any of my photos. I like the look of natural lighting and the effect it has on my photographs.
It pulls off serenity because I photographed things that make me feel calm and peaceful. I know it won't have the same affect on me, but I enjoy the feeling of serenity that I get when I look at them.
11/3/2014 14:19:26Serenity Reflection;iglyi444
I enjoyed taking pictures in the woods walking through old world Wisconsin and trying to capture the reflection photo in the eye of the cow
I feel I did get my point cross with the way I took my pictures. I feel as if I reacted the goals of the project and learned a lot while doing it.
I didn't edit my pictures besides cropping because I was trying to make the pictures be naturally beautiful.
I feel it does fulfill what I was trying to achieve because I tried to create a sense of serenity by using trees in my pictures. My goal was to evoke serenity in the reflections.
11/3/2014 14:22:58Serenity ReflectionJ3.443.4
I have displayed verve and subtle nuance in my photographs. It was so very memorable taking the vast majority of my photos.
of course I did and explained silently my purpose for these phots.
yes it did because I expressively used my new editing knowledge to enhance the photos.
yes it pulled off what I wanted to achieve, "serenity".
11/3/2014 14:24:01Serenity ReflectionDgd444The editing
yes, because I used the right amount of light
yes, it cut out extra bits of the photos
yes, the photos were calming
Scott Richter7
11/3/2014 14:32:14Serenity Reflection
I loved going on the photo walk out side
Yes. By taking good pics
I didnt edit picsYesAmberSaldivar 7
11/4/2014 18:22:26Serenity Reflection
When I took the reflection picture of the basketball hoop, I was playing basketball with my brother, and when I sat down I saw the reflection and took a picture of it.
Yes, because with all of the pictures you pause and take in the moment.
I didn't use any editors.
Yes because the album was serenity reflection, and all of the phots seem to have serenity in them.
Kayla Kerkman7
11/14/2014 8:44:16Interest Silhouette
33.32.7editing the photos
i achieved my goal because i got as many images that i could with the surroundings that i had.
yes because it helped bring out more of the silhouette
yes because i wanted a silhouette image and that's what i made.
11/14/2014 8:47:19Interest Silhouettea443.4
-Innovative ideas.
-Create expressions using design principles.
-Demonstrate original vision.
Yes, I was successful in this album because I found all the pictures that I needed and editing in different web pages.
Yes, because I can edit and see in a different way the pictures. With different filters, shapes, etc.
Yes, I was trying to achieve silhouettes and I did making close up and focus in different patterns.
11/14/2014 8:49:02Interest Silhouette
Taking my grandfather's camera out and being able to photograph it made this memorable.
My goal was to know how to take silhouette photos, and I achieved it.
Yes. Some of my photos needed darkening and editing helped me with that.
Yes, I wanted all the pictures to be things that have meaning to me, which they all are.
11/14/2014 8:50:29Interest Silhouette
Trying to get the light right for the rocking chair
I didn't get that great of photos
I didn't edit many of my pictures but the few I did, I liked more than those I didn't.
Yes I got a lot of silhouette images
11/14/2014 8:59:52Interest Silhouette
I love working with the light and all the angles while taking the pictures as well.
Making the interest silhouette picture.I achieved it because i took the time to take the picture.
Yes because it showed interest silhouette.
Yes the pictures that i took were interest silhouette.
11/14/2014 9:00:17Serenity Reflection
I had alot of fun looking for good images to use
I really feel like I could've done a better job taking photos
It helped a little bit.
Yes and no, I feel like I could've done a better job doing that.
11/14/2014 14:12:12Serenity Reflection a photo director.
I wanted to create high contrast so I edited my photo.
Yes, by increasing contrast.
Yes, I wanted the photo to be different and unpredictable.
Max Brown7
11/14/2014 14:21:27Interest Silhouette
I liked staging a couple of my silhouettes and having to find a way to make the lighting just right.
To be able to edit pictures better.
I did complete this goal because we used contrast and stuff along those lines in our silhouettes.
! think, some of my pictures were not that great but once I edited them and gave them more contrast they came out better.
Yes, there were a couple shots I wish I could have gotten. Like a good portrait or a really detailed silhouette.
AlexCarey 7
11/14/2014 14:21:47Interest Silhouette
one memorable moment was taking pictures by the windows and getting yelled at
the goal was to complete all the pictures an i didnt achieve it cause i forgot but the picture a day
no cause it didn't have a contrast setting
no because they were bad
11/14/2014 14:21:53Interest Silhouette
the one positive thing is that i get kayla help
to pass this class and i did achieve it
i edit my bad photo so it can look better
yes because i love all of the,
lex sostre7
11/14/2014 14:25:38Interest Silhouette
I loved taking my pictures outdoors
I did acheve
Yes it made the silhouettes stand out more
11/14/2014 14:28:53Interest Silhouette444
Taking pictures in the park with my mom
My goal was to get silhouette pictures I was proud of and I think that i succeeded in that
I used google+ editing on all of my pictures by playing with the different settings until they looked cool
I was trying to achieve displaying my love for the Hunger Games and book and birds and I feel using the silhouettes and pictures i did captured my interest in those things.
Jennifer Young7
11/14/2014 14:29:02Interest Silhouette
I woke up early to get a good silhouette of the sunrise.
My goal was to get good silhouettes of the sunrise/sunset. I did this by waking up early.
Yes, because when I edited the pictures, I put the contrast as high as it would go.
Yes, because most of the photos have good contrast and silhouettes.
Kayla Kerkman7
11/23/2014 20:27:37Serenity Reflection
I like doing the bonfire to get a couple of the pictures.
I think I didn't quite reach the goal. I think I could of done better with the photos.
I didn't edit all off them but the few I did I think were ok.
I'm not quite sure.HannahFellows2
11/25/2014 8:37:55Hope Vignette
One memorable moment is that I learned what hope really is.
One goal I achieved was creating a certain mood for a few of my photographs.
I used a mirror in one of my photographs and it allowed me to create the feeling of focusing on what's really important.
Yes, I wanted to take pictures of things that show you that things will get better and we all need to look ahead.
11/25/2014 8:44:06Hope Vignette
33.33My cat sleeping.
To be better at taking pictures, i'm getting there. But I need more work on it.
I really didn't know how to use the editor so I took the best pictures I could without the help of editing.
Yes, I think i'm getting better at taking pictures.
11/25/2014 8:46:07Hope Vignettewq3.343the lake was beautiful
bring happiness, I did that by taking pictures that I like to take
It made it look cooler
Yeah, it makes happiness.
11/25/2014 8:49:15Hope Vignette
A memorable moment in my life is how i went to Florida and brang my best friends.
One of my goals is to travel around the world.
I think with my editing did help benifit my photo by giving it more to look at.
I think that it is pulling off.
11/25/2014 8:52:40Hope Vignettesdfgg444the editinghope editing picturesyes by adding a frame.
yes by a little blur, cropping and a frame.
11/25/2014 8:54:45Hope Vignetteklasdf444
Designing them and making them look cool
I used the ipad program
Yes, the special affects make it look cool
Yes, I added light colorsGradaciousWhite2
11/25/2014 13:54:54Hope Vignettedfkhhg444
looking back at pictures from before fore using now brought up memories
to make coll pictures. I achieved it by using editing
Yes because we had to use vignettes for this album
Yes I was trying to make interesting images to look at and i did that by editing and using new tools on pixlr.
Jennifer Young7
11/25/2014 14:00:16Hope VignetteEdsdd3.444
I like the editing of the pics
to take good pic and do good editing
Yes because they look good
yes because they turn out good
11/25/2014 14:01:56Hope VignetteGgt 3.343.4
The thing that was most memorable was the picture of me, Scott, and Emily.
the gal was to make vignettes and I accomplished it by using pixlr editor.
i don't think it made a difference.
Yes, because it showed that I can do vignettes.
Reagan Friedrich 7
11/25/2014 14:02:28Hope Vignette
editing the pictures for the event
to edit nice good pictures, i believe i met that goal
Yes it gave everything its own personal touch. without them they would look dull
Yes i just wanted to create a decent album with good vignettes and thats what i did
AmberSaldivar 7
12/9/2014 8:39:16Pride Framing
Jasmine and me to the frame and stood in front of a black background for or picture.
One of my goals were to take good framing photos.
Yes i did you image editing to add more tension and more to look at.
Yes i do think my photos are good in the album.
12/9/2014 8:41:28Pride Framing444frame picturestaking picturesyes with the frame.
yes by holding the frame.
12/9/2014 8:44:32Pride Framing
When i took a photo with one of my closes friend Jada.
My goal was to take pictures who mean something to me. and i didnt achieve it.
Yes, because i would have to crop it and maybe brighten it.
Yes, because i wanted pictures with people who are important to me.
YasminZamora 2
12/9/2014 8:46:19Pride Framing
-Modify materials and media to express ideas.
-Generate innovative ideas.
-Demonstrate originality.
Take framing pictures in different places, I archived this goal because I found pictures in the nature, school, etc.
Yes, because I can make different effects and help my picture to looks more framing or the thing that I'm looking for.
Yes, because I was wanting to have pictures no only inside the school.
12/9/2014 8:49:35Pride Framinggyyt3.33.33That it was easy
To be happy, by taking happy pictures
Yes, sizing and cropping took out extra parts
Yes, because I had fun taking it
12/9/2014 8:51:00Pride Framing
Alexis, Jazmin and I were taking pictures on the stairs and I fell down the stairs
We tried to get a framing picture and we got that.
No not really Yes they dojadacruz2
12/9/2014 8:57:19Pride Framing
One memorable moment is realizing how many framing photos I've already taken.
One goal I had was to incorporate cameras somehow and I've achieved it.
My choice of image editing benefited my cause because I made my images clearer and brighter.
Yes. I wanted to photograph things that were close to me, such as my grandfather's cameras.
12/9/2014 13:52:04Pride Framingsfdsfdsf444
Coming home from Old World Wisconsin and stopping at a park in the cold to get pictures with my mom.
my goal was to get good photos and to take pictures with natural things in them
I used cropping and color techniques to make the pictures more eye appealing
Yes I was trying to make a connected album and I did that by keeping the same color pallet and locations for pictures
12/9/2014 13:56:42Pride Framingjjj444
I think I did a good job creation frame photos.
my goal was to have an abidance of many different types of framing photos. I did this by putting a lot of time and effort into taking these photos.
Yes, i created text and added filters to enhance my photos.
Yes, I wanted to make big improvements between pre and post instruction. i think i did that well.
12/9/2014 13:59:23Pride Framingq444the way they look
photo that make you happy
yes because it made the photo looks good
yes because i want them to look good
12/9/2014 14:00:32Pride Framing333
one positive moment was when Max and I used the cone as a frame
completing all of the photo challenges and I didn't complete it because I don't have a lot of pictures
yes cause it made the pictures better
no cause I don't have a lot of pictures
paige Horrom 7
12/9/2014 14:11:40Pride FramingB443.4
When I took a photo through the birdie.
The goal was to make an album where people could think I can achieve things.
Yes. Because it it made it focus on the picture I was taking by focusing on the object.
Yes because i came up with the photos that I was supposed to.
12/9/2014 14:11:43Pride Framing
Making the images with quotes on them
My goal is the same for every album, create great pictures, and i somewhat did. I didn't like this album much.
Yes, I used a focal point edit with a blur edit to have a nice focal point on one of my pictures.
Somewhat yes. Like I said, didn't like this album much.
12/9/2014 14:13:48Pride Framing
When I took the picture from the car, I was excited because I knew it would be a good one.
My goal was to get at least one picture that was really good and I think I did get it.
Yes because without some of the edits I made, it wouldn't be a framing picture.
Yes because I have a couple good pictures, and that's what I was trying for.
Kayla Kerkman7
12/9/2014 14:23:43Pride Framingna3.33.33.3
The picture of kalya smiling
The framing of nature no
not really because i didnt like this thing that we are doing
12/10/2014 12:11:36Pride Framing
I liked having to be creative with the objects that were in front of my focal point.
To take a successful, framing picture. I believe that I did.
Sorta. I cold use anything so it was easy to find the front image. It was more difficult for me to find an interesting focal point.
Yes, There was only a few that I could not do, that I would have liked to.
Alex Carey 7
12/10/2014 12:14:13Pride FramingFff333
Me dropping my phone trying to get the picture
I got 4 pictures done a day
12/10/2014 12:24:01Hope Vignette
when i played in bulldogs football
i wanted to make jv football as a freshman, so i did it. Being a bigger guy helped, i lifted hard, and practiced hard. you don't necessarily have to be "good".
Just to show the basic idea of a Vignett. Using a photo editor.
12/15/2014 14:23:32
Love Candid Body Language
the pictures of us in the bathroom is memorable.
we achieved it with the frames
we used it on the phones
i think the did ok we waned them to be funny and cool
Zack Culbertson 7
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