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Questions MIT affiliation (student/postdoc/faculty/researcher)
What should a sample question look like? student
After leaving campus in the Spring, I moved to another state and continued my MIT employment. Do I need to file state taxes in all the states I lived in?student
I arrived at the end of December 2020 on J1 but my postdoc position only started on January 1st 2021. Do I have to file a tax return for the year 2020 (no US income before 1/1/21)?
For Course 6 MEng students with RAships and TAships who are US citizens, is the health insurance we get taxable? We get the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan premium paid for us as a benefit of our TAship or RAship, but are we obligated to pay taxes on premium that is paid for us?student
If I have a campus job earning a minimal amount in the Spring semester, then earn a LOTTTTTTT of money over the summer with an internship in a different state (not MA), then continue my campus job earning a minimal amount in the Fall, will I have to pay a higher tax bracket in massachusetts in the fall than in the spring?student
F1 Student: is there a way to become tax resident in the US before 5 years? (since I live in the US my home country does not consider me a resident anymore, so I would have no tax residency anywhere otherwise)Student
Where do we put our scholarship money into? Will it be taxed? Where can we file for free
Could you explain the question about legal residency in the MA state tax return?student
How does "permanent place of abode" apply to international students who live on/off-campus? The examples on this site only consider US students. I can imagine international students "not just going back home" even if they live on-campus.student
J1 Postdoc: Following up on the state residency status: I was in the US/MA less than 183 days last year and my ties are still with my home country but have a lease here and also an MA ID. Sprintax prepared the claim as non-resident. Is that correct?
If I did my 4-year undergrad on an F-1 visa, then left the US for >1 year (and went back to my home country), and now have returned to the US as a graduate student on a NEW F-1 visa, does the 5-year non-resident exemption apply?student
If your department pays for your MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan (even if you are on a fellowship and do not work), is that taxable?student
If your department pays for your MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan while you're on an research assistantship, is that taxable?
Does MIT have any tax software available to international students for free (or subsidized), like other universities?student
How do we file taxes for untaxed fellowships we received?student
If my parents supported me for the first half of 2020 (while I was still in college) and then I started grad school and was paid by a fellowship in the second half of the year, does that fellowship count as "unearned income" of a child and do I need to fill out Form 8615?student
If I received fellowship income while studying remoting from my home country and was not in the US for the entire year of 2020, is that still considred a US- sourced income liable for tax?student
Are there resources available to learn abut tax treaties? I'm a first year student that earned money in Europe (different currency, different tax system) until summer 2020 and then started earning money as RA in the fall - I'm not sure how to file taxes and in which country.student
Student on F1 (non resident alien): During the summer I recieved an stipend from MIT (covid internship stipend) but I was working abroad. I understand that non resident aliens should not pay taxes for income earned abroad but I was issued a W2, how do you claim back these taxes?student
My MBA sponsorship is structured as a personal loan that is repayed by my employer on my behalf after working 1 and 2 years for my employer. Is there any way to avoid paying income tax on the loan repayments made on my behalf? The purpose of the loan was to pay MBA tuition and I'll be working as F1 OPT (non resident alien) if that makes a differencestudent
Student on F1 OPT (non resident alien): Do you need to pay taxes for income earned abroad? For example, if I'm working for a consulting company based in the US but I worked in a project abroad for several months, do I need to pay US income for salary I earned while working abroad?student
Do I need a SSN for RAship?student
Graduate student on fellowship. ATLAS additional tax witholding does not work on my non taxed income. Why?student
I'm on F-1 Visa (less than 2 years in the US) who also filed for Green Card based on marriage in January 2021 (got married in Aug 2020). My question is - how should I file my taxes for 2020? As non-resident individual of a joint file with my wife who is a US citizen?student
I transferred from another university from Michigan to MIT graduate school this January, but I physically moved to Massachusetts in Nov 2020. For Nov and Dec 2020, I worked at MIT but still held my F1-visa at Michigan (Under the title of "On-Campus Employment at an Off-Campus Location"). I only got paid from my previous university at Michigan but not from MIT in 2020. So, for the state tax return, I think I only need to file the return for Michigan, but not for MA, right?student
If I am outside the US now (until Fall) but was physically in the US in Fall 2020, how could I file my tax return (from foreign conutry) while I don't possess ITIN or SIN now? Could I obtain my ITIN after using Glacier? After that should I mail that to the US government from where I am now?student
I already file my taxes using Glacier, now how do I file the state level ones for Masachusets? student
I was in the U.S. in 2020 for some portion of the Fall Semester, but then left and am now abroad. The Glacier system tells me that I have no need to file a tax report; however, the instructions say that anyone who was in the U.S. and received financial support should file a tax report. I am confused. Has there been an exception to the latter due to COVID, or is there something which I am missing?student
Graduate student on F1 with a fellowship from MIT. I understand that I would need to file a tax report. In order to do so, would I be required to first have an ITIN or SSN? What are the steps to apply for those?student
I did my fall 2020 semester from home country (Canada) and started in-person at MIT from February 2021. Do I need to only file taxes in the US for the income from since I entered the US? But I suppose I will have to file for both fall and spring back in my home country?Student
What if the SSA does not get me my SSN in time for tax filing? There seem to be longer delays now in them getting backStudent
How do I file taxes on fellowship stipend received while I was abroad (remote appointment) for Fall 2020? Does it matter if I wasn't physically in the US for Fall 2020?Student
I performed a paid internship over the summer as a grad student (MBA) and just received a form 1099 from the company I worked with. Is that what I need to send to the IRS or what should I use to report that income? I also have a W2 form from my work as a teaching assistant in the fall 2019 and a W-8BEN that was provided from my Fulbright Scholarship.
Are graduate fellowships (under form 1042-S) taxable under state taxes? If so, which field of the state tax return are they supposed to be listed under? Line 11/Schedule X? Student
MBA F1 (non resident): over summer MIT paid me as COVID stipend but I was in my home country. I was told I should not pay US taxes on that but MIT withheld those. I have now received my W2 with those taxes withheld but Glacier has not option to claim those back. How should I proceed? Would MIT have to file a new W2 excluding that income from taxable income?Student
I am a fellowship student with 14% tax withheld from my income (stipend). Does this mean I don't have to file state/federal taxes?
If I am a tax resident of another country (Canada), do I need to declare capital gains on profits/dividends from US companies?
Was there a deadline to get set up in Glacier? I was not able to complete my registration because I have not yet been able to get a SSN. When I get it next week, will I be able to use the software?
Tax treaties F-1: How do tax treaties work, and why do they increase the taxable income (line 15) on 1040-NR?
As an international student who became a residential alien this year (this year is my 6th year studying in the US), do I expect to receive a 1042-S like previous years?
I'm here in the US with my wife. I'm on F1 and she's on F2. I recently got an SSN, but she doesn't. To file a tax return, I think I need her ITIN. Should I request an ITIN for her before filing the tax return? Or can I request for an ITIN at the same time when I file my tax return?
Is there any way to file non-resident taxes electronically? I'm in a country without reliable postal system, but need to file taxes. student
If I have a F1 visa and got a student loan from a US bank, can I still file the 8843 form (no income earned)?student
I'm an F1 student who arrived in September and am living off campus - for state tax purposes am I a non-resident or a part-year resident?Student
I'm an F1 first year graduate student with a fellowship from MIT. However, I was not in U.S. in 2020. Do i need to file my federal and state taxes for 2020?
I'm an F1 student who arrived in December 2020 to USA. My fellowship began January 2021. I don't have a SSN or ITIN. Do I have file taxes in April 2021, or until next year April 2022?
I'm an F1 student who entered US for spring 2021 and have just received a 1042-S form based on the scholarship I got in fall. Do I have to file taxes in April 2021?student
I am a Postdoc associate under F1-OPT (I got my PhD in US). I become resident alien in Aug 2020. For the tax return in 2020, do I use resident alien or is there a way to separate my resident alien status and non-resident alien status in 2020? Another question is about the stimulus. When I use TurboTax to calculate my tax return, it told me that I was qualified for the stimulus. Since I did not receive it, TurboTax added the stimulus to my tax return. I was wondering if I am qualified for that.Scholar (postdoc)
I am a doctoral student on F1 visa. I became a resident alien in calendar year 2020, and filed my tax returns using TurboTax last week. However, I received a Form 1042-S this week with ~1000 dollars as gross income. I wasn't expecting to receive any Form 1042-S as it is for non-resident aliens. Why did I get a Form 1042-S? How should I amend my tax returns?
I have salary income from canada last year, do i need to add them to my tax report here in the US?
How can I easily pay my federal taxes, the process seems to require a previous 1040 but the last fiscal year I did not have to pay taxes since I earned no money ?Student
How trustworthy are tax softwares ? Isn't there something from the government ?Student
Can I pay state taxes without paying for a programme ?student
How do I file taxes on an internship stipend I received from Harvard last fall while I was abroad on my SEVIS was registered there? (I'm a dualie at MIT thsi academice year)
F1 Grad student, 5 years in the US on Sep 2020, so resident alien. Can I use the free govenrmental software? Is TurboTax ok for resident aliens? Also, should I have received any stimulus package (I assume not)
We pay state taxes for the income we got in each individual state (e.g. we pay taxes to PA only for what we got in PA and in MA only for what we got in MA)... right?
What dows "RETRO" in my paystub mean? Student
I am an F1 second-year student with a fellowship. I have been leaving in France since last March. There is a tax treaty exemption between France and the US. When filing my taxes, how can I state that I was abroad from March to December, while MIT kept reporting our income to the IRS the whole period? Can I just report the 1042S form without explaining the specific situation ?
i will become a resident alien starting in 2021. Will I still submit tax report as a non resident alien for 2020 as what i did in previous years?student
I left US in 2020, and then come back in 2021. Regarding my change in tax status (non-resident alien => resident alien), i was told that "When you come back into the US/MIT please reenter GLACIER. on the “Days Present in the US” you will be able to enter the “Less Days NOT present in the US” for 2020 and 2021". But i did not find those tabs in the Glacier tax preparation system. where should I update those information?student
I am a first year graduate student. I arrived in the US this January and lived abroad last year. Do I have to do tax return this time?
Do I need to file the MA state tax return as well?student
If I gave up my green card in March 2020, do I qualify as a resident or non-resident for tax purposes?student
I became a resident for tax purposes this year, so am blocked from using Glacier, can MIT recommend someone to work with on the tax filings for resident aliens?Student
Does this session recorded?I have a class confilct to attend.Student
I am a company sponsored graduate student. what kind of registration I have to complete?Student
How to fill taxes in two states?TA
How to declare funds received from MISTI?
Does my spouse need to declare anything if he/she has not worked?Student
Are conference travel reimbursements taxable?Student
If my F1 visa expired and also don't have SSN, how would that affect my tax reporting process.Student
If I still don't have a SSN by the time I have to declare taxes, can I correct that later?Student
I missed the the date to submit 2020 Tax Treaty, and Marsha told me that I will have to claim that on my own when I file my taxes this year for 2020. So what should I do exactly?Student
I worked during the 2020 summer (10 weeks) for a consulting firm in Latin America. I was on foreign payroll, but I had to request the CPT permission here in the US since I was physically located in Boston during the summer working remotely. Is this taxable income? Student
As an international MBA students who arrived on the fall, do I have to declare taxes? Only income has been the fellowshioStudent
Will I receive the 1040NR Form or I need to download one for myself?
For Course 6 MEng students with RAships and TAships who are US citizens, is the health insurance we get taxable? We get the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan premium paid for us as a benefit of our TAship or RAship, but are we obligated to pay taxes on premium that is paid for us?
I am receiving a fellowship form MIT, a reduced tuition fees, and nothing directly paid to me. I am on F1, and do not have and cannot obtain SSN until I get post-completion OPT. Do I still need to file taxes?Student
For tax paid back because of tax treaty, but still shown on W-2 form (both Fed & State tax withheld), shoultd that be filed as well?
Are Payments (during an internship) from an International Organization (IADB, WB, UN) considered US-income for tax purposes?Student
If I have an internship offer to start working in June 2021, am I eligible to apply for an SSN now? Or should I do the ITIN/W-7 route? Student
I recieved income from TA in 2020, but was not in the US and did not get SSN. I just arrived in the U.S., but I may not apply SSN in time for tax deadline. Can I just apply for ITIN with my tax report?
Im a married grad student, and my wife doesn't have income. Does she need a ITIN number? Thanks!student
I was a J-2 dependent to a J-1 scholar for 2 years before coming to MIT as an F-1 student. Do these 2 years count towards the 5 years as an exempt individual (for substantial presence) under F/J visas?
I received a 1042-S from MIT although my tax status changed from non-resident to resident last year. Should I file it with my resident tax return?
Does the Glacier software have features like F-BAR?student
Does MIT have recommendations for paid/unpaid tax-consultants? Either way- how much can we expect them to charge? My income sources - salary, severance, stocks (very small) & have international savings accounts (need F-BAR)student
I am a postdoc supported by a department fellowship, and I am not receiving any tax form to reflect this income. No tax has been held. Since I am not pursuing a degree, my understanding is that I need to report this income in Form1040. But according to the us-china tax treaty, this income should be tax free. Should I still report? How could I claim the treaty?postdoc
For fellowships (e.g. MIT internal fellowships) that did not generate a 1098-T, what documents I use to document my income on the return?student
If you have changed the visa status from last year (2020), which rules do you follow? For current visa or previous one?student
I had a lawsuit and got money from that. It's a compensation for the damage to my stuff. I heard the whole amount of money I got would be taxable. How I should claim the damage to my stuff in tax return.researcher