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Taobao Store URL Type of StoreNotesPhoto
Betty's list of taobao links: more organized, includes Chinese search terms
Updates 9/7/12Added notes in shopping services section (yoybuy & taobaoring)
Wigsasterik (*) indicates personal experience from store
7*Lucaille wigs *go-to wig store because of variety, ships directly overseas, email
8*Grand Young wigs *favorite for long wigs (thick, soft, pretty easy to detangle), ships direct, email
9*Gekkou wigs & costumes *wigs come pre-styled, good quality wigs and accurate to pictures; costumes are decently made
10*Lingyisun wigs *pretty wigs, long wigs are easy to detangle, wigs look as advertised.
11 stuff, wigsCostumes look decent
12 wigs
13 wigs (some)Not many wigs for sale
14 wigs*got 1 short wig and looked like photo, very soft fibers but some wefts not sewn in correctly?
15 wigs
16 wigspopular
17 wigs *pretty good, got 1 short green wig and looked exactly like photo
18*Alpaca wigs*popular, Miku wig store, got 1 short wig and it was thick, good quality, lovely color
19 wigs, BJD wigs
20 kids cosplay wigs
21 cosplay wigspopular
22 wigs and casual clothing
23 Wings cosplay wigs
24 cosplay wigsTheir wig model is freaky looking
25 wigs
26 wigs, some costumes
27 wigs, some costumes Costumes are quite expensive but wigs are average price
28 cos - cosplay wigs
29 wigs, some costumes
30 wigsLooks exactly like Lingyisun's store and same prices too
31 wigs, accessoriesVocaloid headsets
32 wigs
33 wigs1 crown rating (popular), long wigs, some character wigs
34 wigs (kalis wigs)2 crown rating (popular)
35 wigs, cosplay accessories/props
36*Cosplay wigs (moonfox/2nd nachname)*Good selection of wigs, are ok quality. Bought 3 wigs from them, detangles easy, and looks like pic
37 wigsMulticolored wigs, cosplay wigs
40, some wigsreally pretty costumes but sizing might be off
41, some wigsvocaloid, madoka, macross
42, some wigs
43, accessories
44*Costumes (vivikaka)*ordered a Shiemi (kimono) costume, very well-made, looks exactly like pic and comes with all accessories
45 costumes but uses shiny fabric
46 elaborate and simple costumes
47*School uniforms *bought Toradora uniforms from them, well made, good quality. Also bought Menma dress, school bags
48 crown, DRRR, Vocaloid, AnE
49, accessoriesKuroshit, Vocaloid, lolita
50 outfits, costumes*Vocaloid, K-on, some maid/lolita items. Bought a maid dress from them, decent quality
51 accessoriesMisc anime merch, plushes, hair clips
52 maid outfits
53 uniforms (bodyline?)
54 costumes, school uniforms
55 accessories (think Dynasty Warriors)Also has wigs and other costumes
56 accessories Socks, shimapan, gym uniforms, random kawaii shit
57*Cosplay props (weapons, etc), some wigs*Bought Dragon Kid (Tiger & Bunny) staff from them, looks like photo but made of cheap materials
58*Cosplay accessories*Shoes, sweaters, ears, glasses (ordered Taiga swimsuit from them)
59 Elaborate costumes (Chobits, Vocaloid)
60 Costumes and shoes, some wigs, cute stuff
61 accessories and wigs Weapons and armor stuff, wigs look very shiny though
62 accessories, costumes, wigsMadoka, vocaloid, k-on, macross
63 costumes Vocaloid, Christmas costumes, Macross, formal dresses
64 costumes Vocaloid, school uniforms, wigs
65 costumes Uniforms, touhou, vocaloid, FSN
66, lolita, accessories
67, accessories3D mousepads, some costumes, hats, small accessories/character goods
68, vocaloid, Bakemonogatori, Guilty Crown, Fate/Stay Night, Madoka
69 props (weapons)Black Rock Shooter, Keyblades, staffs. Mangafreak150's staff/horns: (see URL)
70*Costumes (gameyaomi)*Various anime costumes (+ vocaloid stuff) - ordered uniform and jacket, both well-made and like pictures
71*Costumes*School uniforms, T&B stuff - ordered K-on uniform and it looked like pics, well-made, good quality
72*Cosplay costumes *Various anime/video game cosplays, Ordered Yukio cosplay from them - well made, accurate to photos
73 props (weapons)Staffs, swords, various accessories
74 accessories Elaborate costumes & accessories
75 & plushies, some accessories
76 accessories Some weapons, some small accessories, etc
77 & accessoriesElaborate costumes & accessories
78 costumes Touhou
79 uniformsUniforms, skirts, vests, accessories, shoes
80 uniformsUniforms, some casual clothing
81 costumes *Anime costumes, vocaloid, some Alice costumes. Bought Haganai uniforms - well made. Decent store
82 plushies*Plushies from various anime (penguins, watanuki, fairies, etc). Bought penguin stuffed animals from them, v. cute
83, anime costumes (school uniforms), some maid uniforms, some ero wear
84 uniformsPlaid skirts, bows, socks, etc
85 plushiesPlushies from various anime
86 costumes (cosplay_club) Anime from more recent anime (SAO, Inu X Boku, EVOL, Precure, etc)
Average/Meh stores
89 wigs*Not recommended - very thin wigs. Gumi wig color was obnoxiously bright, brown wig super thin. Ships
90 wigs (Ayanamisatoru)*Len ponytail wig's cap was way too small, but otherwise decent. Really bright colors. Ships directly overseas - seems like they redirect to ebay store now
91 wigsShoddy customer service? Ships directly overseas but uses EMS/DHL. Email
92 wigsThin wigs, wefts show
93 wigs, costumesThin wigs, colors look a bit obnoxious. Ships directly overseas (?)
94 wigsDoesn't look very high quality
95 wigs, some costumesWig colors are very neon
96 wigsWigs are very shiny
97 wigsShiny ass wigs
98 wigs Shiny ass wigs
99 selection of anime costumes ... uses stolen pics from japanese cos sites (sketchy, not recommended)
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