OptionNSDA CampusSpeechWireClassrooms.CloudYaatlyZoom Breakout RoomsRoom Manager Spreadsheet
Link to Learn More an online tournament with ZRMs (thanks UW Debate)
Who to contact to learn moreNSDA Staff <>Ben Stewart <>Stefan Bauschard <>Steve Johnson <>
How it WorksStudents and Judges log-in to tabroom and have a direct link to each debate immediately available, plus links to other tournament and team roomsDepends on the video platform you choose. SpeechWire supports/will support Zoom, Yaatly, NSDA Campus, 8x8,, has been used with Google Meet. Generally, students and judges access links to the debate, Zoom call, or platform from password-protected judge or student accounts.All links are buttons on a password-protected website, people enter the website with the password and click on the room they want to joinSet-up tournament in advance on tournament site, then debaters, judges, and observers enter easily via link. Full documentation available here.All participants join one Zoom call, an admin breaks them into breakout rooms for every roundRoom Managers (judges or tournament staff) create a bunch of empty rooms, and they are all put on a Google Sheet, participants are assigned a room number on tabroom, then they click the corresponding link to enter that room through the spreadsheet
Ideal Size of EventsGood for all sizesTournament management platform can support all sizes, ideal size depends on chosen video platformGood for all sizes, Best option for big tournaments (100+ teams with multiple events and/or divisions)Good for all sizesBest for very small tournaments and scrimmagesGood for medium size tournaments (100 teams or less, fewer events/divisions)
Cost$6 per competition room per day, no additional fees (team rooms and tournament utility rooms are free)SpeechWire has its normal cost structure as posted on the site, but video cost varies by platform$30 per room per day (may be able to get discounts), tech support freeIntroductory pricing of $2 per user per day. New pricing model with bulk discounts available soon.No additional cost beyond Zoom Business/Pro account (which does have a monthly cost)Google Hangouts are free, other platforms might have a cost - could partner with larger organizations (like colleges) and use their Zoom rooms for free maybe?
Approximate Cost for 100 students, one day$150 (25 debate rooms)See the other columns for cost of each video platform. SpeechWire management platform cost for 100 entries is $110$840 (25 debate rooms, team rooms would need to be separate, 3 tournament utility rooms)$300 (100 students, 25 judges, 25 coaches/tournament staff/observers)FreeFree
Admin AccessLimited, Tournament Staff have some control, most features can't be changedAdministration of the integration with your chosen video platform is available from SpeechWire's management area, extent of administration varies by platformFull, admin dashboard and can enter rooms from admin panel; can join as host to take control of the room. Admins can enable/disable any Zoom Enterprise featuresSubstantial, Tournament Owner may designate Administrative Priviledges to other users who may schedule rooms, use communication tools and assist with managing the event.Full, Tournament Staff have controlFull, Judges would act as hosts and have all admin access
Tournament Tech Staff RequiredSome - Some tech support, some tab support, mostly focused on helping users access tabroom accountsVaries. Less for Campus, Yaatly, 8x8; more for Zoom (one proctor/Room manager needed per Zoom call)Some - Some tab support answer tech problems related to the platform and zoom, some Classrooms.Cloud staff needed, instant tech support availableSome - most tech work is done in advance, some tab staff create rounds, some tech support help users gain accessSome - A few hosts with power to create breakout rooms and access to tournament neededMany - need a Room Manager for every few rooms, especially as people are starting to learn platform, maybe one manager per 5 rooms or so
Ease of UseModerate, requires familiarity with tabroom accountWorking to try and make procedures for various platforms as easy as possible, including trying to streamline Zoom setup, tooEasy, just follow a link, enter a password, and pick a room. Slack is integrated into site.Easy for everyone other than tournament staff, lots of background work required in advance and during tournamentEasy for students and judges

Very complicated/time-consuming for tournament staff
Easy for all once set-up is complete
Ease of Set-upEasy, just purchase video rooms and adjust settings in advance on tabroomSet up the tournament in SpeechWire, select your platform, then ease of setup depends a bit on the platform chosenEasy, and only done one timeModerate - Tournaments set-up in advance takes some work, and rooms are created just-in-time throughout tournaments, but the room creation process is simpleDifficult, need to create new breakout rooms based on pairings for each debate, this could take 15-20 per round for large tournaments and requires all debates to finish before starting next roundDifficult, each judge would need to create their own Virtual Room and send a public link to join in advance, or Room Managers would need to create the rooms and send the links in advance
Tabroom IntegrationTabroom Accounts required for students, judges, and tournament staffn/aNot needed; can choose to require students to use log onsRooms uploaded using standard CSV file format. Working directly with major tab sites to configure Yaaty to accept those tab programs' file output for postings/schematics.n/an/a
Speechwire IntegrationSpeechWire accounts required for students and judges, manager account for tournament staffBy definition, yesSome form of export/import is under discussion/developmentExport/import of rooms from SpeechWire into YaatlyLinks to the Zoom call containing the breakout room for the debate from SpeechWire student and judge accountsn/a
Observer AccessNo Observers - only debaters, judges, and tournament staff can enter roomsRefer to selected platformEasy, just need site password or tabroom.comEasy, just need site passwordLimited by capacity of tournament staff, but not impossibleEasy, just need to click link on spreadsheet
Security / Safety FeaturesOnly those with tabroom accounts who have been assigned to rooms by tournament staff can enter roomsVaries by platform, but in cases where access is through SpeechWire judge or student accounts, then access to the proper account is needed to get to the direct link to the platformAll Zoom features (password, host controls). IP Contract Tracing, close to 20 million minutes with no security issues, allows admins to record so they can be aware of any security issue that does come up. Tournament hosts can be named as additional insured.Tournaments accessible only to users associated with registered and invited organizations. Passwords can be required to join meetings. Host can enable a waiting room and only admit attendees they recognize. Host can remove anyone from room.Passwords can be required to join meetings. Host can enable a waiting room and only admit attendees they recognize. Host can remove anyone from room.
Customization & FeaturesRaise Hand, Chat, Timer, Email Support StaffDepends on selected video platformFully customizable to your tournament and/or branding. All Zoom Enterprise features can be enabled/disabled. Can customize site with tournament instructionsPOI indicators, Private prep rooms for partners to access, Private deliberation rooms for judges, Chat, Timer, Email Support Staff, Document Sharing, Auditorium, Team (squad) rooms for each organizationRaise Hand, ChatRaise Hand, Chat
Other NotesGoal is to support as many integrations as possible to give managers freedom to do what works best for them in their situation. Excited to be integrating with NSDA Campus, Yaatly, Zoom, and 8x8 as of this writing.Has hosted major tournaments (TOC, NSDA Nats), debate camps (HUDL, NYCUDL, NDF). Used as platform for classrooms for a school, and CC has been given exemptions in some districts with Zoom bans because of its security features. Extemp draw software can be integratedYaatly is built from the ground-up for ease of use. Tournaments may be run with a minimal staff as Yaatly leverages the norms and expectations of users for in-person events to organize virtual events. Yaatly attempts to recreate the experience of an in-person event, including opportunities for socialization between participants. Dozens of tournaments successfully hosted on Yaatly, across the US and international events in Europe, New Zealand, China. Dedicated IE platform for synchronous competition scheduled for release August 8.Can preassign breakout rooms if atteendees have existing Zoom accounts AND log in with these accounts