Administrative Services COMP 2017-18
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Purpose and Work Streams 2017-18
Administrative Services
Administrative Services (Transportation, Purchasing, Printing, Central Receiving/Stores, Delivery and Mail Services) provides safe, timely, efficient and cost effective quality transportation services that best serve the needs of our students, parents, and school staff. We provide the highest level of purchasing support to the schools by facilitating the district's procurement process. We combine technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship to provide quality printing, duplicating and document designing services for school and departmental staff. We receive goods for the entire district and expedite delivery of those goods in a timely and efficient manner. Frequently used items are procured and managed through inventory practices that assure schools and departments have what they need when they need it. Our efforts assure schools and departments have the ability to have necessary items delivered through our district delivery service or mailed through outside services (USPS, freight carriers, etc...). Administrative Services does all of this while meeting the expectations of District Administration and adhering to Board of Education policies.
Director: Mick Howen
Assistant Director: Dana Scheel
Data Point Person
Mick Howen
Major Work Streams
Regular Education Routing (Including 4K, Private School, Metro Transit)Requests received and/or automatic updates are evaluated and transportation is scheduled. Routing is completed and information is communicated to schools and carrier staff making expectations known. General route maintenance is ongoing throughout the year. Tools are updated. Carriers implement updated transportation services.Michael LaCount - Transportation Coordinator
Special and Alternative Education RoutingRequests received (Oasys, Student Services, TEP, etc..) are evaluated and transportation is scheduled. Necessary adjustments are made, routing is completed, and route documentation is updated/provided. General route maintenance is ongoing throughout the year. School and carrier staff are provided with routing details and communicate with parents/guardians. Coordinator communicates with and/or involves departmental staff (Student Services) when needed.Robert Byington - Transportation Coordinator
TEP Transportation SupportRequests for transportation received from social workers, psychologists, and TEP staff are evaluated for eligibility and then a coordinated effort between the administrative assistant and transportation coordinator ensures proper service is scheduled. Once set up, the assistant communicates with school staff (if necessary, with parents). The assistant supports others by properly documenting and reporting information and assisting the coordinators.Sandra Mell - Administrative Assistant
Transportation Customer ServiceOn a daily basis, receives and responds to accident/incident reports, requests, and questions/complaints. Coordinators research and collaborate with those directly involved, gather information/facts, formulate responses, inform all concerned, and take appropriate action. Urgent issues (accidents, incidents) are immediately handled by informing appropriate individuals through a preliminary report, gathering information/facts, formulating subsequent reports and responses, and continuing to update appropriate individuals until the issue has been resolved.Transportation Services
Metro Transportation ServicesThe District funded Metro School Year pass program is managed by this department. Annual and sometimes daily supplemental distributions are provided to the appropriate staff with passes to be distributed to qualified students to ensure all students are provided with the means to be transported to and from schools. The Metro Bus Pass application is monitored and all District funded pass activity is managed and accounted for through appropriate reports. Various reports are generated to show usage and to aid in future distribution and decisions.Mick Howen, Director
Weather ProtocolThe MMSD Weather Protocol is managed/documented by Business Services. In October, a calendar reminder is set to ensure the protocol documentation is updated, reviewed, and distributed.
A meeting is also coordinated by Business Services for all Stakeholders to remind the team of their expectations pertaining to the following:
1. Cold Emergency Pre-Decision AND Post-Decision (Conf Call: 7:45pm)
2. Early Morning Snow Pre-Decision AND Post-Decision (Conf Call: 5:00am)
3. Evening Event Snow Pre-Decision AND Post-Decision (Conf Call: 1:15pm)
Transportation Services is primarily responsible for monitoring weather conditions. The Conference Call Group will be alerted via email and text, as early as possible, to announce the need for a conference call.
Conference Call Group will individually handle communication tasks prior to and after decision making.
Mick Howen, Director
Process Purchase OrdersRequisitions entered by schools/departments are approved in Munis. Lead Purchasing Clerk assigns approved requisitions to buyers. Buyers convert requisitions to purchase orders. Buyers issue purchase orders to vendors. Buyers follow up with vendors as necessary.Dana Scheel - Assistant Director
Request for Proposals, Bids, QuotationsManage process and provide resources (toolkit). Work with departments in their development of documentation; research availability of cooperative contracts; publish/post opportunities online; facilitate communication (Q&As) and proposal/bid/quote receiving process; provide assistance with post-process actions when possible (evaluation/criteria tools, vendor selection, BOE action).Mick Howen, Director
Purchasing Card Program AdministratorResponsible for administering and maintaining the P-Card program. Continually manages p-card program; fraudulent activity, replacement of lost or stolen cards and card maintenance as needed.Dana Scheel - Assistant Director
Central Receiving/StoresPurchase order items delivered to Central Receiving. Clerk verifies and inspects delivered goods, enters receiving into Munis, labels packages to be delivered to schools. Clerk performs central receiving and inventory functions and assists in annual inventory process. Dana Scheel - Assistant Director
Delivery and Mail ServicesEquipment Operators assist with materials receiving and Central Stores activity. They deliver goods and interdepartmental / school mail to schools and buildings. Materials Handling Clerk receives and sorts mail, packages and parcels. The clerk processes US mail utilizing automated equipment following USPS and presort guidelines. The clerk handles all mailroom operational activities as well as providing pack up in Materials Receiving, Central Stores, and Printing Services.Dana Scheel - Assistant Director
Printing ServicesReceive hardcopy and electronic requests for printing and duplicating services. Operate offset press and high speed duplicating systems printing large and small jobs for the district. Handle all finishing aspects to ensure staff needs are met as it pertains to the final outcome of their printing and duplicating needs. Provide preventative maintenance on equipment and monitor inventory on paper and printing supplies.Todd Strommen - Lead Offset Press Operator