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5/3/1 Worksheetv2.1 by Pazienxa
IMPORTANT: Only Modify the Boxes Highlighted in Grey
Progress Tracker
The Progress Tracker is 100% synced with your latest workout numbers. Just enter the number of reps done and the estimated 1RM will be automatically graphed and logged.
It requires absolutely no work on your part to maintain. Even if you miss a week, the graph and tracker will be adjusted to correctly reflect this!
Furthermore, your highest 1RM to date is always displayed on top of the sheet and of course, is done automatically for you.
The only thing that you need to do is enter the number of reps done in the main worksheet!

Note: The Progress Tracker is not yet available to for 3/5/1 Powerlifter. This feature may be added in future updates
Stall Adjustment
What really sets this 5/3/1 Worksheet apart from the every other weekly workout sheet is the Stall Adjustment. As much as we all want never ending progress, there comes a
time when we have to readjust or lower the weight. In the past, this can only be done by readjusting your entire workout logs, erasing your past progress, and what if you have
to reset more than once?
This is what the Stall Adjustment is for. Not only will you be able to choose which exercise to reset, but also by how much. This is all done without adjusting the numbers from
previous weeks or cycles. Furthermore, all of the weights in successive weeks will be properly adjusted to reflect the amount. You can reset as many times as necessary and
everything will always be correctly adjusted. This includes the Progress Tracker!

To use this feature, simply type any words or letter into the Stall Box next to the appropriate exercise and enter the amount of weight to back off. Your weights for the NEXT
cycle will be appropriately adjusted. Weights for the current cycle will remain unchanged.
Of course, nobody ever wants to use this feature ;)
Rep Goals
Explaination of Rep Goals
- In week 1, the rep goal is calculated by adding 5lbs to your working 1RM. If you achieve the rep goal, your estimated 1RM will be at least 5lbs more than your working 1RM In week 2, the rep goal will be generated by adding 5lbs to your previous week's (week 1) estimated 1RM and the same concept works for week 3 if you get the rep goal.
- If you are unable to get the number of reps recommended but the estimated 1RM is still greater than your current working 1RM, the following week's rep goal will still be generated by adding 5lbs onto your estimated 1RM.
- However, if the estimated 1RM is lower than your current working 1RM at any given week, the rep goal for next week will be calculated such that you will beat your current working 1RM by 5lbs or more.
For Example:
Say my current working 1RM is 365 for squat. For week 1, I need to get 5+ for 310. The calculator also tells me that in order to beat my working 1RM of 365 by 5lbs, I will need to get at least 7 reps of 310 which will put me at an estimated 370.
If I do get 7 reps, I will have to do 330x6=385 in week 2 to beat my max of 370 because if I only get 330x5, that is still an estimated max of 370.
But say I wasn't feeling all that great and only went for the minimum number of 5 reps, that puts my estimated 1RM at 350, which is lower than my current working 1RM of 365. Therefore in week 2, the calculator will again add 5lbs to my current working 1RM of 365 and calculate the rep goal. In this scenario it will be 330x5 which gives an estimated 1RM of 370.
For 3/5/1 Powerlifting, the rep goals are only in effect for weeks 1 and 3. Week 3's rep goals are calculated based on week 1's estimated 1RM
As the weights get higher, it may become necessary to adjust the +5lbs to a higher amount to get a more accurate estimate. You may notice that the rep goal for the next week may give the same 1RM or even a lower 1RM.
This is when you should modify the rep goal feature in the Start-Options page.
Disclaimer: The rep goal is for you to play around with and is by no means trying to detract from the idea of 5/3/1. If you don't like it, by all means, ignore it!
Other Features
Increment Per Cycle:
From cycle to cycle, the working 1RMs for Squats and Deadlift will be increased by 10lbs and Press and Bench by 5lbs.
You do have the option of changing this to your own preference by editing the cycle increment.
Multi Estimators:
The 1RM Calculator gives you a rough 1RM based on the amount of weight done for x number of reps
The Rep Goal Calculator tells you how many reps you need to do with a certain amount of weight to achive a certain 1RM
The Weight Calculator tells you the how much weight you need to do for a certain number of reps to achieve a certain 1RM
The Estimators are based on Matt Brzycki's (36*weight)/(37-reps done)
KG or Pounds Support
Select 2.5 rounding to KG or 5 rounding to Pounds
Change Exercise Orders
This spreadsheet is intended for personal use only and is in no way affliated with Jim Wendler. It is not intended to teach you the program or training methodologies.
Please purchase his 5/3/1 Books if you have not done so already.
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