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AshJenniferBungie (User Research), Converjent (Game Design), NYU (previous-game design/graduate student), IGDA, ACM, APAGame design; Educational/serious game design; User research (UXD/UI/HCI); Interaction design; Project management; Cognitive scienceGames for learning, meaningful play, learning and education, user research tools/techniques/innovationGhosts (MFDC project), Club Penguin DS, Wriggle Project, CapAbilities Game Project (see website for more)Dark Cloud, Professor Layton series, 7 Wondersash.jennifer@gmail.com, @jenniferenee, linkedin: jenniferash
yes (pending knowledge of what info would be public)
AtlesonJonathanSr. Instructional Design ConsultantInstructional Design, multimediagames and simulations for learning, especially 3Dadult learning or corporate training projects involving games and simulationsCivilization, FTLjonathan.atleson@gmail.com; http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanatleson/; @jatlesonYes
BarrMatthewResearch Developer & PhD Researcher, HATII at the University of Glasgowresearch (esp. games), web development (PHP, MySQL), teachinggames and learning, learning technology, gaming culture & history, digital humanitiesAny collaborative projects that relate to video games or games for learning. International collaborations in particular.http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/humanities/staff/matthewbarr/Recently, XCOM and Dishonored. All time? SMB1 & 3, SMW, SMG1 & 2, Zelda, Civ, SimCity (pre-2013), Mass Effect, KOTOR, Mario Kart, Warcraft 3, Half-life 2, Portal...Email: Matthew.Barr@glasgow.ac.uk LinkedIn/PSN/XBL/Steam: matthewbarr twitter: hatii_mattyes
BeckerKatrinMink Hollow Media, Ltd.,
Mount Royal University
Serious Game Design & Assessment; Instructional Design; Systems analysisserious game design & production; knowledge translationViPER, Mission to Mars (ed game), War of the Swirls (advergame), Coffee Traders Invaders (advergame), Book: Guide to Computer Simulations and Games, many other publicationsProfessor Layton (and other puzzle games); Animal Crossingbecker.minkhollow@gmail.com skype: becker.minkhollow
BertozziElenaQuinnipiac University, Playexpo.org, ardeaarts.org, IEEE, Engender Games Group LabFlash (AS2,AS3) game development, HTML5, Usability, Grant writing and review, Team management, serious game developmentplay, fun, learning, usability, outcomes assessment, copyright protection, gender and technology, aggression, powerBuilding games, helping people write better grants especially through the NSF, academic/industry collaborationsThe Emergency Birth game, the Flu Busters game, Ateniendo El Parto in Casa (midwife training), The Frog Dating Game, Tex Walker's Interactive Softball tutorial.Right now I think Skylanders is a very cool way to combine analog and digital play elements. Mark of the Ninja is a lot of fun. Unfinished Swan is a very creative idea.elena@ardeaarts.org, elena.bertozzi@quinnipiac.edu, skype: elenabertozziabsolutely!
ChenMarkDirector Pepperdine Gameful Design Labgames for museums and other informal learning environments, qualitative researchgaming culture, everyday expertise, games for empathyconsulting gigs, grant partnershipsLeet Noobs (book), games for Moneyville (OMSI exhibit)Currently replaying BG and BG2, but also FTL, XCOM, Jagged Alliance, Planescape, Wasteland 2!markdangerchen@gmail.com, @mcdangeryes
CulybaSabrinaSchell GamesExperience Design, Game Design, Transformationa/Learning Games Production, Scripting, Project Management, Playtestingthe practice and process of designing and building experiences & games, especially those with a purposeKnowledge sharing, collaboration, conversation & debate, playtesting & feedback exchangesPlayForward: Elm City Stories (sex ed, tablet), Pixie Hollow Online (MMO), The World of Lexica (literacy, tablet), TS Midway Mania (theme park ride), SeaWorld Race to the Beach (theme park installation, wildlife ed) TripleTown, Uncharted 2, Pyschonauts, Secret of Monkey Island, Kingdom Hearts, Pandemic, Kingdom Builder, Lost Cities, StickyBears Typing
DarvasiPaulRoyal St. George's CollegeNarrative, Game Design, Multimedia Pedagogical Strategies21C literacies, educational games, innovative approaches to the study of language and literature, exploring space through narrativeNew approaches for learners to interact with texts, individuated learning, design narrative based learning environmentsThe Ward Game, Project Vault: The Locative Archive, Toronto Student Film FestivalCiv, Fallout 3, Ages of Empirepauldarvasi@yahoo.caYes
DubbelsBrockPsychological Research, G-ScalE Game Development and Testing Lab, McMaster Universityusability/HCI, psychometrics, project managment, experimental design, cognitive science, game designdigital pedagogy, psychometrics, visual perception, cognitive science, distributed cognition, bare knuckle fightingdata analysis, psychometrics, serious games, games for data collection, theory building, having my own flying ostriche to play Joust.serious games at United Health Group and Benedictine Health.civilizationdubbels@mcmaster, brock@vgalt, brockdubbels @twitteryes
EscuadraPaulaDigital Marketing & Communications Manager, GlassLabmarketing/PR, behavioral analytics, project management, social impact through technology, researchhigh impact games, gaming culture, digital literacy, community resilience, competency development100% open to any collaborative projects that explore and combine social impact through video games and technology!Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Metal Gear Solid series, DOTA2, TF2, Portal 1&2paula@glasslabgames.orgyes
FayIraHampshire College (Asst. Prof. of Computer Science and Game Design); Fay Games (CEO)Game design; Playtesting; Project management; Teaching; designing treasure huntsGames for educational impact, playtestingI'm open to all sorts of collaboration; game development is fundamentally interdisciplinary, and I love that about the profession!See http://irafay.comIt changes, but the Mage Knight board game is pretty great. Other favorites include Agricola and War of the Ring.irafaygames@gmail.com
FujimotoRandallDirector, GameTrain Learning, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on promoting game-based learning in schools)Professional development workshops, Educational game design, Game-based curriculum designTeacher education, Educational game design, Game design tools, Educational alternate reality games/TransmediaAny projects or ideas to further teacher education in the area of game-based learningEntertainment: Final Fantasy VII, other Square titles
Education: Educational ARGs - history, finance, probation workshop; Educational Escape Rooms - student orientation, history; Minecraft - various lessons, activities, workshops
Final Fantasy VII, Starcraft, Minecraft, Hearthstone, Clash of Clansrandall@gametrainlearning.orgYes
GestwickiPaulBall State University (Associate Professor of Computer Science)teaching, design, development, scholarshipserious game design, software architectures, design patterns, academic studio pedagogyHappy to talk about project opportunities.See http://www.cs.bsu.edu/~pvg/gamesPlanescape: Tormentpvgestwicki@bsu.eduYes
GilbertZackMcLean County Unit 5 Schools - 6th Grade Lit/LA/SS Teacher, Learning Games Network- Playful Learning Advisory Board, EdGamer Podcast on EdReachTeacher, gamer, Games and Learning in the classroom, PodcastingMaking it easier for teachers and students to use games in the classroom. Using a game when it is the right tool for the job.Same as interests.EdGamer Podcast, Learning Games Network- Playful Learning Advisory BoardCivilization, Baldur's Gate, Dungeons and Dragons, Borderlands 1 and 2, Portal 1 and 2, Axis and Allies, Harpoonzgilbert.mail@gmail.comyes (pending knowledge of what info would be public)
GoldbergerAlexUndergraduate Game Design and Development Student at RIT. Co-op student worker at RITGame Design and Development, mostly programing not artCreating a Tutoring/Mentoring service for Rochester students in need (through collaboartive technologies)Improving education. Teaching Game Development and Design to younger generationsEdgeTable, Wizards and WanderersLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Age of Mythology, Starcraft 2, Elder Scrolls IV OblivionLnk2128@gmail.comNot sure what this is. See Note in 1J
GoodmanGordonProfessor at RIT's School of Interactive Games and Media, Founding Affiliate RIT MAGICNew Media and Game Design, web/mobile application development, UX/UI development, application of brain sciences to media/game designCurrently interested in application of cognitive/brain sciences to analysis and design of games and media, games for museums, games for healthApplication of framing, metaphor and embodied cognition theories to media/game design.Speed Wizards (double-deficit theory of learning disability to improving reading skills), Night Before the Battle (games for art education w/Memorial Art Gallery of Rochester), and othersgig@igm.rit.eduyes
GopinLisiLifelong LearnerGame Design, Teacher Training, Research, Project ManagementDesigning games for STEM education, focusing on problem solving and executive functioning skills, especially for kids with ADHD and ASDBuilding a GBL platform schools can use to teach 21 century skillsTJ & Pals, Rainforest RangersSuper Mario Bros., Tetris, Where's My Perry?lisi@lifelong-learner.com, http://www.lifelong-learner.com, Twitter: @edtechtoday
GottliebOwenNYU/ConverJentGame Design, media production, scholar, Games for LearningReligion and Games, Cultural Heritage, Modern history and GamesTV, Film, GamesCosmic Encounter and Tell Tale's Walking Deadowen.gottlieb@nyu.eduNo (Public version of what?)-your contact info?
GrenierJ.M.Mass Bay Community College/Northeastern UniversityInstructional Design, simulation design, Elearning, broadcasting and public speakingImmersive environments for learning (games,simulations and virtual worlds)Immersive environments for learning - games, simulations and virtual worlds.Contributor, Transforming Virtual World Learning (Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education) Civilization (all), Minecraft, Second Lifejgrenier@post.massbay.eduyes
GroffJenniferMIT Media Lab,
MIT Education Arcade,
Learning Games Network,
Center for Curriculum Redesign
Learning Sciences, Assessment, Game Design, Classroom Implementation, Innovation & AdoptionBetter design models for deeper learning, metadata and game mapping, assessment, new frameworksi5 Framework of barriers to adoption of ed tech in schools;
Exec Producer to Playful Learning (online knowledge base of learning games launching open beta in June 2013)
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzyjgroff@media.mit.eduyes
HeinEthanNYUMusic teaching, production and composition; software designDecanonizing the music curriculum; bringing more beginners into active music-makingBuilding more accessible music learning and production softwareAssorted performances, recordings and compositions. Essays on music theory and history have been used in course syllabi at The Cooper Union, Wesleyan College, City College of New York and many other places.Tetrisethan@ethanhein.com, http://www.ethanhein.comyes
HoppingLorraineHopping Fun CreationsGame writing, game design, editorial direction, new product developmentGames for education, news or journalistic games, games for good, STEMLooking for partners and collaborators on digital, print, or social games that make a difference; also seeking publishers for game prototypesA dozen board games from idea to shelf, content for hundreds of simple online games, classroom games (published by Scholastic), book author (mostly nonfiction for tweens), game and CD-Rom manuscript (fiction and nonfiction), radio and audo scripts
games@hoppingfun.com, http://www.hoppingfun.com @HoppingFun (Twitter and Skype)Yes
JacobsStephenAssociate Professor RIT IGM, VIsiting Scholar ICHEG, Founding Affiliate RIT MAGICNarraitve, Design, ProductionGames for Education, Health and MuseumsInteresting projects :-)Picture the Impossible, Just Press Play, Mindgamers, Martha Madison's Marvelous MachinesGrim Fandangoemail: itprofjacobs@gmail.com, Facebook: itporfjacobsYes
JaskoLizMarist College - Interactive Media and Game Design concentrationUX Design, Visual design, Multimedia production, Mobile UI designGame-based learning, Language learning, AR & Location-based mobile technologyDesigning game-based learning experiences, especially about language, culture, history and art -- particularly for high school, college and adult users"How video games and education can revolutionize the static classroom" published in the Fox Forum (academic discourse journal of Marist College) May 2011; Design for "Daorba" (in-the-works) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5D0xMRoFiobYXJQTU50OTFMR2s/edit?usp=sharingPinochle, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Shape Jam, Triple Town, Counter-Strike, Age of Empires, Roller Coaster Tycoonljasko@gmail.com - www.lizjasko.comYes
KulmanRandyLearningWorks for Kids, Adjunct at University of Rhode IslandResearch, Assessment of game-based learning, Indivdualizing game-based learning with Special Needs populations Technology and kids with ADHD, ASD; Generalization of game-based learningSchool-based projects for using games to teach 21st century and executive functioning skillshttp://learningworksforkids.com/Words with Friends, Where's my water?randy@learningworksforkids.comyes
LantzLauraMcGraw-Hill Education, Pacific Science Center, Schell GamesGame design, Instructional design, VR, Prototyping, User researchPlayful learning / informal learning, embodied cognition and emotion, technology, media studies, museums, shifts in the learning ecosystemhttp://portfolio.lauralantz.com/laura.n.lantz@gmail.com
LaPenséeElizabeth (Beth)Independent; Ph.D. in Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser UniversityResearch, design, writing, educationIndigenously-determined games and game development education for Indigenous youth Improving Indigenous representations in video games, developing Indigenously-determined games, contributing to the next generations through game development educationhttp://www.survivance.orgOld school fave: Ultima Online. Currently playing: Fallout New Vegas.elizabethlapensee@gmail.comYes
LeeMatthewUniversity of Pennsylvania; AFK Studios; IGDA Serious Games SIGResearch, design, writing, health educationGames for Health, Serious Games, Crowdsourced DesignDelivering powerful learning experiences through gameplay and story, utilizing the full potential of various platformsThe Talos PrincipleMatthew.D.Lee@gmail.comYes
LeighElyssebethSimulation Australiaeducational design, teacher eduction, games designiincreasing the uptake of games for learning in school and academic contextsincreasing games designers awareness of the factors inhibiting uptake and providing understanding of how to adjust actions to gain support rather than increase resistanceDoctorate in educaioin and simulation, four books on games and simlation, office bearer for ISAGA and Simulaiton Australia
LevyAllisynBrainPOPteacher, gamer, Games and Learning in the classroom, playtesting with kids & teachers, getting great games in front of teachers & kids, teacher support around games, PD, educational technologyGames and Learning in the classroom, playtesting with kids & teachers, getting great games in front of teachers & kids, teacher support around games, PDhelping get great games in front of teachers & kids! collaborating with others in the games for learning space, working on connecting educators & game developers to help keep teacher support in & around games on the forefront of game designGameUp: www.brainpop.com/gamesLure of the Labyrinth, Scrabbleallisynl@brainpop.com, @allisyn, @brainpopyes
LockhartRobertCreative Director, Important Little GamesGame Designer, Programmer (specialty:Computational Linguistics), Filmmaker, ScreenwriterPairing game mechanics and learning goals. Linguistics, especially language acquisition. Developmental psychology. Artificial intelligence. Fun.Working on the learning game Codemancer.Word Off! (iOS/Android/Web), Squishy's Revenge (iOS/Android), Mahjong Forever (Android), The Beasties: Hello World (iOS), The Curse (iOS/Android), Candy Dream (Facebook), Sqwords (iOS)The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princessbobbylox@gmail.com; @bobbylox; skype: rob_lockhart; 12019257280yes
LoparevAnnaUniversity of RochesterGame Design, HCI/UX designEducational games, gamification, cooperative gamesMaking games and making software that supports gamesWaker (GAMBIT Game Lab), various small pet projectsZone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, Psychonauts, Portal (2), Puzzle Quest
MayerBrianGenesee Valley Educational Partnership, Play Play LearnGame Design, Games and Education, Game Alignment, Public Speaking, ConsultantThe use of analog games and game design for personal and curricular growth of children.Collaborative opportunities for exploring the use of games and design for student engagement, learning and growth. I have a strong passion for the need to have an authenticity to the play and design end of the resource. Freedom: The Underground Railroad (Academy Games, 2013), Libraries Got Game: Aligned Learning through Modern Board Games (ALA, 2010), collaborative and design credits fo the upcoming Teaching through Games series from Rosen Publishing.St. Petersburg, Splendor, Caverna, & Patchistorybrianmayer00@gmail.com, brian@playplaylearn.comYes
McCallJeremiahLearning Games NetworkHistory Education; Historical Simulation Design; E LearningGaming the Past; "Navigating the Problem Space; The Medium of Simulation Games and the Teaching of History"Right now? X-Com, Minecraft, and Unity of Commandjeremiah@learninggamesnetwork.orgyes
McLarenElizabeth1st Playable Productions Production Coordinator / Project Manager.Research game production, retail children's game production, art / animator. Serious games best practices, writing / multimedia narrative.Interesting projects. 3DS AR title, "The Hidden", CYCLES (a game to teach identification / mitigation of cognitive biases), "Winx Club DS", unannounced educational grant effort game, "Disney Princess DS", a dozen more retail titles. KotOR, a great tabletop session. elizabeth@1stplayable.comYes
MindlinFredTechnology Liaison to the National Writing Project, Associate Director for Technology Integration & Teacher Consultant, Central California Writing Project, UCSCtwo-way bilingual immersion teacher (Spanish/English); progressive educator since childhoodtechnology integration for student-directed authentic learning; string games in educationFocusing all of education on student-centered and -directed learning (mathetics, not pedagogy); infusing art throughout the curriculum, and restoring the arts per se to all levels of public education, in particular adding Art to STEM to get STEAM!Virtual Canyon collaboration with MBARI; LASERS and LifeLab originator; National Writing Project Maker CollaborationString figures, Cat's Cradlefmindlin@gmail.com; Twitter @fmindlinYes
MolnarAndreeaInformation Systems Evaluation and Integration Group, Brunel University
serious game design & assessment;mobile learning; information systems evaluationserious games, mobile learning, multimedia, information systems evaluationgames for learning, video to video communication, information systemsAndreea.Molnar@brunel.ac.ukyes
Müller-LietzkowJörgProfessor at the University of Paderborn, director Paderborn GamesLab, media consultantGame producing and management, quantitative and qualitative research, game design, Gaming and Learning environments, games industry, in-game economics for serious purposesnew ideas and innovative projects; new teaching methods; working together with all of you ;-)Games (Executive Producer and Designer): Shah Mat; Politworld; UrbanLife 2060; Uniwalk; EDU. Books: Present and Future of the Games Industry (2006); The Worldwide Gamesindustry (unpublished report 2010)Archon; Jumpman; Lego Star Wars; Tropico; Far Cry 1; Crysis 1; Temple Run 2; FIFA-Seriesemail: jml@mail.upb.de; j.mueller.lietzkow@gmail.com; lietzkow@twitter; skype: joergmueller45; Cell +491785448978yes
MurphyJohnGame Designer, ChicagoQuest Schools
Game Designer, Young Horses
Game Design and ProductionPairing game mechanics with learning goals, experimental gamesWould like to solidify the guidelines for designing and implementing classroom games that we've been following/developing at CQVarious classroom games at CQ
Octodad (PC/Mac)
Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PC/Mac/Linux)
Shadow of the Colossusjtmurph@gmail.com

skype: john.murphy1984
NicholsonScottAssociate Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies; Director, Because Play Matters game labBoard and card game sommelier and desiger, game design workshops and presentations, transformative game experience creatorMeaningful gamification, transformative game design for informal learning, games in libraries, games for trainingLibraries, museums, informal learning settings, non-reward based gamification, games for trainingDesigner of Tulipmania 1637, co-author of Cthulthu Live (1st edition), host of Board Games with Scott (2005-2010)Whatever creates the best gaming experience for the people at the tablescott@scottnicholson.com ; @snicholson ; http://becauseplaymatters.comyes
NolinMatthew1st Playable Productions (Designer and Coordinator), Games in Education Symposium (Coordinator), Cohoes School Board (Member)Game production (commercial, research and retail education), game design (UI, flow, etc), game programming, web developmentMaking games! Education 2.0Interesting projects ++Disney's Where's My Holiday?
LeapFrog's Letter Factory
EDC and 1P's Possible Worlds

See LinkedIn for full list
FIFA, coop gamesmattnolin@1stplayable.com
LinkedIn: mnolin
Yes (twitter only, no email)
OsterweilScotMIT Education Arcade
MIT Comparative Media Studies Program
Learning Games Network
RichardGabriela T.New York University, Educational Technology Program (including Games for Learning, M.S.), instructor and graduating doctoral studentTeaching/Research of game design, instructional design, integration of technology/media for learning; Background in instructional design, media studies, the learning sciences, multimedia development, tangible technology developmentDesigning and researching inclusive technology and media for learning (specifically games for learning), with focus on understanding gender, ethnicity and sexuality; Understanding how online communities can help with learning and equityGames for learning & games for inclusion projects; community outreach with underrepresented populationsDesigning courses for Games for Learning major; Teaching games for learning; NSF projects on Research and play with online gaming culture and communitiesA lot of games.... Too many to list. Off the top of my head: Legend of Zelda, Fallout 3 & NV, Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, Left 4 Dead, SimCity, The Sims, Spore, Skyrim, Maniac Mansion, Minecraft, Ruzzlegabriela@nyu.eduyes (wait, what does this mean?)
Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center
Design and innovation strategy, UX, copy writing/editing, design production and team management managing creativity, creative teams and the creative process; applying design strategy to amplify change in educationWorkingExamples.orgDishonored, Thomas Was Alone, Portal, Assassin's Creed 3anna.roberts@workingexamples.org
SamurYavuzBahcesehir University, Digital Game Design Department and Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Department, Istanbul Turkeygame design and Development, academic research, teaching, education, learningeducational game design, kindergarten, elementary and middle school students, game design workshops for kids, research projects, EU Projects related with games and gamificationcollaborative educational game design, EU projects for educational games, conference, seminar, chapter writing, collaborative research design and application, writing articles on researchwww.ugurgames.comFruitNinja, iSlash Heroes, GTA, Assassins Creed Series, Sports gamesyavuzsamur@gmail.comyes
SchrierKarenMarist College Media Arts Department/Interactive Media and Game Design concentrationUX/UI, game design, transmedia storytelling, games for education/ethics/social change, cognitive science, game/media production, writing/editing, teachingEthics and games, using games to teach, transmedia storytelling, gender and media, cognitive processes and games, audience engagement, design thinking, location-based/mobile gamesconsulting, grant partnerships, guest lectures, writing collaborations, research initiatives, student collaborations and workshops, MAKING GAMES!Ethics and Game Design book series, Scholastic products and website, Awesome Upstanders game, Mission U.S., Reliving the Revolution, Signals on the S, Priced Out, others...see Linked InManiac Mansion, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy IIkschrier@gmail.comyes
ScottMichael "Adrir"School of Information Systems, Computing & Mathematics, Brunel UniversityDigital Games Theory, Programming, Educational Research, IS and Virtual Worlds ResearchEvaluation of Heuristic Design Principles and Design Patterns for Educational Games, Pragmatic Research Methods, Psycho-Social Problems in Computer Science EducationPsychometric Scale Development, Survey Research, (Clustered) Randomised Pragmatic Trials, Participatory Design Workshopsadrir@adrir.com
SheaPeterDirector, Professional Development/Instructional Designer, Middlesex Community College of MassachusettsVirtual World research, educational game designGame Design & analyticsDesigning games & simulations for critical literaciesContributor, Transforming Virtual World Learning (Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education) Civilizationpeter.shea2@gmail.comYes
SimkinsDavidRochester Institute of TechnologyTeaching/Learning, Game design research, Game design and development, Virtual worlds research, Epistemology, Ontology, Aesthetics, Ethics.Ethics and Games, Learning that occurs in Role Play, developing learning games, philosophy & gaming, co-created experiences.Developing better tools for embedding learning opportunities in games, development of games for learning.Fallout 3/3NV, Planescape:Torment, Skyrim, Baldur's Gate 2, FTL, Civilization 5, XCOM, Hearts of Iron 2.dwsigm@rit.eduyes
SittlerRyanAssistant Professor - California University of Pennsylvania and PhD Candidate at Indiana University of PennsylvaniaEducational game design, instructional design, information literacyInformation Literacy and game designTeaching educational game design, instructional design, and learning media productionA Planet in Peril: Plagiarism (game) and multiple books - The Library Instruction Cookbook being one...Wing Commander series, Magic: The Gathering, Chess, Poker... for starters..sittler@calu.eduYes
SolomonDeborahProfessor/Program Coordinator - Computer Gaming & Simulation Program. Montgomery College, Rockville, MDEducational game development. Program development. Teaching. Grants.Educational games. Homeschooling/"Gameschooling"Several games on http://games.noaa.gov/System Shock 2, Minecraft, Resistance, Agricola, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Shadows over Camelot, Pandemic, Marple, Kinect games. deborah.solomon@montgomerycollege.edu
TumenGrantGame Designer, ChicagoQuest Schools
Game Design and DevelopmentPairing game mechanics and learning goals, Various classroom games at CQ, Portal/Portal 2gtumen@gmail.comYes
VanekAaronFounder of Seekers Unlimited, a non-profit company making educaitonal live action role playing gameslarp design, production, company managementInterested in furthering larps in educationRaising awareness of educational larps, making contact with other instructors/administrators interested in edu-larp in their learning centersSee bio here: http://seekersunlimited.com/about-us/staff/aaronlarp@gmail.comyes
WeitzeCharlotte LærkeAalborg University, PhD-fellowGame concept design, specially learning gamesGames for learning, meaningful play, innovation in gamedesign, learning and education, special interests: music and social psycology. Interesting projectsConcepts for music learning game/s, working on game teaching social skills in the classroomclweitze@gmail.comyes
YangStephenSUNY CortlandPhysiological and psychological game testingVideo game fitness, exergame, games for health, serious games, physical education, kinesiologywww.exergamelab.orgSettlers Online, NBA Jam, Just Dance, EyeToy Kinecticexergamelab@gmail.comyes
ThirunarayananM.O.,Florida International UniversityResearchSkills people learn as a reult of playing video gamesEducational impact of video games, designing and developing educational video gamesPublished three papers on the topic of video games with my graduate students as co-authors.mothiru@yahoo.com
WadaTakaoLecturer, Game Science Department of Trident College of Information Technology, JAPANGame programmingContents to teach for game developmentCreating a good gameIGDA Japan-Nagoya Chapter Chair, www.drjiro.com (Sorry mainly in Japanese)Sward & Sworcerytakao.wada3@gmail.comyes
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