Census TractCountyProject/Opportunity SummaryProject TypeTotal Project Investment/Cost% Funding SecuredPotential Economic/Community ImpactContact PersonContact Phone NumberContact EmailState Regional Rep NameState Regional Rep Phone NumberState Regional Rep Email
35001004744BernalilloThis Tract is the largest entitled multi-use property in the metro Albuquerque area which can accommodate almost any type of user of any size. Approved land uses including industrial, manufacturing, commercial, office, warehouse, recreation and residential. Regional and local planning for transportation and infrastructure to support development to the Tract has been completed.OtherFedEx (undisclosed), Inspirit (undisclosed), Private Developer Water Infrastructure Expended to Date ($30 million), $21.9 million has been funded, donated, or committed by the State, City of Albuquerque, and private developers towards the portion of PDV located within the Tract. Within the next 5 years it is anticipated private developers are anticipated to investment to exceed over $100 million. Total Investment in Santolina $30 billion. Total Investment in Westland (Upper Petroglyphs) $7.6 billion.FedEx: 300 jobs, Inspirit: (unknown), Santolina: 100,000 jobs , Westland (Upper Petroglyphs): 22,000 jobs.Debra Inman505-246-6212dinman@abq.orgMark
35001004736BernalilloThis Tract is the largest entitled multi-use property in the metro Albuquerque area which can accommodate almost any type of user of any size. Approved land uses including industrial, manufacturing, commercial, office, warehouse, recreation and residential. Regional and local planning for transportation and infrastructure to support development to the Tract has been completed.OtherFedEx (undisclosed), Inspirit (undisclosed), Private Developer Water Infrastructure Expended to Date ($30 million), $21.9 million has been funded, donated, or committed by the State, City of Albuquerque, and private developers towards the portion of PDV located within the Tract. Within the next 5 years it is anticipated private developers are anticipated to investment to exceed over $100 million. Total Investment in Santolina $30 billion. Total Investment in Westland (Upper Petroglyphs) $7.6 billion.FedEx: 300 jobs, Inspirit: (unknown), Santolina: 100,000 jobs , Westland (Upper Petroglyphs): 22,000 jobs.Debra Inman505-246-6213dinman@abq.orgMark
35001940600BernalilloCordero Mesa is one of the largest remaining Industrial parks in Bernalillo. The park still has 135 acres of fully entitled, zoned land ready for development. / This Tract is the largest entitled multi-use property in the metro Albuquerque area which can accommodate almost any type of user of any size. Approved land uses including industrial, manufacturing, commercial, office, warehouse, recreation and residential. Regional and local planning for transportation and infrastructure to support development to the Tract has been completed.Industrial21000000 / FedEx (undisclosed), Inspirit (undisclosed), Private Developer Water Infrastructure Expended to Date ($30 million), $21.9 million has been funded, donated, or committed by the State, City of Albuquerque, and private developers towards the portion of PDV located within the Tract. Within the next 5 years it is anticipated private developers are anticipated to investment to exceed over $100 million. Total Investment in Santolina $30 billion. Total Investment in Westland (Upper Petroglyphs) $7.6 billion.10% / FedEx (100%), Santolina public improvement financing $725 million, Santolina Tax Increment Development District financing $500 million, DevCo Tax Increment Development District financing $629 million. Over $66 million in funding and commitments have been provided towards the construction of Paseo del Volcan.1000 / FedEx: 300 jobs, Inspirit: (unknown), Santolina: 100,000 jobs , Westland (Upper Petroglyphs): 22,000 jobs.Debra Inman505-246-6214dinman@abq.orgMark
35001004741BernalilloTract 47.41 is an industrial and heavy commercial area with high vacancy rates and ample vacant land. The tract is bordered by Central Avenue to the south, Coors Boulevard to the east, Interstate 40 to the north, and 98th Street to the west. Employers and job creators often prefer this area for it’s convenient Interstate access and proximity to Downtown, but the area still has high vacancy rates as these job creators choose other parts of the City. It’s location on the edge of the City means the area lacks the necessary infrastructure to bring a “ready to build” site to potential employers and developers. Most developers and employers cannot spend the money to get public infrastructure to a site. There is a lack of developable sites in Albuquerque for large job creators to locate that puts a pinch on potential economic development opportunities. / This Tract has tremendous economic development opportunities for various reason. The area is served by Interstate 40 off of two major roadways, Unser Blvd. and 98th St. Additionally Central Avenue (Route 66) is the major east/west corridor that traverses this tract and is the recently completed major mass transit bus line - called the Albuquerque Rapid Transit. This area has a population of over 66,000 residents, with almost 21,000 houses, and a home ownership rate of 72% (compared to the City rate of 55%). There are large tracts of vacant industrial zoned land, suitable for new development, however there are limited retail users in this area that can serve the large area population. / This tract has been overlooked by many resulting in an abundance of undeveloped land begging to be utilized in a way that serves the surrounding neighborhoods and their residents. The opportunities are vast and as seen by UNM when opening their Southwest Mesa Clinic, the residents are eager to welcome new developments.Industrial$30 millionWestpoint40: 10%/Less than 1% // 40-50 /Debra Inman505-246-6215dinman@abq.orgMark
35001004300BernalilloThe purpose of the PCA Social Enterprise Center is to develop a community led economic development initiative where families and neighborhoods will benefit from production/manufacturing jobs, professional development, entrepreneurship training, and educational support initiatives. Investment in building a Social Enterprise Center will support sustainable economic development through direct production/manufacturing and micro-enterprises, creating a model that will lead the way for alternative economic diversification in the South Valley and encourage other local businesses to participate in larger-scale revitalization efforts along the Isleta Boulevard corridor. PCA was certified by the US Department of Treasury as a Community Development Entity in 2017 to serve as an intermediary vehicle for the provisions of loans, investments, or financial counseling in low-income communities; and to participate directly or indirectly in the New Market Tax Credit Program. This project is being proposed to be completed with pending EDA funding, private foundation grants and program related investment loans totaling approximately $3 million. There is an approximate $400,000 funding gap PCA is working to fulfill. The project is on track to break ground by October 2018 and be completed by July 2019. The EDA portion will be for the construction of a new building for production/manufacturing and training and site improvements. EDA portion includes construction on 1.9636 acres of one new free-standing single-story structure (15,370 sq. ft.). The newly constructed space will be designed for anchor tenant and beneficiary Southwest Creations Collaborative (SCC), a private non-profit production, assembly, and mass customization enterprise, with 14,000 sq. ft. provided for production/manufacturing, and 1,370 sq. ft used for SCC offices and a Social Enterprise Training/Workshop space. The building will also include a dock to allow for business-to-business direct ship, and will be designed with flexibility to allow for SCC planned growth into drop shipping and EDI shipping services (Electronic Data Interchange system enabling expedited ordering and shipping) for area business enterprises and additional contract production/manufacturing uses (including adding equipment and employees). The space will also be used for professional development workshops, entrepreneurship trainings, parent leadership classes in early learning and advocacy, and educational support trainings. This programming will be accomplished through existing partnerships and a new collaboration with the global start-up accelerator Creative Startups. PCA and SCC will host tailored pre- accelerator “LABS” for entrepreneurs led by trained local leaders. The grant and program related supported construction of the project will entail an additional 1,000 sq. ft. addition to the existing 1,400 sq. ft. building for retail and restaurant space, and expansion of the Social Enterprise Center to add 4,130 sq. ft. for an early learning childcare facility and additional office/training space. The fully completed project will total 21,900 sq. ft. of building area. Over nine years, this site will directly support 77 new and retained jobs (43 new, 34 retained), as well as providing workshops and networking groups supporting an anticipated 270 jobs offsite, and an additional 473 direct secondary jobs through multiplier effects in production/manufacturing, private nonprofit employment, childcare, and retail jobs for a total impact of 820 jobs. The South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) is seeking funding to expand its business incubator facility. The SVEDC’ s business incubator features a commercial kitchen for food manufacturing and office space for entrepreneurs. The expansion would increase the incubator’s capacity, allow for food manufacturing at increased volumes, and provide additional services for its clients. The total amount necessary for this expansion is $3 million.Community Development10000000.540Debra Inman505-246-6216dinman@abq.orgMark
35001004001BernalilloThe area contains excellent transportation infrastructure featuring rain and easy access to I-25. The area is also slated to begin the new Sunport interchange with Interstate 25 in the coming years, which will create another access point to this industrial area. This census tract also has access to rail service. There is a an existing transloading facility and a second facility is in the works.Industrial20000000 / 40000000200Debra Inman505-246-6217dinman@abq.orgMark
35001003736BernalilloTract 37.36 is one of the largest job centers in the City. With significant commercial, industrial, and office uses in the area, this corridor is centrally located with prime access to and from Interstate 25. Recent growth in this area includes Cabela’s and Lovelace Medical Center. The retail center at the southwest corner of Jefferson and Interstate 25 is home to several national restaurant chains, a movie theatre, and hotel. The Balloon Fiesta Park is home to the state’s largest tourist attraction and brings a significant amount of tourism dollars to the area. Through an opportunity zone designation, the corridor can realize it’s potential as the largest employment center in the City outside of Downtown. It’s central location and proximity to Interstate 25 is a major draw for future employers, and financial help through the opportunity zone designation could be the piece needed to make this corridor a viable location. / The Balloon Fiesta Park area is home to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and many other annual events. Traffic, parking, access to restaurants, hotel, retail and other conveniences that compliment a multi-recreational use complex are limited in this area. The area is also underserved for fire and EMS services. Development of the tract will also increase traffic flows to existing businesses and further promote hospitality and tourism. A Fire Facility that could serve the area would be mutually beneficial to the Pueblo and Bernalillo County. / The parcel is located in the center of a very successful industrial park and adjacent to the Balloon Fiesta Park. There are limited resources for both the Industrial park and Fiesta park in regards to the hotel and restaurant industry.Other93000000 / 20 Million / 5 MillionLegacy: 20% /
North I-25: 20% / 0% / 0%
2000 / 1000 / 500Debra Inman505-246-6218dinman@abq.orgMark
35001003400BernalilloThis corridor has a number of destination retail, food manufacturing, manufacturing, and future site of Top Golf.OtherUp to $40 million0.75300 jobsDebra Inman505-246-6219dinman@abq.orgMark
35001002700BernalilloRio Bravo Brewing Company, LLC plans to expand its existing operations (brewery, restaurant, tap room and entertainment venue) to include capabilities to bottle and distribute beer throughout New Mexico and ship product out of state and internationally. To facilitate these long-range plans, the company will invest $5 million in its facilities: $2.5 million going to construction and the balance toward land and equipment.Business Development$5 million35Debra Inman505-246-6220dinman@abq.orgMark
35001002500BernalilloThis tract is located next to the historic Old Town district and the museum district of Albuquerque and the surrounding neighborhood housing developments. This location is ideal for the creation of a live/work/play environment as set forth in new urbanism design standards. Also, the National Institute of Flamenco and Tierra Adentro Charter School Campus provides a cultural anchor to the developments in the Sawmill District. As both the Institute and Charter School expand, approximately 20 new jobs will be created, in addition to approximately 700+ families coming into the neighborhood on a daily basis.Community Development90000000575 construction jobs, 520 operational jobsDebra Inman505-246-6221dinman@abq.orgMark
35001002100BernalilloThis tract contains the Downtown district of Albuquerque, the core of the city. Innovate ABQ is an economic development project that will provide an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups allowing them access to everything they need to grow an idea into a world-class business. The site provides access to Albuquerque's tremendous resources including UNM, Sandia National Labs, Air Force Research Labs, CNM, STC.UNM and others.
The potential for mixed-use-walkable urban spaces is strong. The Historic ABQ Railyards has been designated a Historic District by the National Parks Service. Buildings go back to 1895. Last remaining Santa Fe steam engine repair facility.
Business Development$16MM to $18MM for the Renovation of the First Baptist Church Building and Computer Technology Building
$30,000,000 for Glorieta Station and $1.5 million for the Railyards
17% / 67%3046Debra Inman505-246-6222dinman@abq.orgMark
35001001600BernalilloWith the University of New Mexico to the east, the area has strong demand for entertainment, housing, and food options, but this demand has not been fully met. Several businesses along this corridor are still vacant. Homelessness plagues many of the alleys and streets around these vacant buildings. The proximity to Downtown, EDo, UNM, and Nob Hill makes this a prime area for reinvestment. The Highlands project (described in the next section) is trying to continue the slow retransformation of the area. For the reasons outlined above, the area should be considered for an Opportunity Zone designation.Community Development10000000010%1,145 construction and 422 FTE operationsDebra Inman505-246-6223dinman@abq.orgMark
35001001200BernalilloThe UNM Technology, Sports and Entertainment District is anchored by the 650,000-square-foot UNM Science and Technology Park (UNM STP), the UNM Athletic Complex, and the Isotopes Park. The District is unique with over 1.3 million visitors a year to sporting and entertainment events and the State's premier science and technology park with over 2,000 employees. Recent market analysis indicates that the area can support 625,000 square feet of new retail and financial incentives are needed to close the feasibility gap for new construction. In addition, UNM STP plays a major roll in supporting the innovation, creation, and incubation of technology-based start ups and light manufacturing. The current trends for development of new institutional research and development facilities increasingly involve partnership with private industry. The designation of this District as an Opportunity Zone will significantly enhance the University's ability to attract private investment in new and innovative projects within the District. / The tract is on airport property and has access to the airfield which makes it very attractive to aerospace related development. In addition, the site is adjacent to Kirtland Air Force Base property, the Air Force Research Lab and the soon to be developed Thunderbird park which provides for collaborative development synergy between the entities involved.Business Development$100 million / Approximately $8,000,0000 to date.None / 100% of the current construction.4600 / 120Debra Inman505-246-6224dinman@abq.orgMark
35001000124BernalilloThe site resides at the gateway of Albuquerque's retail and financial district. It was once the most prominent retail mall in the state. With so much uncertainty surrounding the retail landscape, the mall is working diligently to reinvent itself and provide Albuquerque residents a community gathering place and mixed use real estate development.Commercial Real Estate28000000023%3300Debra Inman505-246-6225dinman@abq.orgMark
35005001300ChavesThis tract has two industrial certified sites that need infrastructure development to become shovel ready. Two City-owned empty sites are available to local LEDA and affordable housing incentives and need private investment to be developed.Industrial$10M start on either site0%50+ on either siteJohn Mulcahy575-622-1975jmulcahy@chavescounty.netSusie
35005001101ChavesThis tract contains the Roswell Air Center which needs new buildings and infrastructure, but with investment will create hundreds of high paying jobs. Recently established commercial air service makes it particularly attractive to new investment but the terminal and facilities all need to be enlarged. A large rail spur, if repaired, would bring rail traffic to a 5000 acre industrial zone.IndustrialHangar- $12M, Rail Crossings - $.5M0% at this time300John Mulcahy575-622-1975jmulcahy@chavescounty.netSusie
35005000700ChavesThis tract has 28 dairies that are prime candidates for new rotary milking operations in order to be more competitive. Biogas projects will reduce environmental impacts and create natural energy revenue. Rail spur development is needed to expand agricultural and industrial development.Business DevelopmentBiogas: $15M, Rotary Parlor: $10-12M, Expansion: $7MBiogas: 50%, Expansion: 90%Biogas: 45, Rotary Parlor: 100% productivity improvement, Expansion: 15John Mulcahy575-622-1975jmulcahy@chavescounty.netSusie
35006974400Cibola- The location's altitude and climate is ideal for greenhousing.
- Proximity to I-40, a major east-west interstate gives optionality in marketing. And, our familiarity with the area's people and resources that has developed through our mine closure activities makes this a low-risk environment for investment.'
Business Development$15,000,000 to $50,000,000$0 / Likely to be evaluated by Barrick's Investment Committee in August 201830 to 120 fulltime high-skilled jobsEileen Yarborough505-287-6685eileen@cibolaedc.comFred
35006946100CibolaLaguna is poised for fast development of several projects upon OZ designation. Easy commute from Albuquerque and Grants NM.Business DevelopmentFrom Cell T4:
1 $40M;
2(a) $16M;
2(b) $15.5M;
(3) $2B-$4B;
(4) $5M est.;
(5) $3M;
(6) $35M;
(7) $26M
From Cell T4:
(1) 0%;
(2a) 100%;
(2b) 40%;
(3) 0%;
(4) 0%;
(5) 10%;
(6) 10%;
(7) 100%
(1) 200 construction, 15 new permanent; (2a) 20 construction, 40 permanent; (2b) 40 construction, 50 permanent; (3) 500-1000 construction, 60-100 permanent; (4) 20 permanent; (5) Unknown; (6) 100 construction, 40 permanent; (7) 50-75 construction, 40 retained permanent.Eileen Yarborough505-287-6685eileen@cibolaedc.comFred
35007950500ColfaxThis tract holds the greatest potential for future economic development in Raton over the next 10 years. It contains a 342-acre site set aside for an industrial business park and also another 100 acre site for development at the Raton Municipal Airport, as well as small business expansion along Hwys 64/87 corridor east of the I-25 interchange and 2nd St south of Clayton Rd. It also contains the ARMEX Plaza, owned by the City, which is an industrial site on 8.5 acres with 48,000 sq ft industrial space and 5,760 office space, as well as City-owned vacant land with City-owned utilities present suitable for a commercial greenhouse or other industrial development. NCNMEDD has submitted a proposal for a VISTA volunteer to work at the Center for Sustainable Community compiling a list of potential economic development projects which would be reviewed by a multi-agency group (similar to FUNDIT) but to be focused solely on Raton.Industrial$30,250,00013%5Paul Jenkins575-245-4769growraton@ratonnm.usTim
35009000603CurryIndustrial Park that includes Southwest Cheese and Quality Liquid Feeds.Industrial$16,000,000100%48Chase Gentry575-763-6600chase@clovisedc.comSusie
35009000400CurryThis tract includes portions of US 60-84 and Main St and has many established businesses.Business Development$4,500,00035%150Chase Gentry575-763-6600chase@clovisedc.comSusie
35013001705Doña AnaThis area has begun to see growth. We anticipate that some proposed and/or upcoming projects could be the catalyst to real growth in this area. Proposed POV/Ped crossing large tracts of vacatn land, proximity to US/MX border, Racetrack/Casino/Hotel and surrounding growth opportunities. I10 corridor access & proimity to shopping/restaurants in El Paso along Sunland Park Drive. West Retail Development underway: Walkable subdivision & retail plan - 178 single family homes + 175,000 sq ft of new retail including food hall concept and hote site. Industrial Park/Entertainment District that surrounds racetrack experiencing ongoing growth (Knife & Barrell restaurant; State Line RV Storage; New Era Spray Foam; Five Net Indoor Volleyball courts; etc.)OtherWest Retail: Value - $50 mil; NMDOT Expansion: Value - $10 mil; Expansion of Casino: Value - undisclosed to dateWest Retail: Secured amount - undisclosed; NMDOT Expansion: Secured amount - $10 mil; Expansion of Casino: Value - undisclosed to dateTBDDavin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35013001701Doña AnaThe potential in Santa Teresa, NM is great given its proximity to the US/MX International border, close to NM/TX Border and contains a mojority of Doña Ana County's industrial clusters. Recent investment by Union Pacific, several LEDA projects exsisting or about to be under way, and several large land owners with vision and ability to guide growth in Santa Teresa. In addition, this tract is in close proximity to Sunland Park Qualified tracts.IndustrialTBDN1,500+Davin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35013001500Doña AnaThis tract contains the Las Cruces International Airport and Industrial Park district that is attractive for manufacturing and business development near the airport. The Industrial Park is an excellent location for light industry, general manufacturing, aviation related and technology based industries serving Dona Ana County, El Paso, and the US/Mexico border.Industrial$30 million in Capital Improvement Plan projects between 2018 and 2022 from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NM Department of Transportation, and City of Las Cruces municipal government.90%TBDDavin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35013001303Doña AnaThe Tract is located west of I-25 with parcel potential for business and housing development. The Tract is bound to the east by the Rio Grande with lots in front of the river including multiple farms.HousingTBDDavin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35013001000Doña AnaTract containing New Mexico State University, with investment potential for Arrowhead Center as the economic development arm to the university for regional and state initiatives. Arrowhead Center has a research park, Arrowhead Research Park, which pairs with the technology commercialization efforts to catalyze intellectual property into fast-growth startups. The City of Las Cruces Convention Center is also located inside this tract, which will be undergoing a significant expansion in late 2018. Currently, a hotel adjacent to the Convention Center is being built with plans for grand opening in late 2018.Business Development$14 million for film studio; $11 million for spec building0%TBDDavin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35013000500Doña AnaDowntown district is one of the top priorities defined by City of Las Cruces Strategic Plan. The downtown is part of the Tax Incremental Development District (TIDD). The Farmer's Market, established in the 1970s and voted as #1 Large Farmers Market in the Nation by the American's Farmland Trust in 2011, is a staple to our communty. The retail and entretainment mix also includes art galleries, restaurants, and private and City-let events. The median foot traffic for the last six months is of approx. 1,200 per month, with maximum attendance of 2,400 visitors during special events. The tract is part of the MainStreet part and the Las Cruces Downtown Partnership, both entities focus on promoting the district and attract visitors to the heart of the community.Other$7 million for garage; $15 million residential units0%TBDDavin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35013000102Doña AnaThe Tract is roughly 730 acres in size.  It is bounded by I-25 on the east and U.S. 70 (N. Main Street). The Tract includes the former Las Cruces Country Club, which is a property that is in the midst of a major transformation. While the ongoing redevelopment of this property can provide an economic boost to the citizens of Las CrucesOther$50 million20%TBDDavin Lopez, MVEDA575-528-2852davin@mveda.comChristine
35015000800EddyThe surrounding Delaware Basin is now considered the largest oil reserves in the western hemisphere. Eddy County is now the number one producer of Oil and Gas in New Mexico and the entire Permian Basin. This tract is the very center of the Delaware Basin but is lacking in infrastructure and supporting businesses. The most significant and extreme infrastructure needs include Streets, Water lines and Sewer Lines.Business DevelopmentRefinery=$450M, 5 Cryogenic Gas Plants= $790M Pipe Manufacturing Plant= $200M Industrial Park= $100M Oil & Gas Regional Offices = $48M Oil/Gas Service Companies = $6M Total Estimated Investment= $1.595BSeveral of these projects are funded. All are in site selection phase.Refinery= 500, Cryo Plants = 110 (starting) Manufacturing Plant= 38 Industrial Park= 50 (starting) Oil/Gas Reg. Offices= 80 Oil/Gas Services = 144John Waters575-887-6562jwaters@developcarlsbad.orgSusie
35015000100EddyBNSF Rail, Space available along railroad in industrial park. Existing Commercial and Retail Business. A partially redeveloped brownfield along the Pecos River is available for full development. Over $7 million has been invested into this planned commercial center. The OZ Designation would help us market this development to site selectors for companies that can complete the development and open the new retail and restaurant district in Carlsbad. This area is also prime for housing development, which is sorely needed in the entire region.Business DevelopmentRetail/Restaurants = $760K x 10 = $7.6M Residential Construction = $12M Regional Oil & Gas Offices = $12M x 2 = $24M Oil/Gas Service Companies = $500K x 10= $5M Total Estimated Investment= $48.6MSeveral of these projects are funded. All are in site selection phase.Retail/Restaurants = 150 Residential Construction = 80 Reg. Oil & Gas Offices = 40 Oil/Gas Service Cos = 120John Waters575-887-6562jwaters@developcarlsbad.orgSusie
35017964400GrantThis tract includes populaiton center of Grant County along with most of the retail and comemrcial areas. There are greenfiedl areas available for developmetn as well as historic and non-historic redevelopmetn areas. It includes the vibrant downtown area and is close to the University.OtherJames Marshall, Asst City Manager575-597-6340asstmgr@silvercitynm.govChristine
35023970200HidalgoThe City of Lordsburg has many great assets that not only include Interstate 10, Union Pacific Railroad, an airport located in an industrial park. This would allow an opportunity for investors that need to import and export easily. There is also great opportuinity for investment in the downtown cooridor, lots of vacant property throughout the city, and within the 9-11 trucking hours from Long Beach, CA to Houston, TX.Business DevelopmentEmily Shilling, SWNM COG575-388-1509emily@swnmcog.orgChristine
35025000300LeaThis tract is the location of several industrial businesses, including many that are rundown. It has high traffic going through town towards the airport. The location is heavily industrial and offers opportunities for more businesses to locate in a high-traffic area.IndustrialNANANASteve Vierck575-942-2275steve@edclc.orgSusie
35029000500LunaTwo interstate transmission line projects serve this tract. These projects will open opportunity for private investment in power generation and PV manufacturing facilities.Business DevelopmentNACassie Arias, DLCED575-546-8848carias@cityofdeming.orgChristine
35031946000McKinleyElevator Pitch: This tract will become an Energy & Diversification Empowerment Zone for a bi-county area.
1. The tract has McKinley Paper & Escalante Generating Station, which has been working with a local consortium on implementation and development of House Memorial 72 (2017) / House Memoral 41 (2018) and is part of a greater regional strategy to provide "Assistance to Coal Communities" (formally EDA's POWER initiative) to support effected coal communities to stablize markets and diversify their economies. Almost 1,000 jobs in two-counties are dependent on coal-related jobs.
2. The tract includes the Northwest New Mexico Regional Solid Waste Authority, who has developed a 320-acre preliminary site plan to encourage business development.
3. The tract includes the community of Thoreau, NM which includes Navajo Nation's Thoreau Industrial Park with BNSF Transcon rail service. Also, NMEDD completed a feasibility study on extending rail service from this point north to the outskirts of Farmington.
4. The County is in receipt of a letter from Charlton Associates, LLC. that explains that they are planning an energy campus in McKinley County that will have a 100MW gas-fired power plant, a utility-scale 30MW +/- solar field and a battery storage component. They are also working with a potential industrial user that wants to be a power off-taker from the renewable source.
5. The County also recently met with representatives from EDP Renewables regarding 120 MW solar field with a power purchase agreement pending with PNM.
Business Development1. $10 - 50M
2. $1M - TBD
3. $1 - 5M
4. $1M
5. $4M
1. $.5M in planning and readiness
2. $150,000 for planning secured/expended
3. $35,000 in planning and Brownfields work
4. $50,000 for plan and $100,000 in PER/design
5. $2M (Navajo Nation and McKinley County) for construction
1. 500 - 5,000Patty Lundstrom(505) 722-2980patty@gallupedc.comFred
35031945200McKinleyElevator Pitch: This tract has the same potential to become NM's second intermodal transportation, warehouse, and logistics hub like Santa Teresa and the Borderplex.
1. The tract has the Energy Logistics Park, a 2,500-acre rail-served industrial park, which was recently designated a BNSF Railway Certified Site.
2. The tract has the 380-acre Rico Property which has been identified for a new $1 billion replacement facility for the existing Gallup Indian Medical Center.
3. The tract includes property identified for the proposed Allison Interchange - Gallup's 5th interchange with Interstate 40 of which Governor Martinez invested $5M for a new bridge.
4. The tract includes Exit 16 of Interstate 40 which has been identified as potential location for 150-acre Super Truck Stop through a study completed by NMDOT and NMEDD based on a 2016 House Memorial 96.
5. NMEDD and Navajo Nation completed a feasibility study ($150,000) for a Navajo Nation Inland Port site.
6. McKinley County also prioritized County Road #1 (the main corridor) to this tract for a $6M expansion and upgrade as part of GRIP 2.
Business Development1. $1M-$5M
2. $1M-$5M
3. $1M-$5M
4. $50M-$100M
5. $100M-$200M
6. $900M-$1B
7. $900M-$1B
8. $10M - $50M
7. 50%1. 20-35
2. 20-35
3. 20-35
4. 50-250
5. 350-500
6. 1750-2000
7. 1750-2000
8. 600 - 2000
Patty Lundstrom(505) 722-2980patty@gallupedc.comFred
35031943902McKinley1. The tract includes the remaining portions of the Gallup Energy Logistics Park.
2. NMEDD and Navajo Nation completed a feasibility study ($150,000) for a Navajo Nation Inland Port site.
3. McKinley County also prioritized County Road #1 (the main corridor) to this tract for a $6M expansion and upgrade as part of GRIP 2.

[Some of the development in this tract relates or could be leveraged with our #1 tract (35031-945200)]
Business Development1. $10M-$30M
2. $10M - $50M
1. 20-35
2. 600 - 2000
Patty Lundstrom(505) 722-2980patty@gallupedc.comFred
35037958601QuayThe Tract has 5 significant development projects within its boundary, including Tucumcari Metropolitan Park, the former Tucumcari Truck Terminal and surrounding property, the former ALCO building now owned by Mesalands Community College, the downtown redevelopment district, and the former Kmart building at US54 and Route 66.Other 5Mile Park - N/A; Tucumcari truck terminal - $4M-$6M; ALCO - $250-$300,000; Kmart - $2M5Mile Park - N/A; Tucumcari truck terminal - 0%; ALCO - 30%; Kmart - 20%5Mile Park - 5-15; Tucumcari truck terminal - N/A; ALCO - 25-150; Kmart - 35-250Pat Vanderpo0l505-461-4079patvanderpool@gmail.comTim
35039000300Rio AribbaThis area is dominated by large-lot parcels zoned for commercial, Residential, Office & Industrial, many of which are currently undeveloped. This corridor is one of the busiest in Española, serving as the gateway to those going north to Colorado and south to Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Albuquerque. Moreover, agriculture represents a strategic, sustainable growth sector for our region as set forth in the most current CEDS and REDI Planning dodumentsOther>3,500,00025%80Chris Madrid505-753-2992clmadrid@rio-arriba.orgPeter
35039941000Rio ArribaThis area is dominated by large-lot parcels zoned for commercial with significant oil and gas industry presence, many of which are otherwise currently undeveloped. Rio Arriba County has over 8500 active wells and is the third largest gas producing county in NM. The Oil and gas industry represents a strategic, sustainable growth sector for our region and has been prioritized by our County Commission which is in the process of revising current ordinances in support if industry activity while protecting our watershed.OtherDo not know at this time.Do not know at this time.Do not know at this time.Chris Madrid505-753-2992clmadrid@rio-arriba.orgPeter
35041000300RooseveltThis property (acreage) is adjacent to the local community hospital, Roosevelt County Special Hospital District, also known as Roosevelt General Hospital (RGH). The location is ideal due to the fact that the Senior Community and RGH can work hand in hand with Senior Community residents. This area is very convenient for the Senior Community residents as they can easily and conveniently access their health care needs, doctor appointments, etc. RGH Medical Staff can make also make house calls as needed.Community Development$2 million to $8 million0%50Bill Hendrickson575-356-8541bill.hendrickson@portales.comSusie
35045943201San JuanPrime area for the expansion of agriculture and continued development of industrial and manufacturing uses. Ample land, electricty and water exist along with advantages of locating on the Navajo Reservation.Business Development100.00%300Warren Unsicker505-566-3720wunsicker@4cornersed.comFred
35045943000San JuanAdjacent to the NAPI area, there is ample land for development and re-purposing.OtherWarren Unsicker505-566-3720wunsicker@4cornersed.comFred
35045000705San JuanTract is a mix of available industrial, commercial, planned unit development, R-3 residential, R-1 residential and agricultural and across U.S. Highway 550 from an existing industrial park. Vacant land is suitable for development. The tract is also adjacent to the San Juan River which offers recreational and tourism-related potential.Other$2,500,0000%0Warren Unsicker505-566-3720wunsicker@4cornersed.comFred
35045000401San JuanThere is a 130 acre tract of undeveloped land on the north side of the airfield that can be developed and leased to provide employment opportunities, additional tax base and help offset the taxpayer liability for the operation of the airport. There is most certaionly opportunity to turn City of Farmington land in to tax revenue producing property. San Juan County and Northwestern NM is in dire need of business diversification. Currently almost all business activity id directly or indirectly related to the energy production sector which is wildly unpredictable and contains serious downsides for the overall economy.A non related biusiness would help promote stability.Business Development$10,000,0006.25%200Warren Unsicker505-566-3720wunsicker@4cornersed.comFred
35045000402San JuanThere are 3 districts within the Farmington MRA.: 1. Downtown District – Vibrant downtown district that is attracting people with art, music, and automotive related events as well as creative economy businesses. Good retail and office mix, has a good start on restaurants but lacks night life amenities. Strong MainStreet organization that promotes the district and hosts events that attract visitors to the district. 2. The Civic Center District – constists of a mix of residential and community service businesses and the Farmington Civic Center which is a large event and convention center. It also includes the Farmington Children's Museum and Science Center and the Bonnie Dallas Senior Center. 3. The Animas District – Contains the San Juan Regional Medical Center and other medical related facilities. It includes 2-low income day care facilities, some residential, and several industrial properties. Additionally, there are several city, county, state, and federal offices in the district. The entire Farmington MRA has strong Mayor and City Council support and it has been identified at the State level as a vibrant area with the potential for further economic growth.Community Development1. The Downtown District – $5.6 million of bonded funds and approximately $3 million of City CIP funds. 2. The Animas District – $0 spent with Staff, 4CED, and volunteer time filling the gap. 3. The Civic Center District – $11 million raised by an additional hospitality fee placed on area hotel rooms.1. 100% Funding Secured 2. N/A 3. 100%100Warren Unsicker505-566-3720wunsicker@4cornersed.comFred
35043940900Sandovalthis tract abutts 35031944000 and 35043010900 which appears to be a multi- county opportunityOther00unknownAntoinette Vigil505-404-5825ajvigil@sandovalcountynm.govFred
35043940500SandovalThe Town is experiencing tremendous business activity from new and expanding sources. Santa Ana Pueblo is a contributing employment center and the expansion of Highway 550 is resulting from that and the growth to the west. Because this program is "place-based" which allow for the uniqueness and differences from community to community, to attract the investment for those hard assets. Submitting this tract can have this new pot of financing to support the affordable housing. This parcel is surrounded by low income housing. It is a relatively large parcel that would be ideal to meet future housing needs, which would increase land values. The main artery of the Town, highway 550, is included in the USDA SET corridor and has the opportunity for two of the 3 industry sector's targeted - agribusiness and tourism.Housing$8 million known at this time for the expansions; $1.5 possible on the Sandia Pueblo aspect80% for the business development; 0% for Sandia Pueblo40 new for the one project; other job numbers for other company expansion unknown at this time; 100 on Sandia Pueblo projectAntoinette Vigil505-404-5825ajvigil@sandovalcountynm.govFred
35049001304Santa FeCreate more housing stock and launch targeted retail for future hospital workers that is connected to major retail, the Rail Runner Train and major north/south city streetsHousingtbd0%tbdRich Brown505-955-6625rdbrown@ci.santa-fe.nm.usPeter
35049001302Santa FeCreate Midtown Housing stock for Meow Wolf growth and Launch Maker Space ProjectHousingtbd0%tbdRich Brown505-955-6625rdbrown@ci.santa-fe.nm.usPeter
35049001202Santa FeThis area of Santa Fe had slowly been transforming from warehouse and light manufacturing to a mixed use location. Meow Wolf launched the House of Eternal Return in early 2017, which became the city's largest attaction (400,000 people) within its first year. This has had a catalyzing effect such as sparking the development of two craft breweries, a tea house, coffee roaster, crossfit facility, restaurants and smaller music and theater venues. The area is primed for rapid development.

There are myriad opportunities to covert wareshouses, parking lots and other underutilized properties into residential and commercial uses, thereby, creating a millenial and young family center for the city. In particular, there is an innovative affordable housing project in development targeted at professionals in the creative economy. This is called Arts + Creativity Center (ACC)
Business Development11,000,0000.00%tbdRich Brown505-955-6625rdbrown@ci.santa-fe.nm.usPeter
35049001103Santa FeTake advantage of incentives in ordinance that established Midtown Local Innovation Corridor to create a new city center based on mixed uses of higher education, expanding film & emerging media industries, entrepreneurial ecosystem, high density housing, nightlife & entertainment, wide variety of community resources including performing arts, parks & community gardens, and improved pedestrian & bicycle pathways and access.Othertbd0%tbdRich Brown505-955-6625rdbrown@ci.santa-fe.nm.usPeter
35049001002Santa FeTake advantage of incentives in ordinance that established Midtown Local Innovation Corridor to create a new city center based on mixed uses. On the northside of St. Michaels Drive, the primary uses would be workforce and affordable housing, and a range of needed commercial businesses providing goods and services particularly to millenials and young families.Business Developmenttbd0%tbdRich Brown505-955-6625rdbrown@ci.santa-fe.nm.usPeter
35051962401SierraThis tract includes uses such as Spaceport America, Airport/ Industrial Park and other uses that have tremendous growth potential to create jobs an and entire industry. The State of New Mexico has made significant investment in these assets and has allocated millions of dollars to expand operations and capabilities at Spaceport America such as a new fuel farm and hangers.Business DevelopmentN/AN/AN/ABruce Swingle, County Manager575-740-7105bswingle@sierraco.orgChristine
35051962300SierraThe track includes downtown T or C. And vacant commercial land along I 25 Bussiness Loop next to a 2.5 MW Solar Farm owned by the city. The tract has access to the necessary infrastructure to revitalize the downtown area will aid in revitalizing T or C.Commercial Real EstateN/AN/AN/AJuan Fuentes, City Manager575-894-6673jafuentes@torcnm.orgChristine
35055952300TaosThe Village of Questa dedicated a 20 acre parcel of land to be used as a business park as part of strategy to create a post-mining economy.Business Development$2,400,00079%22Brent Jaramillo575-737-6300brent.jaramillo@taoscounty.orgPeter
35057963600TorranceThis tract includes the community of Estancia, NM, BNSF railway and railway spur. This tract also includes a 250,000 square foot detention facillity that is currently vacant. This area is also very popular for renewable energy applications.Business Developmentapprox. 250,000,00075%200 construction, 12 full timeMyra Pancrazio505-832-5428director@evedanm.comPeter
35057963202TorranceThe tract includes the eastern part of the city of Moriarty inclusive of two business parks, commercial corridor along Rt. 66 that paralells Interstate 40.Business Developmentapprox. 40,000,000.0010%200Myra Pancrazio505-832-5428director@evedanm.comPeter
35061971400ValenciaThis tract contains the industrial center of Los Lunas, with two industrial parks, the Facebook Data Center under development, and the Central NM Rail Park. It offers the largest opportunity for new job growth in manufacturing and industrial development in Valencia County.Business Development$180,000,000Facebook - 100%; All other potential or pending projects - 4%5,250Ralph Mims505-839-5654mimsr@loslunsnm.govPeter
35061971300ValenciaWith ample open space, access to transnational transportation corridors such as I-25 and the BNSF rail line as well as transport facilities such as Belen Alexander Airport, this tract includes prime opportunities for job growth in transportation, manufacturing, and sustainable energy development.Business DevelopmentN/AN/AN/ASteven Tomita505-966-2745steven.tomita@belen-nm.govPeter
35061971000ValenciaThis tract includes the City of Rio Communities and adjacent unincorporated areas. It contains the Rio Grande Industrial Park, which has great potential for new job growth in Manufacturing and Industrial development in southern Valencia CountyBusiness DevelopmentN/AN/AN/ASteven Tomita505-966-2745steven.tomita@belen-nm.govPeter
35061970401ValenciaThe historic agricultural center of Los Lunas, this tract also contains the transportation center and Rail Runner station. It is the designated area the Village envisions for a town center, and as such offers the best opportunity for walkable, dense, mixed-use development in the Village.Community DevelopmentUp to $30,000,0005%25 jobs per yearRalph Mims505-839-5654mimsr@loslunsnm.govPeter