Camden Cycling Campaign Quick Wins - current status
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Phase 1, requested November 2013
No.LocationDescription - Completed items are in italicsCategoryProposerMap linkStatusPhoto
1Northington St.Drop kerb at Western end of Northington St. WC1, leading to Rugby Street.There is already a dropped kerb at Rugby Street. Dropped kerb neededAndrea CasalottiStreet View Completed 2/9/2014Completed Photo
2Menelik RoadDropped kerb from into the path beside the UCS Sports Ground.Dropped kerb neededJean DollimoreStreet ViewWork in hand 2017
3Kelly StreetWhat about dropped kerbs between Kelly St. and Castlehaven Road? Helps avoid Hawley Road and the 393 bus at Castle Road.Dropped kerb neededSusan Seymour Completed 10/07/2014 Photo
4Gough StreetJunction of Gough Street and Calthorpe Street needs a cycle gap across footway, or at least two dropped kerbs. Dropped kerb neededJean DollimoreStreet ViewCompleted 03/09/2014 Photo
5Dartmouth Park RoadDartmouth Park Road at Highgate Road: ‘Except cycles’ sign on No Entry both sides. Loads of people cycle through anyway, so this fits into the “feeling more cared for” category.SignageSusan SeymourStreet View Completed July 2017 Photo
6Regent’s SquareSince the western side of Regent’s Square was made two way for cycling this sign on south side of Regent’s Square indicating the route to Kings Cross is in the wrong place. It needs to be moved westwards onto Tavistock Place before the south west corner of Regents Square.SignageJean DollimoreStreet View Completed 20/2/2014 Photo
7Borough-wideThe blue bike routes signs attached to posts often get turned. Only people who already know the route, would know that the sign is pointing the wrong way. Surely there is some way of attaching these signs so they can’t be turned? Screw the attaching band to the post – that would do it!SignageRichendaFor consideration in 2017-18 LIP
8Haverstock HillThe feeder lane southbound into the ASL at the junction of Haverstock Hill and Prince of Wales Road is often blocked by vehicles intending to turn into PoW Rd, even though the traffic lane is wide enough to accommodate vehicles while leaving the feeder lane clear.ASL improvementGeorge CoulourisFor consideration in 2017-18 LIP
9Lissenden GardensImprove cycle access through the very awkward barriers on Lissenden Gardens at the junction with Glenhurst Ave.Barrier improvementSusan SeymourStreet View Completed 3/3/2014 Photo
10To allow easy cycle access between Montpelier Grove and Leighton Road via Willingham Terrace, cut through the railing across the road so as to allow cyclists to go straight while pedestrians have the footpath to themselves. Barrier improvementJean DollimoreStreet ViewWork in hand 2017
11Camden SquarePlease could the bicycle signs painted on the road in Camden Square & Stratford Villas be repainted? They are so faint they are barely visible! I would especially like a BIG one at the bottom junction with Rochester Sq, where cars often come round very wide, well over into the cyclists’ space.Missing roadmarkingAngela Hobsbaum 14/1/2014 (North Villas remaining to do). For consideration in 2017-18 LIP. Photo
12Oval Road I received the following email “I was wondering if anything was being done about the cycle path over the canal on Oval Road near Camden Market. I use it daily to get to work and am a little fed up with the flooding and parking in it. I regularly see cars parked in it and vans possibly delivering something or picking up rubbish. It also seems to get pretty flooded after rainfall".Poor road marking + Road surface + parking enforcementJean DollimoreStreet ViewFor consideration in 2017-18 LIP
13Camley StreetPoor road surface in Camley Street near Granary Rd and the rail bridge.Poor road surfaceGeorge Coulouris Completed 18/3/2014
14York WayYork Way has a terrible road surface.Poor road surfaceJean Dollimore
15Guilford StreetNot a cycling issue as such but one which will help pedestrians. At junction of Guilford Street and Russell Square, pedestrian lights to cross Guilford Street are held at red when Guilford Street exit is also red and no traffic is moving out of Guilford Street. These ped lights need re-phasing to allow pedestrians to cross.Traffic flow/signal changeJohn HartleyStreet View AECOM have advised that the signalling has likely been set up like this so that all pedestrian crossings start and end at the same time for safety reason, otherwise pedestrians waiting at Russell Square may think they can cross as well. Also say if you install pedestrian countdowns, then ideally all the crossings should finish at the same time to avoid giving conflicting timings. With some rearrangement of the staging, it’s possible to run the pedestrian across Guildford Street at the same time as the Russell Square traffic movement, however there are concerns around safety.
16Lamb’s Conduit StreetChange priority at the Lamb’s Conduit Street junction with Great Ormond Street to allow smooth North/south flow and make east west flow subject to “give way” controls. This might encourage motorised vehicles take more care when turning from & into Great Ormond Street.Priority changeJohn HartleyStreet View Camden has an approved design for the junction that would make the layout more considerate of cyclists. Although it does not involve a change of priority - such a change would be challenging as it's a T junction with two access points so the layout of give way lines would be complex/confusing if possible at all.
The approved design cannot be constructed at the moment due to construction of the large scale GOSH redevelopment, but Camden have secured an agreement that the developer would fund the changes once the site becomes available.
17Bernard Street,Bernard Street, running along the south of the Brunswick from Marchmont St to Grenville St. .Suggestion: paint bike icons on the road, in the middle. Thus indicating to drivers that bikes are to be expected in the middle of the road. It won’t stop all the aggression but it should reduce it. Additional cycle logosRichendaStreet View Completed 04/09/2014 Photo
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