Camden Cycling Campaign Quick Wins - current status
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ReferenceLocationDescription - Completed items are in italicsCategoryProposerMap linkStatusPhoto
p1-1/Nov13Northington St.Drop kerb at Western end of Northington St. WC1, leading to Rugby Street.There is already a dropped kerb at Rugby Street. Dropped kerb neededAndrea CasalottiStreet View Completed 2/9/2014Completed Photo
p1-2/Nov13Menelik RoadDropped kerb from into the path beside the UCS Sports Ground.Dropped kerb neededJean DollimoreStreet ViewCompleted 2017
p1-3/Nov13Kelly StreetWhat about dropped kerbs between Kelly St. and Castlehaven Road? Helps avoid Hawley Road and the 393 bus at Castle Road.Dropped kerb neededSusan Seymour Completed 10/07/2014 Photo
p1-4/Nov13Gough StreetJunction of Gough Street and Calthorpe Street needs a cycle gap across footway, or at least two dropped kerbs. Dropped kerb neededJean DollimoreStreet ViewCompleted 03/09/2014 Photo
p1-5/Nov13Dartmouth Park RoadDartmouth Park Road at Highgate Road: ‘Except cycles’ sign on No Entry both sides. Loads of people cycle through anyway, so this fits into the “feeling more cared for” category.SignageSusan SeymourStreet View Completed July 2017 Photo
p1-6/Nov13Regent’s SquareSince the western side of Regent’s Square was made two way for cycling this sign on south side of Regent’s Square indicating the route to Kings Cross is in the wrong place. It needs to be moved westwards onto Tavistock Place before the south west corner of Regents Square.SignageJean DollimoreStreet View Completed 20/2/2014 Photo
p1-9/Nov13Lissenden GardensImprove cycle access through the very awkward barriers on Lissenden Gardens at the junction with Glenhurst Ave.Barrier improvementSusan SeymourStreet View Completed 3/3/2014 Photo
p1-13/Nov13Camley StreetPoor road surface in Camley Street near Granary Rd and the rail bridge.Poor road surfaceGeorge Coulouris Completed 18/3/2014
p1-17/Nov13Bernard Street,Bernard Street, running along the south of the Brunswick from Marchmont St to Grenville St. .Suggestion: paint bike icons on the road, in the middle. Thus indicating to drivers that bikes are to be expected in the middle of the road. It won’t stop all the aggression but it should reduce it. Additional cycle logosRichendaStreet View Completed 04/09/2014 Photo
p1-11/Nov13Camden SquarePlease could the bicycle signs painted on the road in Camden Square & Stratford Villas be repainted? They are so faint they are barely visible! I would especially like a BIG one at the bottom junction with Rochester Sq, where cars often come round very wide, well over into the cyclists’ space.Missing roadmarkingAngela Hobsbaum 14/1/2014 Mainly completed. Remainder dropped. Photo
p2-13/Nov14Argyle Square / St Chad's StreetThis gate is difficult for wide or loaded cycles to pass through and it’s also ugly so bollards here would be good. I was asked to report this on behalf of a cyclist in the Argyle Square area.Barrier improvementJean Dollimore 2015
p3-2/May17Prince Albert Road Dropped kerb by entrance to new Regents Canal access ramp.Dropped kerbSean Howes 19-2-2018
p3-6/May17Langtry Road/Kilburn Priory junctionThe right turn for cycles from Langtry Road to the bridge should be allowed and the countraflow access made easier for cyclists turning from Langtry.Except Cycles plate neededStefano Bertolotto modificaton Completed March 2018, sign posted July 2019
p2-4/Nov14Healey Street @ Prince of Wales RoadA metal fence prevents anybody from cycling between Healey Street and Prince of Wales Road. The only way through is on the footway at either end of the gate.
We need dropped kerbs in both roads and the fence to be replaced by bollards.
Barrier improvementJean Dollimore January 2018
p3-9/Jan 2018Goodsway at junction with King's Boulevard and Granary SquareConvert the existing Zebra to a Tiger crossing.Tiger CrossingJean Dollimore June 2018
p3-4/May17Mornington CrescentAdd an Except Cycles plate to the Left Turn Only sign at the northern exit to Hampstead Road, permitting cyclists to pass through the gap in the central reservation and join Hampstead Road soutbound.Except Cycles plate neededSean Howes (Checked 6-9-2018)
p3-12/June 2018Junction of Goucester Avenue and Regents Park Road, Primrose HillThe entrance from Gloucester Avenue to the cycle track on the rail bridge has an upstand of about 4 cm, This causes a jolt for cyclists and possible danger if not approached at right angles. The problem wasn't present before the road was resurfaced several months ago.Road surfacing issue.John Chamberlain (Checked 5-9-18)
p3-5/May17Sandall RoadWhen work was done earlier this year outside Camden School for Girls, the car club bays were moved. The ones on the northern side of the carriageway are now dangerously and unreasonably close to the cycle cut-through. This means that even a cyclist who wishes to use the cut through is forced right into the centre of the road at the pinch point. It should be possible simply to move the final car club bay back - even 3 metres would make a differenceMove parking baysRachel Wrangham November 2018 (checked 22/11/18).
p3-13/Sept 2018Royal College Street northbound cycle trackLoading bay hours wrongly signed. It has been agreed between CCC and the council for many months that the hours of permitted use of the loading bay should be posted as 10am - 4pm.Loading bay times wrongly postedJean Dollimore 31/7/2019. Sign shows permitted loading hours as 10am to 4 pm.Photo of sign
p2-2/Nov14Ampton StreetAs you come out of Ampton Street westbound across Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross station is signed right (up Grays Inn Road) whereas Euston etc are straight on. There's a much safer route signed through Regents Square. Could the sign be changed to send all cyclists ahead (just remove the arrow).SignageJohn ChamberlainCompleted as a part of the C6 route signage.
p1-12/Nov13Oval Road I received the following email “I was wondering if anything was being done about the cycle path over the canal on Oval Road near Camden Market. I use it daily to get to work and am a little fed up with the flooding and parking in it. I regularly see cars parked in it and vans possibly delivering something or picking up rubbish. It also seems to get pretty flooded after rainfall".Poor road marking + Road surface + parking enforcementJean DollimoreStreet ViewDROPPED: Not on Camden property - for CCC to pursue with the Morrisons site developers
p1-15/Nov13Guilford StreetNot a cycling issue as such but one which will help pedestrians. At junction of Guilford Street and Russell Square, pedestrian lights to cross Guilford Street are held at red when Guilford Street exit is also red and no traffic is moving out of Guilford Street. These ped lights need re-phasing to allow pedestrians to cross.Traffic flow/signal changeJohn HartleyStreet ViewDROPPED: AECOM have advised that the signalling has likely been set up like this so that all pedestrian crossings start and end at the same time for safety reason, otherwise pedestrians waiting at Russell Square may think they can cross as well. Also say if you install pedestrian countdowns, then ideally all the crossings should finish at the same time to avoid giving conflicting timings. With some rearrangement of the staging, it’s possible to run the pedestrian across Guildford Street at the same time as the Russell Square traffic movement, however there are concerns around safety.
p1-16/Nov13Lamb’s Conduit StreetChange priority at the Lamb’s Conduit Street junction with Great Ormond Street to allow smooth North/south flow and make east west flow subject to “give way” controls. This might encourage motorised vehicles take more care when turning from & into Great Ormond Street.Priority changJohn HartleyStreet ViewDROPPED: Camden has an approved design for the junction that would make the layout more considerate of cyclists. Although it does not involve a change of priority - such a change would be challenging as it's a T junction with two access points so the layout of give way lines would be complex/confusing if possible at all.
The approved design cannot be constructed at the moment due to construction of the large scale GOSH redevelopment, but Camden have secured an agreement that the developer would fund the changes once the site becomes available.
p2-1/Nov14Lorenzo StreetCould we have a contraflow? For some journeys that would enable the KX horror to be avoided altogether. Might require some "Cyclists only" signage at the eastern end of Britiannia Street.ContraflowRichenda This is in Islington, so cannnot be dealt with by Camden
p2-5/Nov14Mabledon Place northbound and southbound at Euston RoadRemove one of the two general traffic lanes; use the space gained to provide a wider southbound contraflow lane (should help reduce the conflicts with pedestrians) and a proper 2m wide feeder northbound into the ASL. Parking bay on the inside could remain, or maybe be moved outside the lane.
Change the signage and/or signal on Euston Road to make the left turn into Mabledon Place for cycles legal even when traffic on Euston Road is held on red.
Cycle track upgradeJohn ChamberlainDROPPED 2017: Cannot be considered as a Quick Win
p2-6a/Nov14Oval Road at Gilbeys YardOn route between Oval Road and Morrison's superstore in Chalk Farm. Narrow cycle track(e.g. about 1.5m) sometimes obstructed by motors or flooded forcing people to cycle on cobbles. Reported as Quick Win 12 in Stage 1 but still badly needs sorting. Cycle track upgradeJean Dollimore DROPPED: not on Camden land. To be pursued with Gilbey's Yard owners.
p2-6b/Nov14Further west: The cycle track is very narrow and it would be hard for bikes going in different directions to pass one another. Maybe raise track to footway level to widen it?Cycle track upgrade 2017: This is private land. Will be carried forward to the Morrisons site development project.
p2-9/Nov14Entry to Morrisons Car Park from Gilbey's YardThis may be beyond Camden's control but I'm just asking... The actual access via the bike track is too narrow. I saw a woman with large bike trailer use the metal anti-trolley track which could be slippery on wet days. Is there any other solution? Cycle track upgradeJean Dollimore 2017: This is private land. Will be carried forward to the Morrisons site development project.
p2-10/Nov14Northington Street WC1Following the successful Quick Win 1 Ask (dropped kerb at Western corner), can we now have a contraflow lane between John's Mews and Great James Street? It is a vital link between Mount Pleasant and Queen Square.ContraflowAndrea CasalottiDROPPED 2017: Considered by Camden, ruled too narrow for a cycle contraflow.
p2-11/Nov14Great James St.A contraflow there is a great idea; it links to Bedford Row and would offer a very nice route Holborn-Angel avoiding Guildford St, which I suspect will take time to civilise.ContraflowAndrea CasalottiDROPPED 2017: Considered by Camden, ruled too narrow for a cycle contraflow.
p2-12/Nov14Brunswick CentreThere is still then the obstacle of a flight of steps to reach the bike racks so I wonder if we can ask Camden to provide a bike channel on the steps so that we can wheel bikes up and down the steps? Some years ago I asked the Brunswick management and got nowhere but perhaps if Camden is involved….?Stairway cycle rampRichendaDROPPED 2017.This is on Camden Housing Department land.
p2-14/Nov14Pancras Road/ Goodsway/ Camley StChange this sign on Pancras Road (facing north) at the junction with Goodsway to 'No Entry Except Taxis and Cycles'. Current 'Flying Motorcycle' may be legally correct but it is obscure that many people.SignageGeorge Coulouris October 2018: No longer considered important by CCC
p3-3/May17Access road behind O2 Centre NW3Dropped kerb enabling access to/from car park (between the 2 stands in the image)Dropped kerbSean Howes This is on private land
p3-7/May17Kilburn Priory railway bridgeThe road surface on the bridge is very poor making it very difficult / uncomfortable to cycle on.CobblesStefano Bertolotto due to cost and potential problems arising from weakness of the bridge.
p2-8/Nov14Road between Morrisons superstore and Chalk Farm Road Starting from Morrisons, this road runs 2- way down the hill but after passing under the railway bridge, the downhill route turns left (north) and joins Chalk Farm Road much further on. The photo shows that the natural route down towards the junction of Ferdinand Street is blocked by an extra northbound right turn lane labelled 'petrol'. I suggest that this lane could be temporarily blocked off e.g. with water filled plastic barriers to show that it isn't needed.
The next stage would be to put in a contraflow cycle lane down to Chalk Farm road.
The final stage (probably too big for a Quick Win, but not to be forgotten) would allow two-way cycling between this road (superstore approach) and Ferdinand Road . We'd need a cut through the central reservation and cycle signal.
Cycle track upgradeJean Dollimore 2018: Will be carried forward to the Morrisons site development project.
p3-1/May17Southampton Row north boundNorthbound - Buses only allowed to turn right into Theobalds Road from Southampton Way/Kingsway.  Request to permit cyclists to turnAdded by JSDROPPED: Camden officers say it's not possible. July 2018.
p3-10/Jan 2018King Henry's Road near junction with Primrose Hill RoadKing Henry’s Road between Primrose Hill Road and Ainger Road is two way to all vehicles with a cycle plug at the Primrose Hill Road end. Although there are no one way signs the street markings are as if it were one way westbound. Traffic speeds are high here despite the (20) marking and cars frequently speed round the bend at Ainger Road on the wrong side of the road which is very dangerous for eastbound cyclists. Can we push for a mid lane marking there and ask for the (20)’s to be repainted to make it clear it’s two way?Improved road markingsDaniel Glaser
p3-8/May17Camley Street northern endDouble yellows to prevent obstructive/dangerous parking between the bottom of the Agar/Camley cycle and pedestrian ramp and Cedar Way. Motors approaching the garages travel at speed in the gloomy area under the rail bridge, endangering cycles coming the other way. Some cyclists feel forced to use the footway to avoid this danger.
Rachel Wrangham to replace anti-m/c barriers at bottom of link with bollards 7-9-2020
p3-11/April 2018Wilkin Street, Kentish TownFor many years this road has been filtered by a locked gate stopping through motor traffic. But in recent years the lock has disappeared several times and the gate has been left open at least 50% of the time. This makes cycling less safe/pleasant in 2 ways: 1. the gate itself can be a hazard because its position may not be clear in dim light. 2. When cycling eastbound it is impossible to know whether motor vehicle is approaching until near the gate. Suggested action - replace gate with bollards.
Update June 2018: The gate has now been open for several months and cars can now be seen using it as a cut-through.
Filter upgrade
George Coulouris to replace gate with bollards 7-9-2020
p3-12/Sept 2018Jeffries Street at junction with Royal College Street
Cyclists approaching Royal College Street eastbound on Jeffries Street should be permitted to turn into the segregated southbound cycle track.
Missing 'Except Cycles' plate
John Chamberlain to install signage 7-9-2020
p4-2/November 2018Chetwynd Road at Grove End
Two dropped kerbs or a pass-through lane enabling cyclists to turn to/from Grove End into Chetwynd Road. And 'Keep Clear' on Chetwynd at the intersection to enable cycles and peds to cross when vehicles are queued at the lights.
2 x Dropped kerbs
George Coulouris August 2020.
p4-2/November 2018Dartmouth Park Road at Grove Terrace
Two dropped kerbs or a pass-through lane enabling cyclists to turn to/from Grove Terrace into Dartmounth Park Road. May require a small reduction on the length of the parking bay on Dartmouth Park Road.
2 x Dropped kerbs
Susan Seymour August 2020.
p4-3/November 2018South End Road/Willow Road
Two dropped kerbs or a pass-through lane enabling cyclists to turn to/from South End Road and Willow Road
2 x Dropped kerbs
Susan Seymour
Decison to proceed 7-9-2020
p4-4/December 2018St Augustine's Road at Camden Park Road
The two gates between St Augustine's Road and Camden Park Road are not designed for cycle permeabiility.
2 x dropped kerbs and a short section of cycle track alongside the cobbled strip.
Stefano Bertolotto June 2020.