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TimestampWhat is the RT Number from part 1 of your application? Aeria Account NameMain CharacterHave you ever had any disciplinary action taken on your account?Have you previously applied to be an DKO GS, or any for that matter?How much experience do you have with the DKO community?Why do you think you should be chosen?Additional comments, questions, concerns?
1/16/2013 14:34:5212345TestTestTestTestTestTestTest
1/16/2013 15:11:599077497MPurePureNoI was a gs over at Kingdom Heroes for half a year untill leaving the game.

I applied for DKO GS last november and wasn't accepted.
I've been around since the summer. I moved to DKO when Waren Story announced it was folding up. I'm familiar with the community.

I hit max level during CB and BST, and tested as much as I possibly could, while advising follow players on certain things.
I have experience as a GS, as well as similar positions prior to AGE.

I'm one of the most knowledgeable players in DKO, and very active in game.

I keep up to date with the forum.

I'm very friendly and mature with everyone, friend or foe.
I believe everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion the current gs team is lacking in the areas of which I excel at.

That isn't to say I don't mind the forums, I'm there on a regular basis, and especially during maints.
1/16/2013 15:15:229077547Extra0rdinaryDaniYes, I was banned, for googling a GSes username on December 30th 2011I have applied for GS at Eden EternalFor Last Chaos None. :P

But for DK Online, I've done a lot of tech support, made a lot of guides, and am around quite a bit to help players. I've made guides for Guilds, how to post an RT, Tracert, DXDiag.
I think I should be chosen because I've been an active member of DK Online, both on the forums and in-game. I have answered many players questions, I've supplied a lot of information. To top it all off, I've worked the tech board for the most part.I have no questions, comments or concerns.
1/16/2013 15:41:2490774634SuperSayin4SuperSayinNeverYes i applied for GS for DKO the 1st time it was available. and for Kingdom Heros when it was active.Well Last Chaos was THE game that started me on MMOs ! i never had as much fun as i did there i had a Char of ever class Rogue,(Twylite420)
Knight (Twylite77) that was about 6 years ago i played for about 3 years
Back when i played LC i dident do much on the forumes back then i was just learning about aeria and all thay had to offer. Then i started playing Kingdom hearos! And it had more Aeria forume based events so i started useing them more offen. and Now im on aeria forumes just about everyday doing events, commecting on good work, relaying info if i can justing in on SB convo's and genrally haveing fun! I feel i would be a good choice because i honestly love being a person ppl could come to for help! I always go out of my way to help other ppl if i can, it make's me feel good about my self when i am able to help. Im on line about 18 hrs a day and i keep up on the lastest new for what ever game im playing i have 13 years experience in MMO gameing, and i just love DKO :) played all through CB till the vary last min hit the cap and then in ST i got to lvl 31 just because it was being wiped and i was exploreing other aspects of the game ^.- I plan to be apart of the DKO world for as long as the game is open :) cant wait to get ingame and start Slaying all in my path!
1/16/2013 16:12:2333135268Night_Rise666PockyI have non ban histries in my account taken. I hasnt been applied to be an GS in the past few games. But this is the first time experience for applied to be an DKO GS. I have been experience with the community seen CBT/Stress test. I've know mostly of them in the community like GS coduxs/LadyBorderlinex and few more. I have decide to help the community in the game or forum if needed. I have proven to be friendly and reliable players. I'm hardcore active in the community which i played 24/7 a day. I'll do my best for the community to help whatever they needs. I'll hope to be an GS sooner to helpout the community. Given some helpful guides etc etc. Knowing as GS to get the job done for the community and I'll will be working with the others GS as well by given the community more help.
1/16/2013 17:29:199078051iv5dUzumakiNONOSince close beta i been playing this game and had lots of experiences I should be chosen because in other games i saw lots of people fighting with each other through chat (cursing)

and i wane stop everyone who uses hacks
I do not have any questions
1/16/2013 17:29:361231321asdfjaslkfaskdjsaskdjfkdjskafhkjdjksfhkdskjfhskdjsdjkfhksd
1/16/2013 18:26:279078225icifyricifyrNo.No I haven't applied before and I don't have Game Sage experience.I have been playing Dragon Knight Online for a couple of weeks in close beta and the stress test with my guild LucidDream. I have contributed to the forums by replying to questions and actively talking to people through the shoutbox.I like to help people and I see Game Sage as a role for people who are responsible and are actively contributing to the community. I think Dragon Knight Online is a new game and it needs people like myself with GM acknowledgement that can help others with questions and make the community thrive.I have past experience with moderation and administration on leagues and other websites. I was an ex-administrator for WOGL (World Online Gaming League) with my username being "Salman". I am an ex-player moderator for eFlyFF with my username being "IceSalman"
1/16/2013 18:51:329078335PrakJeremyDishonorableNoNoSince stress test, I've been on forums everyday and helped people through shout box with their situationHello, I'm applying to be a game sage at DKOnline. I am online everyday, really active. I will support users in forums and in game everyday.Most of my time will be put on DKOnline. I will go through every extent to make DKOnline a better environment for everyone.Thank you for looking at my application, I really appreciate it!
1/16/2013 19:15:319078419Anarchist69xEmperorNot one bit!Was a KH GS for 1 year. Worked with PMEmbla (when she was a GM) with open beta and helped run multiple events.Have been playing since day one of the first CB. I've also helped answer questions and help others by leveling through temple so they can experience the 1-35 content.Well, as I've prior experience as a GS I'm well aware and willing to help other community members and staff members of the game. Would also like to introduce a lot of the events we ran on KH as they attracted lots of fun for everyone.I'm a full time student currently so other than a few hours a day each week I've got a consistent schedule of time available. So I've got a lot of time to play and help all the time.
1/16/2013 19:27:289078465LordRapthorneRapthorne (Hopefully)Yes, over several years I have received numerous bans, of which (In my own personal opinion) only the first was justified.I have past GF experience of being on the Grand Fantasia and eden Eternal teams, for a collective time of roughly two yearsA fair amount. While I don't post much at this time, it is because most of my post history is geared towards assisting players with game issues. With the game not being live yet, such issues are not presentBecause I have the ability to work with anyone, even those I severely dislike, and I am a dedicated player who doesn't bear grudges. While I may have had action taken against me (unfairly) that does not change my outlook of DKO or Aeria. In words taken from the Godfather, "It's nothing personal, just business."

I also have a collective two years of GS experience, and I'm sure GM Mokona would give me good performance feedback.
1/16/2013 19:32:379078473RekikyoAmaranthNoI was a Shaiya GS in 2009. I have not applied for GS on DKO yet.I played both Closed Beta and the Stress Test under the name Amaranth as a Shadow Mage. I typically give player advise daily in Class chat, and I've given feedback I feel important on both the Closed beta and the Stress test. I probably know the close I play and it's diversities more than above average.When I love a game and am passionate about it, I literally absorb it. I love DKO enough to study it extensively, and I feel my insight in some ways can offer better player interaction and feedback because of the fact I work so hard at it.I understand fully that a GS must stay within behavioral lines that are acceptable to Aeria Game's standards. This means we must put ourselves out there to help players, sometimes at the cost of our own gameplay. We must also set an example with language, content, and observe nondisclosure of information privy to the GS/GM exchange. I believe I am capable of all of these expectations.

Thank you for your consideration!
1/17/2013 2:52:579079653obscure69ObscureBenzNope! ☺Nope! ☺Since CBT, CB-Stress Test, & OBT. I'm active at forums, shoutbox, & Fb page. When I know the particular answer to a question I share them willingly, I also encouraged my friends to like the fb page and check out DKO. & In game: I help low level characters to level up and answer their questions. ☺Well, I'm not from U.S.A. I'm a Filipino actually & we really like playing this kind of mmorpg. So for me, I know how to respectfully interact with other nationalities and I can also be a great help to the players within my region because of the time difference. I'm dedicated in playing DKO so even if i can't make it as a GS i will still help DKO players with the best of my ability and make DKO as Awesome as Ever! None!☺

Hail Dragon Knights! ☺
1/17/2013 16:20:139083979butinja2RootTo think about it no, i'mm new on aeriagames.No'p i heave not this is my first time applying for anything on 'aeriagames' Plenty i know it doesn't cont for anything but i've been around from beta stress test i heave been w8 for game to be released, and read all about dk online, any wayz ' Plenty' .
I don't think i even got a chance, 'because i am new on aeriagames' but if u don't try u never know, Yeah i can say i'mm experienced on mmorpg games i was GA/GAL on cabal online i used to help ppl around the game etc.
I was on forum non-stop when i've heard about the game I am very excited about dk online.
And i am pretty friendly with everyone.

Nothing, just that u ppl really chose good 'GS''s and that's about it and yeah imm solo player. :)

Thenks Best Regardz

C ya
1/17/2013 19:54:049084897Atlas515AtlasNot yet.Dragon Knights Online, and no I don't have experience, sorry. I was apart of the Stress Test, but not the Closed Beta. Either way, I'm sure the GS's have noticed me on the shout box recently because of the bug that popped up on the release of OBT.Haha, love the sub quote. I am naturally shy, but when I'm behind my computer, I can be pretty straightforward and blunt. But even after that, I can be very friendly nonetheless. I'm great in convincing people one way or the other, so the hordes of people I can handle easily. And possibly get them into a single file line if I try hard enough, lol just kidding. But why I should be chosen, well...I'm turning 18 on the 9th of May, might as well get some kind of job. And games, and such are by far my forte. I love them with a passion to the point I would love to make my own. If I become a game sage, then I'm one step closer, or...I can be satisfied with just that. Either way, I'd be glad to help you guys out.Uh, well, I'm not the age of 18 yet. I know you can't accept me unless I'm over the age of 18, so...I would love it if I was chosen after or on the 9th of May. I mean, I'M SO CLOSE. I see no reason to take this chance to at least GET a job with something I love.
1/18/2013 10:26:079088605terracyraxTerracyraxno i have not had any disciplinary action taken against my account to my knowledgeNo i have notbeen with the DKO community since day one of when they annouced it =) i have been contributing by answering question and what ones i can't answer i either direct them to a post or person who can.well i am a outgoing person i like to help people and make this game and community grow. plus GMEbilfish is AWSOME!! \o/i been with Aeria games for a long time as a member i feel this game is worth trying to be a Game Sage for for the first time. the community and GM's are awsome enough for me to give applying a shot at ^_^
1/18/2013 14:01:059089839IntentTragicTragicIntentNo I have not.No, First try applying to be a GS.Not long but have been with Aeria Games got quite some time now, have gotten to know many players and few GMs quite well over the time.Am a very active player and always helpful and friendly, always do my best to give the right advice to those who ask for it. Can inforce the rules if need be if any players are breaking TOS. Really just think I'd be good choice for GS cause would get along great with the players think they would like me am a pretty easy going fun loving guy. Sure you guys will pick the best people for GS spots would love to be giving a shot, cant wait to see.
1/18/2013 15:13:419090159DKM3rrcyDKM3rrcyNo I haven't. Since the account was made it is clean.No I have not.I have been here since the first Closed beta helping people in game and out. I have people that can vouch for me. I have made my own group in DKO with some friends and new members. I do not think I am so big on the forums I just monitor what is going on.Well I don't really have a reason why you should pick me for that being up to you, but I think I should be picked on what I can bring to the DKO Community. I can be active for long hours a day(for example 15/7 -- Which is close to 24/7). I can be active on forums for as long as you would like. I am mature, have experience being a GS, and can make sure everyone is treated fairly.What are you looking for out of New GS's?
1/20/2013 20:23:279103497j.p.pat08MartyrNone what-so-ever. Have always been clean and helpful to the community. Been around since closed-beta.Have never applied. I wanted to learn more of the game and what it had to offer before I could go out on a quest to help others.Plenty. I have played Closed Beta and I have been familiar with all the topics that go on in the various chats. Even without GS status, I have tried to make sure things resolve in a very friendly matter.I feel like I am not only very literate and would give a good outlook when representing Aeria GS community for DKO, but I am very calm, not bias to things, and bring the utmost professionalism to the table. I have the knowledge to give a lending hand to inexperienced and experienced players alike.I am open to doing player support, though I do know this may be a paid position that may require more than this application. I can help with support tickets and in game help. I have the drive to learn and help this growing community because DKO has become my passion.
1/22/2013 10:54:199112077sterlinger45Jessnono i have been since day one. helping new players is what i love to doi love to help honrestly. i cant stand not being able to help.i hope you choose me but if not thats ok
1/22/2013 18:24:409114097KotaNovaShewillowno?nosince CB. im in guild Performance, always helping the guild out with giving drops and help when needed. im always nice to even opposing realm by giving buff to anyone being I'm pali and it is a support/tank characterim always nice to even opposing realm by giving buff to anyone being im pali and it is a support/tank characterif GS are needed i can help when needed :)
1/23/2013 15:07:069119111RushayeRushayeNoI am currently a Shaiya GS, I have alot of experience with forums and game mods.I dont have much experience due to the fact my old PC didnt runt he game properly. I am on forums though even though i hardly post.To be honest, i cant say why i cant be chosen, because Anyone can make up a lie. But I know I will do my best to help those in need to the best of my ability. I am good at solving problems I have been told. I also have a few years experience of being a mod for aeria and other games. 1) When do i start? :D
1/23/2013 19:53:109120333dksycoHPnopenopesince the beta opened, answering questions and suchlike that showing people where to go for quests things like thatusually on all the time still learning but ill get therenope :)
1/24/2013 14:59:35[Request Tracker (RT) #9125459] AutoReply: [DK Online in English] Game Sage ApplicationMissChiefMissChiefnopenopedidnt make cb but am familiar with aeria mmos and was a ts1 gs previouslywell i have been with you guys since 2007, still have quite a few Gm's on my YIM, was actively into closed server testing in ts1, started o last chaos, was longest ever serving ts1 gs and got max cap on ts2 like this game want to help out like i have before, when it was still allowed was also a forum mod at same time as GS ask superman aka brianam familiar in the utmost with TOS and gm interaction protocol was previously a gs foranother game aka ts1
1/25/2013 13:56:51#9121403steven2300stevezkeno i have not had any disciplinary action taken on my account that i am aware ofno i have not applied for a [GS] role in the pastDKO being a new game the community is still growing but i always keep an eye on the class chat system in case anyone needs help with quests or general knowledge questions and i don't mind going out of my way if i am not busy with another group to help people out 1.i am friendly :D
2.have a great sense of humor
3.easy to get along with
4.know how to bring down the kill joy hammer if anyone is being inappropriate
5.good mediator worthy
just one if i get the position how many events am i allowed to run :D ?
1/25/2013 22:57:099132827Prince_dullahanBloodThanatoNo i have not had any disciplinary actions taken on my account, however i have been accidently banned for a couple of hours due to the mistake made by Aeria GamesI have not tried to apply for any GS postitions throughout my 2-3 years of playing Aeria GamesI have been here since Beta stress test. As for constributing to the community i already answer questions that are asked by players during game time when im on.To Honestly say i believe i will beable to perform the duties of GS without any problems due to fact that i have played Aeria Games i also have understandings of the game. I helped players in every game i play and i answer questions asked by playersI have no comments, questions or Concerns
2/1/2013 6:27:489169581DyneNallRanperreNo, i have not had any disciplinary actions taken against me.DKO is the first Aeriagames game i've applied to, to become a Game Sage.I have alot of experience in the community, forums & ingame. I wish i could do more though. Hence my application to become a GameSage.I always try to offer assistance as best i can, wether it's on the forums or ingame. I'd like to be able to help out with the community on DKO considering my knowledge of the game is vast & i always help out when i can. I'm very active in the game, I'm not easily irritated and i do not favourize. I do not cast judgement & i am always Open to aiding people if they need the assistance. Honestly, i'd fit the part of Game Sage for DKO in my personal opinion. The position of Game Sage is for people who WANT to help the community to their best abilities & have the knowledge to do so. That is me.
2/1/2013 23:45:44174525xFairDinkumxJustifiedNo Never i applied for GS in TwelveskyPlenty i am highly active ingame and on forumsI think i would a great Game Sage as i am what i like to refer to as a OLDFART Gamer as a 43 yo father of 6,who all play including my wife and i live in Australia so i would also be on at times that alot of other already active GS's are not ! i am very diplomatic and love to organise events for guild members and give goodies away and have a vast amount of experience in mmo's which im sure would co9me in extremely handy in helping other DK gamersPlease feel free to contact me if you have any question anytime and thank you for the opportunity to apply what a great concept .
2/4/2013 13:14:089189559filipvargaFliPMy account has been disabled once because of an inappropriate Guild Name in Shaiya, and was re-activated right after I confirmed to dismantle the Guild.I have applied for a Shaiya EN Game Sage position once, however I did not contribute on the Forums enough at that time.I am actively contributing on the Forums since Closed Beta Stress Test finished and I am actively playing Open Beta daily since it started.I am willing to contribute the Community, help new players, work in a team and learn something new. I am a fast learner and can adapt easily. I am active in game and on the Forums on a daily basis. I think I should be chosen because I am taking the Game Sage position seriously and I am willing to spend my time contributing the community, host events and assist new players.I am familiar with the Game Sage program and the Rules.
2/4/2013 19:47:35919115Execompromise@gmail.comPillarNo, I have not and I aim to keep it that way, how else can I set an example or call myself a GS?No I have not ever applied for a GS position in any game before as it has never been public ally offered.I just started, which may sound Beale on paper, but I think it allows me to help out those who as new as me and answer their questions.I have extensive experience with MMORPGs and have a basic understanding of how they work coupled with how their community works. Since I have grown up with them I have become accustomed to live with their rules and cannot stand many fraud activity as well as bullying thanks to my experience with them.I would be proud to serve as a GS for this game and hope that you see some good quality in me. I am a humble person and seek only to acquire this position to further others through motivation a d personal interaction with them in game. Thank you for your time and consideration.

2/19/2013 14:54:039272127mariotruaxXXSamuraiXxNo, I have not. ^_^NoI have been playing since Jan and I have created a guild with a legacy. My guild and I are dedicated to aiding and assisting Noobs, hence why we are known as the United Noob Nation. I pride myself on not only enjoying the game but helping others achieve the same goal. I have helped countless people whether they decide to join my guild or not. I do this because at the end of the day the more knowledgable players we have the better our collective gaming experience! Apart from the previous question answer, I would love to be apart of an even bigger community of people who wish to help others enjoy the game. My guild grows but I can't help but want to help more. I feel I can reach more players as a [GS]. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity to add to the mass's experience than being a friendly neighborhood [GS]. It would be such a great honor to have this title to go along with the satisfaction of helping everyone enjoy the game. Hopefully I can keep new players enjoying the game with knowledge and insight as well as getting them to tell their friends and get them to join the game as well.
2/23/2013 21:41:549297029xxdaze11TriXNoNoI have been a member of the DKO community from the beginning, I started my own guild and have been helping the players in it to better understand the game and learn how to rely on each other and build a greater community. I also help anyone in need with whatever their problem may be.I have gotten along with everyone I have met in DKO and I find that the more you help someone the more they will help somebody else. Any of my guildies or friends will tell you that I would give you the shirt of my back to help you with whatever situation or need you may have. I am very well versed in the game and I will help anyone with their needs or problems.I have always wanted a position like this because then everyone will know that they can come to me with a questions or concerns they may have and we can solve their needs together. I will make the DKO community even stronger with a position like this. DKO needs more freindly and helpful people in positions such as Game Sages.
2/23/2013 23:34:289297305sirmarkadrianAlphaBlazeSRnonohave been playing since this Jan 2013 but have loved the game ever-since and hours dedicated in playing in a day is around 8 to 10. I work as a creative director for a system's developing company, got 2kids, excercise jog everymorning but the rest of the day is playing games and so far this is the only game I'm playing.I'm Interested in helping other players understand the game concepts like others have helped me before hand. I've been helping out individual specially beginners but it would be nice if I could help more. I also ask a lot to gain more knowledge and experiment with the game just to test things for my self, like buying two different swords broad and long just to see what is the pro's and cons.

I would also like to mediate between the use of foul language and find bot cheaters. I speak 3 languages, English, Filipino, Kapampangan and learning Nihonggo a bit. I also understand 3 other dialects that Filipinos use and some just to curse a lot not that I have something against them, I am a Filipino my self but I was raised with etiquette by an american and a bristish.

With this, I'm applying because I would like this game to be a fun place and have the authority to speak to players to like do not use other language to curse other people. and not getting an FO as a response. :)
I would also like to have voice in identifying bugs or game issues.that's
all. should I be considered, It would be an honor.

I'm good. just trying my luck! great game, great concept and great artwork. Love it! I left skyrim and other console game's because of this game. and I hope the game stay's good as it is. p.s. name one of the bosses as Lag. lol!
2/25/2013 5:23:009304207AbubakirJ.Chosenangelneveri don't try GS but i see it in WolfTeam game and ask him what do
and DKO too
i help people in DKO of the quests
and i have some experience
i hope to be GS before along time
i try in WolfTeam
but i'm don't GS
i like GS and help people
please DKO please
i want GS
2/25/2013 5:36:329304271Smoochy.Yooperyes i have one in my aeria games account in another game i was open the game from ipad of Remote Control but in DKO i'm neverin this game never but i was make in another game
and i'm now want to be GS in DKO
not much but i know big information in this game
i can help people in quests and help people for the game and share the game
to help people becouse i see much of people want help i help some of them but if i GS can the people know me and i will help them
i will help the players and help GM if he want and thanks <3
2/26/2013 1:08:059309453AbubakirJ.FrenchLoveNEVERNOexperience i have with the DKO community in my other accountsi want GS before Long TIme and now i know how
i want help people in anything
Quest , ASKs , ...
i have low Lv. but i have other account i want play just
in this account now
so please i want GS
i send message for GS in chosenangel
delete message chosenangel
3/11/2013 21:13:069390533ttfigterHunterXCRI have not ever had any disciplinary actions on my account before. I have never been ban or anything like that before.I have never applied for DKO or GS before this is my first time, but I have been an admin on some MineCraft servers so I have some experience.I have not been with the DKO community for that long because I just knew about this GS thing a few weeks ago.Well, The reason is because I think I am a nice and honest person. I am always on time, I am a honors a student at my school. I am very nice and I have a lot of friends in life and in WolfTeam. I am also a very honest person who never lies and I love to contribute in my community, and those are the reasons why I should be chosen.If I do get pick would I have to change my name from HunterXCR to
3/12/2013 14:44:559394729ceratop002JacksNo...I have been a GS for games like World of Kung Fu. I contribute as much as I can by educating people asking questions through private messages when people ask questions. I also help my guildy's as much as I can.I feel this game needs more help since its such a great game; so by choosing me you get an honest sincere fan and somebody who really cares about the game. I have experience being a game sage already and I know what it takes to be available and helpful. If I am chosen I will do my best to help players, forward in game concerns to you guys and also promote the game by being positive. I look forward to hosting events or contributing. I have no concerns so far...
3/25/2013 11:30:179477011ojisrawiMegaznever in this account or in another games in aeria games
yes in another accounti have good information in this game and i have played it for 6 months
i have many users
because i help players in this game and i will make videos for the game and inv people i'm Promise youthanks for help <3
4/3/2013 13:38:249561777chaos_demon02DemonicerNONOBeen playing ever since closed beta and i help new players on what they want to know about the gamei think im deserving for ive been in this game ever since it startedHow many days of being inactive to be removed from GS position?
4/7/2013 19:08:239595049TcaineZhaoNoNoi have been online everyday since i started to play DKO while helping any and all i can with questions when others cannot answer accurately.I love to help others before helping myself. Have few ideas for a player event and rewards and would love to host it with DK Online staff members support on it.7 years ago i played a browser mmo called "Warpfire" published by GameForge. I was in Preatorian Democratic Guard. The guilds motto was Helping new players/others and we were well respected. And i would Love to join the GS program to bring its motto here.
4/13/2013 20:21:499637831TreishaSempaiAsukaNoYes. I was a GS for GrandFan Nov. 2010 - April 2011; Jan 2012 - Sept 2012; GS for DKO Nov. 2012 - March 2013I've helped with DKO consistently and actively since the day the game was announced. I've run events, helped with maint activity on SB, answered questions, reported bugs, etc.I have plenty of previous GS experience with DKO. I left for a vacation since my game didn't work properly, but now that it IS working, I would love to come back to help again.None that I can think of!
4/29/2013 14:26:579742769VerzavusTwoNo.I applied for GunZ GameSage a couple of months back. I withdrew to strengthen my case against another applicant, whom I knew to have used hacks in the past. Aeria did not accept my resignation and I was told I reached second place.I can be quite frank on that one: I'm rather new! When I first started it must've been January or February. I took a month's break inbetween, too. Someone I forgot about messaged me when I logged back on and now I'm highly addicted!Although my patience has proven to be lacking when it comes down to certain matters, I believe a good word of english is a strong argument for any application in Aeria's gaming community. My internship in RL taught me patience comes as soon as you fill in the spot, though! I also strongly believe in GameSages that aren't too known with the community, for it may prejudice players. In both good and bad ways.Although I've always been eager to turn off chats, I guess now's a fine time for me to start and resolve issues between players- and, of course, help the youngsters! Plus, I hope to be a fine relay between the community and the DKo staff, to answer any questions about any (known) issue.
4/30/2013 5:51:139746757BechzBechzNEVER.i applied in Wolf Team, i look at the missions and help GM's.8.9 of 10 almost.I think that a GS person is a great.There is no any comments, additional questions and concerns.
6/19/2013 19:08:0010048921pipiopopDefendNo I've never done anything like this, and I've never been banned before.I have no Game Sage expierence yet.
I have applied to be a Game Sage for Wolfteam on 2013-02-23 which is a while ago.
My only expierence with the DKO community is on the forums, until it shutdown after closed beta, but of course I'm willing to contribute with events, and any help I can give other to players.I think I should be chosen because:

If I play a game I go for it!
I like to host events.
I love help and talk to people.
Even if the game is hiatus.
No comments, no questions and no concerns.