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OrganizationOrganization DescriptionMembership TypeMonth Officers End TermOrganization E-mailFirst Name - primary contactLast Name - primary contactPosition - Primary ContactPhone - primary contactID - primary contactFirst Name - other contactEmail - other contactOther Contact PositionPhone - other contactEmail - advisorWebsiteWebsite added to Stu Orgs pageNotesAttended "How to Create an Annual Work Plan" workshop
Active MindsStudent run organization dedicated to the topic of mental health, mental health education and awareness.Open MembershipMayactiveminds@luther.eduAshleyVeeserPresident - PRE920-268-3888478675Savannahhartsa02@luther.eduVIce- President - VIP319.504.0570molobo01@luther.edu
updated Datatel 01-25-16 mw
Alpha Beta Psi (women) ABYServes the community and builds lasting friendshipsExclusive, Female MembershipDecemberaby@luther.eduTayler SchmitPresident - PRE479045VictoriaVice- President - VIPmeyerche@luther.edunone
Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity founded on the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. It provides members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they provide service to their campus, the community, the nation, and to members of the Fraternity. The chapter Mu Theta at Luther College is one of over 350 campuses nationwide and its members are part of over 17,000 active students.Open MembershipNovemberapo@luther.eduEmmaCarpenterPRESident - Datatel 01-16-16 mw
Animal AlliesAdvocates for animal welfare and animal rightsOpen MembershipMayanimalallies@luther.eduCassie
PetersonPresident - PRE715-781-6720462459Tiffanycassti01@luther.eduVice- President - VIP641-426-5930
Asian Student Association and Allies (ASAA)Seeks to foster understanding of Asian ethnicity and provide community for Asians and allies.Open MembershipMayasianstu@luther.eduLinhNguyenPresident - PRE563-419-5927481350Yifengzhanyi01@luther.eduVice- President -
Believing and AchievingMentoring and tutoring program for elementary studentsOpen MembershipMaybelieving@luther.eduKatieYarwoodPresident - PRE3194041048431532Lukepalmlu01@luther.eduTREASURER563-608-5822leetji01@luther.edu Datatel 06-06-15 mw
Beta Theta Omega (BTQ)Provide opportunities for members to develop and strengthen their self confidence, personal inegrity and leadership qualitities.Female MembershipMaybtq@luther.eduBernardaKaculetePresident - PRE563-382-7500472257Sheljathaksh01@luther.eduVice- President - VIP563-382-7500brownewi@luther.edu Datatel 06-06-15 mw
Black Student Union (BSU)A political, cultural, and social support center for students of African descent and their alliesOpen membershipMaybsu@luther.eduPharez KwesiMonneyPresident - PRE563-419-7995471924Joyokekke01@luther.eduActivities Coordinator203-747-4933guynave@luther.eduYesupdated Datatel 01-28-16 mw
Bromatic Progression It shall be the purpose of Bromatic Progression to give Luther College’s collegiate men an opportunity to sing together a variety of repertoire and to provide fun and engaging concerts for audiences on Luther’s campus and off-campus communities. It also gives men an ensemble where they can arrange and direct songs that wouldn’t necessarily be found in the typical choral repertoire.Exclusive Membership, Male broproacapella@luther.eduAndrew
BUILDING 4-R CommunityBuilding 4-R Community is to be a non-profit organization driven by sustainability and service to our Decorah community. A small portion of the proceeds will go towards maintaining the organization, but the majority will be donated to our local Habitat for Humanity chapter which is then turned into a home for a family. Our mission is to reduce waste in landfills while raising funds and awareness for suitable housing. We will take old or damaged household items such as furniture and restore them to sell into the community. We have secured a location in the red bard with sustainability, and have discussed possible storage with the art department for summer break. We have also had extensive conversations with faculty in the art department, sustainability, and facilities and they are all very much on board with our plans.Open Membership with training certification prior to participationbuilding4@luther.eduPaigePutnamPRESident -
Catholic Student CommunityProvide an opportunity for Catholics and anyone else interested in the Catholoic faith to join as community in worship, spirititual growth, Christian action, fellowship and fun. Open MembershipMaycsc@luther.eduSamanthaRabangCo-President (515)
Chemistry ClubPromoting chemistry and providing a friendly atmosphere for people interested in chemistry.Open MembershipMaychemclub@luther.eduGregTrahanPresident - PRE6512809402444670JordanKeetjo01@luther.eduVice President3154503298winsal01@luther.edu Datatel 07-29-15 mw41548
Chi Theta Rho (women) (XOP)Works to improve the community and promote academic excellence and friendshipFemale MembershipDecemberxop@luther.eduMorganBenthinPresident - PRE563-212-5618448624Katyxop@luther.eduVice-President860-338-4399mccreale@luther.eduAdded Members List on Google Docs 01-29-16mw
ChipsThe newspaper of record for Luther College that focuses on events happening on campus and in the Decorah area.Exclusive MembershipDecemberchipsedt@luther.eduEmily CroweEditor - EDIMakedabarkma02@luther.eduManaging Editorfaldetda@luther.edu Datatel 01-16-16 mw
Congregational CouncilEnvisions, plans, and implements a wide range of ministries for the Luther community9/27/13 College Ministries will be getting forms filled outMaychurchcouncil@luther.eduGiftyArthurPresident - PRE515-441-4720472993Derekbarnde01@luther.eduVICE
Council for Exceptional ChildrenProvides experiences working with and learning about children with special needsOpen MembershipMaylc_cec@luther.eduAnikaHansenPresident -
Eklipse Hip-hop dance group that performs frequently on campusExclusive MembershipMayeklipsedance@luther.eduBayleeBowmanCaptain - CAP3192171381465455Erikafinaer02@luther.eduCaptain - CAP(952) 261-4610hawleyja@luther.edu Datatel 07-28-15 mw
Enlaces - Spanish ClubEducates students about Hispanic cultureOpen MembershipMayenlaces@luther.eduMaddyKofoedPresident - PRE6512305996356853Alisaschual03@luther.eduVice- President - violation on 4/9/13 (advertised event with alcohol) - informed organization of policy.41548
Ethnic BeatsThe purpose of the group is to promote and demonstrate diversity, differences, and cultures through dance to Luther College and Decorah community. 6% of Luther's students are international and these students bring their cultures and stories of their countries with them and many of them can be shared through dance. The purpose of this group would be to allow these students to share their stories and cultures through dancing. Also, it would also give the local students the opportunity to get exposure these cultures and be able to participate in different dances from different countries.Open MembershipEthnicbeats@luther.eduethnicbeats@luther.eduSheljaThakurPRESIDENT - PRE563-382-7500480434Bernardakacube01@luther.eduVICE
Entrepreneurship ClubFacilitates discussion among students interested in the principles of free enterpriseExclusive Membership, Open MembershipMayeclub@luther.eduPharez KwesiMonneyCEO563-419-7995471924Matijanikoma01@luther.eduCEO563-382-6994schweizt@luther.edu Datatel 07-27-15 mw
Environmental Concerns Organization (ECO)Encourages stewardship and sustainable living; educates the community about the environmentOpen
Noupdated Datatel 01-19-16 mw
Diverse Women Unified for Excellence (f.k.a. Extrodinary Women of Color)To empower women of diverse cultures in order to help them to get acclimated with Luther College .Exclusive
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Promotes fun, fellowship, growth, and communityOpen MembershipMayfca@luther.eduJacksonVanKirkPRE515-490-6373Kaylaingvka01@luther.eduVIP bryan.nikkel@luther.eduupdated Datatel 01-26-16 mw41548
Fermata Nowheret shall be the purpose of Fermata Nowhere to create an additional women’s a cappella music group at Luther College. We would like to form this group to extend the opportunity to more Luther College women to create beautiful music with fellow Norse sisters. Present-day Luther a cappella consists of two mens’ groups and only one women’s group. From personal experience, we have found that there is a high demand to be in such a group and we would like to fill the void. Furthermore, we hope this potential women’s a cappella group will create lifelong memories, friendships, and music that will instill a close-knit
Food CouncilFood Council is a student led advisory board to dining facilities at Luther College. Members represent various stakeholders and work hand-in-hand with Luther College Dining Services, Sodexo, the Norse Culinary team and Luther Nutritionists to enhance dining at Luther College and to discuss and resolve food-related concerns voiced by Luther student body.ExclusiveMayfoodcouncil@luther.eduGideonMatcheyPresident - PRE608-484-3245445253Amyphamam01@luther.eduVice- President - VIPblocan02@luther.edu41548
Luther Forensics Speech & Debate Team (Forensics)The mission of the Luther College Forensic Speech and Debate team is to instill the importance of communicative discipline in all facets of life. Our philosophy is to emphasize the importance of setting and achieving goals, developing leadership skills, and creating a strong team camaraderie.Open MembershipMarchforensics@luther.eduRachel HannahSoika Burmdahl President - PRE651-262-8856488881Kaitlynbulska01@luther.eduVIP Datatel ID# & term dates. Kim Powell on sabattical Sept. 2014
Future Music Educators of America
Promotes the field of music education and facilitates discussion about topics relating to the fieldOpen MembershipDecemberfmea@luther.eduElenaZareckyPresident - PRE(719)-649-5826430675Danielmelada02@luther.eduVice- President - VIP(309)-278-3098wilsji01@luther.eduupdated Datatel 08-10-15 mw
Habitat for HumanityHelps to build and renovate affordable housing in the Decorah areaopenAprilhabitat@luther.eduMikaylaBrockmeyerPresident - PRE712-330-0288468174Paige putnpa01@luther.eduVP309-368-3685marlowch@luther.edu Datatel 06-06-15 mw
Health Sciences ClubTo develop educational, professional and social growth for students interested in Health Science fields.Open MembershipMayHSC@luther.eduEricaDrakePresident - PRE563-219-6106448966Melissechasme01@luther.eduVice- President - VIP952-220-5430frethams@luther.eduupdated Datatel 06-06-15 mw
HOLA-Enlaces (Hispanic Org Latinos Y Amigos)Group for Hispanic/Latino students and their alliesOpen MembershipMayhola-enlaces@luther.eduJohannaBeaupreSecretary - SEC763-486-3496468211Kylie
Leader - LEA319-329-3383thomda01@luther.eduupdated Datatel 01-25-16 mw41548
Inter-Greek CouncilThe governing council for Greek organizations on campusExclusive MembershipDecemberigc@luther.eduEmmaRadkePresident - PRE651-260-5385Sean trewse01@luther.eduVIP
Interfaith Student Association (IFSA) with Muslim Student AssociationProvides an open forum for students of all faiths and backgrounds to discuss views and opinionsOpen MembershipAprilinterfaith@luther.eduFatimetuJatri EmhamedPRESident - PREJennymasidz01@luther.eduVPshedinro@luther.edu
International Student & Allies Association (ISAA)Provides support for international studentsOpen MembershipMayisaa@luther.eduShari-AnnePan-oyPresident - PRE472299Ismailhamiis01@luther.eduVice-President-VIP
JubilusIt shall be the purpose of Jubilus to provide additional leadership opportunitities for music students to expand upon collegiate vocal music experiences in a small-group setting. ExclusiveMayLucasJackson
KWLC RadioBrings quality radio programming to the campus and local communityOpen
RossPublicity Chair3193590431436026Emmacassem01@luther.eduPresidentgrouws@luther.edu
Love your melon!Love Your Melon is an apparel brand that gives a hat to every child battling cancer in America, funds childhood cancer research initiatives and provides immediate support for children and their families.Open
Luther College Adventure CrewIt shall be the purpose of Adventure Crew to give students the opportunity to broaden their life experiences. Students will be encouraged to venture outside of their comfort zones through team centered recreational activities in the surrounding area. We want to grant students the opportunity to do things they have always wanted to do but haven’t had the means to, whether it be due to monetary, social, or geographical circumstances.Open
LC American Marketing AssociationThe purpose of the Luther College Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association shall be To foster study and research in the field of marketing and business;
To improve business and communication skills;
To engage in written and oral competition through academic projects and papers;
To promote friendly relations between students, faculty, and business people;
To serve our community through fundraising and service projects.
Open MembershipMayama@luther.eduThomasMitchellPresident - PREVice President of
LC Aynah Creates a more sustainable way of life that fosters self-empowerment; contributes to the effort to alleviate poverty worldwideOpen MembershipDecemberaynah@luther.eduMeredithBrusterCo-Chair563-449-2192439338Linnea peteli05@luther.eduCo-Chair651-600-6481lundjon@luther.edu
NoEmailed E. Hahn for a current listing of membership and to complete a Yearly Update Form. mw
LC Feminists
Promotes gender equality in the community and raises awareness of global issues related to gender disparityOpen MembershipDecemberlcfems@luther.eduEmmaCassabaumCommunication Liasion
515-450-3421436710Grant thomgr03@luther.eduCommunication Liasion402-709-7146kimpowell@luther.edu Datatel 06-22-15 mw
Luther College Chess ClubEncourages students to learn and participate in the game of chessOpen MembershipAprilchessclub@luther.eduTebohoNtesoPresident - PREburkse01@luther.eduupdated Datatel 06-06-15 mw
LiTARDISThe group's approach to studying the strange temporalities of literature as well as the spatial paradoxes of books whose insides are far more expansive than their outsides. Plus, you know, Dr Who.Open
Luther Artists Collective (LAC)Provides a variety of art-related opportunities, including gallery installations, peer critiques, and field trips throughout the Midwest Open MembershipFebuarylac@luther.eduKristinAndersonPresident -
Luther Association of Gamers (LAG)For students interested in playing table top roleplaying games, video games, competitive and casual card games, and a general coalition of students brought together by the love of their games.Open MembershipMaygamers@luther.eduConnorDelaneyPresident - PRE641-529-0621453125Forrestwinsfo01@luther,eduVIP1-815-298-0601shiltswa@luther.eduMembership listing to be forwarded in September per
Luther Athletes Serving Others (LASO)Provides Decorah-area community service opportunities for student-athletesOpen MembershipMaylaso@luther.eduGrantSparstadPresident - PRE309-335-4120439216mitcheda@luther.eduupdated Datatel 06-06-15 mw
Luther Ballroom/Swing Dance ClubProvides lessons in a variety of ballroom and swing dance styles as well as many opportunities for members to dance socially and competitivelyOpen Membership, Male Membership, Female Membership, Exclusive MembershipAprillutherbs@luther.eduJessicaSkjonsbyPresident - PRE9526868272450248Kjerstinnelskj01@luther.eduvice
Luther College Athletic Training Organization (LCATO)Introduces the professional aspects of athletic training and encourages members to attend various seminars and conventions Open MembershipMaylcato@luther.eduRachelReimannPresident - PRE319-651-8532`Rihannamacdrh01@luther.eduVPFlynje01@luther.eduupdated Datatel 07-28-15 mw
Luther College Classical SocietyPromotes understanding of classical-era cultures, mainly Greek and Roman, at Luther and in the Decorah communityOpen Membership/Academic RequirementAprillutherclassicalsociety@gmail.comJedidiah
Luther College Dance MarathonThe Luther College Dance Marathon provides emotional and financial support to families treated by the Children's Miracle Network, and in doing so creates an atmosphere that allows students to grow both personally and academically.Open MembershipMaylcdm@luther.eduMileah MirandaGumpertPresident - PRE5632716694Allisonmeieal02@luther.eduVIPclandstrom@luther.eduupdated Datatel 06-22-15 mw41583
Luther College DemocratsPromotes the ideals and views of the Democratic PartyOpen MembershipMaylcdemocrats@luther.eduBetsyFawcettPresident -
Luther College Cheerleading (Norse Cheerleading_Leads crowds at athletic events with enthusiasmExclusive (tryouts)Januarycheerleaders@luther.eduAdriannaVazquezCAP651-788-2885427120Ashleyericas01@luther.eduCaptain- CAP319-530-5715kerry.johnson@decorah.k12.ia.us Datatel 01-25-16 mw
Luther College RepublicansPromotes the ideals and views of the Republican Party OpenMaylcrepublicans@luther.eduXavierConzetCOC563-277-0038486734Nolan hingbr01@luther.eduVice- President -
Luther College Leadership Club (f.k.a Future Busines Leaders, Investment Club)To provide the community on business topics including but not limited to investing, networking, entrepreneurship, and marketing.  Open Membership, Male Membership, Female MembershipMaylcleadership@luther.eduBelalKrayemPresident - PRE5073191022480383pattgr01@luther.edulcsig.weebly.comupdated Datatel 06-22-15 mw
Luther College Pep BandProvides music at various athletic events to entertain and support the NorseOpen MembershipJanuarylutherpepband@luther.eduElenaZareckyCo-Conductor719-649-5826430675Gideonmatcgi01@luther.eduCo-Conductor719-649-5826engeam02@luther.eduupdated Datatel 01-25-16 mw
Luther Student Education Association (LSEA)A community of education majors discussing issues pertaining to education around the worldExclusive-ED majorsAprillsea@luther.eduSofieWallockCO-ChairOliviabensol01@luther.eduCo-Chairmeyejo09@luther.eduUpdated Datatel with membership mw 06-22-15
Luther Student Nurses AssociationProvides an organization for nursing majors to meet and enjoy activiities togetherExclusive MembershipMaylsna@luther.eduEliseHeiserPresident - PRE8153544378466439Erikabucher01@luther.eduVice- President - VIPmcgola01@luther.eduUpdated Datatel with membership mw
Lutheran Student Fellowship Organization for Lutheran Church Missouri Synod studentsOpen MembershipMaylsf@luther.eduJamieLinertPresident - PRE 651-335-0944471326Victoria sandvi02@luther.eduVice- President - VIPblairmic@luther.eduUpdated Datatel 06-22-15 mw41548
Men’s RugbyProvides an alternative avenue for athletic expressionMale MembershipMayrugby@luther.eduTimothyWalchCaptain - CAP262-689-0726414127Grant barngr01@luther.eduCAptain - CAP608-214-9378jaegervi@luther.eduupdated Datatel 08-09-16 mw
Men’s Ultimate Frisbee (LUFDA)Team that competes in tournaments across the region and the nationExclusive-TryoutsMayLufda-group@luther.eduMattSmithPresident - PRE612-963-0970478895Chadvillch01@luther.eduCaptain - Datatel 06-22-15 mw
Mock TrialProvides hands-on experience in the legal world for interested students; represents Luther at regional and national meets Open MembershipMaymocktrial@luther.eduLibbyMortonCaptain - CAP763-482-0661484676Lilykimeli01@luther.eduMem - ME712-660-2063engelhmi@luther.eduupdated Datatel 06-06-15 mw
Model United NationsPromotes awareness of international political concerns.Open MembershipMarchmodelUN@luther.eduSidney LarsenPresident -
Omega Omega Omega (men)To provide social enviroment to its members while contributing to overall well-being of campus.

Academic Requirement, Open Membership, Male MembershipFebruarytriomega@luther.eduThomasEagenPresident - PRE651-226-2991472607Kyleknudky01@luther.eduVice
Norse Against Sexual Assault (NASA)NASA is a collaborative student organization that works with faculty, staff, administration, and advocates to raise awareness about sexual assualt at Luther College and in soicety at large. NASA members include students, both survivors and allies, and our administrative partners.Open Membershipnasa@luther.eduKiaFeiaPRESIDENT -
NorskKlubbTo connect Norwegian students and students interested in Norwegian culture with movies, games, food, and a whole lot of fun.Open Membershipnorskklubb@luther.eduAnnikaVandeKrolVIP202653Alexaakral01@luther.eduPRESIDENTjohnma29@luther.eduupdated Datatel 01-16-16 mw
Norse KnittersIt shall be the purpose of Norse Knitters to provide relaxation and social opportunities to all students, faculty and staff of Luther's community through knitting, looming or crocheting. Yarn crafts ease stress and provide mental and social wellness.Open Membershipnorseknitters@luther.eduJaqueline CongelloPresident - PRE6414305553412725Brandontruebr01@luther.eduVice
Oneota ReviewAnnual student-edited literary and art publication that showcases student workopenMayoneotareview@luther.eduLauraHayesEDitor - EDI8152222426413567yappma01@luther.eduEDI-Edior3195943669kildegli@luther.eduBoth of the co-editors have graduated; David Faldet will be in Nottingham. Need to find out who the new leaders are. mw 08-07-15
OrchesisCompetitive contemporary lyrical, technique-based dance groupExclusive-TryoutsMayorchesislc@gmail.comLindsey
PaigaamTeaches conflict-resolution skills and techniques as a means to resolve interpersonal and global conflictsOpen MembershipMaypaigaam@luther.eduRahulPatlePRE5634191378388740touslo01@luther.edu
PALSProvides an opportunity for Luther students to mentor young people from the Decorah areaOpen MembershipMaypals@luther.eduElizabeth HardyLeader651-283-0327460191Lesliebranle01@luther.eduVice President5152009369nealem01@luther.eduUpdated Datatel 07-28-15 mw
Performing Arts Committee (PAC)Coordinates the Center Stage Series and school performance eventsOpen MembershipAprilpac@luther.eduSheriSchwertPresident - PRE515-402-0213448246Victoriaflemvi01@luther.eduSecretary -SECphillibr@luther.eduUpdated Datatel 04-28-15 mw
Philosophy SocietyFacilitates philosophical discussion about a wide range of issuesOpen MembershipAprilphilosophy-society-group@luther.eduScottKleemanPresident - PRE541.810.1821484213Erikfloder01@luther.eduSEcretary
POUND (ultimate B team)To promote the game of ultimate, as well as the spirit of the game, through a casual yet competitive ultimate club.Exclusive (try-outs)poundultimate@luther.eduBenOanesCAPTAIN -
Pre-Dental ClubIt shall be for the purpose of educating and informing pre-dental students of the
dental field including, but not limited to, the application process, the DAT, discussion of
current news and technology in dentistry, post graduate dental programs, Deferred Admit
program at the University of Iowa, along with various other professions within dentistry
(orthodontics, endodontics, dental surgery), and volunteer work.
Open MembershipMaypredental@luther.eduEmily WickPRE952-846-9471440370Amandawitzam01@luther.eduVice
PRIDEPRIDE is an organization working for the equality and rights of ALL people. We strive to create a campus wide environment that is accepting of GLBTQAI (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, and Inter-sexed) persons, as well as those allies who support GLBTQIA issues, where any individual can feel safe and comfortable.Open MembershipMaypride@luther.eduAshleighBunkofskePresident - PRE5037501725478900Wyattaniawy01@luther.eduSECretary
Psychology ClubPromotes the development and continuation of the field of psychologyOpen MembershipMaypsychclub@luther.eduKelly KennedyPresident -
Project Pengyou Luther College ChapterTo create a group of US-China bridge builders in order to generate greater understanding between these two nations and their people. We will provide a space for people with a passion for Chinese history, language, and culture to share their passions with like minded individuals. Using our knowledge of, and interest in, China, we will foster understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture in our members, work to dispel xenophobia and stereotypical views in our society, and speak out against American anti-Chinese discourse prevalent in modern media and politics.Open Membershippengyou@luther.eduTylerMattsonPresident -
SAC (Student Activities Council) OfficersSponsors and oversees a variety of entertainment, leadership opportunities and eventsOpen MembershipMarchsac@luther.eduPennyBarbourPREsident - PRE262-408-8053Tad sacvicepresident@luther.edusachistorian@luther.eduVice President515-343-7509neubautr@luther.edu41548
SAC Officers Historian & MarketingOpen
SAC Service Open
SAC CinemaOpen MembershipMarchsaccinema@luther.eduAbby
SAC ConcertsOpen MembershipMarchsacconcerts@luther.eduMirandaJoslinCo-Chair -
SAC Homecoming/FlamingoOpen MembershipMarchsachomecoming@luther.eduHannahKaareCo-Chair - COC608-345-3327Ameliahookam01@luther.eduCo-Chair - COC720-470-0417neubautr@luther.eduUpdated 04-23-13 new officers mw
SAC LeadershipOpen
SAC Special EventsOpen MembershipMarchsacspecialevents@luther.eduRachelBrodeurCo-Chair - COC763-381-2075Alexknutal01@luther.eduCo-Chair - COC952-564-0235neubautr@luther.edu41548
SAC SpotlightOpen
Sigma Chi Theta (men) (EXO)Enhances the social life and possibilities of service for its membersExclusive Membership, Male exo@luther.eduJakeFordPresident - PRE3097381022412241Javireyeja01@luther.eduVP6505049438mertzecl@luther.eduUpdated Datatel 08-17-15 mw
Social Work Association (SWA)Focuses on volunteer work and ways to promote social changeOpen MembershipDecemberswa@luther.eduHannah KarrePREsident - PRE608-345-3327208438Amaliamongam01@luther.eduPRES6513572489rhodbr01@luther.edu
Soceity of Physics (SPS)It shall be the purpose of the Society of Physics Students at Luther College to provide an area outside of the classroom where students, accompanied by like-minded peers, can take the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion and active participation within the world of physics.Open/Academic Major FocusedTatianaProkschPresident -
SPIN TheatreStudent-run group that produces and performs original works, in collaboration with the theatre/dance departmentOpen MembershipAprilspin@luther.eduMadelineGeierPresident - PRE5635931259419483Lailasahila01@luther.eduVice Presidentlantli01@luther.edu
SPOKESPromotes biking at Luther and in the Decorah areaOpen MembershipMarchspokes@luther.eduBrookAndersonPresident - PRE563-451-7122202461Haynesdurbha01@luther.eduVice- Datatel 07-29-15 mw
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)Opens communication between Luther athletes and administration; organizes service projects throughout the yearExclusiveAprilsaac@luther.eduPatrickLarsonPresident - PRE563-419-0510121214Melisse chaseme01@luther.eduVice Presidentsmithale@luther.edu41548
Student Philanthropy CouncilCreates connections between students, alumni, and donorsOpen MembershipJunephonathon@luther.eduAnnaPhearman (Student worker)President - PRE309-230-0844431407odegja01@luther.eduupdated Datatel 08/15/15 mw
Student SenateThe governing body for Luther students; serves as a forum for student concerns and opinionsExclusive MembershipMaysenate@luther.eduBetsyFawcettPresident -
Students Helping Our Community (SHOC)Organizes service opportunities in the Decorah area without requiring membershipOpen MembershipMayshoc@luther.eduJennaDenglerVice-Pres515-778-1278enosbejo@luther.edu
Tau Delta Gamma (women)Promotes leadership and citizenship with a positive community attitudeFemale MembershipJanuarytaudeltagamma@luther.eduCallieBaumeisterPresident -
Top BananaComedic improv troupe ExclusiveJunetopbanana@luther.eduHannah MillerPRE651-494-4778455305Bryanbanobr01@luther.eduPREVrtiro01@luther.eduHAVE NOT COMPLETED YEARLY UPDATE SINCE 9/22/11 MW
UndeclaredTo share the sweet melodies of men's a capella with the worldExclusive Male MembershipAugustMichaelHagstromCo-President PRE612-597-3472358893nilsan01@luther.eduCo-President
Whistle ChoirIt shall be the purpose of the Luther College Whistle Choir to create moments of joy and transcendence through the harmonization of whistles, while exposing audiences to the world of whistling.Openwhistlechoir@luther.eduHaynesDurbinPresident -
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