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1HOVER, Inc.http://www.hover.toHOVER is a 3D technology company that creates fully measured, customizable 3D models of any home.3D Technology, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, MobileSan Francisco, California, United States
2AImotive is gearing up to be the leading provider of camera-first, AI-powered, Level 5 self-driving technology.Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Hardware, Information Technology, Robotics, SoftwareBudapest, Budapest, Hungary
3Clarifai provides advanced image recognition systems for customers to detect near-duplicates and visual searches.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Developer APIs, Enterprise, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Software, Visual SearchNew York, New York, United States
4Blipparhttp://www.blippar.comBlippar is a technology company specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision.Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Education, Image Recognition, Mobile, WearablesLondon, England, United Kingdom
5GumGumhttp://gumgum.comGumGum is an artificial intelligence company, with deep expertise in computer vision. It unlocks the value of images and videos.Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, Computer Vision, Digital Media, Image Recognition, SportsSanta Monica, California, United States
6Matterporthttp://www.matterport.comMatterport provides end-to-end virtual media solutions.3D Technology, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Digital Media, Hardware, Photography, Virtual RealitySunnyvale, California, United States
7CrowdFlower Inc. is the essential human-in-the-loop platform for data science teams.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine LearningSan Francisco, California, United States
8Descartes Labs Labs is building a data refinery for satellite imagery.Computer Vision, Developer Platform, Geospatial, Image Recognition, Internet, Machine LearningSanta Fe, New Mexico, United States
9SenseTime is a Chinese deep learning start-upArtificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, SoftwareHong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
10Iris Automationhttp://www.irisonboard.comIris Automation provides robust collision avoidance systems for industrial drones.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Drones, Industrial, RoboticsSan Francisco, California, United States
118th Wallhttps://www.8thwall.com8th Wall XR is an AR platform that works on all commonly available iOS and Android phones and integrates with ARKit and ARCore.Android, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, iOS, Mobile, Virtual RealityPalo Alto, California, United States
12Corticahttp://www.cortica.comCortica is a technology company developing leading computer vision AI. The company is backed by more than 200 patents.Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, SecurityTel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
13Bossa Nova Robotics Inc. Nova creates service robots for the global retail industry by automating the collection and analysis of on-shelf inventory data.Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Retail Technology, RoboticsSan Francisco, California, United States
14Clobotics empower traditional industries to achieve more — “to paint an intelligent world through vision”through computer vision technologies.B2B, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Drones, Enterprise, Machine Learning, Retail, Retail Technology, Wind EnergyShanghai, Shanghai, China
15Celonis offers the most advanced Process Mining tool for analyzing & visualizing business processes.Analytics, Computer Vision, Data VisualizationMunich, Bayern, Germany
16Prospera Technologies is an agriculture technology data company that develops intelligent solutions.Agriculture, Computer Vision, Data Integration, Machine LearningTel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
17AEye, Inc.http://www.aeye.aiAEye develops advanced vision hardware, software and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, RoboticsPleasanton, California, United States
18Mighty AIhttp://mty.aiMighty AI delivers training data to companies that build computer vision models for autonomous vehicles.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, MobileSeattle, Washington, United States
19uSens develops inside-out hand and position tracking technology for augmented and virtual reality3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Robotics, Virtual RealitySan Jose, California, United States
20Zebra Medical Vision Ltdhttp://www.zebra-med.comZebra Medical Vision has set out to create the world's largest medical imaging insights platform.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Human Computer Interaction, MedicalShefayim, HaMerkaz, Israel
21Huddlyhttps://www.huddly.comHuddly was created to elevate communication with compelling and intelligent vision products for everybody.Collaboration, Computer Vision, Electronics, ManufacturingOslo, Oslo, Norway
22Lunit Inc.http://www.lunit.ioLunit builds data-driven imaging biomarker (DIB) technology for image-based disease screening.Computer Vision, Health Diagnostics, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, SoftwareSeoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, South Korea
23Playment managed solution for image annotations. AI infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and computer vision companies.Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, OutsourcingBangalore, Karnataka, India
24Opternativehttp://opternative.comOpternative offers an online vision test to get a prescription for glasses and contacts from an ophthalmologist.Computer Vision, Eyewear, Health CareChicago, Illinois, United States
25Oryx Visionhttp://www.oryxvision.comOryx Vision develops solid state depth vision solutions for autonomous vehicles.Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Robotics, SemiconductorPetah Tiqva, HaMerkaz, Israel
26Focal Systems Systems offers an artificial intelligence system for large retail stores to help leverage user demand.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Retail, Retail TechnologyMenlo Park, California, United States
27Momenta.aihttp://www.momenta.aiOur deep-learning-derived software in perception, semantic HD mapping, and path planning allows self-driving cars to become a reality.Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Information Services, Information Technology, Mapping Services, Software, TransportationBeijing, Beijing, China
28PerceptInhttp://www.perceptin.ioPerceptIn provides the all-in-one perception, insight, and intelligence solutions for robots and autonomous drivingComputer Vision, Robotics, SoftwareSanta Clara, California, United States
29TrueMotionhttp://www.goTrueMotion.comSafer driving, powered by your smartphone.Automotive, Computer Vision, Mobile DevicesBoston, Massachusetts, United States
30Aquifihttp://www.aquifi.comAutomation of Logistics, Manufacturing and e-Commerce processes using AI trained and deployed with proprietary 3D color sensors3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Electronics, SoftwarePalo Alto, California, United States
31Body Labshttps://www.bodylabs.comBody Labs provides human-aware AI that understands the way we move and how we’re shaped to make our world more personal.3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Developer APIs, Machine LearningNew York, New York, United States
32Evolv Technologyhttp://www.evolvtechnology.comEvolv Technology applies sensors, data, and machine learning to detect and prevent a wide set of global threats to people.Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Physical Security, Public SafetyWaltham, Massachusetts, United States
33Mad Street Denhttp://www.vue.aiMad Street Den is a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence startup.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Retail Technology, SoftwareFremont, California, United States
34MetaMindhttp://metamind.ioAutomatic image recognition powered by artificial intelligence.Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, SoftwarePalo Alto, California, United States
35Streem Inc expertise for the world around you.3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Home Services, Machine LearningPortland, Oregon, United States
36Prism Skylabshttp://www.prism.comPrism is a cloud-based video intelligence platform that transforms video cameras into powerful business tools.Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Retail, Security, VideoSan Francisco, California, United States
37Kairos ARhttps://www.kairos.comKairos is an artificial intelligence company specializing in face recognition.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning, Mobile, SaaS, SoftwareMiami, Florida, United States
38Matroidhttp://matroid.comThe Computer Vision Company.Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, SaaSPalo Alto, California, United States
39Techcyte Europehttps://www.techcyte.comUsing deep machine learning and digital pathology to automate microscopy tests for human & veterinary medicine & air quality control.Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, Health Care, Image Recognition, Machine LearningOrem, Utah, United States
40Malong Technologieshttp://www.malong.comMalong Technologies is an award-winning AI startup that produces ProductAI; high accuracy product recognition platform and servicesArtificial Intelligence, Computer, Computer Vision, Information Technology, Machine LearningShenzhen, Guangdong, China
41Carbon Roboticshttp://www.carbon.aiCarbon Robotics is bringing advanced robotics to the masses.Computer Vision, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, RoboticsSan Francisco, California, United States
42CloudFactoryhttp://cloudfactory.comCloudFactory, a distributed workforce company, automates business processes involving large volumes of data entry, collection or processing.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Crowdsourcing, Enterprise Software, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, OutsourcingDurham, North Carolina, United States
43Caruma Technologies, Inc.http://www.caruma.techCaruma Technologies is an automotive data platform company based in San Francisco, California.Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Big Data, Computer Vision, Internet of ThingsSan Francisco, California, United States
44SoftWear Automationhttp://softwearautomation.comSoftWear Automation develops innovative core technologies and products for the apparel manufacturing and sewn products industries.Automotive, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Fashion, Industrial Automation, Innovation Management, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Retail Technology, Robotics, TextilesAtlanta, Georgia, United States
45TrapX Security is a leader in the delivery of deception-based cyber security defense.Computer Vision, Cyber Security, SecuritySan Mateo, California, United States
46Visbit Inc.http://www.visbit.coEnable the highest quality streaming and viewing experience of 360-degree VR videos across platformsCloud Computing, Computer Vision, Video Streaming, Virtual RealitySunnyvale, California, United States
47Realeyeshttp://www.realeyesit.comEmotionally Intelligent Marketing - using computer vision and machine learning to unlock the full potential of video marketing.Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, SaaS, VideoLondon, England, United Kingdom
48Cortexica Vision Systemshttp://www.cortexica.comVisually Empowering Business through the power of Artificial Intelligence and Computer VisionArtificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, Computer Vision, E-Commerce Platforms, Image Recognition, Search EngineLondon, England, United Kingdom
49Verkada San Mateo, California-based enterprise physical security companyComputer VisionSan Mateo, California, United States
50Betterviewhttps://www.betterview.netBuilding InsightComputer Vision, Drones, InsuranceSan Francisco, California, United States
51Cocoon Camhttp://www.cocooncam.comCocoon Cam is the Only Smart Video Baby Monitor That Tracks Your Baby's Safety & Wellness- Anywhere, AnytimeComputer Vision, Health Care, Internet of Things, ParentingMountain View, California, United States
52Uru computer vision and other AI to help brands understand and leverage all the visual content being created today, in real time.Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Natural Language Processing, VideoNew York, New York, United States
53Lucidhttp://Lucidcam.comAt Lucid we are developing the next level of camera technology to enable VR and AR content creation with real-time image processing.Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Hardware, Photography, Software, Video, Virtual Reality, WearablesSanta Clara, California, United States
54Beauty By Designhttp://www.beautybydesign.comeCommerce, DTC, CPG, BeautyBeauty, Computer Vision, E-CommerceLos Angeles, California, United States
55Brodmann17http://brodmann17.comAt Brodmann17 we are developing the most advanced artificial visual intelligence.Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Machine LearningTel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
56Hoxton Analyticshttp://www.hoxtonanalytics.comIoT edge sensor which counts and profiles customers anonymously and accurately, based on their footwear.Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Text AnalyticsLondon, England, United Kingdom
57Apprentice.iohttp://apprentice.ioEnterprise augmented reality for complex lab and manufacturing environmentsAugmented Reality, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Software, WearablesJersey City, New Jersey, United States
58Deepomatichttp://www.deepomatic.comDeepomatic designs a platform to let professionals build custom image recognition AI and delivers computer vision systems to clients.Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Machine LearningParis, Ile-de-France, France
59CrowdAI provides scalable and high-quality image annotation.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Geospatial, Image Recognition, Machine LearningMountain View, California, United States
60Umbo Computer Visionhttps://umbocv.aiUmbo CV is an artificial intelligence company developing cloud-first smart security cameras for enterprises.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, SecurityTaipei, T'ai-pei, Taiwan
61Pixoneye harness the full potential of image understanding on mobile devices to allow predictive personalization of mobile users.Computer Vision, CRM, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Real Time, SoftwareRamat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
62Membit Inc.http://www.membit.coPatented location based Augmented Reality featuring Human Positioning System social/mobile AR for the massesAdvertising Platforms, Apps, Augmented Reality, B2C, Brand Marketing, Computer, Computer Vision, Digital Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Emerging Markets, Geospatial, GPS, Image Recognition, Internet, iOS, Location Based Services, Mobile Apps, Outdoor Advertising, Photo Sharing, Photography, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Network, Software, Virtual Reality, VirtualizationNew York, New York, United States
63Enview provides geospatial data analytics to the energy industry as its beachhead market.Analytics, Big Data, Computer Vision, Energy, Machine LearningSan Francisco, California, United States
64MUJIN, Inc. develops automation solutions for industrial robots to simplify factory automation and increase worldwide manufacturing productivity.Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Manufacturing, RoboticsTokyo, Tokyo, Japan
65Meograph, Inchttp://www.meograph.comWe make world class media creation products which push technical boundaries and delight consumers.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Consumer, Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, Generation Y, Generation Z, Media and Entertainment, Millennials, Mobile Apps, Virtual RealitySan Francisco, California, United States
666over6 offers a digital healthcare platform enables users to perform their own eye vision test.Computer Vision, Eyewear, Fitness, Health Care, mHealth, Personal Health, WellnessTel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
67Fit3Dhttp://www.fit3d.comFit By Design3D Technology, Big Data, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, E-Commerce, Fashion, Fitness, Health Care, Machine Learning, WellnessRedwood City, California, United States
68Pix4Dhttp://www.pix4d.comPix4D offers a software package that converts standard pictures into professional geo-referenced images and 3D models.Computer Vision, Drones, Geospatial, Image Recognition, Robotics, SoftwareLausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
69Netra Inchttp://www.netra.ioNetra's software helps index & organize photos & videos for Visual Brand Intelligence.Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Machine LearningBoston, Massachusetts, United States
70Neokami Inc.http://www.neokami.comArtificial Intelligence for Sensitive Data SecurityArtificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Cyber Security, Machine LearningNew York, New York, United States
71Waylens Inc.http://www.waylens.comWaylens is a vision technology company that develops camera products & solutions for automotive applications.Automotive, Computer Vision, Electronics, SoftwareBoston, Massachusetts, United States
72Augmented Pixelshttp://augmentedpixels.comComputer vision, SLAM, 3d mapping for mobile devices, robots and drones.Advertising, Android, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Drones, Indoor Positioning, iOS, RoboticsPalo Alto, California, United States
73Algolux Inc. Optimization for Vision SystemsComputer Vision, Machine Learning, SoftwareMontral, Quebec, Canada
74AdMobilizehttps://www.admobilize.comAdMobilize is the market-leader in audience intelligence. Making sense of the physical world w/ "all-in-one" computer vision & AI platform.Ad Targeting, Advertising, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Digital Signage, Hardware, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Software, Test and MeasurementMiami, Florida, United States
75Blinkfire Analyticshttp://blinkfire.comEvaluate sponsorships for the Visual Web automatically and in real timeAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computer Vision, Social Media, Sports, Visual SearchChicago, Illinois, United States
76wrnchhttp://www.wrnch.AIwrnchAI is a software platform to digitize human motion and behaviour from standard video.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, SoftwareMontreal, Quebec, Canada
82 - Cognitive Computer Visionhttps://restb.aiRestB provides Cognitive Artificial Vision technology, to allow companies fully tailor specialized image recognition models.Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Computer Vision, Developer APIs, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Visual SearchBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
78Mint Solutions Solutions develops MedEye, a solution for medication and patient safety in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.Computer Vision, Health Care, MedicalAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
79HyperVerge is a California-based startup that develops image engines with use of high-performance vision and machine learning technologies.Computer Vision, Machine LearningPalo Alto, California, United States
80Behold.aihttp://behold.aiRadiology using Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Health Care, Information Technology, Machine LearningNew York, New York, United States
81Deep Glinthttp://www.deepglint.comDeep Glint is a computer vision startup providing 3D image analysis and pattern recognition technologies for mission-critical applications.Analytics, Apps, Computer Vision, Machine LearningBeijing, Beijing, China
82revehttps://reveapp.comReve brings together content, community and commerce. Reve is changing commerce by making inspiration shopable in just one app experience.Apps, Computer Vision, E-Commerce, Mobile, Search Engine, ShoppingStockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
83LogoGrabhttp://www.logograb.comLogoGrab is an image recognition technology provider for detecting logos and SKUs in images and videos.Augmented Reality, Brand Marketing, Computer Vision, Image RecognitionDublin, Dublin, Ireland
84Viewdlehttp://viewdle.comViewdle is a mobile-focused visual analysis company creating computer vision and recognition technologies for consumer products.Analytics, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, MobilePalo Alto, California, United States
85IMRSVhttp://www.imrsv.comA new way to measure the world. Software that turns any webcam into an intelligent sensor.Analytics, Computer Vision, Market ResearchNew York, New York, United States
86Qieon Research are QI Research. We are specialists We are Engineering the future. We put the space in Im PossibleArtificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, RoboticsKansas City, Missouri, United States
87ImageVisionhttp://www.ImageVision.comImageVision provides social media and multimedia sites the tools to automate the recognition and monetization of their visual content.Advertising, Big Data, Computer Vision, Content, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, SoftwareAnna, Texas, United States
88RADARhttps://goradar.comRADAR is an RFID & computer vision platform that automates and augments all retail store processes.Computer Vision, Retail, RFID, WirelessNew York, New York, United States
89Sturfeehttps://www.sturfee.comBuilding world's first cloud based Visual Positioning System using geospatial signatures to localize camera devices for AR, Cars, RoboticsArtificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Mobile, RoboticsSanta Clara, California, United States
90Flyby Mediahttp://www.flybymedia.comFlyby Media develops next-generation consumer mobile social applications that connect the physical world with digital content.Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Internet, Location Based Services, Mobile, Social Media, VideoNew York, New York, United States
91SeeTreehttps://www.seetree.aiStealth modeAgriculture, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
92Fashwell AGhttp://www.fashwell.comFashwell automatically recognizes and tags fashion and furniture products in images.Computer Vision, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Retail Technology, Shopping, Visual SearchZürich, Zurich, Switzerland
93Dextro offers a unique system that lets anyone analyze and filter through huge video datasets.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine LearningNew York, New York, United States
94Charmboardhttps://charmboard.comCharmboard is the world's fastest growing in-video discovery platform.Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, E-Commerce, Fashion, Media and Entertainment, Social Media, Software, Video AdvertisingBengaluru, Karnataka, India
95Shazurahttps://shazura.comDisrupting AI for instant image recognition & search at scale using visual fingerprints instead of labeled dataArtificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Personalization, Visual SearchSan Francisco, California, United States
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