TBMP Call Report April-May 2019
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Call IDSub dateConcern TypeDetailsReferred toDetails of response
01-4/194/29/2019Vehicles: Bus/TrolleyOn Sunday, April 26th at 12:45 pm,  caller witnessed the Juneau Tours Glacier Shuttle driving for a couple of miles in the left lane along Egan.   When caller was returning (inbound Egan around 2:30 pm), reported seeing the same bus (907) outbound Egan in the left lane again.Juneau Tours Serene emailed on 5/1/19 to say that the drivers have been reminded to not drive in the left lane.
02-5/194/30/2019Vehicles: OtherCaller reported a black Ford 10-pax van parked on Duran Street. Caller is concerned that the van appears to be abandoned in a residential area close to Floyd Dryden Middle School. DOT #2626764, AK lic #GYS 978. Caller would like the van removed as soon as possible. Adventure FlowAdventure Flow no longer operating; Eric Oravsky acknowledged the email.
02-5/195/1/2019Vehicles: OtherRepeated messageAdventure FlowAdventure Flow no longer operating; Eric Oravsky acknowledged the email.
04-5/194/30/2019OtherWith the influx of seasonal visitors and employees, the current measles outbreaks are of concern to local residents. Please advise if any precautions are being taken to advise if the disease enters the community. If an outbreak occurs aboard ship, will it be permitted to dock and disembark passengers? How will Juneau residents be informed if such an occurrence happens? Does TBMP have any plans to collect and disseminate information re: measles coming in?CLAALiz em'd Joann on 5/2 that we're awaiting a response from CLAA. Kirby forwarded information from Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) regarding their policies and protocol to prevent the spread of disease.
5-5/195/1/2019Vehicles: OtherCaller expressed concern over the number of Unplugged Jeep excursions driving down Basin Road. Reported seeing at least 10 on a 1-ship day. Noted the high volume of local pedestrians and pets, stated that this volume of excursion traffic is not compatible with Basin Road, as it's narrow and has no sidewalks. Would like to see excursions of this kind restricted from Basin Road.Unplugged AdventuresEM from Jordan, 5/2/19: Thank you for expressing concern regarding vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to pedestrian conflict on Basin Road. At Unplugged Adventures, we go to great lengths to provide an experience so that our guests can appreciate the natural beauty and history that Juneau has to offer. More importantly, we take time to educate each and every guest, individually, regarding courtesy everywhere they go and especially on Basin Road. Attached is an image that is inside of each vehicle instructing our guests to abide by the posted speed limits as they approach the historic mine at Gold Creek. Again, we thank you for your concern, and we welcome any further input from the community. || Additional remarks from 5/23: "Unplugged Adventures Has Taken multiple steps to mitigate the impact we have on the local Juneau community. For one, we do not require all tours to go to Gold Creek via basin Road. We ask each customer what their desired locations to see and experience would be and set a custom tour accordingly. Obviously, many Guests Ask to see the gold mine and museum and so we accommodate that request by sending them via basin Road. However, all of our jeeps are equipped with a posted sign above the speedometer informing them that they are not to not exceed 10 mph."
6-5/195/9/2019Aircraft: HelicopterCaller reported helicopters over Pederson Ridge/Auke Lake during the whole day on a route not usually used. Identified yellow helicopters/Coastal. Caller wants to know if this is the route, timing, and pattern for the summer, and would like a call back. Coastal HelicoptersSarah Lowell responded that she "followed up with Laurie regarding Coastal Helicopters' flight path on May 9th. A specific tail number was unable to be identified but we did discussed in details what she observed. I will bring this concern to our Chief Pilot to discuss with the new seasonal pilots to not deviate from the set tour routes. I advised to Laurie to call back or place another hotline comment if it continues to happen."
7-5/195/14/2019Cruise Ships: NoiseCaller notified CBJ's mayor's office that the Norwegian Joy was playing loud music as it departed town on 5/14/19. CLAADrew Green of CLAA said he'd addressed the issue and reminded the operator of the guidelines.
8-5/195/14/2019Cruise Ships: EmissionsCaller stated that emissions on an NCL ship were still noticeable after an hour in port and that they were visible north of downtown. Caller requested that John Binkley call her back and let her know what steps the lines are taking to reduce emissions; she's had no response from him. She's not calling DEC again. Caller noted that Mr. Binkley "seems amenable to CBJ and DEC putting up monitors, but not doing anything with the ships." She also wants to know where the other NCL ship (presume Bliss) is idling while waiting for its berth. CLAABoth Kirby and John Binkley of CLIAA responded to Ms. Schrader; monitoring of air quality continues.
9-5/195/14/2019Cruise Ship: NoiseCaller complained that a cruise was playing "full bore" music upon departure. Also complimented Celebrity, Holland, and Princess on their lack of emissions. NCL emissions still bad. CLAADrew Green of CLAA said he'd addressed the issue and reminded the operator of the guidelines.
10-5/195/15/2019Vehicles: Bus/Trolley"Yellow Salmon Creek school bus barreling through town over speed limit with front door open at 6:44pm last night, going northwest bound. Definitely driving too fast. Please forward to operator. Thanks."ATAMike Wallisch responded that they ID'd the driver and provided additional training and took disciplinary action with the driver. Mike further noted that they "take our ops, especially safety sensitive positions, extremely seriously."
11-5/195/14/2019Cruise Ships: NoiseCaller noted loud music from cruise ship "blasting music" upon departure; didn't recall this happening in the past. Caller did not identify ship or line. CLAAThank you – We have notified the vessel causing this concern and they have modified their pool deck program to end before Marmion Island/Gastineau Channel.  I spoke with Joan and she was very appreciative of the call back.  I thanked her for our call so we can know when something is not up to expectations and we can resolve the matter.  I assured her that the issue has been sorted.
12-5/195/14/2019Aircraft: HelicopterCaller noted helicopter noise over her house as being "unbearable, that the noise had been almost constant since 8AM that morning. Makes her unable to work outside or hold a conversation. Caller did not identify the aircraft. All helicopter companiesTEMSCO: The call on 5/14/19 from the Fritz Cove road area, Temsco operated multiple flights throughout the day. However Temsco was utilizing the route that takes us from our ramp area at the airport straight up Heitzleman ridge and did not operate over Fritz Cove road towards Auke Bay this day. Jason at NorthStar reported that NorthStar did have aircraft operating over the route known as the “Auke Bay Arrival/Departure” on this day. Due to recent negotiations with the Juneau control tower this route in particular is under heavy scrutiny and I can tell you every one of NorthStar’s flights that crossed Fritz Cove road was on the correct routing and well above 1500 feet when it crossed the road. The negotiations with the tower actually have placed the routing further to the north which takes it further away from this address than in years past. Jason also reported had a good conversation with Sue about this call. Gave her my personal office number and told her to call any time that she sees any blue helicopters doing anything that she perceives as off route. Explained to her the parameters of the Auke Bay route and how they have changed slightly for the better in terms of her property, and that it is NorthStar’s policy to try to utilize other routes as well as the Auke Bay on days when the weather allows.
13-5/195/15/2019Aircraft: HelicopterCaller lives below Blackerby Ridge, noted excessive helicopter noise the evening before and today. Said this was an unusual flight path. All helicopter companiesTEMSCO: With regard to the call from the Mountainside Estates call Temsco did not operate any aircraft in that area on 5/15/19.
14-5/195/15/2019Whale-watch vesselCaller stated that ATA whale-watch boats were entering Auke Bay too fast, creating a wake that broke a piling on his dock well below the waterline. Said that the vessel was the ATA "blue box." Mr. Lindegard would like a call back as soon as possible.ATAMike Wallisch responded: Our whale boat captains have been trained to come off step in advance of the no wake zone and enter the no wake zone at 5 knots or less. I tried calling the number noted in the comment and an automatic message noted the number was not in service. Our Captains will continue to comply with the regulations as posted. Mike also contacted Mr. Lindegard.
15-5/195/15/2019Vehicles: Bus/TrolleyCaller, a HAP employee, relayed a complaint from a guest: I just took a telephone complaint from a non-guest who wants to speak with “the person in charge of Holland America in Alaska” Kirby Day about how a HAP bus almost ran him over while speeding in a school zone in Juneau. HAPBill Hagevig spoke with the caller, who followed up with driver. Driver had a different story, and Zonar track doesn't really tell us anything, but at least the Driver is aware that we received the complaint. Zonar shows the Driver doing around 11 mph just after intersection and slowing down from 32 to 11 in the stretch between Stephen Richards and Dryden. Either way, happy to chat with Ted, and we followed it up (Driver is a retired officer I think).
16-5/195/15/2019VesselsTwo similar concerns: 1) Resident asked if marine passenger fees or city funds could be used to encourage those using louder jet boats for whale watching tours to migrate to outboards, inboards or quieter such engines by providing no-interest or low-interest loans to make the conversion; 2) Another TBMP comment - Shelter Island residents The question was whether the whale watching fleet should stop use “god awful noisy jet boats” and use outboards. The person also asked about the possibility of loans for quieter boats, similar to the old the flight seeing loans.Whale-watching groupSeveral whale-watching companies stated they don't use these types of boats.
17-5/195/17/2019Vehicles: otherFrom email: "I've already called Alaska Zipline Adventures about their Zipline tour van running the stop sign onto North Douglas Highway. I had to hit the breaks to not rear end the van. I am not sure if the driver will receive any discipline, since everyone who answers the phone and drives the buses/vans is under 25 years old and seasonal. The van was going 55mph on North Douglas Highway. Caller added that she spoke to a young man at the business who said he would find out who the driver was and speak to them. Caller also emailed a photo of the van. Kawanti Adventures / Alaska Rainforest SanctuaryDerek Jetzke contacted the resident with an apology, noting that he would reiterate safety concerns to all staff. He offered to speak with her upon further request.
18-5/195/17/2019Vehicles: Bus/TrolleyCaller identified Gray Line bus #1135 driving in the left lane and impeding traffic. Stated that at least 6 vehicles were trying to "get around" the bus. HAP/Royal Hwy
19-5/195/20/2019OtherCaller suggested that the all crossing guards be provided radios so they can coordinate with each other better. Stated that they're holding up traffic, stopping long lines of buses and AML trucks. Should let everyone go through, not stop groups of large vehicles.Goldbelt SecurityPer Mike Tagaban: "Use of Radios between Crossing guards has been attempted in the past. Issues we are dealing with are visitors that disregard Crossing guards asking/telling them to wait, jay walkers etc. Radios caused longer delays and war unsafe for our Crossing guards"
19-5-195/21/2019OtherSame caller; repeated concernGoldbelt Security
20-5/195/21/2019Other: Whale WatchingCaller stated that at least two whale watching boats, which she identified as "Voyager" and "JuneauTours.com" had two whales "pinned against the rocks" at Amalga. Caller said there were at least a dozen other boats in the nearby area. She requested a response from the two companies she identified. Gastineau Guiding and Juneau Tours & Whale WatchFrom Sierra Gadaire, Gastineau Guiding: Hello Ms. Sullivan,

I am writing in response to your TBMP Hotline regarding the behavior of the M/V Voyager on the afternoon of 5/21/19.

To start simply, thank you for reporting this behavior. As managers, it can be tough to have eyes on the fleet at all times.

To respond, we have spoken with the captain of the vessel at this time. Their perspective on the matter is that the whales had originally entered the cove on the mainland side, then passed over to the island side of the harbor, popping up within a 100 yards of our vessel. Our Captain chose to pass into neutral and stop maneuvering the vessel to avoid collision with both the whales and the other vessels.

Understanding that there is always two sides to the story, I will be passing this along to our lead captain for further investigation through our AIS System. Through this, we are able to pin point the exact locations, maneuvering and speed of our vessels. If you have an approximation of the time, that would be most helpful.

Either way, this is not the first time this issue has arise in Amalga Harbor (I believe it was 2017 when it came up last through the hotline). I think this area is a tricky one for both whales and captains and will warrant a productive discussion point at our mid-season inter company captain's meeting in late July.

Thank you for bringing it our attention.
AIS did not shed too much light on the situation. It simply showed our boat at neutral speeds, an appropriate distance from the shore. It would be more helpful, we suppose, if we could get AIS on those whales! Thanks again for bringing to our attention,
21-5/195/28/2019Vehicle: BusCaller reported that on 5/27/19 at 6:20PM, she was driving inbound Egan in the right lane, and entered the 10th Street intersection on a green light. A Royal Hwy/HAP bus, ETZ 495 driven by a young woman with light brown hair, came across the Douglas Bridge exceeding the speed limit, ran the yield sign, forcing caller to evade a wreck by pulling into the left lane. The bus driver slowed down to less than half the speed limit; caller maintains this was because the driver was avoiding her. caller turned on her left-turn signal and slowed, and the bus driver sped up alongside her, allowing caller and her daughter to get the license plate. Caller would like a call back regarding this incident as soon as possible. Bill Hagevig responded with a thank you and that he will follow up with the Driver and call back with a resolution. Bill directed staff, Bethany/Mitch, that this was a Sprinter 8359. "I'll double check the speed limit on the bridge, as I think it's actually 30 mph, and our gps tracking system shows the driver doing 21 mph on the Douglas side of the bridge, and slowing down to 16 mph on the Juneau side. It doesn't show whether she yielded or not, but the 16 mph at the corner leading onto Egan indicates that she didn't. I do that corner under 5 mph even when no traffic is coming." Bill directed staff to respond directly to the caller.
22-5/195/28/2019Cruise Caller stated that this message was for Kirby Day; that the NCL ship in the channel that day was again "puffing away" with opaque smoke and was the only ship with visible emissions. Ms. Schrader said that Rorie Watt's letter to NCL didn't have any impact. CLAA & Kirby DayKirby responded that he will call the resident and that they are aware that NCL is not following the example set by all other cruise lines coming to Juneau who are reducing their visible emissions. TBMP and industry will continue to have discussions with them and will discuss with the City Manager. While the NCL Jewel did change their protocol on May 23rd to reduce visible smoke, the NCL Joy and the NCL Bliss did not follow that same procedure on May 28th and both ship’s emissions were noticeable in downtown all day.
23-5/195/29/2019OtherCaller registered related concerns: on Tues., May 28, she encountered two separate large groups of pedestrians (40-50) that appeared to have no leader. Caller felt "overtaken" by one group on the sidewalk, and noted a second group of about 45 walking across Main Street, and said this could not have been a good walking tour experience for the group. Her other concern is with regard to the Tram, as, also on Tuesday, she and her husband met friends to ride up and had a 45 minute wait because of the crowd. People were queued at the top waiting to come down, and that wait was over 1.5 hrs. The gondola was crowded and the operator commented that he normally doesn't allow that many people onto the gondola; another guest commented that, while waiting in line, he couldn't see any exits in the event of a fire on walkway leading to the tram dock. Caller is concerned over the general number of tourists as well as safety issues. Goldbelt/Mt. Roberts Tram, Kirby Day, Juneau Food Tours, Dan Blanchard/UnCruiseIssue 1: both Midgi Moore of Juneau Food Tours and Dan Blanchard of UnCruise indicated that their walking tours max out at 14 and 12, respectively. Midgi noted that most large groups she's encountered are non-English speaking and have an interpreter. They are not on a permitted walking tour. Dan noted seeing a large group on May 17 or 18, and he, too, was concerned that this was too large a group on a walking tour, and that it may have been an affinity group off one of the ships. Issue 2: Jim Duncan of Goldbelt needs a couple of days to investigate the tram concern.
Additional response from KDay:" Good Day and thank you for contacting the CBJ regards these issues. Also feel free to contact us at TBMP and I will be pleased to engage.

I did some research on walking tours and any offered in town by local tour operators. I only came up with one that operates all season and another that only operates in May. I believe Loren Jones gave you a brief recap on both of these items. If you would like more information I am happy to assist. The numbers operated by both of these organizations are quite small.

I am checking on these larger groups you mentioned to try to get an idea of who these are. They are not local tour operators and may be separate groups from ships travelling with a group leader who decided to conduct their own walking tour of downtown. We currently have no record of these organizations but do know they are not local tour operators leading these larger groups.

Regards the safety concerns brought forward about the Mt Roberts Tram, I know the General Manager is planning to get back with you but wanted to check with the mentioned employee regards the comments and also check with staff about the lines. This was a very busy day in town and so the lines to board the tram at both the base and the top would not be uncommon, but he still wishes to check it out.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance or pass further information. I will share my comments with the Assembly and this will be posted on the TBMP Hotline database.
1-6/195/31/2019Vehicle: BusCaller reported a Gray Line bus, #9508, with a distracted driver in the area of Safeway and Brotherhood Bridge turn-off. Caller said the driver was not paying attention to area traffic, was slow moving across the intersection (presumably at Riverside) so that caller almost missed the light, then merged suddenly into the turn for the Brotherhood Bridge area, almost forcing him off the road. Caller requested a response. HAP
2-6/6/1/2019Vehicle: BusCaller reported seeing an M&M Tours bus/shuttle driving past the Governor's residence. M&M ToursKirby: I will call the resident since this is part of TBMP and we had advised the neighborhood that the Trolley tours were still allowed to transit the 12th and Calhoun neighborhood. M&M had a Trolley mechanical at some point in last 10 days and reported to us and to the neighborhood that they would use a bus or small van on that route until the Trolley was fixed. We believe the Trolley is now repaired and back on the tour route. Mariann (M&M): I cleared this with Kirby while my Red Trolley was in for repairs. I will call the resident and report back. Red Trolley is back on today!