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4/20/2015 15:29:26SrikanthWhy do hindus believe in doing 'srardham ' (annual death anniversary) of ancestors, even though they believe in the concept of rebirth? 'Srardham ' (death anniversary) is performed every year by Hindu. if the departed soul takes rebirth as believed, it is in some physical form . Then how does those rituals reach to ancestors? So some or other is performing those rituals for our souls at present even though we exist ?sriworldpeace@gmail.comNo
10/13/2017 8:03:54Sridhar gupta
What can reading epics like ramayana and mahabharat teach us? Will it teach us politics, how to behave with people in daily life? Are there any examples in these epics that tell us how to deal with the typical politics in our daily life and i really wonder and have a strong query that how can these epics help us in our daily life.
10/18/2017 1:00:29Faizan ShafiWhat are your thoughts on organised religion?Faizanshafizargar@gmail.comNo
10/19/2017 14:47:02Rashi popli
In spirituality is there really a state, where you dont experience joy pain insult praise anything.. i have read this somewhere and i have always had this question that is such a state really possible where your ego is dissolved and you dont feel sadness or joy? If this state is true..then how can one reach this stage.?
10/25/2017 16:34:53Y Naveen Reddy
Nothing is intrinsically good or bad, only the intention makes it so.. So, the terrorists killing the people who are not worshipping their god, are with good intentions. They are doing great job according to them. How these implications are correct?
11/4/2017 7:42:33MurugesanWhere was Deaupathi residing when the war of Kurukshetra going on?vaiyavan.mspm@gmail.comYes
11/7/2017 14:02:47Sunil Kumar Ramesh
Why is that we are afraid to spend time with ourselves ?

Whenever I attempt to spend time with my own inner self, I end up with a kind of fear. I sit down in silence and I start thinking about myself in search of self realization. This is followed by too many questions and I finally end up with the question 'Who am I ?' At that point everything gets black out and at times I would feel like my soul is trying to escape out of my body. Then it takes some 10 to 30 mins to convince myself saying "you are a human being, your name is Sunil, so and so are you parents and friends..." and so on. This fear threatens such that I am convinced to either switch on the TV again or take my mobile phone well before I get such thoughts.
11/10/2017 14:30:58Purva shetty
After the mahabharat war, who were the people to heaven and who went to hell? Because a few days ago, i read an article that duryodhan went to heaven i was a bit astonished by this. Also what might be the reasons that duryodhan went to heaven even after doing the wrong?
11/26/2017 19:01:27VirsingWhat are defferent dev and parmeshwar.....virsingpadvi95@gmail.comYes
12/30/2017 18:56:36Sudha krishnan
I am a housewife and a mother of 2 grown-up kids. Why do I always feel small and unsuccessful whenever I see my children performance or behaviour below the required standards. I have my
Guru, am trying to be better and better everyday but at times I come to my normal low when I am withmy family members and
see my status in my family. Where have i gone wrong, what is my God thinking of me, does He love me or is it my karma . Can I still make it better? Will I be peaceful, whats the use of making others happy when i am not able to connect to my family members.
1/17/2018 10:47:01Ankit
How is mankind supposed to have free will if a lot of of things of mind are passed on through the process of evolution or genes?
2/26/2018 10:09:16Rgravi
Our body have pancha(5) maya kosha.
and divide to 3 forms

1.Sthula body (anna maya kosha)

2.Suchama body -(prana control of body movement0
-(mano control of like and dislike)
-(vinyana control and decide want you want)

3.Karana body - Anantha maya kosha( Soul)

now,when we awake sthula and suchama body are function. Went we sleep with dream suchama body is fuction without sthula. Ok. When we deep sleep (Susupti), we with only karana body (soul) in iqnorance. The athma is only withness of all this.

My question is how to awake the karana body/anantha maya kosa to feel the wisdom of the athma?
3/4/2018 19:53:14Siddharth
Having reading all the wisdom, sometimes it confuses me, i am 24, still wandering aimlessly, what should i do ?, and the funny thing, maybe i know the answer, but still not acting, how do i get out of the situation ?
3/9/2018 17:48:31Aditi SinghDon't you think solitude makes us a little more inhuman, or dull? People living in groups seem to be more quick witted. aditi.singh11192@gmail.comNo
3/20/2018 4:24:39Jagruti gokhale
Sir i have a question related to there a way to find out the most powerful chakra that one has and the weakest chakra also of a person?how do we recognise this..and alsohow can astrology be used to find the strongest and weakest chakra of a person...if a person has manipur chakra the strongest then does it mean that he should improve himself so that his kundalini is raised to heart chakra..i am really in doubt as to what would the answers of these questions might be..i also tried to search but didnt find satisfaction in the help.
3/25/2018 9:30:15Chandan das
I want to know the 4 categories of men's and women's described by Chanakkya. And their characters and physical behavior. The categories are Sashaka, Mriga, brisha and ashwa for men's and padmini, chitrini, sankhini and hastini for women. Yes
4/3/2018 4:02:24Karen
This is not a question, Sir. I just want to say Thankyou from the depth of my heart. Thankyou Sir. All this information is really helping me out and is very enriching to my mind. Thankyou Sir.
4/6/2018 0:05:44Elizabeth kreighWhat are the reading and writing skills you need for being an Artist?kreie21@shelby.k12.mi.usNo
4/6/2018 0:24:39Vivek RakundeIs drupadi admits she likes/love karan more than pandavasvrakunde@gmail.comYes
4/30/2018 12:52:05Simantini Sinha
SAHADEVA had 7 more wives, Vijaya, Radha, Digambi ,Niranjana ,Tulhajasi ,Shitsrasuda and Mala. Children were Suhotŕa, Vrati (Mala ),Vishma ,Kuntshi ,Malvi, Ujaat ,Manyu ,Suhasunder. 2 girls of Draupadi were Suthanu married Swarbhanu and Pragati married sage children of Yudhistira and Arjuna.
4/30/2018 12:59:42Simantini Sinha
I don't know the exact sex but names of SAHADEVA some children looks like girls,VRATI, KUNTSHI, MALVI but some names r unisex like LAKSHMANA is the brother of RAM’S plus 1 amongst KRISHNA principle wife. KUNTl,wife of PANDU and also 1 son of KRISHNA .PUSHKALA and SHATRUGHATI r sons names of BHARAT and SHATRUGAN in RAMAYAN .RADHA is KRISHNA love, KARNA name and also SAHADEVA favourite wife .
5/1/2018 16:45:43PrabhavCan a boy who masturbated only once can become an akhand Brahmchari?prrrabhav@gmail.comYes
6/9/2018 21:23:09Nitesh
Why enlightenment or self realization happens to some people while others live in this worldly maya.?why one few can see the world as it is? Why other people cannot see the struggles and suffering?

I'm a regular visitor to your website. I really like to read your blogs. I have read all your essays and the simplicity and thoughts of your essays have helped me in lot of ways. Thankyou. I hope we could meet someday in person. Because if we put enough faith and trust....miracles do happen.
6/10/2018 12:23:25Priyesh maharana
I masturbated a lot. I want to leave it. I want to follow brahmacharya to regain my faith on me again. I desperately want help. Please let me know how I can achieve this.
6/12/2018 5:25:03ANONYMOUSWho actually is affected by war? like sodiers, nurses, families etc. ??jowqdxjsoeed@hdd.comYes
6/24/2018 10:10:49B.C.KIRANis there a system in the vedas for appraising a working persons contribution? outdoorworld@gmail.comNo
6/30/2018 12:00:23Pinki dasDuties of sannyas in varnashrama dharma? Yes
7/12/2018 17:00:17PradeepI tried very much for meditating..but it getting disturbed and cant find a solutionpkpradeepknair@gmail.comYes
7/22/2018 22:40:27SANJAY
Hi. currently I am student Degree Final Year. I have no friends and I am feeling lonely always.
At the age of 11 years I was sent to hostel till now. I felt abandoned by my parents. i was never part of any celebration in home.Parents/relatives nobody calls me, even if they calls after months and months.
I am feeling always neglected , lonely, feeling suicidal.
I am helpless. please guide me.

what to do in life?
7/23/2018 15:55:26Harsha
Is There Any Proof That krishna Is Incarnated from Lord Vishnu? If yes please describe relations between krishna and radha, subhadra, draupadi etc..
7/23/2018 21:40:54bipulwhat was krishna vow to draupadi Yes
7/27/2018 11:22:05praveenhow to overcome the feelings of "kama"?09082000ak@gmail.comNo
7/27/2018 11:30:49PraveenHow to attain self control? 09082000ak@gmail.comNo
7/27/2018 11:36:28PraveenWhat are the uses of meditation?09082000ak@gmail.comNo
8/1/2018 0:17:14Shri Lakshmi
Hello! I have two related questions- firstly, does this system of ashrama dharma only apply to males? Secondly, does it only apply to the upper caste Brahmins?

On the same note, if it applies to all castes by any chance, then how do they become a sanyasi (as this requires knowledge of prayers and meditation and all)
8/24/2018 21:37:20V B SRIRAM I am destroyed in all aspects; can I stage a comebackvbsvbs63@gmailcomYes
9/2/2018 21:13:35Benson Why fear of public speaking is great issue to most people Tulamzmwambungu@gmail.comYes
9/5/2018 21:40:55DP
Does Hindu philosophy said anything about not being in contact of things which are related to god and even not coming in contact of other people??
9/12/2018 17:11:33BappaIs the sixth house the most important one for us to understand ourselves?bhaskarsg2@gmail.comYes
9/13/2018 20:30:28Trisha Naskar compare the character of Agamemnon and Yes
9/13/2018 22:07:39trisha naskarcompare the character of Agamemnon and Yes
9/27/2018 11:23:46koushik chakraborty
the surrounding nature are polluted that's the reason of human live short but that much short that after 1 yug completed the life span decreased by 10 times, is there any way to increase the life span of human being
10/15/2018 0:37:48Seema Sharmaif like to take classes for please share the informationsharmadmnco@gmail.comNo
10/20/2018 18:56:47Liu Jia
Who is professional in Indian in studying Homeric epics? I would like to know how Indian scholars studying the Homeric epics. Thank you .
10/24/2018 13:33:50Visakh Is black panther a mystical creature ? what do you think ? . i want to know more about them Visakh10000@gmail.comYes
11/4/2018 10:06:31Sk Sabbar Hossain ChCharact of karna after temptation sasabbarhossain10@gmail.comYes
11/24/2018 12:17:19Aravindh
I have been practicing Semen retention for the past 20 days, from the the time I realised everything surrounded by us is Maya. Masturbation and sex are just momentary pleasures and are not permanent. What are the other benefits of semen retention and when will I start seeing it?
11/24/2018 18:06:18Rajesh Hegde
my name is Rajesh Hegde i found some ignorance in the knowledge of akhanda Brahmacharya
and its age limit

i dont no somewhere i read that
To attain akhanda Brahmacharya 12 year strict continence is nessarry and below the age 34?
Before the age 34-year-old is my doubt
And why please guide me
12/6/2018 14:06:51AnonyWhy did Swami Vivekananda refuse a woman’s advances?Yes
12/10/2018 11:14:31ManojI wasted semen for many years.
How can I recover it?
12/10/2018 11:17:11ManojIf the world is false why Vedic Rishis didn't destroy this world?Wannacryu@gmail.comNo
12/10/2018 11:18:04ManojWhy did Swami VIVEKANANDA encourage people to eat meat?Wannacryu@gmail.comNo
5/8/2015 16:54:25Manish A.ShettyCan truth be concealed?
This is a reader question from an an avid reader of your blog! :) I wanted to get your perspective on whether the ultimate truth can be suppressed or concealed? The veda says the Truth cannot be suppressed and always is the ultimate victor. But, In this kali yuga, we often see that people manipulate the truth to tailor the truth according to their needs. While people like salman khan are trying very hard to manipulate the real truth (and being quite sucessfull at it yet, by using thier philanthropy shield), there are many others who easily get away with the crime. I would love to know your thoughts on this! :) Thank you
5/28/2015 22:28:32priyai always thought i was strong enough for myself.But lately emotional situations happening arond have been so much out of my control.And finally something has hit me so hard that i know how to recollect and move on?The person who did this ifeels very sorry.But my past experiences have left me so bitter that i dont know how to forgive him and myself.I read somewhere 'forgiveness is not approving what happened means rising above it'What does it mean?
10/21/2015 14:37:27LovelyWhy Indians Suffer more than Western ? Why in India people who are very hard working and spiritual still face problems and less success though in western countries people do not do much hard work still become more successful? lovely.gautam22@gmail.comNo
1/1/2016 11:03:43vijayis it nessary to marry when my parents are forcing to marry? since my parents invested me their resources their saying will not be wrong in their point of view . if i fullfill their wishes i will feel distress .what should i do?code017@gmail.comNo
4/4/2016 7:05:40SunilVipassanabhansalisunil@gmail.comYes
6/2/2016 14:43:53Pradeepprofessional achivementpkpradeepknair@gmail.comYes
6/7/2016 12:10:08Iyeswaria.K.BIf two people got married. the karma of both will be interlinked because one's good and bad will affect other.. so is the person we marry is already destined for us or its just matter of choice?iyeswariakb@gmail.comNo
7/31/2016 19:08:30Hari hara sudhanWhat is addiction? When does a man or woman get addicted to something? How to avoid it? Addiction to something has always been around. It's either lust, or money, or gambling or something else, but how did this arise, could you throw some light on this topic?hsudhan37@gmail.comYes
11/23/2016 0:48:46AnonHow come procreation is somehow acceptable? Krishna says, “I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principle", in the context of sex between a married couple( or atleast that's how most translations described it). Why are married people given leeway and procreation is promoted? They say it's simply because they understand that not everyone can be a celibate but aren't childbirths worse for nature? In the sense you make space for a soul to come and go through this same drama. Some parts scriptures say that Nature/Maya lures you in and you should beware but then they go ahead, 'expanding nature by giving birth is okay because that's what it wants to do'. Does a soul ever want to give birth? How can it, it's said to be whole and sexless. What is keeping a society alive going to do( I know we are quite dependant on the system by now but isn't the point to move beyond it?)
Also, do you have any insight on whether people are urged to have sex by the souls who want body or do humans simply get pregnant and then a soul enters it?
Thanks, I like your posts. :)
12/4/2016 20:28:52Nikhil AroraWhat If I am not able to retain the semen? I am not masturbating since 2 months now. Yesterday I had some sexual thoughts while I was not asleep and I could not retain my semen. It ejaculated by itself. What would be its effects on my brahmacharya practice. How can I retain it? Is it possible not to ever lose it? How can I verify the results of my practice? Are there any credible sources where I can read about Brahmacharya?nikhilarora01@gmail.comYes
2/24/2017 11:05:17Shurygina How to transform energy. In previous posts you Talked about how to conserve energy but How it can be transformed.Code017@gmail.comYes
2/24/2017 21:20:48
Hari hara sudhan Lakshmanan
Which path is the best path to reach the Ultimate? Krishna talks about 4 paths or yogas to reach the ultimate. Is there anything like some yoga is better than the other? If so, which yoga is that and will it answer the ultimate question in life?hsudhan37@gmail.comYes
3/6/2017 17:03:31Shurygina Is there any other way to reach to the stage of anandmaya. You said that the person is liberated after following dharma, artha, Kama, moksha .is there any way without following all these things if one doesn't want to get educated, work, marry,and live the life according to scriptures citations of how to live life as to get liberation. Code017@gmail.comNo
3/30/2017 10:51:46Devika damleHow can a person atone to his sins done in the past life and present life both?What are the ways ?damlenidhi5@gmail.comYes
5/13/2017 12:22:32Divyanshu ChhabraGuru Dronacharya's Righteousness and Criticisms ? Guru Dronacharya goes through a lot of criticism for his actions. Like refusing to teach Karna and Eklavya and also using Bhramastra for ordinary soldiers. What circumstances made him take such actions even after knowing what he's doing is wrong. Can you throw some light.
The second question is that while Guru Dronacharya was living at Hastinapur (presently Gurugram) did he also build some consecrated place for his disciples which is still preserved?
5/26/2017 10:04:45Seema deoleCan thoughts create punya karma? Means,if we think about pure ,sattvik things and also about god, then do such thoughts about pure,sattvik things and god create karma? Also in what way you can define a thought to be pure,sattvik and pertaining to god.please give some examples so that i can understand in a good way.Smd.deole@rediffmail.comYes
5/28/2017 10:52:53VinodI don't feel like doing anything. I found your articles very helpful and thought to ask you a something.


I have been feeling this thing since something where I don't feel like doing anything. I have a job but I don't feel like doing it, I know I want to start some business but I don't feel like doing anything regarding that. I just open my computer thinking doing some work but I never get my self to do it. I also lost my concentration. I can't concentrate on something for more than 2 minutes and I get bored after that. Its just I plan something and I never do it.

Could you please explain what is this and how to get our of this?

Thank you

6/3/2017 9:25:25Dhaval BhagatHave you read the Vachanamrut of Swaminaryan Sect?dhavalbhagat108@gmail.comNo
6/3/2017 9:48:29Dhaval BhagatWhat philosophy do you believe in ? Sorry for asking personal questions, but I would like to know more about you personally. Who is your Guru? What philosophy do you follow? What is your aim in life? Who are you? What is your spiritual status? Have you realized God? Do you believe God as personal or impersonal? dhavalbhagat108@gmail.comYes
8/3/2017 10:23:04Revathi deshkarThe profession/education/career that we have , does it have a link to our past life? For example I am into music profession and also I did my M.A. in I have questions like why did I choose music in this present life or was I linked to music in my past life, or was I a good musician in my past life..some questions like these come to my I really want to know what determines our profession in this life?Revati_deshkar@gmail.comNo
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