HOW TO HELP: For those who want to support with the whatever they have (volunteer time, money, etc.)
InitiativeType of supportLinkAbout
the neighbourgood1. Free marketing/content creation help
2. Financial through the purchase of gift cards
theneighbourgood.comWe're a social good initiative helping small busiesses in Toronto for free by:
1. Pairing them up with (free)lance content creators like photographers and social media experts
2. Setting them up to sell e-gift cards
Friendly Neighbour HotlineVolunteering OpenLab will contact and connect you with a senior living in the Toronto area in need of help with the acquisition of essential items
Amara Possian's note to neighboursNeighbourhood support, Get Involved note to put in your neighbours' mailboxes offering support if you are healthy/have capacity
Postcard bid to help self-isolating neighboursNeighbourhood support, Get Involved note to put in your neighbours' mailboxes offering support if you are healthy/have capacity and they are self-isolating
Neighbourhood pods how-toNeighbourhood support, Get Involved to create Neighbourhood Pod to ensure consistent contact/access to support with folks in your neighbourhood
Pod Mapping for Mutual AidNeighbourhood support, Get Involved^^
"How can I help COVID19 Toronto"Online Community, Get Involved
A central hub to connect people in Toronto who want to exchange services, professional opportunities, and acts of kindness during an uncertain time.
Emergency Survival Fund
for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers
and Glad Day
Financial, Donate Money that both Glad Day and the people we serve are faced with an immediate crisis, we want to create a fund that supports Glad Day and the people we serve.
Black Emergency Support Fund from BLMTOFinancial, Donate Money Lives Matter- Toronto is launching a fundraising campaign to create a GTA Black Community Emergency Support Fund for Black folks in the GTA who need extra support during these times.
COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC FolksFinancial, Donate Money a need for mutual aid for our communities at this time, and inspired by Ijeoma Oluo's efforts to support her community of fellow artists in Seattle , Amita Swadhin launched this fund on March 14, 2020 and has since invited their trusted comrades Treva Ellison, Natalie Havlin, Carrie Hawks, Ren-yo Hwang, and Alisa Zipursky to help manage the financial records and design and manage the process of fund distribution.
Online Community, Get Involved group for sharing and organizing community resources in response to COVID-19. The goal of this group is to organize the local community on the grassroots level to ensure vulnerable community members have access to food, housing, healthcare, and other necessities. It is also for the redistribution of resources in the case that stockpiling prevents people from accessing basics. You can also post requests for aid/support here. Please share any opportunities/events that may be helpful to support community members!
GTA Community volunteers Volunteering, Database of Volunteers availability to help and volunteers mapped by location
Canadian Muslim Response Network: Sign up to VolunteerVolunteering up to support with deliveries, etc.
Donate to the Better Toronto Coalition Fund Financial, Donate Money those looking for a central place to give, we’ve established a vehicle for you to pool your donation with other progressive donors to support organizations on the front lines. All funding will be 100% unrestricted. By supporting a coordinated effort we ensure that no one is left behind.
Better Toronto Coalition Weekly WebinarsWebinar
Starting this Thursday March 19 at 8:00am EST we’re connecting you to the front lines — virtually. Hear from nonprofit leaders about what they’re seeing and feeling. They’ll cover where donations are most needed, but also, what kinds of support would be most valuable. We’re organizing this learning session and planning a weekly series so that we can all continue to get direct feedback from the small and medium sized organizations supporting the most vulnerable in the city.
Webinar on Covid-19 and Indigenous CommunitiesWebinar Wednesday, March 18, from 2:00 PM EST - 3:30 PM EST, join Indigenous Climate Action and Idle No More for a webinar on COVID19 and Indigenous communities. The webinar will be livestreamed from Indigenous Climate Action's Facebook page.
Davenport Helps
Neighbourhood support, Volunteering
davenporthelps.caHi! We’re Gabrielle and James. Like you, we feel the enormity of the effects of COVID19 on the world. We know many people want to support folks in our community who need it. We hope this makes it easier: sign up above, to help.
Neighbourhood support, Volunteering for members of the Davenport community to offer skills, resources, supplies, space, & time to community members who are affected by COVID-19 and those most vulnerable among us.
Seva Food Bank - MississaugaFinancial Support, Donate Money for most needed items. If you are able please donate, if you are around the world consider donating $. At this time of crisis, let’s not forget about our neighbors who need our help. Video tweet with more info: Looking for big bags of rice, oil, as well as tampons and sanitary pads.
Kids Help PhoneVolunteering 2018, in partnership with Crisis Text Line, Kids Help Phone launched the first ever 24/7, free, nationwide texting service. Through Crisis Text Line powered by Kids Help Phone, young people can chat confidentially with trained, volunteer Crisis Responders.

We are now accepting both English and bilingual (English and French) applications to volunteer. This volunteer position will be remote, meaning that you can participate from anywhere in Canada as long you have a strong, reliable internet connection.
Good Neighbours Project
This is a network of community members that are willing assist with delivering supplies and groceries to those with disabilities, compromised immune systems, accessibility barriers, and the elderly, across the GTA.
Food Banks Canada
Financial Support, Donate Money Banks Canada $150M Fund plea to Canadians to donate (financial online donations)
Kavod-19: Toronto Jewish Community Repsonse to COVID-19Jewish catch-all community group for sharing and organizing Toronto Jewish community resources (eg. food, babysitting, etc.) in response to COVID-19. The goal of this group is to organize the local community on the grassroots level to ensure vulnerable community members have access to food, housing, healthcare, and other necessities. It is also for the redistribution of resources in the case that stockpiling prevents people from accessing basics. You can also post requests for aid/support here. Please share any opportunities/events that may be helpful to support community members!
Akin Rent Relief FundFinancial Support, Donate Akin Rent Relief Fund has been established in collaboration with Rania El Mugammar to provide current Akin artists and creatives with anonymous, one-time emergency grants to provide short term financial aid in unexpected situations or times of financial instability.
Help Feed and Support Those Impacted by Covid-19Food, Donate Money self-led initiative to support folx impacted by Covid-19 by providing free meal prep to people who are unable to leave the house for safety reasons, or who are in dire need of food during the pandemic.
Coronavirus Tech HandbookOnline Community, Get Involved Coronavirus Tech Handbook provides a space for technologists, civic organisations, public & private institutions, researchers and specialists of all kinds to collaborate on a rapid and sophisticated response to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent impacts. It is a quickly evolving resource with thousands of active expert contributors.
Support social service agencies in TorontoDonate Money sanitizer and cleaning disinfectant to social service agencies in Toronto
Support FoodShare: Emergency Good Food BoxDonate Money response to the COVID-19 health crisis, FoodShare Toronto is working quickly and closely with Black Creek Community Farm and other frontline agencies to ensure that folks who are facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic are getting access to good food. We have ramped up deliveries of our Good Food Box across the city, focusing on Toronto’s most vulnerable communities and individuals. Please consider supporting our rapid response efforts as we meet the needs of as many people as we can, offering door-to-door delivery of fresh produce at no charge. We cannot leave anyone behind. (partnership with Greenest City)
The Stop Community Food CentreMonetary donations, non-perishable foods, hand sanitizer, diapers and baby supplieswww.thestop.orgProviding emergency food services in Toronto's West End
What's Open in BloordaleMap of businesses openHttps:// to businesses open in Bloorcourt
Covid-19 Gratitude Wall - post a message of thanksGive thanks messages of thanks to all those risking their lives to keep us safe. We have created a free downloadable "postcard" template for everyone who wishes to take a moment to share words of love and support to our doctors, nurses, hospital staff and all those working tirelessly to keep us safe.  
Anishnawbe Health Services Indigenous services, Donate Moneyaht.caSupport organizations serving needs of the Indigenous community. Mission is to to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal People in spirit, mind, emotion and body by providing Traditional Healing within a multi-disciplinary health care model.
Toronto Aboriginal Support Services CouncilIndigeous services, Donate Moneytassc.caSupport organizations serving needs of the Indigenous community. TASSC is the leading not-for-profit research, policy, and advocacy organization that addresses the social determinants of health to improve and enhance the socio-economic prospects and cultural well-being of Aboriginal peoples living in the City of Toronto.
Native Child and Family Services Toronto (updates)Indigenous services, Donate Money organizations serving needs of the Indigenous community. Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST) is a multi-service urban Aboriginal agency providing holistic, culture-based programs and services for Aboriginal children and families. NCFST strives to provide a life of quality, well-being, healing, and self-determination for children and families in the Toronto urban Aboriginal community. We do this by implementing a service model that is culture-based and respects the values of Aboriginal people, the extended family and the right to self-determination.
Native Centre of TorontoIndigenous services, Donate Money organizations serving needs of the Indigenous community. Native Canadian Centre of Toronto is a membership-based, charitable organization located in the heart of downtown Toronto in a beautifully renovated heritage building. NCCT offers a wide range of programs and services based on Indigenous cultural traditions and teachings. All are welcome.
Native Women's Resource CentreIndigenous services, Donate Money organizations serving needs of the Indigenous community.The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT) is a community-based organization dedicated to providing resources and support to urban Indigenous women and their families. NWRCT delivers culturally relevant programs and services that empower and build the collective capacity and self-sufficiency of Indigenous women.
Neighbourhood Pods | COVID-19 Mutual Aid (Canada)Neighbourhood support, Get Involved
Signup sheet for #Canadian scientists who can help w/ COVID-19 testingResearch support, Professional Support scientists, senior PhD students, PDFs, techs w/ skills for #COVID-19 testing in public health labs, we are setting up sign up sheet. Signup page will be up soon.
The Compass Food BankFood, Donate Money are a Food Bank & Outreach Centre located in Port Credit Ontario serving the area south of the QEW between Winston Churchill Boulevard & Etobicoke Creek
Mississauga Food BankFood, Donate Money vulnerable neighbours have food during this outbreak
Parkdale Mutual-Aid NetworkNeighbourhood support, Get Involved Parkdale People’s Economy wants to support community members with self-organizing mutual aid networks in Parkdale to build strong connections with neighbours during the outbreak of COVID-19. We know that many of our neighbours are disproportionately impacted by social distancing due to housing insecurity, mental health, poverty, precarious work, and lack of access to affordable food and resources. We want to ensure that isolated and vulnerable community members have support networks and solidarity during these difficult times. Neighbourhood Pods are hyperlocal text message groups or phone trees of you and your neighbours. Since not everyone has access to online communication or will ever see these google docs, neighbourhood pods are how we reach more people through calling and texting our neighbours.
Mental Health Resources ListMental was a list of various mental health related resources that are free or low-cost to cope with COVID-19. It will continue to be updated. It includes articles, links to support groups, mindfulness apps, workout apps, discounts to learning and creative pursuits, and therapists who can help support during this time.
Mask DriveMedical Supply Donations PPE Drive at Michael Garron Hospital is accepting N95 respirator masks, which are able to filter out tiny particles, surgical masks that contain coughs, vented goggles, protective gloves and gowns.
How to start a Neighbourhood Pod (Canada)Neighbourhood support, Get Involved now, people across the country are trying to find ways to take care of each other. Neighbourhood pods are one way people are connecting to make sure everyone’s needs are met by grabbing food, medication, or anything else that might put those who are vulnerable to COVID-19 transmission at risk.
Emergency fund for sex workers Donation, share information's relies on the generous support of donors just like you.  Your donation to Maggie's helps support critical programs for sex workers in the Greater Toronto Area.  
Fresh food delivery by Building RootsFood or vulnerable and seniors can donate $5 for 1 bag fresh food basket, or as many as you're able, and Building Roots team will deliver them from Moss Park Market to isolated people in the Downtown East community, especially Toronto Community Housing. Thank you!
Free Restaurant HelpMarketing goal is to help as many restaurants as we can during this difficult time. We deliver unique systems that provide restaurants with a way to easily sell gift cards and accept orders online - and we’re offering it for free.
CDN Startup #COVID19 Talent Help ListOnline Resource, Employment "Talent Help List" is a grassroots, community hiring tool designed to help out-of-work talent in Canada's startup sector find remote work during the COVID-19 global crisis. The main resource, a collaborative Google Sheet, is modeled off of the single-company layoff lists used widely in the tech sector and reproduced on a larger scale.
Depanneur Pick-Up DinnersFood for purchase you're wanting to send dinner to a frontline worker, overburdened friends/family, someone who needs it, here's a great (local) place to order dinner and support local chefs.
Real Food for Real KidsFood for purchase, allergen-free, meals. If you're wanting to send dinner to a frontline worker who has kids, overburdened friends/family, someone who needs it, here's a great (local) place to order meals.
Canadian COVID 19 List of Hiring Companies formOnline Resource, Employment you are hiring, fill out this form and add your name to the list so job-seekers can find you.
Mutual Aid Voluneer to Support Immigrant Workers Struggling with Covid-19Volunteering CCNCTO we continue to support workers in the Chinese Canadian community including folks in the restaurants, construction, retail and other sectors. As requests for support from filing out EI forms to applying for OW mounts, from transport support to help with research, we need the help of volunteers to ensure that community members get the support they need. If you have time to help please fill out the form so we can get in touch with you!!
Fundraiser: Help Indigenous People in Toronto - Covid-19Donate Money people in Toronto are impacted by COVID-19 shut downs of employment and community organizations for our circle of care. This fund will help relieve the impacts.
TOArtist COVID Response FundDonate Money help the city’s artists who have lost performance income as a result of COVID-19, Toronto Arts Foundation is partnering with Toronto Arts Council to create the TOArtist COVID Response Fund. OUR GOAL IS TO HELP AS MANY ARTISTS AS POSSIBILE. To date, we have raised over $500,000 from major donor and partner contributions. That's enough to provide grants for more than 500 artists; just a fraction of anticipated demand.
Database of Central Toronto FoodbanksDrop-in, Meals, Food, Food Bank banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need. Banks usually provide a one to three day supply of food, once a month to once every three months, per individual or family. Identification for each family member and proof of income and/or residency may be required. Most food banks distribute baby food.
Database of East York FoodbanksDrop-in, Meals, Food, Food Bank banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need. Banks usually provide a one to three day supply of food, once a month to once every three months, per individual or family. Identification for each family member and proof of income and/or residency may be required. Most food banks distribute baby food.
Database of Etobicoke FoodbanksDrop-in, Meals, Food, Food Bank banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need. Banks usually provide a one to three day supply of food, once a month to once every three months, per individual or family. Identification for each family member and proof of income and/or residency may be required. Most food banks distribute baby food.
Database of North York FoodbanksDrop-in, Meals, Food, Food Bank banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need. Banks usually provide a one to three day supply of food, once a month to once every three months, per individual or family. Identification for each family member and proof of income and/or residency may be required. Most food banks distribute baby food.
Database of Toronto FoodbanksDrop-in, Meals, Food, Food Bank banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need. Banks usually provide a one to three day supply of food, once a month to once every three months, per individual or family. Identification for each family member and proof of income and/or residency may be required. Most food banks distribute baby food.
Database of Scarborough FoodbanksDrop-in, Meals, Food, Food Bank banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need. Banks usually provide a one to three day supply of food, once a month to once every three months, per individual or family. Identification for each family member and proof of income and/or residency may be required. Most food banks distribute baby food.
Mobilizing Masks for Health Care Providers
N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, goggles, gowns
http://www.frontlinemasks.caWe are calling for 3 million masks!

We need your help! Ontario health care workers are running out of protective equipment.

If you have surgical masks (ASTM F2 100-11 rated mask, N95 etc) and you are practicing social distancing at home, please donate them to us so we can appropriately distribute directly to health care workers in hospitals across the GTA.
*Carefirst is making arrangements to pick up your masks and or personal protective equipment donations*. You can contact us via our website or at our hotline 416-646-5108 Mon-Fri between 9am to 5pm to request a contactless pick up.

We are also accepting tax receiptable donations through the Carefirst website at Please choose to “Donate Now” and designate your donation to the “COVID-19 Relief Fund" AND indicate "Mask Donations" on the dropdown menu.

Together, we can do this!
COVID-19 Resources for Muslims in the GTAResources  (Health, Legal, Social, Spiritual) easy to navigate database includes mental health and spiritual resources, information on employment and financial relief, a list of online health clinics, and much more. It includes links that are relevant to all, regardless of faith or non-faith affiliation. 
Collective Care during COVID-19: Advocacy, Resource Redistribution, and Mutual Aid in a Time of Crisis (Toronto)Online resource are times of crisis. COVID-19 is exposing the always horrific violences of capitalism, ableism, colonialism, racism, patriarchy, austerity, and other intersecting systems of oppression. These structures are making some people increasingly vulnerable, either to the virus itself, or to its social and economic fall-out. Many of us are facing precarity and uncertainty in our personal lives and in our families, chosen and otherwise. But there has also been an incredible surge of organizing and mutual aid initiatives as thousands of people across Toronto work together (at a distance!) to support one another, and to build a better world! Whether you have time, money, or other resources to offer our wider communities, please see below for an ever-expanding list of emergency demands and mutual aid opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of these efforts are based in Toronto, with advocacy extending to the provincial and federal levels.
Search StouffvilleApp, Request for Help, Business Directory, Volunteering way to connect people in Stouffville who needs help with volunteers who can help fill the gaps. Developed by Hummingbird Hub.
Broadbent Institute Resources and Responses to COVID-19 (find opportunities to support advocacy efforts)Online resource, Advocacy Broadbent Institute has created this page to serve as a resource and sharing centre for those wanting to advocate for better worker and community protections and support in this time of crisis. It will be updated daily to track provincial and local calls for action and improvements won across Canada.
COVID-19 Global Emergency Relief Fund for High-Risk Black Folks by BAU (Black Artists Union)Donate Money
COVID-19: Emergency Support Fund for Sex WorkersDonate money Maggie's Toronto and Butterfly: Asian/Migrant Sex Worker Support Network build an emergency fund for sex workers in crisis.
St. Stephen's Community HouseDonations of money, food, food gift cards, hygiene supplies including hand sanitizer Corner Drop-in and Overdose Prevention Site remain open during the COVID19 crisis. They are essential services for vulnerable people on the street. For donations: Money: please donate online. For food, gift cards and hygiene supplies, call 416-925-2103 x3000.
Safe Haven Project for Community LivingDonate money mission is to provide high-quality, family-centered and community-based residential and respite care for individuals with complex care needs.
Community LIving Ontario's Supporting the Health of People with Developmental Disabilities During COVID-19 WebinarOnline Resource, Webinar presents major challenges for anyone managing long-term or acute health issues. It can be particularly challenging for people with developmental disabilities, who are at high risk of experiencing negative health effects, inadequate care and social isolation in this uncertain time. In light of these issues, Community Living Ontario is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, April 14 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Four panellists will offer insights and guidance on how front-line agencies and other stakeholders can engage proactively with the health care system in their respective regions
Dealing with COVID-19: Curated resources for special educators, therapists and families working with individuals who have developmental disabilitiesOnline Resource, Developmental Disabilities, Children and Youth, Adult Education, Education
Curated resources for special educators, therapists and families working with individuals who have developmental disabilities. Thanks to all the creators from around the globe whose work is listed here. Your generosity in making these resources freely available is greatly appreciated.
Sign the petition to make CERB eligible for Self-Employed & Part-Time Workers Experiencing Income LossAdvocacy, Petition, Employment are asking that the federal government to modify the eligibility for self-employed Canadians and part-time employees that have lost their primary full-time job to qualify for Canada's Emergency Response Benefit. This can take a number of forms such as: A Supplementary Income Assistant of $500 to $1,500 per month with an ability to have it increased to $2,000 per month for those earning no income over the last 14 day period. A supplementary assistant income could potentially be expanded to include other overlooked groups as well. These include post-secondary part-time students who lost their jobs and recent hires that have not met the required employment income of at least $5,000 to qualify. Please consider sharing the petition with your family, friend, and network. The petition is getting a lot of traction and a high percentage of viewers agree with us and do sign the petition. But without word of mouth, our reach is extremely limited. Follow us to get updates on the campaign and changes to #CERB.
Report price gouging (Ontario)Advocacy Government of Ontario wants to protect consumers from being exploited for the products they need in response to COVID-19. Please take a moment to report anyone charging inflated prices after Mach 17th, 2020.
Grocery HeroFood, Volunteering, Frontline Workers is a free delivery matching service to help our front-line medical professionals focus on fighting COVID-19. Medical professionals do not want to go into grocery stores and potentially expose the public. And grocery delivery services are oversubscribed right now. Instead, volunteers across Canada are matched with a medical professional in their neighbourhood by postal code, and put in touch directly to arrange free grocery delivery. Sign up as a volunteer or as a medical professional
PPE GoFundMeDonate money campaign set up by the women of Knix started a GoFund me Campaign for PPE for frontline healthcare workers (a nice complement to all of the sewers working hard out there). They've already raised over $250k and a generous donor has offered to match donors up to $100k moving forward. They have suggestions for others ways you can help as well.
Volunteer Toronto signupVolunteering, Database of Volunteers strength of our city—and our country—is in our capacity to come together during times of need. Everyone has a crucial role in reducing the impact of COVID-19. You can do more by exercising community safety, getting involved from home, and filling urgent roles to help our city’s most vulnerable.
COVID-19 Infromation by and For People with Developmental DisabilitiesOnline resource, Developmental Disabilities, Education, Key Information language information
Start a Block Connectors ProgramNeighbourhood Organizing, Get Involved, Volunteering connected at the block level and in the neighbourhood. Together we form strong, caring and supportive blocks and neighbourhoods where we look out for one another, share our talents, skills and resources with one another, recreate together, and collectively create the neighbourhoods we desire. The village is reinvigorated in our imaginations and in our city neighbourhoods.
Resources to help nonprofits to adapt and respond to COVID-19Online resource, Nonprofit, Charities, Get Involved daycares to long-term care homes, shelters to food banks, Ontario’s nonprofits and charities are on the frontlines supporting and serving communities during this unpredictable and tumultuous time of COVID-19. We are heartened by the amazing work being done by nonprofits and charities who are stepping up in their communities to ensure everyone is taken care of. We also know this is a challenging time in terms of managing our human resources – staff and volunteers, our finances and fundraising, and ensuring critical services are still offered to those who need them. ONN’s role will be to share information at the provincial level that might affect your work, to advocate to both government and other funders to make sure nonprofits and charities are supported during this time, and to share tools and resources with our network.
Asian Unification ProjectVolunteering, Grocery Delivery Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads throughout the world, most countries are strongly encouraging folks to begin social distancing and don't make any unnecessary trips. COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older folks (50+) and immunocompromised individuals. Elderly Asian individuals are arguably the most affected by this. Not only do they face discrimination, they also have barriers of accessibility, mobility, and language. The goal of this project is to provide support for these people by delivering groceries or running errands, minimizing the contact they have with the outside.
The Sewing ArmyVolunteering, Sewing, PPE support Sewing Army was created by Toronto Fashion Designer, Diana Coatsworth, of Diana Coatsworth Design to respond to the shortage of PPE for Healthcare, Frontline, and Essential Workers during the COVID-19 crisis. The Sewing Army brings together sewers, makers & helpers across North America to sew face masks & scrub caps for organizations in need. The Facebook page is a place we can come together, ask questions, share resources and support one another. Please remember that these masks are not medical grade or replacements for N95 masks and should not be used as such.
COVID-19 - Racial Equity & Social Justice ResourcesRacial Equity, Social Justice, Online Resource Racial Equity & Social Justice list includes information that we hope will help communities and activists as they work to understand and respond to the moment and for the long haul. Our COVID-19 Resources are arranged in categories to help you sift through the material
Shape My City's Neighbourhood Response to COVID-19 resourceOnline Resource, Neighbourhood Organizing, Volunteering communities are filled with people who are designing and implementing projects and activities that are making our neighbourhoods more liveable. These people are critical to ensuring neighbourhood-based solutions, unique and context-specific across communities, are part of the city-wide response to strengthen our communities during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. This site is a platform for community builders/grassroots groups who are organizing projects, events, initiatives that respond to community-identified priorities to share their work, connect with others and connect to resources.
Donate-TOOnline resource, PPE donations, Food, Donate Money, Volunteering City of Toronto is working hard with its partners to support everyone impacted by COVID-19. Your gifts help us to enhance much needed services and supports, especially for the most vulnerable.

To donate, please review the options below. If you have any questions, contact

While all donations are greatly appreciated, during this difficult time, the most important thing is to follow public health advice, including practising physical distancing and staying home except for essential tasks.

All donations made directly to the City are accepted in accordance with the Donations to the City of Toronto For Community Benefits Policy.
DistantlyDonate Money, Small Business, Local Business contributions to small businesses you care about. You're doing your part to keep your distance during COVID-19. Local businesses are doing their part to keep their employees and bills paid. We're here to help everyone do both.
The People's Pantry: Free Hot Meals & Grocery DeliveryDonate Money, Volunteering, Food People's Pantry - A Toronto community response to COVID19 provides hot meals and grocery care packages to people acorss Toronto and the GTA impacted by COVID-19. Free of charge, no questions asked. To Volunteer (Cooking/Packaging, Delivery, Back-end coordinating): We work with local volunteers cooking, packaging and delivering meals & grocery care packages safely. We train, provide resources and supports. To Donate:
The Toronto Zoo is raising money to feed their animalsDonate Money, Animals and Wildlife
The Toronto Zoo may be closed to the public due to COVID-19, but the Zoo team continues to work hard behind-the-scenes to provide world-class care to over 5,000 animals, including a balanced and nutritious diet. The $1 million annual cost of food for our animals is normally funded by paid guest parking, but there have been no guests since the Zoo’s closure in mid-March. Please donate now to support our Zoo Food for Life Campaign and raise funds for the Toronto Zoo’s Food and Nutrition Program.
GoFundMe Black Festival of Arts & Culture @ Covid-19Donate Money, Arts and Culture Black Festival Arts & Culture was scheduled to hold in Ontario, Canada in summer of 2020. In light off unforeseen circumstances occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, such has had a significant impact on our planning and execution processes, hence, the decision to indefinitely postpone event pending when situation normalizes. In light of this development, we have decided to re-deploy our team and volunteers in Canada and Africa to support humanitarian efforts aimed at mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on individuals, families and communities, and especially the vulnerable.
Buy masks from the Regent Park Sewing StudioDonate Money, buy and give masks, social enterprise Regent Park Sewing Studio has begun to make and sell homemade masks in hopes of generating financial supports for their members. The Sewing Collective is a Regent Park based social enterprise composed of members of all ages and cultural backgrounds who come together to create various sewing projects. The Regent Park Sewing Circle provides: sewing skills, a social network, social supports, and self-confidence through learning new skills including language supports. Many of the members of the sewing studio are newcomer women. As a result of COVID-19 they have seen a significant decline in financial support and participation in their services. If you are interested in supporting the Regent Park Sewing Studio, please reach to Sureya, or 647-493-2462 x112.
UforChange MovementDonate Money, Arts and Culturewww.uforchange.orgNot for profit/charity providing arts education to at-risk vulnerable youth. Core arts classes now included on-line fashion, photography and DJ. We had a significant fundraiser planned to assist with continuing education to future creative youth in need. Uforchange would greatly benefit from from unrestricted programming and sustainability donations. Our immidiate need is $100,000 to take our program into December.
DIY DeliveriesFood, Deliveries, Support Local, Local Economic Development, Small Businesses, Restaurants Deliveries is a list of restaurants that are doing their own deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic. Delivery services eat up (pun intended) the small profit margins of restaurants. The restaurants listed on this site are able to deliver within their specified area. Remember how we used to pick up the phone and call places for delivery? You can do that again with the knowledge that you’re supporting a local business, and that they welcome your call! Exciting. We are also including restaurants that are not delivering but that are doing their own take-out orders. While this site exists to support local businesses, we know a lot of workers rely on the income from being bike/car couriers for the large delivery services. We believe these workers should have support (and unions!) and be able to do their work safely. We believe that these efforts can exist simultaneously.
Sew for TO Non-medical reusable items www.sewforto.caSew for TO is an all-volunteer group working to meet this demand and protect our community. We provide these items free of charge to first responders, essential services, community support workers, and others in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sew for TO is also working along side partner groups to fufill remote cmmunity needs .Please go to to request non medical items if you are in need . Currently recruiting sewists to help fill the backlog scrubcaps requested. If looking for other ways to help, links to how to contribute are also on the site . Thank you
Care for St. Mike's Healthcare WorkersDonate Money, Healthcare doctors and nurses are working around the clock to help treat patients affected by COVID-19. The nightly show of appreciation at 7:30pm from the streets and balconies is a wonderful gesture, however healthcare workers are deep within hospitals confines caring for those in need and miss the display of gratitude. They are putting themselves in harms way for the good of others each day. Most times they are not able to remember to take care of themselves by having a meal. Cafeterias and surrounding restaurants have closed or require a wait in a line which requires time that cannot be afforded. Our goal is to begin delivery of boxed lunches to impacted doctors and nurses at St. Michael's Hospital on a weekly basis until the end of this pandemic. Any additional funds beyond our goal will be used to provide additional meals to other frontline workers in the area and may extend to others in need. Not only will frontline workers benefit from this, we will partner with small businesses in the area to provide their workers with the orders and revenue through the pandemic and keep the neighbourhood alive now and in the future. Help us show these selfless individuals that we as a community love, appreciate, and care about them. Thank the frontline worker by showing you care with a nutritional meal during a brief break in the day.
GAPMIL Youth Ambassador's Health and Information Literacy Access (HILA) AllianceVolunteer (translation, design, leading webinars on relevant topics, etc.) Youth Ambassadors launched an information campagin through the "Health and Information Literacy Access (HILA) Alliance" initiative in order to address three key challenges, as it relates to COVID-19: Ensure the accessibility of credible information for marginalized individuals and communities; Build media and information literacy capacities in order to tackle dis- and mis-information and stimulate MIL peer education and learning online; and Combat racism and discrimination by mobilizing people, governments, and organizations to support the development and realization of more inclusive communities both online and offline. The core activities of the HILA Alliance initiative include: a database of credible sources of information; a comprehensive information guide on COVID-19; multimedia content, including infographics, webinars, radio broadcasts, and community-based interventions; and MIL capacity building.

Credible Resource List: a database that contains credible sources of information on COVID-19, in over 110 languages. Information sources include international organizations, such as the WHO, civil society organization, and health authorities.

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COVID-19 Information Guide: a compilation of information on COVID-19 from credible sources, using simple and easily accessible language. The GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors aim to translate the package to as many languages as possible, with particular emphasis on languages spoken and utilized by marginalized communities, including Indigenous and sign languages.
#ShareMyChequeDonate Money #ShareMyCheque campaign is an initiative that encourages people with financial security to share their excess income, savings or government benefits to people facing economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign is a collaboration between members of Resource Movement, an organization that mobilizes young people with access to wealth and/or class privilege to work toward the redistribution of wealth, land and power. Resource Movement is a project on the Tides Canada shared platform. Mutual Aid Toronto/ Tkaronto: an online platform for meeting needs, sharing political knowledge, and connecting people to local mutual aid projects and community organizing amidst and beyond the pandemic. #NoGoingBack #NobodyLeftBehind
Bloor Central Salvation ArmyDonate, Food Bank, Good Food vision is to help address food insecurity, poverty, and reduce social isolation through meaningful food enhanced programs that seek to empower the marginalized community and share the love and compassion of Jesus. Our Food Bank focuses on encouraging folks to lead healthier lives by welcoming food donations that include wholesome, nutritious and shelf-stable items.
COVID-CONNECTTechnically skilled volunteers is a lightweight process to match design and technology volunteers to existing COVID-19 initiatives and mutual aid projects that need digital support. The objective is to direct volunteer energy towards existing impactful projects while minimizing duplicate work as much as possible. This process was incubated at CivicTech Toronto (CTTO) and is facilitated by the CTTO community. To participate, digital technology volunteers fill out an online form with their skills and availability and they are then matched to organizations based on fit and identified needs.