TimestampName (or type anonymous)Prayer or Praise (please briefly describe your prayer request or praise)Received & Praying for
9/28/2023 13:39:23Yimei (Frank) HuMy wife Kan ( Connie) underwent vitrectomy. The operation was successful. Please pray for her recovery. Thanks.
9/24/2023 12:13:52Heather BaileyMy sister Maralin fell last week on her
bike. As he broke bonez once plegy wristand arm. They have casted her lect arm and wrist
Hoppingir will healing and not have to have e just pray that she won't have to.have surgery and if ahe does thatvall.goes well.
8/20/2023 15:06:24Chuck and Hather BaileyChuck and Heather Bailey's son Geoff that lives in North Carolina is having eye surgery August 31st. He is having a torn retina fixed in his left eye.. Please pray for him. Also pray for all the kids going back to school that they
can get to school safely and be safe while in school and be safe going home. Also be with our college and University students as they start back to school that they have a safe year.

8/18/2023 9:43:03Kelli PierceMy coworker Ann had to deliver her baby son a week early, and he is in the NICU with a heart issue. I want to pray that little Louis keeps getting better and that he can be released soon. Also want to pray that Ann, her husband Joe, and their toddler son Cormac can feel comfort at this time as little Louis improves.
8/4/2023 13:50:56Gary De JongPlease continue to pray for Michael Haswood. He is discouraged about his medical situation. He asks for prayer to handle all of the medical tests, and to stay focused on God.
7/22/2023 19:36:27Kelli PierceBill Watson, a man who used to work at my company, just died at the young age of 41. He leaves behind three kids ages 13 and under, as well as a wife who is also going through her own cancer treatments. Pray for the family.
7/16/2023 9:03:09HazelBrian got a job!!!
7/16/2023 9:04:31Hazel & DaveDave's dad is homeless in Las Vegas. We're trying to get him into a skilled nursing facility in Vegas. Please pray he can get in asap.
7/12/2023 13:00:03AnnePlease pray form my advancing Macular Dystrophy
7/12/2023 13:12:12Gary De JongPlease continue to pray for Michael Haswood. His body is still out of balance related to dialysis, and his doctors are doing tests to try to find out why. He has severe leg cramps during dialysis. He is anxious about his health situation.
6/28/2023 20:38:32Gary De JongFrom Michael Haswood: "I'm having some issues with my dialysis and I need prayers. Dialysis is all about balance in everything I do or eat or drink, and things are out of balance right now."
6/24/2023 23:27:07Kelli PierceMy neighbor, Doug Barnes, passed away from a heart attack unexpectedly this weekend. He was a nice guy and a good neighbor. I don't know what his religious beliefs were, but I hope we can pray for him, his girlfriend Courtney, her son (who lived with them), and his family (he had 9 siblings).
6/24/2023 21:11:26Heather BaileyPlease pray for our son Andy his wife Janna Bailey and there 3 girls they have a sick dog with sepis and on Wednesday the
Vet doctor and the doctor didn't give the dog much chance to live. Thought it would be dead by Thursday
and both our son and his wife took the dog back to the vet on Friday and it's fever was down and it looked better..At first everyone was real sad that they might lose the dog...
So please continue that there dog continues to get better and will live more years the dogs name is Millie and she is 9 yrs old..
Also pray for a good friend from high School her 96 yr old dad was really sick and is now done a turn aroun .please pray that he continues to get better each day.
6/21/2023 14:54:46HazelPlease pray for son, Brian, who is without a job.
6/13/2023 11:09:03Life in Christ CouncilOur beloved Tom is in heaven now--he passed away Monday morning. We pray for Margy, Erin, Meara, their family, and so many who feel this loss deeply.
6/11/2023 13:19:24AnonRobin Dotterweich who attended our service this morning asks for prayer for her husband Paul who broke both legs in a skiing accident.
6/7/2023 17:55:16Connie WenRuimin herself will return to mainland China to visit her sick mother. Please pray for her safe journey and her mother's recovery; also ask God to give her wisdom and courage to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to her mother and family; ask God to have mercy, let her mother and some family members be willing to confess her sins and repent, and be willing to accept Jesus Christ as her (their) Savior and Lord of life; also ask God to keep her husband and children in the United States to live smoothly and safely.
9/8/2023 15:22:09Jamil tucker Please pray christ draws me closer to him and speaks to him. Please pray he heals physically and spiritually. Please pray he surrounds me God loving holy spirit filled christians
6/3/2023 20:04:34TomPlease pray for Clair and Elsa as they travel to Michigan to take part in the meetings of Synod. Pray for the Spirit’s leading in the discussions and deliberations.
5/27/2023 15:33:28Pray for God's presence and care as Tom becomes a hospice patient and Margy, Erin, and Meara find their way in this transition.
5/25/2023 7:47:18Andy SytsmaPraise God for leading Jacie and me to Life in Christ Church! We give thanks for a good visit several weeks ago, for the vote to call me as your next pastor, and all the love and support we have felt along the way. Please pray for a smooth transition this summer and that God would use this time to strengthen and renew Life in Christ, New Life and Jacie and me.
5/20/2023 18:01:52Mary lammersMy granddaughter Jordyn got her cast off and pins taking out of her elbow but still has no feeling in two of her fingers prayers with physical therapy it will come back
5/18/2023 17:04:15TomPraise God! who gave Michael Haswood peace awaiting surgery and a successful and shorter than expected surgery. Pray for recovery at home and relief from pain.
5/18/2023 17:05:47TomThank God that Tom's procedure was successful and had no complications.
5/16/2023 7:49:56TomPay for Michael Haswood's who will have surgery Wednesday 9am to install a connection in his arm to make dialysis easier and more effective.
5/16/2023 15:10:50TomThursday morning Tom is scheduled for a procedure to remove extra chest fluid that is putting pressure on the lung. Please pray that all goes well.
4/21/2023 23:33:39Chuck and Heathet BaileyPlease continue prayers for our daughhter-in-law's family after the death of her mother. Also, pray for a good friends & her dad. He is 96 yrs old and has balance problems and breathing problems, he is on oxygen and in a Rehab place.

4/20/2023 18:13:17Dave & HazelPlease pray for our oldest son, Brian, who may lose his project management job of 10 years soon. He's almost 50,so job hunting can be a big challenge.
4/17/2023 19:23:06Chuck and Heather BaileyOur son in North Carolina his wife's mother. Passed away this passed Saturday April.15th @ 9 am.She died of COPD lung diease, the funeral will be this coming Thursday April 20th. Please pray for our son, his wife and our grandkids and all my daughter-in-law's family and friends.
4/16/2023 13:58:51AnonymousWe ask for prayers for Mahjolee Kershaw, the daughter of a coworker, who is going through some recent medical issues. Both diagnosed and undiagnosed. Thank you so very much to all.
3/20/2023 20:00:08Carol & Fred De VriesWe just had a phone visit with Anne Pos. The hip surgery she underwent today was very successful. She would like to thank all those who remembered her in their prayers. Please remember Anne as she recuperates in the weeks to come. We love you Anne and may God bless you as He grants His healing in your body.❤️
3/17/2023 22:51:50AnneMonday, March 20, I will have hip replacement surgery. Please pray this may be successful without complication, and with a good recovery.
3/11/2023 17:10:40TomAsk God to give clear direction and unity to our New City Salt Lake friends as they decide the future path of the congregation tomorrow.
3/7/2023 20:44:20Heather BaileyMy Sister-in-law Julie and her family's mother passed away on Sunday. Pray for them as they go thru the loss of their