2019-2020 Dermatology Applicant Spreadsheet
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CHITCHATCompiled Data From Prior Application Cycles
Anyone want to trade their Henry Ford 1/6 date for my 1/10?
Am I going to dermatology hell if I don't wash my face every night?

< no, but you will be drawn and quartered if you don't wear sunscreen every morning
Hi I’m starting a gofundme. I currently have 20 interviews and I’m expecting more. Between flights hotels and transportation I currently won’t be able to make them all. I know there are a lot of people with 0 invites or maybe 1-2. If you could please consider donating to my gofundme with the money you won’t be using please leave your contact info and I will dm you the link. Thanks and good luck everybody else!nard.dawg@weil.cornell.edu < Thanks my friend! Any others? <drake.ramoray@nyu.edu <derek.shepherd@seattlegrace.edu <yesReply@aamc.org < kimlee@fakechinesenames.orgHAHAH < DRAKE RAMORAY hahaha! < TBH lost it at "yesreply" hahahaha dont mind if I do.. "please retract my rejection harvard"
Quick q about what happens post-interview: do only the people interviewing you have say or does it typically go back to the whole education committee in terms of ranking? I assume it is program dependent but wondering on dynamics if anyone has any insight.<our job on interview day is to polish the asscheeks of every person in that department--bring chapstick x2
Triggered much? ; ) Bring back my post!! Stop deleting stuff
Hop on the discord chat room if you're bored..... https://discord.gg/Kr39K5invite now says invalid? should be fixed
I added an interview tracker as another tab if we want to have an idea of how many invites people have with time, copied and pasted from a tab from last years'
After I reformatted that whole SD tab who the f decided to go and delete it all again. unreal, so messed up << whoever deleted it is fucked in the headIf you deleted it intentionally, I hope you don't match. << it's totally intentional. You'd have to hand select it all and be on that tab

<< any chance that sheet daddy himself might have wanted to delete it? otherwise I agree it's super suspicious, and I can't even think of a good reason why anyone would want to delete that content. it's on its own page, so can't be anxiety-provoking
again, i don't know how to restore, but looking at the version history, the last time it was up was 10:14
Interviews coming up people are looking forward to/excited about? Hopkins< this hasnt come out yet right??...< I hope not < only internal < when did that happen? x1 any confirmation internals went out?Columbia
Where can I find the calender that the PD put together for dates again? I can't find it anymore

PDs/DIGA/Anyone, can you please add missing ones:
Kansas, Baylor (Dallas), UConn, UC-Irvine, Florida State, Georgia, Maryland, Icahn Mount Sinai, New York Medical College, University Hospitals, Wright State, Cornell, Roger Williams, Tennessee
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rqKiljOSngn8cDW85OXjU8cBGKARD3fl0x6auL2aHng/edit#gid=990838366<< that should be it, i found it by searching http - meme --> Thank you so much!!
How much do you think geographic bias plays in this? I know so much is a crapshoot but Midwest here and have been entirely ignored from East Coast. Interested if others in same boat or vice versa?<I know at my program they rate if they think applicants will rank the program highly and a lot of thatt is based on geography. This counts just as much as other big categories like "research" or "scores" << what if we're an East coast and did an away at a West coast? and also have a LOR from that west coast school? >>Midwest and did one east/one west and it ain't doing much for me << okay so it's not just me. this is really interesting+frustrating.> not sure how much more fucking obviously willing to go wherever we can be . < there is no logic...we are some of the best medical student and I'm sure most of us are extremely hard working, but we are now in a position of weakness with no power at all #jaded < medical school applications all over again haha <tbh I never felt like that then. I felt I would get in somewhere versus now I truly am worried about not matching << you better than me, i was kinda scared i wouldn't get into a med school. but yes, i am even more scared about match, because it's one and done.<no midwest love and im from NE >> Barely any Midwest love from the Midwest lololeast coast, away rotation in nyc. ignored at NYU, columbia. <same. and downstate potentially lol < yea east coast ignored by east coast here << cell OP here, also forgot to mention, rejected at SIU and all midwest programs basically so far. geography is not a factor for me at all because im getting nothing < did you get a letter from your NYC away rotation? << yes, got a LOR from faculty member, not sure of quality but i had to use it. and one of the residents said he really hopes to see me back for an interview (means nothing but it was nice to hear) < yeah it's frustating.what are these programs even looking for at this point? i check all the boxes and yet still no love. sigh. << honestly, it's a great question. i dont think anyone knows and the people with double digit interviews have a legitimate reason to not care haha, they deserve it. but yeah i think it's just brutal out there because we're all just that good.i have double digit interviews and can 100% say that there are so many people on here who are equally/if not more deserving and it's not far. I know people identical to me on paper with 1 or 2 and the whole system is entirely fucked. That being said, still hate this waiting game and feel for everyone on here. << this is the way to properly say that you have a lot of interviews. people with no tact, please take note! :) < not just tactful but also true. I also have double digits and think the system is truly just randomness and maybe only peripherally based on merit
< Me to an audience of PDs: https://youtu.be/4Irs_jeRInU?t=99 << lmao i had no idea this existed x2
Anyone heard back from Harvard yet?nope x5 <
Anyone else still at 0 interviews? < have an internal invite. Has your home program released invites yet? or aways? hang in there < also there may be trickle invites in December << For the skeptical, trickles are real...I got one this week. Hang in there there was a PGY-1 in the discord chat yesterday night Yesterday at 11:21 PM I was curious and counted w the sheet today since i just rediscovered the sheet, I would have had 10 at this point I matched my #1 Yesterday at 11:21 PM Nice I have 10 right now too so now i feel like absolute garbage :( *** For the record this was a TOP applicant who likely matched at Penn or Harvard. Stay in your lane. You’re doing just fine!!! << thank you, but i am also garbage for other reasons :) - meme< I really feel like having 10 at this point is an outlier more so than the norm. 10 is a very respectable number to have total in the end of the season, and there are some states that have barely come out yet (e.g. west coast) << yes that is true. according to stats page id say 4-5 is the average number based on respondents <that sounds more realistic, and I bet even that might be a little high if you factor response bias<I'd been told before that going into thanksgiving with ~4 is a good position, but I am doubting that based on this sheet <don't << ? what do you mean, those of us with <4 are doing worse, or 4 is the good cutoff before thanksgiving because 50% of programs have released their interviews? <sorry, what I meant was that having 4 going into Thanksgiving is a good position and to not doubt that based on the sheet
are ppl still filling out the interview invites tab when they get them? the green square is great but the invterview invites tab is sooo helpful so plz continue to fill out, thank you and congrats on your interviews so far!!< i think its updated
Downstate (email) x1 <so is this real or not? <I heard theyre only interviewing one person this year < so you have a 100% chance of matching?fml x5 << Congrats! What are their interview dates? 12/4 << cool, thank you. << just the 1 date? yes Only 1 invite? Anyone else? What's happening here!! #fakenewsindividualized or group message? is there still a chance for us?? individualized <o0oo0o0o < refresh, refresh, refresh
Emory (ERAS) x6< internal? external? rotator? was really hoping i'd get this one ! x5 external 0 ties 100 excitement! << Congrats!! was it more of a group ERAS msg or individualized? x2 < group ERAS message << as Vader would say, Noooooooo! << Just the 1 interview date, right? < yes. < only x4 so far?<<I think they interview on rotation so externals are the only people they invite for thisfml x8 >> V SAD BUT CONGRATS TO YOU ALL :')PSA: hey emory can u send another round of invites? < does anyone send second waves? there haven't been any so far << ya when are these alleged second waves coming and from whom < non-existent <fml << on bright side, emory has 9 program conflicts, so they could be a trickle?I rotated at Emory and was told by the PD that they interview about 25 people that are home/rotators (during their rotation) and bring in another 20-25 on their one interview day< so basically game over <sorry :(Any 2+2 applicants? < no, I don't think they're accepting 2+2 this year...per the website <they no longer have a 2+2 track < MSTP here, got invite, said I want a basic lab in PS, nothing said about research in invite however <again, they do not have a research track any more (I'm an MD/PhD who rotated)
GWU rejection (ERAS) x29Damnit :( << the list of programs i applied to and got rejected from grows, while the amount of interviews i have remains small. this is a really bad foreboding.x2 . << I just clicked on my full rejections folder and my almost empty interview folder (thank god for internal ii) in my email...kinda depressing << I think I’ve gotten every rejection that’s come out lolAnyone in limbo or is it all interview vs reject < if you didn't get the rejection email I guess that's limbo?? << yes I know what limbo is I’m asking if anyone is in it < yeah, you! Smart ass. << TENSIONS ARE HIGH << i posted a nice picture down one cell lets just enjoy each others company - meme << your memes are not funny at all.... << your sense of humor is wrong then << lol you're so sensitive << I think the memes are funny as long as they're not too big. You're doing great mr. meme
lol x4
quiet day today. no programs?every day is quiet when you're not getting interview invites :(( +3

but yeah it's quiet OMG LOOK WHAT YOU DID < lol where is Emory? just 1 interview date less than a month away?
Pros and cons of a program with a VA hospital?Pros: you get a lot of autonomy at the VA. Lots of skin cancer and EICs so great opportunity for residents to practice procedures
Cons: patient demographics very homogenous, skewed heavily toward elderly males
>> Also a pro/con: the formulary at the VA. If they have it, it's covered. If they don't have it, you not gonna get it. < on the other hand, it's so much easier to get biologics at the VA than it is from medicare/medicaid. (I'm a resident, I love the VA). Pros: Patients are grateful and never entitled, no matter how weird they are. You get a lot of autonomy. It's where we get a lot of our surgical experience. You see a lot of skin cancers, particularly large ones that are really nice to learn classic morphology on (vs the tiny ones we take off at the university hospital clinic). After my VA rotation I can spot a basal cell across the room. Cons: CPRS is kind of clunky (not as terrible as you would think), remote access is a mysterious process. You usually have to drive to some more remote site and learn an entirely new EMR/referral system/set of attendings/room set up etc. Overall a huge benefit.
Penn and Hopkins please come out soon! < almost had a heart attack when i saw those two names lol. < Out of curiousity do you consider those programs comparable. I've been at both departments and feel like they are very different (both good/amazing, but totally different imo)<very different yes, but each amazing in their own respective way. Im near the area of both and would be very happy at either < anyone care to elaborate on how they're different? < The cities are very different, faculty size and resources. While Hopkins is great and better than most places, Penn is in another league with a lot more going on in regards to clinic, research, etc. Very few places can compare to Penn. I personally would also be ecstatic to match at either if I'm lucky enough to get interviews. << Philly & Baltimore tho... <lol<<theyre both great cities that get a lot of bad rep. if you havent actually lived in either of them I wouldnt be so quick to talk. << I'm good never going back to Baltimore thx<good it doesnt want you there anyway<<agreed that was brutal to make a new row with that nonsense. Heart is still racing lol x2
has anyone gotten any sort of confirmation/response from UPMC prelim/TY after the ERAS questionnaire? (sorry for asking here but it doesn't seem like people really look at the prelim sheet anymore)< no i haven't. Did you just respond to the message on eras? That's what I did but I never heard anything after that <yea that's what i did as well. can we assume the prelim interview will be on the same day as the derm interview? i need to book my flights! < I would assume so but I don't know for sure. Wish we had the contact info for the prelim coordinator listed in the message<I got an ERAS message yesterday to set up a Skype interview for the prelm/TY at UPMC. Did you guys not get that? <nope.... x2<Ok, maybe it is coming! I just got it yesterday. < thanks!
Wayne State (ERAS) x7Congrats! x3 Any externals???What's the "scoop" on this program? Not much listed in the other tabs x2 please inform us < They have a VA . << lol half the programs rotate at a VA
SD where are you? we miss you!! x2lol let the guy live << SD is gone with the sheet someone deleted. << it's literally the next sheet over, someone restored it. not sure if he's done with it or it's just someone else now but yeah >>I restored it literally chill.
Did Rush go out?? << yes, at least first wave went out last week
How do you get permission to post on the interview swap? I have Dec 14 Rush interview and need Dec 7 instead! agj101@yahoo.com < Rush went out??! < yes last week< Post in the middle columns, and it autopopulates to the left hand side
My only invite is from Mayo in Rochester which would be such a privilege but getting rejected by less and more competitive programs. I don't understand this process... < are you Midwest? no one understands the process. x3. Just because Mayo is considered "prestigious" doesn't mean it also isn't located in Rochester, MN. x2 "Ranking" doesn't always equate with competitiveness. < ha i dont think so, give an example? Example = Mayo Rochester. << this is the best circular logic i've seen in this spreadsheet lmfao <<snowflake wanted mayo interview obvs. <<< Yeah I'm sure they get near top rankings by sifting thru a thin stack compared to Sunny Place St. University. SMHEven though Mayo Rochester's location may be less than ideal, they still invite and match stellar candidates, I wouldn't devalue this person's invite. <-- I don't mean to devalue, but I also think people "overvalue" invites from certain programs.
For the person who put the comment about UCSF in the swap tab. I don't know where you got the info that the dates were for the different tracks but I was offered both dates so this is not necessarily true. << Last year, they were two separate focuses (maybe you're in both camps?) < what do you mean by separate focuses?< I was wondering about this as well since I was trying to swap 1/15 for 1/8. Any takers? <exactly what I'm trying to swap for. Hopefully we can find folks who'd like to switch datesHeads up: more NYC dates coming 1/8 weekUCSF interviews all their 2+2 candidates on the same date but there are non research track people that date also. The 2+2 is a 2 day thing with the research part the day before the regular interview.<thanks for the clarification.
How often do you guys meet with your PDs during the app cycle, if at all?once. told me not to worry until post Thanksgiving ... < Mine says the same...does not make me any less worried lol < they're gonna make the phone calls to beg for invitations so gotta listen to them, its our future theyre gambling with.To follow up (different person than OP), if I'm not close to PD, is it still worth meeting? << absolutely now more than ever. if they don't even know who you are, how can they advocate for you?? << You may also have other advocates/letter writers who are worth meeting with who can also reach out to help with this process < when you say "reach out"do you mean to get interviews? trying to figure out if I need to meet with them if I'm fine with number of interviews I have but they may be able to help post-interview? they obviously know who I am and I have met with them/worked with them before I just don't know if I need to meet with them again << advocate poster here a few comments up. you can have another advocate/letter writer, but PDs will be calling other PDs first and if your PD dont really know you, it won't have as much of an impact. i know my PD really well and i think despite being a comparatively shit applicant it will help me in the long run...but i'm still at 0-1 interview.<wondering this too. Do they help with post-interview ranking or just help you get interviews? I don't really have a derm mentor.... <Mine has offered to help with post-interview stuff and has told us to "keep her updated" especially if we are not going well so they can guide us. I think most people who are doing well are not reaching out since PDs are also busy, but if you want to a quick email update would suffice. In regard to post-intereview, it depends on your relationship with them. There is an obvious conflict of interest since they will officially submit the home program match list, so it depends on if you think that will matter
Does anyone know, now that the MD and DO programs are merged, if an MD does residency at a DO program do you graduate as FAAD or FAOCDGraduating from derm residency does not make you FAAD or FAOCD either way x2 < So then what how do I become either, can I graduate from a DO derm residency and take either or both board exams? < I'm an OMS4. As I understand it, even DO residents these days can take either MD or DO derm boards and aren't required to take both, it's their choice. So I'd imagine as an MD at a DO program, you only need to take MD derm boards.< This is correct. They're all ACGME-accredited, so as an MD you are eligible to take the AAD boards.
Just want to bump to see if anyone could switch Tulane interview dates from 12/13 to 12/6! I'd really appreciate it!
UAB Invite (ERAS) x8Roll Tide > RMFT x10000 this is my answer to the "dream program" question from earlier < love it fam < I'm literally in tears I'm so excited < Awww so amazing love this energy! Congrats! x4 < any thoughts on this program for someone not from the medical school?was only one date offered in ERAS? I thought they did 12/13 and 12/16 > both were offered when I signed up > this doesn't make sense, 12/13 was the only date offered when I scheduled as well. I rotated there so maybe they are interviewing the rotators on 12/13? > Ok that might explain it because I was a rotator and 12/16 was not even an option > i only had 12/16 as an option, external non-rotator x2Wow, that was a late one.
Hop on the discord chat room if you're bored..... https://discord.gg/qYZSrS
Can we restore sheet daddy's sheet and protect the range so it can't be deleted again?
< I tried to restore it but I couldn't figure out how. It looks like ~8:49 was the last time the sheet was up. I don't know where the "restore" button is though < thanks for trying! maybe we need the moderator's helpGuys I just copied and pasted it over. The formatting is effed up. PS I mighta accidentally deleted it on my phone so I'm sorry!!< thank you!So what exactly happened?
For anyone interviewing at St. Luke's on Friday 11/15: no preinterview dinner, right?<correct they cancelled! I’d be happy to meet a fellow applicant for dinner though since it was cancelled after I already booked my flight and I will be there anyway. X2<Let's scout a good restaurant to meet up? Any ideas?<there is a Spanish tapas bar in downtown Bethlehem that came recommended. Anyone want to meet me there tonight?
For those of you who did research years, what area of derm did you research in?an autoimmune skin disease, a skin malignancy, a skin condition, skin
Just curious, what time is it now in derm land? SD's last time was 9:36 a.m.what < SD made an analogy of what time it was in proportion to number of first interview invites sent out. I would assume it is now 12:00pm as half of the first waves have now been sent
I have restored the work of the great sheet daddy. Its actually really easy. Just click file, then version history, copy/paste the version from before it got deleted.THANKS!! x2 can you restore the faith and confidence i had in myself and the process before Oct 1? thanks - meme <- yes I can click here https://miro.medium.com/max/750/1*Qmo4gtHQLuItzWGzO4exVQ@2x.jpegSD tab just got completly deleted<OMG thats so crazy >> can any tab be deleted?? can we protect stuffHow do we bring it back?????? <- lets just have sheet daddy make his own sheet that only he can edit x4
Is anyone else on here couples matching?? < yes! Luckily he’s early matchnot even a couple, even matching is a dream at this point ! - memeyup, it's a bummer << what is your significant other doing? << Internal, but wants to go somewhere really high ranked, you? << oh I got you, that's hard. IR sadly < another IM here < pedsI wonder how many more programs we should aim to rank based on couples matching < all of them! Do you think couples matching will help you get interviews? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal that a different derpartment contacts the derm department on your behalf honestly. < i doubt derms care what internal med docs say. x2 <why? derms can work quite closely with IM docs
20 TY/prelim interviews and 0 derm interviews ... what is going on here???what are your stats? WHAT?!?!??!?! That's crazy, you need to elaborate < 240+ on step, research, case reports, home program hasn’t sent out invites yet. No real ties anywhere. << did you do away rotations? i mean, i got >250, AOA and only have internal and away rotations. Everyone is so well qualified :/ Was losing hope too but got my first interview today at UChicago. No ties. But also rejection from a TY today. Process is random hang in thereI have 0 interviews without ties... ie nothing besides where i rotated and my home institution. Worried I won't get any more and also not sure what I did wrong.
For Northwestern Med/Derm, can we rank both the combined and regular Derm programs? I was only invited to the Med/Derm one. Harvard and Minnesota explicitly say that you need to be invited separately to their regular derm programs, but NW says nothing on their website or email< It's totally separate (don't get to rank both unless you get both interviews)<ok thanks too bad
going on my first prelim interview tomorrow (late i know), any tips/adivce on common questions etc?prelim interviews are very relaxed and conversational based on the 7 I've been on and they just ask questions to get to know you < Be a normal person (don't show off/don't say weird shit) and be likeable that's most important. Show enthusiasm for what you want to do and it should be sincere. Smile. Be friendly. Also, groom yourself. < Be normal, try to project an aura of being a nice person who will work hard and get along with everyone even though you're only there for one year (I'm a resident, helped do recruiting for my intern year)Has anyone been asked detailed questions about their research at any of these? <no x2 < I was at one, but not others < I also was asked a LOT about my research at one, but it seemed more conversational than grilling.<same. Was asked a lot about my research but it seemed like he was just actually interested in the projects
What happened to SD's work? Did a troll delete basically the whole thing?Ya wtf << wow, legit evil dermers << and definitely not an accident, they would have had to hand select all the cells and delete << think of how angsty and weird you have to be to sit there at home and delete everything because you can hide behind your anonymity That would be incredibly distasteful - if you don't like it, don't look. It's in a separate tab... << day of mourning :(WHAT DID SHEET DADDY EVER DO TO YOUthere is text that says - SD OUT. something happened and i dont want to rush to judgement but if it's the same thing that happened to me, im gonna be really angry - meme << wait, what happened to you? << what happened?? x2 < oh basically people constantly complaining and deleting and resizing my stuff, got tired of it all so i kinda stopped. this spreadsheet's users are really toxic and uptight , scared to be your co-resident in a few years - meme << I think the secret is that they are not applicants<?Can we get the tab back???
What’s your actual dream program? Mine was Harvard. < why harvard? < Ego only. Not interested in covering all the hospitals or cosults honestly < so much truth < people like you ruin dermatology. Don't go into the field if you don't actually want to work x3 < You need to chill out. If you want work, why don't you go into internal med or surgery. Or try construction. People like the good lifestyle in derm and there's nothing wrong with that. < x2 lots of us have great work ethics but also realize where it's necessary vs not <<< this is why derm gets a bad rep<< Any program that makes me a dermatologist x6Upenn!! The oldest program in the nation, huge department under one umbrella (unlike Harvard), Philly is on the affordable side of NE cities and theres a reason its #1 on doximity, because residents love it there!< Penn resident spotted< nah but I did an away :) < lol an "away" << ?? i know someone that did an away at UPenn. < LOL sure. "away" haha << do you really think that residens have the time or the interest to post here? Lol you are way over your heads NYU would be a dream. Cant beat NYC, diverse population and exposure to private derm in the most competitive market << I hope you don't match with that kind of thought << OP- What kind of thought? Thankfully you dont decide my future lol < that's why Columbia's my dream. :)<Really excited about the Columbia interview! Any info about this program in terms of resident happiness, perception of the program, etc.?
Will there be more interview invites today?
Yes: 2
No: 1
< My poor heart can only take so much disappointment each day x4^ why do you guys judge each other so much over reasonable personal choices ... I'd be sad if the person who said hope you don't match becomes my coresident ... and also yes I want to make $$$ too so sue me
Does anyone know which Philly program closed recently? Or is this even true?Drexel < Thank you. So Temple and Jefferson are both valid ongoing programs? < yes
Still no UCSF follow up after phone call invite? Starting to wonder if my invite was real or not x4 lol<When the program is so good that they know they don't even have to confirm <sometimes I go back in my call history to make sure it happened < lmao i was just thinking this same thing this morning re: doubting the call<should have missed the call. haha, j/k!I interviewed there a few years ago (I'm the lurking resident here haha) and I checked back on my email - I think I got my invite around the same time you guys did and wasn't contacted with details until a week from now.
Anyone know what survey the NYU Thalamus messages refers to?go back to the thalamus invite and click on your date, and click edit survey answer < thanks!where are the attached bios? I didn't see any attachments on the thalamus app<theyre in the initial interview invite email we got as an attachmentso excited to meet y'all<< likewise!! which day/session are you interviewing on? < 9th PM! I hope I get to see a lot of repeat faces on the interview trail :D << look forward to meeting you at that session! :)
anyone heard back from Harvard about interview dates yet?no x2
Help! is it more worthwhile to cancel a prelim/TY interview in a city you are interested in/would match to (have derm interview invite there already), or cancel a derm interview in a city/program you probably wont go to for the same date? for what it's worth i was in similar situation and chose to cancel the derm interview, but i think this depends a lot on how many current derm invites you have and other more personal factors, i.e. my significant other did not have an interview in the area of the derm interview i cancelled<<I am fine on the interview front, I also already solidified and booked my nonrefundable flights for that week so scheduling it would ruin a lot of things. Im leaning towards cancelling the derm interview, and hoping it trickles down to other deserving applicants :) < thank you!!
this may have already been discussed but...what is a good step 2 ck score? and how exactly do we update programs on our scores. Should I wait till I get my CS score ( in like a few months) to update, or update once I get CK back? > I also have this question, just got CK back and I think it would help my application. I'm considering just emailing a few programs that I'm highly interested that haven't sent out invites yet with the update, but also don't want to annoy the programs that I'm highly interested in...What if the score went down? Lol . < Don't update it until after interviews lol just in case < what was your step 1? I think it depends on your step 1 score eg, if you got a 280 on step 1 and it went to a 260 on step 2 it would matter less, if at all< so send in january? is that too late? < Does not matter. Step 2 can't hurt you much if you have interviews, but it may be able to help you. January is not too late. Most program don't even need it to rank (but you should send it before for good measure)Good Step 2 is one that is 10-20 (?) points higher than your Step 1, unless you are in 250+ range for Step 1, in which case you just want to stay consistent. I don't think it helps unless you did really poorly on Step 1, then did well on Step 2.
did Mayo Florida go out? It's on the Interviews Invites tab but I didn't see it announced on this sheet. Hoping for a miracle. Thanks!< yea it was pretty early :( << there are programs that conflict with their dates so there is plenty of hope for the trickle effect. Keep in mind that the program is very small with 2 residents, so not a lot of interviews to begin with, so I wouldn't take it personallyWhat interviews conflict w/ Mayo FL?
Did anyone else click on the Sheet Daddy stats tab thinking it was sheet daddy telling us his application/interview stats? I was only mildly dissapointed<< Would it make you more or less inclined to enjoy my posts if you ascribe ethos to it? -SDI dont know if it would change given how objective your posts are anyway
[SERIOUS ONLY PLEASE] What is a good number of interviews to have right now? > more than the 0 I havewe're at the halfway point, so i'd say about half as many as you think you need... so maybe 3-4? (I only have 1 so *shrug*). Still at 0 here . < I agree that 3-4 would be good though I do not have that many either so many of us are in the same low/no interview boat < is there like a "second wave" sometime that us 0-1 crowd will get some more interviews during? Is that what happens post thanksgiving? :( << there are programs that conflict with their dates so there is plenty of hope for the trickle effect. Keep in mind that the program is very small with 2 residents, so not a lot of interviews to begin with, so I wouldn't take it personally < when does trickle start to happen? I'm ready for it anytime now...I think you're supposed to take Plan B by mouth tho? idk i'm not going into OB/GYN
Cutaneous Colleagues, we are now at the halfway point for both first time interview offers and number of derm spots offered. I have updated my sheet. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
-SD < thank you!
we're at the halfway point, so i'd say about half as many as you think you need... so maybe 3-4? (I only have 1 so *shrug*). Still at 0 here . < I agree that 3-4 would be good though I do not have that many either so many of us are in the same low/no interview boat Thanks SD. For your recent post, Vandy/TJ have went out this week. Also, HealthPartners has a Jan interview date for those of us starting 7/2021. << When did healthpartners release? I thought only honorhealthSo...do we start panicking now? << I had the same question and my PD just told me "not yet" but I am losing faith in the system << I have 0-1 invites (internal and 1 local, but it's a soft invite imho) so I am really going to start panicking <<I have the same. When you start panicking what will that change? (not a philosophical question, but actually haha) Most faculty still want to wait a few weeks before they start making calls bc that is the normal timeline what's an ok/good number to have at this stage? Probably around 5-10 range is average < seriously? < not true < prob more like 4-6 < shits
Is Lehigh Valley in the "interview invites" tab? I cannot find itosteopathic tab < thanks < so stupid to be separated, PLEASE PUT ALL THE DERM PROGRAMS UNDER THE SAME TAB!!!well, separated helps us DOs a bit cuz tbh we have very little chance at MD programs, so no point in really using the main invite tab <preach X100What's a soft invite ^ < regional and because my PD knows their PD< I may be outing myself, but do you go to harvard and are you talking about BU? << I know who you are now ;)< yeah if i went to Harvard i wouldnt panic. no, not from there at all lol< LOL ok sorry!
Lehigh Valley Congrats! x4 --> Thank you!!! DO school? --> Yup - rotated there too!are DO programs inviting MD candidates? what's the deal? --> They have an MD matched there for next year (she is doing her intern year now) so I think they are! < thanks! :)
whoever keeps adding snowflake to everything, you're super annoying x4 < snowflake detected < was waiting how long it would take for that :) < what if Mr. Snowflake is the actual snowflake here? < lmao he or she is absolutely projecting
PSA: a few things. A gray box means someone is typing in it, so be careful about editing it as well or it can sometimes delete. Accidental deletes also happen when new rows are made and you're editing in an existing. If you delete someone's cell by accident, CTRL+Z is your friend x2<was there another invite that was posted? i saw some comments and then it got deleted. i couldn't see which program it was though < I think someone was just trolling < someone was typing either an invite or new message and some asshole deleted the entire row < could have been by accident < how do you delete an entire row by accident? x2Also, if you make a new row, it will copy the color of the one below it. So to help decrease everyone's anxiety, just quickly change the color from green to white. You can also prepare your response in notepad/word/email/whatever, and copy and paste in<really annoying that people are trolling. this is a place to help one another and allow us to know where we stand. grow up. x4 < yes but it's also not a place to be condescending, like you are being in your comment. x2 < snowflakei only troll when there's no serious information to be posted, like in the harvard box below - meme << that's disrespectful to many people and counter-productive to what we are tryiing to accomplish here < not OP but you must be really sensitive and unable to take a joke if that ONE box on spreadsheet of him attempting to add some levity to the situation "disrespected" you. geez < not OP either, but can everyone stop trying to be a moral police here? Everyone is such a sensitive SNOWFLAKE < Disagree with the snowflake bit, but agree with the sentiment. << i am so sad that these people who are so uppity over a single box of jokes might be my coresident. - meme < can you create a meme of people laughing at snowflakes? << yes but i think i will not call them snowflakes, here - meme >>Let's all just be friends, snowflakes :D x2
LOL THIS x100099999hahahahhaa
University of Chicago interview (ERAS) x4< damn today is party day << Party or Massacre? <massacre T.T x7

<rotator? internal? regional ties?< none
Congrats! x2 << individual eras message or group?<ERAS message>> do we know??
Cornell (internal/rotators) x2Cornell box was deleted by someone < smh < jury's still out whether this is fake << I think we should focus our collective energy on getting the Cornell interview dates which will put everyone at easepeople are deleting so many boxes < They mad, bro < they snowflakesnot fake talked to someone internal <<phew <did they mention whether the only invites today were for internals? < they didn't know lol they just knew that they themselves were internal haha <thanks!< so can we assume 12/10 is internal/rotator invite day and external invites yet to go out? << can never assume, but seeming more likely
Harvard Rejection x23i actually super appreciate rejections being sent out at the same time as invites < what does the rejection email look like? < direct quote: "you suck, your application sucks, maybe in another life" <x2 < jk it was nicer but similar < Anyone know how many Harvard students applying this year? < No idea about specifics, but it's been pretty consistently around 10 per year. <anyone waiting in limbo for harvard?< Am I the only rotator who got rejected?! Guess my application AND my personality sucks! /s but not really < they definitely do NOT interview all their rotators. That’s why I didn’t go.x2 < My PD specified not to rotate here for an interview since it does not change you chances alot. < That's probably true and good advice from your PD! < PD from which program? x2 was that your PDs personal opinion or did he / she talk to / know someone in the department?Any HMS students or people who took a research year there get rejected? I heard they interview all their internals + researchers < I'm not sure if any got rejected this year, but they do not automatically interview all internals and researchers < I've never heard of one who didn't get interviewedAnyone heard of someone getting an interview after a rejection? Or is trickle only for limbo status? <only limbo or WL, rejection is final
Harvard interview x16congrats! how many interviews does Harvard usually give out? < ~30 << not true < more? less? < def more. they have 8ish spots. << wahhhhh I wanted this one!!! < probably closer to 60 invitations < seems like a lot. their yield is probably high <lol no WAY is it 60 < It's probably the same as most other programs, ~40. But if you look at the match list from last year, for example, not a single person on that list wasn't connected in some strong way. So likely applicants are ranked before interviews and it doesn't change much after interviews. < Fake news. Not everyone last year was connected to the program < Who wasn't? x2 < Even the non-Harvard rotators had gone to Harvard for undergrad << This. < This also applies to Penn. x2 << Basically applies to every top program in the country < Based on my extensive sleuthing, it 100% applies to Harvard, Penn, and Yale. As in you're SOL if you don't have a strong connection of some kind. To a much lesser degree, it applies to Stanford and UCSF < Definitely less with UCSF since they don't have an undergraduate college :) < but you have to have CA ties < Stanford and UCSF to a much lesser degree yes, but CA ties are almost required < disagree no california ties and got UCSF < aren't you a special cookie? We're talking about people who matched, not interview invites you snowflake < I was going to say what this person to the left said, but not as rudely. Yes I'm talking about people who MATCH, not get invited for an interview. < lol got it. thanks for the non-rudeness person #2 i get what ur saying<<what exactly do strong connections mean for these top programs? Like regional, rotating there etc?reposting from edit history: < congrats superstars!!! are any of you external without any connection/away? < myself x5 < that's so awesome, congrats friend! < thank you amigo/a! < Are you guys from other top schools though or have 260+ Step scores? There must be some method to this madness, it can feel so random sometimes x2 < I think if it were just 260+ they would still have a lot of work to do to pick candidates. Doubt a place like HMS has to go just based off stats to pick their bunch. < Not true, there's only around 40 applicants with step 1 scores > 260 and they likely interview around 40 candidates" >> as an interviewee, I can tell you the assumptions above are not true x4 < what assumption? x2<<needing 260+ step scores.<hey guys is harvard a good program; first time hearing about it < I think they’re relatively new, I wouldn’t rank personally < yeah my PD asked if its a community program when I mentioned it < My PD didn't recognize the name, is it DO? << I thought it was in the Caribbean, I didn't apply for that reason. < oh SHIT it was spelled with an H in the front; been calling it ARVARD < either way, I think the program is low on brand recognition. who would go there? < yeah the interview date conflicted with a race in my city (which I organized, for just myself) so I declined it < yeah probably not worth the money of flights and hotels, tbh. good call. <I've seen ads for this school inbetween my youtube vids I think < :'D >> Heard Harvard is on probation and might not get accredited next year :/ Pretty poor reputation < LOLOLRotated at Harvard. They have overall good breadth of training with MGH, Brigham, BIDMC, few other sites. Lots of research opportunities and seems supported by the department. I found the resident surgical skills, dermatoscopy skills, and skin cancer screening skills were subpar at least in comparison to my home program. The department is great and has lots of leaders in derm - but it has a bit of of a very "old-school" feel with lots of white-haired, Caucasian males at the top of the leadership chain. It definitely has an old-school, East Coast medicine feel. This was sort of a turn off for me. Some of the faculty are primarily research clinicians who work 1/2 day a week in cinic - some of these attendings have really not maintained good clinical skills / not particularly interested in clinical medicine and it clearly showed. The number of faculty is huge - which means many residents don't get a lot of exposure to working 1:1 with a smaller group of faculty (there a few expections - for instance, Kroshinky who runs the inpatient service and is just overall the best person ever). Overall, my take home from my experience there was that Harvard has good training and great research opportunities, but that "prestigious" programs aren't necessarily everyone's preference / despite Harvard's own self-perception as "the holy grail of medicine", you can get similar high-quality of training at other less prestigious institutions. < did you get an interview? < no < oh no! you seem really nice, I'm sorry. thanks for the write up! x 2< Is Kroshinsky nice? I've heard not as positive comments about her, but I much prefer to believe she's as nice as some people have said. Did you interact with Mostaghimi or Chen while you were there? I thought they are both big on inpatient? Were they nice? << Kroshinsky is a superstar x3 < are you 3 internals? < not me. Did a research year with her < oh so you're matching Harvard? ;)<-- Korshinsky is nice. So is Mostaghimi. I didn't work with Chen. < thank you! < Dr Chen is seriously the nicest person on the planet, encourages even med student autonomy in clinic/inpatient < Have heard conflicting things about Mostaghimi though. Heard he can be hard to get along with from an external rotator there < Are you serious?? Hard to get along with in what way? He seems like he'd be so nice and funny! << seemed judgmental and not very friendly << maybe he just has RBF (resting bitch face lol)?? I really don't want to believe he's not as nice as seems :( < did your friend who was a rotator recieve an interview? << yup<< white-haired white dude leadership is a thing at a lot of derm programs.... suprised it's still a thing I thought we were in more modern times
I am a third year medical student in NYC looking for a research fellowship between my M3 and M4. Does anyone have any suggestions? Most of the positions are for people post medical school. < Check out the MRSP program at the NIHTalk to upper classmen or people who matched in past few years to see if you can get linked with their mentors. Otherwise email people who publish in the location you want to do research with. It might take 50 emails to find the person x2 Here's an easy thing to do: You're at a NYC school? If you're at Einstein, do research at Einstein and you'll match there, almost gaurenteed - look at thier past matches. If you're at NYU, do research at NYU. If you're at Columbia, do research there, etc. etc. You're most likely to match your home program anyways, and if you're at a NYC school it's most likely a good school so just solidify your connections there. Good luck!
Are there other people out there that did no away rotations? I know a couple schools (including mine) favor us not doing aways, but I feel like I'm the only one now < did none as well x7Most top tier med school students are told not to do aways < I disagree, came from a top tier school and we all did aways < As with everything else in life, it depends -- the person said most, and it's true that MOST top tier schools advise their students to not do aways. < If your med school students did aways, then you're probably not from a Top (5) school. x3
Does anyone NOT get interview invites from places they rotated? And if not, where did you rotate that didn't invite you? ya tons lol x5ya, a newish DO program that just recently sent out interviews :(
There is an applicant whom I've wanted to tell before interview season get their teeth checked because of really bad halitosis. They are not from here so I don't know what their knowledge of proper dental care is. Do I broach it with them or let them be? < If you feel comfortable speaking with her again and about this, I think it'd be really nice of you to let her know! << How do you know this applicant? << former girlfriend < lol BRUH x5Yo gotta make sure she dont have a Zenker's diverticulum!
Did anyone get anything other than honors on their aways? Are honors just given out as a courtesy in derm most of the time? < huh, my school doesn't have honors for electives (which is what an away would be, I think). The most important thing is to impress, which is so hard given the fact that we're mostly just students < It's late into the process, I wouldn't worry about it, also very difficult to compare grades in electives between institutions (no Shelf exam, for example)<--- Many schools don't get out grades like that for electives. Your write-up will be compared with other students at your institution in terms of overall enthusiasm / positivity of the review and "code" words like "excellent" "good" "very good" "outstanding" "exceptional" etc.
I think sometimes trying to view the spreadsheet on the iphone app is a bit difficult and can sometimes lead to accidentally erasing boxes on the spreadsheet just as an FYI! Apologies If I've ever been guilty of this unknowingly!
Guys disney plus has Johnny Tsunami<why is this necessary to post lolVery necessary, I appreciate it x5do you have to pay for disney +? Yes
Hop on the discord chat if ya'll want to complain with me. https://discord.gg/3xBTBP<what is that < what is a discord chat? Just a chat room < it's fun!https://www.mdedge.com/dermatology/article/157864/practice-management/us-dermatology-residency-program-rankings-based<-- Rankingsrankings dont matter if we can't even get interviews to the programs lol x4 < forget top programs i just wanna be a dermie x999999
Any other 260+ step 1 applicants still at 0 interviews?< that would be suprising. do you go to a low tier school? Mid-tier < that was a stupid question on my end. what even is high/mid/low tier? like top 10/40/100 or something? but to harken back to your situation, the only things I can think of that could be adversely affecting you other than being from a "low" tier school would be not taking a research year / limited research or your geographical area. <I agree with you. I can't really think of much else besides geography and below average research. I have read all but one of my letters and they were strong. I really don't know what to do at this point. < I'm sorry, friend. I'm assuming it is then the combination of geography and below avg. research. But I'm also SURE you're going to get interviews. Just hang in there! Nothing else you can do now, and with a 260 you clearly worked hard already. Yes minus the 260 :D < Glad to have you on my team << 260+ can give you that same "top tier" school curse where some programs may think you're out of their league. Hang in there, we're with you im <260 but PhD (non-research track) and it doesn't look good. low tier school, did good aways, got LoR, SILENCE, it's crazy that this is happening. < 0 interviews at all? <aside from internal no << did you get interviews from your aways?<--any updates for you?top tier med school, 260+ Step 1, 15 publications, great LORs, 0 interview invitations. I'm devastated < Yooooo that SUCKS. Are there a lot of applicants from your school with your stats or better? < yes. double digit applicants, all similar . < damn I'm at a double digit school with way worse stats...now I know why I'm not getting invites < dang OP of this cell, man I feel for you. That is rough, but there is no way you do not match and get a lump sum of interviews at some point. < TBH, OP, if you're at a Harvard/Yale/Stanford etc. school, chances are you're going to match your home program. You're fine. < As someone from a top school with a top home program, not true. I wish that I could match into my program, but the schools want a residency class filled with the best folks from other great institutions to add influx of new idea, skills, and connections to the class. This is true ESPECIALLY if there are a ton of us. < im really starting to realize how big a factor the # of people applying from my school is < # of people applying is a factor but applicants from top schools are typically safer with fewer invites at top programs compared to non-top school candiates with mid/low tier interviews. Top programs want applicants from top schools so you're competing with a small pool of applicants for all the spots at Harvard/Yale/Stanford/Penn/UCSF etc. < This +1. If you look at the people in the Y/H/S/P etc. schools, 80% of residents are from that program, 15% from another Y/H/S/P etc., and MAYBE 1-2 a year from a more "random" school—and that person 100% either had a 100th percentile Step 1 score and/or connections. Also, if you look at their match lists from the past couple years, not a SINGLE one of those programs had an unmatched applicant. So not sure why you're "devastated" when you have a 100% chance of matching—and likely at your home or another top program (unless your personality sucks). < Swap out Yale for NYU, and you have the proper list of top programs.I seriously dont know how this process works. thats insane . <<Not OP (have way lower stats than that lol), but as someone who goes to a top 5 place I can say with fact that there is not a 100% chance. I do not know how all top programs work, but the fact is even though we have more residents than the average program, the number of applicants from our school is greater than th enumber of spots. On top of that, our school does not rank its own first (but yes 1/2 the porgram tends to be our own/research/rotators). It is a top programs and it wants the best from the country. If you look at our match list it looks AMAZING, but it never mentions the people who do not match. I know for the last 3 years, there was 1 or more unmatched derm. We're all in this shit together<--- I review applications. While there are some programs that highly value Step 1 score -- I think applicants overestimate how much most programs care about these things. I don't think there are any functional differences betweeen applications with a 240 versus 260 on Step 1. Again, the more important differentiators are clinical grades, letters of recommendation, research, and personal statement (probably in that order). << Agreed, and same is true for whether Top/Mid med school< It's really heartening to know that, thank you! Do you know if most programs feel the same way you and the program you're at does about scores? And what programs really do care a lot about scores?< does anyone know if school look at clinical grades out of 6 or 7 rotations? (aka including neurology or not?)
Is the Saint Luke’s Interview really from 11:45am -6pm? Seems so excessive Mine ended at 5. But it’s really just a half day. Similar to a lot of placesI think they offer AM and PM interviews. < Yes I have PM< I did the PM interview and didn't get out until a little after 6!
Does anyone know if step scores play into ranking? Like once you get an interview, does it still matter?<There is no cut and dry answer to this. Probably not. At interview stage it is all about you....However, we are all great applicants (imagine trying to narrow down and rank from all of us), so if they can't decide on ranking two people it could literally come down to anything with anything being step score... or the shoes you wore. << Sad truth << alright what’s the shoe strategy then <barefoot << perfect, i've been doing it right so faralso depends on how badly you want to be at a program. Last year, a girl from my school gave a handjob to an assistant program director on interview day. Ended up matching there < ARE YOU SERIOUS??? << Heard this story too. The girl was arrogant af < How do multiple people know about this?? I actually can't believe that happenned<<this cant be real can we please have more information about this wth x2 this is the best drama I've heard all year!! < California programs LOL<<how did something like this become such public news... << WOW this is crazy. Would I give a handjob for a top program though? maybe... < an in the moment decision, I feel lol << urban legend. Who has time to do this during an interview?<guys, stop there is a 0% chance this happened and it's very demeaning to women (also, super cool to whoever deleted this comment just now...) < how could you say there's a 0% chance this happenned? You're naive if you think shit like this doesn't happen all the time, in every profession - medicine included. And how is it demeaning to women? She demeaned HERSELF when she decided to give an APD a handjob on an interview day, imo. < I'm not naive. You are immature if you actually believe this. It is demeaning to perpetuate what is clearly a stupid high school rumor < learn how to spell "believe" first. Seems like you're the one who skipped high school English <w/e < let's not be petty, people! x 2On a serious note, I don't think we can ever know what did or did not happen. It's not impossible, especially since the pressure of this situation makes people do a lot of questionable to downright wrong things. We've all seen it, but unless the people directly involved confirm it publicly (never gonna happen if it's true) then we should be better than spreading gossip and name-calling.

On a less serious note, how the heck is a derm residency spot only worth a handjob? That might be the least believeable thing about this rumor. < Lmao not sure how they would have gotten away with anything other than just a handjob
<what program?i go work out for an hour and we're talking about handjobs

OP here lol this convo took an unexpected turn. My handies are garbage anyway so def not worthy of a Derm spot < LOL << hahah you gotta work on them for your co-residents ;) << SD, can I practice on you?Sounds like a good deal tbh
Any insight to when Hopkins or Penn invites will come out?Hi! Penn's website says by the first week of december, which usually means the last week of november or first week of december. And I think hopkins is coming out this week! << Penn is likely next week, by the 25th < yea Penn's website says by 11/25 I believe<<any source on hopkins coming out this week?<<people have been saying Hopkins for the last 2 weeks lol
Sorry guys, some troll keeps deleting the tally and december programs. Oh wellfuck the haterz < cut their dicks off < what if they don't have dicks < that's mean
When should you start looking around for a research year? Do you just say k thx if I dont match ill come, otherwise ill commit right now?I think if you have an inkling that you might not match, which you should have an idea of by December, you can start putting out feelers. But don't commit until after Match, there's a good amount of time between Match day and the start of the research year and a lot of PIs put out ads for positions just after Match < Ty. gonna put feelers all around. Manifest destiny.
SDs latest update to todays post about Larkin is pretty on point. What do you think?how was this sent? email or ERAS? I applied and did not rotate and didn't get this.At least DO programs are looking at us. I think MD programs just trash all the DO applications unfortunately. Count our blessings < What does a DO student need to do to get an invite? Off-the-chart test scores, top of class, stellar LORs? What does it take? Post-merger, programs could at least take a look.< merger my assYeah, unfortunately the merger screws us DOs in competitive specialties. Doubt the culture will change for at least a few decades.
Is there a tab for people looking to share hotels / Ubers / similar for their interviews?<<i suggested this months ago but no result came of it...yes!! <OP here: great to see people on board! I think this can cut down on the cost, stress and logistics of the season all while making more derm friends!<--- We should do this!!! Can we please make a sheet?<< added to right of swap - meme< made it pretty
UT Southwestern Rejection x11<<Did this go only to ERAS without email notification for you? Usually I always get an email, but I did not this time<< yeah, just through ERAS for me too x2 <<Got the email now x3< :(((( < Any folks from TX get rejection besides me? < no email yet but I did not get an interview so I assume I am a reject :( <<From TX (out of state med school though) and rejectedAnyone still with no rejection? x3 Limbo?<me! In limbo for at least 4 prgrams and it's killing me
LewisGaleWhere even is this? <DO in VA
University of Illinois (UIC) interview invite (ERAS) x8you mean chicago? < yee < man Chicago is showing my midwestern ass no love x2 < this one hurts
Anyone else get a largo dermatology email?<<see a few rows down< thank you!i didnt want to make a new row for this; i just got a notification for a new email, afib.exe launched, can't wait to see what i got rejected from.

it was jimmy from wikipedia.
< afib.exe loli might not post memes anymore but i can still have some good posts/trolling
people stop deleting cells. this cell asked when first wave invitations were over.< pretty sure no one would intentionally delete for something so benign.. chill < just right click and select "show edit history" it's NBD < I don't know what changed, but I can't see edit history anymore < you have to be logged in (i'm pretty sure you still show up as anonymous while logged in) to see edit history. doesn't work in incognito < yes you stay anonymous while logged in<< mid-end of December<<thank you!<-- Agreed
I am going through an interview drought. I got 4 derm interviews in relative quick succession and haven't gotten any for 2 weeks < I'm in the same boat, OPshut up. the rest of us aren't even at 2 invites. < there are nicer ways to say it, but yeah, let's be sensitive to those of us with few invites x2 << OP here: this forum is not dedicated solely towards support for those with no or less interviews than myself. There are people that have more than me. You getting angry at me for my post is less about my insensitivity as it is your insecurity. I would appreciate if anyone here could share if they are experiencing a similar situation or have any thoughts. <<nope, no drought for me. 10+ interviews and counting. << that's great man, congrats! You must be a very impressive candidate. << I actually have 50 interviews already. << hey 10 interviews and counting person, how’s your arm? Did you break it jacking yourself off? I can call you an ambulance < HAAHHAHAHAHHA This convo to the left literally made me laugh out loud in the library right now << which part? Everything from start to finish, it's just pretty sassy/catty << perfectly describes the majority of dermatology applicants, no wonder we have this type of reputation due to self-unaware idiots<<some of the most accomplished and academically gifted idiots ive ever met<<Where are your 4 from? Regional ties? A LOT of derm is based on who you know. If you got interviews already with NO ties consider yourself lucky! << Only one program with regional ties. Everything else is just a random collection. Although I am more than happy and willing to go anywhere.Why are people that apply to derm like this? How did some of you people even get past med school interviews x2
Hey guys, I just updated my sheet. Keep your heads up. -SD<3 x2i straight up do not understand what the fuck is going on with programs and my application. < same, but i know God has a plan for me :) <<My mom keeps telling me that haha < your mom knows what's up < what if God doesn't exist? then you're fuckedSOAP IS NOT A PLAN < it's not a fun plan, but you never know where you're meant to go until you get there
Anyone having having bad feels for not receiving derm interviews from programs that we received medical school interviews and/or acceptances from 4-5 years ago? x2Can't let that get you down. It's just how it works. (But yes lol)Not at all, it just doesn't work that way, so why feel bad/down??? x2
As a PSA: Programs in December w/o invites yet: Rutgers, UCLA, U Chicago, Emory, HealthPartners and U Alabama

Also: Wayne St, UVA
Jefferson sent out inviites yesterday (aka Sidney Kimmel) <- Thanks for update! Fixing < I WANT A UCLA INTERVIEW SO BAD< but actually what is going on with these programs. interviews are coming up fast
How is everyone's Tuesday going?Don't say Penn, Don't say Penn :( << The Green Box of Doooooom < That was mean < what a troll, I'm getting off this spreadsheet lol < LOLOL sorry
Mayo Rochester Waitlist :'((( x5Congrats! That's still better the rejection (which I got). Mayo didn't give me an interview for their medical school, and decided not to send me an outright interview for derm. Oh well, I guess I can apply to work there as an attending :'( < Ask yourself if you really want to live there tho lolWhat if we didn't get rejected or waitlisted? Ultimate limbo? On the waitlsit for the waitlist? < lol
Anyone get confirmation for Tufts on interview date yet?no x3just got confirmation x3
Vanderbilt invite x12 (ERAS Scheduler)I GOT THE HORSES IN THE BACK! > ugh, was hopeful for this one > ugh same x2 > method of contact? > they sent an email first then another one in ERAS. I actually had no ties here, they didn't even want me for away rotation, which is why I'm very surprised by this <<Who do we email for the prelim year? The email said "Ms. Braden" but I'm not sure if she's still there?
Did UCSF ever have their 2nd call day?<I think it may be time for us to give up on that dream. << wow aren't you a party pooper < sry...the process is making me slowly lose any hope of matching < I STILL BELIEEEEEEVE < I think both dates were offered and by the last few calls they were giving 1 date choice since the other was full, so not sure if any more invites going out?< yeah that was my read, too, from the UCSF comments<have people who received invites gotten a follow-up email? < nope, nothing yet
No SD update last night/today. Did big derm get to him?<i think he's just been busy< I miss him x2<< I missed you too -SD< is this... romance?
Mayo Rochester rejectionx2 < lol i like how this was added before column A was even done . <<haha i saw the red flash there and assumed it was for mayo < that's why I thought I'd start with the red fill rather than putting people through the !!! new invite? wait < much appreciated And none for Gretchen Weiners < I'm dying
Has anyone recieved details yet from George Washington about their interview day?
Has ANYONE heard from U Minnesota yet?Nope x2#lasthopeYes..yesterday afternoon x4. I'm sure they're coming!! <<When does interview date end? trying to book a flight?The day technically ends around 12:30 but there is an optional bus tour to the VA and Children's hospital that will end with a drop off at the airport at 2pm if that's helpful! <<Thank you!!!
Beaumont - Farmington HillsCongrats! x3 Any MDs???
For those who did research fellowships, how did you approach the topic of funding? I’m planning on emailing a few PIs but I don’t wanna sound like an ass by opening with “are you gonna pay me?” But at the same time I don’t wanna waste their time and discuss research topics and bail at the end if they don’t have funding.I'm not really sure what the question is here? You just have to write something in your email along the lines of "is it a possibility to do research with you and would it be a paid or unpaid opportunity" // Maybe something like... "Are there any financial resources for research fellows" ... Or just apply to something organized. Most of them bring it up. If they don't bring it up that's your answer.<<Yea be straightforward on including the need for funding if it is unclear if that is available. We have some PIs who expect students to bring their own funding (which is theoretically available through school) and we have others who have money to throw at us, so it just depends << funding is not theoretically available through school, and just plain wrong that PIs would expect this << sry that was an n=1, but I am aware of multiple medical schools that provide funding for a research year off or partial funding that needs to be matched by the PI. Explore all optionsThere are a ton of research fellowships that already have funding. I think there's a tab on this sheet with info about that. I'm doing one in FL... doesn't pay that great but does pay and is good experience. << Are you a student or MD? The only FL fellowship I see is for MDsI thought these research positions frown on concurrently applying to residency and research?Not in my experience. Every research director I interviewed with last spring specifically brought up how well their previous fellows matched, so it is understood that the entire point of the research year is to improve CV to match in derm.
Anyone not hear back from Minnesota yet regarding interview dates? x2ryrYes, yesterday afternoon! x2, got my schedule yesterday