Official Pen Pals with Rory Scovel and Daniel Vaniel Kaniel Hashtag Compendium
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Episode DateEpisode TitleHashtagsNotes
07/11/2018"An Unsolved Bank Robbery & Free Will"#JaredLeftDan (#HardNotToCarb)Jared (Kushner) left Daniel because he wasn't having fun at the Mustard Plug show.This episode also features the first mention of Cracker Barrel when Daniel is discussing Troglodytes. Also features the first Phish mention. Rory, I feel, misses opportunity to create the #HardNotToCarb hashtag. The "Hole in the Ground Gang" is compared to the "Wet Bandits" from Home Alone, and say they should have been called the "Coffee Cup Crew." The Official Pen Pals Podcast Hashtag Compendium was lovingly created, and is curated by Adam Shanley.

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07/18/2018"Chasing Your Dreams & Choosing Your Cookies"#NothingButLoveForNewEngland #GreatMarket #StayAwayFromOatmealRaisinCookiesFirst mention of having a live Penpals podcast. Mention wanting to have Michael Keaton as a guest for the first time.
07/25/2018"Dog Poop & Karmic Crustaceans"Rory spills hot coffee all over himself. No new hashtags.
I plan on porting this directory to an actual website at some point. Until then, please enjoy, and let me know if there are any changes you'd like to see, or information you'd like added or if you feel there is something that I missed. I'm sure you can figure out my email address.
08/01/2018"Golf & Best Ratio Foods"#ZuulHeadsAnother Phish mention. This is the first episode with a "La La Land" reference. Rory says, "By the end of this podcast's run, we'll have a thousand hashtags." Daniel also says, "In Zuul we trust."Shortlink to this doc:

Hashtags in parenthesis are not officially made hashtags on the podcast, but terms I think perfectly fit the mold of what could be a hashtag; they are missed hashtag opportunities. They can also be hashtags that are unofficial that came from letters, or are deemed unofficial by Rory and DVK.

And, if you would like to follow along as I listen to every Phish track available on Spotify, plus all their current live shows as they go on tour, you can find that google doc here:

Finally, I'm tracking my 2019 goal of listening to 5 new albums a week, at least, as well as listening to all 104 Haydn Symphonies and completing the above mentioned Phish listening project. You can follow along with that here:
08/08/2018"Staying Informed & Toxic Relationships"No new hashtags in this episode, but there is definitely a foreshadowing to what will become #F2F. The "Face To Face" theme is forming.
08/15/2018"Cohabitating & Wedding Planning"#SlideTheSlogan (possibly Daniel's first, and only [so far], hashtag. They both said it in unison)Rory mentions "grow the show" in passing, but this is long before the hashtag comes into play; also mentions Cracker Barrel (for the 2nd time) in passing. This is the first time that Rory and Daniel mention wanting to be invited to a Pallers' wedding. Face to Face actually mentioned, but no hashtag created yet.
08/22/2018"Eating & Finding a Partner"(#DanielVanielKaniel) (#CFD)Extended discussion over proper pronunciation of Flan. Daniel Vaniel Kaniel is born, though not officially made a hashtag. Coined the phrase "Bounce Arounds" when discussing eating strategy. Daniel misses the opportunity to create a #CFD hashtag for the Cheesecake Factory Dilemma. Episode also features the stationery/stationary argument.
08/29/2018"Favorites & Comments"Extended Cracker Barrel riff, and another mention of Back to the Future. No new hashtags.
09/05/2018"Time Travel & Friendship"#RipAirRory gets to talk about Back to the Future for the first time. #RipAir is a call back to farting in front of your significant other from the August 15th episode.
09/11/2018"Acting Your Age & Relationships"Mentions wanting to do a live podcast again (first time was the July 18th show). This episode is the first time the stacks of letters next to them is mentioned. Great DVK quote, "Don't act your age, actu your feeling."
09/19/2018"Cults & Agoraphobia" #F2F #RRGTAnother live podcast plan which will include the crowd singing along to the Penpals themesong by The Winter Sounds.
09/26/2018"Concerts, Being Stuck, & Worrying"(#PEC)Features guest penpal Reggie Watts. They miss an opportunity to create the #PEC hashtag which is for Profound Existential Crisis. Another good DVK quote, "Worrying is paying a debt you never owed."
10/03/2018"Sleep Paralysis & Universal Basic Income"#BabyBiscuits #FuckPoundcake #MistererCracker Barrel is brought up again. Rory makes a callback to September 5th episode on Time Travel referencing "Who is the President in 4039." Mentions me at 32 minutes in regarding my #F2F application that my wife, Leslie, sent in. They said I'm now a Level 1 F2F.
10/10/2018"Dating Dad's Drummer & Is She Cheating?"#StayFocusedOnTheLetter #sfotlAnother Mustard Plug mention; first mention of Mustard Plug was on July 11, which gave us #JaredLeftDan. Rory tries to put on his sweater while wearing headphones. Face To Face and Rip Roarin' Good Time discussion.
10/17/2018"Communication & Ghosts"#ftpc #OpenInviteMKFDMore plans to host a live pen pals podcast with crowd sing along. They play the theme song a second time to demonstrate what the sing along would be like; crowd on left sings along with "ohh," then the right side. First letter includes extended discussion of favorite pies, and even more in depth Face To Face discussion. Reference to stationery/stationary argument. Rory once again tries to put on a sweatshirt while wearing headphones. Mentions wanting Michael Keaton as a guest again (first time was July 18th episode).
10/24/2018"Fears & Adult Friending"(#WorkWake) (#HumpdayWednesdayWorkWake) (#FOC) (#Pleasantries)"hyeahh" is the exhausted sound of DVK's friend after running a gasser, but is not made a hashtag yet. First mention of what a gasser is. Daniel Faniel, and Roarin' for Scovel. Rory mentions Noah's Ark, and almost touches upon a bit in his "...Tries Standup for the First Time" where Noah is having sex with the animals. Extended discussion about environmental issues, and people being anti-science. A couple missed opportunities for hashtags, #WorkWake, #HumpdayWednesdayWorkWake and #FOC for Friendship of Convenience. Daniel wants a social media profile where you are only allowed to exchange pleasantries.
10/31/2018"Ruining a Wedding & Having a Trash-Mouth"(#NAF) (#FAF) (#WB)They play the theme song a second time, again. Last time they played the theme song twice was on October 17th. Officially starts the Grow The Show campaign; first part of going F2F so that you can have a RRGT. DVK turns up volume on phone when taking a picture so people know he's taking a picture. Rory says he's "nervous as fuck. I'm NAF," but doesn't make it a hashtag. Makes a Back to the Future reference, but says "Blues rift in B" instead of the correct "Blues riff in B." Continues the stationery/stationary argument. Rory says he's a WB Guy, because he likes to work backwards; also fails to creat a FAF hashtag for "Fresh as Fuck."
11/7/2018"Millennials & Falling for a Friend"(#NTRT)Rory tells the story about the giraffe figure from Capetown, South Africa. First letter from TOPTTTBITCBM, "Tired of passing tissues to the babies in the cubicles beside me." Rory adapts, and puts on a hoodie instead of a sweater, but runs headphone cable up through the hoodie. DVK takes a picture of Rory, and you can hear the camera sound when he takes the picture, as mentioned on the October 31st episode. Great DVK quote, "If you didn't care, you wouldn't care." Reference to running gassers again. NTRT, "Never the right time." Another Bolognese reference.
11/14/2018"The Groom's Perspective & Conspiracy Theories"#saga (#sow) #subjectToChange #ccf #lettuceWraps #yachtRock #NoWayJaredLeftDaniel #JaredIsaLoser #m2eExtended #growtheshow discussion reading listener reviews and answering some questions quickly. First letter is part 2 of the co-best man saga, and Rory admits that they may be getting had. They fail to realize that Ponters and Preston are jumbled of each other containing same letters, but Rory does say briefly “KP and Preston are the same person.” This is the 2nd time Rory and Dan ask to be invited to a wedding, and go one step further by asking to be in the wedding and speak. Rory makes another Back to the Future reference (principal in hallway scene when Marty shows up late to school). DVK mentions that Rory is wearing sunglasses indoors and the same sweater. This is the first saga chant, and also the first time they dive right into it without saying “let’s go to the letters!” Rory says “fascinite” And DVK does a call back to “Marine Corpse.”
11/21/2018"Long Distance Love & Addiction"#hyeahh (exhausted sound after a gasser) #TheWinterSounds #LiveYourBestSimulation #OutsideOfBoiseRory mentions that someone needs to create a directory of all the hashtags, which is why this google doc started in the first place.
11/28/2018“Balding & Committal”#goals #hmmhmmhmm (or #mmmmmm ?) #DoYouStartAtH #EightyTwenty #8020 Mr. Brooms cut DVK's hair. Rory refers to Wet Bandits again, first time was in July 11th episode. Extended discussion on when Christmas should start. Christmas in July and the Hallmark channel, “huh,” all coming from reading a #growtheshow review. Rory mentions that he’s 38 about a dozen times. They talk about how people should not have birthday weeks/months. Rory want to go to Burning Man for his birthday. First letter from Jackie F, Rory dubs him "Jackie Fireball." The 80/20 thing comes up again. Another DVK quote, "You can't choose what moves your dick." DVK has never had a Whopper, or a Big Mac. Rory declares that at the first live Pen Pals DVK will eat a Whopper and a Big Mac. Second letter, by Abbie, brings up the stationery/stationary argument again. DVK tries to make a hashtag out of Rory doing a whiny impersonation of him.
12/05/2018“Going F2F with Mom & High School Expectations”#RoryScory #DoTheShow (#PeruHouse) (#FoodForThought) (#ThuneForThought) (#NickThuneForThought) (#DontKnowShitAboutDick) (#DanielVanielCanyonsil)Starts off with a #saga chant, which turns into saGA. Rory and DVK remind listeners to consider donating to a charity. DVK talks about Letters for Santa in Chicago. Rory talks about disc golf, and mentions soccer golf(?). DVK does a gasser on the way to the letters again. "Is that stationery?" First letter mentions 80/20. Rory says, regarding the first letter, "this is hard as fuck," but doesn't mention an #haf hashtag. Another good DVK quote: "You can go swimming, but don't have to go in the ocean." Rory brings up the simulation, calling it "this hopeful simulation." They mention once again doing a live Pen Pals. Rory mispronounces letter: "Great leto, a great Jared Leto." Rory says he "doesn't know shit about dick," and then him and DVK do a bit where DVK berates Rory "off" microphone. Rory tries to roll with a new name for Daniel Vaniel Kaniel, but falters at the end and comes up with Daniel Vaniel Canyon....sill.
12/12/2018"Calling Dibs & Rushing Ten Yards"#GrewTheShoe #DrowningInHashtags #TakeTheShowOnTheRoad #ElonListensToTheShow #RRMAt the top of the show they reference Christmas starting up too early again. They start off with some #GrowTheShow responses, discussing death row meals like Bojangles, and a bag of burgers ("A B.O.B," which should probably be a hashtag). Another reference to Home Alone. The hashtag challenge officially closes, with Rory and DVK mentioning me saying I "destroyed" the challenge, and that I may be going #rrgt. Rory says that I should now keep this up to date so that I can be the official historian. Lauren is another fan who completed the hashtag challenge. DVK reads my letter on calling Dibs first. DVK admits to having moved a dibs in the past. #RRM is a "Rory Rant Moment." "Move the Chains." The second letter sets up a hypothetical situation where someone is trying to rush for 10 yards in the NFL. DVK thinks that he could do it, with a 3 yard gain within the first 5 tries. Extended discussion on professional athletes and how you can basically see their talen. DVK mentions being "gassed." Rory thinks he could as well, but would be terrified of serious injury.
12/19/2018“Ghost Crisis & Psychedelic Drugs”Rory starts off by interacting with the theme song as if it’s a conversation , and slides in a reference to the stationary/stationery argument. Rory and DVK then touch on the topic of people fighting the so-called “War on Christmas” and Rory has a #rrm, Rory Rant Moment right at the top of the show. DVK mentions needing to watch The Andy Griffith Christmas special from it’s first season, and the first Gremlins movie, and then they get in a mini discussion about Christmas traditions and of Rory is going to tell his daughter the truth about Santa or not.
12/26/2018"Ruining Christmas & Dissecting Humor"(#growtheshowinternationale) #oneStoneTwoBirdedItDVK does the "wave your hands like you just don't care" during the theme song. Rory does a Doc Holliday reference, turns it into a weird movie where the doc just starts killing people. The guys first ask to be involved in a parade and fantasize about being grand marshals. First for the show: a letter with a response letter attached, but for real (DVK references Ponters). The letter contains drawings and DVK asks if that makes it stationery. The guys break into song, covering the Wham! Christmas song. Rory introduces the idea that he can make a paper crinkling noise with his mouth. He can do foley work alone, and DVK can't do it. They joke during the letter discussion that they are 300 yards apart like the Batman dinner scene, and advises us to pause the episode to watch Batman if we haven't seen it, and then come back. DVK briefly references the fact that he was in a car accident on the way to a show just before recording this episode. DVK comes up with the #oneStoneTwoBirdedIt hashtag. They remain a touch cynical throughout the letter because this is a post-Ponters episode. When they come back they are doing their morning zoo-crew personas, doing coke, etc. Second letter mentions Rory's "concrete" bit. An in-depth discussion about creating a comedy act, or what makes a comedian an individual persona. Rory talks about jokes being born out of improvisation, and compares comedy to music, or art. Rory admits that he dominated the entire conversation on the 2nd letter, and they wish everyone a happy holiday and new year.
01/02/2019"A Karaoke Proposal & Talking Politics with Dad"#rrppDVK does a little bit of a Goldfinger sing along during the opening. "Happy 2019: Leave it in!" DVK does a little bit of a gasser on the way to the letters. They do a little bit of a "Mandy" sing along while reading the first letter. Rory talks about his proposal at an Explosions in Sky concert during the song "Your Hand in Mine." They weigh the pros and cons of the karaoke proposal. Rory feels like the cat is going to be out of the bag before the proposal actually happens, and DVK tends to agree. They want to be invited to the wedding, of course, and are still lobbying hard to be junior grand marshals at a parade. They say that 2019 is going to be their year. They encourage listeners to write in about their new year's resolutions, and they are going to stick with their goals of going to a listener's wedding, and being junior marshals. The 2nd letter opens up with #rrpp for rip-roarin' pen pals. Rory gets into an extended discussion of expressing his environmental concerns with his family (ie. using too much plastic, thinking about where meat comes from, etc.)
01/09/2019"Cannibal Questions & The Hydration Challenge"#hisNameIsPatrick #f2theYes (#FFC) #thatMealIt sounds like Rory is cumming during the theme song, he keeps saying "fuck!." At the top they discus which holiday is better for really starting over: new years, or a birthday. Both their birthdays are in August. Rory talks about eating an apple, 3 dates and an avocado every morning. DVK makes a joke about the dates, "with who?" DVK is the only person doing dad jokes with no children (that he knows of). Rory does some more foley work with a creaking treasure chest where they are keeping the show reviews. Rory just realizes that they are asking people to join two cults. Rory asks Patrick from the Winter Sounds to write a metal, Cannibal Corpse version of the theme song: "If you wanna be my friend, you'd better join this fucking cult!" The guys do a #saga chant. Sticky Twiddle Bits writes a review that the guys want to use as their bio for their upcoming live tour. They run some gassers to to pile of letters again. They talk about having a podcast festival where they are the only podcast. It will be 3 days, but only one episode of this one podcast, and guests will have to answer incredibly difficult questions in order to get in. Rory says "it will be like getting into the Marines." The first letter talks about a parent reading a dictionary to their child, where they only get to aardvark. The letter includes a script and the guys try to act it out, but they start to lose it. DVK says it's Cracker Barrel level hilarious to him, or like the Coffee Cup Crew. Rory quotes Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide." Before the 2nd letter Rory goes into his zoo crew voice again, or as DVK says "a calmer Alex Jones." The letter refers to DVK as Danny Vanny Kanny, and Rory loves it. Rory comes up with #f2theYes when he gets excited about DVK's upcoming show in Vegas. Rory fails to make the FFC (Fruit Food Challenge) a hashtag while they are talking about hypothetical challenges similar to the 2nd letter's hydration challenge question. Rory mentions his new eating habits again with the dates, apples, and avocados; says he feels great after a few weeks in. They attempt a #saga chant toward the end, but it doesn't materialize.
01/16/2019"The Weekend of Tuxas & A Graduation Speech"#grownTheShown (#hisNameIsPatrick) #P2P #Pen2Pal (#LB) #JGMThe guys say that people need to grow the show more so that people know how good the theme song is; at the first live show they declare that they are going to sing it 3 times along with the audience. "What are you doing if you're not groaning the shown-ing?" They get a #growTheShow review from a paller who follows up on her letter saying that she went #f2f with her mom. Rory then encourages a listener to buy and make it the most serial-killer-esque shrine to Daniel, and DVK just wants it to re-direct to his official site. The first letter comes from a return paller who said that they have access to a Mardi Gras parade in Galveston, Texas. The writer says that it is hosted by a "local billionaire" and "expectations are high that the musical guest will be great. They decide that if they go to the Mardi Gras parade that they are going to rent tuxes and not take them off all weekend, hence "The Weekend of Tuxas." They keep referring to the local billionaire as "LB" but never make it a hashtag, and they spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out who the musical guest is going to be (Don Henly? Cardi B? Neil Diamond?) They also request a karaoke machine on their float. They want Dave Jacoby to send DVK a pleasantry, like the app idea mentioned in the 10/24/2018 episode. They do want to be called Junior Grand Marshals, JGMs, and hope that Michael Keaton is there, which is a reference tracing all the way back to episode 2 from 7/18/2018. After the break they continue to wonder if they are wandering into the plot of an 80s movie where Dave doesn't actually have access to a parade, but now has to figure out how to make his promise to Rory and DVK come to fruition, and they wonder if Dave Jacoby is actually Preston/King Ponters. Finally, they request that a listener makes them each JGM sashes. The second letter finds the guys giving public speaking advice to a graduate. DVK manages to get in a Back to the Future reference, which sends Rory into an aside about the movie. Rory says "Who you are today is not measured by your success of today, but by who you want to be tomorrow." They finish up by betting when the graduation ceremony is going to be. DVK says May 20, and Rory says May 25.
01/23/2019"Grandma & A Big Chunk of Change"
01/30/2019"A Random Roomie & A Talk with the Boss"
02/06/2019"Coffee Shops & Board Game Traditions"
02/13/2019"Mystery in Manhattan & Dumb Things"#Vicint #BeAtACabin #BeatACabin #ICanFlyNow #GoHandyMore talking about, and hyping up the upcoming live Pen Pals in Houston. Cheap flights are available. They invite pallers to write in with some ideas about what should happen during the live show. They tease that it might be the first and the last live podcast, but that it is #subjecttochange. DVK switches it up and goes 20/80, and he makes a good JFK "back and to the left" reference. Rory and DVK get confused about what is happening with the letter (because the writer left out a little critical information about where certain events in the story happened). They declare that it is the first unsolved, to be continued, letter. They want to continue discussing this letter in Houston at the live podcast. They encourage pallers to write about what they think is going on. Rory tells a "small world" story about one time when he used Air bnb in Burlington, Vermont, and DVK wonders if it was for a Phish show. Between the two letters DVK wonders if people who listen to the show would rather be called "pennies" or "pallers." All listeners have to pick one. If you listen to all the episodes then you are a "paller," but if you haven't listened to all the episodes yet then you are a "penny." Rory once again wants people to get them in touch with Michael Keaton, though he accidentally says Michael Douglas. They'll take either. Rory goes on a rant about trolls on the internet when asking pallers to not be dicks while they try to let Michael Keaton know about the podcast. He talks about the difference between offensive jokes and just being straight up being offensive. DVK remembers the woman who wrote the 2nd letter, who includes a picture of herself with him and the Sklar brothers photoshopping Rory's face on the Sklar brothers bodies. DVK recalls that the picture was taken in the vicinity of the Pet-a-llama Comedy festival, and Rory comes up with the hashtag #vicint (short for vicinity). Then Rory comes up with #BeAtACabin, which he then realizes will just look like "Beat A Cabin," so they create that hashtag too. DVK mentions Zuul again (first time in a while). They talk about dumb stuff they have done. DVK tried to walk through a ditch instead of taking a bridge to cross the street, and Rory fails to call his parents to let them know he was going to be coming home late because of having to stay for detention.
02/20/2019"Having Kids & National Days"
02/27/2019"The Pigeon Mystery & The Loss of a Coworker"
03/06/2019"Fetishes & An Affair - Live from Tuxas!"
03/13/2019"19-Going-On-20 Advice & Theme Parties"
03/20/2019"Tuxas Redux & Romanticizing Endings"
03/27/2019"Engagement Ring For Sale & Worring About Wife's Weight - Live in Los Angeles!"
04/03/2019"Saving Lives & Sandwich Talk"#StayOnTheDriveway (#ItsMorePoliteToComeSecond)(#WaitYourTurn) (#TorontoSoon) #TorontoOfCourse #AtSomePoint (#RCQ)Rory and DVK improvise the lyrics "softcore porn" over the "Signed your pen pal" lyric in the opening song. Jack Phillips makes an appearance again, as he directed a softcore porn called "cream in her coffee." Nobody wins in softcore porn. It's Rory's wife's birthday and they sing Happy Birthday to her. "That's all I got her. I got her airtime on our podcast." DVK ran backwards to the letters. Rory and DVK say the #StayOnTheDriveway hashtag at the same time. Rory does a callback to the softcore porn mention. DVK mentions how he lost his step-dad to pancreatic cancer. DVK recounts getting into a bad, roll-over accident and basically saving his entire family. Rory turns his story into a bit, pretending that DVK is at a job interview for Burger King; DVK returns the favor pretending to be interviewing Rory for a job at the Jewlery Exchange. They sing "Someone grew the shoe tonight" to the tune of Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." At the start of the 2nd half Rory does his foley work (first done in the 12/26/2018 show). DVK does a Sebastian Manascalco impression during the 2nd letter. "Someone needs to write this down." "Adam's on it. Adam's on it." DVK has never had a Whopper, never had a Big Mac, never had a Philly Cheesesteak. "You fuck with tortas?," DVK says when reminiscing about his favorite Chicago tortas place. Rory talks about his friend Aranka who got a Subway order of white bread,mayonaisse on both sides, meatballs. They encourage people to order and Aranka at their local Subway, or sandwich place. #RCQ is for "Rhetorical Calzone Question." They have a lengthy, lengthy discussion on sandwiches for like 12 minutes before they realize they got derailed and have to finish reading the letter. Gwen sends a picture with her letter of her at an Anything but Clothes party that they can't post because someone in the picture has a giant dick out.
04/10/2019"A Year in Prison & Traveling vs Settling Down"
04/17/2019"Body Hair & Mystery in Manhattan Update"#w2w (wrist to wrist, re: cologne application) #officialStanceOpens up with Rory and DVK singing along, and then talking to Noah, who we can't hear. DVK updates us about the karaoke proposal. They talk about Dave Jacobi being the only member of the cult because he's the only one paying monthly dues. The guys strongly consider going to the wedding. They want to be the ones to marry the couple, or at least give a speech, or be ushers "given the fact that you were officially donned an usher by Usher." Rory levitates to the letters and they talk about going to see David Copperfield, which leads into a lengthy discussion of soap operas, which then leads into a riff on other late 80s/early 90s television shows. Rory want Patrick to remix the Dallas theme song to match the Pen Pals lyrics. First letter talks about not wanting to shave legs/underarms any longer. They miss a perfect opportunity to call back to one of the first hashtags #nothingbutlovefornewengland (07/18/2018). Several references to #8020 throughout this episode. Rory and DVK get into an extended philosophical conversation about gender norms, sexuality, and sexual attraction. Reminiscent of "you can't choose what moves your dick" from 11/28/2018. The second letter is a very quick-hit update about the mysterious Air bnb letter from 02/13/2019. DVK states his #officialStance that the Air bnb was double-booked and that the people just stayed at the woman's actual apartment. They break down into an soap-opera type improv on their way out of the episode with the theme from The Young and the Restless playing underneath.
04/24/2019"Weird Texts from Mom & Seeming Mean - LIVE from Dallas"#DontKickAChair #PalNaish (#NotSubjectToChange) #QualityMeats (#SorryActuallySorry)Noah opens with some announcements - #DontKickAChair, Pennies, Pallers, have an RRGT and go F2F. etc. Rory says "#PalNaish, Adam put it down," but actually it's another rare DVK hashtag, because he makes it a hashtag before Rory does. They go through some National Days: It's National Lemon Chiffon Cake day and an audience member actually knew what it was because they heard it on a podcast. Also, National Nevada Day and National Vietnam Veteran's day. A nice #SAGA chant. Apparently Rory starts to raise his hand for a countdown and DVK thinks he's doing a Nazi salute "I got so excited I became a White Nationalist." Finally some closure on the Mystery in Manhattan story as Bronwyn who wrote the letter is at the show and they rehash the entire story. DVK makes #NotSubjectToChange an unofficial hashtag because Bronwyn wrote it in her letter. DVK busts into a spot on Ira Glass impression. Bronwyn mentions that they went to Quality Meats and an audience member audibly goes "ugggghhhh!" which eventually gives us the #QualityMeats. Rory decides that the woman in the Air BNB was using it to fuck for 4 hours. DVK mentions that at any point in time every person in NYC is no further than 4 feet from a rat. The guys go into the audience to meet some Pallers. Rory meets a guy, Keelin, in the audience who gives massages in people's homes and says "I have two penis stories." Nick who works in hospital IT is set up with Keelin as a pen pal, and they will share the other penis story and CC Rory and DVK on it. The first letter is about a guy whos mom sends him weird texts, including the entire lyrics to The Eagles' "Desperado." Rory and DVK want him to respond with some other lyrics, Rory says maybe death metal, but DVK offers "Shoop" by Salt 'n Pepa (missed opportunity for Rory to say "The Thong Song"). The second letter is from a guy named Adam who says he'll take a bullet from Rory. They get into a discussion about sarcasm and being genuine and coming off like an asshole. Rory talks about being out and getting mad at parents who put a screen in front of their kid. They then move into a lengthy discussion of raising kids and being a good parent, and trying to be a better person.
05/01/2019“Employee Shenanigans & Hickeys”(#GrewingTheShoe)(#TheToddGlassShow) #IFuckedOffALotWhenIWasAGraveDigger #SuckinThighsThe guys sing "Grow the show" in place of the "oooooh" during the theme song, and look to credit the paller who came up with the idea. DVK reads some reviews. Rory unfortunately has to cancel a festival appearance. They talk about maybe starting a Patreon and doing something with the lengthier letters, and they give some quick guidelines on how to write some concise letters. Rory does a little scat after going to the letters, and does his foley work (first done in the 12/26/2018 show). They mention DVK's former boss Jack Phillips again, and Rory once again calls me out "Adam, put it in the books!" w/r/t the first hashtag of the day. DVK mentions that he was going to work for the street department, but ends up working in the cemetery with John Loggins (Rory makes a Kenny Loggins joke and sings "I'm alright, don't nobody worry 'bout me." DVK also remembers Tim Hilhurst who claims that the job can get him laid. He talks about having a "pauper grave" but it sounds like he said "popper grave." Rory talks about being a busboy/dishwasher for a Summer job. He also loaded/unloaded trucks for Roadway. DVK recalls working for a company that did the Pizza Hut website, and once again remembers every single person's name and lists them off. No commercial in the middle of this one, but they come back from the break playing some Kenny Loggins. They thank John for coming up with the idea of singing "Grow the Show" during the opening song.
05/08/2019“Sex Addiction & A Prank War”#doubleDippedThe guys sing “grow the show” along with the theme song. Rory does a great job crooning at the opening. After reading a couple reviews Rory asks DVK if he wants a heavy letter or a light letter. They go heavy, and he proceeds to the sex addiction letter. After the first letter Dan and Rory open a Cracker Barrel care package from Bronwyn of Mystery in Manhattan game. Rory does some of his foley work. Right before they open it DVK mentions how much they love when the Pennies and Pallers come together on social media to help remember where certain things in the show originated; Rory mentions that in one particular instance it was me, and dubs me "Navigator Adam." DVK tries to get a #saga chant started, but Rory doesn't go with it. They go right back into the Cracker Barrel bit from (08/29/2018 "Favorites & Comments"), which includes some rock candy. DVK says, “That’s an insulin shot of love.” They also get, in the box, a peg game, and a mini checker rug game (just like they mentioned in the original bit). DVK takes the second letter and discloses that he's not necessarily a big fan of pranks. Rory talks a little bit about writing for the Eric Andre show and how doing prank bits like on that show, or like what Sasha Baron Cohen does, makes him really uncomfortable. Rory talks about how him and Jay Larson are in a gift-giving war. They mention Tig Notaro's idea of texting randomly "Well, everyone else is here, so we're just going to get a table" and then not responding.
05/15/2019"Wrecked by an Escalator & Meeting People Through Improv"
05/22/2019"A Special Message from Rory & Daniel"
06/05/2019“Music Tastes & Debating a Vasectomy”#sendUsASongRory is in Atlanta and is calling in after losing two weeks. He's busy with filming his show "Robbie" for Comedy Central, so DVK is alone in the studio. DVK mentions #qualityMeats during the opening. Rory mentions Boise, and says that there's only 3 cities in Idaho. Noah jumps onto the mic to say that there are 201 cities in Idaho, this is the first mention of Boise since 11/21/2018 with the #outsideOfBoise hashtag. The first letter opens up a conversation about how we come to like the things that we like, like Yacht Rock, or Tool. The guys sing some Seals & Crofts, and some Christopher Cross together. The guys talk about coming to like the things that you like based around the experiences that you have around that thing, like DVK associating certain kinds of music with being at the Cabin with his family. DVK makes up a country song on the spot by creating a "list" song as he calls it. Callback to the Weekend of Tuxas when Usher pointed at DVK. They encourage pallers to send them a song with the hashtag #SendUsASong and they want to compile a Spotify playlist with pallers' favorite songs. They announce when they are doing the next live Pen Pals at ClusterFest. During the 2nd letter they get into a discussion about the pros and cons of having more kids, mention that Jacoby, from the Weekend in Tuxas, loves having kids. DVK keeps calling Rory "Cory," and they joke that the letter writer should just get a vasectomy and not tell his wife. "Just live a lie."
06/12/2019"Was I Mean To An Old Guy? & Bachelor Parties"They open by singing along to the theme song and DVK rattles off the address for the first time in a while. The Winter Sounds song, they mention, is going to be performed by a class of South Korean school children. Rory is calling in again as he is still in Atlanta filming his show Robbie. They start planning a little bit about what they are going to do in the ClusterFest. DVK admits that he has never seen Hoosiers and they joke that that is all they are going to do at ClusterFest is watch Hoosiers. DVK promises to not watch Hoosiers without Rory, and they remember that DVK has never had a Big Mac or a Whopper, and that he is going to eat them during their show at ClusterFest. Rory mentions that something the letter-writer said was "Perfect as fuck" which is pretty similar to #FAF (Fresh as fuck) back in the 10/31/2018 episode, which did not become an official hashtag. DVK says that the old guy mentioned in the letter "went from zero to dick very quick" and they agree that that would make a great bumper sticker. They request Bobby's wife to write in and give another angle of the story, but they don't want another Ponters situation. During the 2nd letter Rory ends up reading from the history of Bachelor parties. DVK brings up a year ago floating down the river with Rory during the Pet a Llama festival on mushrooms. DVK mentions once again that he hasn't eaten a Big Mac, and that they have "barely" talked about 11/22/63, but can't think of anything that it seems as though the universe if preventing from happening. They ask pallers once again to send in songs.
06/26/2019“Jessica the Ghost & Failing the Bar - LIVE from Clusterfest”#takeItOff
07/03/2019“Surprise Concert & Adult Baby Convention”#oshKoshBgosh
07/10/2019“Split Parents & What is Reading”#letterGetting #telepathicist
07/17/2019"Getting Rid of Waste & Our Favorite Sports Movies"
07/24/2019"Moving to Chicago & Showing Affection"
07/31/2019"Education & Screen Time"
08/07/2019"Staying In The Band & Reality TV"