Favela Leader Contact Sheet for Journalists Covering Rio During the World Cup [contact worldcupmedia@catcomm.org for support]
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AltairSantannaaltairsouza2006@ig.com.br3409-35699483-0983Santa MargaridaRiveroeste
Spotlight for community residents who shine in sport, like Deyverson Brum, who plays for Benfica in Portugal. Another case is that of entrepeneurs who create their own businesses within the community.
Sports, EntrepeneurshipNeeds translator
I am very proactive within the community, seeking to develop activities which improve our neighbourhood receiving an international delegation will be very interesting.
Ana PaulaLeandropaulaleandro@oihotmail.com3286-72617801-0198Realendo / Fumacê
AMAAB (assistencia á mulheres e amigos da água branca
Few things are happening here in our community. Our streets aren't being graced with anything special, but your presence will bring animation and joy. Pacification has been hard for us.
Pacification, CommunityNeeds translator
For me, this will be great because I have lots of experience to our community. I have worked for an NGO for a long time but do not participate in anything from outside. I am always listening and even do a training course in order to better serve the community.
Carlos Alberto
Martins da Silva
ecologicbike@gmail.com98512-5929Pau-Grande MagéEcologic BikeBasic sanitation, infrastructure, education and healthcare.
Sanitation, Infrustructure, Education, Healthcare
Needs translator
I am a militant activist and educator of community rights and obligations. Through the media I seek a visual recognition of the problems that are oft forgotten because they are not shown.
CláudioBrancocl-branco@hotmail.com2289-2319Engenho da RainhaN/ASports, Education, CultureNeeds translator
I try to create opportunities for young people through sport, a different cultural vision for them, through educational and cultural events and trying to create a wider perspective of the world for them so that they may enjoy other experiences.
Elma Maria
da Silva de Alleluia
ONG SER Alzira de Aleluia
Classical dance classes, English and Spanish classes, computing, football, libraries and psycological care.
All activities are free, we work every day, we help people access the labor market. However, we need human resources as all of us are volunteers.
We need volunteers to help us market our activities.
Dance, Education, Mental Health, Volunteer Work
Needs translator
I am the founding president of our association. I believe in education as a tool for transformation for our children, teenagers and youth in the community. I am an economist and I have 3 children, all university students, so I can see the value of education. My husband was born in HJ favela and is a teacher at UFF, the university from which he graduated in 1975. Sharing knowledge and interacting with a community which values its shared knowledge is our fundamental belief at SER: Serve, Educate and Restart. www.seralziradealeluia.com.br"
Emilia Mariade Souzaemiliamsouza@ig.com.br9384-5125Horto
AMAHOR (Associação de Moradores e amigos do Horto)
Fight against evictions.
Fight against environmental racism.
Bicentennial community resistance for the right to housing in one of the most valued areas of Rio de Janeiro. Ancestral memory of the Gardens community used as a tool in the stuggle for housing rights
Community Resitance, Housing Rights, Civil Rights
Needs translator
As with the majority of Horto residents, I came to live here because my father worked in the botanical gardens and, as we lived far away, my father was given a home by the director so he could bring his family here, so he could best contribute to the garden. At that time, over 50 years ago, the area was inhospitable, deserted, lacked resources, mobility was a challenge and lacked a school and recreational areas. I grew up, studied and when, as an adult, I saw the threat of removal of residents after the area appreciated in value and the installation of Globo TV in the neighbourhood, the fight against eviction began. This fight is still going today. Today the area is considered grand, the most expensive per square meter in Rio de Janeiro and we are falling victim to social cleansing as the rich refuse to accept the poor as their neighbours. This process is known as GENTRIFICATION. THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY
FabianoVelosoravengard_48@hotmail.com3467 3939Vila Kennedy
Associação de Moradores do Quafá
The players who came out of the Bairro like Leo Moura, Hugo, and those who recently shone in the last favela cup, in which Vila Kennedy was the champeon. Gabriel and Mat.

Artists such as Toni Garrido from Cidade Negra.
André Ramiro, from the film Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad).

Amoung other artists from the Bairro:
Acting, Environment, ArtsHas translator
I am a writer and actor, with vast experience in developing the neighbourhood in terms of the environment, theatre and cinema.
For more info:

Jardim Gramacho, Vila Beira Mar e Parque das Missões (Duque de Caxias)
TETO Brasil
- Lack of basic services
- Government negligence.
- Work carried out by local NGOs.
Poverty, Latin America, Community Development
Speaks English
I am director of the Rio de Janeiro organization TETO office (www.teto.org.br). We work in 19 countries across Latin America seeking to overcome the extreme poverty in which thousands of Brazilians and latin Americans live. We aim to do this by working with residents and young volunteers in search of community development in these favelas. My participation in these goals is important as I speak 4 languages, I've been working with favelas for 5 years and I believe we can broadcast what is happening in Brazilian communities in a more accurate and transparent way.
FladmirGuimaraesfladmirf@yahoo.com.br6811-2325Santa Luzia
MUP (Movimento Uniao Popular)
Lack of a daycare center and basic sanitation.Child Services, Civil RightsHas translator
I believe all the communities in need of active participation from the state should participate in reclaiming their rights.
FlavioWanderley Laralarafw@gmail.com3079-83598030-5230Complexo do Alemão
SAMPAB (Sociedade dos Amigos do Pq Ary Barroso)
Revitalization of public coexistance spaces - Ary Barroso Park - Penha Circular and others
Creation of green pools - Forested urban areas
Creation of parks and gardens
Urban leisure and sports equiptment
Infrustucture, Public SpacesSpeaks English
I am retired, and as a volunteer in the best socio-urban practices, I believe that the publication of the urban needs of of marginalized and exluded communities communities is fundamental to its exposure on different media platforms as a way of collectively seeking solutions and/or minimizing these shortcomings for greater commitment and effective action from our government. Sincerely, Flavio Lara
GabrielVotogabrielvoto@gmail.com9606-6643Rocinha, Vila Laboriaux
Movimento Preserva Laboriaux
Sustainable development, community empowerment through participation, socio-environmental transformation, community agenda 21, millenium development goals, enviro-urban integration.
Environment, Sustainability, Community Development
Speaks English
My name is Gabriel Neira Voto, an integral founding member of the Preserva Laboriaux Movement in the Rocinha community. We already count on CatComm's great coverage of some events that we have done and we belive that the increased visibility of local problems in Rios favelas in international spheres can bring different types of activity which would allow a "bypassing" of electoral public initiative actions and generate real opportunities for the self-management of these areas.
GeizaAndradegeisaam@ig.com.br3241-10209743-5813Vila Kennedy/Bangu
Educadora Ambiental
Vila Kennedy - President Kennedy helped in its construction. A large proportion of residents came from the Maracanã skeleton, around the location of University UFRJ. We have a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the community is pacified.
Environment, Micro-Business, Workshops
Needs translator
After 13 years as an environmental educator, I am opening a micro-business selling baskets made from newspapers. I intent to put on an exhibition in the sjopping center. I also give lectures and craft workshops.
Rio Comprido-Querosene
Sport in the community as a form of transformation and social inclusion.
Sports, CommunityHas translator
AMORICO-Ass dos Moradores do Bairro do Rio Comprido, aims to strengthen the bonds of solidarity between residents, building citizenship in day-to-day life, from a popular and community organization which consolidates through the daily struggles of its leaders. Response project: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Responsa/163526140399895?fref=ts"
GizeleMartinsgizeleomartins@gmail.com9708-4304MaréJornal O CidadãoMilitarization, local culture, protests.ProtestsHas translator
I am Gizele Martins, a spokesman for the Favelas of Maré Assembly. I am a part of the Citizen Newspaper which has been circulating the favela for 15 years.
Indiana - Tijuca
Apoio da Comissão de Moradores
Forced removal of a community that's existed for 50 years, psycological pressure and illness suffered by residents who are discouraged by a community that is currently so divided in opinion. The neglect of SMH has left us on the brink of catastrophe.
Civil Rights, Housing Rights, Mental Health
Has translator
I have lived in the Tijuca Indiana community for 40 years, where I have built my life and relationships. The council and its housing secretary began forced evictions here in 2012, driving us out and demolishing good homes within the community and without notice. We woke up with the sound of demolition in our ears. Today we have many angry residents who want to continue living here, angry because the community has been divided by the state who force us to live on in disharmony in a climate of war. All of the residents are sick with nerves, beyond the neglect of the council. We are on the brink of undergoing a foretold tragedy here, with homes on the verge of collapse.
Honorio da Silva
7763-4984Favela Beira Pica Pau
Associação dos Moradoes
Our favela has been abandoned for a long time. We don’t have basic infrastructure like water and sanitation, daycare, and retaining walls on the hills. In general, Morar Carioca’s role of urbanizing the favela hasn’t happened. Thus, we have residents living in areas of risk and sewage contaminating our drinking water. We have been abandoned for along time. Work is only being done in communities where media attention is given.
Infrustucture, SanitationNeeds translator
I am 46 years old and have lived in the slum since I was 4. I have a degree as a nursing technician and ADM and I work in health and do physiotherapy in the fifth period of FRASCE -ASC. My vision is to see the favela I have lived in, and still live with my family, really modified and transformed with the infrastructure it deserves, withough sewage in the water, a daycare center for our children (we already have a space but there is still nothing), vocational courses for our young residents to improve their futures, and in another unfilled space, a cultural center for all young people to develop their talents and open their minds. We don't have any of this and not everyone can become a footballer, although the football field from FIFA is great. Most kids from my favela want to be sponsered by FIFA but they wont have any future.
IvoneBernardoivone.bernardo@bol.com.br8579-6087Quilombo Maria Conga
CESQUIMAC (Centro Social Quilombo Maria Conga)
Public Policy in the Quilombo, advances and challenges.Civil Rights, Public PolicyNeeds translator
I am a social services student at the end of his 8th term, a Quilombo remnant born in this community. I am 50 years old. I am vice-president of ACQUILERJ (Rio de Janeiro State Quilombo Communities Association), I am vice-president of CEDINE (State Council for Black Rights), I am president of CESQUIMAC (Quilombo Maria Conga Social Center), a representative of Quilombo Maria Conga and Municipal Racial Equality Coordinator for Magé. I have been fighting for our rights since 1992 and I see the usefulness in participating in this list to give visibility to the communities so that public policies actually reach them.
JosiasInocenciojosiasinocencio@hotmail.com9583-4737Sabão, Niteroi
Insituto Niteroiense de Assistência Humanitaria
Opportunities for youth. Attention for children and the elderly.
Youth, EducationNeeds translator
Institute of Humanitarian Support of Niteroi CNPJ. 07.675.616/0001-01

A ESCHOLINHA - an initiative of Gustavo Carvalho, started with only 8 students. Today over 100 children are enrolled.
History: For years, Gustavo wanted to volunteer with underprivileged children. So at the end of the year, as promised, he took the initiative which would later become a football school. With help from colleagues and neighbourhood friends, he bought balls and vests and he even manages to provide a snack for all the children who participate on saturdays. Now, with the support of INAH (Institute of Humanitarian Support of Niteroi) and its president Altair Pepe, who already has a similar project of his own, they became partners in one united project, PEPE LEGAL. Located in the LP field opposite Colégio Estadual Brigadeiro Castrioto, in the Bairro São Lourenço community, it serves the Morro da Boavista, São Lourenço, Holofote and Aterrado São Lourenço (Favela do Sabão) communities and takes place on saturdays between 7:30 and 11am for children between the ages of 7 and 15.
Juan CarlosCabraldepaulajuan@gmail.com7484-2334CantagaloN/A (Director)The community in general.CommunitySpeaks EnglishI am friendly, helpful and would love to help.
LeonardoMelo (Salo)salorj@live.com9151-4570Manguinhos
Experimentalismo Brabo
Problems: Removals, misery, sanitation, polluted rivers, health, lack of art and cultural education tools, invisibility.
Areas of Potential: Favela art and culture, warrior residents, interesting acts that value favela residents and culture.
Housing Rights, Sanitation, Health, Culture, Education
Needs translator
I am a clown and a master of sciences. I coordinated a project called FIOCRUZ in the Favela de Manguinhos, which mixed health and culture. Today I work with a group of clowns: http://www.facebook.com/ebrabo
We work in slums and nursing homes.
Anything I can do to help, even at short notice, depending on the demand, I will try and appoint someone who I know wont have access to this tool.
Complexo do Alemão
EDUCAP - Alemão (Espaço Democrático de União, Convivência, Aprendizagem e Prevenção)
Display the community from a different point of view than you normally see in the local media, looking to capture the social protagonists that exist here. Explore the community side. Show the local difficultites, but also present the organized people that get overshadowed by the illicit activities.
Civil Rights, Community, Informing Greater Communities
Needs translator
I am black, Paraibanan, a community leader, a Complexo de Favelas do Alemão resident, currently the president of the NGO EDUCAP-Alemão, committed in the fight for full citizen rights for residents of Complexo de Alemão and other community favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Joining this list offers us the opportunity of showing off our community beyond what is shown in "dirty" media ideals, which always portray us as dispossessed citizens, without culture and related to illicit activity.
Knowing that international press will come and bring with them the oppotunity to talk about the Complexo do Alemão from an inside perspective and looking at us through their own lenses. This gives us hope for informative media.
ManfredBertarboreum@uol.com.br3395-14049862-72258Nova Sepetiba I and IIN/A
To show the international media the absurd mega-public housing buildings that were built in this region. Antares, Cezarão, and Nova Sepetiba are much bigger than Cidade de Deus and haven't stopped growing.
Speaks English
I am german, 52 years old, living in Brazil since 1988. I am a landscape architect, environmentalist and land cultivator. (wwwminhocarioarboreum.com.br). I know Rio and the Greater Rio area well. I speak Portuguese and English fluently, have my own car with a/c, and am available during the World Cup. Please contanct me for detials and rates.
MaraLuzFonsecamarafonseca_luz@yahoo.com.br3467-6904Vila Kennedy
Biblioteca Comunitária Jornalista e Escritor Carlos Lacerda
I am a preschool teacher, writier, and story teller. I have done several social projects in my community, Vila Kennedy. Since 2003 I have been working on creating a library in my community. We've been in various locations, donated and rented, and have gathered about 10,000 books. Right now we are without a building. We need to build the Library of the Future, with interactive rooms, workshops, language courses, meetings, and even a theater to show old films. I want it to be a place of possibilites for everyone.
Youth, Education, LiteracyNeeds translator
I live in the VILA KENNEDY community, where I was born and raised, I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl, all born and concieved here, I come from a Christian but conflicted family, with a daughter of the ex-maid whose mother is now retired more as a public servant, my late, beloved father was a mailman, a writer, a theologian, a pastor and nearing his 60th birthday, completed a degree in psychoanalysis. I am poor, I live in a community with problems, as does everybody, with many people depending on us, but when we want something, we have to fight!
I studied in schools and public courses and graduated, all of which are attched for your benefit.
I have written 17 books, 7 of which have already been registered by the National Library, but none have been edited yet, so as I go on, seeing here and everywhere people whom I have arrived in this world to help, to build, to solidify...making their dreams a reality: and so I am participating here to make the dream of a community library in Vila Kennedy a reality.
Marcello Claudio
Nunes Deodoromarcelloclaudio@uol.com.br6842-5627Indiana TijucaN/AForced removal of a favela that is of low risk.Housing RightsNeeds translatorI'm sick of the eviction politics in my community.
Maria das Graças
Hipolito dos Santos
Santa Anastácia (Sepetiba)
Associação de Moradores/Loteamento Inregular
Community development, complete absence of the government, lack of infrastructure - missing basic sanitation, health, education, security, and mobility - deficiency of public transportation.
Since 2001, funds intended for an Area of Special Social Interest within the community have been diverted and always dismiess as a political issue.
The river that flows through the community is completely silted and consistently floods, among other issues.
Infrastructure, Sanitation, Health, Education, Security, Public Transportation
Needs translator
I am a community representative and for over 20 years, we have been fighting for community development and the enforcement of laws on the part of our government, who grow more distant by the day.
We consider this visit extremely important for the strenghtening of our community in search of our rights. Thank you, this fills us with pride and hope.
Maria NeumaBarbos Caneirocarneironeuma @gmail.com2580-932196673-3150
Bairro do Caju (Complexo de 09 favelas)
N/ACivil Rights, Police ViolenceNeeds translator
I have been a militant in social movements and residents associations for 21 years...My objective is to give visability to our communities...The formal press only shows our community when someone important dies or when the olice are involved...
We are in Zona Portuaria but we live abandoned by the government...I believe recieving you is very imortant...Us Caju residents from are living proof that there is life after death...we are ot only the largest cemetery in Latin America, we also have close to 45 thousand residents.
MariluceMaria de Souzacomplexoalemao. rj@gmail.com9933-6193Complexo do Alemão
Núcleo de Mulheres Brasileira em Ação
Social and economic development. Community Led Tourism, Soccer in the Favelas. And everything that's said about favelas.
Economic Development, SportsNeeds translator
I am a born-and-raised resident of Complexo do Alemao. I am a painter, a social manager for the Alemao Tourism Company and Cultural Produce company, who work directly with local leaders in social actions.
Campos dos Santos
Rede contra Violência
Political Violence
Forced Removals
Militarization, Removals, Gentrification
Has translator
Viva Rocinha/Fala Roça
Basic sanitation, urbanization, creation of cultural devices, political repression, popular youth culture.
Urban development, Youth Culure, Sanitation, Technology
Needs translator
Michel Silva is 20 years old, born and raised in Rocinha. The son of a Paraíban and a miner. A fellow of the Youth Networking Agency and creator of the of the rinted paper Fala Roça and the portal Viva Rocinha. He cannot live without a computer. He is a blogger in his free time and loves photography, audiovisuals and marketing.
Manguinhos / Jacarezinho
Biblioteca Parque de Manguinhos
-Intervention of reading in the communities
-Formation of readers
-Socio-cultural formation within Manguinhos
-The Biblioteca Parque project in Manguinhos
-Using words in more diverse wasy to attract new readers
-Community X Reading
-The empowerment of cultural equipment for a community.
Library, Education, Literacy, State library
Has translator
We are the first Biblioteca Parque (Library Park) in Brazil, instaled in an area consistently lacking public intervention. Inspired by the model of Biblioteca Parque in Columbia, the libray that is now 4 years old has locations in Manguinhos, Rocinha, and Niterói. We will launch a site in Alemão by the end of the year. We will also open a 14,000 square meter Biblioteca Parque in Downtown Rio, across from Central Station.

Our experience and learning comes to meet the wishes that have long been echoed in Brazil, the public works with long-term and continuity programs, investing in developing readership that drives the local culture and feeds a population of ideas, dreams and windows to the world.
NilmaValentimnilmavalentim@oi.com.br7389-9077Vila do João; Maré
Maré Sem Preconceito
Show that our community has positive aspects, a side that the media ignores.
LGBT Rights, Human RightsHas translator
I am a nursing technician working in a basic care unit, I am one of the NGO that fights against discrimination, at the moment to the LGBT public, because we are still witnessing many cases in the community. I have worked with an elderly group for over 8 years.
NoeliBrandãonoeli_brandao@yahoo.com.br9495-3257Morro dos Macacos
Centro Comunitário Lidia dos Santos
Appreciating the community and the work that is developed in the community through CEACA VILA.
CultureNeeds translator
I see that through disclosure will certainly come visibility to our work within the community. This is not the community where I live but it's where I work but we need this opportunity to show the world the work we do here.
OtávioAlves Barrosotavioabarros@gmail.com9809-0388Vale Encantado
AMATA (Associação de Moradores e Amigos da Taquara do Alto da Boa Vista)
Social segregation, removal of historic communities, environmental lawsuits against the communities, property speculation, abandoned by the government, and a history of fighting and resisting.
Housing Rights, Environment, Civil Rights, Violence, Protests
Needs translator
I have been fighting against removals since 2004 and I see this as a great opportunity to show the world the real situation of our communities, which is the opposite of what is said in the Brazilian press. The moment has a rrived when the focus is on the cup (Rio de janeiro, Brazil) and so the time is now to disclose the reality in which we live.
This is the communication channel where the people can talk, express and complain.
Movimento Candelária
Capitalism, globalization, and poverty.
Economic Development, Capitalism, Poverty
Speaks English
I am an educationalist, working for the city General Coordination of Human Rights and I am an activist in the Candelária Movement committed to children and adolescents, women and the right to memory.
Barbosa Oliveira
I believe the stories should be created onsite, as they will reveal themselves during the visit.
ExpressionNeeds translator
I am interested in talking personally because what the eyes cannot see, the heart cannot feel.
RobertWensewwense@ig.com.br8156-63469904-6410Engenho da Rainha
Faço trabalho comunitário dentro do bairro
The needs and difficulties of the community, refering to the sacrifices of those who live here in order to maintain dignity and hope for a better day for everyone.
Civil RightsNeeds translator
I have been working in the neighbourhood for 18 years, aiming to improve it, but we are faced with the responsiveness of the municipal, state and federal shperes, which is practically nothing. We are living in the neighbourhood, especially in the upper parts, at the mercy of fate. With publicity in the press, whether foreign or Brazilian, we have a way to draw attention to the neglect that the neighbourhood withstands, even in the 21st century, just 20 minutes from the center of Rio de Janeiro.
Robertada Silvarobertaadasilva@yahoo.com7700-1171MangueiraN/ASpeaks English
RomuloCorrêafotomografie@email.de6597-6131Morro da ProvidênciaR.U.A_rio urban art
The primary objective of the project "RUA_rio urban art" is internation exchenge between artists and residents of Morro da Providência and Berlin, Germany.

What are the goals and who is the target audience?

We want to offer favela residents real opportunities to shape their future in a different way! Education is the path. Peace is the goal! We want art to show these people that tourism brings much more than money! Art is peace and wisdom!

R.U.A. aims to make clear the serious social injustices in Rio de Janeiro in the face of the World Cup and the Olympics! R.U.A. wants to show a true and authentic image of Rio de Janeiro! R.U.A. wants to provide slum dwellers (after all, they are already about thirty percent of the total population of the city!) the right of using their voices in the city for these great events! R.U.A. proposes to create new perspectives of life from love, respect, creativity and freedom! R.U.A. aims to promote peace and security!

Our project officially received the sponsorship and support of Mauricio Hora (http://www.favelarte.org.br), along with "A Casa Amarela," a social and cultural meeting place of Morro da Providencia and our base for this project.
Education, Mega Events, ArtNeeds translator
My name is Romulo Corrêa. I have lived and worked in Germany/Europe for 28 years. I am video journalist and together with a small team in Rio and Berlin we are developing a socio-cultural project, a Brazil-Germany partnership, with the objective of implementing art workshops for residents of Morro da Providencia through the organization Street-Art.
Ilha de Paquetá
Consultoria Empreendimentos Sociais
Paquetá Island is know for its history.The island went through a major change after the Petrobras oil spill in 2000 that irreversibly affected the environment and the visit of more than 85,000 tourists to the island. Today the island has social projects in sports, culture, for the elderly since Paquetá has the third largest population of elderly in Rio de Janrio. for the last five years we have been continually looking for new partnerships and changes.
Environment, Tourism, Culture, Sports
Needs translator
I work as a consultant to social ventures and am part of a the federal government program to meet the Millineium Development Goals.
SimonePereira Aleixosimonemandela@gmail.com6458-0694Nelsom MandelaMulher de AtitudeThe lack of public social projects in pacified communities.Government NegeligenceNeeds translator
I am a health counselor in in Manguinhos and surrounding areas and in the participatory management I am always present. A lot has changed through local development, but we are still lacking much. But, with the World Cup in our city, soon we will be able to make bigger advances.
Julio Otoni - Santa Teresa
Morador a 46 anos
A community within an environmentally protected area. It has one of the most beautiful views of the city, looking at Sugarloaf Mountain, Guanabara Bay, and Corcovado (Christ the Redeems statue).
Enviroment, Youth, Community Development
Needs translator
I have been a resident of this community for 46 years. I helped found the community center where children, youth, and adults can learn and have a new vision of the community. I believe in a transformation that has to come from the inside out!
ValdeciSouzaValdeci.cecino@gmail.com9806-9279Bairro União Jorge TurcoN/A
Acting, Culture, Education, Sports, Black Rights, Civil Rights
Needs translator
I was born and raise in this community, growing up with the community known as Jorge Turco in Coelho. My life in the communoiy was good, but it could have been better. Seeing that nothing was done for this community, I decided to do something about it in an attempt to better our community in areas like leisure, sports and culture. I decided to open a C.E.C.I.N.O, a community library, soccer, and theater group. Later I was part of the directorial team of the Resident's Association. Today I am the cultural director of a group called ITAOCARA here in Rio de Janeiro. I would like this organization to expand to rural areas, as many of them are poor. The Center for Black Culture and Research of Itaocara. It would be our pleasure to receive anyone.
Movimento Popular de Favelas e Conselho de Moradores da Rocinha
Education, health, housing, sanitation, tourist visits, culture, and others. Tourist point.
Education, Health, Housing, Sanitation, Tourism, Culture
Needs translator
I represent a few instituations and boards. I was born and raised in Rocinha, and have lived here for 40 years. Today I am part of the Viva Favela team. I use my Facebook page searching for justice.
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Museu de Favela
Visiting street art homes - for visits
Visiting the Favela Museum with a local guide - a territorial museum
Art and Culture in favelas
Community memory - exhibitions
Local Gastronomy
Social Questions
Community museum, Favela qualities, Art & Culture in Favelas
Needs translator
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Asa Branca
Federação das Associações de Moradores de Jacarepaguá, Barra e Recreio
Community organizingNeeds translator
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Associaçao Cultural Pragradar
The legacy of FIFA and the community.Football, Music, FifaNeeds translator
I am a community leader and I do social work in the community such as a football school and music lessons.
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Vila Kennedy
Residents Association of Quafá Vila Kennedy
Cultural projects for young people and adolescents.

Environmental education.
Culture, Community programs, Environment
Needs translator
I have lived in the Vila Kennedy community since 1981. I am part of the "Monkey Movement", a movement based around art, culture and the environment. Quafá, Vila Kennedy.
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Nova Iguaçu - Various
Conselhos de Saúde, Educação e Segurança Pública de Nova Iguaçu / Professor / Editor do Blog Novo Bairro da Prata
Especially in the communities of Nova Iguaçu, to which we have access, is the backhand of the Cup. No opportunities, no legacy...These people will only see the event and the social changes it can cause from the TV. From here, no great works, security, health...
State negligenceNeeds translator
Born and raised in Prata in Nova Iguaçu, a teacher, graduated in pedagogy from the Castelo Branco University and a member of COAFISOP (Committee of Accompaniment and Work Supervision in the Prata neighbourhood) / member of MPI (Popular Movement of Iguaçu) / Nova Iguaçu Municipal Public Security, Citizenship and Human Rights Advisor. I think this is a good tool to show the realities behind the "fantastic" Brazil thats being thrown about, thereby promoting reflection and, who knows, the expected changes.
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Pedra de Guaratiba, West Zone
Mulheres de Pedra
Tourism based in the community, local culture and it's traditions, the preservation devestation.
Community tourism, Culture, Women, Traditions
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Women of Rock is a collective of black and white women that work in art, cutlure and handcrafted items. We contribute to the development of our community through public policy, participating in social movements like Economic Solidarity and The Network of Women Feminists. We fight for the place of black women in society, against violence against women and the genocide of black youth in Rio de Janeiro.
*Name and information available via worldcupmedia@catcomm.org
Caju (13 communities)
Carcará (Comunidades Articuladas do Caju por Reforma e Ação)
Pollution, the closing of 3 hospitals, closing of the Center of Wholistic Attending of Children (CAIC) in Tiradentes in order to open a UPP, carts scattered in the streets, the Fishing Colony of Caju failing because of pollution in the Guanabara Bay and the companies that polute it.
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47-year-old student of social sciences at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF). Collaborate with Caracará (Linked Communties for Reform and Action). The violations are such that me and some friends decided to do something for the residents and for our neighborhood.