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TimestampRetailer's nameYour nameOverall Experience The product you bought was:HelpfulnessResponseProduction TimeUpdatesQualityExpand if you wish. Please explain your reasons if review is neutral or negative.Will you recommend it to a friend/buy again?Other commentsRetailer's response (via PM to Abigail)
9/5/2018 10:21:31Abbi LaneMarisa HendricksPositivemade by WAHM54455Took a little longer than anticipated, but so worth it! Bought pegs and the quality and fit is absolutely amazing. yes
10/8/2018 20:30:29Abbi LaneVanessa DeyzelPositivemade by WAHM55555yesGreat service and beautifully made clothing! Will definitely order again.
8/21/2019 20:33:57Abby Lane Desiree Meyer Positivemixture55555yesMonica's work is impeccable. I've had testers from her it was a first time try, but there was so much attention to detail, that you would not say it was her first try. Her work is beautiful and she delivers a very good service
8/22/2019 5:48:26Ba Donk a donkGilan FernPositivemade by WAHM55555The quality of service and our fleece longies was immaculate. I’m am very happy with ba donk a donks yesVery happy
7/19/2019 11:29:45Ba Donk a donksHenriette KröhnPositivemade by WAHM55555yesQuality products recieved from Kim. I am very satisfied and impressed on her creativity with her products.
8/22/2019 7:01:11Ba donk a donksSally PauletPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
7/17/2019 14:07:30Ba-Donk-a-DonksJohandaPositivemade by WAHM55455yesThis wham mommy has a passion for what she does. I have ordered twice from her already and we just love our products. I guess it makes a diffirence when you put love and effort into what you do.

I always try to support wahm before running to a shop and if I'm happy with the product and just that extra personal touch I will and have before highly recommend them.

High five to mommies that know their shit and make an honest living and a special high five to you Kim.
7/17/2019 14:45:23Ba-donk-a-donksAnsizka De VilliersPositivemade by WAHM55555I dropped a pannel of sunday for Kyle’s nappy and by monday I collected it again. Kyle is a forceful and heavy wetter we used the nappy(sio with a T booster) at night and he woke up dry.yes
8/22/2019 17:20:51Ba-donk-a-donksTumi Makhubele Positivemade by WAHM55555yesWonderful service, great product
8/22/2019 17:48:29Ba-donk-a-donksVeronika Fourie Positivemade by WAHM55555yes
8/23/2019 11:15:00Ba-donk-a-donksMariette TerblanchePositivemade by WAHM55555yes
9/4/2019 18:13:19Ba-donk-a-donksLiezel OlivierPositivemade by WAHM55555Kim is so friendly and helpful!! Kept me updated from start until i received my goods!!yes
9/6/2019 16:27:58Ba-donk-a-donksAlexandra HimunchulPositivemade by WAHM55555yesThe cotton flats are high quality and very soft. The fleece covers were a bigger make which I am really grateful for because my little one is cubby and grows out of things fast. I am definitely returning.
8/21/2019 20:17:18Ba-donk-a-donks Desiree Positivemade by WAHM55555yesVery neat work, nappies are very effective. No wicking, fit was good, my heavy wetters can keep it on for quite some time. The service was excellent. Sticks to time frames given. Explains her product very well and when receiving the product it's exactly what she told you, you would get. The stitching is painfully neat. Very cost effective wham
8/22/2019 5:25:52Ba-donk-a-donks LaurenPositivemade by WAHM55555yesI ordered a heavy wetter night nappy and it is amazing. My lb was dry and lasted th whole night. Super soft material. Custom sio nappy ordered and I love it!
8/22/2019 6:06:02Ba-donk-a-donks Nicola NellPositivemade by WAHM55555yesAll round excellent service and quantity
8/22/2019 6:08:06Ba-donk-a-donks Lize Botha Positivemade by WAHM55555yesThis business has grown so beautifully the past few months, it is amazing to see what can happen when a wahm is determined to succeed and find the recipe that works well. This wahm is really made to work well. Good luck to their team!
8/22/2019 6:28:45Ba-donk-a-donks Tracey ThurloePositivemade by WAHM55555yesAbsolutely love the skinny flats ❤️❤️
8/22/2019 14:19:45Ba-donk-a-donks Ann-Doret Positivemade by WAHM55544I love the extra effort that was put in yes
8/23/2019 11:52:19Ba-donk-a-donks Cilne Positivemade by WAHM55555yesLove love love the beautiful nappies
8/6/2018 21:58:15BabalooKaylee Kouwenhoven Positivemade by WAHM54445yes
9/9/2018 23:05:14BabalooLeone van HeerdenPositivemade by WAHM55555yesHer work is perfect! Her service is amazing, and she delivered earlier than promised and always kept in touch.
It was made exactly how i wanted it! Thank you dor being so amazing!
1/7/2019 22:00:00BabaLooBonayPositivemade by WAHM44455Carol's clothing items are immaculate. So beautifully put together <3yes
8/9/2018 7:13:11Babaloo Michelle Positivemade by WAHM55555yesOutstanding quality and service!
6/1/2019 13:55:08Babaloo clothingRozanne KotzeeNegativemade by WAHM11111Finally received my refund mere minutes after my previous reviewno
7/23/2018 11:48:26Babbelbekies vir JesusJoanita van GooswilligenPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
7/23/2018 18:55:46BabbelbekkiesMarlene van ZylPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
8/3/2018 11:58:40BabbelbekkiesCarmen SmithPositivemade by WAHM55555Excellent service , excellent quality yesAlready recommend this brand to people.
10/2/2018 15:30:46BabbelBekkiesTracyPositivemade by WAHM55555yesAmazing on my heavy wetter, perfect fit and double sided snaps
10/2/2018 14:45:31Babbelbekkies for JesusKelly PadayacheePositivemade by WAHM55555Nadine does amazing work and my nappies were beautiful. She is very helpful and responds quickly to every message I send her.yes
7/23/2018 11:54:32Babbelbekkies vir JesusCorine RichmondPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
8/3/2018 12:02:50Babbelbekkies vir JesusNatasha CombrinkPositivemade by WAHM55455The service I received from Nadine was amazing! Although the item took a bit longer to be made and sent to me (which she kept me informed and updated with the whole time), it was really worth the wait! I ordered a custom nappy from her and was blown away by how amazing it looks! From the littlest detail to the nappy as a whole - it just screams perfection! I'm not sure which material she used for the inside of the nappy, but its so soft and poo literally just falls off of it which is a huge bonus for me! Absorption of this nappy is also beyond what I expected and it doubles as a night nappy for my medium wetter although it hasn't even been prepped yet! Service, quality - 5 starts from me! I highly recommend Nadine and Babbelbekkies vir Jesus!yes
9/18/2018 20:52:13Babbelbekkies vir JesusLiza OttoPositivemade by WAHM55555These nappies are super absorbent and very neatly done. You can see alot of passion and hard work going into nappies. Nadine is a wonderful person to work with and always listens tonwhat her client wants and really goes out of her way to make you happy. Definetly ordering a lot more of her nappies and wont stop soon.yesReally awesome nappies to invest in and prices very good.
11/1/2018 9:02:24Babbelbekkies vir JesusKelly-Anne Padayachee Positivemade by WAHM54555Nadine is wonderful to work with and her nappies are amazing. They are very soft and very thirsty. Her work is beautiful and she always goes the extra mile when trying to accommodate her clients wishes.yes
5/9/2019 12:12:42Babbelbekkies vir JesusMonette Ferreira Positivemade by WAHM55335Amazing quality! So well made. Nadine goes the extra mile. yes
5/9/2019 13:01:28Babbelbekkies vir JesusSuzelle van der WesthuizenPositivemade by WAHM55555yesWAHM went out of her way to get the nappies to me before the weekend and the quality is out of this world!!!!
5/21/2019 16:29:29Babbelbekkies vir JesusDesiree Meyer Positivemade by WAHM55455These nappies are the best quality I've ever used. It's soft, very absorbant, neatly made. I'm am totally impressed by these nappies and am fairly full of nonsense with nappies yes
6/10/2019 11:38:47BabbelBekkies vir JesusTracy BrandenburgPositivemade by WAHM55445These are such awesome squishy nappies totally in love. Also always pretty and you can see attention has been given to detail on these nappies.yes
5/9/2019 12:01:35Babelbekkies vir JesusRhodia Stols Positivemade by WAHM55555yes
6/1/2019 13:29:23Baboo ClothingRozanne KotzerNegativemade by WAHM11111I bought two stola type jackets for my girls at a stocking. It was supposed to be for the little one's baptism to match beige/brown vintage dresses that they would wear. I asked Carol to please make them with a beige / brown lining. Also asked if I would have them by end of April. Yes to both of them. They finally got here mid May...with TURQUOISE lining. As the jackets knot in front, it would be totally visible. I told her I wad unhappy. She promised to refund me. Then blocked me anywhere. I cannot get a hold of her and still dont have my money and stuck with jackets I cannot used and STILL had to go buy other jackets

IF I eventually get my money, I will update my response
noI will never recommend her to anybody. Her feedback and service is horrific and I wasted a lot of money on something that is useless to me.
8/7/2018 6:25:58Baby ChaimberlainMelissaPositivemade by WAHM55555yesGreat service from this wahm. She even put in extras because there was a confusion with my order and although i did not expect this, it is appreciated alot
7/23/2018 12:24:46Baby ChamberlainMaryka NeethlingPositivemade by WAHM55555yesReally good service. Responds to queries almost immediately. Lovely workmanship.
2/11/2019 20:22:29Baby ChamberlainNicole MoutonNegativemade by WAHM31114Baby Chamberlain was always a wahm that I would recommend to people confidently - the quality was good, the prices were reasonable and the production times were generally adhered to, delays being communicated well. While having 10 items in production, order date (and paid in full) between November 2017 and February 2018, production stopped (despite stockings etc continuing, and new orders being taken). Eventually over a year later I finally have my last items delivered to me, in an incomplete form (literally a fabric spot, despite having paid production) out of shear desperation and not wanting to be involved any longer with the endless drama. Yes - I did eventually get most of my stuff (although baby had outgrown most of it), and yes I did eventually get refunded for work that there was no intention of being done, but overall highly negative experience to have to wait over a year with little to no communication other than excuse after excuse. I hope that thus group does eventually get back on its feet because it made some really nice stuff, but I'm not sure if I can ever trust to order from here again.noIf clients were kept in the loop and offered refunds earlier into the "drama", it might not have escalated to the point where there was so much bitterness and unhappiness. As a service provider you take money for exchange for a service - if you are unable to deliver as agreed, tell the client asap and if they are not happy with the new terms (like waiting a year) rather refund. This way everyone feels respected, and nobody feels taken advantage of.
7/23/2018 20:42:07Baby chamberlain Chanel Lawrence Positivemade by WAHM45555yesI scored on a stocking so I had only about a two week wait for the nappy to be delivered. I was amazed at the quality and the willingness of the wahm to help me with a fit on the nappy.
6/10/2019 11:27:32Baby Chamberlain Tracy EschenburgNegativemade by WAHM31111Initially I was very Impressed with Baby Chamberlain the first couple times I bought. After Joining both a clothvel and paying for 4 very expensive night nappies however there were just false promises (from both Stephanie and her husband Robin (SA WHAM SUPPLIES) and no products delivered. At this point I have been waiting over a year with them not providing either a refund (as requested and promised repeatedly) or the products paid for in full.noVery much a scam artist in my experience.
1/25/2019 15:15:51Bam+BooMoniqueNegativeimported13411PUL cover delaminated after just 8 months. How fortunate for them that their warranty is only 6 monthsnoThey told me to just keep using the covers untill they leak. Waste of good money
6/10/2019 12:58:12Bamboo BabyNina WernickPositivemade locally55554One newborn all-in-one had an elastic snap. It was replaced very quickly, and all the others are perfect. yes
7/23/2018 13:40:25Bee's tushy fluff & coLehlohonolo Moatshe Negativemade by WAHM44121I ordered a mommy and me hoody set. The quality of the plain fabric was very poor, after wearing it once it had a fluff on it. Contacted the owner and she said she used cotton lycra, I've ordered cotton lycra before from other wahm and it didn't look the same at all. Very disappointed as now I have to use a fluff remover each time we wear the hoodies.

Also had another order for summer shorts placed in February, only received them in May. It was too cold by then for my little one to wear it.
9/28/2018 13:37:00BiddykingsAdri van der WaltPositiveimported55555Stacey from Biddykins went above and beyond to help me transition from part-time to full-time stash! She was super quick and accommodating!yesAlready referred friends! Look out for pics on Instagram :)
6/7/2018 8:34:24BiddykinsLize Fourie Positiveimported54555yes
6/7/2018 9:08:29BiddykinsDanieta VisagiePositivemade locally55555yes
6/14/2018 19:48:55BiddykinsMarié EneverPositiveimported55555Very responsive, quick, helpful and kind. yes
7/23/2018 11:22:24BiddykinsMarissa van DykPositivemixture55555yes
7/23/2018 20:33:55BiddykinsChanel LawrencePositiveimported55555yesStacey is amazing and so helpful. Biddykins was my first order ever and Stacey went out of her way. She made sure my cloth was delivered before my little one came as she was a month early. The products are sturdy.
8/8/2018 18:39:29BiddykinsMarlee SteynPositiveimported55555yes
8/8/2018 19:12:39BiddykinsClea YiannakisPositiveimported55555yesStacey’s service is incredible. Items ordered were received the next day!! Love Biddykins!
8/21/2018 11:21:04BiddykinsMarlee SteynPositiveimported55555yes
8/21/2018 16:57:25BiddykinsNikola HudsonPositivemade locally54555yes
8/22/2018 12:04:05BiddykinsKate WillmentPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
9/5/2018 14:38:36BiddykinsBianca MalherbePositiveimported55555yesmaybe they can ad an info sheet with every order with tips, washing instructions etc.
10/8/2018 20:39:55BiddykinsVanessa Deyzel Positiveimported55555yesGreat service and great products.
11/6/2018 17:39:58BiddyKinsAlexa Lategan Positivemixture55555yesStacey is fantastic as always!
11/15/2018 12:13:03BiddykinsJuanita Moolman Positivemade locally44455yes
12/2/2018 0:02:31BiddykinsMarlee SteynPositiveimported55555yes
4/29/2019 6:50:40BiddykinsCandicePositiveimported55555yesGreat service from Stacey! She makes sure that you feel completely comfortable with your purchase and does not rush you.
6/7/2018 8:49:10BiddyKins Karmen CognetPositiveimported55555yes
6/7/2018 9:52:29Biddykins Jill Visser Positiveimported55555yesStacey is amazing. She is so helpful and her deliveries are so quick.
7/23/2018 19:46:36BiddyKins Alexa Lategan Positivemixture54545yes
8/21/2018 20:01:31Biddykins ToniPositivemade locally44555yes
8/22/2018 5:36:56Biddykins ZoePositiveimported55555The nappies arrived literally the morning after I paid. Before I even got the shipped email which was a big surprise. It's SA so you get used to things being a bit late so it brightened my day even more that they arrived early. yes
9/5/2018 10:03:55Biddykins Nicolene Erasmus Positiveimported55555I use the sleeve nappies for daycare and they work really great. Did an online order. Received within 2 days. yes
11/6/2018 14:14:28Biddykins Luisa Duarte Positiveimported55555yesI said imported above as if I'm not mistake Biddykins is produced in China
1/13/2019 18:52:24Biddykins NadiaPositiveimported55555yes
7/17/2019 11:31:25Biddykins JaninePositiveimported55555yes
12/2/2018 0:23:32Boegoe BugsMarlee SteynPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
9/10/2018 19:57:48Bottoms OnNabeelaPositiveimported54555yesAqeela was very understanding, a pleasure , will definitely purchase again.
1/23/2019 16:28:25Bubbelbekkies Vir JesusGiovanniPositivemade by WAHM54345yesThis WAHM takes her time to get to know you and what you need and help explain if you are not sure. Wonderful first experience with cloth
7/23/2018 19:45:37Buckeroo babyLiandaPositivemade by WAHM55555The reason I started my cloth journey and wham support. Such a lovely personyesI have only bought 2 rompers so far from her but plan to order more, including nappies. The romper I ordered fits our son perfectly and is so easy to put on, absolutely perfection.
6/7/2018 9:55:40Bumble Bee BabiesJill Visser Neutralimported53115I ordered my first hemp flats but the owner went on holiday in the middle of my order (which was fine, I knew that was happening) and then after 3 weeks I followed up via email, no response. Then I followed up via Facebook and suddenly that night she delivered the nappies personally. So she tried to fix it but it's kind of put me off.maybeThese products are great and it's handy to be able to collect orders myself.
10/8/2018 20:39:08Bumblebee BabiesVanessa Deyzel Positiveimported55555yesExcellent products at a great price, and wonderful service!
6/7/2018 23:22:44Bumblebee babies JessicaPositiveimported55555yes
8/7/2018 6:20:08Bumty MelissaPositivemade by WAHM55555yesGreat service and client communication and goes beyond expectation
8/21/2018 17:29:44Bumty ClothAngelique LegnellPositivemade by WAHM55554maybeLinda is one of the fastest wahms to ship things to me. Was very impressed with how quick it took to receive my order. She is always there to answer questions, and fill me in with how my order was going. Was very happy with her service.
8/21/2018 20:53:45Bumty Cloth BonayPositivemade by WAHM55555Bumty makes exquisite clothing items and the wahm is alwaya so friendly and helpfulyes
7/23/2018 19:17:18
Bumty cloth nappies and Accessories
LiandaPositivemade by WAHM55555Definitely my favorite wham who feels like a friend. Messages answered day and night, amazing, afordable ,quality and just beautiful clothing. yesMy favourite Wham
8/16/2018 20:46:15Button and stitchNelmariePositivemade by WAHM55555I love my shoes so much! And thank you for your excellent service and helpfulness! You are a super powered woman! I will order more and recommend you def for sure! Me love my shoes tooooooo much! Thanxyes
5/4/2019 16:27:59CallumbaaAndrea SmitNegativemade by WAHM25441Fitted night nappies pas GLADNIE. Duidelik nie OSFM soos aangevra met bestelling nie. Uiters onnetjiese werk, snap-in-insert was nie eers behoorlik toegewerk nie. Swak kwaliteit, twyfel of die doeke eenkeer in n wasmasjien sou oorleef. Het die wahm gevra vir n oplossing en sy het gesê sy sal my refund(wat sy gedoen het)of vir my n alternatiewe patroon kry en die doeke vervang , ekt toe gevra vir die refund en toe het sy met my begin stry en verskonings begin maak vir hoekom die doeke kleiner is en gesê haar patroon is well OSFM terwyl dit duidelik nie is nie. My baba is 6 maande en 8.4kg en die fitteds was reeds op hul grootste gestel by die rise snaps, haar boudjies was ook nie eers behoorlik toe en bedek nie. no
4/27/2019 14:37:55Callumbaa GwendolynNegativemade by WAHM22111Nappies didnt fit, was a struggle to find a solution and got quite rude after I asked for a refund. Wanted to send new nappies but had to wait an extra 5 weeks in total with shipping (i would of waited 3 months in total then) covers were way too small and nappies were too big. It's obvious that the covers would not of
7/23/2018 11:17:34Coffee and CottonNatasha CombrinkNegativemade by WAHM53111I ordered 6 nappies from this wahm that totaled an amount of over R1500 in March 2018. For two of the nappies she had to wait for fabric to arrive but the other 4 was promised to be delivered sooner. Full payment for all the nappies were made immediately. An update on her facebook group was made confirming delayment and she later also send me an update via messenger confirming that my order would be shipping by the 5th of July 2018 minus one item which fabric has not arrived yet and that she would send me an update again that coming Sunday. I was fine with this. Please note that this has now already been 3 months later than when the first 4 nappies would have been done. Two weeks went by and I decided to contact her since I have not recieved an update by Sunday as promised and also no tracking number. I asked her where my parcel was and she apologized and sent me snap options for the one nappy and asked which rise option I would prefer (not the one with the delayed fabric) which means she hasn't even started with that one. I asked for a refund. Everything started off really great and I was so excited to buy from her - if she could have just at least kept me updated I would have never asked for a refund. Communication is key and I find it very rude to expect clients to follow up with you. noProduct quality is rated a 1 since I never got my items.
8/7/2018 1:09:14Coffee and CottonLiandaPositivemade by WAHM55555Even though I had to wait, she was more than willing to upsize one of my items for no extra cost. And the quality is just amazing.yesThe cotton fitted nappy I bought is amazing and my son can wear it for a night nappy as it's stays dry for so long. I realize that this is not a platform for wham clothing but I must just say the clothes I got is just as amazing. I will definitely order more from her
12/17/2018 6:44:12Coffee and cotton JacquelenePositivemade by WAHM54545yes
9/12/2019 18:02:50Coffee-and-cotton Elmé Deyzel Negativemade by WAHM11115Retailer took almost twice as long as staded by their leed time and when I contacted Tiny Flove, she informed me that they do not give her updates when she asks for them. I then contacted them personally, stating that there's clothing from new prints, yet our diapers are very late. no
12/2/2018 0:24:47DeVine CreationsMarlee SteynPositivemade by WAHM55555yes
9/5/2018 21:55:00Digiridoodle Mia Vermeulen Positiveimported55555yes
9/6/2018 6:35:21Digiridoodle Meyerine Positiveimported55555Digiridoodle's nappies are soft and of great quality. I have bought from another supplier too. I am not unhappy with it, but the quality isn't all that great. Digiridoodle went the extra mile and surprised me with the bamboo inserts- for free! yesLove, love, love the cloth bums.
7/29/2019 10:12:23dik-doekJaque PelserPositivemade by WAHM55555Product was delivered faster than expected. I love that the flats are double layers. The fleece covers with the fold over design works better and has less size constraints. yesGreat quality product with very neat workmanship. Thank you, Marie!
8/23/2019 12:20:48Doekie en BroekieMerinda BekkerPositivemade locally55555Diens was vinnig en vriendelik sal beslis were by haar bestelyes
7/29/2019 10:08:17Doekies en BroekiesJaque PelserPositivemixture45434This was my first cloth night nappy but only managed to last about two weeks due to my LO growing out of it pretty fast. maybeFabric turned pilly quicker than usual. I found the side snaps difficult to maneuver. Personally, price wise, I would rather support a WAHM and get the same quality for less, than use a company who is not very specific about where the nappies are manufactured.
8/23/2019 11:50:51Doekies en broekies Cilne Positivemade locally55555yesLove the products and the friendly service. Especially her Innovations