List of Vendor Responses to COVID-19
This list is constantly being updated. Please see "date added/updated" column for when an entry was last updated.
If you have any questions, know of other offers, or are interested in learning more, please contact Kathy Kosinski,
Thanks to the International Coalition of Library Consortia list for info.
VendorProductResponse to COVID-19Date Added/UpdatedAvailable For
AltaramaDeskStats and RefTrackerFree additional licenses for the duration of the pandemic.4/6/20Current customers
AltaramaDeskStatsAltarama will set up a free DeskStats trial (complete with training and unlimited users) for the duration of the pandemic or 4 months, whichever is longer. 4/9/20New customers
AWE LearningEarly Literacy Station Platinum, AfterSchool Edge Platinum, ELF Child-Safe BrowserFree worksheets for literacy and math skills, 30 day free trial of ELF Child-Safe Browswer, Writing & Self Reflection Lesson Plan, Special Pricing on AWE Learning Digital learning pre-loaded workstations7/20/20All
Baker & TaylorOrderingConvert current print orders to Axis 360 digital editions at no cost. 10% discount on new digital orders4/13/20Current customers
Baker & TaylorPop Up Library300 free Pop Up Library devices for the first six months of service with free, optional content curation.4/13/20New customers
Baker & TaylorAxis 360Waive platform fees and expedite setup4/13/20New customers
BibliothecacloudLibraryexpedited onboarding, waive the platform fee for the first year, ability to cloudLink to other California libraries sharing over 150,000 eBooks/audio books.4/3/20New customers
BibliothecaremoteLockerFree shipping and installation on all remoteLocker holds pickup, or holds & browse, configurations for orders through 9/30/20204/3/20All California libraries
Bloomsbury Digital ResourcesBloomsbury Digital ResourcesBloomsbury Digital Resources are now available upon request through the end of May 2020, at no cost or obligation and on an unlimited access basis. In addition to access, they will provide links to all resources that allow faculty to make the best use of the content, particularly for online courses. These include links to lesson plans, teaching tools, and featured content that we've created to provide a pathway into the resource.3/27/2020
All academic libraries, public libraries, high schools and districts
BookBrowseBookBrowseFree, full access to BookBrowse for librarians and patrons during COVID-19. To enjoy full access to all of BookBrowse:
• Visit:
• If asked to login, enter: staysafe
7/20/20New customers
Califa enkiIn response to COVID-19 and library closures, Califa is providing open access to enki library to any California library card holder. Your patrons can access enki ebooks at:

3/27/20California library card holders
Califa enkiFree access to digital library for everyone in California. The library includes several thousand simultaneous use eBooks from leading publishers as well as the Indie Author Project Select collection, which features over 400 award-winning indie-published eBooks. Visit to start reading.4/9/20Everyone geographically in California
Califa Virtual Library Comic Convention (VLCC)Virtual Library Comic Convention will include thousands of additional simultaneous use comics, graphic novels, and sci-fi books. There will also befree VLCC events and programming with leading illustrators, authors, and characters from popular comic and graphic novel series. This project is available to anyone in California starting April 1th on with virtual events taking place throughout the summer.7/20/20Everyone geographically in California
CommunicoCurbside PickupImplementation fee is waived. Module is free through 12/31/20 to customers that do not have the Reserve module. Customers with Reserve will have this functionality permanently available.5/8/20Current and new customers
CommunicoRoam LiteImplementation fee is waived. Module is free tfor the duration of the customer's current contract.5/8/20Current and new customers with Engage
CommunicoEngage/CheckImplementation fee is waived. Module is free for the duration of the customer's current contract.5/8/20Current and new customers
ConverSightLIBRONo implementation fee and no charge for platform until August4/29/20New customers
Counting OpinionsLibrary ProfilesFree access to "Library Profiles" interactive reporting tool until 12/31/2020. Libraries can contact us at to get access. 4/3/20All
DigitaliaDigitaliaFree access to Spanish language Digitalia Film Library for academic libraries: www.digitaliafilmlibrary.com4/1/20Academic libraries
EBSCOEBSCOMain COVID-19 response page: 4/3/20All
EBSCOAcademic eBook SubscriptionAcademic eBook Subscription Collection ( are available for libraries to access on EBSCOhost for a period of 3 months where they don’t currently subscribe to it. It is 200,000+ eBooks with no restrictions of the number of concurrent users. 3/27/20New academic library customers
EBSCOLearningExpress LibraryFree College Admissions Test Prep resources and GED Test Prep -
GaleGaleCOVID-19 Support website-
Headed2CareerExploration AppFree emergency access to CareerExploration career information database until June 2020.4/3/20All
Hoopla (Midwest Tape)HooplaExpedited hoopla Onboarding3/27/2020New customers
KnowledgeCityKnowledgeCity"Maintining Your Company Culture While Working Remotely" article4/3/20All
KOIOSGoogle AdvertisingFree help with Google Ad Grant application, and ad campaigns for Educational Resources, Digital Media, Virtual Events, COVID-19 info, and Library Card Sign-up.4/15/20All
KonoKono2 months free access to our whole digital library that contains 200+ Asian magazines from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea. There is no requirement or obligation to sign up. 4/3/20New Customers
Library Juice AcademyLibrary Juice Academy10% off course registrations with discount code CRISIS104/13/20All
LifeliqeLifeliqeFree online 3d models for remote learning. Its online collection includes thousands of interactive models and lessons for science in 3D, AR and VR. The content is scientifically accurate, since it has been created with experts from the top universities. The free offer includes the first scientifically verified interactive 3D model of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Please visit:
mk Solutionsmk SolutionsFree shipping for standard sneeze guards for Califa members7/20/2020Califa Members
McGraw HillAccessMedicineAccessMedicine COVID-19 Central with the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic.7/20/2020All
McGraw HillMcGraw-Hill ConnectHow to move your course online tips7/20/2020School and academic libraries
Penguin Random HouseOpen License Online Story TimePenguin Random House is permitting teachers, librarians, and booksellers to create and share story time and read-aloud videos and live events until December 31, 20207/20/20All
PressreaderPressreaderA COVID-19 news category which is curated from newspapers around the world. customers
PronunciatorPronunciatorCoronavirus language courses- 3/27/20Current customers
ProQuestAncestry LibraryAccess to Ancestry Library Edition has been temporarily expanded to library cardholders working remotely, courtesy of ProQuest and its partner Ancestry. Remote access is re-evaluated monthly as needed.

In order to provide for remote access, they need to verify you can support one of the following setups:

- The link Proquest provides will be placed on a secure page (password or barcode protected) so it is not publicly available to non-patrons.
- You have a proxy server such as EZproxy for remote access to databases.

NOTE: Because Ancestry library edition does not typically support remote access, ProQuest does not have the ability to authenticate via library card pattern or SIP2 authentication.
7/20/2020Current customers
ProQuesteBook Central Holdings50% off title upgrade through August 31, 2020.7/20/2020All
RabbleMUSICat NowFree pop-up MUSICat platform for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Sign up at:
Rosen DigitalAll productsRemote access available for subscribers4/13/20Current customers
Rosen DigitalTeen Health and WellnssShare Your Story: Stay Connected during COVID-19-
Sala GraphicsSala GraphicsCOVID-19 floor decals in English, Spanish, and Billingual7/21/20All
SAGESAGEFree access to articles on how to teach online4/3/20Academic libraries
SkillsoftSkillsoft60 days of free access to the Business Continuity Learning Center:
Unique Management ServicesLive Chat, Call Center, MessageBee, StaffAlertSpecial pricing and offers for inbound web chat management, inbound call management, email/sms notices to patrons, mass sms messages to staff4/3/20New customers
ZoobeanBeanstack3 years free to California public library systems through the California State Library/California Library Association5/12/20All California public library jurisdictions