38PICO PARKPC2.9hrsSteam22-Sept-2021★★★☆☆A short co-op platformer that manages to keep itself fun and fresh throughout the 12 world run. Also manages to evoke pain when the lobby is full. Would run through again.
37DEATHLOOPPC19.7hrsSteam19-Sept-2021★★★★★DEATHLOOP is one tight package. It's got a really damn cool sense of style, gorgeous visuals, and incredibly fun gameplay. Once I got accustomed to the various abilities and made the ideal loadout, blazing through enemies or taking them down stealthily felt so satisfying. I loved how hands-off the game is, giving you the freedom to follow leads however you want, when you want. Though, it did feel a little frustrating to find a clue to another lead but Colt doesn't have enough context to put the pieces together even though me as a player already has. Still, had a fantastic time going through these loops. Also, this was the first game that I've played with full DualSense support on PC. Not 100% sure I'd use adaptive triggers in every game, but this was an interesting experience.
36Sonic Adventure 2PC9.8hrsSteam12-Sept-2021★★★★☆Sonic Adventure 2 is great. It took the things I really liked about the first one and just focused on making those way better and it worked for the most part. Wasn't much of a fan of treasure hunting this time around due to the radar tracking one item at a time, but still had a blast with the hunting, shooting, and speed levels. Really glad that the levels were just divided into three story modes this time around. Overall, really impressed by this adventure!
35Sonic AdventurePC8.1hrsSteam9-Sept-2021★★☆☆☆Sonic Adventure was a pretty alright experience. Sonic's gameplay was fun and offered a pretty great balance between speedy set pieces and some careful platforming. I wasn't much of a fan of the other characters play styles. Knuckles' treasure hunting was pretty fun, and Gamma's shooting sections was a fun detour. But, Tails offered a pretty sub-par retelling and Amy and Big's campaigns just exist. The story was decent, but I couldn't stand any of the voice acting. Not super sure why people say Sonic had a rough transition into 3D. Yeah, the game has not aged well, but I still had a good time.
34Watch_Dogs Legion: BloodlinesPC5hrsUbisoft7-Jul-2021★★★★☆Legion was already kind of an OK game for me, so more of the same is fine. The DLC's big selling point was bringing back Aiden Pearce and Wrench, way older but still not as wise. I always liked Wrench, but never was a fan of Aiden. Bloodline makes him slightly more tolerable and gives him a bit more personality, probably just due to the location change. The missions are alright, with a few standouts here and there, but nothing spectacular. A nice fan-service filled bit of content that I may re-visit in the future.
33Mass Effect - Legendary EditionPC13.9hrsSteam18-May-2021★★★★☆Wasn't really planning on picking this up, but after hearing a friend gush about the series for so long, I figured now would be a good time to jump in. For this first run through the trilogy, I'm going with Paragon John Shepard. Figured it would be good to just experience these games in like the most ideal route.

Mass Effect is a solid introduction to the world and characters. The writing is great and I love the crew I had with me. Well, most of them anyways. I can't really compare it to the original release, but it's definitely clear from this experience that the gameplay has some rough bits here and there. After awhile, I got used to the jank and everything was smooth sailing. Hell, I kind of like the Mako no matter how bad it felt to drive. Looking forward to playing Mass Effect 2 soon.
32Rock Band 4PS413.5hrseBay11-May-2021★★★★☆I was gonna come back to Rock Band 4 at some point, but that final We Be Drummin' stream pushed me to get back to it. Going through the campaign with my new band, Rock and the Band, was a good time. The overall gameplay is still super solid, though I feel like I was definitely off for most of the time either due to input lag or my controller acting up. They added a new feature for freestyle guitar solos. Instead of playing the original chart and solo, you can now just make up your own on the go! It's a great concept on paper that definitely works, but it sounds absolutely terrible.

Not much of a fan of the track list for this one. I dig the how varied the tracks are, however they just left a lot to be desired. Though, I suppose if there's something you really want to play, there's a good chance it might be DLC already? I have the RB3 export and a few DLC tracks, so adding them into the mix definitely helped make the experience way more enjoyable.
31Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterPS13hrsEB Games3-May-2021★★★★☆I've owned this game for so long, but I've never bothered to complete it until now. First, I thought my game disc was busted for a long while. As it turns out, it works with some music skipping and FMV issues. Second, if you had the sequel that improves everything, why would you go back to the old one? Whatever. Anyways.

The original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater feels outdated compared to the subsequent entries in the series, but it's still an extremely fun game all these years later. It's very simple to pick up and play, but it was definitely a challenge trying to get a high combo. There aren't a lot of moves in your arsenal, so you really have to make do with the tricks you're given. It makes getting any kind of combo over 4 tricks something to celebrate for me. The sound is absolutely perfect for this game. Yes, I know how good the soundtrack is, but those sound effects to go with it are just so excellent to listen to. I just love how crisp and crunchy they are. Kind of a shame that they didn't keep them for THPS2. It's kinda crazy to play the 2020 remaster and then come back to the original after so long, but it was worth the trip.
30Daytona USAPS31.1hrsPSN2-May-2021★★★★☆Really enjoyed my time with Daytona USA! Very terrible at the game, but I loved everything about the racing. I dig those blue skies, the chunky cars and the infectiously catchy soundtrack. Definitely keeping this one installed to try and get better times.
29The Beatles: Rock BandXBOX 3605hrsEB Games1-May-2021★★★★☆The Beatles: Rock Band is a loving tribute to an incredibly iconic band. I'm not much of a fan of The Beatles, but I had a lot of fun going through the track list for this. The charts are pretty mixed in terms of difficulty, so it's a nice balance. The big draw for me was it's visuals. The early tracks in the game are mostly recreations of some memorable performances, but later on, they start getting more creative and wild with the visuals to fit. Compared to Green Day: Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band still manages to come out on top. GD:RB felt more like an add-on for an existing Rock Band game with some new character skins. But, this game definitely stands out from the mainline titles by embracing a retro and psychedelic aesthetic that fits perfectly with the setlist. Easily the best band focused rhythm game in my eyes.
28Green Day: Rock BandXBOX 3603.5hrsEB Games17-Apr-2021★★★☆☆Didn't expect to go back to this game, but here we are I guess! Had a pretty fun time going through Green Day's discography in this interactive greatest hits compilation, though it did feel like the overall package was lacking compared to other band-centric rhythm games.
27Disco ElysiumPC22.2hrsEGS15-Apr-2021★★★★★Wasn't super sure if Disco Elysium would be for me but I got sucked into it the more I moved through it. The writing is incredible - vivid, morbid, raw. It captures the human experience incredibly well, flaws and all, and isn't afraid to go to places. The people and the city they live in all play a part in this game and say a lot, even if they don't appear for long. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry. The game has plenty of options to create your own ideal version of the main character through new thoughts, your psyche skills, and the initial character build. Perhaps it's due to the type of games I play normally, but Disco Elysium is the first time I've ever felt like my choices mattered. Small comments can have large effects on the way characters treat you in the world and I'm all for it. The one mechanic that's been hit-or-miss was the dice roll. I love the idea that the larger choices in the game are done via skill checks, but there have been crucial points where I need to pass, but miss completely. It gets frustrating, but that's the way it is with dice rolls I suppose. Overall, I had a blast playing through this and I'm definitely revisiting it in a few months to see what I missed.
26STEEP: Road to the OlympicsPC2.5hrsSteam2-Apr-2021★★★☆☆The DLC for STEEP has been rather hit or miss, but I think Road to The Olympics is probably the best pack out of them all. The new Japan/Korea map and additional challenges felt like more of the same good stuff that I enjoy in this game. Plus, the Olympic content was fun to go through as well. I enjoyed the different events that you could play, and surprisingly the campaign was kind of cool? It feels like an interactive documentary, detailing your character's journey to PyeongChang 2018. Complete with a narrator and various interviews with actual Olympic athletes that surround the various events you participate in. Definitely feels like a step up compared to the generic narrative cheese you'd get from other sports games, but I do miss that a bit.
25STEEPPC30.5hrsSteam2-Apr-2021★★★★★STEEP is probably up there as one of my favorite action sports games of recent history. The individual sports are easy to pick up and get into, feeling super smooth to control and do stunts. But with the varying terrain on the mountains and a health mechanic, it's been a challenge. I've always been a snowboarding fan so I've leaned towards that a lot throughout my time, but the wingsuit material is a lot of fun to play with. There's plenty of challenges to go through, so even if a specific event is making me feel frustrated, there's at least 3 others that might be for me. Even just cruising around the expansive map is fun. Playing this has got me feeling all kinds excited about the sequel whenever that gets released. Riders Republic leans into a much louder aesthetic and I dig it a lot. However, these past few Ubisoft releases have left me feeling a bit disappointed. I dunno, I guess we'll cross that bridge when it starts coming up.
24AdiosPC1.2hrs$17.99itch.io27-Mar-2021★★★★☆Don't remember where I heard about this (probably Twitter), but Adios sure was something. There's not a whole lot going on with the gameplay that will blow you away. You walk and talk with the other characters and sometimes get to do activities. The game's biggest strength is in the narrative. Adios has some fantastic writing and performances from the actors to deliver a really morbid slice of life story. It's very short and to the point, only showing the most important aspects of this day. I wish the game had more choices to expand and possibly influence the events, but honestly, I don't think it needs it. It's fantastic the way it is.
23Star Wars: Battlefront II - ResurrectionPC1.7hrsFREEEGS24-Mar-2021★★☆☆☆Eh. I could've lived without this.
22Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)PC12.2hrsFREEEGS23-Mar-2021★★★★☆Didn't expect to like this one so much. I dig the 20vs20 combat in Multiplayer and having the option of playing as a hero to wild out on the other team. Campaign was alright. It gave a good sampling of what the game can do and tried to weave a story throughout each level. Heavy on the fan service and very straightforward. This game is a lot of fun and I'm probably gonna have this on rotation since a lot of my friends also have it thanks to Epic Games Store.
21Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarPC13hrsBlizzard8-Mar-2021★★★☆☆Never thought this would be a game I'd pick up in 2021, but here we are I guess. I played the trial during the free week and got really hooked into the MP, so here we are. The general note about the multiplayer I have is that I love the speed and how much fun the gunplay is. The maps are basic in setup, but get extremely chaotic in the different modes. On the other half of the game, we've got a pretty good single-player experience. The campaign is a short romp, but I had fun. Was mostly expecting going in guns blazing or linear stealth missions, but they give you a lot of room to work within the varied mission structures. I think the missions closer to the end of the game were easily highlights to me. The overall story is decent. Generic setup with the writing of an action blockbuster that I'll forget in a few weeks, but I don't think I would've expected anything less from a Call of Duty game. Really not a bad way to spend 7 hours. Looking forward to adding more hours into the multiplayer.
20Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndPS413hrsYAmazon4-Mar-2021★★★★☆Don't have a lot to say about this one. I initially played it when the game came out without having experienced the original trilogy. After finishing the Nathan Drake collection last month, I knew I had to go in and replay this once more. It felt wrong if I didn't. A lot of my thoughts on this game haven't change too much from 2016 surprisingly. If anything, I think I appreciate the effort and feel the love Naughty Dog had for this title. As a whole though, this series is incredible and I'm glad I took the time to go through each entry.
19Persona 5 StrikersPC29hrsSteam24-Feb-2021★★★★☆I didn't need a follow-up to Persona 5, but if ATLUS is gonna deliver one, I'll partake. The big thing about Strikers is the gameplay, moving away from traditional turn-based mechanics to real-time hack n' slash combat with the help of Koei Tecmo. The combat is chaotic and messy sometimes, but it's an absolute blast to play and feels true to the Persona series. The presentation is still fantastic, with some incredible new music tracks and remixes to accompany the trip across Japan. For me, I think the story may have been the weakest part. I feel like some of the reveals were obvious and sometimes left me scratching my head asking why, but still was enjoying it quite a bit partially due to the new additions to the cast, Sophia and Zenkichi. The two have some pretty good arcs and I hope they return in the future in some way shape or form.
18Uncharted: Golden AbyssVita9hrseBay20-Feb-2021★★★★☆Going from The Lost Legacy's extremely rich visuals on the PS4 Pro to Golden Abyss on the Vita was jarring at first, but Bend Studio really did their best with the hardware and keeping true to the rest of the Uncharted games. I'm always down to see how games take use of hardware features and I think this is like maybe the 2nd Vita game I've played that's taken advantage of every feature the handheld had. It all really worked, though I wasn't much of a fan of using the touch screen for boss fights. Cool idea, but it got kind of annoying after the first one. Not the best in the series, but definitely a fun time to be had. Kind of sucks that this game is stuck on the Vita, but I don't think it would be the same experience playing it on anything else.
17Uncharted: The Lost LegacyPS47hrsPSN15-Feb-2021★★★★☆A shorter run time than usual, The Lost Legacy is still super solid and very high quality. Coming right off the heels of Drake's Deception, the overall jump in quality is MASSIVE. Chloe is a great character, so having her lead this adventure was fun. I was pretty mixed about Nadine when I played 4 initially, but by the end, I warmed up a lot more to her. The relationship between the two of them is really fun and entertaining to watch as they slowly become better friends. Gameplay is fantastic. Everything just flows together so greatly - the gunplay, the stealth, the melee. It just blends together so well. The series has always had a linear level structure and even though this one is no exception, I really dig Chapter 4 and really letting the player explore the environment. Just that alone added a lot to the game for me. Also, I'm still in awe over how beautiful this game looks. The character models are so lifelike and detailed, not to mention India looks fantastic. Looking forward to playing 4 again in the future.
16Uncharted 3: Drake's DeceptionPS48hrsWal-Mart13-Feb-2021★★★★☆Uncharted 2 set the bar high for the third installment and after finishing it, I was not disappointed. The story goes all over the place and explores one of the key relationships of Uncharted that hasn't been touched upon at all. It's really satisfying to end it and also show how it all really started. I don't have too much to write about gameplay since it does feel about the same as 2, however, the melee combat feels much better in this one. I always felt like it was too slow, but this one flows a lot better and moves quicker too. It was fun getting to throw hands and do some real painful finishers too. As a whole, the game feels way more cinematic thanks to the incredible set pieces to explore, the fantastic visuals/locations, and some great music. I feel like I was very late to the party getting to experience the Nathan Drake Collection now, but I'm happy I did. These games were a blast and 3 was a great way to finish it off.
15Uncharted 2: Among ThievesPS410hrsWal-Mart9-Feb-2021★★★★☆All I wanted from a followup was just for it to be as great as Drake's Fortune, but Uncharted 2 delivered something way better. The story and characters are fantastic still. We've got a bigger roster of characters that just fit right in with Nate, Elena, and Sully. It's great to have the adventure go global, adding some variety to the puzzles and shootouts of the game. The overall gameplay though remains unchanged from the previous, though it did feel much easier to playthrough on hard than UC1. However, I wasn't much of a fan of keeping things stealthy. Maybe I'm just bad with these types of sections, but it did feel difficult trying to find good openings and staying hidden within some of the smaller locations. Overall though, I loved it. I dig these games way more than I thought I would. Looking forward to jumping into Uncharted 3 soon.
14GRISPC2.7hrsFREESteam7-Feb-2021★★★☆☆Right off the bat, this game is a 5/5 visually. It's absolutely beautiful, especially with these color palettes in certain sections like the forest. The watercolor aethetic with the fluid animation of GRIS running, jumping, and sliding around are really something when it's all together. Despite the gorgeous visuals, I just really didn't find the gameplay itself very entertaining to be honest. It just felt alright - nothing mindblowing or world shattering, just OK. The storytelling was interesting at times, but again, I wasn't really that into it. This game got a lot of hype and positive player reviews, but I'm really thinking that because of the visuals. Nothing wrong with that, but hmm. Was definitely expecting a bit more.
13Bulletstorm: Full Clip EditionPC8hrsSteam6-Feb-2021★★★★☆If Uncharted was an interactive adventure movie, then playing Bulletstorm is like playing a big budget popcorn flick. Everything about this game is over the top and incredibly dumb, however, it was a blast to playthrough. The emphasis on pulling off creative kills is fantastic and really adds a lot since the levels are kind of basic. They give you the tools to pull off some incredibly gory and oddly satisfying kills with a large crunch and I'm all for it. The story, however, is fairly generic though I do think that it's saved by the dialogue. Has it aged well? Probably not, but, it works for this game. Overall, this was a fun shooter to go through and I'm kind of interested to replay the game as Duke Nukem at some point.
12The PedestrianPC4.1hrsKickstarter4-Feb-2021★★★★☆I backed this game a few years ago on KS, but kind of forgot about it until recently. It's a cozy puzzle-platformer where you take control of a stickman and navigate through various 2D signs in this 3D world. Most of the time you're traversing street signs, connecting them to reach other sections of the city. The game manages to keep the puzzles fresh throughout the short playtime by adding various new mechanics in different sections that add a nice level of challenge. The final sections did take me more time as the puzzles sometimes got complicated, but I didn't mind too much. The one issue I have with this game is that, as previously mentioned, it's pretty short and has left me wanting more. But, I'm kind of okay with that.
11Skater XLPC132.2hrs$19.99Steam2-Feb-2021★★★☆☆I love me a good skateboarding video game and Skater XL has been a blast to play. There's no real ending, but I'm definitely done with the game. There's a very solid foundation that sets the groundwork for something bigger, but it still hasn't changed too much from those early access days. The base title has very little in terms of content with 5 maps created by the dev team and some small challenges for each one. However, the modding community for this game has plenty of additional maps and gameplay tweaks to push this game way further. It's a great chill-out game to relax with, but only after some modifications under the hood on PC.
10HadesPC28.8hrsSteam2-Feb-2021★★★★★I wasn't really feeling the game at first. It was kind of tough and the constant repetition and dying was putting me off. However, as time passed and I started making my way through the game with the smallest steps, it all clicked. There's so much I enjoy about Hades. The combat is fast and extremely fun, especially when you build yourself with the right boons. Even though you die constantly, you're not being held back by your death. You continue to grow and the world starts to expand aswell as the story unfolds. The visuals are incredible and the soundtrack feels so diverse but all works so well together. This is absolutely one of the best games I've played so far this year and odds are I'm probably not gonna shut up about it until my friends play it.
9Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerSwitch6hrs$4.60Wal-Mart29-Jan-2021★★★★☆After playing a few heavy games, I needed a palate cleanser with something lighter and that came in the way of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Excellent little puzzle game that had a lot more variety than I expected. I really love the visuals and these extremely condensed maps, especially the ones based on Odyessy. God, I miss that game. But yeah, really fun title. Don't think I would've paid full price for this title, so I'm thankful for that glitch at Wal-Mart for letting me get to experience this.
813 Sentinels: Aegis RimPS425.5hrsAmazon27-Jan-2021★★★★☆I'm keeping this short because I really don't wanna accidentally spoil anything. Wasn't particularly fond of the combat sections, but the story was INCREDIBLE. I'm really glad I gave this a shot.
7Uncharted: Drake's FortunePS49.2hrsWal-Mart18-Jan-2021★★★★☆I was raised on watching dumb action-adventure movies and getting to play through one was fun as hell. The story and characters feel pretty simple, but I was thoroughly entertained by their banter to give them a bit more dimension. The gameplay was fairly smooth - platforming and puzzles were great and the gunplay was equally entertaining. Played through on hard and that really kicked my ass. I get that it's in the name but holy shit that was tough. Looking forward to playing through the rest of the series.
6Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The GamePC1.5hrsYUbisoft15-Jan-2021★★☆☆☆I remember enjoying my time with this game so much on the 360 but playing it now years later, it's definitely not as good as I remember it. Combat is fun when you hit higher levels and are way more stronger, but man is it a pain at the start. The gameplay loop after awhile feels kind of bland due to pretty one note boss fights and stages. Atleast the pixel art and soundtrack is still fantastic after all this time. Still bought a physical copy of the game though.
5RESIDENT EVIL 2PC14.9hrsSteam15-Jan-2021★★★★★I really am not a fan of horror, but man, I loved this. I've always wanted to try a Resident Evil game and I'm really glad I picked up 2. It's tense and terrifying, but so much fun to play. I dig the limited resources, making me think more about when I should engage or run. The puzzles were fun to figure out and I absolutely enjoyed backtracking through the station (yeah, that's a weird one to like). Everything was a genuine threat, so managing to get through a long hallway packed with zombies felt like an accomplishment for me. Overall, I'm really damn impressed with RE2 remake. Definitely gonna check out the rest of the series at some point.
4Grand Theft Auto VPS428hrsYEB Games7-Jan-2021★★★★★Despite being 6 years old at this point, GTA V still manages to be one of my favorite open-world games. Everything about it feels just right - writing, gameplay, presentation. Having three different protagonists to control was definitely the right call, gives the game time to present the different areas and inhabitants of LS. Even on a PS4, visually it's still great. Getting a little bit dated, but I think it'll hold up for a little while longer. The missions can have you do the same shit over and over again, but there's always something to add much needed challenge or variety to it. I still really dislike the helicopter flying in this game though.
3ClustertruckPC7.3hrsSteam2-Jan-2021★★★☆☆It's chaos, but fun chaos. Put this down for awhile and decided to finish it up since I was fairly close to the end. The controls feel pretty damn smooth, making jumping truck to truck very extremely fun. Really didn't expect that last level though, like damn lol
2Rainy SeasonPC50min$4.39Steam2-Jan-2021★★★★☆It's raining and you're stuck inside. You explore the house, talk to your family, and enjoy the calming sound of rain. Really not sure how I found this game, but it was a fun and comfy experience to go through. Upon looking into it, this was a smaller project that was made while the dev behind this game is working on a bigger title set during a not rainy day. I'm looking forward to it whenever it gets released.
1Call of Juarez GunslingerPC4.6hrsSteam1-Jan-2021★★★★☆Picked it up on a whim awhile ago after hearing about it from a friend and WOW, I didn't expect it to be this good. I'm really impressed with everything about this game. The gameplay is so much fun, really enjoyed the duel mechanics. Loved the unreliable narrator controlling the environment and the narrative was super solid. Overall, this is a fantastic Western FPS that didn't overstay it's welcome. Definitely gonna consider going back to play the arcade mode or do some duels.
27Steins;Gate ElitePS46Amazon29-Dec-2020★★★★☆
26Yakuza: Like a DragonPC61Steam25-Dec-2020★★★★★
25Cyberpunk 2077PC54Steam19-Dec-2020★★★☆☆
24Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2PS425YBest Buy25-Nov-2020★★★★★
23Watch_Dogs LegionPC25Ubisoft19-Nov-2020★★☆☆☆
22Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles MoralesPS416Amazon12-Nov-2020★★★★☆
21Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2PC48EGS11-Sep-2020★★★★★
20Fast and Furious: CrossroadsPC4Steam31-Aug-2020★★☆☆☆FAMILY/10
19Mortal Kombat 11PC10Steam6-Jun-2020★★★★☆
17WheelmanPS36EB Games18-May-2020★☆☆☆☆
16SKATE 3PS38YEB Games26-Apr-2020★★★☆☆
15Burnout Paradise RemasteredPS410YEB Games25-Apr-2020★★★★☆
14Sonic ForcesPS42YPSN19-Apr-2020★★☆☆☆
13HITMAN IIPC16Steam18-Apr-2020★★★★☆
12My Name is MayoPS40.7YPSN11-Apr-2020
11HITMAN (2016)PC11Steam11-Apr-2020★★★★☆
10DOOM EternalPC18Steam10-Apr-2020★★★★☆
9Tony Hawk's American WastelandXBOX 3605YeBay3-Mar-2020★★★☆☆
8Red Dead Redemption IIPC60Steam26-Feb-2020★★★★★
7DOOM (2016)PC9Steam22-Jan-2020★★★★☆
6Devil May Cry 5 - Human DifficultyPC7YSteam20-Jan-2020★★★★★
5Persona 5: Dancing in StarlightVita7PSN15-Jan-2020★★★☆☆
4Persona 3: Dancing in MoonlightVita7PSN11-Jan-2020★★★☆☆
3Far Cry 5PC28Steam7-Jan-2020★★★☆☆
2Super Mario World Switch3NSO1-Jan-2020★★★★★
1 Ape OutPC5EGS1-Jan-2020★★★★☆
9KILL la KILL: IFPS43Amazon27-Jul-2019★★☆☆☆
8Trover Saves the UniversePS46PSN1-Jun-2019★★★☆☆
7God of War (2018)PS49PSN21-May-2019★★★★★
6VA11-HALL-AVita7LGR14-Apr-2019★★★★★I knew a little bit about VA11-HALL-A going in, but not a whole lot. I picked it up through LimitedRunGames and never got around to it, but I finally dusted off my Vita and popped it in. I thought it was a really great game to play. The bartending was a lot of fun to get going, but I kind of wish there was a bit more? I realize though, that's not the main draw. Granted it's part of the story, but the real focus is on the characters. I love Jill, Dana, Gillian, and the patrons of the bar. Even the ones who didn't really show up too much were pretty interesting. I'm definitely going through it a second time.
5Devil May Cry 5 - Devil HunterPS410EB Games14-Mar-2019★★★★★This game is ridiculous. Everything about it rules. Combat is on point and it kicks my ass enough that I want to keep trying more and more. It's challenging and stylish. Dante's still on point as always, Nero's breakers are incredibly fun to play with, and V has an interesting gameplay method that I love so much. Easily a contender for GOTY.
4Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5PS412Best Buy12-Mar-2019★☆☆☆☆
3Kingdom Hearts IIIPS427.6Amazon9-Mar-2019★★★★☆Wow. Wooooooooow. The game was incredible. Honestly it was. The game kept changing itself up over time with new keyblades and ways to fight. The story, while not answering some questions, did wrap up pretty well and left me wanting more. This was defeinitely a game for the fans and it honestly shows. My one gripe is that some of the worlds were pretty lackluster in terms of quality, specifically Arandelle and Corona, but I found a lot of enjoyment out of the later worlds.
2Amplitude (2016)PS43PSN12-Feb-2019★★★☆☆
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - a fragmentary passage -
PS42.5Amazon28-Jan-2019★★★☆☆A small taste of what KH3 would offer. Not the toughest and certainly not the easiest, this little prologue was a lot of fun to play with. Also Aqua is best girl don't @ me
19Marvel's Spider-Man - TCTNS: Silver LiningPS44PSN25-Dec-2018★★★★☆
18Marvel's Spider-Man - TCTNS: Turf WarsPS44PSN25-Dec-2018★★★☆☆
17Marvel's Spider-Man - TCTNS: The HeistPS43.5PSN24-Dec-2018★★★☆☆
16PlayStation All Stars Battle RoyalePS3N/AEB Games20-Oct-2018★★☆☆☆
15My Name is MayoPS40.9PSN26-Sept-2018★☆☆☆☆
14Marvel's Spider-ManPS433Amazon15-Sept-2018★★★★★
13Shaq-Fu: A Legend RebornPS43.5Amazon21-Jul-2018★★☆☆☆
12Final Fantasy XVPS424EB Games14-Jun-2018★★★★☆
11Sword Art Online: Fatal BulletPC27Steam3-Mar-2018★★★☆☆While not the best game, I found myself enjoying Fatal Bullet quite a lot. It's a pretty grindy third person shooter that actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not a real big fan of SAO, though I would categorize it as the best worst anime I've ever seen. This game's overall presentation is pretty great and has some very solid gameplay, however, the thing that brings it down is a lackluster story with pretty mediocre characters. I felt like more should have been fleshed out, expanding the game to be a bit longer. I had fun listening to Mega64 and playing this game and if you aswell like anime, you may get a kick out of this game.
10O.K. KO! Let's Play HeroesPS47PSN30-Jan-2018★★★★☆So, I've only seen a handful of episodes of O.K. KO and I do really appreciate the passion the team behind it has. Everything is a nod to something and despite all the references it can make, it's still incredible on its' own, even if you don't know the references. Combine the colorful cast with fun stories and you've got yourself a winner. I get concerns when I see a game adaptation of a show and often I hope for it to not be garbage. This game is a real winner. It combines point and click adventure game exploration with fun beat-em-up brawling. It feels like an episode of the show and it's just overall the best game adaptation of a TV show I've ever played. I wish Gumball got something like this, that'd be cool.
9Puzzle AgentPC3Humble19-Jan-2018★★★★☆If I remember correctly, this was one of the first Steam games I picked up as it was in a Humble Bundle. Puzzle Agent puts you in the role of Nelson Tethers, the FBI's only Puzzle Agent, as you solve puzzles to help put a small town eraser factory back to work. It's a simple, yet very challenging game with a variety of puzzles. Nothing too difficult, but they will stump you if you're not prepared for them (I surely wasn't). Also, this game has a very lovely artstyle. It's simplistic and rough, just the way I like my art.
8Persona 5PS476EB Games19-Jan-2018★★★★★While not an avid fan of turn-based RPGs, I'm in love with the Persona series. There's something about all of it that just feels right at home with me. The loud and incredible sense of style the game has, the fantastic music, the incredible cast of characters you meet all make this one stand out above any other game I got to play in 2017. I've been anticipating the game for years and finally being able to play it is a blast. Even in it's lowest points, Persona 5 continued to challenge me to no end, making the encounters and the success you receive all the more worth it.
7Night in the WoodsPC10Steam16-Jan-2018★★★★☆That game was amazing. A solid story driven by its' colorful cast and wonderful artwork. I wish it was a bit longer, however, I could always replay it to see alternate routes.
6Man vs. Wild with Bear GryllsXBOX 3603Game Store13-Jan-2018★☆☆☆☆I picked this game up in Seattle for 10 bucks as a joke and man, that was actually pretty worth it. It's a dumb romp through the woods as you avoid snake bites to the dick, bury yourself within a camel, and it was actually fairly enjoyable. I had fun going through it, seeing Bear Grylls do flips between cliffs (yeah really). Probably wouldn't revisit anytime soon. Also, this was probably the easiest 500GS I've received.
5Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestPC8Steam12-Jan-2018★★★★☆I really don't know where I picked this one up, but wherever I did, I loved this game. A post-apocalyptic take on Journey to the West that was really enjoyable. Everything felt balanced - pacing, the combat/puzzle segments, and the overall story. I like that the combat actually has you wait and evade to get an opening so you can't really bust right through the enemies. You really have to stop and think about your actions before getting into it. This game was fairly solid, thought it would be a bit longer, but I thought it was fun.
4Rayman LegendsPC15Ubisoft9-Jan-2018★★★★★Everything about this game is perfect. Controls feel nice, the gameplay is varied with gimmicks that don't overstay their welcome and boss fights that are pretty challenging, and an overall amazing presentation. I'm calling it complete as the credits rolled, but I'm well aware there's more that needs to be done here. I love this game so much.
3Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Expert DifficultyPC8YEB Games5-Jan-2018★★★★☆I remember being in the 4th grade and calling GH3 super ugly. But, looking at it now, it's probably one of the best looking games of that year. I mean, when you boil it down, the game is still five colored frets and strumming. But this game is superb. Easily one of the best rhythm games to date. Raining Blood and that final boss battle against Lou really kicked my ass.
2Guitar Hero II - Expert DifficultyXBOX 3605YEB Games4-Jan-2018★★★★★Harmonix developed Guitar Hero was the shit. That's not saying that Neversoft wasn't good, I just enjoyed the sharp cartoony style more than the more detailed one presented in GH3 onward. Anyways, this game is fantastic. The setlist is just right, the visuals are great, and above all else - it's just fun to play. Glad I finally got to beat it after all these years (and on Expert no less!)
1inFamous First LightPS42PSN3-Jan-2018★★★★☆I love Sucker Punch. They make really fun titles. inFamous First Light is no exception. I really enjoyed playing as Fetch and seeing her story unfold. I find it a bit weird that Shane's voice actor also played Reggie in SS. Weird. Anyway, I found it to be pretty great and it was definitely worth the purchase, especially now that it's on sale. I think it's also great that you can play as Delsin in the arena too. Definitely going to be revisiting to get those trophies one day.
23Destiny 2PC10Amazon29-Oct-2017★★★★☆
22Super Mario OdysseySwitch12Amazon JP28-Oct-2017★★★★★
21Doki Doki Literature ClubPC6Steam17-Oct-2017★★★★☆
20Dengeki Bunko Fighting ClimaxVita18PSN28-Sept-2017★★☆☆☆
19Knack 2PS48EB Games6-Aug-2017★★★★☆
18Watch_Dogs 2 - No Compromise DLCPC9Steam15-Jul-2017★★★★☆