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Are you familiar with the Center School building & grounds?
If yes - How are you familiar with the Center School building & grounds
Do you have any suggestions or ideas for a Municipal use for the Center School building or grounds?
Do you have any suggestions or ideas for a Community use for the Center School building or grounds?
Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for a Private use of Center School building or grounds?
Do you have any questions or concerns about the use of the Center School building or grounds?
Do you have any other ideas or suggestions regarding the Center School building or grounds that you would like the Team to consider?
1/22/2018 15:59:23yes
Have lived in Hopkinton for decades and children attended school there.
Tear down the building, rebuild with similar facade (more cost effective than remodelling), use it for Town Hall or a tech education center
Community center (meeting/activity rooms, basketball court, exercise room)- we don't have one and the library, HCA, and senior center can't adequately serve this sort of role.
Retail shops and offices, to increase attractiveness of downtown activities.
Concerns: (1) Thoroughly explore the costs to the town of renovating vs. teardown and rebuilding. Renovating seems like a poor use of money, compared to rebuilding. (2) Thoroughly assess resident preferences about tearing down/rebuilding vs renovating existing structure -- it seems the actual proportion of residents attached to renovating the building is small (but more vocal) compared to those favoring rebuilding.
It's a very valuable piece of property, both in terms of actual value and in terms of what it has meant to the Town and could mean to the Town in the future. Choose wisely!
1/22/2018 16:37:39yes
Kids went to school there
Youth center, Parks & Rec, Youth Commission and Youth & Family Services
Youth Center
1/22/2018 16:40:26yes
I am a neighbor and 2 of my children attended the school.
Love a community building or small business space.
Youth center-small business-artist colllective?
I want the character of the front of the building preserved.
1/22/2018 16:44:50yes
I have had four students go through Center School on their way through the Hopkinton education system.
Possibly use the space for school administration/maybe also Youth Services and Youth Commission (services tied to education)
Our town really needs a youth center.
perhaps renting the gym space to basketball/volleyball teams
I am wondering if it is feasible to update the heat/AC systems of this old building. Maybe some parts of the building should be demolished - like the cafeteria area.
1/22/2018 16:46:08yesChildren attended
Parks and recreation, vocational training and continuing ed classes, or could knock down building for downtown parking
See previous answer
Board of health , Senior center
Yes, building may be functionally obsolete for many uses
Tear down the building and use as athletic field
1/22/2018 17:07:44yesMy children went there
Rec center, summer camps, classes for kids and adults
1/22/2018 17:09:10yes
Children went to school there
Youth and Family Center, Community Center — we need one!
Youth and Family Center, Community Center
Use it for the Community please. We need a gathering spot.
1/22/2018 17:14:02yes
Live in the neighborhood
School administration offices
Youth centerNoNoNo
1/22/2018 17:22:23yesVery, work thereNoCommunity Rec CenterNo
Would prefer it not be used for municipal purposes but more of a community center, offering classes and such.
1/22/2018 17:23:29yes
My daughter attended Kindergarten and first grade in the building. I volunteered quite often for inside and outside activities.
Town Hall departments should be in the center of town - not on South Street. I would like to see Center School repurposed for this reason.
The original high school on Main Street was repurposed and it is lovely building. If getting the town departments back into the center of town is not possible, I would like to see Center School be used for private offices or medical offices.
1/22/2018 17:28:22yes
My son attends the school.
Hopkinton youth and Family offices,
Youth/community center
No Safety, water quality. No
1/22/2018 17:32:03yes
open house visits, Granddaughter attends, live on Ash Street
yes, Refurbish original building and make it the administration building, and demolish the entire rest of the building and make it a parking lot for our MUCH NEEDED DOWNTOWN BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS
Same as abovenoyes, my proposal
1/22/2018 17:38:17yes
I have volunteered many times at Center School, followed both MSBA processes, continue to attend sports events at the location.
Department of social services
shared use for department of social services and community center shared space
No, I don't think the space should be used or private purposes other than rental of community center space
1/22/2018 17:52:40yes
School admin. So we don’t pay rent we can use our own building we can also use unused portions of building and grounds for community
I know the building has to be brought up to current building code no matter what we do with it except sell it...then it’s the new owners problem. If we move admin offices in could we take our time doing renovations ?
1/22/2018 18:19:27yesMildly
Mixed use - Teen Center, public meeting spaces, arts area
Teen center
1/22/2018 18:51:46yes
Toured the building in 2015, drive by the location almost daily, live in Hopkinton
Partial town use, gallery space, partial rental rooms for small businesses. As our town is expanding, surely the building can be used for municiple purposes at least partially until its entire square footage is required.
after school programs. Parks and Rec, Art Gallery or small business use (see Corner Spot in Ashland)
Offices, school district usage? Medical Offices.
I'd like to the building to be preserved (at least the historic frontage). Wondering if the back portion should be torn down....
Its important to me that the building stay intact. Given the rapid growth of our district, please don't sell the property! Within the next few years, I'm sure the town can find a municiple use for it. Mixed use, community buildings are a possibility, but in the mean time perhaps the town can rent out a portion?
1/22/2018 18:52:19yes
Both my kids went to Center School in the past 10 years.
I'd like to see all of the following under one roof: Parks and Rec programs (adults and kids), Parks and Rec office, Youth Services office and Youth Services programs, Diversity Alliance, and also a new Community Center with open hours for drop-ins to use the gym, play games, and connect with each other. Having all of these in one location would enhance our community, strengthen communications between programs, and potentially lead to more inter-departmental collaborations. It would also be incredibly useful to have a space (or spaces) available for local nonprofits to use for meetings and events. Overall, I would like the building to be used to foster health, creativity, and recreation in our town. This is especially important and needed in this day and age of constant digital connectivity and rising stress levels among kids. Residents would benefit greatly from having a large community space to gather and enjoy face time with each other.
Please do not privatize this special, historic building. I would hate to see this go to a developer.
I searched the Town website and could not find any minutes from your meetings.
Where are your minutes posted? Thank you!
1/22/2018 18:52:29yes
Both of my two children were enrolled at Center School, each for kindergarten and first grade.
meeting space for town committees and commissions, Boston Marathon museum (not sure if that'd be municipal, community, or private—I suppose it depends on who develops and maintains the museum)
Space for nonprofit groups to hold meetings in town (free or low costs). Community/youth center housing Dept. of Youth Services, place for students to meet tutors, hangout for Hopkinton kids and, maybe offer arts/sports/extdended ed classes like cooking, sewing, first aid, babysitting, etc. In general, keeping the gym in tact and in use strikes me as quite important.
I don't want to see the Center School turned into condos or private office space at all. I think that the old high school on Main Street made this transition with some success, but especially in the past few years with the increase in business signage, the building has lost a great deal of its charm. Additionally, privatizing that parking lot eliminates parking options for activities other than using those businesses or living in those condos. We need downtown parking too much to give up Center School's lot to private businesses or condoowners.
I've heard some rumors that the idea of knocking the building down to make a parking lot has been discussed. I don't know even if that is really allowed in the historic district, but I'd resist any efforts in that direction, at least as regards the old part of Center School that faces the street and, as mentioned above, the gym.
1/22/2018 19:00:54yes
Volunteering for my children
voting placeart museumoffice spacelead paint; absesots
1/22/2018 19:06:04yes
2 children went to school there.
Use as additional Town/School office space. Keep gym and cafeteria for community use. Please do not sell it. It is in a good location, owned by the Town outright an can be used as important swing emergency space if there is an emergency.
Keep the gym, cafeteria and Playground and play are for community use. CAn the field be a u9? Other parts of building mixed Town Dept use
Please do not sell this building. With the lack of municipal space, growing school population needs it should not be sold. If leasing office space is being considered, it should only be short term less than 2 years so if a Town need comes up you can access the space.
Please do not sell. Park rec should have oversight of grounds
Any rental revenue (rental of gym, kitchen, fields, offices) should go back into maintaining the building and grounds. The building is historic and needs to be on a maintenance schedule
1/22/2018 19:09:08yes
Used to teach in school system, kids went to school there
There are a few. School Admin. Youth area centered on gym
There are several potential private uses. Would require a thorough study.
I am very concerned that the renovation work required to bring this structure up to current building code will far outweigh the cost to build a new structure with the same street presence.
I would like the committee to be sure to listen to all voices regarding the idea of building a new structure on the site. There seems to be a closed mind among many folks regarding the potential for new construction on the site, and I am not sure it actually represents the current population of the town or a vocal minority of long standing citizens.
1/22/2018 19:25:55yesChild attended there
Town hall overflow. Move school district offices from leased space. However, must know the expense of updaypting building for any future use.
Teen/ community meeting center (similar to the Forbes Community Building in Westborough or the Community Center in Westborough)
Perhaps allow limited residential building on some of the land behind the school to offset cost of updating the building
Is it worth renovating or is it more cost-effective to preserve from facade while building new, smaller space?
1/22/2018 19:32:26yes
My children both attended school there.
Our town is lacking in retail and restaurant space in the downtown area. If it weren't for the new library, our poor downtown would amount to very little. I think the building should be torn down. A new building or buildings should be constructed toward the back of the 11 acres and parking should be provided up front so that it is also accessible for other downtown businesses.
1/22/2018 19:34:18yesVery familiar Recreation Center
Community swimming pool - youth center -
Private gym - indoor recreation facility fOr sports teams - batting cages - swimming pool
1/22/2018 19:40:39yes
Parent with 3 children through the system
Move the School Administration offices there and stop paying rent.
We really need a Parks and Rec Center that can be utilized by all age groups
1/22/2018 19:48:03yes
Attended school there; volunteering.
Eventually, the Town Hall (built 1903?) will need additional space. I could see Center School converted into offices for town administrators, or school administration.
It would be great to expand the parking lot in the back and make the lot available for downtown visitors. There is so much land back there. A community garden could also be nice.
Care should be taken to preserve as much of the building's historic section as possible.
1/22/2018 20:05:42yes
I have sent 3 children there or a 10 year span!
The Superintendent’s office should move there we should not be paying rent!
Teen center
Day care or after school provider
1/22/2018 20:24:07yes
I was a student, and my children were students
Youth center, sports.
Great location for town gatherings. The building is a necessity for the Boston marathon.
Great spot for family restaurant
Hope the town will always keep the building.
1/22/2018 20:39:43yesChildren went there.
School administration & youth center
Enrichment centerInternational school Costs
1/22/2018 21:16:45yesExtremely
Combination school offices, parks and rec, youth commission
Rec center, youth center
How will the work needed be funded
1/22/2018 21:30:02yes
Child attended the school.
Offices, parks and recreation use of the gym.
Space for Girl Scout meetings is urgently needed.
I want the historic front building to remain.
1/22/2018 21:32:28yes
been through both/all - don't know about the building systems
No. Don't see a need for municiple space unless it makes sense to relocate offices which presently rent space-- parks and rec dept for example
Seeing we voted for a Firehouse with meeting space and a library with meeting space and schools with meeting space yet all have very limiting use restrictions, e.g. no food, need to be out by 8:00, expensive pricing, etc, how about we have a building that community groups can really use.
Would love to see it used for educationaly purposes.
1/22/2018 21:33:54yes
All 3 of my children went to Center School.
Community or teen/childrens center. Multi use facility
It needs to be rehabbed. How much will this cost the town?
1/22/2018 21:44:01yes
Kids went there and I sub’d there.
Right now I think the scouts in town have to pay a fee to use town churches or school rooms for meetings. Scouts would prefer meetings not happen in homes. It’d be nice to have a free spot for use by the scouts or other groups w/o paying a fee.
I think we should stop renting the bldg across from the HS and put our admins in there. Great savings for the tax payers as we already own the property.
Teen center would be nice. Maybe rent out space for offices.
Not really as long as it doesn’t cost us more in our taxes.
1/22/2018 21:55:32yesVery
Could be used for some town hall or school administration use.
An artist studio center or place where rooms could be rented out. Kitchen could be rented for commercial cooking space. Rooms could be rented for artists studios, sewing/craft lofts. I would like to see the basketball court continue to be used. Great location for a day care.
I would hate to see it knocked down, the front building at least should stay
1/22/2018 21:58:20yes
I had 2 kids go through Center School a few years ago
Parks and Rec,
teen center, meeting rooms, community gym use, town summer camp, preschool programming, community gardens
Could Kidsborough move in there?
Is it historical? Certainly the front facade is nice.
Maybe mixed use, retail in the front /community use of the gym
1/22/2018 22:04:01yes
My children attended the school. I also live nearby.
Town offices
Use for other Educational purposes. Community use of the gym, develop land out back for a community swimming pool for town use (including high school swim team)
Development into condos or office space
Concerns: Rental apartments, use that would create traffic in the evenings.
1/22/2018 22:07:57yesCommunity Center
1/22/2018 22:12:23yes
Child went to school there
Rec center
1/22/2018 22:16:12yes
My three children attended and I have been there on numerous occasions.
School Administration if cost effective to rehab the building.
Marathon museum should be there or community center
Condos; artists studios
Yes, if it was too much of an in-depth and costly project for it to be a School, how can something else be cost effective for the town to do?
1/22/2018 22:44:30yes
I Live a few houses up the street. My father attended it, my siblings and I also went to school there as did my 3 children. I spent a good part of my childhood playing on the school grounds as well.
A community use building such as: school offices, an after school program, an enrichment center for children and youth
A fitness and center for children and youth.
I thought it would have been an excellent place for a marathon museum or a Ibed and breakfast with a marathon themed experience
I would hate to see any architectural change in the front of the building. I believe it is an important part of the town's history along with the common.
It is very important to this town!
1/22/2018 22:54:19yes
My children both attended Center School. The location of the school in relation to the town common is superb. The development or use of this property could have a profound impact on the vitality of the downtown and the overall perception of Hopkinton. When people discuss specific towns, they often speak of the downtown and what value it adds. Certain towns are known for their marvelous downtowns and this positively impacts property values.
It could provide additional classroom space for academic activities (special courses, lab space, etc) and additional fields for athletics. It could house before/after school programs run by the town. It could provide additional space for Hopkinton Parks & Rec programming.
It could be a conference center or place for town meetings. It could be a central gathering place for community events and fundraisers (game nights, concerts, farmers markets, antique car shows, etc). It could become a historical museum or art galleries for local artists. There could be a visitors center for the town with trail maps and historic info (marathon, etc). It could house a recreational athletic club (pool, tennis, golf, etc). There could be community gardens or a botanical garden with walking trails and indoor garden space like Tower Hill or the Elm Bank. There could be a farm and farmers market like Wilson farms in Lexington.
It could be a bed and breakfast, historic inn and restaurant, shops, and/or additional parking for the downtown. There could be new and different businesses adding to the downtown appeal (marathon sports, activewear store, gourmet cafe, artisan cheese/specialty foods shop, coffee shop, Amazon Go, bookstore, handmade goods store, antiques shop, etc) similar to Lexington, Wellesley, Concord, etc.
While there are numerous options to consider, the final selection should be aligned with the overall vision/town plan for Hopkinton. We should consider the economics of whatever option we choose and the impact to our taxes and property values.
We could allow a prestigious college/university to open a branch campus in Hopkinton. This could bring additional revenue to the area while providing potential opportunities for Hopkinton HHS students to enroll in courses. Local companies like Dell EMC may be interested in continuing ed programs for executives.
1/22/2018 23:04:17yes
i went to Center School grades 1-6. i was on the School Committee in the 80's.
Since the Town Hall is not able to have all town offices, the Center School
would be a good location.
A Teen Center.
Put the property for sale to a business or medical facility.
The Center School can be an asset to the Town if we can afford to
refurbish it and use it for offices for town boards and committees.
Not at this time.
1/22/2018 23:05:52yes
I have lived just up the street most of my 62 years. I went to school there as did my siblings, my nieces and nephew, and my father. I played endlessly on the school grounds and the surrounding woods in my childhood.
An after school program, a youth center, an enrichment center, even an alternative school. School offices, town offices. A park and children's playground
Some of the above ( youth center, after school of nor municipally run). A commmnity center. The historical society. The marathon museum.
An inn or bed and breakfast would be nice. Schoolhouse Inn or Matrathon Inn. Also a private childcare or school. As long as the historic building is retained.
I am only concerned that the historic part of the building not be destroyed or left to rot as I have seen happen elsewhere.
I would like to see at least the old part of the school cherished. I would like to see it used in conjunction with the common to be the heart of the community. Maybe to expand community events like the farmers market, concerts, polyarts, etc.
1/22/2018 23:47:56yes
All our children attended school there and we have lived in town for 28 years.
School admin offices
Gym and cafeteria used for youth
1/23/2018 5:33:48yes
I know the town just build a new school because this old property was considered too expensive to keep in service.
Parking lotTear it down
Safely remove the building and sell the land.
I don't want taxpayers to spend a penny on fixing a building that has been abandoned todecay by the school system for the last 5 years.
Sell it
1/23/2018 6:56:18yesMy children attended noA community CenterGym
1/23/2018 6:57:01yes
One of my kids attended school there.
If we are renting space for the school administrators or office offices, they could move to this space.
Some sort of community center. An indoor space to hold events.
I assume whatever happens there will be extensive work needed on the building. What will the cost be?
1/23/2018 7:26:45no
Children attended, used for sports and other events
District program for 18-22 year olds and school administrations offices
1/23/2018 10:22:41yes
Two children attended Center in the early 2000's and I am a member of the Elementary School Building Committee
School Administration (although it would remove them from proximity to 4 of the 5 schools in town), Parks & Rec offices, additional office space as Town Departments outgrow their space needs at Town Hall
Community/Youth Center (especially the 80's wing since it houses the gym)
The parking it could provide would be an asset to anything private that comes in as it would not encroach upon street parking if done responsibly
A long term solution that looks at the future needs of the Town should be considered in depth to ensure the Town doesn't release a potentially future valuable asset which would cause a shortage in later years
A cost benefit analysis should be undertaken to attempt to forecast/understand what will be saved and what could be lost by the town for all solutions considered.
1/23/2018 10:39:26yes
I'm more familiar with the grounds not building.
Tear the building down and use it for downtown parking. Perhaps have covered spaces as well as outside spaces.
The building is too old and needs too much work to be of use
1/23/2018 11:05:50yes
My 2 kids went to school there
Teen or community center, down town parking
1/23/2018 12:51:37yes
Daughter went to school there.
large rental space with improved playground
1/23/2018 14:10:33yes
Children went there. Was part of forums/process to find a solution
meeting space, gymnasium for rec/town sports
Restaurant or shops
Making it into more residential space (apts, condos, etc). We need more commercial space and not more residential.
Think Hudson downtown revitalization is a good example of what our town is capable of in the future - unique and trendy shops and eateries.
1/23/2018 15:33:01yes
have been there when my child attended
Teen Center? Base for non profits?
How expensive it would be to rehab the building
1/23/2018 15:34:59yes
Kids went to school there and it sit at common.
no, sell itno, sell itMovie theatrecost to townno
1/23/2018 15:37:26yes
my child attended the school and my husband works at the school
I would love to see community education programs offered there, potentially through Hopkinton Parks and Recreation: exercise classes, ESL, book groups, parenting classes, yoga, art, GED, cooking, music...this could be a real resource to develop, strengthen, and unite our community.
It would be great if certain rooms could be available for community groups to sign up for, such as girl/boy scout troops and the diversity coalition.
1/23/2018 15:39:54yes
I attended gradesK-3 there and all three of my kids attended K-1 there
Move town business offices that require rented space there
Community center for after school programs and adult ed classes.
Could rent space out for birthday parties (gym) or other businesses that need space for community programs. Space for outreach to provide mental health services
Should be used to benefit the town and not sold off cheap to benefit a private corporation
1/23/2018 15:58:10yes
Children went to school there
Shopping center
Sell it and help create a larger downtown community of shopping like towns closer to Boston
1/23/2018 15:59:11yes
I have been in the building a number of times throughout the years that my kids were students there.
A community center where kids could hang out and participate in organized recreational activities would be wonderful.
1/23/2018 15:59:38yes
My children went to school there.
Yes, teen Community center.
The building needs to be improved enough to be safe with no roof leaks. Maybe it has been addressed.
1/23/2018 16:00:00yesKids Sports - Basketball
Town offices if needed? Compare existing town hall to Center School. Feasibility study to sell existing town hall to a developer for mixed use/retail, thus enhancing downtown experience.
Community Center with sports courts/sports facility/Health - Fitness Club
Condo Conversion/ Senior Living / Private School / STEM Academy
No. Would be nice to retain and benefit town in a way that is needed.
Utilize fields for recreation/park/ community gardens. Additional public parking.
1/23/2018 16:06:01yes
My children attended from 2015-2018
School administration;
Parks & rec
Indoor farmers market in colder weather; keep gym for rec programs like basketball and winter training
Office space similar to old high school; renovate into housing (maybe senior housing); children’s museum/play space (have you seen the laser tag place in the old school in Attleboro?)
I’d love to see it stay owned by the town with the same facade.
Please keep the facade
1/23/2018 16:09:21yes
Children attend school there. Also, I’m a district employee.
Youth CenterMoney for upkeep?
1/23/2018 16:16:31yes
Kids went to school there :-)
School administration and other needed office spaces should be housed there.
Allow citizens to reserve rooms/space for groups and meetings and small private events....even charge a small fee if needed to help raise money for the town.
Rental space for small events/parties. Parks and recs should take over the grounds into their dept. and be in charge of central calendar for reserving outside space.
Concerns would be that there would be enough money set aside in town budget for upkeep of land (mowing) and heating in winter and repairs as needed.
1/23/2018 16:29:38yes
Very. My husband was a student there 43 years ago, his mother worked there, both of our children have been students there, we live 1/2 miles away
A Boys and Girls Club
1/23/2018 16:46:45yes
My daughter went to school their and I volunteered
Might be nice for after school programs, meetings and public events. Staging for marathon and memorabilia for marathon
Community garden available for public events down town parking
Lessons for adults and children , place for runners during marathon either overnight or for staging for marathon
Should benefit the community and students
youth programs outside of school, dance, music, sports etc.
1/23/2018 17:01:07yesLived in town since 2001
School Administration should move there instead of renting white house, extension of Parks&Rec.
Adult gym, youth center. Rent office space to community groups.
Condos-no children.
Keep the building, expand parking in back.
1/23/2018 17:16:59yes
All 6 of our children went there! Been in town now over 35 years.
A family and Youth Center. My children complained there was no place to go in town. How bout a family movie house in the cafe there with simple baseball food...hot dogs, popcorn and sodas? An open gym for pick up basketball games inside or a rollar rink? Ops, this goes with next question....community use
1/23/2018 17:19:45yes
three kids have gone through the school
House the school department.
Community Rec CenterNOT more housing
I don't want it to be used for more housing in the town. Too many delevopments already.
1/23/2018 17:32:49yes
Very, I was a student then a parent there for many years.
It certainly would be awesome to save rent money and move the town hall or school admin offices there, but I am concerned that the limitations that caused it to not be feasible for a school would be the same issues as almost any other use.
Anything would be great. Town access to community meetings, workshops, classes, activities...
Shops and restaurants? There is already a kitchen!!
Keep the front section at least!
If the entire structure is being kept as is (with remodeling), there is space for multiple uses.
1/23/2018 17:36:29yesChildren attended
School department central office
Community centerCondominiums
Antiquated building - significant cost to renovate and retrofit.
1/23/2018 17:37:22yes
Lived in Hopkinton since 1990 -- all my kids attended Center School and have also covered many events over the years at Center School in my job as local reporter
Hard to answer that one....would have to see who would buy it if put up for sale...
Would not like to see anything there that will contribute excessively to traffic
1/23/2018 17:42:30noSell to highest bidder
1/23/2018 17:52:47yesVery
Town offices that don’t fit at town hall
Community center using gym, etc as well as Parking for downtown businesses
1/23/2018 17:54:44yes
2 children went there. I volunteered in classrooms and library.
Move the school administration offices there and stop wasting money renting space.
Community/teen center. Use the gym for parks and rec and open gym times. Use classrooms to provide evening adult and continuing education classes (like Keefe or Assabet)

1/23/2018 18:17:35yesSon attended campCommunity Center
Community playground basketball etc...
Check out other town Community centers
Don't create a use that will increase traffic
1/23/2018 18:22:30yes
Our 3 children attended school there.
Youth Center
1/23/2018 18:28:17yes
My daughter attended Center School in the early 2000s.
Community Center and space for local non profits?
See answer above. How about day care or after school care in addition to ideas I already shared. Some rooms could be used for artist studios or shops
See above - art studios, interesting stores and restaurants (local, not chains), yoga, massage and wellness
1/23/2018 18:34:05yes
Parent, community member
I very much would like to see community space for groups to use. Girl Scouts, HopMoms, etc. We've found the library fairly inflexible and it would be nice to feel welcome and supported.
I do not want to see townhouses in that building.
1/23/2018 19:00:21yes
Worked there for five years
officesRec Center Townhomes
Would have to be renovated before anything could be used.
1/23/2018 19:24:20yesVeryTown school offices
Community/youth center
1/23/2018 19:40:01yesKid’s school
Community center with gym and meeting rooms
Keep the gym, basketball leagues, open gym/ practice time, community area
I would not support this
I’d like the school to stay and the gym kept
Community center/playground with soccer or baseball field, keep gym for open gym/basketball kids leagues and practices, enlarge rooms for meeting space
1/23/2018 20:01:59yes
My kids go/went to Center School
Community Center
1/23/2018 20:41:45yes
Children went there / in Center of town
Relocate the school administrative offices to this location and no longer pay rent/lease for the space they are currently in. Also, since it is a large building, space should also be available for other Town Offices as there has been talk of Town Hall being to small.
Prefer school administrative office relocation and town office use but if further space is available a youth center (like boys/girls club)
No, since there is a need for space with town offices it should be used for that.
1/23/2018 21:17:47yes
My two children attended the school in late '90s / early '00s
Convert it into apartments for adults with mild developmental disabilities (e.g., high-functioning Autism or Down Syndrome), integrated with tenants who are neurotypical who could serve as mentors, perhaps college students studying special ed. Just someone there in case of emergency, and to facilitate social gatherings. The location would be ideal, since it is walkable to everything, and on the (only) public transportation route. I have a 21-year-old son on the autism spectrum and there really is nothing in the way of independent, yet supported living for him and his many peers.
1/23/2018 21:36:50yes
My child attended 1st grade there in the 2009-10 academic year.
Marathon Center, youth/teen center, affordable senior living
Restaurant and shopping
1/23/2018 22:29:36yes
Son went to school there.
Yes. Turn it into a community center.
1/23/2018 22:29:47yes
My daughter went to school there
Lease it out to make money for the town to offset the the budget.
Knock it down and make a parking lot
Lease it out as office space or other private company
Yes....that tax dollars are going to be spent on it.
I don't want to see tax money spent on any additional projects
1/23/2018 22:35:03yesWent to school there
Very affordable community space
Open gym to the community
1/23/2018 22:36:37yes
Children went to school there
Community center/parks and Rec facility or convert to town hall and convert town hall property to retail space
Community center
1/23/2018 22:37:43yes
I went to school there and 2/3 of my children have gone to school there. My father also went to school there.
Superintendent/school office buildings and community center
Meeting spaces, common space for children/teenagers
Office space
I would be very upset to have it torn down. The school has been there for a very long time and is a landmark. It is one of the buildings that is at the forefront for the marathon and has appeared on many images associated with our town.
1/23/2018 23:36:58yes
Very. All three kids went there and I have walked on the trails behind/beside the playground.
Some office space so that town does not need to pay private businesses to lease office space
A community center/pool
No other than renting out space for events, leagues
I would not want it to become privately owned and developed
1/24/2018 4:32:53yes
Child went to school there
YMCA type facility
1/24/2018 7:34:46yes
My children went to school there and I live nearby
Move the school admin there.
We have had so many capital projects and increased taxes lately that I'd like to see the costs low. Stopping renting space for school admin could be helpful in that
1/24/2018 8:09:58yes
I have had 2 children at the school and volunteered there.
Yes - school administration building and room for other activities related to youth and community.
Yes, community activity and meeting rooms, pop-up shops, etc. community gym with workout equipment as an adjunct to senior center which has limited room. Develop outdoor grounds as a park and fitness center.
1/24/2018 8:13:26yes
Fairly familiar, had 2 children attend there, active in town ,pta etc
This is a very old building, wouldn't worry about asbestos and other costs to renovate
1/24/2018 8:17:11yes
I have had 2 children at the school and volunteered there.
Yes - school administration building and room for other activities related to youth and community.
Yes, community activity and meeting rooms, pop-up shops, etc. community gym with workout equipment as an adjunct to senior center which has limited room. Develop outdoor grounds as a park and fitness center.
1/24/2018 8:20:28yes
I have had 2 children at the school and volunteered there.
Yes - school administration building and room for other activities related to youth and community.
Yes, community activity and meeting rooms, pop-up shops, etc. community gym with workout equipment as an adjunct to senior center which has limited room. Develop outdoor grounds as a park and fitness center.
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