World Dance Day Organiser Feedback 2018
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Your NameWhat Country Did You Host from?What City or Town Did you Host from?How would you rate your overall experience as host of World Dance Day?What things did you enjoy most about being a host this year?How easy was it being a host?What was the most challenging parts of being a host this year?Would you organise a World Dance Day event again?If you did this again, what would you do differently? If you could change anything about the global event to make it better, what would you change?What were your proudest moments during the event itself?How many stars would you give the MP3 Mix of Music?Would you like anything changed about the voice-over?Can your feedback be used to inspire other organisers online?
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PhongVietnamHa Noi10When I have nothing, I try to create and prepare everything for happening event. Try to connect to pp surrounding me. The stormy sky came to my country , it was so hard to make it happen. But, pp still came and danced. It was amazing.3the weather and time to create this event too short.1It is not depend on me, cuz I will go to other country for oversea-studying. But I wanna create a huge event for every people in my country.It is up to the government. But I wanna people dance with the same song but in their own way.when music ran, people got high.4no, I would notYes2018-08-11 7:00:29
Julie LoveUnited States of AmericaLos Angeles8Being a team leader for a positive cause!5First time ever organizing and hosting an event, totally out of my comfort zone! Just figuring it all out as I went along. Also, needed much more time and advance notice about the event from the Liberators International. I only had about a week and half to promote it once I signed up to host the event. 1If I had more time, I would use more avenues to promote the event. I had mine on Facebook, Meetup and Eventbrite, but due to time constraints I couldn't post it in more places. There was too much confusion surrounding the tickets and downloading the music. Most people do not bother reading all that information. I would just make it free! Perhaps the Liberators International could do some type of fundraiser in between events to raise money to help pay for the associated costs of producing the event. If I did it again, I would do the same thing that I did this year, that is, play the music out load with an awesome wifi speaker, this made my event spectacular and also was the only way to engage the public since they were able to hear the same music! It also, gave people full access to their phones to take video if they chose to without worrying about if their music would stop playing. The beginning, getting everyone excited and then doing a countdown from 10 to 1 shouting at the top of our lungs! The times when the public joined in on our dancing! The ending song and when we all hugged each other! : )5Possibly do something instead of the colorful cloths, I couldn't find any and nobody brought any, or just leave that part out. I brought a bunch of huge bubble makers for everyone and that was a big hit! Yes2018-07-26 7:22:25
ShainaCanadaToronto10It was wonderful to gain more experience in organizing and promoting events, so that in itself was a great learning opportunity! (And in that, meeting so many people who were all united by the common thread of a love of dance was also amazing!) By far my favourite part though was frollicking through the streets with everyone, feeling so immensely full of joy and love I could burst :) 6Making sure people actually bought tickets and attended! Required a lot of time and energy to be put into not just the facebook event page but also reaching out to many people individually. It was also a bit hectic at the start of the event as several people were running late/didn't have the mix/were having technical difficulties. It all worked out though :)1I would start planning and organizing a lot earlier! And I would make adjustments to the route as we moved a lot slower than anticipated :)I'm not sure how to fix this, but one issue that several of us ran into is that our phones got bumped around and the mix would stop or restart. So a few times I had to frantically ask people what time we were at in the mix (as I saw others doing too) and we all ended up at slightly different times throughout. So I would want to brainstorm how that can be avoided in the future! Lying down and dancing on our backs in Yonge-Dundas Square. Making the giant tunnel. Watching the delight on stranger's faces (and even sharing my headphones and dancing with some of them!). And the culmination of immense love and gratitude in the closing circle... feeling so connected to everyone and so amazed that it actually happened!5I loved the activities - however, I would suggest more of an emphasis on consent (e.g. reminding people to check in with someone on whether they are okay to be touched before touching them). Yes2018-07-23 13:03:53
FallonAustraliaSydney8Connecting with people across the world, great music and dancing!4Having only two days to promote and organise1Not take so long to become a Host☺️Everything4Yes2018-07-23 9:44:10
MexicoVillahermosa8This was my first time at this event and as organizer, I enjoy to dare to be an organizer, hehe and get great response even we were few..7To understand the activities in english at Mix MP3 mega (but this was easier with the document supplied). And at first I thought this was a free event (because the youtube video
World Dance Day 2018!), then I noticed it was not free.

I would like to get the activities at spanish (voice-over) and add more oldies music (Disco, 80s, 90s) so more older people can join and enjoy. Maybe some more "line music" as Macarena, ymca, Achy Breaky Heart, etc. Latin music would be great too.When the voice-over was telling about sending love, about be free, and stuff. Get me at mood.4Send it at others languages, please!Yes (anonymously)2018-07-23 1:04:27
New ZealandChristchurch7the idea of gathering people together to dance7no contact from the registered attendees, they didnt even show up to dance.1I would have more time to organise and create a team. I also don't think the headphones thing would work in my city. People don't seem to like to commit that much here.using a speaker/boombox, then other people can join in along the way... also headphones makes it difficult for kids to participate. my dance had at least 5 small children having a great time. people really got into the activities.4perhaps not have the voice riding over the top of other lyrical parts in songsYes (anonymously)2018-07-22 15:46:58
KiraFinlandHelsinki10For me it was so so so very well organized from The Liberators that I literally didn’t need to wonder about anything really - and if I had a question, it was very quickly answered to. I found the perfect photo for the event that obviously worked here in my city as even if I came in as a host only 3 weeks prior to the event, I quickly started gathering momentum and reached over a thousand interested and over 50 people saying they’d come (of which over 20 registered, of which 15 actually came to dance)...
The instructions were so clear that I ended up receiving only a few questions from the dancers prior to the event, all related to questions about whether their registration came through as they were coming in so late (the day before or in the morning of the dance) All in all it was a real pleasure - thank you !!
10I actually didn’t find it challenging at all this year, as I could use my own business page to promote the event on Facebook so that I could add the ticket link there and everything - it all went very smoothly. 1I’d start advertising earlier than now (I only joined when I realized I was here to actually do this event 3 weeks before)Actually the event was so perfectly organized I have a hard time thinking what could be improved: here in Finland people don’t like to be disturbed with noise in public and especially the police get difficult at that stage so the silent disco for us was absolutely perfect - it also adds a little bit of comical aspect to it so it’s like people are allowed to laugh at what they are seeing - I think that aspect of it gave it the ease of flow for us... And when others can’t hear what you are dancing to, they also cannot judge it somehow... so I wouldn’t change the silent disco aspect of it. And the music was perfect too!The moments when bystanders joined in and just seeing the smiles of many people we passed.. tourists loved it, locals were sometimes staring but so many quickly went and took out their phones to record us dancing - very cool 5Not at all - the voice over worked so well! At least here in Finland people listened to it and it helped us group people together - sometimes people stopped an activity before it was due to stop and sometimes continued more than was meant to - but I felt it gave people just enough structure to then decide what they wanted to do, Yes2018-07-22 21:37:07
Tracey RothUnited StatesAltoona8I loved pulling it all together. It was dine fast because I hadn’t seen the Facebook post till a week & a half before the event. Plus, I was on vacation. Icouldn’t Be quite as thorough as I would have liked, but it all worked. I also loved being connected with others from all over the world. 8I’m not normally a leader, but this was important to me. I do seem to come out of my comfort zone when dancing is involved. It was good that it was small scale that I could ease into it.1I would let everyone, literally everyone know about it. This time, I just didn’t have enough time. Really, just had time for the basics. There were some glitches with my guests not being able to buy their tickets. They got part way through, the it wouldn’t let them finish to buy them. Another guest bought a ticket & was listed on my spreadsheet, but never received the playlist. Watching everyone dancing, smiling, & having fun. 5It was absolutely perfect.Yes2018-07-22 20:20:42
Bahaa ChmaitUSASalt Lake City10The stories of how this event impacted some of my attendees. 1) One girl was visiting from out of town and she saw this on FB and came all by herself just to do this, then she came with my group of friends for drinks after the event 2) One girl lost a friend the night before and found out that morning and thought to herself, I can’t go to the dance and then she thought to herself, NO this is exactly what I need today. 3) That all ages could come. 4) one person posted on my event page that her New Years resolution was to not care what people think, and she was nervous about dancing in the streets and as soon as she put the tunes in and the instructions, she felt freeeeee!! People will forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou
8Time and resources. I Joined I think like 2 ish weeks before and I dream big so I tried to accomplish a lot in such a short time, and didn't have any volunteers till 2 days before the event. While i'm physically and mentally exhausted, I will def give myself more lead time which will give me more time to find volunteers. ;)11) Super hot here in Utah at 12 noon, so later in the early evening start time 2) Would like to NOT do it on this weekend as it's a holiday weekend here and everyone was gone camping so the audience was low (want to spread more joy to more people) and we could have had more dancers. 3) More lead time to plan 4) Get more sponsors (many people didn't bring waters to start, good thing I had waters at the end) The host packages were superb, thank you! I might suggest teaching folks how to reach the media, how to spread the word ex) videos go more viral than text posts etc... How to have this go more viral, Like I said, when it comes to human connection, I dream big. I want as much love in the world as possible. :) The personal storeis I shared earlier. The bridge we made with our arms. Ending at the water fountain and cooling off, everyone jumped in!! Bob marley at the end was epic! Dancing through the festival in the begginging and then the busy farmers market at the end. 5No. Like we talked about on the call, more instructional adventures would be great to have, that's a niche market I think. People need guidance, heck I need guidence, especially when doing something Bold and daring. It takes a lot of vulnerability and I think I owe a lot of my willingness to express vaulnerability to Brene Brown (Check her out online)Yes2018-07-22 15:13:17
EmmaCatalunya (Spain)Barcelona10The event itself and how appreciative everyone was for opportunity to experience it6Getting helpers to take action1Find out exactly who is keen to really help, even if it's new participants rather than existing organisersMore lead up time to organise eventSeeing public join in even without music5It was perfectYes2018-07-22 15:14:53
Hong KongHong Kong8Dancing outdoor7getting people1get the music without jnstructionI will enroll early and preparedancing4I will get MP3 without voYes (anonymously)2018-07-22 13:22:14
Sasha izyanMalaysiaKuala lumpur10Bring people closer.5Marketing. No team1Promote more.More people would join for a dance eventWhole time5NopeYes2018-07-22 13:36:43
VietnamHanoi10I can make friends with many people
I can know how to be a host
This event make us be closer
I want to be host of this event again
2I think it's the part of preparing for this event1I don't know
Maybe I will make it happier than this one
I will make this event more popular to people in my city
I don't know about thatIt's dancing time
5NopeYes (anonymously)2018-07-22 13:22:43
JulieUnited States of AmericaLos Angeles8Yes, would eliminate the getting on the floor and laying down on your back. Nobody wanted to lay down on the street in my group! Already submitted survey from USA/Los Angeles but forgot to add this comment, thanks!Yes2018-07-26 7:44:19
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