Feminist Media Histories Survey (Responses)
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Do you consider yourself a feminist?
At what age did you begin identifying as a feminist?
From which institution did you receive your Ph.D. or highest degree?
Year Ph.D. (or highest degree) received (or anticipated):
Select up to three sub-fields that best describe your work in feminist media studies.
List up to 3 college or universities where you have taught for at least 2 years
Name up to three colleagues or professors who personally mentored your development as a feminist media scholar.
Name up to five scholars whose work has influenced your own scholarship.
Thank you for participating. In the space below please leave any comments, suggestions, or stories from your experiences as a feminist media studies scholar that you wish to share.
9/19/2017 14:45:42Shelley StampNew York University1994
Queen's University (Canada)
UC Santa CruzAntonia LantJane GainesAntonia LantAnnette KuhnPatrice PetroGaylyn StudlarJudith Mayne
9/22/2017 15:53:35Test SubjectNo5-10
10/3/2017 9:08:08Jessica Johnston
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Girl Studies, Star Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Elana LevineTasha OrenTami WilliamsRosalind GillJessalynn KellerMary Celeste KearneyAngela McRobbieBrooke Erin Duffy
10/3/2017 9:09:55Moya Luckett
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Feminist Film History, Star Studies
NYUUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of HoustonLynn SpigelJane FeuerDonald CraftonShelley StampAngela McRobbieTom GunningLynn SpigelElizabeth Conor
10/3/2017 9:15:11Aubrey AnableUniversity of Rochester2010
Games + Playable Media, Psychoanalysis + Contemporary Theory, Queer Media Studies
Carleton UniversityUniversity of TorontoHamilton CollegeConstance PenleyLisa CartwrightSarah Banet WeiserConstance PenleyLisa CartwrightLisa NakamuraSara AhmedLauren Berlant
10/3/2017 9:19:32Antonia LantYale University1986
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Feminist Film History, Aesthetic Practice
University of Vienna (2 years in total--many visiting appointments)
New York UniversityChristine GledhillMiriam HansenGriselda PollockMiriam HansenMary Ann DoaneLinda WilliamsAnnette MichelsonAnne Wagner
10/3/2017 9:21:47D. W. AnselmoUC Irvine2014
Fan Cultures, Feminist Film History, Girl Studies
Shelley StampMiriam Forman-BrunellKristen HatchShelley StampAmelie HastieGiulianna BrunoJackie StaceyMartha Vicinus
I firmly believe academia is the most nurturing and toxic environment I, a girl-studies/queer-studies historian, have ever encountered. I would not have grown in it as a feminist media scholar, however, without experiencing both sides of that strangely divisive coin, and the feminist scholars who inhabit them. I am thankful for both sides as well—not in a "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" way, but in being taught that there is great richness in the cracks---of progressiveness and traditionalism, of status quo and innovation. It's been a wild, conflicting, pleasantly enlightening ride.
10/3/2017 9:26:19Laura Isabel Serna Harvard University2006
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Latinx Media studies, Transnational Media Cultures
Rice University
University of Southern California
Shelley StampAna M. LopezLizabeth CohenJanet StaigerShelley StampLauren RabinovitzVicki RuizGaylyn Studlar
10/3/2017 9:26:27Melanie BellUniversity of Hull2005
Feminist Film History, Production Studies + Labor, Star Studies
University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)
University of Leeds, UKUniversity of Hull, UK
Sue Harper (Portsmouth)
Gabriel Griffin (Hull & York Universities)
Sue HarperChristine GledhillRichard DyerShelly Stamp
I think personal mentorship is unusual and increasingly becoming more so in the UK system as we have less time and have to scrabble around for grants and research leave. In my experience men 'champion' other men and senior academics champion those in the same field (male or female). If you don't work in a Media dept. its hard to ensure the subject is taken seriously and properly supported/resourced never mind personal mentorship. I've tried to find a way round that by at least supporting students where I can but I find my own 'personal mentorship' comes in the form of reading the work of people I admire/respect and getting peer feedback on journal articles/conference papers I produce. I find academia quite a competitive and lonely place, and one which is often not conducive to creativity. Events such as the Women's Film History Network (UK) have been a lifeline and kept me going.
10/3/2017 9:27:54Anna Swan
University of Washington
MA 2017
Social Media, Transnational Media Cultures
University of Washington
LeiLani NishimeRalina JosephRegina LeeLeiLani NishimeLisa NakamuraChela SandovalGloria Anzalduabell hooks
10/3/2017 9:29:12Bridget Kies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
PhD anticipated 2018
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Masculinity, Television
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Valparaiso UniversityElana LevineLynn SpigelElana LevineBonnie DowLynn JoyrichJane Feuer
10/3/2017 9:37:54Mary Celeste Kearney
University of Southern California
Girl Studies, Queer Media Studies, Television
University of Notre Dame
University of Texas at Austin
Marsha KinderLynn SpigelCaren KaplanAngela McRobbieRichard DyerStuart HallMichel FoucaultKelly Schrum
10/3/2017 9:46:13Stefania Marghitu
University College, London
MA, 2011 (currently at PhD Program at University of Southern California for Media Studies, graduating 2019)
Feminist Film History, Production Studies + Labor, Television
University of Southern California
Ellen SeiterJustyna BeinekAniko ImreAmanda LotzShelley CobbAlyx VeseyChris BeckerKristen Warner
10/3/2017 9:46:12Brooke Bennett
University of Southern California
Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Games + Playable Media, Television
Lauren J. DeCarvalho (University of Arkansas)
Lissette Lopez Szwydky-Davis (University of Arkansas)
Rosalind GillAngela McRobbiebell hooksAmanda D. LotzLaura Mulvey
10/3/2017 9:52:57Norma Coates
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sound, Television, Popular Music Studies
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
University of Western Ontario
Michele HilmesAnahid KassabianSusan CookMichele HilmesGayle WaldJulie D'AcciAnn Douglas
You should have included popular music studies as a field. :)
10/3/2017 10:02:42Jessica Hoover
University of North Texas
Feminist Film History, Melodrama + Soap Opera, Television
George Larke-WalshClark Pomerleau Harry BenshoffLinda MizejewskiLynn SpigelKaren AndersonMary Anne Doane
10/3/2017 10:05:15Vicki MayerUC San Diego2000
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Media Law, Policy + Politics, Production Studies + Labor
UC DavisTrinity UniversityTulane UniversityEllen SeiterLinda SteinerToby MillerJohn CaldwellBeverly SkeggsToby MillerEllen SeiterDan Schiller
10/3/2017 10:12:16Sara Bakerman
University of Southern California
2020 (anticipated)
Feminist Film History, Star Studies, Television
Anna McCarthy Tara McPherson Ellen SeiterAmelie HastieLynn SpigelMary DesjardinsRichard DyerAnnette Kuhn
10/3/2017 10:16:37Cindy Conaway
Bowling Green State University
Critical Race Theory, Girl Studies, Television
SUNY-Empire State College
Lauren BerlantMargaret TallyJohn WarnerSusan DouglasJason MittellMargaret TallyTimothy Shary
10/3/2017 10:17:15KateUniversity of Iowa2004
Production Studies + Labor, feminist cultural studies
University of Iowa
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Northern Illinois University
Melissa DeemJohn PetersBruce GronbeckLauren BerlantMeaghan MorrisMelissa DeemBonnie DowMichel Foucault
10/3/2017 10:25:13LeiLani NishimeUniversity of MichiganPhD
Asian American Media Studies, Star Studies, Visual Cultures
University of Washington
Sonoma State University
University of MichiganAnne HerrmanSteve SumidaShilpa DaveStuart HallCandice ChuhJack HalberstamFoucaultShawn Michelle Smith
10/3/2017 10:25:54
Gabriela Aceves-Sepulveda
University of British Columbia
Feminist Film History, Latinx Media studies, Media Art Histories
Simon Fraser University
University of British Columbia
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Willam FrenchAlejandra BronfmanRobert BrainDonna HarawayJoan Scott Judith ButlerLaura MarksJoanna Drucker
10/3/2017 10:25:56Hannah TurnerUniversity of Toronto2015
Native/Indigenous Media Studies, Postcolonial Media Studies, museum studies, digital technologies
University of Toronto
Centre for Digital Media Studies
Cara KrmpotichKate Hennessy
Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda
Lisa GitelmanRebecca LemovJohanna DruckerJonathan FurnerLorraine Daston
10/3/2017 10:26:14Faye WoodsUniversity of Warwick2008
Melodrama + Soap Opera, Production Studies + Labor, Television
University of ReadingRachel MoseleyHelen WheatleyHelen WoodChristin GeraghtyRachel MoseleyElana LevineKaren LuryBev Skeggs
10/3/2017 10:28:25Jennifer Lynn JonesIndiana University2017
Beauty Cultures, Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Star Studies
Indiana UniversityBrenda WeberChris Holmlund
Beretta Smith-Shomade
Angela McRobbieRosalind Gill
Beretta Smith-Shomade
Brenda WeberSusan Douglas
10/3/2017 10:30:29Sarah SinwellIndiana University2007
Girl Studies, Masculinity, Queer Media Studies
Northeastern UNiversity
Indiana UniversityUniversity of UtahSarah ProjanskyPhaedra PezzulloKarma LochrieBarbara CreedCarol CloverLinda WilliamsJudith ButlerMichael Warner
10/3/2017 10:33:14Jacqueline
University of Texas-Austin
Children's Media, Internet Studies, Social Justice / Activism
University of North Texas
Mary Celeste Kearney S. Craig Watkins Sonia LivingstoneLeslie ShadeLisa NakamuraMary Kearney Angela McRobbie
10/3/2017 10:33:54Jennifer Clark
University of Southern California
Production Studies + Labor, Television
Fordham University
California State Fullerton
Tania ModleskiLynn SpigelTara McPhersonLynn SpigelJane FeuerSara AhmedJacqueline BoboDiane Negra
10/3/2017 10:50:04Ryan Bowles EagleUC Santa Barbara2013
Documentary, Media Activism
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Janet WalkerLisa ParksLaury OaksLeague TorchinLisa ParksJanet WalkerDina IordanovaJudith Butler
10/3/2017 10:51:31Lauren BerlinerUC San Diego2013
Queer Media Studies, Social Media, Participatory media
UW BothellLisa CartwrightBrian GoldfarbAlexandra JuhaszMary GrayMary Celeste KearneyLiz LoshJose van Dijck
10/3/2017 10:52:57Liz W Faber
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Psychoanalysis + Contemporary Theory, Sound, Technology
Manhattanville CollegeSusan FellemanMichele LeighWalter MetzKaja SilvermanLaura MulveyBarbara CreedMichel ChionMarvin Minsky
10/3/2017 10:53:28Mél HoganConcordia University2012
Internet Studies, Technology
Concordia University
University of Colorado - Boulder
Illinois Institute of Technology
Lisa HendersonVicki MayerRachel CarsonNicole StarosielskiLisa HendersonVicki MayerWendy Chun
10/3/2017 10:56:20Katherine M. Bell
University of Washington
Ph.D. 2012
Critical Race Theory, Postcolonial Media Studies, Star Studies
University of Washington
California State University East Bay
Ralina JosephManoucheka CelesteRalina JosephManoucheka CelestePatricia Hill CollinsKimberle CrenshawRaka Shome
10/3/2017 10:58:54Linda SteinerUniversity of Illinois1979
Social Media, journalism
Rutgers University, University of Maryland
Governors State University,
Sandra HardingGaye TuchmanNancy HartsockLana Rakow
10/3/2017 11:00:24Jennifer McClearen
University of Washington
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Sports Studies
University of Washington
Ralina Joseph Sara Banet-Wesier LeiLani Nishime Sarah Banet-Wesier Rosalind Gill Angela McRobbie Ralina Joseph
10/3/2017 11:06:16Melissa ZimdarsUniversity of Iowa2015TelevisionMerrimack CollegeElana LevineM. Gigi Durham Elana levineJulie D'AcciLynn SpigelTania ModleskiRobin Means-Coleman
10/3/2017 11:07:53Neepa Majumdar
Indiana University Bloomington
Feminist Film History, Postcolonial Media Studies, Star Studies
University of Pittsburgh
Indiana University Bloomington
Barbara KlingerCorey CreekmurJames NaremoreLucy FischerClaire JohnstonTeresa de LauretisMary Ann DoaneNivedita Menon
10/3/2017 11:16:05Phyll Smith
University of East Anglia
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Feminist Film History, Porn Studies
University of East Anglia
Boston College
Professor Mark Jancovich
Professor Yvonne Tasker
Dr Lawrence NapperShelley StampPierre BourdieuPaul PrestonAnnette KuhnJill Liddington
It is difficult to disentangle the influences on my work as a feminist media historian, and my broader academic practice. It is often exemplary work outside feminist or female centred subjects which has guided my method - and in being the best empirical scholar one can, one inevitably becomes as feminist scholar.

Similarly it's unfair to not record the vast amount of support, advice, influence and inspiration from colleagues often just brief, but always generous from across the various networks, conferences, institutions at which i have presented, worked, taught, collaborated.

And the final influence should perhaps be Feminist Media Histories (the journal) itself, which since it's inception i have read regularly and thoroughly - one of only two journals i read regardless of content; and through which i have discovered work i have taught and authors i have collaborated with.
10/3/2017 11:20:42Cutcha Risling BaldyUC Davis2015
Native/Indigenous Media Studies, Social Media, Menstrual Discourse in Media
San Diego State University
Humboldt State University
UC DavisMishuana GoemanInes Hernandez-AvilaBeth Rose MiddletonAudra SimpsonMishuana GoemanMelanie YazzieLuana RossLinda T. Smith
10/3/2017 11:30:32Elizabeth Ellcessor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Disability Studies, Media Law, Policy + Politics, Technology
Indiana UniversityJulie D'AcciBarbara KlingerEllen SamuelsJulie D'AcciGerard GogginJonathan SterneAlice Marwick
10/3/2017 11:33:08Kathy Fuller-SeeleyJohns Hopkins1993
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Feminist Film History, Star Studies
University of Texas at Austin
Georgia State University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Ronald G. WaltersMichele HilmesSusan DouglasMichele HilmesSusan DouglasMiriam HansenKaren Ward MaharShelley Stamp
10/3/2017 11:40:32Laura E. Felschow
University of Texas at Austin
Fan Cultures, Production Studies + Labor, Television
University of Texas at Austin
Mary Celeste KearneyJanet StaigerThomas SchatzJudith ButlerMary Celeste KearneyAlisa PerrenMiranda Banks
10/3/2017 11:50:35Annette FörsterUtrecht University2005Feminist Film HistoryUtrecht University
Free University Amsterdam
Heide SchlüpmannThomas ElsaesserRosi BraidottiHeide SchlüpmannVictoria DuckettGiuliana BrunoJennifer BeanShelley Stamp
10/3/2017 11:51:37Kathryn HollandUniversity of Oxford2008Literary StudiesUniversity of OxfordMacEwan UniversityPatricia ClementsSusan BrownIsobel GrundyJacqueline WernimontSusan BrownHermione LeeSharon MarcusPatricia Clements
10/3/2017 11:52:36Josslyn Luckett
University of Pennsylvania
PhD anticipated 2018
Black Media Studies, Documentary, Critical Ethnic Studies
Barbara ChristianLaura PulidoValerie SmithRenee Tajima PenaGaye Theresa JohnsonCarroll Parrott BlueKelli JonesChon Noriega
10/3/2017 11:52:41Nora Stone
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Documentary, Feminist Film History, Television
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kelley ConwayLea JacobsVance KepleyTino BalioBarbara WilinskyDerek KompareYannis TzioumakisShilyh Warren
10/3/2017 11:54:21naomi greyserUC Irvine2004
Critical Race Theory, Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism
university of iowastanfordnorth central collegerobyn wiegmanaimee carrillo roweelizabeth freemandana lucianolauren berlantsara ahmed
i wanted to note that i have received very little mentoring, and have found my reading and conference interactions, such as they are, more formative than degree program contexts or longform relationships with people in my field. in case cobbling together sources of influence is one thing you are studying, that certainly describes my experience overall!
10/3/2017 12:05:38Andrea HasenbankUniversity of Alberta2018
Censorship + Regulation, Media Law, Policy + Politics, Production Studies + Labor
University of AlbertaSusan BrownIsobel GrundyPaul HjartarsonMaureen EngelErin WunkerHannah McGregorLisa GitelmanJanice Radway
10/3/2017 12:16:06Lanice AveryUniversity of Michigan2016
Black Media Studies, Masculinity, Social Media
Elizabeth ColeMonique WardSusana MorrisBrittney CooperRobin Means ColemanRonin Boylorn
10/3/2017 12:16:50Alexis Lothian
University of Southern California
Fan Cultures, Internet Studies, Queer Media Studies
University of Maryland College Park
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kristina BusseKaren TongsonCarol StabileLisa NakamuraWendy Hui Kyung ChunJack HalberstamTara McPherson
10/3/2017 12:20:01Ralina JosephUC San Diego2005
Black Media Studies, Critical Race Theory, Television
University of Washington, Seattle
Jane RhodesDaphne Brooks
Angharad (Anghy) Valdivia
Robin Means ColemanDaphne Brooks
Beretta Smith-Shomade
Isabel Molina GuzmanJane Rhodes
10/3/2017 12:23:53Theresa L. Geller
Rutgers, New Brunswick
Psychoanalysis + Contemporary Theory, Queer Media Studies, Television
Grinnell CollegeRutgers University
University of Illinois, Urbana
Patricia WhiteRamona CurryAmy VillarejoLee EdelmanFredric JamesonRobin WoodTeresa de LauretisElizabeth Grosz
The attack on feminist film theory in the 90s truly hurt our discipline. I think its time for a revitalized, unapologetic comparative, queer, and anti-racist feminist film Theory that can ask the question "why?" once again at this juncture in history. I fear the retreat to the archive (and essentialism/identity politics) does not further the much-needed cause of critical thinking at this time.
10/3/2017 12:27:10Elena GorfinkelNew York University2007
Feminist Film History, Porn Studies, experimental film, contemporary theory, queer theory, aesthetics
Bryn Mawr College
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Chris StraayerPatricia WhitePatrice PetroLinda WilliamsEric SchaeferThomas WaughAkira Mizuta LippitIvone Margulies
10/3/2017 12:27:59Pamela WojcikUniversity of Chicago1993
Girl Studies, Star Studies, genre
University of Notre Dame
University of Newcastle Australia
Miriam HansenCorey CreekmurAlexander DotyLaura MulveyMiriam HansenRichard Dyer
My work as a feminist scholar is deeply tied to feminist and queer theory, and to queer scholars.
10/3/2017 12:33:09Kiki LovedayUC Santa Cruz2019
Feminist Film History, Queer Media Studies, Creative Practice
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
University of California Santa Cruz
Shelley StampJudith MayneLouise TiranoffShelley Stamp Judith MayneAlex JuhaszMichele WallaceChris Staayer
Scholars are practitioners--practitioners are scholars!
10/3/2017 12:40:26Arzu Karaduman
Georgia State University
Feminist Film History, Psychoanalysis + Contemporary Theory, Sound
Georgia State University
Amira Jarmakani Ted FriedmanAngelo RestivoJudith ButlerSusan DouglasAudre Lorde Tania ModleskiLinda Williams
10/3/2017 12:44:43Bryce Henson
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Critical Race Theory, Transnational Media Cultures
Angharad ValdiviaCameron McCarthyIsabel Molina-GuzmanStuart HallMichele WallaceHortense SpillersMark Anthony NealFrantz Fanon
10/3/2017 12:49:04Miriam PosnerYale University2011
Feminist Film History, Non-Theatrical + Useful Media, Technology
University of California, Los Angeles
Brigitte PeuckerTara McPhersonElizabeth LoshLisa NakamuraWendy ChunTara McPhersonLaura MulveyJohanna Drucker
What a cool exercise! Thanks for doing this. A bright spot in a week of bad news!
10/3/2017 12:51:21Carolyn M. Byerly
University of Washington
Critical Race Theory, Media Law, Policy + Politics
Radford UU of MarylandHoward UniversityMargaret GallagherLeslie SteevesDafna LemishLana RakowKaren RossMargaret GallagherBob McChesneyMarian Meyers
At the time I was in graduate school, the strand we call feminist communication scholarship was just developing, and my generation helped to form it with our ideas and our research. It was and still is an exhilarating place to be working! Today, there are many, many feminist scholars, all over the world. And yet, we struggle for recognition and legitimacy. A part of that struggle may be the quality of our work. In reviewing for numerous journals, I find that feminist scholarship methodologically is often not very clear or strong, whether quantitative, qualitative or critical in approach. Theoretically, we still have much to do as well. So, while many of us are drawn to feminist communication scholarship, I believe this strand of work is still finding its ground and striving for excellence.
10/3/2017 12:56:35Elana Levine
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Melodrama + Soap Opera, Television
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Julie D'AcciMichele HilmesCarol StabileJulie D'AcciLynn SpigelJohn FiskeMichele HilmesJanice Radway
10/3/2017 12:58:08Carly KocurekUniversity of Texas2012
Games + Playable Media, Masculinity, American Studies
Illinois Institute of Technology
Elizabeth S.D. Engelhardt
Jennifer deWinterJudd RuggillMichael KimmelT.L. TaylorMia ConsalvoKen McAllisterKrista Comer
10/3/2017 13:17:38Daniel Chamberlain
University of Southern California
Internet Studies, Platform Studies, Technology
Occidental CollegeTara McPhersonAnne BalsamoLisa ParksChris BourgAnne BalsamoMark AndrejevicLisa NakamuraLisa Parks
10/3/2017 13:21:18Negin Dahya
York University (Canada)
Postcolonial Media Studies, Technology, Education
University of Washington
Jennifer JensonInes DusselJennifer Jensonbell hooksSara AhmedInes Dussel
10/3/2017 13:27:01Patricia EkpoYale University2023
Black Media Studies, Internet Studies, Queer Media Studies
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
Leticia Alvarado Pooja SenKara KeelingSianne Ngai Ann Cvetkovich Rizvana BradleyWendy Hui Kyong Chun
10/3/2017 13:28:40Eric Lohman
University of Western Ontario
Censorship + Regulation, Technology, Political Economy
University of Western Ontario
University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee
Elana LevineCarol StabileElana LevineSusan DouglasErika EngstromAngela McRobbie
10/3/2017 13:29:19Gilberto M BlasiniUCLA2002
Latinx Media studies, Postcolonial Media Studies, Queer Media Studies
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
California State University, Los Angeles
Ana LópezChon NoriegaGeorge CustenStuart HallLinda WilliamsB. Ruby RichRobin Wood Patrice Petro
10/3/2017 13:31:43Stacy WoodUCLA
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Internet Studies, Media Law, Policy + Politics
University of California Los Angeles
Safiya NobleLisa ParksJohanna DruckerSafiya NobleLisa GitelmanLisa ParksCornelia VismannSimone Browne
10/3/2017 13:38:20Anne Cong-HuyenUC Santa Barbara2013
Asian American Media Studies, Critical Race Theory, Production Studies + Labor
Whittier CollegeBishnupriya GhoshLisa NakamuraLiz LoshTara McPhersonVirginia KuhnWendy ChunSharon IrishMiriam Posner
10/3/2017 13:48:38Lauren Klein
The Graduate Center, CUNY
digital humanities, data studies
Georgia Institute of Technology
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Macaulay Honors College, CUNY
Lisa NakamuraTara McPhersonJanet MurrayLisa NakamuraTara McPhersonDonna Haraway
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
Wendy Chun
10/3/2017 13:49:06
Elizabeth Gackstetter Nichols
University of Kansas1997
Beauty Cultures, Fan Cultures, Fashion + Costume
Drury UniversityErin Kenny
Erynn Masi de Casanova
Monica Moreno Figueroa
Judith Butler
Erynn Masi de Casanova
Henry JenkinsNancy EtcoffPaul Valery
10/3/2017 13:50:28Angharad ValdiviaUniversity of Illinois1991
Girl Studies, Latinx Media studies, Transnational Media Cultures
Penn StateUniversity of IllinoisPaula TreichlerCheris KramaraeLisa HendersonElla ShohatMaria LugonesElana LevineJacqueline BoboMichelle Mattelart
10/3/2017 13:50:56Melanie Hernandez
University of Washington
Black Media Studies, Latinx Media studies
California State University, Fresno
University of Washington
Edmonds Community College
Sonnet RetmanMichelle Habell-PallanRalina JosephChela SandovalMoon-Ho JungEvelyn Nakano GlennDavid RoedigerGene Andrew Jarrett
10/3/2017 13:55:12John VanderhoefUC Santa Barbara
Cal State Dominguez Hills
UC Santa BarbaraUW MilwaukeeElana LevineAnna EverettConstance PenleyStuart HallMichael CurtinAngela McRobbieNina HuntemannJudith Butler
10/3/2017 13:56:56Laura ForlanoColumbia University2008
Disability Studies, Technology, Design
Illinois Institute of Technology
The New SchoolShaowen BardzellDaniela RosnerRamia MazeDonna HarawayMimi ItoGenevieve BellLucy Suchman
10/3/2017 13:59:03Shilpa Davé
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Asian American Media Studies, Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Television
University of VirginiaBrandeis University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrea PressPatsy YaegerJoyce AntlerSarah Banet-Weisner
Inderpal Grewal and Kaplan
Yen EspírituSusan DouglasBonnie Dow
10/3/2017 14:01:09Shelley Cobb
University of East Anglia
Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Feminist Film History, Star Studies
University of East Anglia
University of Southampton
Yvonne TaskerDiane NegraChristine Geraghty Yvonne TaskerDiane NegraSue ThornhamChristine GledhillJane Gaines
In addition to the feminist media scholars who mentored me I had the privilege of having important peer influences and relationships with scholars like Hannah Hamad, Julie Wilson, Alice Leppert, Lindsay Steenberg and Anthea Taylor.
10/3/2017 14:21:17Erin Copple Smith
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Children's Media, Television
Denison UniversityAustin CollegeAmanda D. LotzJulie D'AcciAmanda D. LotzJulie D'AcciElana LevineSusan Douglas
10/3/2017 14:22:28Roopika RisamEmory University 2013
Critical Race Theory, Postcolonial Media Studies, Social Media
Salem State University
Radhika GajjalaCarol Stabile Amy EarhartAlex GilTara McPhersonLisa NakamuraRadhika Gajjala Amy Earhart
10/3/2017 14:30:06Regina Yung LeeUC Riverside2013
Fan Cultures, Transnational Media Cultures, Feminist Film Theory
University of Washington
University of California, Riverside
Sabine DoranAlexis LothianJessica Marie JohnsonWendy Hui Kyong ChunDonna HarawayKaren BeckmanRey ChowWhitney Phillips
10/3/2017 14:42:03Julie Passanante Elman
George Washington University
Disability Studies, Queer Media Studies, Television
New York UniversityUniversity of MissouriMelani McAlisterRobert McRuerTodd RamlowRobert McRuerLauren BerlantLaurie OuelletteSarah Banet-Weiser
David T. Mitchell/Sharon Snyder
10/3/2017 14:55:29Claudia CalhounYale University2014
Masculinity, Sound, Television
n/aJoanne MeyerowitzLynn SpigelJason MittellJ.D. ConnorJohn CaldwellMichele Holmes
I'm not 100% certain that I'm a feminist media scholar, but I am a feminist and a media scholar, so my lens is feminist even when my work may not be obviously so.
10/3/2017 14:59:42Frances Gateward
University of MRyland Ollege Park
PhD 2000
Black Media Studies, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Film History
Cal State NorthridgeUniversity of Michigan
University of Illinois Champaign Urbana
Gina MarchettiSheri ParksGloria GibsonGina MarchettiRuth PerlmutterChris HolmlandLInda DittmarJulia Lesage
10/3/2017 15:07:00Jamie RogersUC IrvineMay 2018
Black Media Studies, Critical Race Theory, Transnational Media Cultures
UC Irvine
Western Washington University
Jeanne Sheper
Tiffany Willoughby-Herard
Arlene KeizerSaidya HartmanArelen KeizerAudre LordeMichelle AlexanderJune Jordan
10/3/2017 15:10:49Catherine L. BenamouNew York University1997
Documentary, Latinx Media studies, Transnational Media Cultures
Duke University
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of California-Irvine
Annette MichelsonLaura MulveyMichelle WallaceRobert StamJane GainesEsther HamburgerRosa Linda FregosoAna M. López
I think that being exposed to the process of theorization, and generally, the scholarship of my mentors as they were developing their own projects was very salutary and ultimately gave me more confidence to develop my own approaches to film and television reception, and to the study of intersectional identities on the screen. There have also been important opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, such as the colloquia organized by Ana López at Tulane University, the invitation to collaborate with my student, Leslie Marsh, on an historical essay on Brazilian women's cinema, as well as the opportunity to revisit the Punto de Vista:Latina project with Bienvenida Matias for Camera Obscura. I have also found the interventions and modeling of different working methods by Latin American women filmmakers to be particularly inspirational.
10/3/2017 15:13:26Lisa nakamura CUNY grad ctr 1996
Critical Race Theory, Games + Playable Media, Internet Studies
U of Michigan ann arbor
U of Wisconsin madison
U of Illinois urbanaMary Ann cawsJulie dacci Laurie Beth clarkWendy chunDonna harawayJohn bergerTiziana terranovaSarah Ahmed
10/3/2017 15:28:22Angela J. AguayoUniversity of Texas2005
Documentary, Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Feminist Film History
Southern Illinois University
Eastern Illinios University
University of TexasDana CloudJyotsna KapurSarah ProjanskyAlexandra JuhaszClemencia RodriguezLinda AlcoffTeresa EbertSara Ahmed
10/3/2017 15:30:38Really RequiredUniversity of Melbourne2012
Production Studies + Labor, Television, Screenwriting studies, Animal Studies
University of Melbourne
Massey University (NZ)Angela NdalianisAlex BevanFelicity ColmanHarawayButlerPatricia WhiteRobyn WarholSusan Lanser
10/3/2017 15:38:46Katherine TanskiPurdue University2011
Audience/Ethnography/Reception Studies, Fan Cultures, Production Studies + Labor
Purdue University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Catherine HollisPatricia SullivanRebecca BurnettConstance PenleyHenry JenkinsJanice RadwayDick HebdigePaul Booth
I would love to see something about how feminist media studies scholar isn't feminist just because of the subject of study, but in the methodologies used. For example--I utilized collaboration in much of my scholarship as a feminist methodology.
10/3/2017 15:44:27KAIA NIAMBI SHIVERSRutgers University2015
Black Media Studies, Transnational Media Cultures
Rutgers University
The College of New Jersey
New York University
Huberta Jackson-Lowman
Ralina JosephMelissa CooperPatricia Hill CollinsKim ButlerIsabel WilkersonSherrie Ann-ButterfieldOneka Labennett
Exhausted but pushing through
10/3/2017 15:50:31Natasha Patterson
Simon Fraser University
Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Star Studies, Television
Simon Fraser University
University of Northern British Columbia
Dr. Cindy PattonDr. Zoe DruickAngela McRobbieRosalind GillSu Holmesbell hooksStuart Hall
10/3/2017 15:52:24Tamara KneeseNew York University2016
Internet Studies, Social Media, Technology
NYUUC DavisMara MillsLaura Portwood-StacerMelissa Gregg Gabriella ColemanSilvia FedericiSimone Browne Wendy Chun Tiziana Terranova
10/3/2017 16:15:31
Alyxandra Marie Larson Vesey
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Production Studies + Labor, Sound, Television
University of AlabamaCollege of WoosterMary Celeste KearneyKristen WarnerJennifer StoeverMary Celeste KearneyNorma CoatesDaphne BrooksJennifer StoeverKristen Warner
10/3/2017 16:27:38Monica De La Torre
University of Washington
Latinx Media studies, Sound, Technology
Arizona State University
Michelle Habell-PallanSusan HarewoodDolores Inés CasillasRalina JosephAngharad ValdiviaTara McPhersonMary C. BeltranRosa-Linda Fregoso
10/3/2017 16:29:46Jessica BirthiselIndiana Uniersity2013
Children's Media, Masculinity, representations of race/gender/sexuality in news media
Bridgewater State University
Elana Levine
Radhika Parameswaran
Brenda WeberGigi DurhamJanice RadwayElana LevineJohn FiskeValerie Palmer-Mehta
10/3/2017 16:31:29Gina Marchetti
Northwestern University
Asian American Media Studies, Feminine Cultures/Postfeminism, Transnational Media Cultures
University of Hong Kong
Ithaca College
University of Maryland College Park
Chuck KleinhansRobert KolkerJulia LesageLinda DittmarStephanie DonaldRey ChowPatricia ErensLaura Mulvey
We need more funding for research!
10/3/2017 16:32:06Jacqueline WernimontBrown University2009
Black Media Studies, Sound, digital archives and digital memory work
Scripps College
Arizona State University
Alexandra JuhaszWendy ChunLisa NakamuraTara McPhersonWendy ChunJessica M. JohnsonJulia FlandersTara Nummedal
10/3/2017 16:38:51Kyla SmithConcordia University2021
Censorship + Regulation, Feminist Film History, Sound
Dr Liz ClarkeDr Christie MillikenHaidee WassonLiz ClarkeSteve WurtzlerDouglas Gomery
10/3/2017 16:38:53Kyla SmithConcordia University2021
Censorship + Regulation, Feminist Film History, Sound
Dr Liz ClarkeDr Christie MillikenHaidee WassonLiz ClarkeSteve WurtzlerDouglas Gomery
10/3/2017 16:50:03Caetlin Benson-AllottCornell University2008
Platform Studies, Psychoanalysis + Contemporary Theory, Technology
UC Santa CruzGeorgetown UniversityAmy VillarejoShelley StampAmelie HastieAnne FriedbergLisa ParksVivian SobchackLinda WilliamsBarbara Klinger
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