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Finding Event Stuff Image Guide
If you find you can't get styles on a character you will need to contact capcom support with a preset message which will fix it with during maintenance. Ask discord for help if needed.News Post
Log In BoostA buff that you can apply for a set duration that 'ranks up' each week.
Each week is on its own timer, if you have logged in for 3 weeks and use all 3 you will have both the 1st and 4th the next week. See image for buffs.
Image Guide
Free 1 Day Premium MonthlySign in 15 days total in a month and you will get given a free 24 hour premium subscription. This is not 15 in a row but 15 in the month.
This lasts for a month from the issue date (i.e. Given on 15th March, expires on 15th April.)

This is active for 24 hours from the second you take it from your giftbox, regardless of if you are logged in or not. Choose activation times to get the most back out of it.
24 Hours given out monthly

Single hours given out as potential rewards in the end of month roulette
Image GuideCapcom Giftbox
Prem Stuff
Updated 25/10
HL Hiden (Always up)
Subscribe to get 5 hiden decorations. Relog after subbing, grab the new stuff on the Purple Guildie and use the 秘傳珠交換 option on the combiner.
Alfi Gacha Set
Pretty solid with Stong Attack, Rush, Obscurity, Obscurity Up, Guard Up.
アルフィZP / 光彩ZP
Kaifa Series Gacha
Has points in point breakthrough and abnormality. Legs are enabling for gunlance if you want a less efficient fun set. Waist is enabling for hammer.
カイファZP / 蓓蕾ZP
Dumb Decos (Ends 22nd Nov for normal, 6th Dec for Hiden)
Lottery for retarded TW hiden decos and lottery for less retared but still ridiculous TW decos.
100% matching on deposits 1,500 up to two times
Deposit 1,500 get 3,000 total. Deposit 3,000 total get 6,000. Ends on the 22nd
120 Lost Eye tickets
500 TWD until the 15th, 1,000 until the 22nd.
Rath Themed Mogs
Transmog for Rathalos Subspecies themed armours.
Pink for females, Azure for males. It's a twin rath hunting quest in forest and hills.
15th Nov22nd NovExample Female SetDetails
TW Deco Daily
Do the new Diorex daily to get a Movement Speed+5 decoration 競走珠 to use to gamble for less bad or more bad ones
Deco List:
Encourage +8, Elemental Attack +5, Drawing Arts +5
Grace +30, Grace +20, Grace +10, Edgemaster +20, Edgemaster +15, Edgemaster +10, Movement Speed +10
Water Sword +20, Water Sword +10, Bomb Sword +20, Bomb Sword +10
8th Nov15th NovDetails
Twinhead and Musou
Purple Haze Duremudira is live. He doesn't have a mog quest set up yet.
Quest it taken from the Road NPC instead of G counter.
Hitboxes are on the Database.
You should 100% respec your road points into Poison Res, Revive Items, Attack and Duremudira Attack
8th Nov15th NovGuide to movesDetails
One Skill Twinhead
Do each Musou or Twinhead quest found on the G Rank NPC and get back a 逆境珠 deco to use on a lottery.

Valid quests checklist:
「變幻萬化」 Shifting Miru Slay
「龍所演奏的炎冰二重奏」 Ezlelion Repel
「侵蝕來訪之時」 Dual Starving Jhos
「暴風天中、殘火消逝」 Ruling Guanzorumu Repel
「渴食無盡」 Thirsty Pariapuria
「斬裂寂靜、霹靂的鼓勵」 Howling Zinogre Repel
「激天怒髮的默契」 Twinhead Rajangs
「紅蓮灼炎、金色暴君」 Voljang and Rajang Duo
「邂逅的瘴炎」 Twinhead Espinas
「雙哭招致之始末」 Twinhead Miru
「朱冥之饗宴」 Rajang and Doragyurosu
「影光之鎮魂歌」 Twinhead Unknown and Zerureusu
「破空迅風」 Blinking Nargacuga Lesser Slay
「大雨傾盆、回天乏術」 Ruling Guanzorumu Slay
「劈天破空的白色迅風」 Blinking Nargacuga True Slay
「混亂貫穿、饗演的序幕」 Howling Zinogre True Slay
「指揮灼零的黑驅之龍」 Elzelion True Slay
「侵蝕過後的所見之物」 Dual Golden Jhos

Potential decorations from lottery are:
Reflect +10, Drawing Arts +10, Lavish Attack +5, Combination Expert +20, Stylish Assault +5, Reinforcement -10
Grace +30, Auto-Guard +10, Movement Speed +20, Vitality +30, Iron Arm +20
8th Nov15th NovDetails
Diva Defense 18
Nothing too notable.
New pink poison GS and Tonfa.

No sharp loss prayer, hp recovery prayer, status duration prayer, goddess' protection prayer.
New transmog for notes.

Keoaruboru mats on GCP store if we actually manage the 20,000,000 required which isn't too likely.
8th Nov
15th Nov
22nd Nov
15th Nov
22nd Nov
29th Nov
New MogDetails
Curb Stomped Week
We lost hard. Use the store to buy things if you want contributed.8th Nov15th Nov-
Zenith Doragyurosu Launch
GR600+ Weapons give 1x transmog mats each.
Either ZX armour piece for each slot piece gives 1x transmog mats
(5 max, you can mix and match gunner and BM for a full set of 5).

Any single ZX piece gives 10x 灰輝原珠 deco mat.
GR800 weapon gives 10x 灰輝原珠 deco mat.
Z armour pieces give 4x 灰輝原珠 deco mat
(5 max, you can mix and match gunner and BM for a full set of 20 mats).
25th Oct8th Nov

22nd Nov
Carve Table (JP Names)Details
48th Festival
47th Contest
Standard festival format, double festival related items.
0 or 5,000+ souls in Cappuccino.
You get an Ice Age+10 decoration for 2,000 souls contributed this time.
Alt-guild will be joining during weekend, no requirements if no one is going for 5,000; 0 or 5,000+ otherwise

Contest is a bog standard G Rank Gravios
New winners' quests are for Okiko GS, Bow and Tonfa.
25th Oct
1st Nov
8th Nov
1st Nov
8th Nov
15th Nov
Contest DetailsFestival Details
Dailies for TW decos
It's a diorex this time. Shout in discord if you get something interesting.25th Oct8th NovDetails
New Account Free Sub
人氣好評! 新米免費暢遊GO
Newly made accounts get 30 days free sub on first log in.18th Oct~Details
Diva Defense 17
Dragon Res
Elemental Damage
Thunder Res
Affinity Up
What is this dogshit capcom? Res prayers?

Prayer Weapons:
歌詠之輕弩【前奏】(LBG for 祈諧石)
歌詠之槍【前奏】(Lance for 祈盤石)
7 days or 21,000 points for one of each gem.

Armour from Interception Notes:
Furante 悠吟Z / フランテZ
It's bretty good.

Interception Notes:
14,000 / 34,000 / 54,000 / 94,000 / 134,000 Points during week

First Day Bonus Spheres:
Contribute anything at all to a colour and get back 獵人戒指白 or 獵人戒指紫 which gives a 4,000 spheres free.
秘藏歌玉的大豬 or 【G級】秘藏歌玉的大豬 depending on if you are G or not.

Daily Contribution Rewards:
Day 1: 5
Prayer Pebbles and 1x Hunter Ring for bulldrome
Day 2: Mats for caravan G finesse weapons
Day 3: Mats for caravan armour
Day 4: 5 Prayer Pebbles
Day 5: Mats for Partnyaa equipment
Day 6:
Mats for a Sound Element Diva Weapon
Day 7: Mats for new Prayer Weapons, 25x 80 Soul Gems, 10 Prayer Pebbles
11th Oct
18th Oct
25th Oct
(G. Hall)
18th Oct
25th Oct
1st Nov
(G. Hall)
"HUNTMAN" Dr. Yamada's Challenge
Someone at capcom TW made shitty megaman parody art during their lunch hour and now it's a bad event.
Make single pieces of each Exotic's G armour and get free stupid earrings.
(+20 Dark Pulse, +20 Divine Protection)
The pieces also have varying res up to +55 and Status Res Up zenith skills to make tackling zeniths easier.
They didn't even make real quests.

Gore, Shagaru, Nargacuga, Barioth, Zinogre, Stygian Zinogre, Uragaan, Amatsu

Free SZ cuffs if you bothered doing all of this.
~At some undefined point in the futureTrash
4th Zenith Support
Booster pack of materials on making Z pieces to upgrade them to ZX Lv7 on the first four zeniths' armour pieces (Espinas, Hypnoc, Daimyo, Khezu)
Make one Z piece and you will get the materials to upgrade it to max, this applies to all pieces. The first piece also gives everything needed for the next 9 meaning you only actually need to make one piece for a million free mats.

Hypnoc materials are used on Hypnoc Weapons themselves (SnS, GS, Hammer, HH, GL, Swaxe), the Cake Event Hammer and the Dragon Ele Festival Lance, LBG and DS.
Khezu materials are used on Khezu Weapons (DS, LS, Tonfa, HBG, LBG, Bow), Event Gravios Hammer, Festival Dragon SnS, LS and HH.
Daimyo materials are used on the Gook Bow, Unknown Event GS, Daimyo Weapons and Festival Dragon Ele Hammer, Great Sword, Gunlance.
Espinas materials are used on Espinas Weapons, Event Spiral LS, Halk Event HH, Festival Dragon Swaxe, Tonfa, Bow, HBG
7th JuneAt some undefined point in the futureDetails
The Four Royals Buddhist Zeniths
Stupid baby level zeniths for people too bad at video games to even kill a GR200 with help. Specifically for the starting four zeniths and only at GR200 level.
Pretty clearly intended to be paired with the Zenith Support activity.

I'm not mad capcom, I'm just very disappointed.
7th JuneAt some undefined point in the futureGarbage
Ongoing Things
Broken CrapIf you have an old account and resume playing you might need to contact capcom support if you can't get Extreme Styles despite being at GR1.
If completing either Upper Shiten or Lv9999 Conquests doesn't grant you transmogs you will need to contact support.
Discord has a guide for the Lv9999 transmogs, ask if you need help with the others.
Hunter's Road
This isn't actually an event but it's being listed here anyway.
White Fatalis and the Brilliance (煉華Z) armour are available from the start along with Zenith Sigil materials for Tower Weapons.

If you want to unlock every option in the store you need to run through 50 stages in one run so do try not to die too much if you want that.
29th MarNeverDetails
Cycling Events Completion RewardsBy participating in all four of the cycling events you can gain items to craft unique weapons and armour using items for reaching certain goals.
Hunter's Road : Floor 15, 20 a week Conquests : All Lvs of fixed quests Festival : 3000 Contributed Souls Diva Defense: 20,000 Score

Convert other mats to Hunter's Road ones 1:1 on the Yellow NPC (Last, Last) they'll likely eventually remove this option.
Energy Points SystemHunt with at least one other player to get Energy Points to exchange for items on the exchange site.
100 points per quest completed with other hunters and a maximum of 1500 points per day.

Allows you to trade for things such as N Blocks and GHC carves for ok pricing. Lets you skip some awful grind such as that for the G Volganos headpieces.
Energy Point Exchange1/9/2016Here
G Rank Raviente
All three Ravientes get armour upgrades to GX level which turn into gems that give Determination, the de facto endgame min max skill. Requires 200 hours of ravi minimum for a decoration set and closer to 300 for a weapon.

There are three different Ravi sets and 30 decos because of this. Choose the ones you want to make carefully. Sets and deco skill points can be checked on in the Raviente section.

G Rank Ravi weapon upgrade gems for every G Rank Ravi Weapon and full G armour set made. These are completely negligible rewards.

Raviente trains are not terribly popular lately and you will never finish a set if you are unwilling to map your sleep schedule so you can actually catch any that run.
If there is a Raviente event on there will usually be trains 18:00 until 00:00ish regardless of popularity.
Voodoo Doll TonfasA pair of tonfas designed by a TW user for a contest.
Requires you do a daily 5 times that uses the tonfas against Baru.
The tickets to make the base tonfas can be converted into upgrade tickets on the yellow NPC in Last > Last.
There is also a conversion option on the Lottery Cat on the second page of non-step up lotteries.
Last upgrade needs 2 dailies worth of items.
Has outright highest Paralysis on a pair of Tonfas in the game and decent elemental.
Dual Diablos LS
Get items to take the quest from the purple guildie, get more from the Energy Point store. Buy items for lv11 upwards from the EP store.
Probably mainly intended to get people to use the lottery for the upgrade mats when up.
It's not actually worth the effort in the slightest.
Other Premium Events
LotteriesJP Lottery Piece Names
Cielo (シエロGP) / Giaorugu (シルティGP) / Salta (サルタGP)

TW Lotteries, 60 ticket Pieces (300 for full set)
Sunny (晴雲頭飾/ 晴雲髮飾) / Lost Eye (失落狂 / 失落猛) / Blue Crystal (噬天光 / 噬天神)
TW Lotteries, 10 ticket Pieces (60 for full set)
Crusade (十字軍)

Current Event Lotteries:
Evangelion (Rei / Shinji) / Evangelion 2 (Kaworu / Asuka)
Event lotteries use their own unique coins to be rolled for.

Other Uses of Coins:
Various premium or other consumables are buyable (Skill Fruits most notable)
Hiden Stones can be bought at a cost of 20 coins on the Pink Shop NPC.
This costs more than just buying 19 dailies with coins for the same number of souls across 4 days.
Lottery Odds CalculatorVariousAll Running Lotteries
(Not actively up since)
Crusade TW Armour
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Thunder Clad+4, Stylish+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Thunder Clad+4, Stylish Assault+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Blazing Grace+5, Absolute Defense+6
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Drawing Arts+6, Stylish+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Crit Conversion+4, Stylish Assault+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Mounting+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Issen+6
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Blazing Grace+5, Abs Defense+6
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Drawing Arts+6, Mounting+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Crit Conversion+4
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