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Yellow = Regular / Red = Important / Green = New / Blue = Continuing / Purple = Shop or Paid
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Finding Event Stuff Image Guide
If you find you can't get Extreme style on a character you will need to contact capcom support with a preset message which will fix it with during maintenance. Ask discord for help if needed.News Post
Cycling Events Completion RewardsBy participating in all four of the cycling events you can gain items to craft unique weapons and armour using items for reaching certain goals.
Sky Corridor : Floor 140 Conquests : Level 200 in 2 monsters Festival : 3000 Contributed Souls Diva Defense: 20,000 Score
Convert mats to tower 1:1 on the Yellow NPC (Last, Last) or 40:40 on Lotto Cat (1st > Page 2) when Tower resumes they'll likely remove the options.
Log In BoostA buff that you can apply for a set duration that 'ranks up' each week.
Each week is on its own timer, if you have logged in for 3 weeks and use all 3 you will have both the 1st and 4th the next week. See image for buffs.
Image Guide
Free 1 Day Premium MonthlySign in 15 days total in a month and you will get given a free 24 hour premium subscription. This is not 15 in a row but 15 in the month.
This lasts for a month from the issue date (i.e. Given on 15th March, expires on 15th April.)

This is active for 24 hours from the second you take it from your giftbox, regardless of if you are logged in or not. Choose activation times to get the most back out of it.
24 Hours given out monthly

Single hours given out as potential rewards in the end of month roulette
Image GuideCapcom Giftbox
(Updated sporadically, you should know what you want before gambling anyway.)
Recommended you only go to Step 3 at most and wait for cooldown, going higher actively wastes coins but saves time.

TW Lottery Pieces
60 Tix a piece {
Sunny (晴雲頭飾/ 晴雲髮飾) / Lost Eye (失落狂 / 失落猛) / Blue Crystal (噬天光 / 噬天神) }
10 Tix a piece {
Crusade (十字軍) }

Current Event Lotteries (Event lotteries use their own unique coins to be rolled for, per lottery not per brand):
Nier (Old fashioned lottery, you could waste thousands of TWD and never get a piece) / Evangelion 2 (Kaworu / Asuka, Step Up, fixed rewards with higher steps)

Other Uses of Coins:
Various premium or other consumables are buyable (Skill Fruits most notable)
Hiden Stones can be bought for 20 but this costs more than buying 19 dailies for the same number of souls across 4 days.
All Current LotteryOld Odds Calc
Prem StuffTW armour got a zenith upgrade. It's the expected completely retarded 60 tickets for 120 total.
~ More premium / paid things are located at the bottom of normal events ~
Diva Defense #4
Interception Week
Keoaruboru is live this Interception! His decos give points in the skill Rush, typical set ups for practical rush sets with just Keo pieces will need 3 decorations and 1 actual GX piece.
[If Balanced]
35,000P per Keo. Around 2000 per Keo with all breaks (2 Claws, Back, Head, Tail) and 80% Fortress Health.
With a group of four you will be able to get a Keo around every 11th hunt.
[If Not]
25,000P per Keo. 3199 for 80% fort health. 800 for keo. 2000 for breaks.
Chaining Keo indefinitely is entirely possible if you have a decent group with Prayer Weapons and Prayers activated.

It's rather likely we'll get the balanced version of points but we'll find out.

All decorations need the same total number of mats:
18x 焔嶽龍の厚炭皮 (32% Body, 10-12% Break) 18x 焔嶽龍の大堅骨 (32% Carve, 8-10% Break)
5x 焔嶽龍の大焔玉 (16% Body, 8% Tail) 6x 焔嶽龍の超重尾 (80% Tail)
9x 焔嶽龍の高熱液 (20 Body, 12% Tail) 3x 焔嶽龍の放熱角 (80% Horn break)
3x 焔嶽龍の大鈍爪 (80% Claw Break) 5x 焔嶽龍の異形殻 (80% Back Break)

Armour starts straight at GX so for any actual pieces being used you need not actually upgrade beyond Lv1 to save mats.

Interception Points and Hexes

Notes Items
Transmog Mats (1 note per piece, 5 notes per set, 2 sets and a headpiece)
Katante Mats (2 Notes per piece)
Konpeki, Pink/Azure DD, Unknown/Zeru DD decos (3 notes per deco)
16th Nov23rd NovKeoaruboru Hitboxes
Diva Defense #4No new Prayer Weapons but all of the previous ones are available by trading Prayer Pebbles「祈禱之小石子」which you get from dailies or personal contribution on the Yellow NPC in 3 > 2.

Prayer Weapons / LS, HH, Swaxe (Fire, Power Phial), LBG
Diva Weapons / Music Element Material
Dailies / 1 Caravan Weapon Mat / 2 Caravan Armour Mat / 3 Partnyaa Equipment / 4 Partnyaa Equipment /
5 Partnyaa Equipment / 6 Music Ele Diva Mat / 7 Prayer Pebble and LS etc. material

結集的祈珠 / Mobilisation Prayer : Attack will go up based on the number of human hunters in a quest.
萬雷的祈珠 / Heavy Thunder Prayer : Elemental damage increases based on level.
歌護的祈珠 / Protection Prayer : Gives Divine Protection, Goddess' Embrace or Soul Revival based on level.
斷力的祈珠 / Severing Power Prayer : Tails can be cut with any damage type.
9th Nov

16th Nov

23rd Nov
30th NovDetails
Twinhead / Musou Week
Ruling Guanzorumu, Starving Pariapuria, Twinhead Jho, Howling Zinogre and Mi Ru (in that order) have still relevant equipment.

All of the quests are worth at least experiencing for their unique gimmicks.

Ruling Guanzorumu is relatively easy compared to Mi Ru and Zinogre for slays, anyone geared properly for G Rank will be able to manage the repel while groups of hiden users should be able to manage the slay without much issue.
Mi Ru Hitbox Reference9th Nov~Details
G Equipment Booster Pack
Free booster pack of materials for making G Rank equipment.
碧武玉 x 39 蒼武玉 x 26 紅武玉 x 26 黃武玉 x 13
輝累石 x 120 絢累石 x 120 極征貢獻證 x 330
9th Nov~Details
第37回 極限征伐戰
第32回 至天征伐戰
As left. Rainbow coins as standard for each lv200 on a character.9th Nov~Details
4 Big Events
Easy Zena Armour Materials Quests
G1% Quests (Monsters cycles daily at midday) Quests Named G級秘傳的導引 [Monster]
GRP Quests (6,500 GRP Dyura is up as is a 20,000 PRP quest for partners)
GHC Quests (Monsters cycles daily at midday) Quests Named 新‧四方之理 [Monster]
2nd Nov9th NovDetails
Zenith Rathalos
Has Dual Swords, Hammer, Gunlance, Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Bow
Full set of Z Armour gives 1x Unknown/Zeru and 1x Gold/Silver DD material
Full set of Weapons gives 1x Konpeki and 1x Pink/Azure DD material
Bow is notable in that it has Lv3 Rapid4 and Lv4 Pierce4

レウスZX for armour in MHSX2G
GR200 quest in the Fortress gives +30 Fire Res if you go with 4 human players

Extreme Fire Blight is not too bad (roll 3 times) but you can Guild Cook for Fire Res +30 and pair with SR res skills.
(55 res Needed. +34 SR Fire Res, +19 All Res, +30 Guild Food Res)
26th Oct16th NovDetails
Stylish Assault Blue Cowboy armour is on this festival (ヴァクスGX / 精進GX).
Hunting Contest is G Rank Forokururu (Humming Bird) with Origin Weapons.
Extra Souls for hunting Gore Magalas (15).
26th Oct16th NovDetails
Halloween Stuff
New broom HBG and all the old sets and weapons.
Do first quest, make gunner armour of that which you unlock.
Do rest of the quests then deliver one of the items you get in the first quest and kill the new things that spawn.

You were meant to be able to trade the black ores for the second halloween armour for transmog but that's not live yet.
26th Oct9th NovHalloween
18th Tower
第18回 天廊遠征錄
Extra Blue Gems (閃光的寶玉) but otherwise just tower.26th Oct9th NovDetails
Tower Medal Lotteries
You can use Tower Medals to gamble for various items. Previous run included n blocks26th Oct9th NovDetails
Zenith Blangonga
Has Great Sword, Tonfa, Swaxe, Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Bow
Full set of Z Armour gives 1x Unknown/Zeru and 1x Gold/Silver DD material
Full set of Weapons gives 1x Konpeki and 1x Pink/Azure DD material

Bow is especially notable in that it has Lv3 Rapid4 and Lv4 Pierce4

Fang Break requires 1 point Fire Damage Tail Break requires Cutting Damage Arms as Zenith Part
Uses Ultra Quake

Recommended to Guild Cook to get Ice Res +30 and pair it with SR res skills if you are struggling.
You should be able to use fire crystals or an NPC on a fire weapon to get fang without issues.

GR200 quest in the Polar Sea gives +30 Ice Res if you go with 4 human players

ブランゴZX for armour in MHSX2G
19th Oct9th NovEventGear
Nier Event Quest
Actual nier event quest
Talk to girl in bar. Do quests.
Dance (Page 1 F5 / <act5>) in Area 6.
Eat Herb in base camp.
Get title and guild card background.

Male Quests might vary.
17th Aug22nd FebHere
Free Nier Lottery Tickets「贈送「NieR 抽獎券」!」1 whole roll. Pray for maximum tickets or open thine wallet.17th Aug22nd FebHere
Free Nier Equipment
Yoko Taro's head (both exterior tickets and actual material) and a sword I don't recognise as I never got around to playing nier.
Go to the code site
Log in
Claim stuff in game
17th Aug22nd FebCode SiteInfo
Ongoing Things
Energy Points SystemHunt with at least one other player to get Energy Points to exchange for items on the exchange site.
100 points per quest completed with other hunters and a maximum of 1500 points per day.

Allows you to trade for things such as N Blocks and GHC carves for ok pricing. Lets you skip some awful grind such as that for the G Volganos headpieces.
Energy Point Exchange1/9/2016-Here
G Rank Raviente
All three Ravientes get armour upgrades to GX level which turn into gems that give Determination, the de facto endgame min max skill. Requires 200 hours of ravi minimum for a decoration set and closer to 300 for a weapon.

There are three different Ravi sets and 30 decos because of this. Choose the ones you want to make carefully. Sets and deco skill points can be checked on in the Raviente section.

G Rank Ravi weapon upgrade gems for every G Rank Ravi Weapon and full G armour set made. These are completely negligible rewards.

Raviente trains are not terribly popular lately and you will never finish a set if you are unwilling to map your sleep schedule so you can actually catch any that run.
If there is a Raviente event on there will usually be trains 18:00 until 00:00ish regardless of popularity.
22/9/2016Never Ever
Voodoo Doll TonfasA pair of tonfas designed by a TW user for a contest.
Requires you do a daily 5 times that uses the tonfas against Baru.
The tickets to make the base tonfas can be converted into upgrade tickets on the yellow NPC in Last > Last.
There is also a conversion option on the Lottery Cat on the second page of non-step up lotteries.
Last upgrade needs 2 dailies worth of items.
Has outright highest Paralysis on a pair of Tonfas in the game and decent elemental.
Dual Diablos LS
Get items to take the quest from the purple guildie, get more from the Energy Point store. Buy items for lv11 upwards from the EP store.
Probably mainly intended to get people to use the lottery for the upgrade mats when up.
It's not actually worth the effort in the slightest.
Other Premium Events
LotteriesJP Lottery Piece Names
Cielo (シエロGP) / Giaorugu (シルティGP) / Salta (サルタGP)

TW Lotteries, 60 ticket Pieces (300 for full set)
Sunny (晴雲頭飾/ 晴雲髮飾) / Lost Eye (失落狂 / 失落猛) / Blue Crystal (噬天光 / 噬天神)
TW Lotteries, 10 ticket Pieces (60 for full set)
Crusade (十字軍)

Current Event Lotteries:
Evangelion (Rei / Shinji) / Evangelion 2 (Kaworu / Asuka)
Event lotteries use their own unique coins to be rolled for.

Other Uses of Coins:
Various premium or other consumables are buyable (Skill Fruits most notable)
Hiden Stones can be bought at a cost of 20 coins on the Pink Shop NPC.
This costs more than just buying 19 dailies with coins for the same number of souls across 4 days.
Lottery Odds CalculatorVariousAll Running Lotteries
(Not actively up since)
Crusade TW Armour
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Thunder Clad+4, Stylish+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Thunder Clad+4, Stylish Assault+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Blazing Grace+5, Absolute Defense+6
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Drawing Arts+6, Stylish+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Crit Conversion+4, Stylish Assault+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Mounting+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Issen+6
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Blazing Grace+5, Abs Defense+6
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Drawing Arts+6, Mounting+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Crit Conversion+4
Evangelion Crossover 2Lottery and various events.
ρℓαу тσ мσνιє
2 free lottery tickets total.
Same pricing as normal Lottery G tickets for more gambles.
First series is dead and gone
Eva themed outfits3/11/201602/11/2017HereLottery 2 Info
Evangelion Crossover 107/07/201606/07/2017Lottery 1 Info
Ravi Lottery Weapons
Old Lottery Armours
Each weapon has a different element from the main ravi tree and ends up amongst the very best for that element when maxed at G.
They use slightly less gems starting out but ultimately the savings are pretty meager. It's very much an extra ravi weapon to grind out rather than an easier one.
Rolls guarantee enough tickets to max one weapon to G Rank but lots of different types.

Armour is identical to when it was launched and not worth touching.

Uses old lottery system but new coins.
Caravan Schedule
Hunter Guide
Guild Food
Quest Search
G Finesse
Hiden Decos
Winners Quests
Mocha (Gook)
Mocha (Quests)
My Mission / ATK Ceiling