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Finding Event Stuff Image Guide
If you find you can't get styles on a character you will need to contact capcom support with a preset message which will fix it with during maintenance. Ask discord for help if needed.News Post
Log In BoostA buff that you can apply for a set duration that 'ranks up' each week.
Each week is on its own timer, if you have logged in for 3 weeks and use all 3 you will have both the 1st and 4th the next week. See image for buffs.
Image Guide
Free 1 Day Premium MonthlySign in 15 days total in a month and you will get given a free 24 hour premium subscription. This is not 15 in a row but 15 in the month.
This lasts for a month from the issue date (i.e. Given on 15th March, expires on 15th April.)

This is active for 24 hours from the second you take it from your giftbox, regardless of if you are logged in or not. Choose activation times to get the most back out of it.
24 Hours given out monthly

Single hours given out as potential rewards in the end of month roulette
Image GuideCapcom Giftbox
Prem Stuff7 Days Premium is being sold for 300 TWD ($~10) until the 31st
Use it to grind if you want to or something.
All premium kits except the 10th Annivesary ones are 50% off.
Probably only Lien and the Disufiroa Kits are worth anything at this point. Maybe Magisa and Carrol too if you want to cover everything possible for some reason.
Raviente Decorations
They're $50 each. Don't bother at all ever.
New Ruche Lotto
ルーチェZP for pieces. They're alright.
Early Summer Fish Festival
Normal and Red Volganos Headpiece Transmogs for anyone who owns them at GX level.
Quests to make getting them maxed less awful than it was previously.
24th May7th JuneDetails
Zenith Rukodiora Launch
Has Dual Swords, Hunting Horn, Swaxe, Tonfa, HBG and Bow
Full set of Z Armour gives 3x Unknown/Zeru, 3x Gold/Silver DD material
Weapon Pairs give 2x Konpeki and 2x Pink/Azure DD material (i.e. 1 a weapon)

GR600 upgraded weapons give 1x Zenith Armour Transmog Material (6 total)
Each ZX Armour piece gives 1x Zenith Armour Transmog Material
Gunner and Blademaster armours are interchangable, 5 pieces total across both
(i.e. Head, Chest, Arms from BM set and Waist and Legs from Gunner set works fine)

Weapons get Hearing Protection Up as their zenith skill and both Dragon and Paralysis.
Wings are its Zenith Part. Likely a double break. Tail and Head as other breakable parts.
Uses Dragon element with Extreme Dragonblight.
ルコZX for armour in MHSX2G

Rough Raw Hitboxes
Head:C25? I35 S30 Wings:C35 I25 S<20
Forelgs:C10 I10 S15 Hindlegs:C10 I10 S10 Tail:C25? I<20 S<20
Rough Elemental Hitboxes
Head:Dra>Ice>Wat Legs:Wat>Ice>Dra Others:Dra>Wat>Ice
24th May7th June
14th June
Carve Table (JP Names until I get all TW ones)Event Details
Diva Defense
You're going to go to Mezeporta, you're going to choose a prayer, you'll get a weapon, you'll kill some monsters, you'll wear their innards. Deal with it, ya twat.

Interception notes have the new Merente set on them (メレンテZX) which is decent.
New LBG with 祈叉石 mat, 624 Raw N9/9/12 P6/6/0. It's not amazing or notable.

Shot damage up prayer.
Tail cutting prayer.
Party size attack buff prayer.
Goddess' Embrace prayer.

Will add diva weapon stuff here when I remember to, probably.
24th May31st May
7th June
14th June
DetailsArmour & Weapon
2nd Zenith Support
Booster pack for making pieces of one of the earliest zeniths. Not based on any previous order.
Khezu Materials this week which are useful for its own weapons, event gravios hammer, festi dragon ele LS, HH and SnS.
24th May~Details
Hiden GHC Quests
It's a bit shite. Likely still just 10% per reward slot of GHCs. Maybe they made it less dumb (they didn't make it less dumb).24th May~Details
Zenith Rukodiora Prep
Zenith Tigrex for Weapon Materials
Zenith Hypnoc for Wind Res Up SZ Cuff Mats
HR5 Akura Vashimu for status immunity decos
GRP Quests

Prep Weapons are:
with 2496 Raw, 1100 Dragon, Normal Length and Hearing Protection Up.
Hammer with 2652 Raw, 1100 Dragon, Normal Length and Hearing Protection Up.
Lance with 1127 Raw, 900 Dragon, Normal Length and Hearing Protection Up.
Bow with 654 Raw, 600 Dragon, (1)SLv3 (2)SLv3 (3)Plv4 (4)RLv4, Power Coatings and Hearing Protection Up.
17th May31st MayDetails
Fishing Festival
HR6 Aurganosu and Goruganosu to make a pair of Wind Element tonfa that end up decent with Vampirism Up.17th May31st MayDetails
Twinhead and Musous
Rajang and Voljang Twinhead is up. It has Sigils that roll in the range of Shiten (3-15) but that also have a bias towards extra useful skills like Weapon Techs and Raw Boosts etc.
Also comes with two decos:
猛士珠GX : Strong Attack +2, Flash Conversion +2, Issen +2 and Three Worlds Protection +2
英傑珠GX : Strong Attack +3, Flash Conversion +2, Caring +5, Drawing Arts +3
17th May24th MayDetails
Zenith Armour Upgrade Assistance
Make any Zenith Hypnoc armour piece and get all materials to upgrade to ZX Lv7
All pieces are vaguely niche upgraded, you might want make pieces and then keep the mats instead.
Notable items include 14x Semi-rares, 3x Rares, 13x Common Tails, 7x Rare Tails.

These are per piece rather than for any single piece, the first piece will cover the second, etc. meaning you only need to actually make a single piece to get 130 semi-rares which you can use on anything you want.

Notable things are the Hypnoc Weapons themselves (SnS, GS, Hammer, HH, GL, Swaxe), the Cake Event Hammer and the Dragon Ele Festival Lance, LBG and DS
17th MayZ2.2Details
41st Festival Winners Week
Store and Winners Quests for whoever ends up winning. (It was Red)17th May24th May-
Bunny ZX Armour
GR200 Zenith Midogaron quest to unlock the transmog, 1 ticket a run. You need to equip a Zenith Weapon for this.
Possess the 10th Anniversary Event Weapons for the actual armour sets.

Weapons that give 20x mats:
MHF-Q Switch Axe, Gook Bow, 10th Anniv Cake, Halk Hunting Horn and the currently unreleased Gold Silver Lavsioth Tonfa.
Conditions list base GR200 crafts but will hopefully also trigger on upgrades.

Armour is not actually great with points in skilled wasting space on a bunch of the pieces with the more desirable Zenith Skills
10th May31st MayArmour SkillsDetails
Event Halk Hunting Horn
It's a hunting horn that looks like a Halk.3rd May7th JuneDetails~
Cake Event Hammer
Quest is 打擊大胃獸王
Kill 5 Congalalas (They spawn on the Area 10 island one after another, just chill there)
Go back to basecamp, get the fireworks and use them.

2782 (532 True)
1110 Blaze Element
Stylish Assault up
Typical values for maxed hammers are around 550-560 True Raw so it's actually pretty solid if you can keep Sass Up going.
19th April31st MayEvent Details
2018 Festival
Quests to get 9 different transmog materials. They are all the same EGLy set with different colours.
Quests are HR5 Toridcless, GR Gougarfs and GR200 Zenith Hypnoc for 3 ticket types each.

HR5 獵人祭典・剛種 : Toridcless
(Ranged Only)

GR1 獵人祭典・G級 : Gougarfs
(DS, LS, Hammer, HH, Tonfa Only)

GR200 獵人祭典・辿異 : Hypnoc
(SnS, GS, Lance, Gunlance, Swaxe only)
29th Mar31st MayTransmog Quests
Elzelion Special Headpiece
教官的試煉 ~你我猶如冰與火篇~
Event headpiece only available on update launch with ostly gimmicky points.
Three Worlds Protection+10 / Fate+20 / Protection+20 / Blazing Grace+5 / Ice Age+4
29th Mar31st MayElzelion Headpiece
Ongoing Things
Broken CrapIf you have an old account and resume playing you might need to contact capcom support if you can't get Extreme Styles despite being at GR1.
If completing either Upper Shiten or Lv9999 Conquests doesn't grant you transmogs you will need to contact support.
Discord has a guide for the Lv9999 transmogs, ask if you need help with the others.
Active Feature StuffHH: 1.5x Attack, Stun 1.2x
Lance: 1.5x Attack, less stamina used when guarding
GL: 1.5x Attack, +1 to all shells, buggy WF without cooldowns at random
LBG: 1.25x Attack, Adaptation and Just Shot / Perfect Shot gauge sizes up
HBG: Bullet Saver, 1.25x Attack More heat beam added per shot and gauge sizes up
Bow: 1.25x Attack. 1.1x Elemental, +5 hitboxes, super armour, fast stamina recovery
All: Move speed up, weapons handling
Hunter's Road
This isn't actually an event but it's being listed here anyway.
White Fatalis and the Brilliance (煉華Z) armour are available from the start along with Zenith Sigil materials for Tower Weapons.

If you want to unlock every option in the store you need to run through 50 stages in one run so do try not to die too much if you want that.
29th MarNeverDetails
Cycling Events Completion RewardsBy participating in all four of the cycling events you can gain items to craft unique weapons and armour using items for reaching certain goals.
Hunter's Road : Floor 15, 20 a week Conquests : All Lvs of fixed quests Festival : 3000 Contributed Souls Diva Defense: 20,000 Score

Convert other mats to Hunter's Road ones 1:1 on the Yellow NPC (Last, Last) they'll likely eventually remove this option.
Energy Points SystemHunt with at least one other player to get Energy Points to exchange for items on the exchange site.
100 points per quest completed with other hunters and a maximum of 1500 points per day.

Allows you to trade for things such as N Blocks and GHC carves for ok pricing. Lets you skip some awful grind such as that for the G Volganos headpieces.
Energy Point Exchange1/9/2016Here
G Rank Raviente
All three Ravientes get armour upgrades to GX level which turn into gems that give Determination, the de facto endgame min max skill. Requires 200 hours of ravi minimum for a decoration set and closer to 300 for a weapon.

There are three different Ravi sets and 30 decos because of this. Choose the ones you want to make carefully. Sets and deco skill points can be checked on in the Raviente section.

G Rank Ravi weapon upgrade gems for every G Rank Ravi Weapon and full G armour set made. These are completely negligible rewards.

Raviente trains are not terribly popular lately and you will never finish a set if you are unwilling to map your sleep schedule so you can actually catch any that run.
If there is a Raviente event on there will usually be trains 18:00 until 00:00ish regardless of popularity.
Voodoo Doll TonfasA pair of tonfas designed by a TW user for a contest.
Requires you do a daily 5 times that uses the tonfas against Baru.
The tickets to make the base tonfas can be converted into upgrade tickets on the yellow NPC in Last > Last.
There is also a conversion option on the Lottery Cat on the second page of non-step up lotteries.
Last upgrade needs 2 dailies worth of items.
Has outright highest Paralysis on a pair of Tonfas in the game and decent elemental.
Dual Diablos LS
Get items to take the quest from the purple guildie, get more from the Energy Point store. Buy items for lv11 upwards from the EP store.
Probably mainly intended to get people to use the lottery for the upgrade mats when up.
It's not actually worth the effort in the slightest.
Other Premium Events
LotteriesJP Lottery Piece Names
Cielo (シエロGP) / Giaorugu (シルティGP) / Salta (サルタGP)

TW Lotteries, 60 ticket Pieces (300 for full set)
Sunny (晴雲頭飾/ 晴雲髮飾) / Lost Eye (失落狂 / 失落猛) / Blue Crystal (噬天光 / 噬天神)
TW Lotteries, 10 ticket Pieces (60 for full set)
Crusade (十字軍)

Current Event Lotteries:
Evangelion (Rei / Shinji) / Evangelion 2 (Kaworu / Asuka)
Event lotteries use their own unique coins to be rolled for.

Other Uses of Coins:
Various premium or other consumables are buyable (Skill Fruits most notable)
Hiden Stones can be bought at a cost of 20 coins on the Pink Shop NPC.
This costs more than just buying 19 dailies with coins for the same number of souls across 4 days.
Lottery Odds CalculatorVariousAll Running Lotteries
(Not actively up since)
Crusade TW Armour
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Thunder Clad+4, Stylish+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Thunder Clad+4, Stylish Assault+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Blazing Grace+5, Absolute Defense+6
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Drawing Arts+6, Stylish+5
Strong Attack+5, Three Worlds+5, Charge Attack Up+5, Crit Conversion+4, Stylish Assault+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Mounting+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Issen+6
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Blazing Grace+5, Abs Defense+6
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Drawing Arts+6, Mounting+5
Critical Shot+5, Three Worlds+5, Bullet Saver+5, Thunder Clad+4, Crit Conversion+4
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