Continent Country University, Research Center or Network Department, Faculty, School Research Group, Lab PhD Programme (Science, Art, Number) Contact Person Links Focus/Specialization
Africa South Africa Monash University, Johannesburg School of Arts, Communication and Media Studies -Lab- -PhD- Rose-Marie Philosophy of Gaming
Asia Japan Tokyo Polytechnic University Department of Animation Game course B.A. -Contact- undergraduate game development course started in 2007
Asia Japan Ritsumeikan University College of Image Arts and Sciences -Lab- B.A. -Contact- undergraduate creator/producer course started in 2007
Asia Japan University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Research Core for Education in Digital Content Creation no degree -Contact- interdisciplinary program (curriculum and faculties are not focused on digital games)
Asia Korea Korea Advanced Intitute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Graduate School of Culture Technology -Lab- -PhD- D. Yvette Wohn -Focus-
Asia Singapore Nanyang Technological University School of Computer Engineering gameLAB -PhD- -Contact- Game technology
Asia Thailand - Thai Simulation and Gaming Association - -PhD- -Contact- is a professional organization for teachers, trainers, researchers, practitioners and other professionals. Its aim is to enable the sharing of expertise in the field of simulation, gaming and experiential methods for teaching, learning, development and assessment.
Europe Austria Danube-University Krems Department of Image Science -Lab- -PhD- Michael Wagner -Focus-
Europe Austria FH-Joanneum University of Applied Science Graz Game Design -Lab- -PhD- Maja Pivec -Focus-
Europe Austria University of Vienna Faculty for Philosophy and Educational Sciences Media Education -PhD- Christian Swertz Educational Philosophy of Games, Games and Learning, Serious Games, Video Game Addiction, Live Long Gaming Research
Europe Austria TU Vienna -Department- -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
Europe Belgium Group T Engineering School eMedia Lab (associated within the Catholic University of Louvain) -Lab- -PhD- Bob Deschutter serious games, tangible play
Europe Belgium MAD Faculty Play&Game -Lab- -PhD- Veerle Van der Sluys serious games, playful design, game art
Europe Belgium MICT Gaming Cell Department of Communication Research, University of Ghent Research group and gaming-lab no degree Jan Van Looy Game experience and use, serious games, immersive and virtual media
Europe Denmark Danish School of Education (Copenhagen) -Department- Games and Learning research group -PhD- -Contact- Serious Games on a Global Market Place; prototypes of learning games.
Europe Denmark ITU Copenhagen -Department- Center for Computer Games Research -PhD- Espen Aarseth Game studies, game design, artificial intelligence
Europe Finland Helsinki School of Economics Center for Innovation and Knowledge Research Knowledge Media Laboratory -PhD- Niklas Ravaja -Focus-
Europe Finland Helsinki University of Technology Helsinki Institute of for Information Technology Digital Content Communities research group -PhD- Kai Kuikkaniemi Not solely on gaming
Europe Finland University of Jyvaskyla -Department- Agora Game lab -PhD- -Contact- -Focus-
Europe Finland University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) Crucible Studio Media Lab -PhD- -Contact-; games in narrative/storytelling practice-based research context
Europe Finland University of Tampere School of Information Sciences (SIS) Games Research Lab Master's Degree Programme in Internet and Game Studies; PhD (open for international applicants) - Frans Mäyrä Game cultures, game design research, player experiences and evaluation methods.
Europe France ENJIM -Department- -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- Game Design
Europe France ENS Lyon Geography laboatoire junior de LENS LSH -PhD- -Contact- -Focus-
Europe France OMNSH - Digital World Observatory in Human Science -Department- -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -Focus-
Europe Germany Academy of Fine Arts Saar Media Art & Design xm:lab BA, MA, PhD (Dr. Phil.) Burkhard Detzler, Michael Schmitz, Soenke Zehle Technologies of Play
Europe Germany Bremen University of Applied Sciences Gangs of Bremen -Lab- -PhD- Barbara Grüter Mobile Gaming Experiences and Human-Computer Interaction
Europe Germany GEElab Europe, Karlsruhe (a European branch of RMIT University, Australia School of Media & Communication GEElab (Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory) -PhD- Steffen P Walz Game design and game thinking applied to topics such as urban mobility, in-car HCI, enterprise innovation, occupational safety, reading for pleasure, collaborative learning, storytelling and experimental entertainment. Also, the AUS branch are host to the Games for Change ANZ Festivals 2012 & 2013
Europe Germany IJK Hannover -Department- -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
Europe Germany Ilmenau University of Technology Institute of Media and Communication Science Department of Virtual Worlds and Digital Games BA, MA, Dr. phil. Jeffrey Wimmer Social scientific aspects of gaming & Technology of games
Europe Germany Universität Duisburg-Essen Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften Informatik und Angewandte Kognitionswissenschaft -PhD- Maic Masuch Computer graphics
Europe Germany University of Applied Science Köln Psychologie Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät -PhD- Winfried Kaminski effects of virtual worlds
Europe Germany University of Applied Sciences Bremen Gangs of Bremen - Mobile Gaming Experiences and Human Computer Interaction -Lab- -PhD- Barbara Grüter -Focus-
Europe Germany University of Bonn Institute of Computer Science III Mobile Gaming -PhD- Armin B. Cremers Location-Based Gaming
Europe Germany University of Magdeburg Intitute of Educational Science Media Literacy: Visual Culture and Communication -PhD- Johannes Fromme -Focus-
Europe Germany University of Mainz -Department- -Lab- -PhD- Christoph Klimmt -www- Education and psychiology
Europe Germany University of Münster Department of Communication Online communication -PhD- Thorsten Quandt Media effects research
Europe Germany University of Paderborn Institute for Media Science Medienorganisation und Mediensystem -PhD- Jörg Müller-Lietzkow; -Focus-
Europe Germany University of Potsdam Digital Games Research Center, DIGAREC -Lab- -PhD- Stephan Günzel Interdisziplinary (Game Studies, Psychology, Computer Science, Design, Law)
Europe Germany Trier University of Applied Sciences Department of Computer Science Digital Media and Games B.Sc./M.Sc. Georg Schneider Technology
Europe Germany Trier University of Applied Sciences Department of Design Intermedia Design -PhD- Marcus Haberkorn -Focus-
Europe Germany HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences gameslab gameslab, Games & Interactive Media Research Group BA & MA Erik Schulz research & development
Europe Greece Ionian University, Corfur Department of Informatics -Lab- -PhD- Kostas Anagnostou Game Technology, Videogames and Virtual Worlds in Education, Accessibility Issues in Videogames
Europe Italy University of Bologna Discipline Della Comunicazione Discipline Semiotiche MA, PhD Giovanna Cosenza Semiotics of New Media
Europe Italy Comune di Bologna -Department- Archivio Videoludico della Cineteca di Bologna no degree Andrea Dresseno Computer Games Archive, Conferences and Seminars in Theory and Criticism of Computer Games
Europe Netherlands Academy of Digital Entertainment (Breda) -Department- Alive Serious Games -PhD- Penny de Byl ; -Focus-
Europe Netherlands Delft University of Technology Centre of Process Management & Simulation (CPS) Faculties of Computer Science, Architecture and Civil Engeneering -PhD- Casper Harteveld interdisciplinary centre (simulation-gaming, serious gaming and 3D virtual (game) worlds)
Europe Netherlands Eindhoven Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT Game Design & Technology -PhD- Menno motivational design of serious games
Europe Netherlands Eindhoven University of Technology -Department- Game Experience Lab -PhD- Wijnand IJsselsteijn -Focus-
Europe Netherlands University of Utrecht, Utrecht School of Arts and TNO Centre for Advanced Gaming and Simulation (AGS) Game Research für Training and Entertainment -PhD- -Contact- -Focus-
Europe Netherlands University of Utrecht Department of Information an computing Science Game and Virtual World Research Group -PhD- -Contact- ; ; (algorithmic) technology for games and virtual worlds
Europe Netherlands University of Utrecht Faculty of Humanities Utrecht Media Research Program -PhD- -Contact- -www- games as cultural phenomenon
Europe Netherlands Utrecht School of the Arts -Department- Game Design and Research Center -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
Europe Netherlands Utrecht School of the Arts Utrecht School of Music and Technology Research Group Adaptive Music Systems -PhD- Hans Timmermans Composition and sound design for adaptive systems and games
Europe Netherlands Vrije Universiteit Faculty of Arts Comparative Arts and Media Studies BA, MA Connie Veugen games as a comparative medium
Europe Norway Gjøvik University College Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology Medialab PhD in Applied Computer Science, BAs in Game Design and Game Programming Anders S. Løvlie Interdisciplinary center
Europe Portugal University of Coimbra -Department- -Lab- -PhD- Licinio Roque; MOG Technologies, Digital Games Development Methodology and the Design of Ludic Learning Contexts
Europe Sweden Blekinge Institute of Technology Department of Interaction and System Design Game and Media Arts Laboratory -PhD- Craig Lindley, Lennart Nacke cognitive, psychological, psychophysiological, game design, tools, systems, eye tracking
Europe Sweden Chalmers, University of Gothenborg Computerscience and Engineering Data-and Information Technology Department -PhD- Staffan Björk -Focus-
Europe Sweden Interactive Institute and Mobile Life -Department- Mobile Life Center / TA2 -PhD- Annika Waern -Focus-
Europe Sweden Malmö University Center for Game Studies school of arts and communication -PhD- Micke Jakobsson player communities; game design process and game aesthetics
Europe Sweden Malmö University Center for Game Studies teacher training college -PhD- Elisabet Nilsson learning in and through games
Europe Sweden Stockholm University game design and game programming -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
Europe Sweden University of Gothenborg Faculty of Education Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS) -PhD- Jonas Linderoth -Focus-
Europe Sweden University of Gothenborg IT Faculty Institute for Applied IT -PhD- Louise Peterson -Focus-
Europe Sweden University of Gothenborg IT Faculty Institute for Applied IT -PhD- Wolmet Barendregt -www- -Focus-
Europe Sweden University of Skövde School of HUmanities and Informatics InGaMe Lab (Research group and lab) MSc programme in serious games (computer science) Per Backlund games and interactable media in general and serious games in particular
Europe Turkey Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Computer Science Computer Games Technology Lab -PhD- Dr. Mehmet Suleyman Unluturk Computer Games Technology
Europe Turkey Middle East Technical University (Ankara) -Department- Simulations and Games in Education SIMGE -PhD- Kursat Cagiltay conduct research on the use of simulations and games in education. In addition to pedagogical and cognitive issues, the SIMGE researchers also focus on the social and technical issues of simulations and games.
Europe Turkey Middle East Technical University (Ankara) Department of Computer Engineering Computer Graphics and Visualization Group -PhD- Veysi Isler Multiuser Distributed Game Architectures
Europe UK Brunel University (London) School of Arts -Lab- -PhD- Tanya Krzywinska Games Studies
Europe UK Glasgow Caledonian University eMotionLab -Lab- -PhD- Jonathan Sykes consultancy and development services in the area of game production and play-testing
Europe UK London South Bank University -Department- -Lab- -PhD- Siobhan Thomas -www- -Focus-
Europe UK Sheffield Hallam University Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Science BSc / BA / MSc Game Design; individuals researching into games / machinima in education
Europe UK University of Bolton School of Games Computing and Creative Technologies Emotioneering Research Group -PhD- Mark Grimshaw -Focus-
Europe UK University of London Institute of Education London Knowledge Lab -PhD- Diane Carr; games studies/virtual worlds/games and education
Europe UK University College London Faculty of Engineering Department of Computer Science -PhD- postdoc Patty serious games for health, seamless evaluation, public health education using games/ collaboration with WHO, ECDC, HPA
Europe UK University of Portsmouth School of Creative Technologies Advanced Games Research Group -PhD- Dan Pinchbeck; -Focus-
Europe UK University of Salford School of Art & Design Creative Games -PhD- Mathias Fuchs games studies/creative games/games and education
Europe UK University of the West of England (Bristol) Media and Cultural Studies; Department Culture, Media & Drama The Play Research Group -PhD- Seth Giddings; -Focus-
Europe UK University of The West of Scotland -Department- ARGuing EU project -PhD- Thomas Connolly promotion of language learning for secondary school students through ARGs
Europe UK University of Wales (Newport) Newport School of Art, Media and Design Synergy Games Research Group -PhD- Emma Westcott game studies; Women in Games
Europe Zwitzerland ETH Zurich Department of Architecture Computer Aided Architectural Design Group -PhD- Steffen P. Walz -Focus-
North America Canada Canadian Game Studies Association -Department- -Lab- -PhD- Suzanne de Castell -Focus-
North America Canada Concordia University (Montreal) Faculty of Fine Arts; Faculty of Arts and Science; Faculty of Engineering The Technoculture, Art and Games Initiative (TAG) PhD Humanities;Film and Moving Image Studies,MA Sociology;History;English; Communications Bart Simon game studies; new media design; digital culture
North America Canada Centre for Digital Media (consortium) University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University; Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology -Lab- Masters in Digital Media -Contact- admissions@thecdm.ca Leadership, project management and collaborative intelligence skills for digital media environments
North America Canada Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) Faculty of Applied Sciences -PhD- Steve DiPaola -Focus-
North America Canada Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) Faculty of Education -Lab- -PhD- Suzanne de Castell -Focus-
North America Canada Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), Seneca College, University of Western Ontario -Department- Creativity Assistive Tools for Games and Interactive Environments -PhD- -Contact- -Focus-
North America Canada University of British Columbia -Department- -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
North America Canada University of Calgary Fine Arts Digital Media Laboratory -PhD- Jim Parker -Focus-
North America Canada University of Montreal Department of Art History and Film Studies Ludicine -PhD- Bernard Perron -Focus-
North America Canada University of Quebec at Montral (UQAM) Faculty of communication Homo Ludens -PhD- -Contact- Play in social contexts
North America USA Northeastern University (Boston) Colleges of Arts, Media and Design and Computer and Information Sciences PLAIT Lab (Playable Innovative Technology) BFA, BS, MS, PhD Magy Seif El-Nasr, Director of Game Educational Programs and Research Game Science and Design, Game User Research, CHI and Games, Game AI, Games for Impact
North America USA Carleton University in Ottawa -Department- Hyperlab -PhD- Brian Greenspan Game Studies and the Digital Humanities
North America USA Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA ETC program -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
North America USA Champlain College, Burlington, VT -Department- -Lab- -PhD- -Contact- -www- -Focus-
North America USA Columbia University (New York) Teachers College EDLAB -N/A- Jessica Mezei -Focus-
North America USA Columbia University (New York) Center for New Media Teaching and Learning -Lab- -N/A- Teresa Gonzalez -Focus-
North America USA Columbia University (New York) Computer Science Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab PhD Steve Feiner -Focus-