MUNICIPAL NEEDPOTENTIAL SOLUTION (as offered by municipality, but your ideas to tackle the problem is also needed)DATA/RESOURCES SUBMITTED?POINT OF CONTACT
Alexandria Twp (Hunterdon)Public Engagemt/ TransparencyIn an effort to increase citizen participation and make government more efficient, Alexandria needs help digitizing certain public records and bring government functions online (i.e. interactive forms, applications, permits, service requests, etc.) The Township doesn't have the finances to fix these problems and come up with solutions.Interactive Public Records: (open to ideas)Joel from OpenGov: consider leveraging RecordTrac - an Open Source projectMichele Bobrowski, Twp. Admin./Clerk,, 908-996-7071 ext 210
Camden (Camden)EnvironmentIn order to improve the quality of the City's street tree inventory, a more efficient way to survey and get baseline data on street trees would better manage risk, the health and growth of its canopy. Crowd sourcing capabilities are also needed. Currently, volunteers carry physical spreadsheets to catalogue a street tree location, health, general size, type, potential hazards. Some of that info is then uploaded to a Google Map.Tree Map App: A virtual map and mobile app that tracks GPS location of the tree, identifies type of tree by leaf picture, has photo uploading capabilities, identifies hazards with picture and location, measures circumference, etc. Cooper-Grant neighborhood tree map
Jonathan Latko, Sustainable Camden,, 267-278-4625
East Orange
CommunityEast Orange could use a platform that allows residents and visitors access to: maps of comunity gardens, maps of farmer's markets, access to green initiatives, access to whole foods, opportunities to join Green Team, a place to offer green ideas, a market place for solar installers and dependable certified local contractors and landscapers, access to free and low cost health resources, event calendar showcasing cultural programs, access to free recreation and fitness programs for teens, families and seniors, portal to pay taxes and utility bills via payment plans, portal for residents to connect with DPW for garbage collection and pothole maintenance and snow removal, portal for tenants to directly connect with property maintenance re: heating and building maintenance concerns, access to 1st time homebuyer information, foreclosure prevention resources, portal for local contractors to advertise, be rated and contacted for contractual work and employment opportunities, map of restaurants, push notifications for small businesses and entrepreneurs, market place for local vendors, portal for interested investors to propose development of vacant lots, portal to engage residnets in Master Plan Reexamination and other municipal strategies and actions.Activate East Orange: One comprehensive platform that would connect people with all of this information and each other. **This can also be done with separate individual platforms focused on topic areas rather than one all inclusive general platform. not yet but we have dataNaiima Fauntleroy, Community Development 973 266 5140
Elk (Gloucester)Community/EnvironmentElk is updating the online trail guide for our township. We have an on-line version of the trail guide and would like assistance in making it more interactive as a good opportunity for community outreach.Interactive Trail Guide: allowing the guide to provide a way for community members to provide feedback, ask questions and volunteer Weiss, Chair, Environmental Commission,, 856-881-0278
Haddonfield (Camden)SustainabilityBorough would like to share progress on sustainability issues and progress within Sustainable Jersey program with residents and municipal officials in an easy to digest format, which will help garner support for their effortsSustainability Report Card: Development of an interactive sustainability report card that allows residents to judge our performance on key actions and/or submit ideas, allow them to be vetted by other residents and get official responses from the Borough. **Sustainable Jersey has similar project in competition. Haddonfield might want to be the example you use for the larger platform that all towns can plug in their Sustainable Jersey program data and use.Haddonfield's Sustainable Jersey submissions on related actions (Tom has)Mike Tyler, Environmental Commission,
Haddonfield (Camden)Local Economy/Green Business
Borough would like to support the efforts of local businesses that have pledged green practices. It will help to support the strengthen the local economy while incentivizing other businesses to incorporate green practices as well.
Green Business Map: Creation of an interactive map of our borough's green businesses **Sustainable Jersey has similar project in competition. Haddonfield might want to be the example you use for the larger platform that all towns implementing the Sustainable Jersey Green Business action can use.Haddonfield's Sustainable Jersey Green Business action submission (Tom has)Mike Tyler, Environmental Commission,
Haddonfield (Camden)WasteThe green team would like to help boost recycling efforts in the school system and help keep waste out of the waste stream.School Recycling Challenge: Develop a list of the borough's schools with recycling programs and a way for them to compete on which school recycles more based on weight Mike Tyler, Environmental Commission,
Haddonfield (Camden)CommunityThe borough would like to find a way to incentivize residents to get in on the sustainability effort in order to have a broader community impact.
Citizen Sustainability Challenge: Development of an app for borough residents to learn about sustainability practices and perhaps a function for earning points for their implementation of best practices (waste & energy reduction, recycling, water conservation, etc.)Mike Tyler, Environmental Commission,
Hammonton (Atlantic)Water ConservationThe idea is to develop a better way of communicating weather conditions to residents to reduce lawn watering. Humidity levels and rain events can reduce lawn watering significantly if residents knew how to monitor and understood how long moisture can last in the root system, which would allow residents to adjust and hopefully reduce their watering cycle.Smart Irrigation Controller: It could work like a town-wide app, or "smart irrigation controller", eliminating the expense of individual units at each home and increasing knowledge/understanding.Jerry Barberio, Town Administrator,, (609) 567-4300 ext. 101
Highland Park (Middlesex)Economy/FoodIncrease use of locally farmed goods and support local farmersFarmers Market Matching Program: A way for farmers market shoppers to volunteer to pick up goods and bring to people who cant get there on time. Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)CommunityConnecting the senior community and providing support to help them learn technology and use digital programsGeek to Geezer: A matching program or app to link tech savvy kids with senior citizens who want to get onlineMatt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)WasteTrying to keep unwanted products out of the waste stream by creating a sharing economy within town.Board Game Swap: I have Monopoly. You have Clue. We both are sick of them. Let's swap for this Shabbos.Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Arts/BusinessWe have a great arts festival but often people aren't buying goods from our local artists at these events. We would like to support our local artists and build the local economy.Arts in the Park AP: A virtual shopping center that will go up for two weeks after the fair to highlight the vendors. Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Public Engagemt/CommunityNot enough people are able to attend high school sporting events due to work and parenting schedules. Increase participation in the viewership of these games is a need.Live Streaming of High School Sports: Could we make an app to make it easy for parent to volunteer to do this? Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Public Engagemt/CommunityThe borough would like to better understand what the residents feel are the assets of the community, where improvements can be made, and instill pride in the community.
#HighlandPark2020: a local Twitter contest for people to tweet what they want HP to look like in 2020 and a space to keep and collect those tweets.Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Public EngagementLack of understanding of the process for how tech starts ups can thrive within HP and support of our local technologists.Digital Government 101: partner with Citizen Campaign to develop a roadmap process for tech innovation at the local level. Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Public Engagemt/OperationsStreamline service request system & make more engaging, while involving the public in the process to make sure their input is heard.Interactive Public Works Instagram: Dead/fix/change Instagram feed to public works. Take a picture, post to Instagram, feeds directly into public works to do list. one button response. Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Public Engagemt/ TransparencyPublic meeting minutes are found on the borough website, but not easily searchable by topic, only date. It would be great to be able to find when a topic was covered at a meeting by searching key words.Searchable Public Meeting Minutes: making them searchable through some sort of appMatt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)EnergyNeed for new energy efficient smart meters that aren't as costly as from private companiesSmart Meter Calculator: an app to compare and contrast smart meters based on your current usage. Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171
Highland Park (Middlesex)Public Engagemt/ TransparencyReduce the amount of calls and information requests to municipal staff and be proactive about providing information to citizensAlexa in the lobby of city hall: Can we train Alexa specifically to answer common questions about Highland Park? Matt Hale, Chair of Digital Government Task Force,, 609-240-2171COMPLETED
Highland Park (Middlesex)EnergyHome Performance with Energy Star campaign & Energy Sage campaign are up and running, but need more public participationHP Energy Campaign Apps: Need app that would track #'s that have signed up so far, people can view what neighbors are doing, how much saved, etc.
Jersey City (Hudson)WaterThe City would like to better manage storm water to reduce flooding and the number of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events around townStormwater Reduction Program: creation of a predictive model for flooding and impacts on residents/housing, etc.Neelesh Tekal, Data Scientist with the Office of Innovation,, 201-577-6140
Keyport (Monmouth)TransportationA small walkable town, Keyport would like to improve pedestrian safety. The green team has done a complete inventory of all cross walks with various attributes, but would like the data put in a more user friendly, visually appealing way for data analysisPedestrian Safety Tool: A tech solution providing better analysis of the data on existing crosswalks (location & other attributes) for purposes of Complete Streets and Safe Routes to Schools initiatives, grants, and other pedestrian safety initiatives.Completed crosswalk inventory (Excel & Access DB)Michael Palmisano, Vice Chairman Keyport Environmental Commission,, 732-264-4117
Maplewood (Essex)EnergyMaplewood has a comprehensive town-wide plan to reduce GHG emissions and would like to focus on the use of leaf blowers as one of the spokes in this wheel. Leaf blowers put off more GHG emissions than an F150! So how can Maplewood get people to stop using their leaf blowers in order to contribute to this GHG reduction?Leaf Blower Reduction App: a mapping program that allows people interested in raking lawns for money to connect with potential clients. Ideally, rakers would be able to specify a distance from their address that they are willing to travelTracey Woods, Green Team Chair,, 973-762-1218
Maplewood (Essex)EnergyMaplewood has a chronic overheating issue in our school district and are working towards solutions but we need a way for teacher to let admins know if there is overheating in the moment. Most of the teachers don't have acsess to computers in class but do have access to phones. School Heat Map App: We want a way to let teachers and other school staff let the building administration know that there classrooms are to hot via mobile. The app would have to work on the Apple and Samsung Platforms.Tracey Woods, Green Team Chair,, 973-762-1218COMPLETED
Montgomery (Somerset)CommunityPromotion of the many recreational activities currently available, including parks, preserved open space, and a vast pathway network in order to increase resident activity.Montgomery Rec App: an app for smartphones (both Android and Apple platforms) that would include a GPS-based map, allowing users to navigate the pathways network; locate a nearby park or pathway; locate amenities in parks; navigate to existing geocaches; and find latitude and longitude waypoints in case of emergency. Other features would include: • A list of upcoming community events • Upload photos and share to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) • Reporting any issues to the Township • Habitat and tree information • Weather • Park rental information • Offline park and pathway maps • Hunting status • Parking information / Driving directions Richard Caprio, Senior GIS Specialist,, 908-359-8211 ext 276
Montville TownshipLand Use/Environment
Many municipalities in NJ are the product of poorly thought out suburban sprawl: long commutes, building in floodplains, expense of building & maintaining utility infrastructure in a low density environment. Rezoning would potentially relieve these problems but is likely to be met with resistance if done rapidly and without incentives to change.
Zoning Portal for Developers: We believe it might be helpful to offer a web app or platform through which potential developers can enter some data about the basic parameters of their intended project (location, building footprint, use) which can be scored using our extensive GIS data to rate how sustainable the project is. Criteria could include distance from schools or transit for residential, population within a certain radius for commercial, floodplain data, and soils (formerly agricultural towns can try to protect land with high quality soil to aid farmland preservation efforts). Reductions in development fees or tax incentives can be offered to those projects that score highly under these criteria.
Extensive internally produced GIS data & GIS data shared by county and state agencies
Giancarlo Bruno,, 973-331-3357
Morristown (Morris)EnergyMorristown would like to implement an anti-idling campaign in schools in Morristown. Anti-Idling Campaign Tool: (open to ideas)Lauren Cranmer, Sustainable Morristown,, 856-912-6586
Morristown (Morris)WasteMorristown would like to help the town stop using plastic bags through education, communication, and a town ordinance (we have town support but need help with the work and presentation).Plastic Bag Reduction Tool: (open to ideas)Lauren Cranmer, Sustainable Morristown,, 856-912-6586
Neptune Twp (Monmouth)HousingTownship needs to manage its many vacant and abandoned properties. Information to be collected, timelines to be managed and a tie with GIS/Tax Mapping.Abandoned Properties Management Tool: A platform that can integrate the abandoned properiy data & information to be collected, the managing of timelines and workflow, with a GIS component and a tie to tax map.Vito Gadaleta, Business Administrator,, 732-988-5200, ext. 232
Newark (Essex)
Housing/Land UseVacant properties are a big problem and the city would like more public participation in figuring out what to do with the lotsVacant Propery Bidding Tool: tool to allow public to view list of vacant properties and submit a bid on a property and tell what they would do with it, how much to pay, etc.Seth Wainer, Chief Information Officer,, (973) 733-3217
Newark (Essex)
Newark has a prototype smart city kiosk in downtown that serves to provide basic services including free high-speed internet and real-time communication/alerts (community notices, bulletin boards, maps, weather, etc). NJII & Newark are open to teams working to create additional functionalities for the kiosk.Brand Newark Kiosk: create additional public engagement & communications functionalities to the Newark downtown kiosk in order to help people connect with important city information Motyka,, 973.596.5826
New Brunswick Office of InnovationPublic Engagemt/OperationsIncrease public engagement in public meetings and reporting of issues; Increase public access to municipal operations
Town Hall Engagement Chat Bot: Design and deliver a chat bot that allows users to interact with municipalities to inquire about schedules of meetings and services, as well as to report issues to city departmentsBrendan Kaplan - Executive Director, New Brunswick Office of Innovation,, 617-935-6284COMPLETED
New Brunswick Office of InnovationTransparency/Public EngagementIncrease transparency of municipal budget process and provide way to streamline input of budgetary items by staffBudget Streamlining: Create a system to allows users to enter municipal financial information (funding sources, accounts, expenditures), and output to an OpenBudget visualization.Brendan Kaplan - Executive Director, New Brunswick Office of Innovation,, 617-935-6284
NJ Clean Energy Program/Solar CityEnergyRepresentatives from NJCEP and Solar City see the need to make energy bill usage data public. Analyzing energy bills to find out whether certain energy projects are viable. But getting that data is very difficult. There is a need to bring that data online so it's more user ready.Energy Usage Data Online: Create a portal that would put energy bill data online.Tom Quigley, NJ Clean Energy Program,, 856-397-8296
Perth Amboy (Middlesex)Public Engagemt/OperationsThe city has a problem concerning street light outages. When a street light bulb goes out, the city risks the safety of our citizens due to impaired lighting and cost the municipality a lot of time and money in the interim until the problem bulb is found and fixed. Street Light Outage Workflow: A platform that automates notifications to the Public Works Department with the proper code and location of faulty street lamps.Maximo Vazquez,, 732-585-3184
Princeton (Mercer)CommunityThere is a need to provide the community efforts to identify and track various assets within the town, while also providing a space to connect volunteers and activists with organizations and individuals who are doing related work around town.Community Asset Tool: Create an online sustainability asset map that displays sustainability points of interest, organizations and landmarks in the Municipality of Princeton. The online map should also include a way for anyone to add information about their sustainability organization by completing an intake form. The form would capture data that would be used to provide data visualization about how the various sustainability organizations interact, their needs, i.e. volunteers, areas of focus, etc. The site should also provide a community calendar of sustainability related events happening in the Princeton region. Christine Symington - Program Director, Sustainable Princeton,, 484-883-1650
Princeton (Mercer)Transportation/SafetyBiking safety is an issueBicycle Safety App: Import bicycle data, accident reports, etc. to create an app that people can use to choose routes with real time data. No current statewide bike accident data, only cars
Christina Rothman-Iliff, Access Princeton Manager,, 609-924-4141
Ridgewood (Bergen)Water ConservationThe town is focused on water conservation and would like to find creative ways to encourage residents to cut down on wasting waterWater Conservation Challenge: An app or challenge encourage customers to conserve water and educate them about our current water system while increasing a positive reputation of Ridgewood Water.Jill Fasano, Sr Engineer,, 201-670-5500 x 282
Trenton (Mercer)Business The City does not currently have a portal to provide information to people who are looking to open businesses or develop property. This puts Trenton at a disadvantage compared to other communities who provide easy to access business and development related information. Providing a business and developer portal will make the City more helpful to the business and developer community, help businesses and developments start faster, and help reduce the number of failed businesses and developments. Business Assistance Portal: a portal to provide technical assistance and start up support for retailers, developers, and food production businesses. Info could include: grant funding opportunities, obtaining capital, advertising and marketing assistance, technology support, market analysis, and business plan creation, available properties, forms, licenses, tax abatements, tax incentives, basic Census information and light analysis, and contact information for City, County, and State agencies.Jeff Wilkerson, Acting Planning Director/Supervising Planner,, 609-989-3502
Verona (Essex)EnvironmentThe tree-killing Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been detected in Montclair and it will be in Verona soon. We would like to help residents be able to identify if they have ash trees in their properties, so they can retain a N.J. Certified Tree Expert or ISA Certified Arborist to inspect trees and develop a plan of action. Outreach and education to residents on the municipal EAB plan and proper treatment advice is needed. Emerald Ash Borer Connector: Platform that connects residents with certified tree experts or ISA certified arborists for tree inspections and development of plans of action; with a component for identification of ash tress on propertylist of tree expertsSteve Neale, Sustainable Verona Chair/Dept of Community Services,, 973-857-4830
Verona (Essex)Local Economy/Green Business
We would like to find a way to better connect our local businesses with each other and the township. A local business portal would be helpful to have businesses be able to connect to each other, the community and the local government.Business Portal: There could be a resident side where people can go in and see what specials or events are going on. There could be a municipal side where the town can share important info for new businesses, ordinances, forms, etc.Steven Neale, 973-239-4921
Vineland (Cumberland)Public Engagemt/OperationsWe would like to increase and improve on the communication paths between citizens and various departments when handling citizen reports, complaints, and comments on environmental issues requiring attention, and in turn, streamline our efforts to have a more efficient response.Service Request Response Mobile App: for community / environmental issues needing attention. For residents use to report issues such as potholes, litter, missing signs, blocked storm drains, illegal dumping, graffiti, information on trees, and more. The features that would be useful are: The user would send a picture, and the App would capture GPS coordinates of the issue, along with a short form or space provided for brief text and/or a dropdown box of common issues. (Perhaps the information could be saved by the user to submit later). The report would be sent to an email address, and concurrently the same information would be loaded to a map for City use only. The app would capture the phone information (sender’s email) so that the resident could receive a report back when the issue is resolved. Ariana McTamney, Business Administrative Assistant,, 856-794-4000 Ext: 4603
Washington (Morris)OperationsTown has a way for residents to submit service requests on website (using OS ticket), but appropriate staff does not have easy access to the requests. Service Request Workflow: an app for staff to have mobile access to service requests submitted on the Township website. Need a better interface and mobile device capabilities.Andrew Coppola, Township Administrator,, 908-876-3315 x 1222
Sustainable Jersey
SustainabilityHelp towns participating in Sustainable Jersey program track their progress in our program & promote to successes to residents. This could include progress in managing drivers and vehicles to lower costs & GHG emissions, overall efforts to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, the greening municipal operations & maintenance, and elements of the town's sustainability plan. Such plans can be cumbersome to go through and it would be great to give these towns a way to easily visualize such progress.General Sustainability Dashboard: A municipal dashboard to visualize general sustainability efforts and progress in Sustainable Jersey program for display to local audience. This could be broken down into separate issue specific dashboards, including Fleet Inventory Dashboard, Municipal Carbon Footprint Dashboard, Municipal Operations Dashboard, Sustainability Plan Progress Dashboard.individual muni data for each Sustainable Jersey program action (Sustainability Plan, Fleet Inventory, Municipal Carbon Footprint, Operations & Maintenance related actions)Lauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
EnergyTowns need to be able to compare how they stack up to others with regards to carbon & GHG reduction, while providing residents & local governments with the information in an easy to consume wayEnergy Reduction Tracking App: a visualization (map) where user can compare 1. energy usage from town to town by sector (residential, commercial, municipal); 2. muni audits & remediation action; complete solar installations (residental, muni, comm)Utility & BPU audit & BPU solar installation dataLauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
EnergyIn an effort to reduce GHG emissions throughout the community, towns need a way to engage citizens and businesses in the process to really have an impact
Energy Reduction Challenge: gamify and incentivize community to do their part to meet overall community GHG reduction goals. A Dashboard, app, and online hub to track individual and community commitments, provide helpful resources, and track the collective impact and progress. **Could be combined with "Green Challenge App" in an overall Sustainability ChallengeEstimates of impact from individual actions added up, energy and water utility data, odometer readings, commitments from individuals, community carbon footprintLauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
CommunityMunicipalities in the Sustainable Jersey program have implemented programs to challenge individuals to change their behavior (green challenges) and could use help increasing participation from residents and also tracking progress within the challenge itself.Green Challenge App: it gamifies and creates a friendly competition, or shared sense of purpose, among citizens to track town's Green Challenge progress. It could include a Green Challenge pledge, a way to track progress, see what friends/neighbors are doing, educational tips pushed out, etc. **Could be combined with "Energy Reduction Challenge" into an overall Sustainability ChallengeIndividual muni data from completed Sustainable Jersey Green Challenge actionLauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
Business/FoodMunicipalities often have local business directories. Many in Sustainable Jersey have directories highlighting green businesses or farms, vendors that use locally produced goods or that have green practices, and farmers markets. This helps to promote local businesses while strengthening the local economy.Support Local Business App: An app that allows easy inputting of the locations of local businesses and displays the data in easy to search format. Enables entry of information about each business/farmers market and how it stacks up to community goals and sustainability practices. Shows how patronizing local/green businesses contribute to sustainability. Has education tips. **Haddonfield submitted to do a similar project. They could be the model used for input into an app built for all towns across the state to use when working within the Sustainable Jersey program.Individual muni data from completed Sustainable Jersey Green Business, Buy Local, Farmers Markets, & Buy Fresh/Buy Local actionsLauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
Land Use/Environment
Some Sustainable Jersey towns have inventoried the natural resource characteristics and environmental features of an area within their town. They could use help displaying these resources in online format, and a way to track progressNRI App: Display maps that show elements of inventory (Geology; Geography/Topography; Climate; Air; Hydrology; Soils; Wetlands; Vegetation; Wildlife; Existing Land Use and Transportation maps). Use GIS and land use data to track progress. Show parks and wildlife so public can access. Make it easy to update invnetory as conditions change by having it be digital and dynamic as opposed to paper reports with maps. Individual muni data from completed Sustainable Jersey Natural Resources Inventory action. NJ Conservation Blueprint data platformLauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
WasteMunicipal waste and recycling managers need help managing outreach to commercial sector, multi-family, and other recycling trouble spots. Need to know the key generators of waste, how much is being generated and how is being recycled in order to track progress. They also need to know the location and contacts for all businesses in order to do outreach to them.Waste Generator Tracking App: A digital platform for use by waste/recycling managers (different than an app to engage the public in recycling efforts) that would provide easy input & display of the locations of targets for education and compliance actions, such as multi-family dwellings, businesses, office complexes, schools and other institutions within municipal boundaries. It could also be a recycling/waste tracking reporting system for municipal/county collections (tonnage reports) and for these other institutions collections, as well as for the results of inspections. Results could be displayed in dashboard-type visualization on muni website.Recycling data from each municipality. (found in Sust Jersey's municipal certification reports, or need to find from county tonnage reports)Addresses and demographic data, and tax records, to identify and characterize targets. Lauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
Sustainable Jersey
WasteSome municipalities are working towards reducing waste in the waste stream and increasing recycling rates, and need the full participation of the community to be most impactfulWaste Reduction App: gamifies and creates a friendly competition among citizens to track progress in reducing waste and increase in recycling rates. It could include educational tips pushed out, etc.Lauren Skowronski,, 609-771-3129
RutgersCommunityHow inclusive is your community? What do people of different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds learn about your community when they are deciding where to live? People use online forums like City-Data and Quora to ask questions like this all the time. How can we aggregate and visualize this data in a way that motivates cities to become more inclusive and welcoming to all residents?Inclusion Index: a tool to aggregate and visualize data collected from surveys taken by community members about decisions on where to liveCristina Garmendia, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Equity,,