870 Comedy bang Bang Would You Rather Scenarios
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@CBBWYR 1 year of every persons life is controlled by the first person they have sex with OR It rains muffins in the country you run with Cher?
@CBBWYR 10% of the most normal human beings have a microchip explode in their heads every 10 yrs OR Everyday is a leap day + Free Aquariums?
@CBBWYR 7 dwarves lived in each of the bathrooms of your mansion OR Never finish a meal because Onion Head swoops in to steal it?
@CBBWYR A different mini superhero comes out of your bellybutton every morning OR a sentient boxing glove trains you to cook the chowder?
@CBBWYR A different Nick Cage character is your dad every year OR exiting any building requires a toll of elf testicles?
@CBBWYR A Dungeon Master decides your fate using rolls of a pumpkin OR Time flows backwards every other week & you own a monkey butler?
@CBBWYR A family of Dwarven silly putty manufactures lives in your basement OR On Mondays you can speak with the humorlessly murdered?
@CBBWYR A fiery pit to the depths hell will open up under the people who cut you off OR Marshmallow Fluff would fill any room you sing in?
@CBBWYR A flightless pterodactyl followed you around and would occasionally do your bidding OR Touching a hot object would kill a Nazi?
@CBBWYR A flock of funny ducks will do your bidding on even numbered days OR You can only orgasm in a dentist chair?
@CBBWYR A focus group of sentient clothes determines your day-to-day life OR Your day job is with NASA and your night job is with a hippie commune full of lava men?
@CBBWYR A magical Unicorn horn grows from your chin OR When you travel @ more than 13MPH a murder of crows serenades you VERY loudly?
@CBBWYR A Miniature version of Fraggle Rock exists in your stomach & your penis is Sprocket OR You are cousin to the Adams Family? *Snap* X2
@CBBWYR A new part of your body is sentient every day OR Eating sports equipment makes you amazing at that sport for 4 minutes?
@CBBWYR A rose by an other name would try to eat teens OR Every person reps one brand and your lifespan is determined by sales?
@CBBWYR A Sentient sled follows you around in the winter you daring you to throw snowballs at children OR Your Root-beer company employs only the undead?
@CBBWYR A sentient traffic cone is president.... OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM! OR Air Conditioners run on the tears of Atlantians?
@CBBWYR A sentient vacuum follows you around and tells your secrets if people feed it fruit lops OR Your spacesuit has a hole in it that only KISS can fix?
@CBBWYR A singing fog follows you around & eats your toenails OR Wearing the hat of a serial killer gives you magical powers & boobs?
@CBBWYR A third arm is growing out of your chest that has Benjamin Button disease OR Magic Mushroom can be used in spells & you are brave?
@CBBWYR A tinfoil hat prevents the Canadian government from reading your thoughts OR A 13 year old Homer Simpson is your life coach & chef?
@CBBWYR A TV theme song that least suits the situation you are in will issue forth from your teeth OR Telekinetic Eyebrow manipulation?
@CBBWYR Accrue all the lost socks and also socks are incredibly valuable and toxic OR Drugs are legal but food is not and you own a farm?
@CBBWYR Acne covered you from head to toe in a world run by a kind hearted god OR Every food u eat tastes like the next worse tasting food?
@CBBWYR Adam came from Eve’s Rib OR When you are asleep everyone in the same hemisphere as you also falls asleep?
@CBBWYR Alfonso Ribeiro dances on your grave each year OR Alf bakes you a cake on your b-day each year & one year there is a cat in it?
@CBBWYR All billboards world wide MUST feature you in some way OR The Muppets come to life and have a taste for your blood BUT Wesley Snipe's Blade will protect you?
@CBBWYR All current magic acts turn into real life wizards OR Humans can only be killed by paper cuts or beaver bites?
@CBBWYR All dogs go to heaven & are replaced with sentient robot balls OR When you travel over 1 mile from home you have to bring your bed?
@CBBWYR All hinges squeak with the last sentence you said OR a friendly fox files your taxes and you end up in prison because it claimed your Jello factory as a dependent?
@CBBWYR All humans are melded into one another until there are only 100,000 Left OR Super Mario is your plumber and Personal Assistant?
@CBBWYR All humans are sucked into the story of whatever book they are closest to OR Your head can fly free while your getting a blow job?
@CBBWYR all jingles are approved by you OR Each of your fingers calls a different Emmy award winner & your hair is made of non-silly putty?
@CBBWYR All movies have happy endings and so does the purchase of ice cream cones OR When people trip there is a 50% chance that you fall up and you hate pool noodles?
@CBBWYR All muppets and puppets are suddenly human and visa versa OR You can smell emotions & are hungry for love?
@CBBWYR All podcasts are Solo Bolos OR You live in a pineapple under the sea OR U have to come up with your own 3rd scenario of equal value?
@CBBWYR All podcasts you have recorded become the religious texts to an alien civilization OR You can breath underwater but if you do your limbs disappear?
@CBBWYR All podcasts you have recorded become the religious texts to an alien civilization OR You can breath underwater but if you do your limbs disappear?
@CBBWYR All roads in your home town were named after you OR In all tipping situation YOU are the one who gets tipped?
@CBBWYR ALL Sports are now played on Hockey Rinks except Hockey OR The only way to die is via murder and each morning you get an email of the top 10 people most likely to murder you?
@CBBWYR All your electronic devices are powered by baby octopi OR You have to setup Robe Goldberg machines for your morning routine?
@CBBWYR All your pants have a Thighmaster built in OR All your screens are powered by the tears of the brave muffin men and women of the Bake Force?
@CBBWYR All your showers are w/ cold water & you fear pickles in the spring OR You can only read post-it-notes & fear cucumbers in the fall
@CBBWYR Always be the hairiest person in the room & eat only citrus OR Form an army from your Twitter followers to defeat the Borg?
@CBBWYR Always feel like you shit your pants even though you did not OR Have a detachable tongue that was stolen by your worst enemy?
@CBBWYR Always live in the least populous town on earth with Kayne West OR Grow fins in water, feathers in air and jello hair in sunlight?
@CBBWYR Ammonia gave you pneumonia on a deserted desert Isle. OR Blinking was extremely painful unless you were thinking about blinking?
@CBBWYR An asteroid is headed to earth and only you and the cast of Married with Children can save the day OR You have Smurfs for fingers?
@CBBWYR An Emu tsunami threatens your hometown & only Cher can stop it OR The Gargoyles live on your roof and are sexually attracted to you?
@CBBWYR Anyone who is married is suddenly, magically conjoined twins with their significant other OR Chugging beers with the boys is banned with a penalty of becoming an ostrich?
@CBBWYR Appropriate the culture of the nearest non-human sentient race OR The rabid duck that lives on your head likes Pink?
@CBBWYR Attend any concert but only in puke pile form OR Earth's currency is your eyelashes & you live in a pineapple under the 'C' ?
@CBBWYR Automobile Erotic Asphyxiation is your cause of death OR You instinctively know how all prison escapes and magic tricks are done?
@CBBWYR Baby animals try to kill you & every 7th adult animal will do your bidding OR You can fly.........in a plane. Also spoon-fingers.?
@CBBWYR Bad improv is the currency to buy houses & cars OR G-G-G-Ghost Insurance Salesman haunt all well lit stores?
@CBBWYR Bake me a cake as fast as you can and the slowest cake baker must face "THE GAUNTLET!" OR Work for a serial wrapper & your talking dog is blackmailing you?
@CBBWYR Baseball cards make a big comeback because they come with gold chicken nuggets OR When sleeping you fall through the earth?
@CBBWYR Battle for your lifetime salary using an army made up of your Twitter followers OR Your legs are sentient sloths & they hunger?
@CBBWYR BBQ your feelings to solve crimes OR Your uniform is t-shirt made of photos of anyone you have a crush on?
@CBBWYR Be #1 on the Billboard charts & have to sing your song right now OR Everything tastes like fried chicken & you can see ogres?
@CBBWYR Be a card shark with extra sensory perception OR be a card sharp with telekinesis but only over dairy products?
@CBBWYR Be a chess master in a world were intelligence is the most attractive quality OR for every human there exists a floating hamster?
@CBBWYR Be a common soldier in WWII with a laser rifle OR Be the commander of an elite space-marine squad with irritable bowl syndrome?
@CBBWYR Be a general in a worldwide battle between pirates & ninjas OR Run a salon with the cast of Cheers & have infinite hair?
@CBBWYR be a legend among fry cooks & own a gold harp OR SWAT teams attack if you touch oak or bamboo & you love swimming in bleach?
@CBBWYR be a magicians apprentice to Gandalf in 1950's Chicago OR free space within 1km of you is filled with beach balls every other day?
@CBBWYR Be a master locksmith & always be locked out OR Remember everything from any book you touch but only use words from the most recent?
@CBBWYR be a slum lord with the cast of Star Trek TV shows as tenants OR Gain the powers of whatever person you dress as & smell fear?
@CBBWYR Be a steamnpunk steamboat captain in the year 2525 OR Your even numbered arms are controlled by the last person you killed with your odd numbered arms?
@CBBWYR Be a vampire who burst into flames in the dark OR You can shoot webs made of waffles from your eyelashes?
@CBBWYR Be able to analyze handwriting for anything. ANYTHING! OR Be issued a catch phrase at birth that you have to say 4 times a day?
@CBBWYR Be able to breath in any liqud except water OR Own your dream car but you loose your keys once a week & can only by 1 key at a time?
@CBBWYR Be able to control food like Magneto (Foodneto if you will?) OR Tackle every person wearing white shoes?
@CBBWYR Be able to control your own blood like Magneto OR Whenever you put shoes on the soundtrack from "Grease" would blare from your feet?
@CBBWYR Be able to fly during a full moon but have IBS OR Whatever gold you touch turns into diamonds but you have incurable syphilis?
@CBBWYR Be able to hear & see records & laser discs just by looking at them OR get infected with the emotions of every animal you see?
@CBBWYR Be able to instantly add any two numbers together in your head and never find true love OR have a monkey butler who bites?
@CBBWYR Be able to park wherever you want but your license plate# is the 'N' word OR Have hairy palms that 1/3 of people find attractive?
@CBBWYR Be able to recite Pi to a billion digits and be world famous for doing so OR be world famous for doing nothing but also free Pie?
@CBBWYR Be able to regrow your limbs but they grow slowly & sometimes fall off OR Everytime you close your eyes you see ur parents fucking?
@CBBWYR Be able to rename Countries but also have to rewrite their anthems OR Be able to rename people but have to oral sex them?
@CBBWYR Be able to see through concrete on hot days OR Have super hearing but only on even numbered days?
@CBBWYR Be able to sleep on command but only an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge can wake you OR You can talk to non-cute animals and have diabetes?
@CBBWYR be able to take your ear off and sneak it into peoples pockets OR be able to surf anywhere you want including on streets at 120 KPH?
@CBBWYR Be addicted to B-Movies & only hear talk if it is whispered OR Every room is painted to represent the emotions you are feeling?
@CBBWYR Be addicted to dolphin tears on Monday afternoons OR be nicknamed "tripod" & only people with red hair OR shoes will talk to you?
@CBBWYR Be allergic to sunlight but have an infinite amount of umbrellas OR Be trapped on an island with an infinite desert island playlist?
@CBBWYR Be allowed access to anywhere and take 1 item free of charge OR Have to wear rubber boots filled with oatmeal on dates?
@CBBWYR Be among 34% of the population that has two heads one of which is Alan Alda OR Breakfast is outlawed & Dinner is taboo?
@CBBWYR Be an expert at whatever a country is known for when in that country OR Don't fear the reaper & u can control gargoyles with farts?
@CBBWYR Be an over the counter drug dealer OR People who have the most popular name in each country have all their prayers answered?
@CBBWYR Be an umpire for regular daily life events every other year of your life OR Be the worlds only seller of Vatican City Jumping Beans?
@CBBWYR Be best friends with Neil Degrasse Tyson OR Be friends w/ Mike Tyson OR Have to put ties on in order to make love OR put thighs on?
@CBBWYR Be CEO of a company that is mid-merger with Aliens OR All Barber Shops have a closet where you can teleport to Saskatchewan?
@CBBWYR Be cold blooded & have an unlimited supply of lukewarm Gatorade OR have 2,700 identical twins each with a different job?
@CBBWYR Be cousins with Snoopy & Eat carrots to gain laser vision OR A sentient hemorrhoid pillow is tailing you for the FBI?
@CBBWYR Be crazy like a fox & addicted to snorting Mentos OR Eat a baby toe a day or your limbs fall of & turn into sentient scooters?
@CBBWYR Be credited for writing every Beatles song OR You gain different powers based on the looks of the last fruits you ate?
@CBBWYR Be currently super famous to all life in the universe except on planet earth and also you can receive fan mail OR chainsaw arms?
@CBBWYR Be extremely flammable in the lost underwater city of Atlantis OR Own the worlds only meat detector & have spiders for eyes?