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Again Again Container ProgramAgain Again Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareAgain Again is a non-propriety container reuse system. Vendors can choose containers that best suit their food and drinks offerings to offer to consumers. These can be 'checked out' via a mobile app for free. It's the convenient way to make waste-free takeaways your new normal.To end single-use waste with a commercial, reusable container borrow system that makes it easy for everyone to choose reuse as their new normal.Vendor-defined. All materials are supported.
In the proprietary system, primarily stainless steel is offered.
Metal - Stainless SteelMultiple Business ModelsDepositYesOptional Retailer/BrandXn/an/aYY - use of the app is free providing that the containers are returned on time.For Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20182018Wellington, New ZealandNew ZealandOceanaEnglish1-10No funding information available
ALAS Circular PackagingALAS Circular Packaging Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramSmall Plastics/Rigid PlasticsALAS offers reusable takeout containers with partnered restaurants in Indonesia. Customers order their choice of restaurant takeout for delivery on GoFood or Grab Food. Containers can be returned through drop off locations or scheduled pick-up.ALAS is the first Circular Packaging Service in Indonesia currently based in Jakarta. Our vision is to reduce the number of single-use packaging waste in Indonesia by focusing on the upstream solution. We are now providing a circular service of returnable packaging to customers and restaurants as the first sustainable option of ordering food online.Plastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXn/an/an/an/aPotentially if it is a small local restaurant; website does not provide information about onboarding partner restaurantsUnsure - could not find price of services on websites.Yes - this company could potentially hire workers to help with delivery, pick-up, and operating dishwashing machines.For Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Jakarta, IndonesiaIndonesiaAsiaIndonesian1-10No funding information availableBagas JatiActiveEnviu Zero Waste Living Lab, Grab Food, GoFood
Around Takeout Container ProgramAround Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareDownload the Around app on the Apple Store and Google Play and start using Around in your city. Order your take-away food and ask for the Around container. You can return it within seven days of collection. Contribute with Around to save the world from disposable packaging. Around is free for customers.Around revolutionizes the world of food delivery packaging through the spread of reusable smart containers to give life to a new sustainable lifestyle. A solution for restaurateurs and end customers to save the world from single-use plastics.Multiple - Including plasticsMultiple - including plasticsProgram OperatorPenaltyUnknownUnknownRetailer/BrandXY - use of the app is free providing that the containers are returned on time.For Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Milan, ItalyItalyEuropeItalian1-10Giulia Zanatta and Daniele Cagnazzo, Co-FoundersActiveYX
Baker Miller Takeout Container Program Baker Miller Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramBaker Miller charges customers a $3 dollar deposit for reusable takeout containers. Customers received their deposit back when the return the container. Although currently only available from Baker Miller, they hope to expand the program to other local restaurants. An All Day Cafe + House Milled Grains
We share love through bold & beautiful food.
Plastic - UnspecifiedRetailer/BrandDepositNoNone Retailer/BrandXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20152021Chicago, IL United StatesNorth AmericaEnglish UnknownNo funding information availableDave Miller, Co-OwnerActiveX
Rogue To GoBe The Change Rogue Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRogue To Go provides a reusable, standardized container that customers can use at any participating restaurant. It’s an easy way to reduce waste and show that there is a better way to do take-out! Single-use containers and utensils create unnecessary waste and environmental impact through their manufacture, use, and disposal.Rogue to Go is a program overseen by local non-profit, Be The Change Rogue. Be The Change Rogue aims to create opportunities and inspire a more just and sustainable community through advocacy and programming that protects local resources, prevents waste and supports best practices for citizens and local government by being the change we wish to see in our community. Plastic - PPPlastic - PP Program OperatorDepositNoMandatoryUnknownXNon-profit 2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Ashland, OregonUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10Roxane Beigel-Coryell and Risa BuckActiveX
Black Sheep Restaurants Go Forever Reusable ContainerBlack Sheep Restaurants Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareWhen you opt in Black Sheep Restaurant's Go Forever, your meals will be delivered in reusable boxes where possible. They ask that customers rinse these boxes after use and hand them back to their rider on the next order, which will be delivered in a new set. The previous box are then returned, rewashed, sterilised, and used again.Black Sheep Restaurants is a Hong Kong-based hospitality team founded in 2012 by Syed Asim Hussain and Christopher Mark. Together they share decades of experience in hospitality along with a zest for travel and discovering dining subcultures.Plastic - UnspecifiedRetailer/BrandDepositUnknownMandatoryRetailer/Brandn/an/aXNN - food delivery is directed toward average income and upY - they could help collect, sanitize, and redistribute the containersFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20122021Hong Kong, Hong KongHong KongAsiaEnglish51-1000No funding information availableSyed Asim Hussain, Christopher MarkActive
Bold Reuse Container Program Bold Reuse (Formerly GO Box) Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramOrder zero waste takeout in Bold Reuse reusable containers & cups, available on-demand at 100+ restaurants, food carts, cafes & grocery stores across Portland through a membership based program. We’re a full-service reuse platform. From strategy to full-scale operations, we’re here to help make your reuse program shine.Not providedProgram OperatorPenaltyYesNone Program OperatorXXXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2011UnknownPortland, ORUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information availableJocelyn Gaudi Quarrell, CEOActiveX
BoxEaty Container Program BoxEaty Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramUsers pay a 4 Euro deposit for use of the reusable glass takeaway container with a plastic lid. Containers are manufactured in France and transport is done by bicycle. Reuse channel dedicated to food containers in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. From logistics to cleaning through support and product sourcing, BoxEaty offers catering and food distribution professionals sustainable solutions to replace their disposable packaging with reusable ones. Times are changing, and so are our eating habitsGlass container
Plastic lid
Multiple - including plasticsProgram OperatorDepositNoUnknownRetailer/BrandXn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192020Bordeaux, FranceFrance EuropeFrench 1-10$7,267Elise Fillette & Yann Thielin, Co-FoundersActiveX
Bumerang Reusable Takeaway Bumerang https://www.youbumerang.comReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramTakeaway food in reusable containers using a QR code, no deposit, return the container within 15 days.Bumerang is startup with the first reusable packaging system for cateringPlastic - PPPlastic - PPRetailer/BrandPenaltyNoNone Retailer/Brand98%XXn/an/aXFor ProfitYesSign the Bûmerang manifesto and commit yourself to ending single-use packaging. You will join our community and be updated on the actions you can take.3-Growth Stage20202020Barcelona, SpainSpainEuropeEnglish
11-25$652,373Number of single use containers avoided10275 units1000Oriol Segarra Pol, Founder ActiveYY
Cano Reusable Container Program Cano Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareCano’s turnkey solution replaces single-use packaging in cafeterias and food courts. With our mobile app, it is super easy for users to borrow well-designed containers and earn rewards at participating locations.Together, let's replace single-use packaging which creates over 50% of the waste in our cities.Plastic - UnspecifiedRetailer/BrandPenaltyYesUnknownRetailer/BrandXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20172017Montreal, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish
1-10No funding information availableMarco Gartenhaus, FounderActiveX
CASE Reusables Container ProgramCASEhttps://www.getcase.caReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramCase is a reusable takeout container service that collects reusable takeout containers, washes them, and provides them back to restaurants to save waste.We're changing what we can't accept, one Case at a time.Not providedRetailer/BrandPurchaseNoOptional Program OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192020Toronto, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableNumber of single use containers avoided10,000+ unitsCatherine Marot, Founder
Caulibox Reusable LunchboxCaulibox Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramUK's first reusable lunchbox scheme. CauliBox is an award-winning tech startup that provides digitally-enabled reusable food packaging solutions to businesses. Our aim is to realise a world that fits our motto: Takeaway without the throwaway.Cauli is an award-winning tech startup that provides digitally-enabled reusable food packaging solutions to businesses.BPA- Free Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryProgram OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192019London, UK United KingdomEuropeEnglish 1-10$312,951Josephine Liang, Co-FounderInactive On hold for COVID-19
ChingPiao Container RentalChingPiao Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareChingPiao Ltd. is a social start-up enterprise that aims to provide a total solution of reducing disposable food containers. At the moment, ChingPiao is mainly focusing on event-based services. But this year we launched the “XLQ plastic free island project” trying to expand to daily-based services.ChingPiao is an environmentally-friendly container rental system that strictly controls the material, manufacturing process and cleaning quality of the tube food container, and brings a more quality environmental protection experience in a more convenient way.Plastic - PP, Plastic - BiodegradablePlastic - Other Program OperatorMultiple Business ModelsUnknownNone Third Party 95%+XXXn/an/aXNN Maybe - they could hire those workers to transport and sanitize the used cupsFor ProfitYesOutreach and Advocacy2-Pilot/Start-up20162016Taipei, TaiwanTaiwanAsiaChinese1-10No funding information availableNumber of single use containers avoidedCheng Wen-PuActiveY
ClubZero Container Program ClubZero Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramClubZero's offers returnable packaging for takeaway food in microwavable and freezer safe containers. ClubZero offers a tailored end-to-end service helping to reduce single-use plastic packaging. Not only does ClubZero make it easy to do the right thing, but the product itself is a step-up from disposable cups - ClubZero's service uses only half the CO2e of disposables and ceramics (including PE lined, styrofoam and compostable PLA.)CLUBZERO has pioneered in delivering an award winning returnable packaging system for food and beverage brands globally. CLUBZERO partners with businesses to make food and beverage on-the-go more sustainable; working together towards the ultimate goal of zero waste. Today we serve customers across the EU and North America, including the world's largest food delivery company Just Eat Takeaway, NextGen Consortium brands (Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Yum Brands, Nestle, Wendy’s) as well as leading food service company Baxter Storey, Cushman & Wakefield and retailer John Lewis & Partners100% Recycled PlasticPlastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorPenaltyNoNone Third Party 95%XXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2015UnknownLondon, UKUnited KingdomGlobalEnglish 1-10$740,378Safia Qureshi, Founder & CEOActiveJust Eat Takeaway, Closed Loop Partners' NextGen Consortium brands (Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Yum Brands, Nestle, Wendy’s)
Crisper Plant Based Zero Waste Meal KitsCrisper Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareCrisper is Toronto’s first and only zero waste and plant-based meal kit service, delivering fresh ingredients and tasty recipes in reusable and returnable packaging.Our guiding principle is conscious convenience: ready-to-cook meals delivered to your door without the cost to the environment. Crisper kits are packed in high quality reusable containers that we retrieve from your doorstep. We believe that when it comes to eating well, you shouldn’t have to choose between the planet and your plate.Multiple - plastic-freeMultiple - plastic-freeProgram OperatorDepositYesSubscriptionUnknownn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Toronto, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish11-25Kieran AlkertonActiveX
Dabba Consigne Container Program Dabba Consigne Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramCustomers order takeaway in a reusable dabba container and pay a deposit. When they bring the container back to a restaurant in the dabba network they can exchange it for a new dish or a refund of the deposit.With dabba, we are working to reduce waste related to single-use containers at source, through 3 main missions: - Provide a simple, fun and efficient deposit service - Offer a professional washing service for all types of reusable containers - Support catering companies in their transition to reusable.GlassGlassProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Retailer/BrandXXXn/an/aYFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Grenoble, FranceFrance EuropeFrench1-10$87,954Caroline Laubertie & Marion Scapin, Co-foundersActiveX
DabbaDrop Reusable Takeaway DeliveryDabbaDrop Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramSubscription-based dinner delivery program, Thursdays and Fridays in reusable containers metal containers (dabbas), delivery bikes pick up the container with the next delivery Conscious curries delivered to your door in reusable dabba boxes by bike every Thursday and Friday.Metal - Stainless SteelMetal - Stainless SteelRetailer/BrandPurchaseNoMandatoryRetailer/Brandn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownLondon, UKUnited KingdomEuropeEnglish11-25No funding information availableAnshu Ahuja and Renée Williams, Co-Founders Active
Dabbawala Reusable TakeawayDabbawala Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareA 130 year dabbas (lunchbox) delivery service in metal tins. Carriers pick up dabbas on the same day. Since 1890,Mumbai Army of 5,000 Dabbawalas fulfilling the hunger of almost 200,000 Mumbaikar with home-cooked food that we lug between home and office daily and then return the empty dabbas (metal lunchboxes) the same day.Metal - OtherMetal - OtherProgram OperatorUnknownNoOptional Program OperatorXn/an/aXY Y Y Non-profit 4-Established18901890Mumbai, IndiaIndiaAsiaMarathi
1001 - 10000No funding information availableDr. Pawan AgralActive
DeliverZero Takeaway Delivery Program DeliverZero Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDeliverZero is an environmentally responsible way to order delivery or takeout. When you order from a restaurant through DeliverZero, the restaurant provides the food in reusable takeout containers. As long as you return the reusable containers within 6 weeks of receiving them, we don't charge you for them. If you don't return the containers within 6 weeks, you can keep them and we charge you $3.25 plus tax per container.DeliverZero is an environmentally responsible way to order delivery or takeout online. When you order from a restaurant through DeliverZero, the restaurant provides the food in reusable takeout containers. The containers can be used over 1,000 times. That eliminates the emissions and waste from over 1,000 manufacturing processes.Not providedProgram OperatorPenaltyNoNone Program Operatorn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownBrooklyn, NYUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information availableLauren Sweeney, Co-Founder and CMOActiveXX
Canteen by Dig Dig Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable containers with a $3 monthly fee for Dig Inn restaurants, scan QR code when returning the container to be eligible for another one Dig Inn is a farm-to-table food company with over 20 locations in New York and the Northeast, serving seasonal vegetables and culinary comfort food on an urban scale.Not providedRetailer/BrandUnknownUnknownMandatoryRetailer/BrandXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage UnknownUnknownNew York, NYUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish51-1000$65,000,000Adam Eskin, Founder and CEO ActiveX
Dishcraft Container Program Dishcraft - CLOSED Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDishcraft's convenient, affordable dish washing and delivery service provides sanitized, eco-friendly, reusable containers, dishware, and utensils every day.At Dishcraft, our mission is to create happy, productive, sustainable workplaces by making automation accessible to food-service operations.Not providedProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage UnknownUnknownSan Carlos, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 26-50No funding information availableLinda Pouliot, Founder and CEOInactiveMarch 2022X
Dishjoy Container Program Dishjoy Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramWe deliver to you everyday after 5pm a specially-designed, easy-to-use receptacle (or multiple receptacles, depending on your size) full of clean dish ware. We will empty this receptacle for you into your cabinets and drawers, and leave (the now-empty) receptacle there for you to place your dirty dishes into. This process is repeated nightly. In other words, each evening we will come in, put away the clean dishes we just brought in for you, and take away the receptacle(s) full of dirty dishesLeave the dishes to us. Never worry about maintaining office dishware or dishwashers ever again.Not providedProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownSan Francisco, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10$502,500ActiveX
Dispatch Goods Takeaway Delivery Program Dispatch Goods Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRestaurant prepared meals delivered in stainless steel packaging, deliver on one specific delivery day every week, containers are picked up on the same day the following week, can also be used for take-out, with drop boxes around the city Restaurant Takeout, Without the Waste.Stainless steel and Food-grade siliconeMetal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorUnknownNoOptional Program OperatorXXn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2019UnknownSan Francisco, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish11-25$3,850,000620,000 items from the waste streamLindsey Hoell, CEOActiveRipen Company, Bentocart, Good EggsX
ECHO Systems Container Refund Program (CRP)ECHO Systems Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramECHO Systems provides their Container Refund Program to member businesses and member individuals. The business is provided with reusable cups and containers and a fully integrated software. ECHO Systems collects dirty cups, sanitizes them and puts them back into circulation.ECHO Systems is a member-based, localized network of businesses, organizations, and private citizens in the Philadelphia area intent upon—through its actions—eliminating single-use waste.Plastic - UnspecifiedPlastic - UnspecifiedUnknownDepositNoMandatoryProgram OperatorXn/an/aNon-profit 2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Philadelphia, PAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10Alisa Shargorod, FounderActiveThe Boom Room, We Love, Final., Fishtown Montessori School, Circular Philadelphia, One Art, All Together Now Pennsylvania, The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, Be Waste Wise, Live Nation, Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, Weavrs Way Local FirstX
Ecobox Container Program EcoBox Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable food container system- pay 5 euro deposit, take away, rinse, either return for deposit back, or reuse, at a participating business. The ECOBOX is available in two sizes. (500ml and 1000ml).
The ECOBOX is a deposit-return scheme for multiple purposes developed in Luxembourg for transporting meals. Whether it’s at a restaurant, canteen, or for takeaway food, the ECOBOX can be used almost anywhere.Container: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
lid: polyethylene (PE)
Plastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Program OperatorXXXXn/an/aNon-profit n/an/a3-Growth Stage 20162018LuxembourgLuxembourgEuropeEnglish
UnknownNo funding information availableIn 2020, more than 75,000 ECOBOX in circulation. This includes 138 restaurants, 68 canteens, 64 school canteens, 1 municipality and several clubs.ActiveMaterial agnostic (PP, stainless steel, glass)X
Ecoeats Takeaway Delivery ProgramEcoeats Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramOrder food in reusable containers and we'll pick them up the next day. We empower people to improve their wellbeing and lower their carbon footprint whilst supporting local businesses. Social, zero carbon delivery platform, for indie restaurants and foodies, that's building fully zero waste solutions.Plastic - UnspecifiedPlastic - UnspecifiedUnknownUnknownNoNoneUnknownXn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202021St. Andrews, ScotlandUnited KingdomEuropeEnglish11-25Phil Housely and Stewart McGown, Founders of EcoeatsActive
Ecoverre Reusable Festival ContainersEcoverre Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramEcoverre has three models of reusable dishes for festivals that can be customized. Ecoverre will handle logistics, printing and cleaning. Ecoverre is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of reusable cups and other products such as plates, cutlery and cups. Our commitment is to offer event organizers the opportunity to be more respectful with the environment, avoiding unnecessary plastic residues.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Program OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit4-EstablishedUnknownUnknownBourg-Madame, FranceFrance EuropeFrench UnknownNo funding information availableActiveX
Event Cup Solutions Container Program Event Cup Solutions Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramHere at Event Cup Solutions we're delighted to offer you our range of reusable food-to-go containers, enabling you to enjoy your favourite foods whilst eradicating the need for single use plastic and cardboard. Manufactured from recycled materials, this range of polypropylene reusable food-to-go containers has a wash capacity in excess of 300+ and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life span, providing a closed loop solution for sustainable food packaging. Event Cup Solutions provides the only UK solution for complete replacement of single use for hot & cold cups and food-to-go containers.Not providedProgram OperatorNoneNoNone Program OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Walsall, EnglandUnited KingdomEuropeEnglish11-25No funding information availableJohn Reeves, DirectorActive
Family Mart Reusable Container ProgramFamily Mart Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareIn January 2021, Family Mart started selling cooked meals in reusable containers at its Taipei 101 store. Consumers can return the container after use, then they are collected and sanitized for the next use.The FamilyMart Company, Ltd. is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain. FamilyMart is Japan's second largest convenience store chain, behind 7-Eleven.Plastic - UnspecifiedRetailer/BrandUnknownUnknownUnknownRetailer/Brandn/an/aNMaybe - price for reusable container is not provided onlineMaybe - they could hire those workers to transport and sanitize the used cupsFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up19812021Tokyo, JapanJapanAsiaChinese
1001 - 10000No funding information availableKensuke HosomiActiveTaipei 101
Farmer's Fridge Container ProgramFarmer's Fridge Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramFarmer's Fridge We started with a network of smart Fridges, designed to make finding fresh & healthy meals as simple as vending a candy bar. Today, we have more than 400 Fridges all over the country in airports, hospitals, office buildings, universities and more. The next step was launching home delivery to make it easy for customers to get food delivered to their doorstep. We've delivered hundreds of thousands of meals to over 40 states since we launched the program in response to the pandemic in 2020, and continue to expand. From there, we’ve been proud to partner with a variety of retailers and clients to allow our customers to grab meals on the go in lots of new ways. Farmer’s Fridge is on a mission to make it simple for everyone to eat well. We're a rapidly growing network of 350+ user-friendly smart Fridges stocked with chef-curated, restaurant-quality meals and snacks. Plastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aXFor Profit3-Growth Stage 20132013Chicago, IL United StatesNorth AmericaEnglish51-1000$46,600,000Luke Saunders, CEO & FounderActiveX
FoodPanda Hong Kong Reusable ContainerFoodPanda Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareOnline food delivery platform Foodpanda hopes to launch a reusable container programme in Hong Kong early next year to reduce the amount of packaging being sent to landfills by consumers."Bringing good food into your everyday. That's our mission. That means we don't just deliver--we bring it, always going the extra mile to make your experience memorable. And it means this is delicious food you can enjoy everyday: from vibrant salads for healthy office lunches, to indulgent family-sized pizzas, to fresh sushi for a romantic night in. Whatever you crave, we can help."Not providedProgram OperatorDepositUnknownMandatoryProgram OperatorXn/an/aXNN - food delivery is directed toward average income and upY - they could help collect, sanitize, and redistribute the containersFor Profit1-Concept20212022SingaporeSingaporeAsiaChinese
1001 - 10000No funding information availableJakob AngeleActiveHong Kong Environmental Protection Department, Muuse
foodStories Container Program foodStories Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramMeal kits and ready made meals are delivered in reusable containers. foodStories collects the empty containers with the next delivery. The containers are washed and sanitized and returned to the pool . foodStories is a digital platform that seeks to revolutionize the food industry by offering "meal kits" with fresh and healthy foods accompanied by recipes customized to the tastes and needs of our customers.GlassProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownProgram Operatorn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Madrid, SpainSpainEuropeEnglish
1-10No funding information availableEmilio Viguera Grace, Co-FounderActive
Forever Ware Food/Drink Container SystemForever Ware https://foreverware.orgReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramTake food to-go in smart-containers made of steel and then return them to any food vendor in the network such as restaurants, grocery stores, event venues, food trucks, farmer's markets and more. Containers are sanitized in a commercial kitchen before each use.Forever Ware is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to reusable food packaging that is durable, beautiful and safe for our health and our planet.Stainless steel and Food-grade siliconeMetal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Retailer/BrandXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownMinneapolis, MNUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10$75,000Natasha Gaffer, CEOActiveYYX
Fresh Bowl Reusable Jar KioskFresh Bowl Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramKiosk with salads in reusable glass jars, users can return jars to kiosks to receive credit for their next purchase.Fresh Bowl is a sustainable on-the-go food brand that launched in NYC in 2018. Our kiosks are restocked daily with chef-crafted bowls, salads, breakfasts, and snacks in reusable packaging that can be returned in exchange for a credit towards a future purchase.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Program Operator85%Xn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2017UnknownNew York, NYUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10$2,725,000Zach Lawless, and Chloe Vichot
InactiveCOVID shutdownX
Fresh Prep Zero Waste Meal Kit Fresh Prep Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramFresh prep delivers zero waste meal prep ingredients in cooler bags and rigid plastic containers with pre-portioned ingredients across British Columbia. They pickup the cooler bags and containers with the next delivery. Users can schedule a container/cooler bag pickup if they are not ordering again in the near future. Some ingredients such as meats and seafood come in soft plastics to maintain freshness. Fresh Prep exists to deliver convenient and sustainable solutions to everyday food challenges. Our vision is to create a world where people can have convenient and healthy food that upholds the values of quality, a sense of community and sustainability. Our mission is to deliver quality and convenience in a product and service ecosystem, simplifying complex problems in the food and beverage industry through creative innovation. BPA-free plastic Plastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorUnknownNoMandatoryProgram Operatorn/an/aXFor Profit3-Growth Stage 20152015Vancouver, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish51-1000No funding information availableBecky Brauer & Dhruv Sood, Co-CEOsActiveX
Friendlier Container SystemFriendlier Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramFriendlier makes it easy for your restaurant to be more eco-friendly, with a comprehensive, hands-off reusable packaging solution that your customers will love!To simplify the world’s transition from single-use to reusable packaging. Is single-use packaging really necessary?Plastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorDepositNoNoneProgram OperatorXn/an/aY - Cost neutral for end-usersY - they could help collect, sanitize, and redistribute the containersFor Profit3-Growth Stage 20202020Ontario, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish1-10Jacquie Hutchings and Kayli Dale Co-FoundersActiveYCompass GroupX
Go2Cup Container ProgramGo2Cup Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareThe smart, sustainable, reusable alternative. GO2CUP works with local businesses, the community and event organisers to replace single-use with reusable serve ware.GO2CUP has a vision for locally valued, reusable cups, plates, and cutlery that make it easy for us all to reduce our impact.Multiple - including plasticsProgram OperatorNoneNoNone Program Operatorevent dependent: 80% - 100% return rateGO2CUP serve ware is used 100s of timesXXXn/an/aXYY - GO2CUP is accessible to anybody attending an event serviced by GO2CUP at no cost to the userFor ProfitYes2-Pilot/Start-up20172017Perth, AustraliaAustraliaOceanaEnglishUnknownNo funding information availableUp to 30,000 per weekDaniel Grosso, FounderActive
Green Grubbox Container Program Green Grubbox Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramGreen GrubBox provides a sustainable option for enjoying takeout food from all your favorite food joints. Our patent pending inventory management system utilizes the QR/RFID code to track usage for each container.Green GrubBox membership provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food. You'll have peace of mind while enjoying good eats knowing you can dine out 1,000 times without contributing to the waste stream! And even then, the containers you used will be recycled and not buried in a landfill in Oregon.Not providedProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20182018Seattle, WAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10$25,000Ted Wallis, Founder and CEO ActiveX
Green Tiffin Sustainable Meal DeliveryGreen Tiffin Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramGreen Tiffin delivers sustainable meals by bicycle in reusable tiffin containers that are then cleaned, sanitized, and reused. Green Tiffin is a sustainable food company delivering healthy lunches in eco-friendly reusable tiffins on electric bicycles in the streets of San Francisco. At its core is the simple idea that sustainable food is the way forward for a healthier you and a healthier planet.Metal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorUnknownNoMandatoryProgram Operatorn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2013UnknownSan Francisco, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10$10,001Adrian Tay, Owner & FounderActiveX
Greeners Action Reusable LunchBoxGreeners Action
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareGreeners Action proposed for lunch box rental services to be available in 18 districts and areas populated with eateries in Hong Kong. To roll out the services, the group suggested the government take reference from its recycling program GREEN @ Community, which encompasses recycling stations and stores in 18 districts, by dispatching lunch box rental service suppliers. The group also proposed a mobile app, allowing the catering industry and citizens to access cutlery rental services.To promote environmental betterment and green living style by continuous education, advocacy and supervision, as well as developing and providing feasible solution for citizens, government and corporate.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXn/an/aNon-profit 1-Concept19932021Hong Kong, Hong KongHong KongAsiaChinese
UnknownNo funding information availableAngus HoActiveGreen@Community, HK Environmental Protection Department
GreenToGo Restaurant Takeaway Program GreenToGo
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramMembership based service that allows people to check out reusable containers from participating restaurants. Customers use an app to check out a clean box for takeout or leftovers. The customer then places the used container in a drop box at any participating restaurant. GreenToGo reusable takeout container service uses innovative technology to disrupt the take-and-trash economy.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryProgram OperatorXXn/an/aNon-profit n/an/a2-Pilot/Start-up2017UnknownDurham, NCUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information availableCrystal Dreisbach, Executive Director ActiveYX
Eco-Takeouts Reusable Containers and Collection BinGET Enterprises
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareUsers check out the containers, consume their food outside of the cafeteria, and then return the Eco-Takeouts™ to be washed and sanitized. Eco-Takeouts™ operate just like dishware used in the cafeteria. However, the design allows one to take food to-go! G.E.T.'s Eco-Takeouts™ are better for the environment and they also cut supply costs through reuse.G.E.T. provides foodservice operators with creative tabletop solutions and custom designs that strengthen their operations and brands.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPMultiple Business ModelsMultiple Business ModelsNoNoneRetailer/BrandXXXXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage 19842007Houston, TXUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish51-1000Heidi Modaro, CEOActiveX
Haut La Consigne Container ProgramHaut La Consigne Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramFor take-out as well as for the delivery of food products, Haut la Consigne allows traders to serve you directly in glass containers, reusable, durable and high quality. These containers are returnable so that you can return them to any partner in the network. They can then be used again! We take care of washing them according to professional hygiene standards and delivering regularly to our traders, who can focus on their core business: preparing good meals and pampering their customers!We offer a sustainable alternative to disposable food packaging (bottles, take-out meals, cups, crates and bins) with container reuse loop solutions for food industry professionals and catering: delivery, collection, washing, advice, communication, organization and management.GlassProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Lille, FranceFrance EuropeFrench1-10No funding information availableFlorence Duriez & Catherine Thiebert, Co-Founders
Hui Zero Container ProgramHui Zero Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramWhen you get takeout food at a participating Hui Zero restaurant, you will have the option receive it in a Hui Zero reusable stainless steel tin. Each takeout tin requires a $10 deposit that will be refunded by any participating restaurant in cash or credited towards your next meal when you return the tin(s)zero waste, all aloha. Hawaii’s ONLY Zero waste solution for takeout.Stainless Steel Metal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Retailer/BrandXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Maui, HIUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableAlexa Caskey, Founder ActiveX
Infinity Box Reusable ContainersInfinity Box Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareCustomers order food on the food aggregator app and opts for InfinityBox. Food is delivered in reusable containers which customers can return with their next delivery order or at a designated drop off locations.InfinityBox will replace single-use plastic containers with reusable, recyclable, and better quality containers.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPRetailer/BrandUnknownNoMandatoryProgram Operator85%Xn/an/aXNUnsure - website doesn't provide pricesMaybe - dishwashing operatorsFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Bengaluru, IndiaIndiaAsiaEnglishUnknownNo funding information availableShashwat GangwalActiveYSwiggy, Global Shapers Community Mumbai, Indian National Academy of Engineering, SkillCreds, American Center, Innopack
Junee Reusable Container ProgramJunee Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable Foodware and drinkwareJunee provides reuse-as-a-service for food & drink systems. They help workplaces, venues, and other semi-closed systems transition from single-use to reuse, providing the reusable packaging, offsite washing, and logistics support.

Junee is currently working to incorporate rPP and rPET into the product line.
junee currently works at workplaces, food markets, festivals and events. Instead the offering reusable containers directly to consumers, we work with organisations best suited to manage the distribution and collection for their specific needs.Plastic - PP, PETPlastic - PP and PETProgram OperatorNoneYesMultiple ModelsProgram OperatorXXXXXn/an/aXYes - We work with 3rd parties to fulfill logistics and washing needs, who in turn may be employing informal sector workers e.g. dishwashers, cargo bike ridersFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021London, EnglandUnited KingdomEuropeEnglish1-10250k GBP investment + ~100k GBP grants to date junee uses 50x less CO2e per use than compostable alternativesCaroline Williams, CEO & Co-Founder, Mary Liu, COO & Co-FounderActiveYYYFeedr
Just Salad Reusable Bowl ProgramJust Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramPurchase a Just Salad Reusable Bowl for $1 and receive a free topping with every use in-store. The company is also piloting a Reusable Container system for digital orders (pickup and delivery) called Green Bowl.Just Salad is a fast casual concept with a mission to make everyday health and everyday sustainability possible. Empowering customers to eat with purpose, Just Salad is home of the world’s largest restaurant reusable program and the first U.S. restaurant chain to carbon label its menu. The company was founded in 2006 in New York City and has across 40@ locations in the U.S. as well as 4 locations in Dubai. To learn more, email - PPPlastic - PPCustomerMultiple Business ModelsYesNone CustomerXn/an/aXFor ProfitYesJust Salad is actively supporting the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act 4-Established20062006New York, NYUnited StatesGlobalEnglish51-1000No funding information availableTons of waste single-use prevented annually10 tons of single-use waste diverted from landfill (Note: Annual diversion volumes ex-2020 are much higher. Mandatory store closures during COVID pandemic disrupted operation of this program in 2020.)>100,000Nick Kenner, Founder and CEO and Sandra Noonan, CSOActiveNYes, related to lifecycle analysis and estimates of avoided GHGsNX
Keep Truckee Green Takeout Container ProgramKeep Truckee Green Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareThe Town of Truckee has launched a reusable to-go container program. When you order a to-go meal at participating restaurants, request it in a REUSABLE GREEN BOX! How does it work?
Buy your first green to-go container for $5.
Rinse the box after you finish eating.
Bring the box back to trade for a clean one with your next order at any participating restaurant.
It is the Town of Truckee’s sustainability, solid waste, and resiliency program. We coordinate the planning and implementation of our Town’s waste reduction and climate change actions. In partnership with our community, we foster culture to proactively address climate change and lead by example.

Our Keep Truckee Green team is guided by an interdisciplinary Sustainability Committee, which includes staff from all Town divisions.
Plastic - UnspecifiedPlastic - UnspecifiedUnknownPurchaseUnknownNone Retailer/BrandXXYYes - Initial cost of $5 Non-profit 2-Pilot/Start-upUnknown2018Truckee, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglishUnknownCourtney Henderson, MayorActiveX
Kekobox Corporate Container Program Kekobox
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramKekobox provides reusable meal packaging paired with a smart pick-up system to ensure a safe, easy way for diners to collect + enjoy their meals. No more soggy to-go boxes here. Kekobox combines seamless technology, new packaging solutions and full-service dishwashing to reimagine how businesses get their food in the hands of customers.Not providedProgram OperatorUnknownNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2019UnknownWashington, DCUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableAshleigh FerranActiveX
La Tacu Container Program La Tacu Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramLa Tacu is a ghost kitchen which delivers ready-made meals in glass containers, which then proceeds to pick up.Food that hugsRetailer/BrandNoneNoNone Retailer/Brandn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020LimaPerúSouth AmericaSpanishUnknownLorena Benza, FounderActiveNNN
Les Retournées Container ProgramLes Retournées Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramLes Retournées is developing a local sector for the reuse of food containers in the Landes, the Basque Country and the Béarn.Customers pay a deposit of € 4 which is returned when the user returns the containers to any of the stores in the network.Why throw away when you can reuse?GlassProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownUnknownXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Bayonne, FranceFrance EuropeFrench1-10$12,620ActiveX
Loop Container Program Loop by TerraCycle,,,,
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable container program at select participating Burger King, McDonald's, and Tim Hortons.Loop is an innovative reuse platform that provides trusted products redesigned for a waste-free shopping experience.Plastic - BPA FreePlastic - UnspecifiedRetailer/BrandDepositNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aFor ProfitYes3-Growth Stage 2019UnknownTrenton, NJ United StatesGlobalEnglish
51-1000$31,700,000Tom Szaky, CEO TerracycleActiveYP&G, Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever, Mars, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Danone, Heinz, Walgreens, Kroger, Loblaws, Carrefour, Tesco, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Ulta Beauty, Burger King, McDonald's, Tim HortonsXXX
loop-it Deposit Container System for Reusable Packagingloop-ithttps://loop-it.seReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer Programloop-it offers a sustainable and convenient solution to eliminate single-use containers. Order your food in our reusable loop-it box, return it at any partner location, and create a positive impact for our planet.loop-it is committed to rethink the way we consume on the go. They do this by making the sustainable choice the easy one. They encourage our society to reuse instead of dispose with our digital return solution.Plastic -PP (currently, next iteration will be bio-based)Plastic - PPProgram OperatorDepositYesNone Retailer/BrandXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Stockholm, SwedenSwedenEuropeEnglish
1-10No funding information availableJennifer von der Heydt and Sara Riad, Co-FoundersActiveX
Lviv Smart Food Container ProgramLviv Smart Food Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramLviv Smart Food cafe delivers daily pre-ordered food in glass containers to offices and homes. Healthy food for smart people. GlassGlassProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20172017Lviv, UkraineUkraineEuropeUkrainian1-10No funding information availableLola Landa, FounderActive
M'Porte Container ProgramM'Porte Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramPurchase a MEP container. Simply order zero waste takeout from an MEP restaurant - and they will exchange the one you purchased for a new one that has been pre-cleaned and sanitized. Take the food home in a reusable to-go container.M'Porte is out to be the most effective reusable takeout system in the United States at reducing takeout wasteNot providedCustomerPurchaseYesNone Program OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownSan Diego, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information availableBrian MacDonald, Founder and CEOActiveX
Niiji Restaurant Container Program Niiji - CLOSED Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDurable and returnable lunchbox program.Zero waste solution for takeaway.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositNoOptional Program OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownRoubaix, FranceFrance EuropeFrench1-10No funding information availableCeline Scavennec, Founder and President Inactive11/2021
NoWW Container ProgramNoWW Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramNoWW designs and operates a turnkey, tailor-made deposit solution.
We support our clients in the design of their personalized solutions and model the financial impact of this transition, all Made in France!
Whether you are an independent restaurateur, franchisee or a chain , NoWW allows you to go beyond zero disposable packaging with its deposit solution. The goal is to reduce disposable packaging for takeout , from click & collect , for delivery of your customers. But also to retain them , while highlighting your dishes (because a good little dish is more appetizing in a beautiful reusable packaging than in a plastic tray). All of this integrates with your ordering and payment solution.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownParis, FranceFrance EuropeEnglish
1-10No funding information availableLaurence Payre, Founder & CEOActiveX
ARK Reusables by Ozarka Ozarka (EU partner of DeliverZero) Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable restaurant take away in food-safe silicone containers.Takeaway Without Throwing AwayNot providedProgram OperatorDepositNoUnknownUnknownXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2016UnknownAmsterdam, NetherlandsNetherlandsEuropeDutch1-10$238,468Beth and Michael Massa, Co-FoundersActive
O2GO Reusable Containers & OZZI Collection Machine
Ozzi Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDining service serves food in reusable container. When the users is done with the container, they can just drop it in the Ozzi machine and get their token back (to take out another container when they need to).The OZZI Solution is a closed loop system that begins with a participant receiving a container by either a one time purchase to get into the program or being granted their first container by dining services. The participant will fill their container with food, and eat in, or take their meal to go.Not providedRetailer/BrandDepositNoNone Retailer/Brand98.50%XXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage 2013UnknownNorth Kingstown, RIUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information available2 Case Studies: 19x fewer greenhouse gas emissions; 25x less water used; and container pays for itself in less than 15 uses.Estimated over 25,000,000 single-use, disposable containers eliminated from oceans and landfills19 times lessTom Wright, CEOActiveX
PackBack Container Program PackBack Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramPackBack is a circular network that facilitates the reuse of F&B packaging for ready-made meals. Through their software application and universal drop-off points, they establish a (digital) infrastructure that allows all parties in the value chain to efficiently and effectively participate in a circular system.PackBack - Towards circular takeaway and delivery, pack by pack.Not providedProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2019UnknownRotterdam, NetherlandsNetherlandsEuropeDutch
1-10No funding information availableTine Bakia and Tristan Algera, Co-FoundersActiveMission Reuse, Just Eat TakeawayX
Planted Table Meal DeliveryPlanted Table Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramVegan meal delivery service using reusable containers. Containers and insulated bags are collected and cleaned each week. Planted Table is for anyone who wants heart-healthy, plant-based meals but doesn't have the time or desire to cook themselves. It’s like having your own, personal Chef.Not providedProgram OperatorUnknownNoMandatoryProgram Operatorn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20182018San Francisco, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableMegan Scott, Co-FounderActiveX
Relevo Reusable Container & Glass ProgramRelevo Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRelevo offers a smart deposit-free reusable to-go solution. The amount of reusable tableware is adapted to the individual needs of restaurants, cafés, company catering, caterers and communal catering. Participating partner restaurants pay using the pay-per-use model, i.e. only after loans have actually been made. Furthermore, the integration of our reusable system does not interfere with existing operating processes, so that there is no additional effort on the part of the catering trade. Guests use the deposit-free solution free of charge and cashless via app. With the digital take-away offer from Relevo, several thousand disposable packaging are saved every day. How easy is that for the guests? Relevo is a young company with a big vision: we want single-use packaging and the resulting waste to be a thing of the past. Eating and drinking to go should become a new experience.Multiple - including plasticsMultiple - including plasticsProgram OperatorPenaltyYesOptional Retailer/BrandXXn/an/aXY - service is free to customers if they return the container within 2 weeksFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Munich, GermanyGermanyEuropeGerman51-1000No funding information availableMatthias Thompson Potthast, Gregor Kolb & Aaron Sperl Co-FoundersActiveXX
reUser Container ProgramreUser Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramOur streamlined and easy-to-use app allows institutions to offer their members a convenient system for reusing take-out containers. reUsers are able to easily exchange used take-out containers for tokens, which they can then redeem for clean containers. You can also track the number of times you reUsed directly through your profile.reUser is here to combat packaging waste!Plastic - 50% recycled PPPlastic - PP UnknownDepositNoNoneProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Hickory Corners, MichiganUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10James Wilson, CEO & Co-FounderActiveX
Taksu Container SystemPlastikDetox Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareTaksu is a deposit based foodware program renting out reusable utensils (16 oz glasses, 12 oz cups, plates, bowls, cutleries sets) to food vendors. They provide low waste management costs for an alternative to single-use plastic utensils. Customers pay a deposit and then receive that deposit back after they return the containers and utensils.PlastikDetox is a campaign that seeks to reward small businesses in Bali that are genuinely committed to reduce substantially their use of single use plastic.Stainless steelMetal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aNY - customers get their deposit back after returning the utensils meaning there is no additional cost other than the food they purchaseY - they could hire workers to operate dishwashing systemNon-profit 2-Pilot/Start-up20122012Denpasar, IndonesiaIndonesiaAsiaEnglish1-10No funding information availableAnna Sutanto
Marc-Antoine Dunais
Inactive - COVID
Portal Swap Container Program Portal - CLOSED Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDrop off your Portal Bowl at a participating restaurant. Order as usual.Be served in a fresh Portal Bowl. Repeat whenever you want meals to-go. Enjoy!Portal's goal is to create awareness around reusable products and test people and vendors willingness to try them out.Not providedCustomerPurchaseNoNone Retailer/BrandXn/an/aFor Profit1-Concept2019UnknownNew York, NYUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglishUnknownNo funding information availableRyan Falkner, FounderInactiveX
Prep to Your Door Zero Waste Meal DeliveryPrep to Your Door Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramPTYD is pioneering a circular approach to food delivery in Texas. Every week, we create organic, locally sourced, plant-based recipes and deliver them to customers doorsteps. Zero food and packaging waste is at the core of our mission.The first and only zero waste meal delivery service. Get organic, plant-based meals delivered to your door!GlassGlassProgram OperatorPenaltyNoOptional Program Operatorn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownAustin, TXUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 11-25$346,003Faiez Rana, CEO
Pyxo Container Program Pyxo Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramBorrow a free returnable container in a restaurant with the Pyxo app. Consume your meal in our beautiful reusable containers. Drop off your dirty containers in our collectors in restaurants or near you. More than 2,000 points of sale already trust us on a daily basis.Pyxo makes reusable containers the new standard for take-away meals and food delivery.Biobased plastic OtherProgram OperatorPenaltyUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20182018Paris, FranceFrance EuropeEnglish
26-50$7,883,420Francois des Beauvais & Benjamin Perry, Co-FoundersActiveX
r.Ware Container Program r.Ware Cup & Container ProgramsContainer Programr.Ware is an app-based reusable food container system is designed for restaurants, corporate campuses, take-out, grocery & deli, food courts and meal kit services.R.ware reusable to-go food ware system.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorMultiple Business ModelsYesNone Program OperatorXXXXXXn/an/aFor ProfitYes2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Minneapolis, MNUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 11-25No funding information availableMichael Martin, CEO and Founder and Keiko Niccolini, CMO and General ManagerActiveYYYNational Reuse Network; Reusable LA; ReuseMN; UPSTREAM; NEXUS; Oceanic Global; Sustainable Event AllianceXX
Re Company Container programRe Company Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramWe supply reuse systems with optimally designed, rented containers and cycle them back into our supply chain at end of life.We set out on a mission to deeply understand the needs of successful reuse systems and design tools to help build them more effectively.Plastic - Recycled PlasticPlastic - Recycled PlasticProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownXXXXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown English1-10ActiveXX
Re:Dish Container Program Re:Dish Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRe:Dish offers a turnkey, reusable container program for enterprise foodservice operations including employee dining, schools, arenas, movie and TV production sets and more.Reimagining food service packaging for a sustainable future.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownNone Program OperatorXXn/an/aFor ProfitYes2-Pilot/Start-up20202020New York, NYUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish11-25No funding information availableCaroline Vanderlip, Founder & CEOActiveX
REBOWL Container Program REBOWL Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramThe circular deposit system is based on 100% recyclable reusable containers, with REBOWL on take-away bowls. It is easy to use and works without app registration or pre-registration. Take-away users order their meal from a REBOWL partner and leave 5€ deposit for the empty container. To get the deposit back, empty bowls can be returned to all partners throughout Germany.We have it in hand. In the truest sense of the word and with RECUP and REBOWL are in the middle of a packaging revolution!Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Retailer/BrandXXXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage 20162019Munchen, GermanyGermanyEuropeGerman51-1000$179,837Florian Pachaly & Fabian Eckert, Co-FoundersActiveY
Recirclable Container ProgramRecirclable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRecirclable provides eco-conscious consumers and restaurants the opportunity to reduce waste by offering reusable containers for takeout as an alternative to single use containers. Recirclable is building up a community of restaurants around the Boston area, starting west of Boston (in and around Arlington).We're on a mission to provide eco-conscious consumers and restaurants the opportunity to reduce waste by offering reusable containers for takeout as an alternative to single use containers.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorPenaltyNoNoneRetailer/BrandXn/an/aY - free to use as long as it is returned within 2 weeksFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Boston, MAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish1-10Margie Bell, Co-FounderActiveYX
reCIRCLE BOXreCIRCLE Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramTake-away system for restaurants. Users pay a 10 CHF deposit. They can wash it and reuse it in any participating restaurant, or simply return it in exchange for 10 francs or a clean container. The container is washed in restaurants.
reCIRCLE is the circular reuse system for takeaway restaurants, functioning as a network. They provide reCIRCLE partners with washable containers with hermetic lids.
Lid: PP
Plastic - Other Program OperatorDepositYesNone Program OperatorXXXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage 2016UnknownBern, SwitzerlandSwitzerlandEuropeEnglish
11-25$617,681500 Tons of Plastic Waste and 1'700 Tons of CO2 equivalents per year350000Jeannette Morath, CEOActiveNNSmood for home delivery XXXX
Reconcil Container Program Reconcilhttps://www.reconcil.frReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRECONCIL offers catering players (restaurants, delivery platform, caterers,) a rental service for returnable reusable packaging and an industrial cleaning solution for food containers. Our returnable packaging service allows restaurateurs and meal delivery platforms to carry out their take-out sales and zero-waste deliveries, benefiting from RECONCIL's expertise in choosing the container suited to their needsExperts in zero waste for food.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20172017Paris, FranceFrance EuropeFrench1-10No funding information availableSofiane Hassaïne-Teston, CEOActiveX
RepEATer Container ProgramRepEATer Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRepEATer is a reusable takeout container program that partners with restaurants so that customers can get their meals in reusable containers. Customers download the RepEATer app and order from participating "repeateries". They get their meal in reusable containers that RepEATer later takes back, sanitizes, and recirculates.Takeout, without taking out the trash.Not providedProgram OperatorPenaltyUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Boulder, CO United StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information availableAshwin Ramdas, Co-FounderActiveX
Returnr Container Program Returnr Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReturnr reusable products are free to borrow within the Returnr cafe network with a small fully refundable cash deposit. The Returnr cafe network system is easy for users and cafes to adopt and offers a method for cafes to significantly reduce or eliminate single-use packaging waste with high user adoption levels.Returnr aims to replace single-use food & beverage packaging with equivalent reusable solutions. Shared reusable products that minimise waste and resources.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositNoNone UnknownXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2018UnknownMelbourne AustraliaUnited KingdomGlobalEnglish1-10No funding information availableJamie Forsyth, FounderActive
Reusables Vancouver Island Container ProgramReusables Vancouver Island Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramMembers pay a $5 monthly fee (waved the first month) for unlimited take out containers. A late fee is charged daily for every container kept over seven days. Containers can be returned to any drop box location that users can located via the app. Reusables Vancouver Island’s goal is to provide restaurants and consumers on Vancouver Island with a user-friendly, approachable reusable takeout container service.Stainless steel with Silicone LidMetal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryProgram OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Lantzville, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableKelli Etheridge and Jennifer Leslie, Co-OwnersActiveX
Reusabol Container ProgramReusabol Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramGo to any restaurant in the network and order your food in a Reusabol. Use a mobile app to scan a QR code to check containers in and out,With Reusabol, you take out your food, not the trash.100% recycled PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryRetailer/BrandXn/an/aFor ProfitYesSimultaneously highlighting food poverty and plastic waste. Currently planning a matching scheme to provide meals to underprivileged members of the community.2-Pilot/Start-up20182020Barcelona, SpainSpainEuropeEnglish
1-10$4,174Aimee Van Vliet, Co-FounderActiveYYLes Mercedes for home delivery
Reusabowl Container ProgramReusabowl Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramRigid PlasticsReusabowl is a reuse network for takeaway packaging to eliminate waste.
Pay $10 to borrow a bowl. Swap it for another bowl on request with your next meal, or return with 2 weeks for a full refund at any participating eatery. Reusabowl is made from rice husk and a food-grade silicone lid. The design is sturdy, commercial dishwasher and freezer safe.
We created Reusabowl on three basic circular economy principles: 1) To design out waste, 2) Keep resources in use, and 3) Regenerate natural systems.

Because we believe convenience and waste don’t have to go together.
Rice HusksOtherProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Retailer/BrandXXXXn/an/aYY - free to use as long as it is returned within 2 weeksFor ProfitYesFood Waste Advocacy - Member of Citizens of 12.3.
Waste-free Wellington advocacy group member.
2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Wellington, New ZealandNew ZealandOceanaEnglish1-105,000 containers now in circulation. More than 50,000 items of waste eliminated.Bobby Lloyd and Greg Low, Co-FoundersActiveYY
RingKarp Container Program RingKarp Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramTake-away system for restaurants. Customer pays 10€ for a container, 5€ for the cup. When returning to whatever partner restaurant, he receives all his money back or new containers. No returning machines. Every joined restaurant is the returning point. Restaurant wash the containers.RingKarp's mission is to reduce the use of single-use packaging and keep the reusable system truly sustainable.70%PBT plastic, 30% glass fiber. Lids PP-plastic. Cups made from tritan.Plastic - Other Program OperatorDepositUnknownMandatoryRetailer/BrandXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Tallinn, EstoniaEstoniaEuropeEnglish
1-10No funding information availableKatarina Papp, Kadrin PintsonActiveYX
Ringo Return Box ProgramRingo Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramQR code enabled deposit container program. Ringo was created out of a societal need to reduce single-use packaging waste. Our goal is to promote circular economy.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositUnknownUnknownProgram OperatorXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Tallinn, EstoniaEstoniaEuropeEstonian1-10No funding information availableActiveJanek Balõnski, FounderX
SharePack Container Program SharePack -
https://www.sharepack.nlReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable packaging solution for meals ordered through online platforms.The mission of Sharepack is to replace and banish all plastic disposable packaging from everyday life.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-upUnknownUnknownAmsterdam, NetherlandsNetherlandsEuropeDutch1-10No funding information availableInactive
Sharewares Container ProgramSharewares Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramAn elegant citywide circular platform for washing and reusing multiple wares across numerous industriesStop buying garbage. Multiple - including plasticsMultiple - including plasticsUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownXXXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Vancouver, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableActiveX
Sparkl Container Program Sparkl Reusables SparklReusables.comReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable container programs in partnership with municipalities, corporations, food vendors, and community organizations to create an ecosystem of reuse and zero-waste.Sparkl Reusables is a leader in the implementation of reuse and zero waste systems in the SF Bay Area through education, design and program deployment. Our team is dedicated to chipping away at today’s throw-away culture and ushering in an era of sustainable circular systems. We work in partnership with municipalities, corporations, food vendors, and community organizations to create an ecosystem of reuse and zero-waste.Not providedProgram OperatorDepositNoOptional Multiple Business Models95%XXXXXn/an/aFor ProfitYes2-Pilot/Start-up20142015San Francisco, CAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10$20,000400K+ Single-use containers prevented from entering N.California municipal waste streams. 300K + and counting from our Durables Delivered campaign during COVID19 pandemic.Paul Liotsakis, CEOActiveYYX
Suppli Restaurant Container Program Suppli Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable takeout container program, users pay $.99 per order. There is a $20 fee if containers are not returned within one week.Suppli partners with restaurants and food shops to provide an eco-friendly takeout container service.18/8 Food Grade Stainless steel bases & Food Grade Silicone lidsMetal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryProgram OperatorXn/an/aFor ProfitYes2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Toronto, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish1-10No funding information availableMegan Takeda-Tully, FounderActiveYYX
SwapBox Container Program SwapBox Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramSwapBox is a reusable packaging service for any food business. Consumers are able to borrow packaging without paying a deposit and it is 100% free. Both users and partners use the SwapBox App to co-create a circular economy.SwapBox is a zero-waste packaging company that solely focuses on the development and production of reusable packaging for the foods and drinks industry. The company was founded in 2019 with the mission to eliminate the consumption of single-use packaging which results in a high level of pollution.Plastic- PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorPenaltyNoMandatoryProgram Operator97%XXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20192020Amsterdam, NetherlandsNetherlandsEuropeEnglish
1-10No funding information availableDejun Li & Maurits Last, Co-FoundersActiveYYXX
Tapauware Container ProgramTapauware Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramWith Tapauware, plastic-free takeout delivery is easy and convenient. Participating restaurants pack your food in our reusable Tapauware containers. Once you enjoyed your meal, just drop off your used Tapauware at one of our collection points. No hustle, no stress and no plastic.Our reusable meal containers make it easy to enjoy a takeout meal without feeling guilty about all the single use plastic you usually get with it. We want foodies to keep enjoying their takeout, in a more sustainable, circular way.

Customers simply register online and mention to participating restaurants that they want their food delivered in a Tapauware container. Once used, the reusable Tapauware container can be dropped off in one of our locations.
UnknownNot providedProgram OperatorMultiple Business ModelsYesMultiple ModelsRetailer/BrandXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20212021Petaling Jaya, MalaysiaMalaysiaAsiaEnglish1-10ActiveEnviu, spargoeats, loop foods
Nulla Reusable Container Program The Nulla Project Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramConsumers pay a $5 deposit for a container that will be accepted at participating coffee shops and restaurants. When the cup has been used, it can be swapped for a clean one, washed, and reused by its owner, or returned at any time for a refund.Nulla's goal is to improve the to-go culture on Vancouver Island.To be determinedNot providedProgram OperatorDepositNoOptional Retailer/BrandXXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2019UnknownVictoria, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish
1-10No funding information availableCaroline Thibault and Nancy Prevost-Maurice, Co-FoundersActiveYYNX
Tiffin Container Program Tiffin Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramReusable stainless steel lunch box for meal delivery or take out. Customers purchase a container and use it to get discounts at participating restaurants. Tiffin is a community of restaurateurs, caterers, schools, businesses and consumers.
eager to eat take-out or delivered meals while preserving the environment
Metal - Stainless SteelMetal - Stainless SteelMultiple Business ModelsMultiple Business ModelsYesMandatoryMultiple Business ModelsXXn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20142018Brussels, BelgiumBelgium EuropeEnglish
1-10No funding information availableUnknown but almost 100 partners offering a reusable solution.4500Violaine Dupuis, Founder ActiveYXX
Hello Jar by TrashlessTrashless Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramTrashless' Hello Jar program delivers from 15+ local restaurants with over 80 menu items in total in reusable jars. Restaurants received the orders ahead of time, preventing food waste. Reusable materials picked up at the next delivery, or whenever the customer requests a pickup. Consumables, delivered in reusable packaging & refilled on demand. Local, sustainable, trashless.GlassProgram OperatorNoneNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aXFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20202020Austin, TXUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 26-50$202,710Yogesh Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO ActiveX
Usefull Container ProgramUsefull Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramCafe/restaurant rental container program through an easy to use app. Usefull is changing the paradigm of to-go food and drink.Not providedMultiple Business ModelsPenaltyNoOptional Program OperatorXXXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20182018Boston, MAUnited StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10$40,000Alison Rogers, FounderActiveYYX
Vanilla Bean Container Program Vanilla Bean -
https://www.vanilla-bean.comReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramGerman proponent of vegan restaurants - raised funds to conduct a pilot for a digital reusable container program. Company is operational although the program no longer is. Award-winning vegan restaurant guide. Not providedProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownXn/an/aFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up2019UnknownBerlin, GEGermanyEuropeEnglishUnknown$322,708Fabian Kreipl, Managing DirectorInactive
Vessel Works Container Program Vessel Works
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramVessel cups are reusable stainless steel containers that are for customers and shop owners, IOT tech-enabled,. User pays $15 fee if container is not returnedVessel provides the opportunity for people to make better choices-in our fast paced lifestyles.Not providedProgram OperatorPenaltyNoNone Program OperatorXXn/an/aNon-profit n/an/a2-Pilot/Start-up20152019Boulder, CO United StatesNorth AmericaEnglish 1-10No funding information availableDagny Tucker, Founder and CEOActiveX
Vytal Takeaway Container Program Vytalhttp://www.vytal.orgReusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramFastest growing reusable takeaway container platform in Germany building the operating system for efficient and convenient reuse models.Separating convenient consumption of takeaway, delivery and convenience food from packaging waste by operating the most efficient reuse system.Material agnostic (PP, stainless steel, glas)Multiple - including plasticsProgram OperatorPenaltyYesMandatoryRetailer/Brand99%100%XXXXXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage 20192015Cologne, Germany GermanyEuropeGerman51-1000$2,955,303>100,000 single-use containers replaced in January 2021; Target for 2021 to replace at least 3,000,000 containersDr. Tim Breker, Sven Witthöft, Dr. Fabian Barthel, Co-FoundersActiveYEllen MacArthur Foundation, Greentech Alliance, EIT FAN, EHI, GS1 Germany, REWE Group, Compass Group, Aramark, Dussmann, Klüh Catering, Many Happy Returns ..X
We Use Tableware Container ProgramWe Use Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareWe Use provide rental services for a large variety of tableware and offer delivery service to the event site. Food and beverage can be served with We Use tableware directly. We Use will collect the used tableware. Professional washing and storage will be done and the tableware is ready for use next time!Established in 2015, We Use is the first tableware rental service provider in Hong Kong. We aimed at helping event organisers reduce single-use tableware. From small to mega events, We Use adopts suitable rental scheme with one-stop cleaning, delivery and on-site support service. We collaborate with the organisers, food vendors and other parties, dedicated to make your green event smooth!Multiple - including plasticsProgram OperatorDepositYesNone Program OperatorXXXn/an/aYFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20152015Hong Kong, Hong KongHong KongAsiaChinese
1-10No funding information availableNumber of disposable tableware reduced: 499291Kin Chi Cheuk, Judith NganActiveSE Directory SEBC, HKCSS, Tithe Ethical Consumption
FSES, Sustainable Consumption Enterprise BEC
Wisebox Restaurant Container Program Wisebird - CLOSED
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramWisebox program allows customers to pay a five-dollar deposit on reusable takeout containers when purchasing their meals. They can then return the container for a full refund at a participating restaurants, or keep the box and reuse it for their next meal.Wisebox wants to make bringing your own containers as painless as bringing your own bags to the grocery store, carrying a water container to the gym or returning bottles to the liquor store.Plastic - PPPlastic - PPProgram OperatorPenaltyNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aFor ProfitYes2-Pilot/Start-up20192019Toronto, CanadaCanadaNorth AmericaEnglish
1-10No funding information availableErika Reyes, CEO & Co-FounderInactiveSeptember 2020X
Yogiyo Reusable Container ProgramYogiyo
Reusable Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareSeoul City will work with Yogiyo, a South Korean food delivery service app, and Itgreen, a company specialized in cleaning and resupplying food containers, to encourage restaurants to use reusable food containers made of metal and other durable materials for food delivery services. On Yogiyo, customers can choose to receive their orders packed inside reusable food containers while the Korea Franchise Association encourages local restaurants to participate in the green project. Itgreen will provide reusable containers to restaurants and resupply them after collecting and cleaning.Yogiyo is a mobile and online food delivery platform that allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants.Metal - Stainless steelMetal - Stainless SteelProgram OperatorUnknownUnknownMandatoryThird Party Xn/an/aXNN - requires membership which is directed toward upper/middle classY - they could hire people for the delivery services and cleaning servicesFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20112021Seoul, KoreaKoreaAsiaKorean1001 - 10000No funding information availableJewon NaActiveItGreen, City Government of Seoul, Delivery Hero
YOYO.BoostReuse Container ProgramYOYO.BoostReuse Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramWe help organizations to implement circular solutions for reusable containers at workplaces.YoYo’s vision is to free nature from take-away packaging waste. By implementing a convenient reuse culture at all workplaces our customized implementation accelerates the transition from single-use to reusable tableware in catering services.Not providedUnknownMultiple Business ModelsUnknownNone Third Party XXXXn/an/aFor Profit3-Growth Stage 20202020The Hague, The NetherlandsNetherlandsEuropeDutch
1-10No funding information availableJoanna Olszanska, FounderActiveYISS Catering, National Dutch Government, The Knowledge Institute for sustainable packaging ( KIDV ), numerous corporate clients, Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development INNOWOX
KFC Reusable Serving Basket ProgramYum China Holdings Cup & Container ProgramsContainer ProgramDisposable FoodwareYum China owned KFC chains introduced reusable baskets to over 6,000 KFC locations across China. Guided by our Sustainability 4R Principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace), Yum China has been exploring more eco-friendly materials and designs to reduce disposable packaging from source of use and seek behavioral change among the public.Yum China Holdings is China’s largest restaurant company with a purpose of making every life taste beautiful. We are dedicated to serving our customers’ evolving needs by enhancing in-store experience, improving mobile connectivity, introducing innovative new products, and constantly delivering value.Plastic - UnspecifiedProgram OperatorUnknownNoNone Program OperatorXn/an/aNN - American fast food is considered middle class prices in ChinaY - they could help collect, sanitize, and redistribute the traysFor Profit2-Pilot/Start-up20162019Shanghai, ChinaChinaAsiaChinese
10,001+No funding information availableJoey WatActiveKFC, Grassland Restoration Initiative