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A Bigger ChurchNolte, MatthewChurch Administration, Community Outreach, Ministry PartnershipWe use words like synod and concordia; but what might that look like on a local level? In 2016 a couple of churches on the outskirts of Los Angeles decided to find out. Two small suburban churches have started to walk together in ministry and see where it leads. On some levels it was a practical decision, but this isn't just about survival. Come, join their pastor as he shares what they've done, what they're doing, and what the plans are to prosper in the days ahead. It's a not so new idea which can give us all a hope and a future.
A Rest that WorksJank, BrendaChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Theology, Ministry PartnershipWe know to run hard. Do you know how to rest well? Becoming a champion of rest revolutionizes God's work in us and through us. Learning how to rest well also reacquaints us with the peace and quiet our souls have tried to live without. When leaders choose to realign their lives to the motto "Run Hard. Rest Well." it prepares them (and those they lead, love and serve) to advance into the world with a power not their own. To learn more visit
A Return to Sabbath: Work from RestNewell, BillyWellnessServing others is about sacrifice right? We're supposed to go the extra mile right? What happens when we take that too far? We find ourselves feeling empty, inadequate, and fatigued. Pastor Billy invites us to return to rest and fill our tanks. Let's see what it can look like to work from rest!
Best ChanceJohnson, SteveParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Ministry Partnership, Social IssuesWe are still loosing 50% of youth after confirmation, and another x% after High School. We as a church have some of the greatest church resources ever as a culture, yet the statistics have not changed regarding our rate of loss. Are we giving our families the "Best Chance" to raise children who know and love Jesus? What tough questions are out there the church is not answering well? After years of research, studying, interviews, and prayer I would love to engage your hearts to giving our families the "Best Chance" to bring up children connected to Jesus.
Building a Biblical Disc Culture--Strengthening teams with Everything DiSCFischer, TomChurch Administration, Team BuildingHow To Build a Biblical DiSC Culture...and experience less tension and more trust in your ministry.
Business Class IT on a Church Mouse BudgetSchutte, BeckyTechnologyWe will share our journey--the hills and valleys--then and now. This will be a safe space to share and wrestle with the challenges of IT in a church/school setting.
Changes in Children's MinistryLink, HaleyParish Education/Discipleship, Children's MinistryWhen making changes in any ministry, it can be a challenge. But with kids and parents attached, it can make changes an uphill battle. We will discuss the best practice to make changes and not make enemies.
Changing social ministry for long term resultsCharlesworth, KristinCommunity Outreach, Ministry Partnership, Social IssuesLearn to look at social ministry and serving your community in a new way. Learn how St. John's Lutheran in Arnold took their social ministry to the next level and are now offering holistic long term change to those they serve through case management, counseling, support groups, parenting classes and other services. We believe this is new face of social ministry in our churches and a way to make a huge long term impact on the community we live and work in.
Church Communications 101Gerhard, AndreaChurch Administration, Community Outreach, Ministry Partnership, CommunicationAs forms of communication continue to evolve, have you determined the best ways to connect to those inside and outside of your church? Do you have systems in place for communication? Communication doesn't have to be scary, but it does need to be consistent. Come to learn about communication basics (including branding, alignment, planning, forms of media available to you) and choosing what is best for your church.
Community Ministry Which Works! (Even for small churches!)Fischer, TomCommunity Outreach, Ministry Partnership, EvangelismThis workshop will describe how GoodLife Community Partnership has more than doubled our monthly worship attendance and extended our ministry into our community with a simple, but powerful and effective model. By partnering with various individuals, organizations and businesses in our community, GoodLife Community Partnership has an effective strategy to reach--and exceed--400 people each month with one purpose: To "Connect Neighbors, Build Communities, and Change Lives" for Jesus.
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout for Church WorkersTripp, KarenCommunity Outreach, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, Pastoral careCan working in the ministry field wear down a person’s ability to cope emotionally with the hardships surrounding them? Can this effect not only their work environment but outside interests as well? What is the difference between Compassion Fatigue and Burnout? Learn ways to prevent both and improve your connections at church, work and at home.
Confirmation: Old Wine in New WineskinsWendt, PaulParish Education/Discipleship, ConfirmationThe need to nurture children and youth in the core of the Christian faith seems to be greater than ever. The message of the Gospel in the Six Chief Parts remains the same! The means to engage confirmands has changed. A variety of resources will be presented along with discussion time to learn from one another in carrying out this vital area of ministry. Networking to support our common work will be explored.
ConfirmationYouLepley, DanielParish Education/Discipleship, Youth MinistryImagine the blessing of giving your confirmation students a virtual tour of the Holy Land as a part of their faith-formation via YouTube. Couple this with catechism instruction in real-to-life settings and you have ConfirmationYou. Our presentation will introduce this confirmation pilot program that equips churches, DCE's and parents with catechetical instruction that is accessible to children anywhere and anytime they have access to the internet.
Creating a Connecting Culture in Church MinistryPaape, DarcyParish Education/Discipleship, Community OutreachIn our hurry-up culture with so many events and places to be, how can our ministries design spaces that help members and the community connect with one another? The truth is, it is less about the type of event and more about equipping leaders and volunteers to adapt existing events and ministries to help participants engage, communicate, and learn from one another.
Creating a Culture of Health in Your MinistryCorrenti, SaraChurch Administration, Worker WellnessHave you been encouraging wellness in your ministry but feel like you're getting nowhere? Your ministry's wellness culture could be to blame. Come learn how to identify what type of culture you have, practical steps any ministry can take towards making their culture healthier and then how to maintain momentum in health & wellness once you get it going.
Creative Bible Teaching Methods for Elementary Students (or any age that can’t sit still)Boyd, DavidParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's MinistryTen proven methods to incorporate into your teaching for elementary students, or any group that struggles to sit still. In this workshop, we will illustrate ten methods of bible teaching, while remembering the core of your role as a teacher of the Bible.
Developing Positive Relationships between Church and SchoolWirsing, TomChurch Administration, Ministry Partnership, SchoolAt a time when many churches and schools are struggling for resources (fiscal, material, human) it is tempting for our churches and schools to view themselves as competitors. It doesn't have to be this way. Find out how from two guys that have been in the trenches and have seen how awesome it can be.
Development: Your Key to SustainabilityKurth, TimDonor DevelopmentFunding, funding, funding. It's the lifeblood of any ministry organization. But how intentional are you in developing relationships with those who provide the funds for your ministry? Many ministries treat development as if it's optional. Come find out why it's not optional but essential to the long-term sustainability of your ministry. And discover why development is NOT fundraising.
Ecosystems: A Way to Ignite Congregational Education?Bergman, MarvinParish Education/DiscipleshipWith some congregations facing an education crisis, an ecosystems perspective on igniting faith forming missional education is highlighted and assessed.
Emerging Adult Ministry 101Boyd, DavidParish Education/Discipleship, Youth MinistryWe have all read the negative statistics about young adults leaving the church. The must understand what happens after our students graduate from youth group, and how we can make our communities safe, welcoming, and attractive to emerging adults. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of characteristics and challenges of emerging adulthood (18-28 year-olds). We will then explore the basics of ministering to the needs of emerging adults, and help you cultivate a vision for what EA ministry could look like in your church setting. My goal is that you will leave this workshop knowing your next steps towards realizing your vision.
Engaging Youth in Ministry: A High Schooler’s Perspective Spurgeon, AdamYouth MinistryAdam is a high school senior who has been involved in a variety of ministries at St. Peter's. He wants to share what has worked to get him connected as well as ways that other youth can be engaged in their home congregation. Adam knows that youth are the Church of today and need to feel that they are part of the family of God in their home church.
Equipping Christ-like Servant LeadersWendt, PaulChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry"Let's do away with volunteers!" Instead, how about servants? Jesus says, "For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." (Mark 10:45) Not simply a catchy language change; rather an attitude shift. A simple step-by-step way to begin and engage fellow servants along the way! Start with this workshop...end when you see Jesus face-to-face.
Faith Sharing Tools for Energizing and Equipping God’s People for Witness! Gregali, PollyCommunity Outreach, Ministry PartnershipFaith Sharing Tools for Energizing and Equipping God’s People for Witness! Most people in our churches desperately want to share the Gospel with family and friends but can’t find simple and effective tools to help. In this session, we’ll explore a host of proven and new witnessing tools ready to help you make an eternal difference. Come and see!
Financial Wellness: Best Practices in Preparing for RetirementKirchner Wilhelms, KarenSocial Issues, Financial Wellness for All workersDo you want to rock retirement? Learn some of the ways you can get on track at any age. Face the challenges standing in your way to create the retirement YOU want. Investigate how your Concordia Plan Services benefits or workplace benefits contribute to your financial wellness. See how small changes can make a big difference in the way you think about money today.
From Baptism to Burial, From Perishable to Imperishable: The Practices of Natural (Green) BurialBurreson, KentWorship/Music, Theology, Social Issues, Pastoral PracticeFrom an earthly perspective, at the time of death, a person enters into a state of waiting for the resurrection of all flesh. In the meantime, our bodies are returned to the earth from which the Lord created them. In light of the importance of commending our dead to God by laying them back in the earth: how should we care for our dead and what considerations should be made for burial? We should care for our dead in ways that uphold what we believe and teach about the Triune God who created and redeemed our bodies and who will raise them up on the Last Day. In order to develop this kind of confession and practice, we will introduce you to the practices of natural burial: preparing bodies for burial within the Christian community and natural practices for burial.
Gen Z: Understanding the Next GenerationShults, JuliannaParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's MinistrySay hello to the Gen Z, our youngest generation! We are learning more about this generation every day. In an ever changing world, how is your church uniquely supporting the faith growth of these children on the cusp of young adulthood?
Go Here: Basics of how to reach out to International students and scholarsVoelker, Rev. JJCommunity Outreach, EvangelismStudents from all over the world are coming to our campuses all around us. Jesus said to "Feed His Sheep!" Learn about ways you can outreach to and serve the International students and scholars that are on our local campuses and help the future leaders of the world know Jesus Christ! We often think of world missions as going "all the way across oceans." However, we can "Go Here!" and stay in our homes and impact the world for Christ! Attendees will learn how they can start a ministry to International students based on their local circumstances and opportunities
Grow your faith and your congregation through simple acts of kindness!
Larsen, LeeParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Mission trips, Community Outreach, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, EvangelismCome and learn how through performing simple acts of kindness the Holy Spirit will come alive within you along with everyone it touches. Breath life back into your church!
Honey, our church workers are shrinking!Arfsten, DebbieChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Youth MinistryWhy are our church work programs shrinking? What are "they" doing to fix the problem? Is it just about a numerical decline in the LCMS or is there more to it than that? This session will be a spirited conversation together as we seek to examine the issues and consider possible ways to reverse the trend.
Hospitality 101Strom, TerryHospitalityYour members all say "we are a friendly congregation" but you know the truth. Hospitality is more than shaking hands. Hospitality is making guest feel welcome and most importantly cared for. How do you help your guest feel cared for? Most guest make their decision in the first minute whether they will return to your church or not. What you do in those first few minutes impact whether a guest will return. Join Pastor Terry as he walks through starting a Hospitality Team.
How to Self-Publish Your BookGalvin, JimWriting and PublishingGetting your book in print has never been easier. You have access to software, tools, and services that can help you produce a quality product. Participants will learn how to conquer the writing challenge, how to test your working title, how to create a campaign to fund your project, how to get word-of-mouth jump-started, and how to make your book available on Amazon.
Imagining New Faith CommunitiesMeier, PeterCommunity Outreach, Theology, EvangelismReview God's “WHY” of church multiplication, consider a variety of models for starting new faith communities, and discover how to determine which model will work best in your context.
Joining Jesus on His MissionBorg, PaulParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, EvangelismHow to move your congregation from Inspiration to Implementation.
Judea, Samaria, and the Ends of the Earth: Planning Mission TripsKurth, TimYouth Ministry, Mission tripsPlanning a mission trip can be daunting. In this time of instant communication, high expectations, and low tolerance for discomfort, how do you organize a successful mission experience? Tim Kurth brings over thirty years of experience to this topic. From his early days organizing day trips to the inner-city of Chicago to planning international trips for 2019, he remains actively involved in bringing people on life-changing mission experiences. Find out what you need to know to plan an excellent mission trip for teens or adults.
Keeping It Real: Strengthening Ministry PartnershipsBloebaum, MaryMinistry PartnershipDo you have a "life line" established for your personal health and growth as a child of God and as a church worker? Here are some simple and strategic ways to intentionally build a safe circle of peers where care, encouragement and prayer are the foundation of your time together. This "life line" can truly become a joy and a necessity for sustaining health in a "keeping it real" way.
Making Outreach More EffectiveWood, MarkCommunity Outreach, EvangelismAttracting nonchurched people to events and activities is one thing. Engaging them over time is another. Effective outreach is the key to helping people move from having a connection to the congregation to becoming a disciple of Jesus. We’ll discuss what makes for effective outreach and the resources available for improving your congregation’s outreach efforts.
Mobalizing Millenials for their Calling.Klopke, PhilParish Education/Discipleship, Ministry PartnershipWhat would it look like if we extend the reach of the Gospel for generations to come through the training and mobilization of young leaders? What if we had a conversation about this?
Networking: Church and School ConnectionsFlorine, DavidnetworkingThis networking discussion is for any congregation with a school ministry. David Florine is a long time principal. WIth his current senior pastor, Jeremy Schultz, they will share what has worked for them in building a team focus. They will welcome any suggestions from participants on what has worked in their own congregations. This is for pastors, principals, teachers, and other church staff as well as volunteers who may have their children in a parish school.
Networking: Executive Directors - Jack of All TradesJank, TimChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, Theology, Ministry Partnership, Social Issues, Legal Issues, Leadership, Best Practices, CollaborationThis workshop is designed as a time of networking with one another. Come with your questions, ideas and experience to be shared with the group as partners in the Gospel. Topics may include programs, operations, public relations, personnel, boards, spiritual growth/support, and more.
Networking: HomeschoolingOldenburg, MaryChildren's MinistryAre you homeschooling or thinking about it? How does your Church or Ministry support homeschooling families? Come and share your strategies with others.
Networking: Pastoral CareTripp, KarennetworkingThis could focus on church workers specifically in this role as well as any church worker that serves the pastoral needs of their congregations. In addition I would include volunteers who serve in pastoral care through Stephen Ministry, grief share, cancer companions, etc. Topics could focus on compassion fatigue, work load issues, benefits of the work, burdens of the work, coping strategies, etc.
Networking: Senior PastorsTeike, MarkChurch AdministrationThis is a round table discussion for senior pastors with a multi-staff team. We will discuss sharing the mission/vision, working as a team, and distributing the work load.
Networking: Social MinistryCharlesworth, KristinChurch Administration, Mission trips, Community Outreach, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, Social Issues, Legal IssuesPastors, lay persons, social ministry teams or anyone who is interested in social ministry or changing the way their church and community view churches and social ministry should come to this roundtable. If your church wants or needs to do more in the area of social ministry come here to hear what has worked and what has not worked for St. John's Lutheran Arnold.
One Dozen Ideas for Children's and Family MinistriesEbeling, Carol & DaveParish Education/Discipleship, Children's Ministry, Family MinistriesNeed an idea to recharge your children's or family ministries? Get a brief description of 12 initiatives that have been implemented at Faith, Bloomington. Perhaps one or two of them will give you a spark to adapt for your congregation.
Oral Interpretation for Scripture Reading: Ideas to Enhance the Communication of God's Word in WorshipBecker, NikkiWorship/MusicOral interpretation is "the art of communicating a literary work with all of its intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic values to an audience by a reader through voice, facial expression, and restricted body movement." We will go through various skills that will engage listeners and can be applied in the church worship setting.
Red Letter Challenge: How To Have Your Entire Congregation Put Christ's Words Into PracticeZehnder, ZachParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, EvangelismThis session is about introducing church leaders and pastors to the Red Letter Challenge, which is a revolutionary 40-day challenge to literally put Christ's words into practice. It will focus on the five main principles of what Jesus asks His followers to do: being, forgiving, serving, giving, and going. Zach Zehnder will lead you through how his fast-growing LCMS congregation has implemented this challenge and how it has impacted his community.
Science Destroys the Evolutionary ParidigmPagels, Dr. JamesYouth Ministry, Children's Ministry, TheologyThe pseudo-science of evolution is pervasive in our society as an outgrowth of humanism requiring clear pushback by those ministering to youth and adults. This session provides inservice materials targeting the incoherent foundational elements of this theory and demonstrates that the supernatural clearly exists outside of Scripture, thus rendering the theory of evolution to be false and incoherent philosophy.
Sharing the Simple Gospel in a Complex WorldWood, MarkCommunity Outreach, EvangelismThe Gospel is simple, but the world is complex. How do we effectively share the Good News of Jesus Christ in today's context? Explore how the contextual, relational, and practical LASSIE approach can help improve the effectiveness of witness and outreach.
Straight from the Source: LCMS Young Adult ResearchShults, JuliannaParish Education/Discipleship, Youth MinistryLCMS Youth Ministry spent the last year conducting research about young adults who are now or have been connected to the LCMS. Find out what 200 congregations and 2000+ young adults, including nearly 300 young adults who have left the church, have to say and how it impacts your ministry.
The Eager Conversationalists: A Hopeful Look at What Prepares Christians for WitnessSutherland, BruceParish Education/Discipleship, EvangelismThe Eager Conversationalists: A Hopeful Look at What Prepares Christians for Witness. Jesus called His disciples to go as witnesses throughout the world (Acts 1:8). But how do you do that when more and more of us every year are reluctant to even talk about our faith in everyday life? The latest research from Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Barna Group has revealed five key characteristics shared by Christians who are comfortable, and even eager, to talk about their faith. Come discover this important EAGER Profile, assess your own readiness for witness, and make a spiritual growth plan.
The Power of a Ministry MapHoyer, JacobChurch Administration, DiscipleshipIn this workshop we'll talk about why most churches are "over-programmed", why you have trouble "on-ramping" new attenders to become active disciples, and some simply steps that will help you to start communicating about how God has called your church to build unique disciples.
Training Leaders at Every LevelHoyer, JacobChurch AdministrationIt seems as if there's always a need for more leaders. But where do we find them? What if you could equip every volunteer, team leader, and ministry leader in your organization to grow into what you'll need for your next leadership gap? What if your church had a pipeline flowing with capable, qualified, inspired leaders to take on challenges as they arise? We'll talk about how to build a system that can do that.
Traumatized! Ministry for at-risk youth.Jones, RickYouth Ministry, Ministry PartnershipLearn about the affects of traumatizing life events on the development of youth, and how to engage them with impactful, Christ-focused ministry.
Upgrading Your Church GovernanceGalvin, JimChurch Administration, GovernancePolicy-based governance is a good solution for many LCMS congregations, but most boards should also explore other options. Participants will receive an overview of the five types of governance and also a simplified explanation of policy-based governance, how it works, and whether it is the right fit for your congregation.
Why does Vision fall flat?Hoyer, JacobChurch AdministrationWhen I approach churches about helping them to clarify their mission and vision, the biggest objection I hear is, "We've done strategic planning before, but nothing ever happened." It's true, most folks talk a lot and rarely accomplish what they set out to do. Why is that? The key is connecting God's big dream for your church to deliverable results. Then return again and again to the place of prayer to allow God to continue to lead along the way. In this session we'll talk about actionable ideas to get your church moving toward God's vision for her future.
Worship and CultureMarriott, JimWorship/Music, TheologyIn an open dialogue, we'll address questions such as: What is the relationship of our worship practices to our culture contexts? How do we embrace the reality of cultural influence without capitulating to the broken aspects of culture? How do we maintain unity even in our diversity? Bring your own questions as well!
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