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dateProject NameDonationContact InformationContact EmailWebsiteDescriptionNumber of PeopleActiveAddressArtEnt./ Small BusinessSocial JusticeUrban Ag. Land UseEducation.Tech.City ServiceHousingGot Idea off the GroundAlready EstablishedFor ProfitNon ProfitProject
Febraury, 2010Dinner$0.00
April, 2010Elegance of the Rust Belt$110.00Justin AmesPhoto book on rustbelt architecturenoElegance of the Rust Belt11
May, 2010Drawing Detroit Coloring Book$145.00Ben 30 beautiful line drawings depicting this cartoonist's Detroit. Starting at the artist's near-East side home, meandering through Detroit's downtown and ending up nearby Southwest, this cross-town adventure book is sure to entice a closer viewing of this majestic post-industrial city.noDrawing Detroit Coloring Book111
June, 2010Twinning Towns$315.00Sophia Donaseewildsea@yahoo.com idea of the project is based on the concept of “town twinning” (sister cities) whereby towns or cities in geographically and politically distinct areas are paired.The “town twinning” concept is applied in the cities of Leipzig and Detroit by focusing on the issue of shrinkage and abandonment.Three examples of that connection will be realised.noTwinning Towns11
July, 2010Highland Park Hoop House$375.00Scott community garden program will be housed inside the "hoop house" -- a 14-foot tall structure covered in two layers of plastic, which uses the sun's energy to grow fresh produce year-round. The Highland Park Hoop House will provide fresh greens to local residents and the DRMM's Cornerstone Bistro,noHighland Park Hoop House111
August, 2010Avery Park Renewal Project$360.00Matt Cleaned up park in Woodbridge neighborhoodnoAvery Park Renewal Project111
September, 2010Replanting Roots$455.00Harry Reisigharry.reisig@gmail.comImprove the success rate of young fathers returning to Detroit from prison by supporting urban agricultural entrepreneurship and community development programsyesReplanting Roots111
October, 2010Fresh Corner Cafe$670.00Noam Kimelman Corner Café L3C is a mission-driven fresh food delivery and catering service formed in response to the troubling lack of access to high-quality healthy foods in Detroit. We believe that good food has the power to be transformative, so we work to leverage an expansive network of neighborhood corner stores and local workplaces to make well-balanced nutritious meals affordable and conveniently available to ALL Detroiters.yesFresh Corner Cafe1111
November, 2010The Empowerment Plan$720.00Veronika Scottveronika@empowermentplan.org Empowerment Plan is a Detroit-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless community. Our goal is to help build a better life for those that have become trapped in the cycle of homelessness. We mostly hire homeless parents from local shelters to become full time seamstresses so that they can earn a stable income, find secure housing, and gain back their independence for themselves and for their families.yesThe Empowerment Plan11111
December, 2010Pay It Forward Iniative$810.00Charlie Cavell it Forward’s primary offering is a 16-week internship program for Detroiters ages 18 to 24. The program places interns in jobs with local partner organizations. During the course of the internship, PIF provides weekly counseling sessions, a transportation stipend, financial management and entrepreneurial classes, and wages. The partner organizations where the interns are placed do not incur any costs.noPay It Forward Iniative1111
January, 2011Action by Presence$800.00Jeanie O’Connor jmurphy610@gmail.com By Presence Inc. increases understanding and mutual respect among people of differing socio-economic backgrounds and supports efforts on the part of the underserved to change their life circumstances as they are motivated to do so. We work to raise awareness of the challenges and lifestyle faced by the underserved in innovative ways that foster relationship.yesAction by Presence111
February, 2011One Year AnniversaryOne Year Anniversary1
May, 2011Keeping Our Produce Safe$700.00Michelle MISSION: To improve the quality of fresh locally grown food in theCity of Detroit, by growing chemical free produce to enhance a healthier life style.yesKeeping Our Produce Safe111
July, 2011Bridge to the Gargbage King$650.00Marcus Ryancleaned lot that was used for dumping and created pallet and tired based play structurenoBridge to the Gargabe King11
September, 2011Opthamology Clinic$735.00Melanie Eye care toolnoOpthamology Clinic111
November, 2011Midtown Sound$775.00Anthony onnline radio station.noMidtown Sound111
December, 2011Burners Without Borders$700.00Doxie Kaltzdkaltz@gmail.com hit the streets looking for people who do not go to shelters and offer then a supply filled backpack. The backpacks are stuffed with socks, gloves, a hat, scarves, rain poncho, more socks, juice, hand warmers, water, a soft cereal bar, four-to-five canned goods from various food groups, a can opener, a toiletry pack that includes tissue, handiwipes, toothpaste, a toothbrush and lip balm..and more if items are donated!yesBurners Without Borders111
February 2012Belle Isle to 8 Mile$1,000.00Emily/Andy/Robb Linn"Belle Isle to 8 Mile" <>, first comprehensive, printed guide to Detroit in a generation,Belle Isle to 8 Mile: An Insider's Guide to Detroit features more than 1,000 Detroit attractions, sites, institutions, events, restaurants, bars, shops, and curiosities, from the essential to the obscure.yesBelle Isle to 8 Mile111
April 2012Be the Change in Detroit: Forest Park Beautification Project$805.00Plymouth School Changemakersallison.elisabeth@gmail.comCreated murals at school encouraging the neighborhood to be the change they wish to see in Detroit!noBe the Change in Detroit: Forest Park Beautification Project1111
May 2012Fender Bender Detroit$514.00Sarah Sidelkofenderbenderdetroit@gmail.com are a women, queer, and trans* centered bicycle workspace rooted in justice principles.yesFender Bender Detroit111
June 2012Detroit Food Academy$812.25Jen Ruscianojrusciano@gmail.com Food Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit experiential leadership program dedicated to transforming the lives of young Detroiters through food and social entrepreneurship. We partner with local high schools, educators, and food entrepreneurs to facilitate a year-round practicum culminating in the design and launch of students' own triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit) food business. By developing food-based solutions in their communities, students grow as holistic leaders who are healthy, connected, and powerful to affect change within and beyond the local food system.yesDetroit Food Academy1111
July 2012Urban Farm Off-Grid Solar Installation$788.44Brandon Knightdetroitenergynetwork@gmail.comrhizafoodco.tumblr.comUrban farm in Highland ParknoUrban Farm Off-Grid Solar Installation1111
Private Dinner for MicroFestPrivate Dinner for MicroFest11
Startup SOUP, August 3 2012Rhiza Food Company$2,081.00brandon Knightdetroitenergynetwork@gmail.comrhizafoodco.tumblr.comUrban farm in Highland ParknoRhiza Food Company111
August, 2012Urban Recovery Farm$635.00Kimberly Frendokimberlyfrendo@gmail.comHealing FarmnoUrban Recovery Farm111
CAMP PonyrideUrban Greenhouse Development$2,000.00Noah Link & Donald Jonespeckproduce@gmail.com goal is to join in the revitalization of Detroit by developing a successful, community-based business and to meet the need for local, affordable, sustainably produced food here. We believe in a triple bottom line setting environmental, social, and economic goals, all of which an urban farm contributes to. Our priority is to produce fresh, healthy, and delicious food while improving the neighborhood and creating economic opportunities.yesUrban Greenhouse Development111
September, 2012Detroit Threat Management$1,132.25Jacob Hurwitz-GoodmanJacob.hurwitzgoodman@gmail.comwww.detroitthreatmanagementfilm.comdocumentary film on private security company Detroit Threat Management220noDetroit Threat Management111
November, 2012Spaulding Court$1,381.75Jon Koller winter ready windows into the building240yesSpaulding Court111
December, 2012DCH Printing$1,215.25Emma Bergerdchapparel@gmail.com Apparel is an educational screen-printing project that implements the ideas of art and design into a small business collaborative with Detroit youth. The importance of a program like allows for youth to be introduced with skills in trade, entrepreneurship, and creative discipline allowing the participants to develop adequate portfolios and high aspirations toward colleges and future career paths. We started in November of 2012, made possible by a grant we received through Detroit SOUP, and are still going strong with professional equipment and an amazing youth staff. The students involved handle all the orders, designs, packaging, and manufacturing of all the prints we create.215noDCH Printing1111
January, 2013: Kiva SOUPAlways Brewing Detroit$1,800.00Amanda Bewington based coffee shop in Grandmont Rosedale350yesAlways Brewing Detroit111
February, 2013Chica Chat Workshops$2,147.15Rasheda Kamaria Williamsrkamaria@empoweredflowergirl.com Flower Girl is a social enterprise that works with schools, communities and families seeking solutions to cyberbullying, drama, relational aggression and other social/communications challenges. Our engaging and inspiring programs/workshops for youth and adults are designed to increase confidence, self-esteem, empathy and altruism. We offer programs rooted in diversity, inclusion and inspiration.415Chica Chat Workshops1111
March 2013Adopt-A-Plot$1,954.00Jade Isbykalledo1@aol.com370Adopt-A-Plot111
March Historic HubbardMatrix Theatre Teen Company$640.00Andrea Scobiematrixtheatre.orgTo build community, improve lives, and foster social justice, Matrix Theatre Company teaches, creates, and shares theatre as an instrument of transformation.65yes320 at door, 320 from SOUP2730 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI ‎Matrix Theatre Teen Company111
March Highland ParkLittle Princess Pamper and Cafe$260.00Ayi Robinsonayiayi365@gmail.com15yes60 at door, 200 from SOUP12511 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI Little Princess Pamper and Cafe11
April 2013Auntie Na's House$1,423.00Sonia Brown have big dreams for the future. In the coming months, we hope to complete a Reading Room, Music Area, and a Computer Lab inside the house. This growing season we want to tend a community garden in the backyard that is beautiful and fruitful. We also intend to purchase nearby vacant lots to expand our garden and better serve the community by providing lots of fresh and nutritious produce. In order to sustain a clean water supply, we plan to construct a rainwater catchment system on the roof. This summer, we have plans to transform a diesel car into vehicle that can run on recycled vegetable oil, so that we can rely less on unsustainable and expensive fossil fuels. Throughout all of this work, we want to continue youth education, and contribute towards family stability and empowerment.285yesAuntie Na's House11
May 2013The Next Top Chef - Detroit$980.00Alison HeeresAlison.heeres@gmail.com competition for local youth. 196noThe Next Top Chef - Detroit111
May Historic HubbardNeighborhood Association$444.00Sean Mann45222 at door, 222 from soupW Grand Blvd & W Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI Neighborhood Association111
June Detroit SOUP Open HouseDetroit SOUP$844.95170152Detroit SOUP11
June Livernois CooridorMaggie Lee's$947.00Gaston Nashg_mail22@yahoo.com Maggie Lee's Community Center Was Founded By Maggie Williams-Hinton. She has realized her dream of helping those less fortunate by providing a facility that will offer programs that are carefully designed to improve the life style pattems of her community. She believes that people only need a chance to show how much they have to contribute; therefore, let this facility be that vehice.120yeswith 350 match7700 Puritan St, Detroit, MIMaggie Lee's1111
June Highland ParkThe Evolution of Nandi's Cafe$175.00David J. Hearndon browndrivedj@ameritech.net's Knowledge Cafe, Bookstore and Art gallery located on Woodward. Bringing history and culture to metro Detroit and surrounding areas.15yes12511 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI The Evolution of Nandi's Cafe111
June Youth SOUPSouthwest Rides$805.50John Barthswridesdetroit.comSouthwest Rides is a down-to-earth bike shop that positively influences youth and Southwest Detroit.90yes828300 Longworth St, Detroit, MISouthwest Rides111
July Detroit SOUPRebel Nell$1,474.00Amy Petersonamy@rebelnell.comwww.rebelnell.comRebel Nell’s product line starts by repurposing graffiti, an abundant local resource here in the Motor City. We collect this graffiti after it has fallen off of walls. Initially these scraps of graffiti look a little rough on the surface, just like many people’s first impression of Detroit. However, after we take it through our process, we’re able to reveal all the beautiful layers that make up the graffiti, just like the intricate layers that make up our city. After some hard work and TLC, the women of Rebel Nell turn that scrap of graffiti into a unique piece of wearable art. Our mission is to employ disadvantaged women in Detroit, to educate them on financial management, life wellness and business, and to empower them to successfully transition to an independent life.

250yes215Rebel Nell11111
Brightmoor SOUPAngel Tree Christmas$618.00Ora Williamsora.w@sbcglobal.netProviding gifts for children with incarcerated parents60yes309 @ door, 309 match14451 Burt Rd, Detroit, MI ‎Angel Tree Christmas111
Grandmont Rosedale SOUP Meditation and Reading Park$1,183.75Conja Wrightcwmedia@yahoo.com165823.75 @ door, 350 Match21200 Grand River, DetroitMeditation and Reading Park111
August Historic HubbardSister Pie$215.00Lisa Ludwiskilisa@sisterpie.com Pie is a bakery serving the Detroit area with seasonally driven pies and cookies. We re-interpret classic recipes with a range of quality, unique ingredients. Each pie crust is hand-made with high-fat French butter and unbleached, all-purpose flour. Every pie’s filling is crafted at the peak of Michigan’s growing season, from apricots and blueberries in July to cranberries and apples in November.15yes115 @ door, 100 match4114 W Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI ‎Sister Pie111
August Livernois SOUPObsdian Blues$800.00Serina Rodriguez Sharpe Blues Detroit uses art to transform, heal and forge new ground. We create a space to use the arts as tools of exploration, a mirror to celebrate the power in our reflection.90yes450 @ door, 350 match19350 Livernois Detroit, MIPASSAGE: Youth Transforming Detroit1111
August Kiva SOUPMB1 Express Services $482.00Marco Britton95?MB1 Express Services 111
August Detroit SOUPMACC Lit$852.70Kristen Selle program on the eastside165no2555 Burns StreetMACC Lit1111
Ponyride SOUPThe Atonement Project$7,000.00Shaka Shagorstreetjewels@gmail.com am a writer and mentor and have shared my story of redemption with youth and young adults at high schools, universities and conferences across the nation. While serving nineteen years in prison, I transformed my life, and once I returned home, I began mentoring young males who were headed down the same destructive path that led me to prison.100yesThe Atonement Project1111
September Detroit SOUPEve's Angels$1,519.00Marrissa Sheehylauraleafiyak@aol.comhttp://www.evesangels.orgThe leading not-for-profit organization that assists women in the sex industry.260yesEve's Angels111
September Brightmoor SOUPDANCE Inc$676.00Roslyn Englisheveryonelovesdance@yahoo.com, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to develop and nurture communities by empowering youth to become active in society while eliminating barriers to assist at risk and low income youth participation in performing arts and athletic activities.70yes$338 door, match14161 Vaughan DANCE Inc111
October Youth SOUPBright Teens$751.00Kat Walshwalsh.katharina@gmail.com DEDICATED TO MOBILIZING, EQUIPPING AND HELPING EACH OTHER TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY FOR OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN50yes301 at door, match 35015081 Grayfield Street Detroit 48223Bright Teens111
GR SOUP OctoberStoepel Park No. 1 Satellite Park Status$757.00Cathie Marshall are currently raising funds to purchase a permanent storage pod for the park. The storage pod will house City of Detroit maintenance equipment. The City has agreed to upgrade the status of Stoepel Park No. 1 to that of “Satellite Park”, one of only five parks in the City to be granted that status. Satellite Park status will bring us two full-time City General Services Department employees, who will be stationed at Stoepel from April through September every year. These employees will mow, weed-whip, landscape, pick up and dispose of trash, remove graffiti and excess brush, and repair park equipment, as needed. In order to obtain the Satellite Park status, however, the community needs to provide storage for the City’s maintenance equipment.70yes407 at door, match 35010001 Southfield Fwy, DetroitStoepel Park No. 1 Satellite Park Status111
Detroit NovemberSit On It Detroit$1,237.51Kyle Bartellsitonitdetroit@gmail.comsitonitdetroit.comDetroit lacks seating at bus stops. More than half of the bus stops in the city are without benches. Sit On It is an effort to fill this void by creating benches out of reclaimed wood from abandoned houses and businesses within the city.192yes3901 Christopher St, Hamtramck, MI 48211Sit On It Detroit111
LC NovMurals on the Ave$878.67Alex 313-728-5662Large murals on Livernois street on the Avenue of Fashion115one and done528.67@door, match 35018630 LivernoisMurals on the Ave111
HP NovBreakfast & Basketball$210.00Jamie Yero Camara Patesyagenda@yahoo.com25?105 door, match12511 WoodwardBreakfast & Basketball111
DT NovSit on It Detroit$917.00Kyle Bartellsitonitdetroit@gmail.comsitonitdetroit.comDetroit lacks seating at bus stops. More than half of the bus stops in the city are without benches. Sit On It is an effort to fill this void by creating benches out of reclaimed wood from abandoned houses and businesses within the city.115yes567 door, match 3503901 Christopher St, Hamtramck, MI 48211Sit on It Detroit111
CC DecAdvent 12 step program$765.00Lois Ellisloisellis55@aol.comhttp://afterchristchristiancenter.org12 Step Program at nondenominational church70?365@ door, New Paradigm Education $100, SOUP match $3003331 Fenkell StAdvent 12 step program111
Detroit DecClean Up Detroit$1,101.00James Jacksoncleaningdoctors97@yahoo.comOur Goal is to keep our city clean. We plan on doing this by hitting the streets, and cleaning up the land. We will remove debris, snow, whatever is needed to provide clean neighborhoods for and within the city of Detroit.170yesClean Up Detroit111
58 dinners2013 Total$33,858.234213Total Attendees
Grand Total$54,543.17
Citywide JanuaryAntony & Cleopatra at Recycle Here$1,340.00Samantha WhiteShakespeareinDetroit@gmail.com site-specific theatre company performs in the places where people live, work and play in an effort to plant seeds around that city that they hope will eventually lead to a permanent home. The goal is to provide approachable Shakespeare to the city's residents, Michganders and entice audiences all over the nation and world to come to Detroit and experience the Bard's work.215yes1331 HoldenAntony & Cleopatra at Recycle Here111
Hamtramck JanKosciuszko Middle School: Hamtramck Playgrounds Clean Up$664.42Jennifer Lilienthaljelilienthal@hamtramck.k12.mi.us cleanup at school80one time event$464 at the door, $200 match2333 Burger St, HamtramckKosciuszko Middle School: Hamtramck Playgrounds Clean Up111
ASALA SOUP (Special dinner)Atlantic Impact$305.00Anise Hayesanise@atlanticimpact.org foor, 100 matchAtlantic Impact11
GR JanNew Fence for the Community Garden$785.00Pam Weinsteinweinstein148@ameritech.netFence around local community garden70yes395door, match 35015000 Southfield FwyNew Fence for the Community Garden111
B JanPresent! In Brightmoor$310.10Molly Sweeneymolly.anne.sweeney@gmail.com are required for Present! In Brightmoor volunteers to support and work with community schools and students. Our campaign's fundamental aim is to acquire and sustain a successful attendance rate for all six community schools in Brightmoor. 30yes150.10 door, 150 match17421 Telegraph Rd, DetroitPresent! In Brightmoor111
Celebration SOUP FebFresh Cut Flower Farm$4,541.42Sarah Pappasfreshcutdetroit@gmail.com based flower farm with a weekly flower service as well as event floral services310yes1541.42 door, 1500 match from skillman, 1500 services from NEI Rosa Parks Blvd & W Forest Ave, DetroitFresh Cut Flower Farm1111
LC FebNot Just Cakes$426.00Chavonne Thompsonchavonne.notjustcakes@gmail.comNot Just Cakes currently offers custom cakes, custom edible fruit arrangements, chocolate covered strawberries and other specialty desserts. Not Just Cakes would like to expand the into a cake and candy supply store with a small café. To accomplish this, having a great location with the space to accommodate the needs of customers, it will be a success.40no213 door, 214 matchLivernois and Seven MileNot Just Cakes111
DT FebEGGS-Traordinary$737.00Kimberly Ingrameggstraordinary1@gmail.comEggs-TraOrdinary Breakfast Cafe is a breakfast eatery offering high quality, unique breakfast items with exceptional service. We also do catering!!105no537 door, 200 matchCampus MartiusEGGS-Traordinary111
Youth SOUPThe Young Educators Alliance $1,017.00Siwatu-Salma Rasiwatu.emeac@gmail.com're a group of Detroit youth that are raising our voices & making a difference.163yes1017 doorCass CorridorThe Young Educators Alliance 1111
HP March Daughters of Yaa Asantewaa$475.00Angela Sawyersangela@fauziconsultingservices.com55275 door, 200 match10 Pitkin St, Highland ParkDaughters of Yaa Asantewaa111
CC MarchBounce Back Detroit Four Square Tournament$620.00Jeffrey Jonesjeffjones@icdat.us Bounce Back Detroit Four Square Tournament is a four week, city-wide, round-robin four square tournament that is open to participants of all ages. The Bounce Back Detroit Four Square Tournament reintroduces the classic neighborhood game to younger generations and provides an opportunity for intergenerational engagement, cardiovascular exercise, and community building. Our goal for 2013 is to burn over 500,000 calories over the course of the tournament.80?420 door, 200 match2001 Labelle, DetroitBounce Back Detroit Four Square Tournament111
North End MarchSolar Street Lights for the North End, $326.00Jackson Koeppeljackson.soulardarity@gmail.comOur mission is to build energy democracy in Highland Park, MI through community-owned solar streetlights, energy efficiency, andcommunity-based education and organizing on energy issues.65yesSolar Street Lights for the North End, 11
Hamtramck AprilTiny Acres$426.50Tiny Acres sustainable urban farm committed to growing specialty, non GMO produce using organic and permaculture techniques.Tiny Acres11
Next Step SOUPDance Inc.$3,481.00Roslyn Englisheveryonelovesdance@yahoo.com, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to develop and nurture communities by empowering youth to become active in society while eliminating barriers to assist at risk and low income youth participation in performing arts and athletic activities.250yesDance Inc.
Grandmont Rosedale MayGrandmont #1 Positive Youth Development$386.70Shonda Jonessdavis78@sbcglobal.net #1 Positive Youth Development111
Downtown MayHott Boxx/Detroit's Own Gluten Free Mobile Cafe $265.00Harriette Brownb_harriette@yahoo.comgluten free cafenoHott Boxx/Detroit's Own Gluten Free Mobile Cafe 11
HP June?
Livernois JuneJazz on the Ave. $715.00MandisaJazz on the Ave. is an event sponsored by University Commons, Ave. of Fashion and the businesses on Livernois. This year will be the 6th annual Jazz on the Ave. The event is used to help promote the Livernois Commercial Strip as well as promote Livernois as a walkable shopping/dining district.
This year there will be 4 locations for stages and performances. One just south of 7 Mile, one at Mike’s Market parking lot, one at Outer Drive and Livernois and one in the parking lot at 1917 American Bistro. We are also hoping to partner with New Prospect Church and have a gospel jazz stage in the parking lot at Livernois and Pembroke. This location will also host the children’s activities like face painting, bouncies and other games. There is also a fashion/hair show in the evening to highlight the clothing and accessory retailers as well as the beauty shops on Livernois.
60yesmatch 350Jazz on the Ave. 111
Citywide JuneHumble Design$553.00Brian and Design partners with local area homeless and abuse shelters to identify families that are emerging from shelters and into low-income housing. Many of these families are victims of abuse and have left behind all personal items upon escaping and entering an emergency shelter. Most have no beds, books, toys or furniture to call their own. Once a partnering agency makes a referral, Humble Design designers meet with the families to do a needs assessment and develop a client wish list. From there, Humble Design designers move swiftly to: place the furnishings, toys, accessories and housewares; do any minor cleaning; and, officially move the families into their new housing.85yes553Humble Design111
June Central CommunitiesRooftop Garden$130.00Meredith Burkemerburke@gmail.comWe are designing a rooftop garden atop of the Bell Building to benefit the Neighborhood Services Organization, residents, and the broader Hope Village community. In order to implement our project, we are working with non-profit gardening organizations in the city of Detroit. Speaking with local community residents and researching the intricacies of gardening will influence the design. Research and design will be followed by construction of the rooftop garden.noRooftop Garden111
June East JeffersonKids' Summer Adventure$390.00Monique Hollidaymyholliday001@gmail.com summer kids campyesKids' Summer Adventure111
August HamtramckHamtramck Historical Museum$324.25Greg Kowalskigkowalski@ameritech.net is the first historical Hamtramck has ever had. It presents and promotes the great history of a proper setting. It is a showpiece for the city and a source of pride to all Hamtramckans, past and present. It also is being developed into a community center where many projects and programs will be conducted. yesHamtramck Historical Museum111
August North EndWNUC North End lpfm Radio $596.00Rev. Joan North End lpfm Radio 111
September Livernois CorridorGamesVille USA$927.00Caleb Rutledge Store on the Livernois CorridoryesGamesVille USA111
September Citywide Clean Up Detroit$909.50James Jacksoncleaningdoctors97@yahoo.comOur Goal is to keep our city clean. We plan on doing this by hitting the streets, and cleaning up the land. We will remove debris, snow, whatever is needed to provide clean neighborhoods for and within the city of Detroit.yesClean Up Detroit1111
September Central Communities First Lego$452.00Molly Russell & Kyle Worden; First Lego11
October HamtramackGood Tyme Writers Buffet$658.80Steve Hughesstevestupor@yahoo.comapublicpool.comThe Good Tyme Writers' Buffet is a neighborhood literary series run by writer and Public Pool gallery manager, Steve Hughes. Typically we invite 6 authors to read for ten minutes each and combine the readings with potluck, beer drinking, and music. It is as much social as it is literary. Public Pool would like to further develop this program by drawing in writers from areas beyond the city limits and offer them a honorarium to share their work with the community. Funding for this project would enliven the space and allow Public Pool to more actively pursue and present literary events to the community. We already have a matching grant from the Knights foundation so anything we raise at SOUP would be matched by them.yesGood Tyme Writers Buffet11
October CitywideHot Wheels$1,040.00Ashley Addrow-PiersonAshleyap@gmail.comWe would like to provide a one stop shop for homeless people in the city of Detroit on wheels. We will function like a food truck and provide hot foods and drinks during the cold months. noHot Wheels111
October BrightmoorBrightmoor Community Kitchen$750.00Akiko Building Brightmoor bought a commercial store front on Fenkell at the last Wayne County Auction. It has 3 storefronts and we want to turn one of these into a community kitchen. At least 20 people are actively working on planning, rehab and fundraising.yesBrightmoor Community Kitchen1111
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