NHS Volunteer Hours 2017-2018
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TimestapFull NameGradeTitle of Activity
Description of Activity
Date(s) of ActivityHoursSupervisorSup TelephoneEmail of Supervisor
4/25/2018 7:15:01Abigail12th
Animal Humane Society volunteer (more)
Matchmaking dogs with their brand new loving and caring families.
January 1st-April 22nd20Daniela Von Arx
4/27/2017 12:18
Abigail Murray-Stark
11thTrick or Canning
NHS activity during halloween involving picking up canned goods around the neighborhood.
October 28th2Ms. Landreau
4/27/2017 12:19
Abigail Murray-Stark
Talent show, NHS event
March 9-105Ms. Landreau
1/8/2018 20:22
Abigail Murray-Stark
Animal Humane Society Volunteer
I work at the Animal Humane Society in Saint Paul and I am a dog adoption support volunteer. I talk to potential adopters and try to find them the perfect dog for their living situation. I am basically a dog matchmaker!
September 21 - December 31
20Daniela Von Arx
3/23/2018 9:00:02Abigail Murray-Stark12thTrick or canning
Getting canned goods from houses in Highland
October 29 20182Charlotte Landreau
3/23/2018 9:01:34Abigail Murray-Stark12th
Animal Humane Society volunteer
Volunteering as a dog adoption support volunteer at AHS
January-April 201820Daniela Von Arx
4/25/2018 11:02:07Aedan James O'Neill12thYouth hockey Coach
I have been voulenteering as a youth hockey coach for 2 years now. Every weekend I go for 2 hours and voulenteer as a coach teaching 3-6 year olds how to skate and how to play hockey. I do this through the edgecumbe youth hockey association. I drive out to west side arena and have fun voulenteering teaching kids how to skate and teaching them a great pastime and sport that I was brought up doing when I was young and hopefully incouradging them to do the same and share the joy with more people when they get older
October 7th 2017 - March 21st 2018
58Jay O'Neill6122090245Oneilljay@chemstar.com
4/26/2018 21:27:22Alexandra Davis12thTrick or Canning
Handing out flyers for trick or canning and collecting donate food
October 28, 2016, October 24th, 2017, October 27, 2017
4Charlotte Landreaucharlotte.landreau@spps.org
4/26/2018 21:37:26Alexandra Davis12th
US Bank Stadium Volunteering
Helping with food service during a Vikings' game
November 6th, 20165Vikings Workers
4/26/2018 21:40:08Alexandra Davis12thShop with Cops
Handed out food to volunteers, helped wrap gifts, and move gifts to the places they needed to be.
December 3, 20163Ted Davis
4/26/2018 21:46:30Alexandra Davis12thLuau Volleyball Tournament
Helping take down nets and put everything away such as food from concessions.
January 9. 20171Kathleen Kramer
4/26/2018 21:51:32Alexandra Davis12thPat Harris Campaign
Helped set up events, running errands, marched in parades, handed out flyers
March 25th, 2017, June 4, 2017, August 1, 2017, November 7th, 2017
11Patrick Harris
4/26/2018 21:55:29Alexandra Davis12thFFA
Helping out with AG day and running a booth, selling t-shirts for FFA during tailgating for the homecoming game, and making sandwiches for a local homeless shelter
May 12, 2017, October 7th, 2017, February 9th, 2018
8Hannah Wedger
4/26/2018 21:59:36Alexandra Davis12thTaking Picture of Tombstones
I took pictures of tombstones to help a website (findagrave.com) help record graves in different cemeteries for research purposes.
September 4, 2017, December 10, 2017
6Anita Nelson
4/26/2018 22:11:30Alexandra Davis12thMayor's Reception
Helped set up signs, food, name tags, guest list, and beverages for the Mayor's Reception
February 10, 20186Ted Davis
4/26/2018 22:14:06Alexandra Davis12thGeometry Tutoring
Helped a Highland Park student with geometry
February 13, 20182Ms. Esso
4/26/2018 22:16:37Alexandra Davis12thPhysics Tutoring
Helped a Highland student with Physics
February 14, 20181Ms. Hedwall
4/26/2018 22:17:50Alexandra Davis12thBenstock
Handed out flyers and made posters for Benstock
March 9, 20184Ms. Landreau
3/9/2018 16:03:22Alexis Lipstein 11thTrick or Canning
Collecting cans to be donated.
October 27th5Veronica Sannes
4/26/2018 9:23:49Alexis Lipstein 11th
Cinco de Mayo Dance performance and practice
Practicing and performing a Latin dance for the cinco de Mayo day presentation at Highland
January to May10Karen Nelsonkaren.nelson@spps.org
4/26/2018 9:26:49Alexis Lipstein 11th
Volunteer at U.S. Bank Stadium
Volunteering during events at the U.S. Bank stadium
July 2017 - September 2017
15Janna Lipstein
4/26/2018 9:35:08Alexis Lipstein 11thMonster Dash
Volunteered with team ortho at the monster dash race
October 8th4Stacy Anderson
4/20/2017 20:53Alice Andrastek11thLake Nokomis Elementary
I spent three days volunteering at Lake Nokomis Elementary (North Campus), each day took about 8 hours.
On the first day, I helped unload and organize a supplies order for the school. This included paint, paper, staples, pencils, markers, and anything else you can think of. There were lots of boxes to unload, record, organize, and I was also given the job of organizing the supplies once they were recorded and unloaded.
On the second day, I helped clean the school for winter break. this included wiping down desks, tables, chairs, windows, doorhandles and everything in between.
On the third day, I helped teachers pack folders for conferences. This included organizing papers, and stuffing multiple handouts into identical folders.
September 10, 2016
December 23, 2016
March 18, 2017
24John Andrastek651-285-6188john.andrastek@spps.org
4/27/2017 16:54Alice Andrastek11thEarth Day
In a group of four, we went to Highland elementary to teach fifth graders about earth day and environmental awareness
21-Apr1NHS exec board
4/27/2017 17:59Alice Andrastek11thTrick or Canning
we dressed up and collected canned food for the food shelf
october 27th (not sure about that)
Landreau/ nhs exec board
12/18/2017 15:44Alice Andrastek12thNHS Tutoring
tutored hp students in library
18-Dec1Ms. Rahman
2/2/2018 21:41Alice Andrastek12thFFA Sandwiches
We made sandwiches for the homeless in Mrs Wedger's room
30-Jan2Hannah Wedger
2/7/2018 11:59Alice Andrastek12thRHS Volunteering
I volunteer in my third grade teacher's classroom at Randolph Heights
February 7 - May 3034Monica Fitzgerald
3/7/2018 8:53:32Amer Said11thTrick or Canning
My group and I walked down Yorkshire Avenue handing out flyers that informed people about the food drive. Two days later we collected the food that people donated
October 24th, 2017 - October 24th, 2017
5 hoursMs. Landreu651-744-3887mailto:charlotte.landreau@spps.org
3/11/2018 9:11:17Amer Said11thBenstock Volunteering
I helped set up the equipments and instruments for the performers during the two days of rehearsal and during the day of the show.
March 7th - March 9th9Charlotte Landreau651-744-3887Charlotte.landreau@spps.org
4/28/2018 7:52:40Amer Said11thAfter School Tutoring
I volunteered to tutor students who need help with a class after school
April 23 - April 2511Ms.Rahman651-744-2076 alison.rahman@spps.org
11/20/2017 9:01Andrew Noecker11thTrick or Canning
Went out and dropped flyers off at houses, returned a few days later to collect non-perishable goods that went to a food shelf.
October 24th, October 27th
Charlotte Landreau
11/20/2017 9:10Andrew Noecker11th
Jeremiah Program Cook for Kids
We prepared a meal for around 15 single moms and their children at the Jeremiah Program before the moms went to their class for the night.
November 2nd3Duane NoeckerDuane.noecker@gmail.com
2/19/2018 20:40:37Andrew Noecker11thNHS- Tutoring
I tutored in the library after school
January 30th3Ms. Landreau651-744-3887Charlotte.landreau@spps.org
2/19/2018 20:43:25Andrew Noecker11thLink Crew- Orientation
Led a crew of 12 freshmen through orientation before their first day of school
September 15Andrew DirksAndrew.Dirks@spps.org`
2/19/2018 20:45:40Andrew Noecker11thLink Crew- Shanana Bang
I helped set up for this event beforehand and then led a group of freshmen during the event. I also helped clean up after the event was over
September 87Andrew DirksAndrew.Dirks@spps.org`
2/19/2018 20:47:23Andrew Noecker11th
Link Crew- Interactive Movie Night
I helped set up for the event, participated in the event and helped clean up afterwards.
November 37Andrew DirksAndrew.Dirks@spps.org`
2/19/2018 20:53:05Andrew Noecker11thChurch Choir
The choir I am in at the Basilica of St. Mary performs once or twice a month at mass
October 29, November 19, December 3, December 24, January 28
11Walter TamborWtambor@mary.org
4/24/2018 17:53:16Andy Valitchka11thGarage Sale Help
I helped people at the Falcon Heights Elementary School prepare and run a garage sale to raise funds for the school. This included sorting items and setting up/taking down tables and racks.
April 20-April 2110Carrie Jones6126008106
4/24/2018 19:08:58Andy Valitchka11th
Teaching Preparation Assistance
I helped Ms. Schulz, a teacher at Falcon Heights Elementary School, prepare materials for her classes. This included creating packets and worksheets from academic workbooks for the students.
April 7, April 144Julie Schulz6513430604
4/29/2018 14:17:39Andy Valitchka11thTrick or Canning
Trick or Canning was a volunteering opportunity we had through Highland's NHS program. We spread the word with flyers and went door to door requesting people donate food for a local food shelf. We then came back and picked up all the donated food at people's doorstep and brought it to school, where all the food was collected to be donated.
October 25, October 274Charlotte Landreaucharlotte.landreau@spps.org
4/29/2018 14:27:57Andy Valitchka11thRush River Clean Up
My family and I frequently fish and visit the Rush River in western Wisconsin. We participate in an annual Rush River spring clean up put on by Trout Unlimited. We pick things out of the river like tires and trash and many other strange things.
March 247Sarah Sanford
9/25/2017 22:07Anna Tran11thParading for Pat Harris
Parading around the Saint Paul area to support and advocate for Pat Harris as Saint Paul's next mayor
September 23rd, 2017
1 hour and 30 minutes
Colleen Nocerinicolleen@patharrisformayor.com
10/3/2017 22:20Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helping out kids with their homework, setting up snacks, playing with them during gym time, and other various activities.
October 3rd3Jean Emmons612-331-8678JEmmons@esns.org
10/25/2017 9:31Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helped kids out with homework and various other activties
Octover 24th, 20173Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
10/31/2017 20:26Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helped kids out with homework, set up activities for them, played tag with a few of the kids, and a variety of other activities.
October 31st, 20173Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
10/31/2017 20:37Anna Tran11thJudge- Policy Debate
Judged a novice round of policy debate at the Rosebowl Tournament
October 27th, 20171.5Marcy Caridadcaridadm@augsburg.edu
11/12/2017 19:05Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helped kids out with homework and set up snacks for them as well
November 7th, 2017
3Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
11/16/2017 13:12Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helped set up snacks and helped the kids out with homework
November 14th, 2017
2Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
11/30/2017 18:39Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helped some kids read out loud and as well as played a few activities outside
November 28th, 2017
3Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
12/10/2017 20:25Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Helped a few kids read out loud, set up chairs, and organized the small library
December 5th, 2017
3Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
12/11/2017 21:21:16Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Cleaned the tables, helped the kids out with math, and helped organized the books
December 11th, 20173Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
12/12/2017 21:44:00Anna Tran11th
Luxton Learners Youth After-School Program Assistant
Listened to the kids read out loud, helped them out with homework
December 12th, 20173Jean EmmonsJEmmons@esns.org
3/14/2018 22:36:41April Bannister12thVolunteering through Soccer
Through the Highland Park Varsity Girls' Soccer program, I volunteered multiple times during my junior and senior years. My volunteer activities consisted of putting up the soccer nets across the entire complex, working the concession stand with other soccer players at a football game, picking up trash in the Highland neighborhood, and making sandwiches.
soccer nets, junior year season: August 2016
concession stand: September 2016
soccer nets, senior year season: August 2017
picking up trash: October 2017
making sandwiches: November 2017
10Chris Steenberg
3/14/2018 22:38:56April Bannister12thNHS Volunteering 2016-2017
As a member of the full house of NHS during my junior year, I participated in the Trick or Canning NHS activity, and both participated in and volunteered to help set up the Scots' Stroll.
Scots' Stroll: September 2016
Trick or Canning: October 2016
5Charlotte Landreau
3/14/2018 22:41:41April Bannister12thNHS Tutoring
During my senior year, I signed up to tutor any students in need of assistance, remaining in the library for an hour each time (I signed up twice). I have doubled the hours and recorded them here as 4, as per the tutoring policy implemented.
November 15, 2017
January 17, 2018
4Charlotte Landreau
3/14/2018 22:47:17April Bannister12thNHS Executive Board
For the 2017-2018, I have been a member of the NHS Executive Board, and have thus volunteered a fair amount of my time to the NHS program itself, the full house members, and the NHS-sponsored and NHS-organized events. My focus projects this year were Trick or Canning and Benstock. During Trick or Canning, I coordinated with all group leaders and sent information to them regarding the process of the event, their routes, and any other necessary information. For Benstock, I also reached out to the performers to remind them of important dates and times; furthermore, I was present for all audition and callback days and helped backstage during the show. My official title on the Exec Board was the historian, meaning I took photos of all the NHS events in addition to my other volunteer duties on the board.
May 2017 (elected historian) through May 2018 (last NHS meeting, induction ceremony for new members)
40Charlotte Landreau
3/5/2018 17:58:35Ashlin Schultz-Perry11thBasketball tournament
Ran concessions at a basketball tournament for free. Also would work score board and helped set up tournament
May 22-248 hoursDave ZietchickDavid.zietchick@spps.org
3/5/2018 18:03:08Ashlin Schultz-Perry11thAuction
Meand a couple other teenagers worked at a auction. We would help people who came to the auction download apps on their phone to bid on the items. We would also just be social with the people that attended
May 5,20175Johnny Allen
3/5/2018 18:07:41Ashlin Schultz-Perry11thOpen house
Johnny Allen had a open house at his new office. The point of the open house was to gain exposure for his non profit organization. I would associate with people and I gave a speech on how johnny helped me.
December 1, 20173Johnny Allen
3/5/2018 18:14:52Ashlin Schultz-Perry11thTalk to people about Avid
I went to Highland park jr high and talked to the kids about highschool and Avid.
February 22-23,20182Bethany mcgrawBethany.mcgraw@spps.org
4/13/2018 13:17:17Ashlin Scultz-Perry11thLink crew
I volunteered at many events including movie night and games events and also freshman open house type stuff. Iwould make food and hangout with freshman.
8/31/17 and 11/20/17 7 hoursMr. dirks
4/18/2018 18:13:13Avery Farmer 11thLink Crew
Hosting events, teaching lessons, and making connections with freshman as the leaders Highland Park Senior High.
August 1st - February 128Mr. Dirks
11/13/2017 16:48Bao Felina Xiong11thDebate Tournament
I helped some of the parent volunteers with bringing in the pizza when they were delivered, as well as making sure that the judges in the judges lounge had enough pizza, and helping with other miscellaneous activities
10-Nov-172.5Usurla Beckerursula.becker@spps.org
1/9/2018 22:37Bao Felina Xiong11thFeed My Starving Children
I helped pack food with others to give to children across the globe who do not know where their next meal will come from.
Jody Rohweller-Kocur and Melissa Hedwall
2/8/2018 18:27Bao Felina Xiong11thLink Crew Shananabang
The theme for Shananabang for Link Crew was U.S. History if I remember correctly. I stayed afterschool and helped set up before the event began from, 3-6. The event was from 7-9, and I spent about an hour cleaning up before leaving. I assisted with setting up a station, and going to the aid of others who needed it so that Shananabang could be successful for Link Crew, and fun for the Freshmen.
September 8th, 2017
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
2/8/2018 18:39Bao Felina Xiong11th
Link Crew: Interactive Movie
I stayed afterschool from 3-6 before the event of Interactive Movie Night began to help set up. There was a lot that needed to be set up and done, because the Freshmen had to be moved to different rooms in the school for this Interactive Movie Night. The movie was Monsters Inc., a big screen (made out of paper) was put up so that people could jump out of it to scare the freshmen, before they were asked to speed down to the choir room. The Choir room was the main room that everyone was in most of the time. A blank, white piece of paper had to be taped to the wall so that everyone could see the movie as it was projected. Tables were also set up in the Choir room as a concession stand with water and snacks. Mr. Dirks' room was used as a the Himalayas, his tables were pushed aside and moved around so that white table cloths could be draped on them to mimic mountains. I also volunteered to be a Monster, and hid in a room so that the freshmen could find me and get a stamp so they can go back to the Choir room. After the end, I stayed behind for an hour or so to help put everything back before leaving for home.
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
2/8/2018 18:41Bao Felina Xiong11thLink Crew: Live Arcade
From 2-3:30 I helped make posters for the link crew event that was going to take place the next day. The theme was live arcade and each poster represented a different station.
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
2/8/2018 18:43Bao Felina Xiong11th
Link Crew: Interactive Movie
From 2-3:30, I began the simpler tasks of setting up before the actual event the next day.
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
2/8/2018 18:48Bao Felina Xiong11thLink Crew: Live Arcade
From 3-6, I helped set up a couple of the many stations for the Live Arcade. I helped blow up beach balls for the Hungry Hippo station, tested the skee ball station, taped the hippo faces to boxes, and set up the Space Invaders station (that I managed with a couple others). After the event, I spent about an hour cleaning up: breaking boxes, recycling, wiping up, transporting things to Dirks room, as well as ripping tape off boxes.
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
2/8/2018 18:53Bao Felina Xiong11th
Link Crew: Scavenger Hunt
My partner and I, along with 4 other groups planned our own event for the freshmen for Link Crew. We spent about 3 or 4 lunch meetings to plan, and then on the day of, spent about an hour and half carrying out the plan with the freshmen from our group.
January 17, Jan. 19, Jan. 24, Jan. 25
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
2/8/2018 18:53:27Bao Felina Xiong11thLink Crew: Scavenger Hunt
My partner and I, along with 4 other groups planned our own event for the freshmen for Link Crew. We spent about 3 or 4 lunch meetings to plan, and then on the day of, spent about an hour and half carrying out the plan with the freshmen from our group.
January 17, Jan. 19, Jan. 24, Jan. 25
Mrs. Corbett, Mr. McKinney,Mr. Dirks, Mrs. Noah
4/19/2018 21:30:49Bao Felina Xiong11thCraft Show
I helped the vendors with whatever they needed help with, sold drinks and snacks, and collected items from each vendor to for a raffle ticket. The purpose of the craft show was to help raise money for the AVID seniors.
March 17th, 20184Bethany McGrawbethany.mcgraw@stpaul.k12.mn.us
1/5/2018Ben Currie-Wells12Senior High Service CampWilderness Camp63Ms. Hanson
5/24/2017 17:26Ben Earl-Moseley11thHabitat for Humanity
I worked with a group of other volunteers for a week at a habitat for humanity house where we volunteered our time to help construct a home for a family. I helped mount siding on the exterior of the home and then I helped to install flooring in the home.
July 18, 2016 - July 22, 2016
4/26/2018 21:02:49Ben Earl-Moseley12thNHS Executive Board
Vice President of the school chapter of the National Honors society. This role involves organizing and planning the events the National Honor Society runs. I helped to plan and run the Scots Stroll, NHS Tutoring, and Benstock as well as other jobs such as taking food to St. Francis Basket and
June 15 - Present25Ms. Landreau
4/26/2018 21:04:51Ben Earl-Moseley12thDorothy Day Meal Program
Once a month I volunteer at the Dorothy Day homeless shelter as part of the Loaves and Fishes Program serving a meal to people in need at the shelter.
June 2016 - Present15John DeHarport
4/26/2018 21:07:25Ben Earl-Moseley12thHabitat for Humanity
Along with a group of other volunteers we worked to help build a home for a family through the habitat for humanity program. During the first summer I worked to install flooring and siding. The next summer I helped to paint, install electrical fixtures, and put up tile.
Summer 2016 and Summer 2017
4/26/2018 21:09:38Ben Earl-Moseley12thFeed My Starving Children
Along with fellow NHS members, Nick, Liam, and Ed, we went to the Feed My Starving Children mass packing event at the River Center for the Feed Somalia effort. We worked a two hour shift to help package food to alleviate famine in Somalia.
June 20172
Feed My Starving Children
4/26/2018 21:11:45Ben Earl-Moseley12thRace Volunteering
Together with cross-country running teammates I volunteered at a variety of community races including the YWCA women's triathlon, and the Break Away Kids Triathlon. We worked to set up the course and help racers during the event.
August 2016 and August 2017
Paul Johnson (CC Running Coach)
12/3/2017 14:05Benjamin Smith11thGift Wrapping
Gift wrapped books at Red Balloon Bookshop
December 2nd2Angela Whitedangela@redballoonbookshop.com
4/19/2018 12:34:32Benjamin Smith11thComputer Lab Volunteer
Helped patrons in computer skills such as typing, using the mouse, navigating the web, and printing. Additionally, helped people find jobs, create and strengthen resumes, and complete homework.
November 29 - May 25, weekly
35.5Maggie Simmonsmaggie.simmons@ci.stpaul.mn.us
4/19/2018 12:38:23Benjamin Smith11thReading TutorTutored a child in reading
January 6 - May 19, weekly
15Matt Metzdorfmatthew.metzdorf@ci.stpaul.mn.us
1/9/2018 23:00Bennt Hughes11thAcolyte for Church
Assist with the church service by lighting candles etc.
June 5th-December 25
15Katie LeClair
1/9/2018 23:03Benny Hughes11th
Volunteer basketball tournament
Helped run the clocks and report scores as well as sold concessions during the tournament
January 20-215David Zeitchick
4/17/2018 13:59:15Benny Hughes11thAcolyting
I helped out with the service for my church by lighting candles, handing out glasses for communion, etc.
December 25- February 1
5Katie LeClair
3/14/2018 12:08:46Berit Depies11thToy Drive
We gathered, wrapped, and loaded holiday gifts for the families of recent immigrants. Families that came to Minnesota very recently and gave limited resources registered with the amount and ages of their children. I was involved in donating gifts, sorting them for the appropriate families, wrapping them and loading them into a car so they could be taken to the families
December 14 and 15th3 hoursMs. Risekari.rise@spps.org
4/19/2018 13:24:02Berit Depies11thNHS trick or canning
Dropping off papers requesting the cans and picking up the canned foods. Bringing the foods to the school so they can be distributed
Oct. 24 and Oct. 255Ms. Landreau
4/19/2018 13:31:58Berit Depies11th
Earth Day documentary showing
Showing the documentary An Inconvenient Sequel by Al Gore to educate for Earth day. Making and serving the snacks served at the showing. Setting up and taking down the chairs/ set up.
April 19th-April 20th
April 19th: 3 hours to finish planning and make the food to be served
April 20th: 3 hours to show the movie, and do all set up and clean up
6Ms. Bolopue
4/24/2017 13:07Blessie Mande11thEarth day
Presented about endangered species to kindergarteners
Charlotte Landreau
4/26/2017 23:37Blessie Mande11thScience Museum volunteer
Carboard gallery - fall
Experiment gallery - winter/spring
Saturdays starting October 29
26Ronda MauerRondamauer@smm.org
4/26/2017 23:40Blessie Mande11thRed Cross blood drive
HPSH stuco run blood drive in field house
17-Mar2Melissa HedwallMelissa.headwall@spps.org
4/26/2017 23:45Blessie Mande11thDebate tournament hudge
MN urban debate league
Judged rookie and novice rounds
October 8
November 11
7.5Marcy Caridadcaridadm@augsburg.edu
4/26/2017 23:49Blessie Mande11thStudent council activities
Prospective student tours
Selling merchandise at conferences
Feed my starving children
September 8
November 15
January 12
Jody rohweller-kocur
4/26/2017 23:55Blessie Mande11thChurch nursery
Taking care of small children
Sundays starting October 30
10.5Rachel Conwayrconway@gmail.com
4/9/2018 9:42:42Blessie Mande12thMission Trip
Mild construction and worked with children at Pine Ridge reservation
6/11-6/1630Richard LindstromRichard@riverview.net
4/9/2018 9:50:27Blessie Mande12thAssistant camp counselor
Village creek bible camp. Assisted a head counselor. Taught hiking and crafts.
8/6-8/1248Camie TreptauCamie@villagecreek.net
4/27/2018 23:39:08Brendan Vellenga12thTrick or Canning
First dropped off slips at many houses explaining that they need to provide food and beverages for the food shelter in order for this activity to be productive. Came back next day and picked up food from many houses.
October 263Charlotte Landreau
4/27/2018 23:40:11Brendan Vellenga12thTrick or Canning
Picking up food from houses for trick or canning
October 273Charlotte Landreau