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Last update: 8 April 2021
15 Best Books About Asian American Identity 2021 | The Strategist | New York Magazine 03/26New York Magazine: Lauren RoReadings: Books
Coronavirus Today: The virulence of anti-Asian hate - Los Angeles Times 03/26Los Angeles Times: Amina KhanReport
These Maryland cops responded to mental health emergency exactly the right way 03/21MSNBC: Ali VelshiNews, Policing
In a nation founded on whiteness, how to really discuss it? 03/26AP News: Deepti HajelaHow-To Discuss/Talk
AT&T, WarnerMedia Announce $7 Million Commitment to Stop Asian Hate - Variety 03/26Variety: Angelique JacksonNews, Donations, Support
From Oakland to Atlanta,’ community members send messages of solidarity, resistance, and healing 03/24Oaklandside: Momo ChangStatements of solidarity
AAJC: Anti-Asian Hate Asian Americans Advancing JusticeOrganization
AAJC Commends Governors Issuing Joint Statement Condemning Anti-Asian Hate 3/16AAAJ: Asian Americans Advancing JusticeStatement
AAJA Condemns Anti-Asian Racism and Challenges Newsrooms to Prioritize Coverage of Anti-Asian Violence 2/11AAAJ: Asian Americans Advancing Justice: Jessica XiaoStatement
AAJA Guidance on Atlanta Shootings 3/17AAJ: Asian American Journalists AssociationGuidance
Rebecca Solnit: from The Faraway Nearby (2013) 03/26Rebecca SolnitEssay
Asian Americans’ economic inequality is violence, too. –The Seattle Times 03/19The Seattle Times: Linh Thủy NguyễnOpinion
#StandWithAsians LIVE - 12 hour livestream YouTube 03/26Stand With AsiansEvent: Live Stream
Virtual Convening: Combatting Racism with Chinese Digital Engagement 03/25Stop AAPI HateEvent: Discussion
My Mother’s Pain: In my Chinese Indonesian family, massage has been the sole consistent method to work through pain, to recover our sense of choice. –The Atlantic, Cynthia Dewi Oka 03/26The Atlantic: Cynthia Dewi Oka, Author of Fire Is Not a CountryReadings, Essay, First Person Perspective
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AAJC - Posts | Facebook 03/24AAAJ: Asian Americans Advancing JusticeInterventions
Atlanta shooting tells us cops aren't our friends - Los Angeles Times, Steph Cha 03/18Los Angeles Times: Steph Cha, author “Your House Will Pay”Opinion, First Person Perspective, Analysis
The model minority myth says all Asians are successful. Why that's dangerous. 03/20, 03/21 updatedNBC News: Victoria NamkungHistory, Perspectives, Analysis, Model Minority Myth, Stereotypes
Funds set up for families of Atlanta shootings victims 03/22NBC News Asian American: Sakshi VenkatramanDonations
Biden's 'AAPI Liaison' should be more than 'window dressing,' lawmakers, critics say 03/25NBC News Asian American: Kimmy YamNews, Policy, Power, Representation, Identity
Senators Hirono, Duckworth, Colleagues Introduce Resolution Condemning Anti-Asian Hatred, Discrimination Related to COVID-19 Pandemic | Mazie K. Hirono - A Voice for Hawai'i in the U.S. Senate 03/24Senators Mazie K. Hirono and Tammy Duckworth, and additional 35 SenatorsUS Senate Resolution
East Bay youth organize rallies this weekend to end Asian Hate. 03/25BerkeleysideEvent, Activism
#StopAsianHate: Day of Action. Day of Healing: Tookit 03/26Initiative was first started by Congresswoman Grace Meng and California Assemblymember Evan LowInitiative / Toolkit
We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate - YouTube 03/24The Try GuysFundraiser
Asian adoptees raised in the U.S. describe the challenges of forging a racial identity b- Yahoo! News 03/24Yahoo! News: Julia MunslowIdentity, Personal Perspectives, Adoptees
Japanese Americans incarcerated in U.S. WWII camp speak out - Los Angeles Times 03/20Los Angeles Times: Phi Do, Jennifer Lu and Aida YlananHistorical: Japanese Itnernment
I Am An American - Amanda Nguyen - Obey Giant Giant
AAPF Mourns the Loss of Life in Georgia 03/19AAPF: The African American Policy FoundationStatement
AAJA Guidance on Atlanta Shootings 03/16AAJ: Asian American Journalists AssociationGuidance
AAJA-HQ commends journalists who have championed coverage of AAPI experiences during this period of increased anti-Asian incidents 03/16AAJ: Asian American Journalists AssociationStatement
How Anti-Asian Activity Online Set the Stage for Real-World Violence - Yahoo! News 03/20New York Times: Davey AlbaAnti-Asian Hate, History, Online, Social Media
2,000 attend Black Asian Lives Matter rally in New York – AsAmNews 03/21AsAmNews: Esther YangPictoral Essay, Activism, Rally, Event, Protest,
Asian American Women Have Never Been Truly Safe. –Glamour 03/18Glamour: Christine Liwag DixonRacism, Discrimination, Misogyny, Asian Women, Violence, Objectification
My Asian American awakening echoes America's. Now it's time for an AAPI movement. 03/23NBC News: Richard LuiOpinion, Personal Perspectives, History, Analysis, Anti-Asian Violence
A Sociologist Explains Why Asian Americans Sense Limits at Work - Bloomberg 03/19BloombergRacism, Discrimination, Model Minority Myth, Assimilation
Anti-Asian violence kids talk: parenting advice from Care and Feeding: “How Do I Talk to My Asian American Kids About the Violence Against Our Community? I’m just so angry, and I don’t know where to begin.” 03/04Slate: Nicole ChungGuidance, Care, Support, How-To, Talk
This Is What Asian Americans Are Feeling Right Now 03/04Spectrum News, NY1: Anna Lucente SterlingPublic Safety, Perspectives, Anti-Asian Violence
The long Western legacy of violence against Asian Americans - Indian Time 03/35Indian Times: Jane C Hu. Reprinted with permission from HNCHistory, Anti-Asian Violance, Hate Crimes, Policy
A long history of bigotry against Asian Americans: The scapegoating of Asian Americans: Rise of violence, harassment amid pandemic part of continuing tale of racism in U.S. –Harvard Gazette 03/24Harvard Gazette: Liz MineoHistory, Anti-Asian Violance, Hate Crimes, Policy, Pandemic
12 essential sites to learn about Asian American history - Lonely Planet 03/25Lonely Planet: Jennifer ChanHistory, Anti-Asian Violance, Hate Crimes, Policy, Chinese Exclusion Act
The Talk My Chinese Parents Never Had With Me: They have been silent about anti-Asian racism my whole life. The Atlanta shootings changed nothing. –The Atlantic 03/25The Atlantic: Karen YuanPersonal Perspectives, Opinion, History
Puddles: Tears, butterflies, and the shootings in Atlanta | –Sierra Club Magazine 03/24Sierra Club Magazine: Sabrina ImblerOpinion
Pacific American organizations around the country 03/26NCAPA: National Council of Asian Pacific AmericansResources, AAPI2020, Organizations, Support
Activists Counter Anti-Asian Racism Through Community Safety Initiatives 03/24Truthout: Victoria LawActivism, Policing, Incarceral, Prison, Community Safety, Initiatves, AAPI, Hate Crimes
Asian Americans reflect on racism, harassment amid COVID-19 - Los Angeles Times 03/25Los Angeles Times: Brittny MejiaRacism, Anti-Asian Violence, Perspecties, Pandemic, Coronavirus
They warned California about rising anti-Asian hate years ago -Los Angeles Times, Gustavo Arellano 03/25Los Angeles Time: Gustavo Arellano, ColumnistHistory, Analysis, Personal Perspectives
We Must Confront Anti–Asian American Hate Crimes - The Atlantic 03/23The Atlantic: Larry Hogan, 62nd governor of Maryland; and Lanhee J. Chen, David and Diane Steffy Fellow at the Hoover InstitutionHistory, Perspectives, Hate Crimes
Why Trump Intentionally Misnames the Coronavirus: When conservative figures continually refer to the “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese coronavirus,” it’s clear they’re doing it to make a point. The Atlantic 03/12The Atlantic: Ben ZimmerHistory, Analysis, Racism, Rhetoric
The Dehumanizing Logic of All the ‘Happy Ending’ Jokes: The Atlanta shootings speak to a prejudice that is deeply ingrained, if largely unacknowledged, in American society. –The Atlantic 03/23The Atlantic: Anne Anlin ChengPerspectives, History, Misogyny, Asian Women, Violence, Atlanta Shootings
Fight the Virus. Fight the Bias. - Love Has No Labels Has No Labels., Support, Resources
I’m Realizing My Friends Are Racist. What Should I Do? The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on how to respond when longstanding friends reveal their prejudices — and more. –New York Times 03/23, update 03/24New York Times Magazine: Kwame Anthony AppiahEthics, How To, Support, Allyship, Conversations
Joanna Gaines reflects on having a Korean mom: 'A person's harsh look or an underhanded comment would attempt to belittle her rich story’ –Yahoo! Entertainment 03/21Yahoo! Entertainment: Erin DonnellyMicro-aggressions, Personal Perspectives. Biracial, Identity
Anti-Asian Hate and How We Raise Asian Daughters Now. –Time Magazine 03/21Time Magazine: Susanna Schrobsdorff, Editor at Large for TIMEHow To, Conversations, Asian Women
Asian American Justice + Innovation Lab: community racial justice incubator committed to education and community-building for promoting justice, radical love, and emergence American Justice + Innovation Lab: AAJIL (pronounced “agile”)Organization, Activism, Community, Racial Justice
People's Collective for Justice and Liberation: Addressing Anti-Asian Racism and building cross-racial solidarity People’s Collective for Justice and LiberationOrganization, Activism, Community, Racial Justice. Liberation
How millennial Nobel Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen’s viral video sparked coverage of anti-Asian racism. –CNBC 03/01CNBC: Jennifer Liu @jljenniferliuVideo, Nobel Prize, Activism, Awareness, Social Media
Black and Asian Solidarity in American History: The Power of Unity Exemplified by 5 Major Events. –AAJC 02/25AAAJ: Asian Americans Advancing Justice: Anika RajuBlack-Asian Solidarity, Roundtable, Activism, Healing, Reform, Personal Perspectives, Communities, White Supremacy, Model Minority Myth, Wedge, Assimilation, First Generation, Second Generation, Americanization, Incarceral, Restorative, Social Justice, Allyship
After their father’s death came a handwritten note: ‘One less Asian to put up with’. –Washington Post 02/24Washington Post: Lateshia BeachumNews, Personal Perspectives, Hate Crimes, Coronavirus
A new generation hopes to turn activism to fight Asian hate into a sustained movement –Los Angeles Times 03/24Los Angeles Time: Anh Do, Leila Miller, Alejandra Reyes-Velarde, Joe MozingoNews, Activism, Personal Perspectives, Hate Crimes, Coronavirus, Model Minority Myth
Eugene Lim’s Uncanny Sense of What It’s Like to Be Alive Right Now –New Yorker 06/07New Yorker: Hua HsuPerspectives, Book, Readings, Asian American, Novel, History Dear Cyborgs, Adolescence
The Soft Racism of Apu from “The Simpsons” –New Yorker 11/16New Yorker: Hua HsuSoft Racism, Apu, Simpsons, Casual Bigotry, South Asian, Stereotypes
Remembering a Pioneer of Asian-American Studies: Peter Kwon –New Yorker 05/03New Yorker: E. Tammy KimPeter Kwon Asian American Studies, History, Profile
A Journalist on How Anti-Immigrant Fervor Built in the Early Twentieth Century” “The Guarded Gate: Bigotry, Eugenics, and the Law That Kept Two Generations of Jews, Italians, and Other European Immigrants Out of America,” by Daniel Okrent –New Yorker 05/16New Yorker: By Isaac ChotinerHistory, Hate Crimes, Policy, Whiteness, Segregation, Immigration
TikTok mom goes viral for discussing anti-Asian violence with her kids –NBC Today Show 03/23NBC Today Show: Kait HansonSocial Media, Anti-Asian Violence, Personal Perspectives, How To, Conversations
San Francisco Firefighters volunteer to patrol Chinatown streets following attacks on Asians/. –Resonate 03/24resonate: Globbal vocies on East Asian IssuesNew, Video, San Francisco, Patrol, Chinatown, Anti-Asian Violence
The Anti Asian Violence That Came Before The Atlanta Shooting –Code Switch, NPR
How To Talk About Anti-Asian Racism With Kids And Family –Code Switch, NPR 03/24NPR: Anna Sirianni and Audie CornishHow To, Conversations, Anti-Asian Violence, Family,
Filipino Americans: Blending Cultures, Redefining Race. “The Latinos of Asia: How Filipino Americans Break the Rules of Race” Author Anthony Ocampo spoke about the book with Morning Edition's Renee Montagne. –NPR Renee MontagneHistory, Anti-Asian Violence, Policy, Atlanta Shootings, Political Rhetoric, Hate Speech, Personal Perspectives. Filipino, Books, Readings
Violence Against Asian People Is Quintessentially American –GQ 03/23GQ: Anthony Christian Ocampo, a writer and sociologist based in Los Angeles.History, Anti-Asian Violence, Policy, Atlanta Shootings, Political Rhetoric, Hate Speech, Personal Perspectives. Filipino
A Bohemian’s Triumphant Return. A Martin Wong Retrospective –New Yorker 11/16New Yorker: Peter SchjeldahlArt, Identity, Representation, Chinese American, Painting, Art
Postscript: Grace Lee Boggs –New Yorker 10/08New Yorker: Thomas J. SugrueHistory, Grace Lee Boggs, Activism, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Detroit
Chinese Food and the Joy of Inauthentic Cooking –New Yorker 11/23New Yorker: Hua HsuFood, Culture, Appropriation, Identity, Cookbooks, Series
When White Poets Pretend to Be Asian –New Yorker
The Two Asian Americas –New Yorker 10/21New Yorker: Karan MahajanHistory, Perspectives, Identity, Assimilation, Policy, Model Minority Myth, Stereotypes, Immigration
The Remarkable Forgotten Life of H. T. Tsiang –New Yorker 07/14New Yorker: Karan MahajanCulture, Arts, Novels, Books, Readings, Appropriation, Identity
Ali Wong’s Radical Raunch: A comic and writer addresses the last taboo of female sexuality. –New Yorker 09/26New Yorker: Ariel LevyAsian Women, Comedian, Culture, Sterotypes, Tropes, Female Sexuality
Eddie Huang’s Spiky Chronicles of Asian-American Experience –New Yorker 05/26New Yorker: Wei TchouFood, Culture, Appropriation, Identity, Series, american Born Chinese, Authenticity, Immigrant, Race
The Books We’re Turning to Now: No-No By by John Okada –New Yorker 02/02New Yorker: No No boy chosen by Hua HsuCulture, Identity, Books, Readings, Japanese Internment, History
Refugees in America: The Pulitzer Prize-winning Viet Thanh Nguyen tells stories about people poised between their devastated homeland and their affluent adopted country. –New Yorker, Joyce Carol Oates 02/05New Yorker: Joyce Carol OatesCulture, Identity, Books, Readings, History, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Refugee, Displacement
What It Means to Be American in the Trump Era –New Yorker 12/29New Yorker: Jia TolentinoPersonal Perspectives, History, Protests, Immigrant, Race, Identity, Political Rhetoric, Racism
Voter Registration for New Citizens: The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund signs people up as soon as their naturalization ceremony is over. –New Yorker 10/17New Yorker: Jiayang FanAALDEF, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Perspectives, History, Protests, Immigration, Race, Identity, Political Rhetoric, Racism, Naturalization, Activism, Voting
The Lost Poetry of the Angel Island Detention Center –New Yorker 02/17New Yorker: Beenish AhmedHistory, Poetry, Voices, Immigration, Race, Identity, Activism, Voting, Angel Island, 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
An Unsung Hero in the Story of Interracial Marriage: William Marutani, JACL –New Yorker 11/17New Yorker: David MutoPersonal Perspectives, Voices, Cultural Comments, Race, Identity, Mildred Loving, Richard Loving, JACL, Japanese American Citizens League, William Marutani, Amicus Brief, Supreme Court, Whiteness
The Anxious, Unfinished Story of Chinese-American Assimilation –New Yorker 10/26New Yorker: Hua HsuPerspectives, Assimilation, Chinese American, Vincent Chin, Detroit, Race, Identity, Whiteness, Anti-Asian Violence, Racism, Social Media, Books, Readings, Otherness, Foreigness
A Letter to My Mother That She Will Never Read: This piece was drawn from a talk that Ocean Vuong will deliver at the Smithsonian’s Asian American Literary Festival in July 2017. –New Yorker 05/13New Yorker: Ocean Vuong has published the novel “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” and the poetry collection “Night Sky with Exit Wounds,” which won the 2017 T. S. Eliot Prize.Personal Perspectives, Assimilation, Vietnamese, PTSD, Abuse, Mother-Daughter, Identity, Generations
The Google Arts & Culture App and the Rise of the “Coded Gaze” –New Yorker 01/26New Yorker: Adrian Chen was a staff writer at The New Yorker, where he wrote about Internet culture and technologyPersonal Perspectives, Identity, Facial-Recognition Algorithms, Technology, Coded Gaze
“No More Maybe” –New Yorker 03/19New Yorker: Gish Jen is the author of seven books, including, most recently, “The Girl at the Baggage Claim: Explaining the East-West Culture Gap.”Ficton, Perspectives, Identity, Readings, China, Family, Generations, East-West
Gish Jen on the Poignancy of an Adopted Language –New Yorker 03/12New Yorker: Deborah TreismanFicton, Perspectives, Identity, Readings, China, Family, Generations, East-West, ACLU
The United States of Japan –New Yorker 05/04New Yorker: Matt Alt is the author of “Pure Invention: How Japan’s Pop Culture Conquered the World.”Culture, “Japanization”, Society, Industrialization, Popular Culture, Otaku, Anime, Marie Kondo
A Short Film About the Color and Darkness of the Immigrant Experience “Joy Joy Nails” –New Yorker 10/17New Yorker: Jonathan RothmanPerspectives, Film, Immigrant, Manicurists, Identity, Nail Salon
An MSG Convert Visits the High Church of Umami –New Yorker 04/27New Yorker: Helen RosnerFood, Culture, Identity, Umami, MSG, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, Authenticity, Racism
Anthony Bourdain Thinks Fear of MSG Is Bullshit (and He's Probably Right) –Thrillist 10/17Thrillist: Wil FultonFood, Culture, Umami, MSG, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, Authenticity, Racism
“Omakase” Fiction by Weike Wang–New Yorker 06/11New Yorker: Weike Wang, author of the novel “Chemistry,” which won the PEN/Hemingway Award and the Whiting Award in fiction.Fiction, Race, Food, Culture, Identity, Asian Women, Relationships
Weike Wang on the Privilege of Not Having to Think About Race –New Yorker 06/11New Yorker: Deborah TreismanFiction, Race, Food, Culture, Identity, Asian Women, Relationships