2020 TV and Screenwriting Fellowships and Contests
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ABC Discovers: Talent Showcase Scene SubmissionApril 14, 2020May 15, 2020No$0BothABC Entertainment Casting is seeking original scene submissions for our upcoming Talent Showcases. This is a
one night event produced by the ABC Entertainment Casting Department to showcase new talent to an invited
industry audience. ABC has a long-standing commitment to promoting diversity in the entertainment industry
through a variety of projects administered by the ABC Entertainment Casting Department. The Talent Showcase
offers an excellent opportunity for talent that might otherwise go unnoticed.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/17_gmSFO9o1kISmajv9WXtOis7BcW8Bp7/view• Must be submitted along with a completed application and release form in a PDF file.
• Scene should be sent as a separate PDF file.
• Submissions are limited to three (3) scenes per applicant.
• Each scene should include a cover page with the following information: title, name, contact information,
date of submission, and WGA registration number if applicable.
• Scenes must tell a linear story comprised of a clear beginning, middle and end.
• Scenes must be limited to two (2) characters, with equal dialogue both characters.
• Page count for each scene is not to exceed six (6) pages. Submissions exceeding the specified page
count will be disqualified. The cover page does not count as a scene page.
Open for 2020
Writers on the VergeMay 1, 2020May 10, 2020No$0BothA twelve-week program intended for writers who are almost ready to staff, but need that extra little push to get there. Night classes Tues and Thurs for program duration. Note strict file name guidelines for application! This year WOTV is accepting *TWO PILOTS* only.

Writers are given the chance to interact with industry players ranging from network executives to show runners to agents and receive valuable feedback on their work and pitch style. Writing assignments on a NBCUniversal television show may be available after successful completion of the program but are not a guarantee.
October 2020 - March 2021
Only accepting 2 original pilots for 2020. NO SPEC SCRIPTSUpcoming for 2020
CBS Writers Mentoring ProgramMarch 1, 2020May 31, 2020No$0BothFor up to 10 selected aspiring, diverse writers per year, CBS offers a structured program of career development, support, and personal access to executives and the decision-making processes, with the goal of preparing aspiring writers for later employment opportunities in television.

The program involves an executive mentorship, weekly workshops with insider speakers such as showrunners and executives, and the opportunity to observe in a writers room as well as in various departments within CBS. Participants should be available to 1) attend a once a week (evening) workshop and 2) attend meetings or observe in various situations for a minimum of five full days (not necessarily in sequence) over the course of the eight-month program.
October 2019 - April 2020
one (1) half-hour or one-hour episodic spec script based on a current prime time television series which aired, or was released, during the 2018/2019 season on any network or cable channel, including Netflix, Hulu or Amazon and (1) original work of writing – (original pilot, stage play or short fiction story). Original material should match in tone the spec script.Open for 2020
WB Writers' WorkshopMay 1, 2020May 31, 2020No$0BothEight participants are selected for a program combining lectures and simulated writers' rooms. During the writers' room portion of the program, all participants must develop a new spec pilot. The writers' room portion is competitive and some participants may not "pass." Those who pass are considered for staffing on WB shows. LIKELY October 2020 - April 2021
Upcoming for 2020
Women in Film/Blacklist Writers LabsFebruary 22, 2020July 19, 2020No$0 (if you enter through Blacklist you have to pay for hosting.)BothThe Black List and Women In Film will invite six to eight promising non-professional television writers who identify as women to the Lab. The Lab will run twice weekly for four weeks beginning on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 and will consist of script development, peer workshopping sessions and Master Classes with established writers and industry executives. Lab participants will have their final pilots read by agencies and networks.

WIF members in good standing apply through WIF; non-members may apply at The Blacklist. Submission instructions differ slightly. Blacklist link is https://blcklst.com/education/opportunities/70
October 2019
Pilot script, 30 min or longerOpen for 2020
NHMC TV Writers ProgramApril 20, 2020July 20, 2020Yes$0Both**2018 information** This Latino-focused. five-week, *total immersion workshop is mentored and guided by former NBC V.P of Script Development, Geoff Harris and is conducted in Burbank, CA. A total of 10 writers are accepted nationwide. The goal is that the writers garner the skills necessary to obtain employment in the industry.

The program will be held October 8th – November 9th. A stipend of $250 per week will be given to each participant. **Southwest Airline vouchers, housing, and meals will be provided to accepted participants who hail from out of state. All races/ethnicities are welcome to apply but this program is focused on increasing Latino representation in TV writing.
2018: October 8th to November 9thhttp://www.nhmc.org/writersprogramOpen for 2020
Nickelodeon Writing ProgramJuly 1, 2020August 1, 2020Yes$0ComedyOffers General & Preschool tracks. While in the Program, writers hone their skills, build a professional network and gain real-world experience in writers’ rooms for our critically acclaimed live-action and animated shows. The General Track is a 9-month commitment. The Preschool Track is a 6-month commitment.
Your submission must include a spec script based on a show from the Accepted Shows List.
6 to 9 months, 2021https://www.nickanimation.com/writing-program
Comedy Spec from list here: https://www.nickanimation.com/writing-program
Upcoming for 2020
WDTV Writing Program (formerly ABC/Disney)May 4, 2020June 5, 2020Yes$0BothA year-long writing program in which selected writers become DATG employees for one year, paid weekly at $50,000 annualized salary, receive company benefits, with the goal of staffing on a DATG show after the fellowship year. In addition to on-the-job training, provides workshops, meetings, events, and networking. Free entrance to Disneyland (excluding black-out dates). Writers are selected for comedy or drama tracks, but may end up staffing on either type of show. Extremely rigorous selection process. One year, February-Januaryhttps://www.facebook.com/disneyabcctdi2020: two original pilots, live action onlyUpcoming for 2020
Cape New Writers' FellowshipNot yet announced for 2020Not yet announced for 2020No$65 in 2019BothA fellowship intended for emerging writers, with both film and TV categories. Runs in March/April so fellows can apply for WOTV after the CNWF program wraps up.March-Aprilhttps://www.capeusa.org/cnwfUsually a pilot or feature Upcoming for 2020
Imagine Impact LabNot yet announced for 2020 - but usually two submission periods a yearNot yet announced for 2020Yes$0BothImpact’s content accelerator is a new and dynamic creative program that’s designed to turn an idea into a saleable screenplay, teleplay or presentation in just eight weeks. We aim to connect diverse, talented voices from all over the world to first class screenwriters and showrunners who will work with Creators to help break story, craft characters, offer ideas, give notes, and push Creators to produce their best work at the accelerated pace of our program. Our program is designed to generate high quality content faster and give artists more leverage in the marketplace and creative control over their projects. Though an LA-based, in-person program for now, Impact has plans to expand into international, virtual, and custom-content accelerators.ANY original writing sample, but television scripts are preferred. This includes plays, pilot scripts, spec scripts, books, etc. There is no length restriction and only ONE writing sample can be submitted.https://www.imagine-impact.com/Pilots or features, doesn't need to be a finished script. The application questions hold a lot of weight. Upcoming for 2020
Sesame Street Writers' Room11/1/20191/10/2020No$0BothWriters of underrepresented racial backgrounds only. Sesame Street Writers’ Room is a writing fellowship opportunity from the creators of Sesame Street. And we are looking for fresh new writing talent from underrepresented racial backgrounds. Emerging storytellers who are selected to join the Writers’ Room fellowship will receive hands-on writing experience guided by Sesame Street veterans and other media industry leaders.Participants must be able to attend all eight weekly sessions in NYC, which will be held from early May to mid-July. Travel and lodging expenses are the participant's sole responsibility.https://sesamewritersroom.org/Original - 11 pages. Standalone or from larger work.Closed for 2020
Universal Animation Writers ProgramWinter 20191/17/2020Yes$0BothOne-year paid program. Writers selected for either Television Track will be considered for potential staffing opportunities, though staffing is not guaranteed. Writers will develop two pilot scripts in collaboration with GTDI executives, animation creative executives and/or producers. Pilots written in the program may be considered for development, but development is not guaranteed.

One year beginning June 2020

One original and one spec required. Accepted shows: https://www.universaltalentdevelopment.com/sites/default/files/2019-11/2020%20UAWP%20-%20Approved%20Spec%20Scripts_0.pdf
Closed for 2020
Athena TV Labs3/11/20194/8/19No$45-$55BothFor the second year, the Athena Film Festival at Barnard College, in partnership with the Stephens College Master of Fine Arts in Television and Screenwriting and WIST, (Women in the Script Trade, formerly IRIS) will host a television and screenwriting lab in Los Angeles, Monday, June 3rd to Wednesday, June 5th, 2019. The three-day program targets emerging self-identified women writers in both television and film. One day will focus on the features, one will be an industry day, and one will focus on TV. The program will include mentoring sessions, in which the participants are paired with established writers; a mock television writers room; opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback; meetings with executives; and networking events with Athena Film Festival community members.June 3-5 2019
Pilots or spec scriptsClosed for 2020
Sundance Episodic Lab2/12/203/11/2020No$40BothThe Sundance Institute Episodic Lab is a six-day program at the Sundance Resort in Utah that offers writers the opportunity to workshop an original pilot script, while developing their writing and pitching skills. Working with accomplished showrunners, non-writing creative producers and executives, the Fellows participate in one-on-one story meetings, pitching sessions, and simulated writers rooms, which together provide creative and strategic keys to success. Entrants cannot have sold an episodic project to a studio/network that has been shot. $40 processing fee. Winners' travel to Utah and accommodations are covered by Sundance.October 8 - October 13, 2020http://www.sundance.org/programs/episodic-storytellingOriginals only, not previously submitted to Sundance, not already distributed anywhere. First round requires 5 pages of pilot + supporting materials. Semifinalists must submit full pilot.Closed for 2020
NBC Late Night Writers WorkshopEarly JanuaryMid January* **Per Facebook page, submission dates have been moved to later in spring! :) No$0ComedyNBCUniversal Late Night Writers Workshop is a multi-day program focused on exposing talented sketch and comedy writers to NBCUniversal’s late night & alternative line-up and readying them for a staff writer position. We are looking for writers who are “almost there,” but need that final bit of preparation and exposure to key industry players. We particularly encourage female writers and those of diverse backgrounds to apply. The selected writers will create new sketch material and gain insight into the dynamics of a late night writers’ room. Participants are given the chance to interact with key writers and producers from across NBCUniversal’s late night and alternative shows, as well as receive feedback on their material.Aprilhttp://www.nbcunitips.com/late-night-writers-workshop/Late night packet - 1-2 pages of topical monologue jokes, 2-3 ideas for refillable desk bits, 2 sketchesClosed for 2020
Film Independent Episodic LabJanuaryFeb. 18 (non-members) or Mar. 2 (members)No$45+ BothA monthlong intensive for 6-8 writers or writing teams, entailing several nights per week of support and mentorship from established showrunners, executives, and producers. Each fellow is paired with a creative advisor. Intended for refining and revising existing pilots. Application fee starts at $45 for members.August
Submit one completed pilot + supporting materials including a short pitch document.Closed for 2020
PGA Diversity Workshop1/21/20203/16/2020No$40-$85BothThe Power of Diversity Master Workshop is an eight-week intensive program that trains you as a creative producer to take a project from script through distribution on multiple platforms. The Workshop exists to help nurture creativity and diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life. It gives select participants an opportunity to learn from some of the most successful producers in the business, and network with like-minded participants.
Eight weeks - Sessions are held two evenings per week, Mondays and Thursdays, from June 1st – July 30th.https://www.producersguild.org/page/pga_diversityClosed for 2020
Humanitas New VoicesOctober 15, 2019April 30, 2020Yes$65-$85BothEvery year, NEW VOICES selects up to six writers through a rigorous selection process. Candidates are asked to submit a script and participate in personal interviews. Once matched with a mentor, the writers have three months to further develop their script under their mentors’ supervision. After the script is honed, HUMANITAS sends it to a partnering studio or network executive. The winning writers are given recognition at the annual awards ceremony and are awarded with a $7,500 grant.

We are looking for well-written scripts with compelling stories and developed characters. Any genre is accepted as a 30-minute pilot, 60-minute pilot, or feature film screenplay. We accept only one application and script per year. To be eligible a TV writer can have experience up to and including "Executive Story Editor", and feature writers cannot have earned more than $25,000 writing fictional work for film.
June/July 2020 (Finalists Announced) to January/February 2021 (Awards Event)https://www.humanitasprize.org/new-voices/Original 30-minute pilot, 60-minute pilot, or feature film screenplay in any genre.Closed for 2020
HBO Access Writing Fellowship - NOT HAPPENING IN 20202/6/192/13/19No$0BothEight months of intensive mentorship, focused on developing a script for HBO or Cinemax. Runs every other year, alternating with the network's directing fellowship. Next session will open for applications in spring of 2019.8 monthshttps://www.hbo.com/hboaccess/writing/Original pilot + supporting materials. Your submission will NOT be what you work on during the fellowship; must be prepared to work on a new pilot.Not Happening 2020
Fox Writers LabFox sale threw this off. May or may not ever happen again.Future of program unknown. Archived here in case of future news.YesBothA fellowship, capped at 750 entries, that prides itself on being particularly selective. Offers master classes and coaching/mentoring, plus priority staffing meetings. One Fox Fellow receives a blind development deal. All are paid a "small stipend." Focuses on rewriting and developing an existing pilot, NOT writing a new one.January-Mayhttps://theaudienceawards.com/fox/foxwriterslabPilots OnlyNot Happening 2020