Book Acquisition 2015-16
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Acquisition of Books 2015-16
Central Library IIT Patna Status of Books
S. N.DepartmentName of FacultyDetails of BookIndent No.Date of IndentOrderedRecievedTechnical ProcessingRemarks
1ChemistryDr. Debashish Chakraborty1. An Introduction to Industrial chemistry 3rd edition;by Heaton, A.; Springer. 2. Handbook of Industrial Chemistry Vol. 1 by Davis, K. H.; CBS. 3. Handbook of Industrial Chemistry; Vol 2 by Davis, K. H.; CBS. CH/0119-05-201517-08-201510-10-201512-10-2015 on stack
2ChemistryDr. Amit Kumar1. Medicinal Chemistry: the modern drug discovery process by Stevens, E.; PearsonCH/0226-05-201517-08-2015
Dr. Ranganatha Subramanian
1. Advances in Kinetics and Mechanism of Chemical Reactions by Zaikov,G.E.; CRC Press 2. Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules by Chan,C.H.; CRC Press. 3. The Principles of Thermodynamics by N.D.Hari Das; CRC Press. 4. Ultrafast Phenomena in Molecular Sciences by Nalda, R.D.; Springer. 5. Dynamic Pulsed Field Graient NMR by Sorland, G. H.; SpringerCH/0325-11-201518-12-201529-12-2015on stack
Dr. Ranganatha Subramanian
1. Analysis of Kinetic Reaction Mechnism by Turanyi, T. ; Springer. 2. Isoconversional Kinetics of Thermally Stimulated by Vyazovkin,S.; Springer. 3. Physical Chemistry for Engineering and Applied Sciences by Foulkes, F.R.; CRC Press. 4. Essential of Physical Chemistry by Shillady, D.; CRC Press. 5. Physical Chemistry by Davis, W.M.; CRC PressCH/0425-11-201518-12-201529-12-2015*Book sr. no.-4, is reamain to be deliver. on stack
Dr. Ranganatha Subramanian
1. Atmospheric Chemistry by Holloway, A.M.; RSC. 2. Chemistry in Garden by Hanson,J.; RSC. 3. Quantum Tunnelling in Enzyme-Catalysed Reactions by Alleman, R.K.; RSC. 4. Molecular Physical Chemistry by McLauchlan, K.A.; RSC.CH/0525-11-201624-12-201509-01-2016on stack
6ChemistryDr. Debabrata Seth1. Advanced Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Applications by Becker, W. ; Springer.
2. NMR Spectroscopy in Liquids and Solids by Bakhmutov, V.I; CRC Press.
3. Collid and Surface Chemistry by Buca, S.; CRC Press
4. Single Molecule Science by Makarov, D.E.; CRC Press
5. Physical Chemistry for Engineers and Application Science by Frank, R.; T & F
CH/06; CH/0725-11-201718-12-201529-12-2015*Book sr. no.- 5 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
7ChemistryDr. Debabrata Seth1. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Vol.1 by Kapoor,K.L.; Macmillan. 2. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Vol.2 by Kapoor,K.L.; Macmillan 3. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Vol.3 by Kapoor,K.L.; Macmillan. 4. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Vol.4 by Kapoor,K.L.; Macmillan 5. A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Vol.5 by Kapoor,K.L.; Macmillan. 6. Physical Chemistry by Atkins,P.W.; O.U.P. 7. Inorganic Chemistry by Shriver,D.J.; O.U.P.CH/0815-01-201613-02-201615-02-2016on stack
8ChemistryDr. Amit Kumar1. Industrial Organic Pigments: Production, Properties, Applications by Herbst,W.; Wiley-VCH. 2. Dyes and Pigments by Delvin,S; Ivy Pub.CH/0903-12-201521-12-201528-01-201610/2/2016*Book sr. no.-1 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
Dr. Ranganatha Subramanian
1. Chemistry of the Environment by Krause,S. ; Acad. Press. 2. Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry by Manahan,S.E.; CRC Press. 3. Molecular Reaction Dynamics by Levine, R.D.; C.U.P 4. Numerical Recipes in Fortran: Art of Scientific Computing by Press, W.D.; C.U.P.CH/1021-12-201528-01-201609-02-2016*Book sr. no.-1,4 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
10ChemistryDr. Debabrata Seth
1. GATE Tutor 2016: Chemical Engineering by Gupta, N.; Arihant
2. GATE 2016 Engineering Mathematics & General Aptitude ; GKP
3. 2016 GATE Chemical Engineering ; GKP
CH/1123-02-201602-03-201607-03-2016on stack
Dr. Ranganatha Subramanian
1. Chemical Calculations: Mathematics for Chemistry, 2nd Ed. Yates, P.; CRC
2. Concepts and Methods in Modern Theoretical Chemistry, 2Vol. Set. by Kumar ; CRC
3. Environmental Chemistry, 9th Ed. by Manahan, S.; CRC
4. Introduction to Experimental Infrared Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Practical Methods by Mitsna; Wiley
5. Chemical Kinetics And Reaction Dynamics by Hall, C.; Auris
CH/1229-01-201623-02-201602-03-201607-03-2016on stack
Dr. Ranganatha Subramanian
1. Optimization In Computational Chemistry by Cerasale, L.; AurisCH/1329-01-201623-02-201615-03-201618-03-2016on stack
1PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and field theory by Gross, F. ; Wiley. 2. Special Relativity and motion faster the light by Fayngold, M.; Wiley.PH/0117-08-201506-10-2015on stack
2PhysicsDr. Prashant Kumar1. Nanoscale Physics for Materials Science by Tsurumi,T.; CRC Press.
2. Graphene:Energy Storage and conversion Applications by Liu,Z.; CRC Press.
3. Graphene based Materials by Alwarappan,S.; CRC Press.
4. Nanoscience and Nanoengineering by Kelkar,A.D.; CRC Press.
PH/0217-11-201507-01-201608-01-2016on stack
3PhysicsDr. Prashant Kumar1. Nanoimaging by Goins, B.A.; CRC Press.PH/0316-11-201505-02-201606-02-2016on stack
4PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee
1. Quantum Mechanics by Alastair,I.; CRC Press. 2. Spintronics in Nanoscale Devices by Hedin,E.R.; CRC Press.
PH/0416-11-201507-01-201608-01-2016on stack
5PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. Quantum Transport Calculations for Nanosystems by Hirose,K.; CRC Press. 2. A Laboratory Course in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology by Eddy,G. CRC Press. 3. Quantum Chemical Calculation of Unique Molecular Systems(2vol.set) by Babkin,V.A.; CRC Press. 4. Organic Solar Cells by Qiao,Q.; CRC Press. 5. Difference Equations by Mickens,R.E.; CRCPH/0516-11-201507-01-201608-01-2016on stack
6PhysicsDr. Manoranjan kar
1. Nanotechnology in a Nutshell by Ngo, C.; Springer. 2. Scanning Probe Microscopy by Voigtlaender,B.; Springer
PH/0616-11-201518-12-201529-12-2015on stack
7PhysicsDr. Manoranjan kar1. Medical Physics by Worthoff, W.A.; De Gruyter. 2. Nanosilicon by Kumar,V.; Elsevier 3. Introduction to Mathematica for Physicists by Grozin,A. 4. Physical Properties of High Temperature Superconductors by Wesche,R.; Wiley.PH/0724-09-201516-11-201527-11-201511-12-2015on stack
8PhysicsDr. Jaikumar Balakrishnan1. Methods for Mathematical Physics()PH/08
9PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. Applied Mathematics for Engineering and Physicists by Pipes,L.A.; Dover 2. Superconductivity by Poole; Elsevier. 3. Experimental Physics by Prakash,G. Studium Press. 4. Methods of Experimental Physics by Pergament,M.I. 5. Fundamental of Cosmic Particle Physics by Khlopov; Springer.PH/0923-09-201516-11-201527-11-201511-12-2015on stack
10PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. One Dimensional Metals by Roth,S.; Wiley. 2. Basic Concepts in Computational Physics by Stickler,B.; Springer. 3. Computational Physics by Scherer,P.O.J.; Springer. 4. A Course in Field Theory by Baal, P.V.; CRC Press. 5. Introduction to Numerical Programming by Beu,T.A.; CRC Press.PH/1023-09-201516-11-201527-11-201511-12-2015on stack
11PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. A unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics by Lawrie,I,D.; CRC Press. 2. Nano Semiconductors by Iniewski,K.; CRC Press. 3. Nano and Giga Challenges in Microelctronics by Greer, J.; Elsevier. 4. Gravity Strings and Particles by Gasperini,M.; SpringerPH/1123-09-201516-11-201527-11-201511-12-2015on stack
12PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. Methods for Mathematical Physics(2 Vol Set)by Richard; WileyPH/12
13PhysicsDr. Venkata Ramanaiah Dantham1. Nanoplasmonics by Klimov, V.; CRC 2. Nanophotonics: Devices, Circuits, and Systems by Yupapin, P.; CRC 3. Nanobiophotonics by Popescu, G.; McGraw Hill 4. Nanoplasmonics, Nano-Optics, Nanocomposites and Surface Studies by Fesenko, O.; Springer 5. Nanophotonics by Rigneault, H.; WileyPH/1330-12-20155-1-201615-02-201622-02-2016on stack
14PhysicsDr. Ajay Thakur1. Electromechanical Sensors and Actuators by Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac; Springer 2. Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication: Volume 5 of Modular Series on Solid State Devices, 2nd Ed. by Jaeger, R. C.; Pearson 3. Introduction to Microelectromechanical Microwave Systems, 2nd Ed. by Hector J. De Los Santos; Springer 4. Microsystem Design by Senturia, S. D.; Springer 5. Principles and Applications of NanoMEMS Physics by Santos, H.; Springer 6. Materials & Process Integration for MEMS Microsystems.Vol.9 by Tay, F. E. H; SpringerPH/145-1-201615-02-201623-02-2016on stack
15PhysicsDr. Ajay Thakur1. Classical Mechanics by Gregory, R. D.; CUP 2. Mechanics (In SI Units): Berkeley Physics Course Vol 1, 2nd Ed. by Kittel, C.; McGraw Hill 3. Classical Mechanics with MATLAB Applications by Hasbun, J. E.; Jones & Barlett 4. Quantum Physics (In SI Units) by Wichmann, E. H.; TMH 5. The Feynman Lectures on Physics: Volume I: The New Millenium Edition: Mainly Mechanics, Radiation and Heat by Feymann, R. P.; Pearson 6. The Feynman Lectures on Physics: Volume III: The New Millenium Edition: Quantum Mechanics by Feymann, R. P.; PearsonPH/1505-1-201605-03-201621-03-2016on stack
16PhysicsDr. Raghavan K Easwaran1. Introduction to Classical Mechanics: With Problem & Solution by Morin, D.; CUP 2. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Ed. by Griffith, D. J.; Pearson 3. Waves (In SI Units): Berkeley Physics Course Volume 3 by Crawford, F.; TMH 4. Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Static and Dynamics by Beer, F.; TMHPH/1616-12-201515-01-201629-01-1610-02-2016*Book sr. no.-1 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
17PhysicsDr. A. K. Mukherjee1. Solved Problems in Classical Mechanics by Lange, O. D.; OUP
2. Cosmology by Weinberg, S.; OUP
3. Relativity by Rindler, W.; OUP
4. Measurement and their Uncertainties by Hughes, I.; OUP
5. Physics on Ferromagnetism by Chikazumi, S.; OUP
6. Molecular Nanomagnets by Gatteschi, D.; OUP
7. Quamtum Processes in Semiconductors by Ridley, B. K.; OUP
8. Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers by Heeger, A. J.; OUP
9. Concepts in Spin Electronics by Maikawa, S.; OUP
10. Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics by Imry, Y.; OUP
11. Electronic Processes in Non-Crystalline Materials by Mott, N. F.; OUP
12. Excitations in Organic Solids by Agranovich, V. M.; OUP
13. Scientific Writing and Communication: Papers, Proposals, and Presentations by Hofmann, A.; OUP
14. The Quantum Divide by Gerry, C. C.; OUP
15. Writing Science by Schimel, J.; OUP
16. Practical Quantum Mechanics by Manousakis, E.; OUP
18PhysicsDr. Raghavan K Easwaran1. Quantum Optics: an Introduction by Fox, M.; OUP
2. Quantum Optics by Garrison, J.; OUP
3. Laser Control of Atoms and Molecules by Letokhov, V.; OUP
4. Lectures on Light by Rand, S. C.; OUP
5. Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices by Lewenstein, M.; OUP
6. Atomic Physics by Foot, C. J.; OUP
7. Atomic Physics: Precise Measurements and Ultracold Matter by Inguscio, M.; OUP
8. Atomic Physics by Budker, D.; OUP
9. Bose-Einstein Condensation by Pitaevskii, L. P.; OUP
10. Quantum Liquids by Leggett, A. J.; OUP
11. Many-Body Physics with Ultracold Gases: Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School by Salomon, C.; OUP
19PhysicsDr. Venkata Ramanaiah Dantham1. Microcavities by Kavokin, A.; OUP
2. Semiconductor Nanostructures by Ihn, T.; OUP
3. Introduction to Microfluidics by Tabeling, P.; OUP
20Physics1. New composite materials by Brigante, D.; SpringerPH/2012-10-201510-03-201630-03-201602-04-2016on stack
21PhysicsDr. Venkata Ramanaiah Dantham1. Optics principles and applications by Sharma,; ElsevierPH/2123-11-201610-03-2016
22PhysicsDr. Venkata Ramanaiah Dantham1. Atomic Photoeffect by Amusia, M. Y.; Springer
2. Atomic Structure theory: Lectures on Atomic Physics by Johnson, W. R.; Springer
3. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: A Time-Dependent Perspective by Tannor, D. J.; University Sci Book
4. Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 1st Edition by Bederson & Walther; Academic Press
5. Physics is Highly Excited Atoms and Ions by Lebedev, V. S.; Springer
PH/229-03-201616-03-201628-03-201631-03-2016on stack
Computer Science & Enginnering
1Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Samrat Mondal1. Data Mining theories Algorithms and Examples by Nong, Y.; CRC.CS/0126-05-201517-08-201512-09-2015
2Computer Sc. & EnggDr. A. Sairam1. Data and Computer Communications by Stalling, W. ; Pearson.CS/0216-07-201517-08-201512-09-201516-09-2015on stack
3Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Asif Ekbal1. Machine Translation by Bhattacharyya, P. ; CRC.CS/0327-06-201517-08-201504-09-201505-09-2015on stack
4Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Abyayananda Maiti1. A Guide to Algorithm Design: Paradigms, Methods and Complexity Analysis by Benoit, A; CRC. 2. Network in Society: Links and Language by Stocker, R.; CRC. 3. Algorithms in Bioinformatics: A Practical Introduction by Sung, W. K.; CRC. 4. Fundamentals of System Biology: From Synthetic Circuits to Whole-cell Models by Covert, M. W.; CRC. 5. Introduction to Biological Networks by Raval, A.; CRC.CS/0421-12-201518-01-201620-01-2016*Book sr. no.-3,5 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
5Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Abyayananda Maiti1. A Discipline of Programming by Edsger, W. D.; Prentice Hall 2. A Methods of Programming by Edsger, W. D.; Addison Wesley 3. Online Computation and Competitive Analysis by Borodin, A.; Cambridge University PressCS/0521-12-201524-02-201625-02-2016*Book sr. no.- 1,2 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
6Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Sriparna Saha1. Machine Learning: An Algorithm Persapective, 2nd Ed. by Marsland, S.; CRC 2. Probability and Random Processes for Electrical and Computer Engineers, 2nd Ed. by Therrien, C.; CRC 3. Data Mining and Predective Analysis Anaysis: Intelligence Gathering and Crime Analysis by C McCue; ElsevierCS/0621-12-201518-01-201620-01-2016on stack
7Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Sriparna Saha1. Machine Learning in Non-Stationary Environments: Introduction to Covariate Shift Adaptation by Sugiyama, M.; MIT 2. Natural Language Processing: Semantic Aspects by E. Kapetanios; CRCCS/0721-12-201518-01-201620-01-2016on stack
8Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Joydeep Chandra1. Complex Networks: An Algorithmic Perspective by Erciyes, K.; CRC 2. Computational Trust Models and Machine Learinig by Liu, X.; CRC 3. Mobile Social Networking and Computing: A Multidisciplinary Integrated Perspective by Wang, Y.; CRCCS/0821-12-201507-01-201609-01-2016on stack
9Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Raju Halder1. Polygonal Approximation and Scale Space Analysis of Closed Digital Curves by Ray, K. S.; CRC 2. Bid Data: Algorithm, Analytics and Applications by Kuan-Chang Li; CRC 3. Developing and Securing the Cloud by Thuraisingham, B.; CRCCS/0921-12-201507-01-201609-01-2016on stack
10Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Sriparna Saha
1. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Bishop; Springer
2. Machine Learning by Mitchell, T.; McGraw Hill
3. The Element of Statistical Learning by Hastie, T.; Springer
CS/1022-12-201505-01-2016*Book sr. no.- 1 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
11Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Joydeep Chandra1. An Introduction to Communication Network Analysis by Wildman, S. G.; Arcler Press
2. Advanced Data Mining by Benson, M.; Clanrye, Inter.
CS/1123-12-201505-01-201621-02-201622-02-2016on stack
12Computer Sc. & EnggDr. Arijit Mondal1. Algorithms by Papadimitriou, .; TMH
2. Algorithms Unlocked by Cormen, T. H.; MIT Press
3. Discrete Mathematics, 2nd Ed. by Norman, B.; OUP
4. Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective Bryant, R. E.; Pearson
5. Hard Real-Time Computing Systems: Predictable Scheduling Algorithms and Applications by Buttazzo, G.; Springer
6. Real-Time Systems: Design Principles for Distributed Embedded Applications by Kopetz, H. Springer
CS/1216-03-201630-03-201602-04-2016*Book sr. no.- 1,3 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
Humanities & Social Sciences
1Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. Community Warriors by Kumar, K. ; Anthem Press. 2. Global Civil Society Yearbook by Kumar, K. ; SAGE. 3. Civil Society and Democratization in India by Sahoo, S.; Rutledge.HSS/0117-08-201501-10-201526-11-2015*Book sr. no.-2 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
2Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. Health by the People Sociology of Medical Lore by Sujatha, V. ; Rawat. 2. Sexuality Studies by Srivastava, S.; O.U.P.HSS/0217-07-201517-08-201515-09-201517-09-2015on stack
3Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. Imagined Communities by Anderson, B.; Verso. 2. Modernity at Large by Appadurai, A. ; Univ. of Minnesota. 3. Headcount by Bose, A. ; Peguine Books. 4. The Rise of the Network Society by Castells, M.; Wiley-Blackwell. 5. Globalization by Ritzer, G.; Wiley-Blackwell. 6. Sociology of Globalization by Sassen, S. ; W. W. Norton.HSS/0326-06-201517-08-201501-10-201526-11-2015*Book sr. no.-2,3,6 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
4Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Priyanka Tripathi1. Assessment of English Language Teaching by Leach, K.; Koros 2. Cultural Theory and Popular Culture by Storey, J.; Koros 3. English Language and Communication by Tavora, G.; Koros 4. Language Learners and Learning by Sheng Chan Woo; KorosHSS/0428-09-2015
5Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Priyanka Tripathi1. Personality Development & Soft Skills by Leach, K.; Koros 2. Perspective on Communication Research in Language and Linguistics by Reynolds, M.; Koros 3. Speaking Effectively: Achieving Excellence in Presentations by Kline, J. A.; Pearson 4. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: An Introduction by Nunan, D.; T & F 5. Enlish Literary Theory & Criticism by Prasa, Y.; KorosHSS/0528-09-201521-12-201514-01-201616-01-2016*Book sr. no.-4 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
6Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Aditya Raj1. Critical Theory and Social Media: Between Emancipation and Commodification by Allmer, T.; Routledge 2. Introduction to Contemporary Social Theory by Elliott, A.; RoutledgeHSS/0624-09-201521-12-201514-01-201616-01-2016on stack
7Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. Young People and Sexual Health: Individual, Social and Policy Contexts by Burtney, E.; Palgrave Macmillan 2. The Impact of Inequality: How to Make Sick Societies Healthier by Wilkinson, R. G.; Routledge 3. Shaping Sexual Knowledge: A Cultural History of Sex Education in Twentieth Century Europe by Sauerteig, L.; Roetledge 4. Knowledge and Reflexivity: New Frontiers in the Sociology of Knowledge by Woolger, S.; SageHSS/0729-12-201505-01-201605-03-201621-03-2016*Book sr. no.-1,4 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
8Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Richa Chaudhary1. Psychology and Work Today: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 10th Indian Ed. by Schultz, D.; Pearson
2. Organizational Behaviour, 15th Ed. by Robbins; Judge & Vohra; Pearson
HSS/0823-02-201615-03-201618-03-2016*Book sr. no.-1 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
9Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. Health Care of Women & Children in Developing Countries by Wallace, H.; Third Party Publisher
2. Transforming Public Health in Developing Nations by Sheikh, M.; IGI Global
3. Health Care Informatics by Nelson, R.; MOSBY
4. Communication Health: A Culture Centered approach by Dutta, M. J. ; Polity Press
5. Population & Health in Developing Countries by Gaimard, M.; Springer
10Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. Unequal Worlds: Discrimination and Social Inequality in Modern India by Verma, V.; OUP
2. Sexual Health: A Multidisciplinary approach by Smith, M. T.; IP Communication
3. Sickness & Healing: An Anthropological Perspective by Hahn, R. A.; Yale Uni Press
4. Handbook of Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health by Wingwood, G. M.; Springer
5. The Politics of Sanitation in India: Cities, Services and the State by Chaplin, S. E.; Orient BlackSwan
11Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. The Sociology of Health Promotion: Critical analysis of consumption, life styles & risk by Bunton, R.; Routledge
2. The Sociology of Health & Illness by Nettleton, S.; Polity Press
3. When Culture Impacts Health: Global lesson for effective Health Research by Banwell, C.; Academic Press
4. Integrated Solid Waste Management: Engineering Principles & Management Issues by Tchobanoglous, G.; McGraw Hill
5. Handbook of Solid Waste Management by Kreith, F.;Tchobanoglous, G; McGraw Hills
HSS/1128-01-201629-02-201610-03-201630-03-2016*Book sr. no.-1,3,5, is reamain to be deliver. on stack
12Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Aditya Raj1. Beyond the Corporate University: Culture and Pedagogy in the new Millennium by Giroux, H. A.; Rowman & Littlefield Pub.
2. Globalization and Higher Education in India by Panikkar, K. N.; Pearson
3. A Half Century of Indian Higher Education by Agarwal, P.; Sage
4. Teachers as Intellectuals: Towards a critical Pedagogy of Learning by Giroux, H. A.; Praeger
5. Indian Higher Education: Envisioning the Future by Agarwal, P.; Sage
HSS/1222-01-201629-02-201610-03-201630-03-2016*Book sr. no.-1,2,4,5, is reamain to be deliver. on stack
13Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Aditya Raj1. Sociology of Higher Education: Contributions and Their Contexts by Gumport, P. J.; Johns Hopkins University Press
2. State/Space: A Reade by Neil Brenner K.; Wiley Blackwell
3. Radical Possibilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and A New Social Movement by Anyon, J.; Routledge
4. Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From theory to practice by Hess, C.; MIT Press
5. Seeing the State: Governance and Governmentality in India by Corbridge, S.; CUP
14Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Smrita Singh1. Soft Skills for Everyone by Butterfield, J.; Cenage Learning
2. Business Communication by Raman, M.; OUP
3. Effective Technical Communication by Rizvi, A.; TMH
HSS/1423-02-201615-03-201618-03-2016on stack
15Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Sweta Sinha1. An Introduction to Language, 9th Ed. by Fromkin, V.; Wadsworth Cengage Learning
2. Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication, 6th Ed.;MIT Press
HSS/1522-01-201623-02-201622-03-201628-03-2015on stack
16Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Nalin Bharti1. Inclusive FInance India Report 2014 by Nair, T. S.; OUP
2. The Oxford Companion to the Economics of China by Fan, S.; OUP
3. Agricultural and Food Controversies: What Everyone Needs to Know® by Norwood, F. B.; OUP
4. India Development Report 2015 by Dev, S. M.; OUP
5. Green Signals: Ecology, Growth, and Democracy in India, Ramesh, J.; OUP
6. Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2014 by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India; OUP
7. The Environments of the Poor in South Asia: Simultaneously Reducing Poverty, Protecting the Environment, and Adapting to Climate Change by Sinha, A.; OUP
8. ECONOMIC SURVEY 2014-15 by Finistry of Finance; OUP
9. The Making of Miracles in Indian States: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat by Panagariya, A.; OUP
10. The Oxford Handbook of Financial Regulation by Moloney, N.; OUP
11. The Country of First Boys by Sen, A.; OUP
12. Indian Foreign Policy: Oxford India Short Introductions by Ganguly, S.; OUP
13. ICSSR Research Surveys And Explorations:: Economics. 3 Vol. Set by Chandrasekhar, C. P.; OUP
14. A Concise Handbook of the Indian Economy in the 21st Century by Goyal, A.; OUP
HSS/1623-02-201607-03-201611-3-2016*Book sr. no.-3,10 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
17Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Priyanka Tripathi1. The Future of Postcolonial Studies by Zabus, C.; T & F
2. The Poetics and Politics of Diaspora: Transatlantic Musings by Branche, Jerome C.; T & F
3. Politics, Identity, and Mobility in Travel Writing by Cabañas, Miguel A.; T & F
4. Women, Travel Writing, and truth by Saunders, Broome C.; T & F
5. Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications by Munday, Jeremy; Routledge
HSS/1724-11-201516-03-201628-03-201630-03-2016*Book sr. no.-5 is reamain to be deliver. on stack
18Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Priyanka Tripathi
1. The Novel- A Survival Skill by Park, T.; OUP
2. Reading and the Reader by Davis, P.; OUP
3. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms by Baldick, C.; OUP
4. Pragmatic Modernism by Schoenbach, L.; OUP
5. Modernism and Melancholia by Bahun, S.; OUP
6. Modernism and the Ordinary by Olson, L.; OUP
7. Granular Modernism by Carver, B.; OUP
8. How to Interpret Literature by Parker, R. D.; OUP
19Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Sweta Sinha1. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics by Matthews, P. H.; OUP
2. Language down The Garden Path by Sanz, M.; OUP
3. A Functional Discourse Grammar for English by Keizer, E.; OUP
4. The Interplay of Morphology and Phonology by Inkelas, S.; OUP
5. Syntax Over Time by Biberauer, T.; OUP
20Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Aditya Raj1. Youth and Society: The Long and Winding Road by Tyyska, V.; Canadian Scholar’s Press
2. Youth Studies: Fundamental Issues and Debates by Cote, J.; Palgrave Macmillan
3. STILL Blaming Children: Youth Conduct and the Politics of Child Hating by Schissel, B.; Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd.
4. Critical Pedagogy Primer by Kincheloe, J. L.; Peter Lang Publishing Inc.
5. How Children Learn by Holt, J.; Da Capo Press
6. Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice by Gardner, H. E.; Basic Books
7. Childhood and Society by Erikson, E. H.; W. W. Norton & Company
8. Youth in a Suspect Society: Democracy or Disposability? by Giroux, H.; Palgrave Macmillan
9. Kinderculture: The Corporate Construction of Childhood by Steinberg, S. R.; Westview Press
10. Critical Constructivism Primer by Kincheloe, J.L.; Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
21Humanities & Social SciencesDr. Papia Raj1. An Introduction to Community & Public Health by McKenzie, J. F., Pinger, R. R.; Jones & Bartlett Learning
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Electrical Engineering
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12Electrical Engg.
Dr. Maheshkumar H. Kolekar
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Mechanical Engineering
Book Acquisition 2015-16