Archive name (eg Imperial War Museum)
Collection name (if you need to specify - for example British cabinet papers at National Archives
URL (for home/main listing)
Notes - who might this be most useful for, who could use it but might not think of it, any particulars on access? What is your experience of it as a researcher?
Language (if other than English)
3/20/2020 13:41:39
British Universities Film and Video Council
News on Screen
Contemporary media
Use this to search and access newsreels from the UK - including running orders, footage and in some cases scripts and production documents. Very good for anyone looking at how war was represented at the time. Remember to look at what else was in the same programme (to get a sense of relative significance) and be aware of the particular visual and audio syntax of newsreels - which differed by company. A bit like tabloids - the audience knew the style and were usually in on the joke.
3/20/2020 16:20:37Google News Archive
Glasgow Herald wartime issues media
Scanned issues of the Glasgow Herald throughout the war - haven't checked there is coverage for every day/week, but very useful to give a non national/Scottish perspective on news.
3/20/2020 16:29:38Imperial War MuseumSound Archives
Search from here for sound records from the IWM. These include contemporary recordings and oral histories. You will need to filter by Second World War to see only those results. Many though not all are digitised and can be listened to online. Content level description varies but can be very good.
Includes some contemporary recordings in languages other than English.
3/20/2020 16:40:27UK National Archives
British Cabinet Minutes and Papers including War Cabinet
Official papers
Clear guide to structure of papers with links to relevant sections in TNA catalogue
3/20/2020 16:56:52MOI Digital
Ministry of Information wartime reports
Official papers
Includes transcriptions of the wartime Home Intelligence and Wartime Social Survey reports.
3/20/2020 16:59:27Convoy Web
Very detailed database of wartime convoy and ship movements
3/20/2020 17:02:09York Digital Library
Lord Halifax Diaries 1940-46
Private documents
Images of Lord Halifax's personal wartime diary
3/20/2020 17:08:28Hansard 1803-2005
Official papers
Parliamentary Proceedings for 1803-2005 period.
3/20/2020 21:37:41The Vickers Machine Gun
3/20/2020 21:38:41
The Defence of East Sussex Project
3/23/2020 11:17:13The BFI
Contemporary media
The BFI has several Ministry of Information shorts from the Second World War available to watch for free on its website. try using 'Ministry of Information' as a search tool. Also some useful documentaries and feature film clips. You can pay for more content. This would be most useful for anyone interested in the social history of the 'Home Front' in Britain during the Second World War.
3/24/2020 8:45:10
US Army Centre for Military History
The US Army in WWII (The Green Books)
Students of US Military History
3/24/2020 8:45:48
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Commission Archive and Records
Official papers, Private documents, Photographs
For those wanting to learn more about the stories of past individual soldiers and the history of the organisation that maintains their grave.
3/24/2020 8:49:26RAF Museum (London)
Official papers, Private documents, Photographs, Art, Other
Anyone researching military aviation including aircraft and personnel matters. Includes lots of private collections, including letters written/received during the war. The staff in the research room are incredibly helpful. Booking ahead is essential.
3/24/2020 8:54:31
Madeleine Blaess Project - British student in Occupied Paris
Private documents, Other
All in translation from the French
3/24/2020 8:58:35Welsh Journals OnlineWales (Periodicial)
Contemporary media
A Welsh cultural and current affairs magazine published through the war.
3/24/2020 9:01:48
People's Collection Wales
People's Collection Wales
Contemporary media, Private documents, Photographs
Drawn from archives and private collections across Wales, this is an eclectic collection of documents, images and oral history recordings.
3/24/2020 10:34:17National Army MuseumNAM Collections
Official papers, Contemporary media, Private documents, Photographs, Art
For anyone looking for the histories of specific regiments or British Army from beginning to now. All digitised materials can be accessed via the online collection, except oral histories which are sent out by digital transfer upon request.
3/24/2020 10:36:31Royal Collection Trust
Official papers, Contemporary media, Private documents, Photographs, Art
Mostly showcasing the history of the Royal Family but may indeed include their wartime perspectives.
3/24/2020 10:39:38Australian War Memorial
Official papers, Contemporary media, Private documents, Photographs, Art
On Australia’s military history since the First World War including information on units, people, events and more through documents, photos, etc.
3/24/2020 10:44:25Hyperwar
Official papers
Numerous digitised official histories, primarily US & UK
3/24/2020 10:47:45
New Zealand Electronic Text Collection
New Zealand World War II History
Official papers
Official & unofficial NZ histories
3/24/2020 10:54:10
The National Archives of Australia
Official papers, Photographs, Other
Service Records, defence administration and policy
3/24/2020 10:54:20Russian Archives
German War Diaries, Intelligence Reports, Briefings etc
Official papers, Contemporary media
WW2 researchers requiring German War Diaries etc
(Documents) German: (Site) Russian & German
3/24/2020 11:08:06British Pathe Archive
Contemporary media
Extensive collection WW2 newsreel and some official film
3/24/2020 11:24:18
BBC Genome Radio Times 1923-2009
Contemporary media
Full run of digitised Radio Times - as well as the radio schedules the articles can be useful as they discuss topics such as BBC overseas service during the war as well as entertainments beyond radio
3/24/2020 11:50:20
British Library Sound Archive
Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust
Access to over 260 full life story recordings with Jewish Holocaust survivors now living in Britain and from the children of survivors
3/24/2020 11:54:21
The War Illustrated Archive
The War Illustrated
Contemporary media
Access to copies of The War Illustrating covering 1939-47
3/24/2020 11:56:27
The Canadian Letters and Images Project
World War Two Collections
Official papers, Private documents, Photographs, Other
Particularly useful for researching personal history of war. Loads of stuff. Easy to use.
3/24/2020 11:58:42War, State & SocietyBombing Britain
interactive source mapping the impact of aerial bombardment across UK in SWW
3/24/2020 12:01:07
Red Cross Collections online
WWII Prisoners of War
Photographs, Art
material culture relating to the experience of POWs
3/24/2020 12:08:33National Archives (Kew)The Art of War
online access to British government wartime propaganda posters
3/24/2020 12:11:40
East Asia Library Stanford University
Wang Jingwei and Lin Baisheng Photograph collection
194 images relating to the Wang Jingwei 'collaborationist' regime (or "RNG") in Japanese-occupied China, from 1940-1945
3/24/2020 12:14:02Pamiat' naroda papers
State-sponsored archive of service records, records of medals awarded; some primary accounts of action and records of individual units' work.
3/24/2020 12:14:35BBC Online Archives
The BBC and World War Two
access to range of wartime recordings from the BBC
3/24/2020 12:25:05
National Library of Scotland
Excellent source of historical and contemporary maps of the UK and beyond. The OS provides the core. Many are geo-referenced.
3/24/2020 12:26:41
National Library of Scotland
British Military Lists
Official papers
Useful for anyone interested in identifying British military personnel or understanding order of battle.
3/24/2020 12:29:42
A Vision of Britain through Time
UK historical maps, census data (1931 and 1951) and travel writing
3/24/2020 12:32:01Getty Images
Photographs, Other
Getty owns the rights to many contemporary collections of photographs. Most importantly for those interested in the UK this includes the Picture Post.
3/24/2020 12:33:31British Movietone
Contemporary media
Newsreels from British Movietone available through a dedicated YouTube channel
3/24/2020 12:40:37
International Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice
Police in Wartime
An excellent OU tutorial incorporating resources from the centre's archive
3/24/2020 12:50:11
The Wiener Holocaust Library
Eyewitness reports regarding the November Pogrom
Contemporary media, Private documents
Available in English for the first time, the 356 documents comprising this special collection about November 1938 are particularly significant because they were mostly collected in the days and weeks immediately following 9-10 November 1938 itself. They are different in nature from those based on memories recalled years later, which some other organisations have obtained. Testimonies collected later are inevitably modified and influenced by other intervening personal experiences as well as by versions and interpretations of the events by historians, politicians, journalists and others. The direct, unmediated nature of the Wiener Library's testimonies makes them all the more important, accurate and valuable.
Also some German, Dutch and French
3/24/2020 12:51:46
The Wiener Holocaust Library
Refugee Family Papers: An Interactive Map
Private documents, Photographs, Other
This digital map gives you the opportunity to browse and search the Wiener Holocaust Library's collections of refugee family papers. Several hundred of these collections have been donated to the Library over the years by Jewish refugees and their families, who escaped Nazi antisemitic persecution by emigrating from Germany and Nazi-dominated countries, including Poland, Austria, and France.
3/24/2020 12:57:32IWMWar Memorials Register
searchable catalogue of national register of UK war memorials
3/24/2020 13:00:20
Council for British Archaeology
Defence of Britain Archive & Database
database recording the 20th century militarised landscape of the United Kingdom
3/24/2020 13:03:23Poetry FoundationWorld War II Poets
online access to poems by a range of international Second World War poets
3/24/2020 13:18:44Defence Forces Ireland
Military Archives Oral History Project
oral history recordings with members of Ireland's Defence Forces (including during The Emergency)
3/24/2020 13:18:51National Police Library
Sir Arthur L. Dixon, 'The Emergency Work of the Police Forces in the Second World War' (Unpublished MS, 1963)
Semi-official history of policing England and Wales during WW2 by Sir Arthur L. Dixon formerly of the Home Office
3/24/2020 13:22:59Australian War Memorial
Unit war diaries; ship reports & proceedings; oral histories; film
Official papers, Photographs, Art
Australian units and individuals during the Second World War
3/24/2020 13:25:48
Australians at war film archive
Transcripts of oral history interviews
Oral history interviews of Australian servicemen & servicewomen
3/24/2020 13:32:22
Bomb Sight: Mapping the WW2 Bomb Censuses
Great resource for those interested in bombing and its effects on the UK built environment.
3/24/2020 13:42:01
Theater History of Operations (THOR)
Digitised RAF & USAAF bombing records including dates, targets, weight of bombs
3/24/2020 14:34:46Churchill Archives Online
Winston Churchill Archives
Private documents
University subscription required. Elite sources but also many letters from the public (@kitkowol can direct you) for social historians
3/24/2020 14:36:21British Cartoon Archive
Contemporary media, Art
3/24/2020 14:58:42
BBC in colloboration with the IWM
History KS2: World War Two
Contemporary media
Using archive video and images from the Imperial War Museum, as well as first-person testimony from veterans and eye-witnesses, this series of short films offers a comprehensive overview of World War Two for primary schools.

These short films are suitable for teaching history at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd Level in Scotland.
3/24/2020 16:37:54
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
US State Department
Official papers, Private documents
The Roosevelt and Truman Administration sections have a wealth of information when it comes to the waging of the war from the American perspective with a good record of the summit meetings from 1941-45.
3/24/2020 16:39:01American Air Museum
Photographs, Other
First port of call for research on USAAF in Europe during the Second World War, combines traditional primary sources with personal reminiscences, and crowd sourced data
3/24/2020 16:41:01Bangor Public Library
World War II Regimental Histories
We at Bangor Public Library believe our collection of World War II regimental histories to be one of the largest in a library in the world. We are proud to share with you this collection. We feel presenting these books will open up a new means of studying and experiencing the Second World War for scholars, the curious public, descendants of the soldiers who served, and our surviving servicemen and servicewomen.
3/24/2020 16:44:00
National Archives and Record Administration
World War II US Army Enlistment Records, documenting the period ca. 1938 - 1946
Official papers
One of the most comprehensive listings of basic information on US Service personnel
3/24/2020 16:44:23Library of CongressVeterans' History Project
Oral histories, but also some documents and transcripts. Great for memory/commemoration of the war.
3/24/2020 16:45:32NARA
Records of World War II US Prisoners of War, created, 1942 - 1947, documenting the period 12/7/1941 - 11/19/1946,sl
Official papers
Comprehensive listing of basic information on American POWs
3/24/2020 16:47:58Library of Congress
Experiencing War: China-Burma-India
Focused on CBI, with oral histories and images
3/24/2020 16:48:03NARA
Downed Allied Aircraft Kampfflugzeug Unterlagen (KU) Reports*:*&f.ancestorNaIds=643795&sort=naIdSort%20asc
Official papers
German administrative documents listing capture of allied crews and aircraft
3/24/2020 16:50:03Library of CongressVeterans History Project
Large oral history collection covering a number of conflicts, and range of topics
3/24/2020 16:53:04CBITheater.comChina-Burma-India
Contemporary media, Private documents, Photographs, Art, Other
This is a mammoth, haphazard collection, but with links to multiple sources and digitized versions of soldiers' newspapers.
3/24/2020 16:55:33Jewish Virtual Library
Nazi War Crimes Trials: The Dachau Trials (1945 - 1948)
Official papers
Great source for holocaust research- particularly atrocities. Also good for researching circumstances of murdered allied POWS NB- some of the PDFs are out of sync with the hyperlinks
3/24/2020 16:56:28
National Museum of US Army
CBI Artwork
3/24/2020 16:58:15
Army Center Of Military History
"Time Runs Out in CBI"
Official papers
Official history volume of Army in CBI
3/24/2020 16:59:05Library of Congress
United States Army. Branch Office of the Judge Advocate General. European Theater of Operations (ETO). Board of Review. Holdings and Opinions (1942–1946)
Official papers
Detailed records listing misdemeanours carried out by American servicemen in Britain. Good for researching PTSD, racial prejudice, LGBT experiences and sexual violence
3/24/2020 17:01:30Library of Congress
Board of Review Opinions by JAG: CBI and SWP
Official papers
Volumes of opinions issued by JAG Review Board for courts-martial in CBI and SWP theaters. Huge amount of info on cases, includes transcripts, testimonies and verdicts.
Missing Air Crew Reports WWII
Official papers
FREE FOR BASIC MEMBERS (NO FEE) In May 1943, the US Army Air Forces recommended the adoption of a special form, the Missing Air Crew Report (MACR), devised to record relevant facts of the last known circumstances regarding missing air crews, providing a means of integrating current data with information obtained later from other sources in an effort to conclusively determine the fate of the missing personnel. MACRs are arranged by year and aircraft serial number, which is also known as the tail number.raft
WWII US Air Force Photos
Official papers, Photographs

FREE FOR BASIC MEMBERS (NO FEE) View thousands of World War II era photographs of aircraft, equipment, air races, bombing tests, and military personnel - at work and play. Photos are grouped by regional "war theater" and then alphabetically by category, including subjects as diverse as recreation, rescue, aircraft, and miscellaneous. Each sub-category reveals intriguing captions further identifying the photographs.
3/24/2020 17:08:31
Japanese PSYOP during WW2
3/24/2020 17:10:12
American Battle Monuments Commission
Listing of all American personnel commemorated in overseas (not in USA) cemeteries, from all conflicts NB- the US repatriated their dead after the Second World War, so it is not a comprehensive listing like CWCG
3/24/2020 17:13:50Find a Grave
Find a Grave is a crowdsourced list of burials across the world. Good for genealogical type research, but also a good list American servicemen killed during the Second World War who were then repatriated to the USA. National Military cemeteries (e.g. Arlington) are also well represented
3/24/2020 17:15:15BBCThe People's War
Private documents, Other
Transcripts/oral histories from many Britons' experiences of the war.
3/24/2020 17:19:37Hoover Institution
Diaries of Gen. Joseph Stilwell
Private documents
Day by day life with one of the grouchiest men in the war
3/24/2020 17:21:49
306th Bomb Group Historical Association
Official papers, Photographs, Other
Unit specific research website containing copies of US Official documents including mission reports, escape & evasion reports, diaries and personal reminiscences
3/24/2020 17:21:59Hoover InstitutionPoster Collection
Contemporary media, Art
Massive collection with lots of WW2 posters/ads
3/24/2020 17:23:44447th Bomb GroupDocuments & Photos
Official papers, Photographs, Other
Air Force Unit specific site containing copies of US Official documents including crew loading lists, Missing Air crew reports, Accident reports and images
3/24/2020 17:30:14Photos by Lew Funk
Lew Funk was Photographic Chief of the 34th Bomb Group, his photos cover all aspects of life in the 8th Air Force including training, base antics and missions Lew meticulously preserved many of his photos from the war by smuggling them back to the USA! Lew's son John worked to digitise and research the collection along with some of the stories that accompany them, further info can be found on his website here
3/24/2020 17:33:23NARA
US Escape and Evasion Reports, 1942 - 1945*:*&f.ancestorNaIds=305270&sort=naIdSort%20asc
Official papers
Reports typically include a brief questionnaire concerning the use of escape and evasion (E&E) training and equipment; an interrogation form with unit designation, target information (if applicable), number of missions flown (if applicable), date considered missing in action, date returned to U.S. or allied control, country of escape or evasion, and a listing of crew members (or other service personnel) with official disposition; a verification of the identity and trustworthiness of escapee or evader; a certificate safeguarding prisoner of war and/or escape and evasion information; an outline of topics to be covered in the narrative; and a typed or handwritten narrative that documents the escape and evasion experience of the escapee or evader.
3/24/2020 17:38:32NARA
US Military Award Cards, 1942 - 1963
Official papers
The series contains runs of cards for the Purple Heart, Air Medal Decoration, Commendation Medal, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Airmen's Medal/Soldier's Medal and Bronze Star. Information included consists of: name, service number, rank, general order number, order date and issuing organization, award type, date awarded, as well as Oak Leaf Cluster additions and in some cases place of birth and/or place of enlistment.

The series contains a group of special awards, consisting of: Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, British Distinguished Flying Cross, Medal of Freedom, Mackay Trophy, Cheney Award, American Spirit Honor Medal, Koren Kolligian, Jr., Korean Chungmoo Medal with Gold Star, Korean Ulchi Medal, and the Distinguished Service Medal. Information included consists of: name, service number, rank, general order number, order date and issuing organization, award type, date awarded, oak leaf cluster additions, and in some cases place of birth and/or place of enlistment.

There are a number of Unit Awards which contain a list of awards granted to each unit. Some runs of cards contained in this series are: Korean Service Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation, Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, French Croix de Guerre, and many others. Information included within this series consists of: unit, location, medal type, dates issued, and the office which issued the award.
3/24/2020 17:40:28British Political Speeches
Speeches by key UK Labour, Conservative, Liberal figures, mainly from party conferences
3/24/2020 17:40:38American Air Museum
William L Beigel Collection
Official papers
Large digital collection of Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPFS) for downed USAAF fliers. An IDPF is a personnel file created by the military services to document the death of a military member & the related actions associated with the disposition of the remains.
3/24/2020 17:42:04
Margaret Thatcher Archive
Private documents
Collection of many of the private documents and public statements made by Mrs T. Keyword searchable with many referencing WWII.
3/24/2020 17:43:48Colonial Film Archive
Contemporary media, Art
Large selection of wartime films about the Empire made by both MOI and private firms.
3/24/2020 17:45:28Hansard
Records of proceedings in UK House of Commons and Lords
Official papers
Useful for political historians. Searching can be quite difficult.
3/24/2020 17:46:59
Franklin D Roosevelt Library
Fireside Chats 1933-1944
Transcriptions of FDR's evening radio addresses, one of most obvious examples of Media being used for politics during Second World War, but also good illustration of how the Americans were interpreting the course of the conflict.
3/24/2020 17:47:30
Conservative Party Poster Archive,t+ox_lunaCollectionId%3A%226%22,rsrs+0,rsps+10,fa+,so+ox%3Asort%5Easc,scids+,pid+,vi+
Contemporary media, Private documents, Photographs, Art
Political historians, Art Historians - an excellent set of posters used in the 1945 General Election
3/24/2020 17:49:56
Archive of Labour Party Manifestos
Contemporary media
Political Historians - contains 1945 General Election Manifesto
3/24/2020 17:51:57Conservative Manifestos
Contemporary media, Private documents
Political historians - contains links to 1945 manifesto. Note no page numbers.
3/24/2020 17:53:15Library of Congress
George S Patton Collection
Private documents
Patton's digitised diaries, 1910-1945 illustrate Patton's activities during the Mexican Punitive Expedition, World War I, and World War II. The volumes, particularly from 1942 to 1945, document Patton's daily activities and observations and reveal his candor about himself, personally and professionally. They include information about American ground combat operations in the campaign for North Africa, the invasion of Sicily, the liberation of France, and the final assault on Germany. Annotated volumes covering World War II often contain additional detail expanding on the original volume entries. The original diaries are dated through 24 March 1945, while annotated transcripts continue to 3 December 1945. The Library did not receive the latter portion of the original diaries. Additional topics include Patton's honeymoon trip to Europe in 1910 and his fox hunting activities, 1932-1935.
3/24/2020 17:54:42Mass Observing the 80s
Private documents
Contains Mass Observation reports on key events including the Falklands War where memories of WWII are frequently cited.
3/24/2020 17:56:11Library of Congress
Report of the Deputy Judge Advocate for War Crimes, European Command June 1944 to July 1948
Official papers
This report was submitted by Lieutenant Colonel Clio Edwin Straight, Deputy Judge Advocate for War Crimes, European Command, to Colonel James L. Harbaugh, Jr., Judge Advocate, European Command. It covers pre-trial and trial phases of the war crimes program that dealt with so-called conventional war crimes cases, which were conducted by the United States Military Forces in Europe, from June 1944 to July 1948
3/24/2020 18:00:35The History of ParliamentOral History Project
Private documents, Photographs
Collection of oral histories with a number of British parliamentarians who served during WWII including Dennis Healey, Edward Du Cann and Peter Carrington
3/24/2020 18:02:29LSE Digital Library
Brexit Collection: 1975 Referendum
Contemporary media, Private documents
Contains leaflets and posters from 1975 Referendum many of which include references to WWII.
3/24/2020 18:10:56Ebay
An excellent place to explore social and cultural artifacts relating to WWII. I have used it especially to search for commercially produced memorabilia. Danger may negatively impact bank balance.
3/24/2020 18:45:47Ohio University Libraries
Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers
Private documents, Photographs
Freely available first-hand accounts/questionnaires by military personnel from for Ryan’s three battle books: The Longest Day (Operation OVERLORD, also known as D-Day, Normandy, France, June 6, 1944); A Bridge Too Far(Operation MARKET-GARDEN, Holland, September 17-26, 1944); and, The Last Battle (the capture of Berlin, Germany, April 15-May 10, 1945). These files are digitized on demand as researchers request them, so it's a growing resource. Currently about 300--10% are online. Also includes Ryan's timeline card index of D-Day.
Primarily English but also some other European languages