2018 Worlds Warmup & Table Notes
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Visa SaturdaySATURDAY
WU TimeDivisionTeamJudge
ExitWamup NotesTable NotesPerformance
11:55: AMSXS #1Greensboro All Stars - Diamond EliteCharles1412:05moving catcher transitional pyramid, early release right side frontfull, waist level full twist pop off no assistanceafter toss and show n go before running tumblingAt 204 - high to high tic toc connected to an extended stunt - left side is the main concern (right side may be an issue)12:29
12:02: PMSXS #2Alaska Athletics - Black IceJessica1412:1412:42
12:09: PMSXS #3Rocket Cheer - Evil QueensJill1412:20Opening back center toss at around 07 sec - becomes inverted 12:51
12:16: PMSXS #4Elite Cheer - StarsCharles1412:28in release from load to arabesque, right side, warned on catchers not stationary12:59
12:23: PMSXS #5Team Universe Cheer - G5 QueensJessica1412:34warning on front full, moving catchers, tha happens in the frontof the pyramid, warned on inverted baskets and release to prone1. Pyramids E6a at 2:11 - on the left side with release to the back (all three appear to move). 1:09
12:30: PMSXS #6Perfection All Stars  - IconsJill1212:421st braced invesion early release on left, moving catchers in center of pyramid1:20
12:37: PMSXS #7Cheer St Louis - ArchangelsCharles1412:491. Stunts G2 - center at 104 catches inverted 2. Tosses D at 1:34 center tosses becomes inverted. Far left may become inverted as well1:28
12:44: PMSXS #8Revolution Athletics - RevolutionJessica1412:55warned on front fulls moving catchers, warned on inverted catches on double downs1. Time clocked at 2:311:35
12:51: PMSXS #9Thrive All Stars - DiamondsJill141:04last braced flip in pyramid early release, 2nd release front travels so catchers not stationary1:42
12:58: PMSXS #10Atlantic Coast Cheer - The Blue BabesCharles111:101. warned on early release in all flips in pyramid1. Tosses D - on the right side of the floor at around 1:24. Toss becomes inverted1:49
1:05: PMSXS #11Ohio Valley Allstars - PhoenixJessica131:171. tic tocks in pyramid warned to not grab arms of extension flyer until tick tock is complete1. Stunts H2 @ 3 seconds, front center of floor. Lift to invert. 2. Pyramids C1 @157 on the left side. Tic toc person grabs the inside person WHOS extended then releases. 1:56
1:35: PMSXS #12River City Allstars - Lady SizzleJill141:471.prop sign approved 2. chocker appoved. 3. barrel roll landing inverted1. Tosses D @ 7 seconds. Becomes and/or lands inverted2:06
1:42: PMSXS #13Niagara Cheerleading (Canada)Charles71:561. warned on movng catcers2:13
1:49: PMSXS #14Total Cheer - ConquerJessica132:001. moving catcher warned on front layout in front of pyramid this is thesecond pyrmid 2. Toss in back warned on inverted 3. In first pyramid warned on back layouts moving catchers2:21
1:56: PMSXS #15River Cities All Stars - Rebel ReignJill142:091. Release to ptone landing inverted 2. moving cathers in all braced flips2:29
2:03: PMSXS #16Luxe Cheer - Lady LegendsCharles 142:161. Warned on moving catchers in front fulls in pyr, left side was worse1. Pyramids A/Stunts G2 at @ 2:13 on the right side catch, which lands inverted2:36
2:10: PMSXS #17Gems Cheer Stars - ICEJessica 82:201. Warned on doubled down inverting1. Stunts G2 @ 105 - double down lands inverted2:45
2:17: PMSXS #18CNY Storm - WeathergirlsJill142:291. Moving catrchers on braced flip 2. ball pronbe release be sure all catchers actually catch2:53
2:24: PMSXS #19Cheer City United - Lady TitansCharles 102:361. warrning on release to prone to not land inverted3:01
2:31: PMSXS #20Spirit FactoryJessica132:431) Stunts G2 @ 123 on double down catch on the right only side only. 2) Pyramids E3 - side facing front full exceeds 3/4 flipping rotation at 2093:09
2:38: PMSXS #21Infinity Athletics - Pas5ionJill82:501. connection in pyramid during last portion on pyramid lost3:16
2:45: PMSXS #22Buffalo Envy All Stars - DesireCharles142:581. Warning on lib choreo lift must be assisted to ground and not released unassisted3:23
2:52: PMSXS #23Spirit Central - BengalsJessica143:041) Stunts G2 around 130 on the center groups double down that becomes inverted.3:30
2:59: PMSXS #24Jersey All Stars - VillainsJill143:111. Said prop was approved 3:38
3:25: PMSXSC #1Steele Athletics - TitaniumCharles14.23:381. In elite section release to prnethat landed inverted, 2. In pyramid, left side moving catchers on front full3:55
3:32: PMSXSC #2Absolute Cheer - FAB5 (Canada)Jessica13.23:431. warning on toss in back going inverted, 2. warning on moving catchers for front fullsTosses B at 20 seconds for back center toss that travels to the left - warning4:02
3:39: PMSXSC #3Georgia Heat - Black IceJill133:501. Spacer in ears are out however still looks like he is wearing jewerly but is not4:09
3:46: PMSXSC #4PowerCore Athletics - AListCharles9.23:561. warning on inverted toss (marked or fell during May parts of the routine)1) Stunts G2 at 13 - dismount on the left appears to go inverted - Warning. 2) Stunts G2 Dismount on the left at 111 does become inverted4:16
3:53: PMSXSC #5Fire House Gym - TNTJessica11.14:051. warning on toss in back going inverted1) Dismounts C at 55 with twisting pop out to the floor without assistance. 2) Pyramids E1 at 111 - on the left side only - Transition is released, causing the skills to free flip.4:23
4:00: PMSXSC #6World Class All Stars - FameJill114:13Note: Not sure how many boys 1. connection in front fulls 2. Inverted basketTosses D at 125 on the right side becomes inverted. 4:31
4:07: PMSXSC #7Ultimate Allstars - C5Charles14.14:181. 1/2 twist release transition to prone warned that it cannot be released and then land inverted; 2. FYI -on show-n-go libs that look like spotter is to frnt, one of the side bases has correct spotter grip; 3. Right side has moving catchers on back lip and arbianStunts A on Coed stunt at 37 at the back center (spotter to the left is too far away from the stunt to be considered a legal spotter)4:39
4:14: PMSXSC #8Dakota Spirit - ApolloJessica14.24:251. warning on inverting double downs; 2. warned that spotter for toss cupie needs to be close enough4:46
4:21: PMSXSC #9Tumble World - The DreamJill14.24:341. twisting inverted release 2. moving cacthers in arabianStunts G2 at 101 on the far right becomes inverted during the dismount4:54
4:28: PMSXSC #10Cheer Force Arkansas - FalconsCharles14.24:381. warning on downward inversion frm above prep landing inverted, told that cannot go above prep then become downard inversion and stop inverted one base on foot other on hands; 2. same warning on inversion that comes from show-n-go over backspot passing above prep, as it only has one person assisting.Tosses D at 30 one the left (but down the center mat) becomes inverted 5:01
4:35: PMSXSC #11Hawaii All-Stars - HI-5Jessica14.24:471. warning on prone release to prone, make sure it does not land inverted; 2. Were performing low to high tick tock while connected to extension, worked to fix it; 3. FYI - never really executed end of pyramid1) Tosses D at around 38 on the right side becomes inverted. 5:14
4:42: PMSXSC #12Sparks Cheerleading - BlackOut (Canada)Jill11.24:541. moving changes on braced front full5:21
4:49: PMSXSC #13Lions Cheer Company - PrideCharles11.14:591. Warning on downward inversion that passes through extension and then inverts that there must be two catchers on waist to shoulders ; 2. Release from prone to inverted; 3. Moving catchers on back flips at edit pyramid; 4. Warned on inverted tosses.1) Tosses D at 101 (deduction) and 145 (warning) on the left side of the floor becomes inverted. 2) Pyramids E6a on the left side of ending pyramid at 211 with non-stationary catchers5:29
4:56: PMSXSC #14Carolina All Stars - CheetahsJessica14.15:075:37
5:03: PMSXSC #15Icon Cheer - EnvyJill13.15:15During the pyramid needed to have the 3 catchers they did not perform again5:45
5:55: PMSXSC #16Tribe Cheer - ChiefsCharles 11.26:121. FYI - coach says that in swing to inversion that base to the back of mat maintains contact by sliding hand...also says they have ruling; 2. In last front layout in pyramid, all thre catchers must help catch; 3. FYI in full up to inversion it appears that backspot is mantainig contact;1) Stunts G2 at 130 and 201: 1st on the right side during the release twist to prone from extended which catches inverted. And second (201) is prone at waist level full twist release to shoulder level, lands inverted6:28
6:02: PMSXSC #17Maine Stars - GloryJessica14.26:141. warning on front flip to not move forward6:36
6:09: PMSXSC #18Team Illinois Cheer - Blue DiamondsJill136:211. check to see if tic toc braced to extended lib in paper doll 2. catchers not stationary in braced flips 3. downward invert from extended stoping inverted6:44
6:16: PMSXSC #19Bay State All Stars - SurgeCharles13.26:271. Warning on moving catchers in braced fulls at end ofpyramid; 2. Warning on inverted toss; 3. Warning on release to back, to make sure does not land inverted 1) Tosses D at 119 for both groups - they become inverted. 2) 6:51
6:23: PMSXSC #20San Antonio Spirit - Team SmokeJessica12.26:351. Pancake landing inverted 2. 1-arm cupie with spotter too far away 3. Arabian at end of pyramid landing inverted6:58
6:30: PMSXSC #21Gravity Cheer - EclipseJill13.26:421. Moving lib transition from front to back stayed at prep level back here. 2 - Left side of 1st pyramid front full was early release. 3. End of pyramid right side arabian had moving catchers.1) Tosses D at 143 and thereafter (ripple), ALL tosses become inverted7:05
6:37: PMSXSC #22Dream Allstars - EternityCharles14.26:481. front full on left side moves, was warned 2. warned on double downs landing inverted7:13
6:44: PMSXSC #23Cheer Force One - MACH 5Jessica 13.26:561. warning on stationary catchers for front flips is pyramidTosses D during the opening far back toss (the first toss) becomes inverted prior to arms reach of the catchers 7:19
6:51: PMSXSC #24Ohio Cheer Explosion - X5Jill10.1injury stopped warmups 2. downward inversion stopping from extended. Moved to last team8:14
6:58: PMSXSC #25Maverick Cheer - OutlawsCharles14.27:091. warning on release to prone to not land inverted; 2. warning on toss back left going inverted 3. warning on stationary catchers in opening pyramid 4. coach extremly pleasantStunts G2 at 107 from cradle release to prone where the back left releases to the inverted position and the front right is very close (if not for sure) doing the same thing7:26
7:05: PMSXSC #26Top Notch Cheer - King and QueensJessica 14.17:221. warning on pancake landing inverted7:34
7:12: PMSXSC #27UPA - Prime 5Jill13.27:277:40
7:19: PMSXSC #28Cheer Tyme - ObsessionCharles 14.17:291. warning on front fulls traveling forward; 2. warning inverted double down; 3. warning on pyramid with boy as middle that the transition has to be continuous7:47
7:26: PMSXSC #29Louisiana Spirit - SmoRedJessica 11.27:391. warning on stationary catchers for front fulls7:54
7:33: PMSXSC #30Five Star Athletics - DreamJill14.27:501. Said All Props were approved. 3. high to high full around the spotter is on side via coach. 4 lib show that trans to new set of bases female on right is holding the spotter grip 4. 8:01
7:40: PMSXSC #31Ultimate STARZ Athletics - Mission 5Charles14.17:521. Release to prone landing inverted; 2. Warning front full left side traveling forward8:07
6:51: PMSXSC #24Ohio Cheer Explosion - X5Jill10.18:00injury stopped warmups 2. downward inversion stopping from extended
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