Request Form for New SCP Cataloging Project (Responses)
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TimestampSCP Recommendation and DateJSC Decision and dateCatalogerTitle of the new projectURL(s) of the new resource website. Include the URL of title list if availableIf cataloging at individual title level is requested, why? (background, rationale, collection scope, user demand, etc.) Resource format information (Check all that apply)Estimate for initial number of resources (Optional)Is this an ongoing project? If so, how many titles/objects/items added per year? (Please note special ongoing maintenance needs, if any.)Is the resource licensed or open access? (Select one)Which campuses will have access to these resources? (Check all that apply)Additional comments (Optional) Your nameYour UC email addressEmail AddressIs it sufficient to catalog at database/collection level?Initial Project Complete Date
9/14/2020 15:05:59Looks like a lot of records exist. Recommend for 2021Q1DonalBerlin Studies of the Ancient World
Collection scope is broad and many users will be interested; there is already user demand for this series to be discoverable
Yes. Circa 8 new monographs/year
Open Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesJeremy
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
9/10/2020 13:55:50Looks like a lot of records exist. Recommend for 2021Q1Donal
Michigan Asian Studies Open Access Books Collection
This is a collection of significant books about Asia that will benefit scholars and students from all UC campuses.
MonographsNo. Open Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesYao
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
8/24/2020 12:41:44Sporadic record availability. Recommend for 2020Q4 or 2021Q1. 8/24/2020Becky/Donal
World Health Organization (WHO)’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) publications
There are about 8 monographic series, two which have over 100 subtitles that have OA downloadable PDFs for each title. They are part of our collection scope as we used to get them in print, but stopped around the time they became freely available.
Monographs, Serials369
Looks to be ongoing publications, but number is varied. Sometimes a series has 2 per year, and sometimes it's one every few years.
Open Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesCathleen
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
8/18/2020 17:17:33Recommend for Q4 cataloging. Records are available. 8/24/2020DonalGetty Publications Virtual Library
Getty Publications Virtual Library MARC Records:
MARC records for the digital titles are also available in OCLC Connexion. These may be found by searching under the series: Getty Publications virtual library. MARC records for the associated print titles also contain links to the digital copies in the Getty Publications Virtual Library.
There are still relatively few eBooks in art and architecture and these Getty Publications are standard sources often used by students as part of course research projects. Adding the records to the digital versions of these books will facilitate their discovery and will reduce the need to respond to requests for chapter scans for reserves and research use.
Monographs"Over 300"
Unsure; contact for more information

Open Access (will have lower priority)All Campuses
This request is submitted on behalf of all members of the Art & Architecture CKG; our need to support remote learning is one reason this is now a priority for our group.
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
4/15/2020 21:16:40Recommend for Q2DonalMIT OA monographs
These 6 ebooks are titles that we want in our catalog as there will be user demand for them. I was going to ask that UCI catalog them but realized other UC libraries probably also would like them. Jim Dooley at Merced agreed. MIT Press is well respected. We got as a Tier One the 2019 and 2020 ebook package from MIT Press Direct. I think systemwide we want to make sure these books are discoverable so that we can help support the OA efforts of MIT.
I'm not sure. The press release says "the publication of the first Arcadia-funded books..." which makes it sound like there will be more, but how many, I can't say. MIT wants to create a model that the "university press community can adopt and adapt."
Open Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesBecky
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
2/24/2020 11:11:20Title-level requires manual cataloging. SCP recommends to add Collection level record for 2020Q2, and title level for 2020Q3. Feedback received and title list in Excel provided, title level added to Q2. sdJSC approvedDonal
Treasures of the Book Archive: 270 Years of Inspiration
These are 270 ebooks digitized by De Gruyter to celebrate 270 year of publishing history
This should be a static collection (until they celebrate 280 years of publishing history)
Open Access (will have lower priority)All Campuses
Sam Dunlap (on behalf of the European Languages & Literature CKG)
10/24/2019 11:23:21Collection cataloged up-to-date as of Feb. 14, 2020. dos
JSC approved, 1/13/2020
University of Michigan Press open access books
Collection of currently 132 University of Michigan Press ebooks. Would be useful to have cataloged at the monograph level so that users can find them and librarians do not inadvertently buy on another platform.
Yes it's ongoing. I would guesstimate 20 or fewer new monographs published OA/year
Open Access (will have lower priority)All Campuses
If it helps, MARC records downloadable here:
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
10/10/2019 12:33:33Collection cataloged up-to-date as of January 31, 2020. dos
JSC approved, 1/13/2020
Donal/Becky (for the 5 serials identified)
Open Access On MUSE
"Project MUSE has over 1000 open access humanities and social science books available on our platform, all from distinguished scholarly presses and societies." There are also 5 journals. Much of the content is already available OA through other channels and I'm particularly not worried if they're already cataloged as OA on JSTOR. However, I've spotchecked and found enough titles that are not cataloged at UC San Diego that it seems worth doing this as a project, though.
Monographs, Serials
1783 books on current Excel title list; 5 journals
Yes, but I don't know how many are added annually.
Open Access (will have lower priority)All Campuses
Title list in Excel, KBART files, and MARC records available for download on MUSE site:
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
9/17/2019 11:23:11Title-level records are available. Suggest for 2020Q1. dos
JSC approved, 1/13/2020
DonalPublications of the Scottish History Society
Six sets of Monographic series with a wide range of subjects, and all issues have unique titles.
Not sure. Most recent issue is from 2012.
Open Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesKevin
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
8/1/2019 15:05:11Collection cataloged up-to-date as of July 31, 2019. dosDonalSage Research Methodshttps://methods.sagepub.comUser demand, titles cataloged prior to 2017. I am the Sage RL.
Monographs, Databases, Datasets
several thousand?
I believe Sage continues to incorporate a number of products (CDL licensed) into the SRM platform.
Licensed (will have higher priority)All Campuses
As Sage RL am not sure how to initiate this as a cataloging project. The Sage license may require the vendor to provide CDL/SCP with catalog records.
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
3/12/2019 11:21:03Only one journal is activeBeckyPublicaciones del Banco Central de Chile
It depends on your staff time and your real committeemen to cataloging this resource extensively.
Open Access (will have lower priority)All Campuses
Please inform me once the collection is cataloged. Thank you. Liladhar
Liladhar PendseLpendse@library.berkeley.eduYes
3/11/2019 13:01:28database level only, for now. dos20190410BeckyInstituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía- Mexico
Monographs, Serials
Please focuse on 2018+ titles. There are 11460 titles.
50Open Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesLiladhar
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
3/4/2019 9:19:33Recommend adding to 2019Q3 for title-level cataloging (some original). dos20190305
JSC approved, 7/8/2019
DonalWildenstein Plattner Institute Publications are seminal art publications, many out of print, on well-known artists.Monographs
approximately 50 titles
one a year at mostOpen Access (will have lower priority)All CampusesLaura
No (Cataloging at title level will depend on the availability of MARC records)
12/3/2018 8:30:11Will add to 2019Q1 for database-level cataloging. sd20181203JSC approved, 1/14/2018BeckyMedieval England and France, 700-1200 will have access to valuable primary resourcesDatabases, Digitized manuscripts.800Database appears to be completeOpen Access (Licensed contents have higher priority)All CampusesSam Dunlapsdunlap@ucsd.edu8585346443
10/17/2018 14:04:47Will add to 2019Q1 for title-level cataloging. dos20181018 JSC approved, 1/14/2018DonalIOS Press Open Access Ebooks these ebooks are not currently cataloged, folks are requesting them via InterLibrary Borrowing, and selectors are buying the books individually. IOS Press is a known STEM publisher. It would be great to get tall their open access titles into the catalog-thanks!Monographs150They seem to add new titles regularly - approx 20/yearOpen Access (Licensed contents have higher priority)All Campusesthank you!!michael sholinbeckmsholinb@library.berkeley.edu51064225321/17/2019
9/26/2018 11:05:25Contacted MERLOT to find out about a title list. dos 9/30/2018; Recommend database-level cataloging - not enough records in OCLC not to mention many duplicates of what is there. dos 10/8/2018JSC approved, 1/14/2018BeckyMerlot Open Textbook titleshttps://www.merlot.org6520 open texts available. Some in Melvyl already in via DOAB and others.Monographs6520??Open AccessAll CampusesSarah Sheetsssheets@ucmerced.edu12092284422
8/24/2018 23:29:04Awaiting 793 approval. Knovel record already exists. dos 9/30/2018N/ADonalOSA single title book that was not cataloged this e-book that is part of our OSA Optics InfoBase subscriptionMonographs1no. LicensedAll CampusesThe book is called Lasers by Anthony Siegman. We already have Knovel record for title. All you need to do is add 856 and link to OSA withRestricted to UC libraries. See both links We have had access for a few years yet no one at SCP cataloged it for OSA package.Deborah Kegeldkegel@ucsd.edu858 534=1215
8/24/2018 7:14:18Likely a database level collection. Cannot find a title list nor records when individually searched in OCLC. dos 9/30/2018JSC approved, 10/8/2018BeckyDBRepositório Institucional UNESP (UNESP Institutional Repository) - OA Ebooks light of the shared collection development, many of the academic research level Brazilian books that are on the market today are either published first as either the OA books or developed from the dissertations. These books should be cataloged so that we can avoid duplicate expenditures on systemwide basis. In light of new budgetary normal, we look forward to the CDL's leadership on making this possible for all campuses and UC Berkeley's leadership has supported the OA resources. So please let me know once the cataloging is completed. I have volunteered my services to help out but I have never heard back.Monographs, Dissertations457 e books titles Yes, about 50 e books plus year.Open AccessAll Campuses, UC BerkeleyPlease let me know once the project really starts so that I can check for the progress in our catalog. Thank you for being so collegial and helpfulLiladhar PendseLpendse@library.berkeley.edu510-768-7610
8/17/2018 10:51:07No title level records availalbe, proposed to JSC to catalog at database level; individual title level cataloging may be revisited when time permit adn OCLC records become available. 9/5/2018JSC approved, 10/8/2018BeckyDBSEDICI Repository-National University of La Plata SEDICI Repository of the National University of La Plata, Argentina allows along the OA line access to over 884 e-books( 650 are published between 2010-2018) titles.unknown. It depends. On average about 50 OA e-books per year. Open AccessUC BerkeleyPlease contact me if you have any specific questions. Our OA e-books cataloging will be of use to not only UC Berkeley but other campuses also. Thanks. LiladharLiladhar PendseLpendse@library.berkeley.edu510-768-7610
8/16/2018 20:29:30Part of OAPEN Library, no need for JSC approval. We will catalog when records become availableN/ADonalOAPEN Library would like to request cataloging of the OAPEN e-books. Our catalog is current up to 2010 editions only. Monographs100+100+Open AccessUC BerkeleyPlease let me know if you want to do language by language cataloging. There are 40 titles related to Latin America. See:;expand=language;f1-language=Spanish%3B%20CastilianLiladhar Pendselpendse@library.berkeley.edu510-768-7610
8/16/2018 20:16:04No title level records availalbe, proposed to JSC to catalog at database level; individual title level cataloging may be revisited when time permit adn OCLC records become available. 9/5/2018JSC approved, 10/8/2018Becky Small mono collectionEl Centro Estratégico Latinoamericano de Geopolítica (CELAG) E-books collection. CELAG E-books collection represent an important OA e-books collection that is dedicated to the social, environmental, political and economic issues within Latin America. The Latin American Geopolitical Strategic Center (CELAG) is an institution dedicated to the investigation, study and analysis of the political, economic and social phenomena of Latin America, whose objective is to elaborate knowledge and instruments for decision makers of public policies, electoral strategies.Monographs, SerialsNot sureOpen AccessAll Campuses, UC BerkeleyPlease let me know once the cataloging is completed and it is loaded in our local OSKIcat. Thank you so much. LiladharLiladhar Pendselpendse@library.berkeley.edu510-768-7610
6/19/2018 9:04:41Will add to 2018Q3 for database level cataloging. 6/27/2018JSC approved, 8/13/2018Becky small monosOnline Scholarly Catalogue Initiative increase access and discoverability to online art exhibition catalogues.Monographs8noOpen AccessAll Campuses
6/19/2018 9:01:51Will add to 2018Q3 for database level cataloging. 6/27/2018JSC approved, 8/13/2018BeckyDBCanadian Online Art Book Project increase access and discoverability to online art exhibition catalogues.Monographs36Yes; 6Open AccessAll CampusesLaura
6/19/2018 8:59:51At 1st glance, ~180 records are available making this a relatively easy collection to catalog; Will add to 2018Q3 for both database and title level cataloging. 6/27/2018JSC approved, 8/13/2018Donal/Becky/DB collectionThe Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum ebook project increase access and discoverability to online art exhibition catalogues. Monographs204it does not seem to beOpen AccessAll CampusesLaura Schwartzl7schwartz@ucsd.edu1/25/19
6/18/2018 14:52:35In WorldShare KB under MetPublications; Will add to 2018Q3 for both database and title level cataloging. 6/27/2018JSC approved, 8/13/2018Donal/BeckyDBMetPublications 1500 titles from the Met's publishing history, available online, for free. Being able to read online and also download, having access to these in our catalogs will broaden access. Monographs, Serials1500Yes, there will be more resources available-- no maintenance fee. Open AccessAll Campusesfor questions, contact metpublications@metmuseum.orgChizu Moriharacmorihara@ucsb.edu805-893-2766
6/18/2018 14:49:10In WorldShare KB under MoMA Exhibition Catalogs. Will add to 2018Q3 for both database and title level cataloging. 6/27/2018JSC approved, 8/13/2018Donal/BeckyDBMuseum of Modern Art Exhibitions Project digitized exhibition catalogs from the Museum of Modern Art. There MARC records available for download. In addition, there are checklists, press releases, and installation photographs.Monographs, checklists, press releases, and installation photographs.900Not sureOpen AccessAll CampusesFor details concerning the MARC records, one can contact library@moma.orgChizu Moriharacmorihara@ucsb.edu805-893-27668/6/2018
6/18/2018 14:45:26Requires original cataloging; Will add to 2018Q3 for database level cataloging. 6/27/2018JSC approved, 8/13/2018BeckyDBCourtauld Books Online Books Online is an open access scholarly book series. Including research publications from scholars in art history, these books are available to read online or download. Monographs6Yes, this is an ongoing project with 1 book upcoming. No maintenance fee. Open AccessAll Campusesthank youChizu Moriharacmorihara@ucsb.edu805-893-2766
3/26/2018 16:08:00Will add to 2018Q3 for database level cataloging; may propose for title level cataloging if records become availableJSC approved, 8/13/2018Donal/BeckyDBClay Mathematics Institute ebooks the 25 titles available for free from CMI (5 monos and 19 conf proceedings and 1 special edition) so that mathematicians and students may better find these.
Monographs25No - they publish every few years maybe 1 or 2 titles, so not worth checking by SCP. The mathematics librarians can ask for any new title that shows up in subsequent years.Open AccessAll CampusesOCLC ebook records may have broken links since the CMI site was re-organized so this may be a matter of correcting the 856 field in existing OCLC records. I just don't know how to do that. And I would like these to be in our local OPAC (Roger) and other UC campus catalogs so it's easier to find. Deborah Kegeldkegel@ucsd.edu858 534-1214
2/23/2018 9:53:00Will add to 2018Q3 for database level cataloging; may propose for title level cataloging if records become availableJSC approved, 8/13/2018BeckyDBBibliotheca Palatina digital is the virtual recreation of the BP Library of illuminated manuscripts that was looted and moved to the Vatican Library during the Thirty Years War.Monographs3,000This is the complete result of the collaboration between the University of Heidelberg and the Vatican LibraryOpen AccessAll CampusesSam Dunlapsdunlap@ucsd.edu858-534-6443
12/21/2017 22:00:00Lack language expetise, in discussion of alternative approach, 1/5/2018; add to 2018Q2 for database level cataloging. JSC approved, 4/13/2018Donal/BeckyDBE-books of the State Museum of Fine Arts Of the Republic of Tatarstan State Museum of Fine Arts Of the Republic of Tatarstan had made its new publications available under download and indexing on their official website. These are primarily related to the Russian and Tatar art matters. Currently there are 30 books in this collection. There are also museum catalogs. Monographs30 e-booksUnknown.Open AccessAll CampusesI am here to help you with finding the OCLC records of the titles as needed or help with the transliteration. It might be a good idea to host them for preservation purposes on our server. These are in PDF format. Please let me know if any other information is needed and when this project is completed. Thank you. LiladharLiladhar Pendselpendse@library.berkeley.edu510-768-7610
11/16/2017 9:02:30After confirming with CDL Acquisition, SCP will see to it get cataloged as soon as possible. 1/9/2018 CDLA is not aware of this collection and is investigating. 1/10/2018; CDLA confirmed this package on 3/20/2018, SCP will catalog it at database level as standing proriity due to lack of title list and OCLC records 4/2/2018N/A; standing priorityDonal/BeckyDBAlexander Street's Music online: Popular Music Library has had a Tier 1 (with the exception of UCSF) for Alexander Street's Music Online for quite a few years now. Previously our license allowed us to access the module "Popular Music Library" as a bonus, but it wasn't guaranteed as part of our license. Last year the license changed and this module is now officially part of what we pay for. Therefore, it should be cataloged and added to our official holdings.Databases, Sound recordings1NoLicensedUC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa CruzScott Stonestonesm@uci.edu949-824-8351done
11/9/2017 9:33:54Added to 2018Q1 list for JSC approvalJSC approved 1/18/2018BeckyDB&TOA journals from Universidad Complutense de Madridhttp://revistas.ucm.esThis prestigious Spanish university now has one of the most wide-ranging and extensive catalog of open access journals in Europe. UC has linked to some through UC-elinks mostly through the directory known as Dialnet ( but the holdings information on this site is out of date and the pages difficult to navigate for our users. Now, that Univ. Complutense has a stable site, I recommend we update our SFX holdings and also any records in Melvyl that have been created for these journals. In all, there are close to 77 titles on the alphabetical list but those in the social sciences and humanities will be of most interest to the Europeanist CKG. Serials77not much 1 or 2 per year maximumOpen AccessAll CampusesClaude Pottscpotts@berkeley.edu510-643-8966
10/31/2017 14:22:51SCP lacks language expertise. Sent a call for help to local campuses, 1/29/2018; add to 2018Q2 for database level catalogingJSC approved, 4/13/2018BeckyDB&T working with Peter Fletcher from UCLANewspapers of the Historical State Library of Russia catalog the individual titles as these are oa full text online.Serials1200I cannot guess. This is a OA resource with full text access to the serials.Open AccessAll CampusesPlease let me know once the cataloging project is finished. So that I can inform the interested faculty members. Respectfully yours, LiladharLiladhar
10/11/2017 14:19:45SCP lacks language expertise. Sent a call for help to local campuses, 1/29/2018; SCP identified OCLC records for about 40% contents that can be utilized, add to 2018Q2 JSC approved, 4/13/2018Becky DBOA E-books from Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance provides access to collection of their oa monographs that are e books. Please catalog them.Monographs40it depends on their financial stability.Open AccessAll Campuses, UC BerkeleyPlease let me know Becky, once the cataloguing is completed. Thanks. LiladharLiladhar R.
8/21/2017 15:43:19Added to 2017Q4 list for JSC approvalJSC approved, 10/9/2017Bie-hwaPi Shu 皮书 increase the discover-ability of titles in this database. Titles are core research materials for contemporary China studies at UCSD, UCLA and UCB,. Bibliographers of UCB and UCLA are both supportive of this effort.Monographs, Serials, DatabasesYes. LicensedUC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC San DiegoXi Chenxichen031@ucsd.edu858-534-2894Done, 4/30/2018
8/2/2017 13:46:28Will add to 2017Q4 list for JSC approval, 5/16/2017; actually added to 2018Q1JSC approved, 1/18/2017DonalHumanities Open Book content for Humanities books. From the website: "a program intended to give a second life to outstanding out-of-print books in the humanities by turning them into free e-books"Monographs13This may be an isolated project. Open AccessAll CampusesLaura Schwartzl7schwartz@ucsd.edu858-534-1267Done
7/11/2017 13:28:08This one may be complicated and may need more time to think about cataloging strategy, may add to 2018Q1 for JSC approval. 8/22/2017; added to 2017Q4JSC approved, 10/9/2017DonalAustralian National Library Press publisher makes all of their publications available for free e-book download from their website and they have good content that would be relevant for our patrons.Monographs, Serialsperhaps 5-10 publications per year? (I don't have a good sense, because you can't sort by year in the publisher's website)Open AccessAll CampusesThe publisher provides MARC records for libraries to use: Powellsmpowell@berkeley.edu510-643-2684Done
5/17/2017 16:51:02Will add to 2017Q3 list for JSC approval, 5/16/2017JSC approved, 7/11/2017BeckyInvasive Species subscribes to several of CABI's compendia. Since the Invasive Species Compendium is Open Access, UC-wide cataloging might be appropriate.DatabasesnoOpen AccessAll CampusesIf this isn't appropriate for SCP, please let me know and I'll submit it locally.Becky Millerrcmiller@berkeley.educataloged, 1/5/2018
5/12/2017 13:09:35Will add to 2017Q3 list for JSC approval, 5/16/2017JSC approved, 7/11/2017DonalAlexander Street 60 minutes 1997-2014;CDL funded and cataloged at the database level; this would put in the already available item records from recordings2063Occasional additions each year, unknown number(a few hundred?)LicensedAll CampusesSarah Sheetsssheets@ucmerced.edu209-228-4422Initial set of 1976 records to be distributed 9/5/17
5/9/2017 10:42:12Part of a packageN/ABeckyDictionary of Organic Compounds dictionaries within CHEMnetBASE are cataloged, this one was skipped.Databases1noLicensedAll CampusesTony Apontetjaponte@library.ucla.edu310-825-2614cataloged, 5/9/2017
3/27/2017 10:37:16Added to 2017Q2 list, 3/27/2017; removed from Q2 list and worked with Holly getting list from vendor, 4/11/2017N/ADonalUpdating Naxos Music Library recordsVariable... but here's a starter: Music CKG recently discovered that we have a significant number of MARC records loaded into our catalogs that are no longer available from Naxos Music Library due to their movement of albums from NML to their newest product Naxos World Music. Please remove these links so that our holdings are accurately reflected in our catalogs.

Examples of dead links are:
sound recordings7000?NoLicensedUC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa CruzScott Stonestonesm@uci.edu949-824-8351Deleted file sent to campuses on May 11: 3821 records for UCB, UCD, UCLA, UCM / 3808 records for UCI, UCR and UCSC
3/17/2017 16:49:07Waiting for CDLA checking on the licensing status, 3/20/2017; Not part of CDL collection, recommended to catalog it locally. 8/28/2017N/An/aSchillers Werke 1 purchase, never cataloged.Databasesno.LicensedAll CampusesAdam Siegelapsiegel@ucdavis.edu530-754-6828N/A