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System NameSystem Description
1 G. CaeliThe Pyrite Delta League actively pursues Imperial interests in 1 G. Caeli and beyond.
109 PisciumDisillusioned with the superpowers and driven to forge a new and free path, the Freelancers took 109 Piscium for their home. A band of leaderless mercenaries and killers for hire, the Freelancers were drawn to Ising dock for its production of the Fer-de-Lance - their favoured ship for hunting among the stars.
17 DraconisThe Order are a secret society obsessed with seeking out the mystery of Raxxla. They are violently dedicated to eradicating all alien life from the Milky Way to ensure human safety, hindering all progress into alien research other than our own, and seeking out all secrets in the universe. They are known to operate through infiltration and deceit to gather intelligence for our own gain.
27 Kappa PerseiThe Justicars of Helios operate from this system, bringing the light of Helios to the dark corners of the galaxy. Though they are joyful, they are tasked with a terrible purpose. For too long humanity has squabbled while the richness of the heavens lies before its feet. No longer. Heresy such as this must be punished, and theirs is the fist that delivers divine justice.
3 CorviThe EDC Commonwealth operates from this system and was founded by like minded pilots wanting a place to meet and swap stories. Now the Commonwealth has expanded into one of the biggest depositories of knowledge in the known galaxy. So much so, new pilots come here to learn. This has led to the establishment of a neutral system that welcomes all.
30 CetiThe Shadow shall rise and with it, the Order. And the Order shall seek out and claim knowledge and power. And the Order shall use its knowledge and power to spread the Shadow's influence, until the Shadow's chains are broken. And spread across the galaxy. The Shadow rises.
32 Mu SerpentisCartographers' Guild is an independent group of explorers, scouts and pacifist scientists. Their purpose is to archive the entire galaxy through their virtual interface connected to their Archigrapher mentor. Their stated goal is to transfer knowledge to our children and thereby to perpetuate the memory of the universe.
38 LyncisThe Marias Corporation is a corporate mining group operating in the Viaduct; a group of three systems with a capital in 38 Lyncis. Marias has been providing metals and minerals for the galaxy since 2384.
39 TauriOn the edge of human space there are few holiday destinations. Struck by Ad Pontes' exceptional natural beauty, and few natural resources, the first colonists saw the economic sense in preserving their discovery and advertising `The Planet of the Zodiac' as a place of relaxation and renewal. Exports are mostly keepsakes and items with dubious `ancient' spiritual power and heritage.
41 Lambda HydraeThe Winters Wolves are descendants of Native Americans who fled the Sol System during the Great Path and settled in this system. As their history has shown, not assimilating into expanding powers caused much suffering for their ancestors, now the Wolves not only assimilate with expanding powers, but use their great organisational skills to get others to assimilate with them as well.
42 AquilaeKnights of Fortuitus are a peaceful faction aimed at exploration.
45 TauriHome to the Simbad Regime and its unyielding commanders.\n\nWith its unwavering influence and lust for power, it strives for absolute control with little external diplomacy in hopes of becoming a force to be reckoned with.
51 AquilaeThe Flaming Fist began as a small band of pilots hired to provide security in unruly Federal systems. One day, the Flaming Fist's founder, Eltan Solaire, and his new management team appeared for contract renegotiation. Not in the weak fashion they had before as individuals, but as a corporation independent of the Federation.\n\nThe Flaming Fist currently occupies 51 Aquilae to provide security and stability for the systems they occupy so that the people there may live in peace. The Flaming Fist business model is one of constant expansion. Any states or organisations that wish for the protection of the Flaming Fist provide a sizable stake in their operations, weaving part of these groups into the Flaming Fist. In return, the Flaming Fist provides security and emergency services. This model allows the Flaming Fist to operate with fluidity and expertise in many fields while focusing on its personal expertise regarding security and emergency response.
51 ArietisThe prospecting team that discovered the system recognised the wealth inherent in its biospheres and sold the system claim to its current owner, Hippoc Bioceuticals, for an exorbitant fee. The system is now a galactic centre for biological research and exports a wide range of high-spec bio, chemical and medical products. Due to the sensitive nature and value of the research being carried out, entry requires a permit, and business is only conducted with trusted couriers.\n\nConflict Resolution Solutions, CoRe Solutions for short, is a corporation dealing in military equipment and supplies, employing and backing mercenary pilots in an effort to expand their share of the market.
58 Epsilon HerculisA black-ops group specialising in infiltration, which masquerades as an outer-rim mining colony delivering rare metals to Alliance shipyards. The Sap Core Legion offers sanctuary to political dissidents from Alliance and Federation systems.
63 G. CapricorniBetrayed by the Empire and exiled from their homeworld, the Diamond Frogs have wholly rejected the superpowers and now operate as a private military force, offering their services to whomever needs them, wherever they are, regardless of their allegiance or ideology. Based somewhere in the lawless fringes of the Capricorni sector, the Frogs believe that no pilot should live or die at the whim of a government, and welcome soldiers of fortune who share their vision of a galaxy without borders.
64 ArietisArgus Panoptic Corporation is non-governmental private organisation, and their main objective is studying and monitoring alien technologies.
69 CetiThe Elite German Commanders are an ancient group of pilots established centuries ago on the old planet Earth. They fight for justice and to keep the universe in balance.
70 OphiuchiThe Lightspeed Accommodation hotel chain has its flagship hotel in this system.\n\n'Putting up with you for the night - or your money back!'
9 AurigaeThe Order of Enblackenment follows and worships the Void. They believe that only through darkness can one reach enlightenment. Born in the shadows of the galaxy, the Order of Enblackenment is set to spread the word of the Void and enforce its will, through peace or war. Those who embrace the Void's teachings and way of life are welcomed into the Order.
Aasgananu"The Cooperative Of Metaliar" is a consortium of the five biggest merchant companies from GCRV 1568. The chief executive is the famous business man and commanders Jarym. They are a group with a big goals : to go bigger and capture other systems for greater earnings.
AcanthaWanderers of Witch Space have plans to spread across the galaxy and rule all systems, uniting humanity under one banner. Humanity is safer if it is united.
AchenarImperial capital on Achenar 6d, known as Capitol by the locals. 6c is still known as Conversion though it was terraformed in 2696. 6b was terraformed in 2850 to accommodate the population explosion which followed. Anyone without the quirky accent of Imperial citizens is shunned, especially if they are from a Federation world.\n\nIn August 3301 Emperor Hengist Duval is assassinated during his wedding. Two months later Arissa Lavigny-Duval is crowned emperor.
AcihautPoor, low population refinery and extraction economy (Federal democracy).
AditiThe Imperial Cartographic Cooperative is a faction dedicated to exploration and the mapping of the galaxy in the name of the Emperor. Its personnel regularly pioneer trips into the uncharted cosmos.
AerialThis system is famed for being the home of the Defence Gizmos corporation.\n\n'Recycled parts to equip your ship.'
AganippeAgricultural economy (independent corporate state).
AgarlaBrazilian Empire Pilots are a faction honouring an ancient nation from old Earth, and seeking to bring together Brazilian pilots linked to the Empire.
AgarthaThis system is famous for the exclusive brand of 'Braben Woollens' that are spun by the fair hand of lovely maidens from only the finest wool of genetically engineered sheep.\n\n'Feel warm with natural wool.'
AiabikoThe Forgotten are the vanguard wing of Expedition Medusa, an expeditionary force of seasoned explorers, miners, tenders and escort ships sent out on a deep space mission in 2900. After losing communications for over a century, the fleet council sent a wing back to inhabited space. Its mission was to claim a home system and prepare it for the return of the main fleet, which would eventually bring order and unity beneath a single banner to the now divided powers.
AkhenatenThis up and coming system is known for being the home of the Budget Shields corporation, suppliers of 'cheap and cheerful' shields throughout Federal space.
AkkadiaA bustling Federal industrial system that is also the centre of Delver Mining Corporation operations.\n\n'The right tool for those tough jobs.'
AlexandrinusHome to a lost, ancient civilisation with primitive beliefs in divinity.
Alexis CentauriAlexis Centauri is a triple star composed of a main binary yellow dwarf pair (Alexis Centauri A and Alexis Centauri B) and an outlying red dwarf, Paris Centauri.
AliothThe famous capital of the Alliance of Independent Systems. The system was the subject of many battles between the Federation and the Empire over many years, until in 3230 the Alliance was formed in a massed insurrection against both invaders. The Alliance has now spread over many worlds and so Alioth is now an important political centre. Has an ancient name of Epsilon Ursae Majoris.
AlkaidAlso known as 85 Eta Ursae Majoris.
Alpha CaeliAurora is a constitutional monarchy that is built around existentialism. It is currently headed by the Empress Lunea Moeli Valentis, who was nominated after having passed multiple tests of the fundamental laws of Aurora. Her wisdom is recognized by her peers. Born in an Orca, from a commander father and a purser mother, Lunea spent her childhood by travelling. Today, her conquest of space is felt through tourism. The Aurora's technology focuses mainly on interstellar transport, in partnership with the manufacturer Saud Kruger.
Alpha CentauriEden was the first planet on which liquid water was detected by spectroscopic methods in 2038, and was consequently a major driving force for the exploration of space. However, Eden turned out to be extremely inhospitable with the added danger of hard radiation from Proxima. There is now a small research station on Eden, but little else in the rest of the system. Star was once known as Rigel Kentaurus.\n\nLate in 3301 a rag-tag collection of independent commanders selflessly came to the aid of The Hutton Mug Co. to help kick-start the creation of the Hutton Mug; that rare item that can only be found at Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centauri system. Over 2.4 million tonnes of scrap were delivered by the Truckers, all the while evading and eventually confronting the many concerted attacks by pirates and other near-do-wells who blockaded the platform, determined to thwart the Mug Company's efforts. In the aftermath of the famed Mug Run many intrepid commanders decided to formalise their association into the Cooperative, vowing to protect the hallowed route and, perhaps one day, find a cure for MODS.
Alpha FornacisDescendants of ancient Wales who were forced to flee during WW3. Those that survived drifted throughout the galaxy until, in 3302, a chance meeting at a bar in Clement Station, and the unveiling of two pilots' heritages and goals, led to the birth of the Welsh Dragon Wing. Due to a perceived lack of support for miners by Federal and Imperial forces, they are dedicated to helping those in need of protection from any threat in Alpha Fornacis.
AlraiA developing Federal agricultural world that was once known as Gamma Cephei.\n\nThe home system for the Blood Brothers from Alrai. They are a group of combat and trade pilots that protects traders and other pilots, and maintain law and order.
AltairVery high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous. Was also known as Alpha Aquilae in ancient times.\n\nThe Elite Rebel Force are based here and are a group of mercenaries and bounty hunters. They are renowned for being both helpful and deadly.
AlterfAlso known as 4 Lambda Leonis.
AmanequeThis binary system has a small extraction economy. Ruthless criminal gangs are believed to operate within this system.
AmarakThe Ronin of Amarak are based in this system. They are a party of pirates and low-lifes who managed to gained control of the system through a dubious deal.\n\nFrom their base of operations they raid traders, smuggle illegal wares and battle local security. It has been known for the Ronin to pick a fight over trinkets like booze or drugs and start a war over just a few credits.\n\nThe Ronin are not known for their trustworthiness. Small issues or hiccups have collapsed entire intergalactic peace treaties. There have been rumours that only a few organisations have maintained a steady and positive alignment with them.\n\nThe Ronin have a strict internal code of conduct concerning honour which is the only thing that really matters to them.
AmboThis colony of bodyguards, bounty hunters and soldiers offers private protection to high paying government officials within the Empire, and pride themselves on their combat prowess. Secretly they are engaged in high-level wetwork operations for the Empire.
AmentaThe Imperial Guard's duty is to defend empire space and complete the tasks no one else will take.
AnagoroviciThe home system for the Communist Interstellar Union. It is a faction that believes that all assets and means of production should be communally owned. It also asserts that each member is equal, that they should contribute according to their ability and receive support according to their needs. The union was formed with the aim of protecting and uniting communist peoples.
AndancanA tiny population of less than a thousand, divided between Newtown and de Gaul, eke out a living in asteroid mining. Only the best armed traders survive. It's the kind of place you go to dump the bodies.
AndonnusHouse of Firefly are the guiding light in the dark reaches of space. They are the light of the Empire shining in the dark. To protect and serve our own and to serve the Empire - their home. They wander the vast expanse of space to call it their home, the home of the Empire. A house not willing to fall, but willing to shine. By right they fight, and by right they win.
Anek WangThis binary system is a rare gem with only a single planet, but one that was terraformable. The system now supports an extensive population with a primarily agricultural based economy.
AnlaveHigh population outdoor world. Former Federation Navy headquarters.\n\nThe Citizens Office for New Trade Revenue and Individual Liberty was born out of necessity to ensure the safety of trade revenues and routes in Catun and its neighbouring star systems. Its member pilots follow a democratic ideal and are fiercely independent.
AnotchadiaeThis relatively quiet system supports an extraction economy supplying nearby refineries. Except for the harsh working conditions there is little of note here.
AnuronThe Guardians of the Skies are dedicated to settling new worlds and bringing peace to the galaxy.
AoThe Bollwerk Mercenary Corporate is a faction of mercenaries and former security personnel who were originally a small crew of pilots hired for escort duty and system sweeping missions. They are now independently expanding their influence by establishing security contracts and trade agreements, as well as offering protection to shipping lanes and maintaining their own network of equipment and goods.
AobriguanaBringing the word of Bacon to the systems of anarchy. Burning the impurities of bureaucracy and immoral piracy from the systems that need it most.
Apam NapatThe Neo Galactic Adventure Force is based in this system. It is a pilot association, aimed at recruiting and training young pilots, and giving them a place among a community of like-minded adventurers and eventually guiding them on their way to the stars.\n\nJB Tax Accountants are famed throughout Imperial space for their services. This system contains their prime offices.\n\n'No numbers too real or imaginary.'
AphraThe Red Baron is a newly formed faction born out of war and death. It has earned a reputation for being merciless to the enemy and to those who don't uphold the law.
ApoyotaThis trinary system of dwarf stars supports a modest combined refinery and extraction economy. Most of the system's activity is focused around the inner planets of the main star.\n\nGothic Imperium is dedicated to protecting the innocent within the Empire.
ApuruiThe home system for Protectores Zemina Nostri. It is a faction of Imperial traders dedicated to supporting Zemina Torval, keeping her strong and safe wherever she goes. It was granted sanction for a specific area of influence by the Imperial Senate.
AracenusDedicated to friendship, morality and brotherly love, the Space Masons are a shining beacon in the darkness of space. Pilots of every creed, faction and power come to the masons to find true friendship.
ArbudaAgricultural economy (Federal democracy).\n\nThis system is the pride of the Berg's Trans Stellar Food, which is one of the most successful corporations in the food industry.\n\n'Fresh for You.'
ArcturusEarly life had just started to emerge on Discovery when human settlers arrived in 2304. This has now been replaced by an Earth-like ecosystem, adapted to live under the red light. Locals are generally confident their star will remain a red giant forever.\n\nThe 501st Joint Arcturus Wing is a faction that wants to bring peace to the Arcturus system and neighbouring systems. The 501st believe that you should never attack the innocent, and frown down on pirates and terrorists. They also believe that the only way to truly bring peace is to enlighten the people. The people of the 501st have a certain loyalty to their leaders, five dictators. Only one being known, the rest hiding in the shadows. The only one known to the public is Victor Lexx Crowe. Oddly, though it is a dictatorship the people of the 501st have many freedoms. The only notable thing they outlawed being slavery.
Ari HesaNorthern Light are based in this system. They are a faction of independent pilots, allied for the protection, advancement and freedom of human inhabited space. They seek to safeguard neighbouring systems through progressive enlightenment.
ArjungThe Terran Trade Authority is based in this system.
AroucaHome to a religious order from Europe, Earth, and is now famed for its delicious Conventual sweets.
ArqueA growing colony that formally joined the Alliance in 3278. Many of the local corporations are now subsidiaries of Wreaken Mining and Construction.\n\nThe Wings of the Void were originally a group established to unify pilots within human space. Now, in addition to that, the Wings aim to help new pilots learn about the workings of the galaxy, and to try to maintain peace and contentment wherever they hold power.
ArthIn 2380 a small group of entrepreneurs of the Wittkampf Family, and some wealthy friends, left Earth to explore the galaxy. An accident left them stranded on Arth where they built a small outpost that would steadily evolve into a large trading hub. The Wittkampf Family are mostly explorers and traders who will ferociously hunt down pirates foolish enough to invade their territory.
ArtumeThis system is home to Houlden Harmonics who are famed throughout the Federation for the quality of their natural form musical instruments.\n\n'For that authentic sound.'
ArverdaNew Horizons is an independent corporation which specialises in terraforming, colonisation and station construction. Tired of the intense power struggles inside populated space, the corporation plans to expand human controlled space beyond its current boundaries. Using cutting edge terraforming and frame shift drive technologies, the corporation can help anyone with enough credits to colonise a terraformable planet. New Horizons upholds its own political ideologies and does not service anyone that jeopardises peace and harmony.
Asellus PrimusRich, low population high tech economy (independent corporate state).\n\nAn independent corporate-run binary system, with a central white F7V star and, further out, a captured planet-less M3V red dwarf. The capture event millions of years earlier doubtless stripped Asellus Primus B of any planets that might have formed with it. Asellus Primus is known for its high tech manufacturing. Also known as 23 Theta Bootis.
AsphodelThe Avery Aerodynamics corporation is based here.\n\n'Turbulence is someone else's problem.'
AtferoSenator Denton Patreus favours this system with his patronage.
AthenaA quite lawless system with some limited extraction activity. Once known as Delta Velorum.\n\nIce Storm Squadron are based in this system.\n\n"Have you ever felt the cold... the cold in the darkness?\nHave you ever felt the fear... the fear that chills your blood ?\nNow you will feel it, this is the storm, The ICESTORM!"\n\nISS is an Elite unit operating throughout the whole galaxy to represent and defend the values of the Federation, following their guide, the Shadow President.
AtinsThe Smiters Company is a commercial faction with profit as its main goal. They are bolstered by a powerful military which commands the utmost respect within their system.
AtrocoThis is the home system for the FireBird Wing.\n\nIn December of 3300, the Federation declared Onionhead an illegal narcotic. Under direct order from Admiral Vincent, the system where the plant was grown was blockaded and its farms were bombed by Federal gunships. There were many people living on Panem when the bombings began, and many tried to flee. A handful of commanders who banded together and escaped the Federal blockade were nicknamed the 'FireBird Wing' as, just like the Phoenix, they rose from the ashes.
AulinNirvana is an exotic, verdant outdoor world, rich in indigenous life. A high tech (largely biotech and pharmaceutical) industry developed initially from exploiting the biological wonders found in the vast equatorial cloud forests. Tourists come to see the incredible beauty of the largely undamaged flora and fauna, vigorously protected by the Aulin Corporation. There is also some farming of high-value local produce.\n\nThe Aulin War Eagles are an independent mercenary group.\n\nThis group takes on virtually any job, as long as it brings in enough money and is not directed against their own faith.\n\nThe Aulin War Eagles firmly believe in the teachings of the perfect Bratwurst and have even invented the Aulin Bratwurst.
AulisAgricultural economy (Federal democracy).
AvalonThe skilled soldiers of the Knights of Beneverchio have carried out the will of the Empire for centuries. During periods of peace they have remained silent, calmly waiting to return from the shadows and bring order in the name of the Emperor.
AvikarliTitan Industries was formed by the previous stakeholders of a mining organisation in the Delkar system. This corporate group operates in and around the high tech system of Avikarli, and is extremely protective of local trade routes and extraction sites. Titan Industries primarily deals with resource extraction and metal trade as well as the provision of security, but it also provides employment opportunities for pilots with other skill sets. Freelancers and third parties are welcome in Titan space, but must abide by local taxes enforced by Titan security, and in return are provided an escort where necessary.
AyethiKewell Ergonomics has its main manufacturing plant in this system.\n\n'You sit on it, we'll make it comfy.'
AymiayVery high humidity and native life make this an interesting place to visit. Many exotic food stuffs are grown here. The scenery is strikingly beautiful, though the wildlife can be a little dangerous.
AymifaOne of many Imperial worlds that were terraformed during the last major Imperial expansion between 2950-3150, and there are numerous fine examples of architecture of the period.\n\nThe New Republic of Aymifa is a faction run by scientists and bounty hunters. Their goal is to liberate nearby systems from the Empire and attempt to strike a peace with any aliens the human race comes into contact with.
AzraelThe Order of Mobius’ founding principle is opposing aggression between commanders of the Pilots Federation. The Order of Mobius is non-aligned in galactic politics, and is focused on commerce, exploration and defence.
AztlanThis favoured system is home to the central offices of Donnellan Healthcare, providers of healthcare throughout the Empire.\n\n'Pamper and protect.'
B'TitusThe end of the universe, or so the tone deaf inhabitants thought. They've turned this system into what they consider the party capital, celebrating each new day with a song and a jig. Visitors are routinely issued with earplugs to drown out the screeching.
BaalThe White Templars are based in this system. They come from an ancient order who are the defenders of the innocent and upholders of justice.\n\nPledged to Arissa Lavigny-Duval, they are supporters of the Empire. They are devoted to helping mankind progress to a higher level and promoting stability throughout all of the systems across human space.
BaldrGayan Melodies are known for their intricate musical creations and they are just one of many developments in this growing Imperial service system.\n\n'Music tailored for your needs.'
Baltah'SineMost notable feature is a Station: home to approximately 2 million people. Because of its close proximity to all three superpowers it is a crossroads of cultural, financial and political influences. Often used as a place to conduct business and trade which wouldn't be entirely legal in one or more of the factional jurisdictions. It also has a reputation for bohemianism: a place of gap-year students, sexual experimentation, artistic ennui and a general anything-goes-ism.
BanephthaThe ADVENT coalition is dedicated to bringing unification by any means necessary.
BankiBetween January 3300 and February 3301, the Banki and BD+03 2338 systems attempted to leave the Federation, but the effort was violently suppressed.
Barnard's StarThe 10th Fleet was established in 3301 to aid in the Federation's military expansion under President Jasmina Halsey. After her disappearance, Zachary Hudson activated the 10th fleet as a forward offensive force.
BastKnown as the system where the cure for the infamous Cerberus Plague was discovered in 3301 with the aid of many freelance pilots. Their names are enshrined on a plaque in Hart Station's central hall.
BatariThe home system for Cyro Sunrise. The primary focus of the established democracy in Batri is an analysis of why republican-representative democracy has succeeded in some areas while failing in so many others.
BD-02 4304First reported incidents of the Cerberus Plague in June 3301.
BD-04 797Having established a healthy market out of Kappa Fornacis, Don Clemente Motanero has branched out to bigger and better systems. BD dash, as it's known among its regulars, is in a perfect position to market several rare trade goods. The Kumite Cartel is at your service should you need something smuggled to your location.
BD+03 2338Between January 3300 and February 3301, the Banki and BD+03 2338 systems attempted to leave the Federation, but the effort was violently suppressed.
BD+22 4939Spinward Marches Alliance Concern is an organisation devoted to terraforming and clean energy projects as well as establishing exploration outposts deep in uncharted space. They originated in the Morrina system before moving to BD+22 4939 to establish a new base of operations deeper into unpopulated space.
BD+24 543Known colloquially as ‘Exec Central’, this system hosts the regional headquarters of several companies and corporations who work in close collaboration under the name ‘The Proteus Collective’. Unlike most corporate systems, there is rumoured to be a lucrative trade in illegal goods, much of which is high tech. ‘Unofficial’ smuggling is not tolerated: termination is the only penalty.
BD+47 2112Poor, low population extraction economy (Federal colony).
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