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Information type
Information flow
Popularity of information source
9/17/2015 9:52:08
Refugee Crisis Bratislava Volunteers
Civic / volunteer initiative
A group of concerned global citizens who wish to find the most effective ways to help the refugees during this crisis. In particular we are trying to coordinate aid to help in Hungary (e.g. at Keleti railway station) and in the refugee camps in Austria.
As the situation changes rapidly we are striving to go where hope is most need. Currently a large amount of our effort is being directed towards feeding refugees as they cross the Nickelsdorf border into Austria.
FoodHungary, AustriaEnglish
Network of private citizens coordinating food aid and potentially other forms of aid; recruiting for volunteer actions with time/location are being posted on their FB page
9/17/2015 19:38:46
WebsiteWatch the Med
Civic / volunteer initiative
Distributes information about rights and security at sea for migrants and seamen. In particular, is giving a printed handbook in Arabic.Information / communicationsGreece
as they come ashore on the Aegean Islands and in Athens and other Greek cities, and in Turkey before they leave.
Watch the Med has well designed sophisticated website, Mapping and reporting abilities.
9/17/2015 10:32:12
Al-jazeera (Budapest Arab student groups)
Civic / volunteer initiative
General help for refugees including food, shelter and care as they enter Budapest and the surrounding area. The initiatives seem to have been set up spontaneously by Arab students in the area.Food, Shelter, Information / communicationsHungaryBudapestArabic
The groups are student led so I would imagine facebook and twitter are their main means of communication. The groups have reached Al-jazeera who the report is by so they have a strong social media base.
9/19/2015 23:31:00
FacebookPikpa Camp
Civic / volunteer initiative
Pikpa Camp (a place of respite and comparative dignity for the wounded, infirm, precarious and those who get stuck in Lesvos. Despite limited resources, it's run with respect, love and a focus on mutual solidarity and provides shelter, community, food and medical care)- contacts Efi Latsoudi and Houssi HmaidouchFood, Shelter, HealthGreeceLesvosGreek
9/17/2015 10:50:27
Ushgra group (and blog)
Civic / volunteer initiative
Also a facebook group as well as a blogpost the group mainly discusses legal visa applications (in America but also in Europe) as well as general advice and discussion amongst those effected. The most recent blogpost gives arabic translations for the American visa application allowing non-english speakers to follow a step by step guide in filling out an application. Although the period for the application on this site is now expired the tutorial still remains relevant.

The discussion on the facebook group is between refugees, new and established within the country, talking about options, meet ups and general information. The current conversations are from those in Paris primarily.
Legal support, Information / communicationsNA
More of a global community recently basing in Paris
Prolific use of facebook as well as infrequent blogposts giving arabic tutorials on applications and technical forms refugees are often required to fill out.
Coordination (e.g. refugees coordinating amongst themselves on what they'll do)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by refugees
Nearly 30,000 likes on the facebook page
9/19/2015 20:28:06
FacebookInfo Park
Civic / volunteer initiative
Info about routes, cost tickets, EU policy
Language: Croatian
Information / communicationsCroatiaCroatian
Transport options, Border closures, Financial questions (how much things cost, how / where to get money), EU policy
Questions answered by organization / group
9/17/2015 14:42:48
Dear refugees: Welcome to Croatia
Civic / volunteer initiative
Various information for refugees going through CroatiaFood, Shelter, Health, TransportSerbia, Croatia
Tovarnik, Vinkovci, Serbia border to Croatia
9/21/2015 2:58:02
Projekt Otvorena mreža
Civic / volunteer initiative
"Project Open Network", providing free and open access internet/WiFi hotspots.

Organization has been accepting donations to set up "a couple" 3G hotspots to provide the Croatian Red Cross and refugees themselves with free internet access. Locations mentioned: Tovarnik and Beli Manastir.
Information / communicationsCroatiaTovarnik, Beli Manastir Croatian
Strong ICT capacities, knowledge of open access networks.
9/16/2015 10:57:09
Join groupsettings Students help refugees - Pécs
Civic / volunteer initiative
A group for international medical students in Hungary helping the refugees stranded in Pécs and other areas.HealthHungaryPécs, HungaryEnglishN/A
9/16/2015 22:27:37
WebsiteCroatia Refugee Info
Civic / volunteer initiative
Complete information collection of information relevant for refugees crosing via CroatiaInformation / communicationsCroatiaEnglishN/A
9/16/2015 10:33:14
Dear Refugees Welcome to Croatia
Civic / volunteer initiative
Za sve one koji smatraju kako Hrvatska treba pružiti svu moguću pomoć ljudima, ženama, djeci, muškarcima, mladima i starima na njihovom putu u bolje sutra!

Google translation:
For those who believe that Croatia needs to provide all possible assistance to men, women, children, men, young and old on their way to a better tomorrow!
Information / communicationsCroatiaEnglish
9/17/2015 9:12:47
WebsiteNot Sure?
Civic / volunteer initiative
This was mentioned in one of the FB groups; it's a guide in English on how to enter Croatia. It includes a list of free asylum lawyers, travel routes/advice, what to expect once you get to Croatia, and links to more FB groups in Serbia.Legal support, Information / communicationsCroatiaEnglishNone
9/20/2015 0:11:01
FacebookThe Captains Table
Civic / volunteer initiative
I'm not sure how much good this is, I think its more a case of if you land at Eftalou you may be lucky enough to be met by them, but sadly its not a guarantee they will be there.

In Molyvos and Eftalou, Lesvos, Philippa Kempson, Eric Kempson, Elleni Jean Kempson and Melinda and Omar Al Said at the Captain's Table try to guide/signal boats into safe landings, drive those who are unable to walk to Molyvos, distribute water and food and dry clothes, give advice re next steps and co-ordinate with whatever medics are in the area (always a real shortage) to try to provide medical care for those who need it. For those organising convoys to Calais who have surplus donations, Eftalou is a good place to send them, as is Pikpa.
Non-food items, Food, Health, Transport, Information / communicationsGreeceEftalouEnglish
9/18/2015 18:42:26
FacebookKos Solidarity
Civic / volunteer initiative
Collection of food items and emergency, storage and sorting, distribution, monitoring needs, general assistanceNon-food items, Food, Information / communicationsGreeceKosEnglish
9/16/2015 10:24:43
WebsiteVillage of all together
Civic / volunteer initiative
“Village of all together” was born in Lesbos in 2012 from the need to create a solidarity network as an answer to the consequences of the economic crisis but even more as an organized action to ensure that the local population will not become a victim of the Golden Dawn[1]’s propaganda.
Non-food items, Food, Shelter, Health, Transport, Information / communications
GreeceLesbos, GreeceEnglishUnknown
9/16/2015 13:46:10
Budapest-Bamako SOS Refugee 2015
Civic / volunteer initiative
Donations, volunteering, information.Information / communicationsHungaryBudapestEnglishN/A
9/16/2015 10:50:31
How to help refugees in Hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
Overview of organizations and groups providing assistance and donations in HungaryInformation / communicationsHungaryEnglishNone
9/17/2015 5:55:31
WebsiteKeleti Connected
Civic / volunteer initiative
The wifi/charging station for refugees has been put on hold indefinitely. However, they plan to restart depending on the situation and will announce on this site.Information / communicationsHungaryKeleti - BudapestEnglish
This station in Hungary enabled refugees to charge their mobile devices and use free wifi.
9/16/2015 11:52:08
Let's help refugees in Hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
This group is to help the non-Hungarian English speaking community to get all the necessary information about how they can help the refugees. We are trying to translate as many posts of the Hungarian group as we can. In this group please communicate in English. It goes without saying that mutual respect is the governing principle here. This is the Hungarian group: / communicationsHungaryEnglish
9/19/2015 20:03:23
LOST Person - Refugee Crisis in Hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
Families of refugees separated in Hungary
Volunteers looking for "their family"
place you ad here
Information / communicationsHungaryEnglish
Contact (family / friends)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by refugees
9/20/2015 16:49:00
Civic / volunteer initiative
this group was solely made to manage the help for refugees in Hungary.Information / communicationsHungaryEnglish
Facebook group - closed - no timeline visible
9/19/2015 19:36:31
Refugee Crisis in Hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
We are volunteers around the world (most of us are Hungarian); our aim is to create English publications about the refugee crisis currently happening in Hungary by translating Hungarian articles, interviews and reports, and creating our own content.Information / communicationsHungaryEnglishWordpress website
9/16/2015 13:38:44
MigSzol Csoport Szeged/Migrant Solidarity Group Szeged
Civic / volunteer initiative
Non-food items, Food, Health, Information / communicationsHungarySzegedEnglishN/A
9/16/2015 13:59:48
Migszol - Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
Assistance, donations, supplies for refugees. Raising political awareness for refugee issues.Non-food items, Food, Information / communicationsHungaryBudapestEnglish
Website, blog, appears good.
9/16/2015 9:14:01
SOS Röszkei Akuthilfe / KunstSalon
Civic / volunteer initiative
Help convoy, Röszkei, Hungary
Help convoy, Kalmar Szilard, Hungary
Help convoy, Tovarnik, Croatia
Food, Transport, Information / communicationsHungary, CroatiaMultipleEnglish
Internet connection (Facebook)
9/20/2015 18:25:11
Online mapRefugee Help Map
Civic / volunteer initiative
Online map with timestamped information on border-situations, needs and other informationInformation / communications
Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria
EnglishGoogle mapBorder closures
9/23/2015 1:11:23
Civic / volunteer initiative
Photo of links to several initiatives for restoring family links/reunification -- many already recorded within this spreadsheet, but perhaps there are new ones.

Tweet caption: "Links for finding lost #refugee relatives and friends #saferoutes4refugees #trainofhope #marchofhope #greece #hungary"

User's Twitter account: @dadlani
Information / communicationsHungary, GreeceEnglish
9/17/2015 10:10:42
Gabriela Andreevska: Field Activist in Macedonia (No Name)
Civic / volunteer initiative
Possible personal contact to network with activists on the ground at border crossings in Macedonia, Hungary, and SerbiaSmuggling, Information / communications
Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia
9/20/2015 17:45:43
Refugee Relief Action Forum
Civic / volunteer initiative
A place to share information, and ask/answer questions about paid and volunteer opportunities in support of the increasing waves of refugees attempting to reach and settle in Europe. Information / communications
Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia
9/17/2015 9:01:53
Information for refugees
Civic / volunteer initiative
Share and translate helpful information and news for refugees, to support a safe journey and a good start in a new country. Links to service providers, regularly updated legal/travel/shelter/safety information, certain warnings in Arabic, etc.Information / communications
Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria
Looks like Facebook-only
9/16/2015 8:48:47
Help the Refugees in Macedonia
Civic / volunteer initiative
Civic engagement group to coordinate donations in MacedoniaInformation / communicationsMacedoniaMultipleEnglishN/A
Border closures, Basic services (where to get them), Contact (family / friends), Coordination (e.g. refugees coordinating amongst themselves on what they'll do)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by refugees, Questions answered by organization / group, Questions unanswered
7659 members
9/20/2015 17:54:47
Mobile appHelphelp2
Civic / volunteer initiative
Europe will take care of more refugees in the next years than ever before. Humans from different countries are searching for help and do not have the bare minimum to life. A lot of organisations help independently from each other by collecting donations of all kind.
helphelp2 connects organisations with everyone who is willing to help, but does not know how.
helphelp2 answers the question “Which donation is currently needed in my area and where can I bring it to?”
If you start the app, it will show you the places around your location where you can bring donations to. Everybody who wants to help can start the app during shopping and buy needed products to bring them to the people in the area who need it desperately.
Organisations can update the necessary products in real-time so the. In addition, the app shows the address and business hours of the help organisations.
The app is free of charge for organisations and everybody who wants to help.
Information / communicationsNAEnglish
Coordination (e.g. refugees coordinating amongst themselves on what they'll do)
Questions unanswered
9/23/2015 0:44:02
Refugee Action Forum Europe
Civic / volunteer initiative
Sharing information how to help refugeesInformation / communicationsNANAEnglishFacebook group
9/23/2015 18:58:31
WebsiteNina Breznik
Civic / volunteer initiative
Free Ruby on Rails Web application to support refugees matching job opportunities.Non-food items, Information / communicationsNAN/AEnglishWebsite Platform.
9/20/2015 4:28:01
WebsiteNo border Serbia
Civic / volunteer initiative
Primarily documents current situation at Serbian borders, what is open, what is closed, the types of enforcement activities, on a day-to-day levelInformation / communicationsSerbiaEnglish
Border closures, Train / road closures
Questions answered by organization / group
9/20/2015 17:37:41
refugee map serbia hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
Collection of images of hand-drawn maps showing how to cross the border to Serbia, and time tables for busesInformation / communicationsSerbia, HungaryEnglish
Transport options
Questions answered by organization / group
9/18/2015 13:19:15
Refugees Welcome to Slovenia
Civic / volunteer initiative
Let's tell refugees they're welcome in Slovenia, and let's share information on our country that can help those fleeing from war. Dobrodošli v Sloveniji!Information / communicationsSloveniaZagreb, PostojnaEnglishN / A
9/20/2015 3:47:27
Civic / volunteer initiative
The main service is a phone number to call if you require rescue at sea. The service does not provide rescue it self, but can help raise public alarm, and also contact other boats in the area. The Website itself also provides practical information on the risks as well as tips if you decide to take a boat, such as what to bring with you, boat safety, good places to check the weather, what to do if there is an emergency, and information on migrant rights in Transport, Information / communicationsGreeceEnglish, Arabic
9/21/2015 1:58:45
Search and Find Refugees
Civic / volunteer initiative
Active FB page, includes posts from refugees, photos of missing refugees, and contact lists of refugees (source unknown).

Description from FB: "Dear Refugee, if you lost your family or someone of your family, we will share your request!"
Information / communicationsNAEnglish, Arabic
Contact (family / friends)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by refugees, Questions answered by organization / group
3,356 Likes (20 Sept 15)
9/21/2015 22:23:00
Search and Find your family/friends
Civic / volunteer initiative
Info about missing person
Crossed info between families , orgs and EU refugees
Data about refugees who are looking for family members (EU)
Info updated about Who/Where , contact information :

LANG: also German
Information / communicationsNAEnglish, Arabic
Contact (family / friends)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by organization / group
9/20/2015 13:33:58
Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees
Civic / volunteer initiative
Voluntary collective of lawyers concerning the rights of migrants and refugees providing legal advice to immigrantsLegal supportGreeceEnglish
9/19/2015 22:18:14
Civic / volunteer initiative
An online welcome to Greece handbook (pdf). It looks excellent, it was last updated in July but it answers a lot of questions that will still be relevant, for example, 'what happens upon my arrest' 'how long will I be detained' 'what was written on the white bit of paper the police gave me' and 'what are my rights' to name a tiny selection.Information / communicationsGreeceLesvosEnglish, Arabic, Dari
9/17/2015 7:26:32
CEU Translators for Refugees
Civic / volunteer initiative
This group is meant to generate fast communication between the CEU members that signed up to volunteer as translators and the different civil and social actors that are working/volunteering to help the refugees.

Due to the fact that there are already so many existing groups out there with the purpose to help out the refugees, we try to keep this group for those that can help out with translation/interpretation, either in person, online (email; Facebook messages/comments) or by phone.
Information / communications
Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria
English, Arabic, Pashto
Either in person, online (email; Facebook messages/comments) or by phone
9/16/2015 9:48:19
Civic / volunteer initiative provides information to refugees and migrants that might be useful on their journey to and through Europe. We want to give access to counseling and useful contacts in different european countries.Information / communicationsNAEnglish, Arabic, Pashto
Basic services (where to get them), Financial questions (how much things cost, how / where to get money), EU policy
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by organization / group
9/17/2015 9:25:02
For Refugees in Hungary
Civic / volunteer initiative
Regularly updated information on the changing situation in Hungary, including how to travel and what to expect, and contacts to social/legal/psychological support, etc.Information / communicationsHungary
English, Arabic, Pashto, Dari
They are only posting updates on their website; use their contacts for more services and information.
Transport options, Border closures, Train / road closures, Basic services (where to get them), EU policy
Questions answered by organization / group
9/16/2015 12:46:26
Mobile appMigration Aid (app)
Civic / volunteer initiative
Android app - information push service for refugees in variety of languagesInformation / communicationsHungary
English, Arabic, Pashto, Dari
Directions, Transport options, Border closures, Train / road closures, Basic services (where to get them)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by organization / group
9/19/2015 6:31:19 ,
WebsiteRefugee Phrasebook
Civic / volunteer initiative
Audience: Refugees in Europe. The phrasebook can be easily modified for other areas and languages.
Desciption: This open phrasebook provides lists of helpful vocabulary for refugees. Each main chapters of the book targets a specific area. This areas language is included in every subchapter, with further translations.
Goals: Provide vocabulary for basic orientation in everyday life, including topics of law and health
WikiBooks Facilitation: MNeuschaefer, Hannah Davis and Castroblob
Other languages and German translations. Medical and legal translations. See links to Google docs (
Information / communicationsNA
English, Arabic, Pashto, Dari, Tigringna
Communication (how to get SIM cards for example; where WiFi is accessble)
Questions asked by refugees, Questions answered by refugees
9/23/2015 19:48:39
Civic / volunteer initiative
We have created this page as a response to the many who have been neglected by the nations. Using this simple form, you and others can have the opportunity to apply for a Bitcoin visa card that can be used throughout Europe and UK. You can then withdraw cash or use the card to pay for goods without needing to go to a bank. Courtesy of BitNation.Non-food items
Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria
Turin, Italy
English, Pashto, Dari, Russian, Swedish, French
Secure connection, encryption etc
9/20/2015 17:06:41
Civic / volunteer initiative
Croatian war veterans from Sava 66 with Caritas Archdiocese of Zagreb brought to the Parish Office Samoborski Lug donation of food and other supplies intended for refugeesNon-food items, FoodCroatiaSamoborski LugCroatian
9/19/2015 12:59:45
When I was in Kos Island I've met some volunteers from this organisation.
FacebookKos Kindness
Civic / volunteer initiative
They provided food, clothes, children toys and some hygiene products. Non-food items, FoodGreeceKos Island- GreeceEnglish
9/19/2015 23:19:28
Refugee Solidarity Movement Thessaloniki
Civic / volunteer initiative
Ensuring Food Security & basic supplies for refugees in ThessalonikiNon-food items, FoodGreeceThessalonikiEnglish, Arabic
9/19/2015 12:42:27
I was working for them as a volunteer.
Stichting Bootvluchteling or Boat Refugee Foundation
Civic / volunteer initiative
Non-food items, Food, HealthGreeceKos and Lesvos IslandsEnglish, Dutch
9/19/2015 22:11:01
Civic / volunteer initiative
Migration Aid is a volunteer civil initiative to help asylum seekers arriving to Hungary reach their assigned refugee camps. Our volunteers decided to help them find which trains or buses take them to their destination and give them food, drinks, basic personal hygiene products and a couple of good words while they are transiting at train stations. Besides Budapest, Migration Aid volunteers are active at Debrecen, Győr, Bicske, Fót, Cegléd, Szolnok and Békéscsaba, as well. Furthermore, we collaborate with other charities and organisations, such as Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary, Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants, Oltalom Charity Society, Menhely Foundation, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Hungarian Red Cross, Heti Betevő.Non-food items, Food, Health, Information / communicationsHungary
Debrecen, Győr, Bicske, Fót, Cegléd, Szolnok and Békéscsaba
English, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi,
Volunteers (including some medical volunteers.
Donations food, non-food, information,
9/19/2015 19:26:28
Online mapCrowdsourced map
Civic / volunteer initiative
This is a crowdsourced map of grassroots activities organised to assist aid for refugees.Information / communications
Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria
English, Different languages for entries
Web-map, Twitter account:
9/19/2015 7:54:05
Civic / volunteer initiative
Austrian group based in Vienna sending regular convoys to the Serbian-Croatian border (Tovarnik) and Slovenian-Croatian border (Bregana) with NFIs and perhaps transport refugees when/if situations allow (TBC).
FB page:

Google doc with recent convoy info (in German):
Non-food items, Information / communications
Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria
Tovarnik, BreganaEnglish, German
9/20/2015 17:33:42
Segítsünk együtt a menekülteknek
Civic / volunteer initiative
Collection of information on divere initiatives in HungaryInformation / communicationsHungaryBudapestHangarian
Network of a variety of groups
9/16/2015 9:55:24
FacebookDråpen i Havet
Civic / volunteer initiative
Provide basic supplies to refugees arriving Greek Islands: About 40 people have travelled to Lesbos to distribute goods collected in Norway and basic supplies purchased locally.Non-food items, Food, ShelterGreeceLesbosEnglish
Coordinating themselves via Facebook. Serious coordination challenges
9/16/2015 12:57:33
Tibor Varga
Civic / volunteer initiative
General support to refuggees crossing near SuboticaNon-food items, Food, ShelterSerbiaSuboticaEnglishN/A
9/16/2015 10:19:13
N/A Selforganised group of Czech volunteers
Civic / volunteer initiative
Coordination of aid delivery (food, water, clothes, shelter, medical, hygiene products) as well as coordination of volunteer transport and deployment. Until Sep. 15 mostly active in Hungary (Roszke Camp and Vámosszabadi), since Sep 15 in Serbia (Horgos Camp)Non-food items, Food, Shelter, HealthHungary
Roszke Camp and Vámosszabadi
Very good (Social media, developers,...)
9/16/2015 10:24:13
N/A Selforganised group of Czech volunteers
Civic / volunteer initiative
Coordination of aid delivery (food, water, clothes, shelter, medical, hygiene products) as well as coordination of volunteer transport and deployment. Until Sep. 15 mostly active in Hungary (Roszke Camp and Vámosszabadi), since Sep 15 in Serbia (Horgos Camp)Non-food items, Food, Shelter, HealthHungary
Roszke, Vamosszabadi, Budapest, Debrecen
EnglishVery good
9/16/2015 10:19:32
N/A Selforganised group of Czech volunteers
Civic / volunteer initiative
Coordination of aid delivery (food, water, clothes, shelter, medical, hygiene products) as well as coordination of volunteer transport and deployment. Until Sep. 15 mostly active in Hungary (Roszke Camp and Vámosszabadi), since Sep 15 in Serbia (Horgos Camp)Non-food items, Food, Shelter, HealthSerbia
Roszke Camp and Vámosszabadi
Very good (Social media, developers,...)
9/19/2015 23:26:30
FacebookΜΚΟ Αγκαλιά
Civic / volunteer initiative
ΜΚΟ Αγκαλιά (a community-run half-way/rest-house in Lesvos founded by the beautiful rebel Papa Stratis, recently deceased, for those forced to walk over 70 km to reach the capital, Mytilene, that provides welcome, mattresses to rest on, drinking water,a shower, food, advice, basic first aid, toiletries and whatever else is donated for distribution)- contact Katerina Efstathiou SelachaNon-food items, Food, Shelter, HealthGreeceLesvosGreek
9/16/2015 23:30:47
informal volunteer group
Civic / volunteer initiative
Informal group of volunteers collecting blankets, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, food, water bottles, basic toiletries.Non-food items, Food, Shelter, HealthSloveniaJesenice
Facebook to organise donations.
9/19/2015 19:42:20
Segítsünk együtt a menekülteknek!
Civic / volunteer initiative
Részletes infók a csoport működéséről itt:

* a menekülteket segítő emberek kommunikációjának és munkájának szervezése adományokkal, önkéntes munkával.

Google translation:
Detailed info in the functioning of the group:

* The organization assisting refugees and people communication and work with donations, volunteer work.
Information / communicationsHungaryHungarianFacebook group
9/17/2015 10:11:39
Agon and Valon - volunteers
Civic / volunteer initiative
In the majority-Albanian town of Presevo, Serbia, a group of young people volunteer every day to help the stream of refugees crossing the Macedonia–Serbia border. Non-food items, Food, Shelter, Health, TransportSerbiaPresevoEnglishN/A
9/17/2015 10:27:40
Civic / volunteer initiative
Part of a refugee convoy network bringing donations to Hungary & helping people leave the countryNon-food items, Food, Shelter, Transport, Smuggling
Hungary, Germany, Austria
9/18/2015 13:26:06
Pomagajmo Beguncem
Civic / volunteer initiative
Skupina je neprofitna, namenjena zbiranju osnovnih potrebščin za begunce. Administratorka: Stella Šibanc

Google translation:
Helping Refugees - The group is a non-profit dedicated to gathering the basic necessities to refugees. Administrator: Stella Šibanc
Food, Information / communicationsSlovenia
9/23/2015 0:44:02
Help for Refugees in Molyvos
Civic / volunteer initiative
Providing basic supplies to refugees arrivingNon-food items, ShelterGreeceMolyvos, LesvosEnglish, Greek
9/21/2015 23:24:42
WebsiteFirst Contact Initiative
Civic / volunteer initiative is an European wide solution for the information lack refugees are facing when entering the EU. We focus on providing important information and bridging the language gap for refugees via our Webpage, Facebook and local volunteers. Transparency is the key to more efficient processes for local authorities and empowerment of refugees.TransportGreeceSamosEnglish, Arabic, Pashto
9/23/2015 1:00:10
Support for Syrian Refugees
Civic / volunteer initiative
Transport by car/taxi to the Slovenian-Austrian border (Gornja Radgona is mentioned as crossing point).

Description: "FREE RIDE FOR REFUGEES! From border to border, from Centres where they stay over night to Border. For more info and a RIDE call Mr: Dautović +386 (0) 41-631-914"

Originally on this FB account:
Gornja Radgona, others (pick up can be arranged)
English, Slovenian
9/19/2015 8:29:01
TwitterRefugee Convoy
Civic / volunteer initiative
Austrian group organizing convoys to deliver NFIs, temporary shelters, donated items. Scheduled arrival 19 September 15.
TransportCroatia, SloveniaDobovarGerman
9/22/2015 23:24:54
Soli Convoy / Mastanlagen Widerstand
Civic / volunteer initiative
Support for refugees in Šid, although exact services unclear.

Photos on groups FB page from 22 Sept:

Twitter: @soliconvoy
Reports of buses taking refugees from Šid to Tovarnik.
9/17/2015 11:00:51
WebsiteOccupy Ljubljana
Civic / volunteer initiative
We have just received information that a bigger group of refugees is on its way to the north through Croatia and that they will soon attempt to cross the border with Slovenia... We have decided to consider the possibility to organize a transnational caravan for open borders. Our idea is to mobilise as many people as possible to enable refugees to cross the border and create grassroots pressure on authorities so that the borders are not closed.Transport, Smuggling
Serbia, Slovenia, Austria
Regional network of peers and activists
9/17/2015 11:10:19
Kurto Wendt: Convoy Organizer
Civic / volunteer initiative
Organizer of the "Convoy of Hope" as seen in the news - hundreds of Germans and Austrians driving to pick up refugees in Hungary and transport them to safe countries. (See:, Smuggling
Hungary, Germany, Austria
Social media organizing
9/17/2015 11:04:36
Der geheime KunstSalon
Civic / volunteer initiative
This group organizes daily aid convoys from Austria to places on the refugee route, where help is needed. They had a big impact in Hungary and now travel daily to Croatia and Serbia.Transport, Smuggling
Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Austria